Lone Star School, Summer Session
Early 1900ís

Submitted by Jack W. James

Those in the picture identified by Mrs. Ida Floyd of Greenwood are: Harry McCartney, Sondie Floyd, Cora Stevens, Ruel Cahoon, Much Morgan, Buford Martin, Lela Williams, Rube Jones, Willie Morgan, Nettie Martin, Bruce Jones, earl Floyd (wearing a necktie on the right of the picture), Addie Morgan, Mary Morgan, Beaulah Burton, Ethel Carter, Horace Hones, Janie Beach, Floy Morgan, Grace Newman, Ulysses Carter, Lillie Morgan, Ellie Jones, Lula Morgan, Erma Jones, Mandy Venable, Exie Tucker, Clarice Williams, Emmie Beach, Lillie Morgan, Dora Jones, Corman Williams, Alex Cahoon, Emma Smith, Nelson Claunts, Carl Jones, Mattie Beach, Grace Burton, Ollie Crossland, Nay Douglas, Willie Morgan, Bonnie Beach, Corman Williams, Doll Carter, Willie Russ, Grantly Billahunty, Asa Douglas, Sylvester Morgan, Jim Carter, Dutch Carter, Jack Jones, Lee Crossland, Elzie Morgan, Jim Jones, Bobby Douglas, Jake Carter, Tommie Carter, Mark Cahoon, Earl Glass and John Cahoon. The teacher, Mr. McDonald, is on the left. Some are not identified.