This is a list of Church Records that are available in Sevier County, Ar. If you know of any church records in Sevier County you would like to share; please email me . Please be sure to list the subject area "Sevier County" so I will not overlook it by mistake. Thank you.

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  1. Methodist
  2. Methodism's Gateway to the Southwest
  3. Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  4. Methodism in Arkansas 1816-1976
  5. Minister Credentials of Brother J.B. Flippo
  6. Methodist Churches for Sevier County History
  7. Fairview Missionary Baptist 1897-1905
  8. Historical Record of Churches - Little Rock Conference
  9. First United Methodist Church - DeQueen
  10. List of Ministers - First Methodist Church of DeQueen
  11. History of First United Methodist Church - DeQueen
  12. Cyrus Bynington 1793-1868
  13. David Ladd
  14. Early Baptist Church of Chapel Hill
  15. Geneva Missionary Baptist Church Members
  16. Sevier County List of Names of Methodist 1872-1890
  17. Church Rules of Decorum as Amended October 1896
  18. Dedication Service - Lockesburg Cumberland
  19. Presbyterian Church and Historical Records
  20. Oak Hill Baptist Church Books 1 & 2
  21. Images of Ministry - Lockesburg Methodism
  22. Brick History of Horatio Methodist Church
  23. Dilworth Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  24. First Methodist Church Bulletion - Laying of the Cornerstone
  25. Richmond United Methodist Church - 1854-1978
  26. First Presbyterian Church - Hope, Ar.
  27. Cossatot River Baptism Picture 1906
  28. "The Illegal Trial of Jesus" by Gordon Carlton
  29. First United Methodist Church of DeQueen 1978
  30. First United Methodist Church of DeQueen 1897
  31. First Baptist Church of Lockesburg by Fannie Baughn Grady
  32. Missionary Soc. 1916-1917 Horatio
  33. First United Methodist Church of DeQueen 1987
  34. Fisrt United Methodist Church of DeQueen 1990

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