DeQueen Jr High School Yearbook listings

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DeQueen Junior High School
8th Grade
Submitted by: Linda Murphey

DJHS Faculty: Walter Leeper, Social Sciences; Mrs. Ruth Cobb, English;, Bob Stephens, Principal; Miss Marie Graves, Girls' P.E.; Miss Joyce Seymour, English and Librarian; Hal Stancil, Coach and Science; Stephen Haines, Math.

Eighth Grade: Pauline Adair, Annie Anderson, Peggy Bagwell, Rana Baker, Charles Barnes, Hazel Barrington, Billy Bass, Jimmy Bethel, Sue Bethel, Mary Bishop, Verna Bogan, Harry Broadwell, Leon Conatser, Margaret Cantrell, Linda Chaney, Tommy Collier, Elbert Cook, Kenneth Cross, Elwina Culp, Dick Dickinson, Franklin Dinger, John Dinger, Carrol Dixon, John Dixon, Jozelle Dodds, Anita Favor, Edward Fears, Gayle Ferguson, Jay Gamble, Donna Gates, Irma Gentry, Arlene Hall, Jo Harris, Joyce Hearn, Patsy Hennard, Alice Henson, Don Hubbard, James Huckaby, Betty Jarrell, Patsy Jacobs, Kenneth Krudwig, Fidelis Koelzer,Ralph Kite, Jr., Jimmy Locke, Dick Norton, Precious Park, Jackie Pearce, Mary Lou Petet, Ronny Pickens, Gwenneth Price, Kenneth Rightmire, Betty Rink, Lowell Robertson, Ruth Robinson, Marie Ruth, Barbara Scott, Donald Shelton, Lee Slane, Dewey Edward Smith, Jerry Ann Smith, Marvin Smith, Charles Staggs, Andrew Stout, Ollie Joe Stover, Pearly Stubbs, Barbara Tollett, Charles Turner, Billy Wagner, Hope Willis, Willy Wilson, Jerry Whitten, Dorothy Wolfe, Mary Lou Wray, Ilene Young, Eva Lou Yokum, Bert Hornsby, Ted Hood.