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House, Infant son of Cecil & Leo Oct. 26, 1941
House, Infant son of Cecil & Leo May 16, 1926
Fowler, John W. Feb 28, 1859 - Oct 27, 1902
A large cemented area but time has erased what was once on the cement.
Stephens, CW Aug 8, 1879 - July 28, 1902
Westbrook, C. Wesley Aug 24, 1902 - May 4, 1977
Autrey, J.A, Feb 9, 1853 - Oct 16, 1908
Autrey, Seletha wife of JA Sept 1, 1858 - Apr 3, 1939
Autrey, Syble 1920-1922
Autrey, J.C. 1927-1928
Autrey, Clara 1902-1930
Hicks, J.B. May 29, 1891-Aug 16, 1973
?, Nelly M (metal marker that is illegible)
Westbrook, O. Feb 2, 1894-July 30, 1924
Westbook, Edward Dec 9, 1895-Feb 23, 1912
Westbrook, T.H husb of Mrs. P.G Dec 31, 1864-Aug 1, 1918
Westbrook, ? Sept 21, 1885 -Aug 19, 1943
Westbrook, Mallie Ray Jan 13, 1894-Nov 19, 1971; John S. Sept 9, 1892-Jan 29, 1974; M May 14, 1911
Westbrook, Margie Mar 2, 1832-Apr 28, 1912
Westbrook, Dale

Lee, Jasper Harrison 29 Jul 1840-27 June 1927
Lee, Lucinda Duke 21 June 1845-6 June 1923
House, Luther R. Aug 11, 1876-Dec 6, 1901Tracey Smith
Peek, Bertia Louise Cannon Oct 16, - May 18, 1996Tracey Smith
House, Opal Oct 31,1918-Nov 3, 1920Tracey Smith
Salkett, Eddie L. (Eddie L Sackett) Feb 24, 1914-Jan 5, 2002 T SGT US ARMYTracey Smith
House, Inf dau of Mr and Mrs Le House Oct 9, 1924Tracey Smith
House, Inf son of Mr and Mrs Le House April 16,1933Tracey Smith
Frazir, AA Feb 9, 1901-Oct 16, 1908Tracey Smith
Inf sone of Mr and Mrs AA House Sept 10, 1931Tracey Smith
Westbrook, Pheba Sept 25,1869-Aug 19, 1949Tracey Smith
House, James Ross July 8, 1952-April 16,1994Tracey Smith
Hicks, LeeTracey Smith
House, Kenneth Ross Sept 1927- Sept 14, 1993Tracey Smith
Westbrook, Billy M. Tracey Smith
House, Harley June 15, 1868-Jan 5, 1962Tracey Smith
Westbrook, C Wesley Aug 24, 1904-May 4, 1977Tracey Smith
House, Walter Ross Oct 23, 1825-May 25, 1904Tracey Smith
Kennedy, W. L. Nov 29, 1878-Jan 14, 1919Tracey Smith
House, James Oct 16, 1880-June 8, 1945Tracey Smith
Kennedy, Elizabeth Jan 22, 1875-Jan 10, 1919Tracey Smith
House, Mrs. J A Jan 25, 1883-May 3, 1963Tracey Smith
Craver, Sylvia Ann Sept 3, 1902-Aug 12, 1989Tracey Smith
House, Joseph Walter July 31, 1901-Feb 16, 1963Tracey Smith
Nix, Leroy Delbert March 8, 1926-April 19 1993Tracey Smith
Wyant, Geraldine Fay Cole Aug 23, 1926-April 25, 1995Tracey Smith
Hamilton, George W. Aug 20, 1906-Oct 31, 1956Tracey Smith
Kays, David S Tracey Smith
Kays, Rev H 1923Tracey Smith
Hamilton, Gordon Wayne July 27, 1934-Jan 23,1960Tracey Smith
Johnson, Lillie Otella 1878-1955Tracey Smith
Craver, Opal L July 5, 1969 to 64 year old Tracey Smith
Bell, Billie Catherine Cole Jan 27, 1922-Dec 10, 1984Tracey Smith
Underwood, MaggieTracey Smith
Farley, J.S. 1880 to 1937Tracey Smith
Krudwig, Lucy 1872 to 1947Tracey Smith
Krudwig, Ernest J. Jan 21, 1975Tracey Smith
Krudwig, C. V. July 2, 1908-Nov 13, 1991Tracey Smith
Krudwig, Charles Joseph May 18, 1961-July 16, 1961Tracey Smith
McCauley, John F Oct 9, 1942-Oct 10, 1942Tracey Smith
Ashley, Foster R 1881 to 1944Tracey Smith
Ashley, Oma C. 1886 to 1969Tracey Smith
Ashley, Lillard Foster April 10, 1926-May 26,1976Tracey Smith
Ashley, Winfred A. March 8, 1920-Jan 25,1968Tracey Smith
Rodger, Joyce 1925 to 2002Tracey Smith
Wylie, David Nixon June 26,1839-Nov 25,1907Tracey Smith

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