Mansfield School 1904-1905

Submitted by Tom M. Short II

Tom sent the following along with the picture: "My grandfather, Fred Seaman Caldwell, son of John H. and Alma Ann Jones Caldwell, of Mansfield, preserved this photo and I presume, typed the names of the teacher and all of the pupils and kept it with the photo. Fred was born in Mansfield in 1898 and would have been about 7-8 years old in this photo."  Thanks, Tom!

Front row:
Lois Mobley; Jessie Southern; Burl Beeson; Roy Southern; Earl Parks (?); Viola Brock; Roland Parkhill; Albert Bearden; Harris Landrum.

2nd row:
Fay Gosset; Dona Watts; Ernest Talkington; Edna Wheeler; Everett Fuller; Alma Beeson; Fred Caldwell; Della Brown; Rilla DeSchamps; Ernest Reed.

3rd row:
Roy Grubb; Gertrude Robinson; Jessie Landrum; Hugh Wilder; Jim Stone; Floyd Hanes; Vernon Robinson; Annie Gullet; German Cherry; (unidentified); Vernon Cherry.

4th row: Charley DeSchamps; Ellis Allen; Helen Graves; Fern Vest; Tom Sexton; Hugh Fuller; Virgie Gossett; Otto Allen; Essie Cherry.

5th row:
Ethel Wheeler; Dube Cherry; Bessie Duncan; Jonnie Marshall; Buford Hodges; Kate DeSchamps; Amy Gossett; Grover Brown; Eva Duncan; Earl Cherry.

Top Center - Teacher, Miss (or Mrs.) Dorsey

Mansfield School about 1910-1912

Submitted by Tom M. Short II

Tom sent the following along with the picture: Tom sent the following along with the picture: "Here is another class photo, taken I would guess about 1910-1912. My grandfather Fred Caldwell is in the center / left of the photo with girls on all sides with his cap cocked on his head. He graduated from high school in Mansfield and lived there until he married and left, so the school must be in Mansfield. I don’t who the people in the photo are. I am sure there will be some who see this who recognize some of the people.


Mansfield School 1912
(8th grade graduating class)

Don't miss the second picture below this first one.

Submitted by Deborah Brown Musgrove

Front row:
John Dowdy; Hazel Sorrels; Geneve Manness; Clara Lewis; Juanita Pipkin; Helen Hickerson; Laora Byers; Ozella Abernathy;

2nd Row:
Mrs. Gaddis; Scevoy Barnes; Mildred Hunton; Ellen Barnett; Jewell Butler; Cecelia Otis; Kathleen Simpson; Eberle Been;

3rd Row:
Elize Barnett; Albert Slate; Halp Kemp, Alton Barnett; Ruper Cooper; A.C. Houser-Principal

4th Row:
Charlie Barnett; Anthony McGuire; Theodore Doyle; and Milburn Ross.

Mansfield Classroom early 1900's

Margaret Harrison is the tiny head at the far corner of the room just to the right of the "8" on the blackboard. Also somewhere in the picture is Jim Brewster, Oneta Gracie, Myrtle Bonner, Dixon Graves, Mrs. Biccell, Effie Gardenhire, Maude French and Mrs. Pane.
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