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The History of Sevier County, Ar.

Sevier County was organized October 22, 1828 under the legislative authority. It was formed from Hempstead and Miller Counties. Sevier County was bounded by Hempstead, Miller, Crawford, and the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory.

The first county seat was Paraclifta, which is no longer in existance. In 1871, 120 acres of land was donated by the Lockes and Lockesburg became the county seat. The county seat was changed again in 1905. This is the present day DeQueen, Ar.

Sevier county is known as "The Land of Lakes", " The Land of Fruits and Flowers" and "The Home of Friendly People". Sevier County has 5 lakes within a 35 mile radius, 5 rivers and mountain streams, forests and one of the few remaining Drive-In theaters in the state of Arkansas.

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