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I questioned at the courthouse if they knew where addtional information might be found - they did not know. Send your email to PLEASE put Sevier County in your subject line so I do not overlook it.

Soldiers NamePlace of Residence Name Place of Residence
Allison, Mrs. A.K. DeQueen Arnold, Jordan Lockesburg
Alsbrook, Ann Lebanon Askew, Mrs. L.Q. C DeQueen RFD #4
Alston, Hattie DeQueen Autrey, W.A. Gillham
Anderson, C.M. Horatio Ayers, Joe J. DeQueen
Anderson, Mrs. M.C. DeQueen Ayers, Mrs. Julia Gillham
Appleton, F.C. Lockesburg Barrett, Mrs. Amanda King
Boyce, W.T. Lockesburg Bartee, T.A Ben Lomond
Brannon, J.P. Beauchamp, Ida (Ada) Vandervort
Brame, J.P. DeQueen Beck, Nancy A. Ben Lomond
Brame, Mrs. M.C. DeQueen Bell, Mrs. Ella Lockesburg
Brooks, H.C. Bell, John C. Lockesburg
Brown, Mrs. L.R. DeQueen Benton, Jessie T. Gillham
Bryson, Elvina Bishop, Wm. E. DeQueen
Burk, Barbara Ann Horatio R.F.D. Blount, Mrs. F.M. DeQueen
Burkhead, Elizabeth Ann Horatio Bolin, T.N. DeQueen
Cannon, G.B. Provo Conaster, D.A. Horatio
Cannon, Mrs. Mary P. Lockesburg Cooper, J.S. Horatio
Cannon, R.A Lockesburg Cooper, Mrs. Martha A. Horatio
Cannon, Mrs. S.A. Lockesburg Coulter, Mrs. E.A. Brownston
Cannon, Z.T. Lockesburg Covey, C.H. Lockesburg R.F.D.
Cantrell, Mrs.S.C. Brownston Crawford, T.J. Ben Lomond
Carr, L.L. Crews, Mrs. S.L. Horatio
Carroll, J.W. Provo Crunk, Wm. M. DeQueen R.F.D. 5
Carver, Mrs. Nancy E. Ben Lomond Cunningham, Mrs. Joe DeQueen
Chadwick, Mrs. M.E. Gillham Davis, Barney DeQueen R.F.D. 2
Dobbins, J.S. Lockesburg Day, Mrs. E.L. DeQueen
Dollarhide, Mrs. V.B. Little Rock Dellinger, Mrs. Sophia Corn Hill
Doty, Mrs. J.D. Horatio R.F.D.1 Deel, Norman E. Kings
DuLaney, Thomas Ben Lomond Denson, Martha Lockesburg
Dyer, J.B. DeQueen Dixon, Sallie Lockesburg
Emerson, Mrs. N.A DeQueen Fears, Mrs. Estelle Lockesburg
Flynt, S.W. DeQueen R.F.D. 1 Feltman, Geo. S. Lockesburg
French, Betsey Jane Gillham Ferguson, A.C. DeQueen
Friday, Martha E. Horatio Ferrell, Mrs. N.T. Paraloma
Fuller, J.A. DeQueen R.F.D. 3 Gilbert, L.N. DeQueen
Graves, W.J. Lockesburg Glaze, Mrs. Matilda Lockesburg
Greer, Mrs. Louisa Horatio Graves, W.D Lebannon
Green, Mrs. NancyL Lockesburg Hadley, Cary Ann DeQueen R.F.D. 5
Hinsley, J.T. Lockesburg Hadley, Julia F. DeQueen
Holcomb, Mrs. J.S. Lockesburg Hammonds, Mrs. Laura DeQueen
Hollman, Mrs. S.E. Ben Lomond Hankins, H.N. Gillham
Honnell, S.M. Lockesburg Hargrove, R.E. Lockesburg
Hubbard, David M. Ben Lomond Harris, Mrs. Eli DeQueen
Hughes, W.R. Gillham Hicks, W.D. DeQueen
Humphreys, Kate Horatio Hill, M.A. Lockesburg R.F.D.1
Hunter, Mrs. Mary E. Gillham Hill, Mrs. M.J. (M.A.) Ben Lomond
Hunter, Mrs. S.A. Hines, Mandy Ellen Gillham
Innes, Eliza Lockesburg Isbell, Mrs. Hattie Horatio
Irwin, John Horatio James, Elexy Horatio
Jones, Mrs. D.L. DeQueen Johnson, Henry R.
Milford Jones Mrs. Laura Horatio
Johnson, Mary E. Horatio Jordan, John F. Gillham
Johnson, Willis M. DeQueen Karr, L.L. Horatio R.F.D.2
Kirksey, Mary Lockesburg Kennedy, R. Provo
Kitchens, Mrs. Laura DeQueen King, J.T.(T.J.) Lockesburg
Laird, Martha E. Lockesburg Leeper, H.V. Lockesburg
Lee, Jasper DeQueen Lemons, Sarah A. Horatio
Lee, Sarah A. DeQueen Little, Margarette J. Lockesburg
Leeper, Mrs. H.N.(M.) Lockesburg Mabry, E.M. DeQueen
Merideth, Mrs. M.C. DeQueen Manasker, W.T. Texarkana
Merideth, Nancy J. DeQueen Manes, J.E. DeQueen
Merideth, Samuel R. Ben Lomond Mangrum, Mrs. E.J. DeQueen
Meirs, R.A. Horatio Martin, Andrew
Minor, John W. DeQueen Martin, Moses M. King
Mitchell, A.J. Dequeen Martin, T.J. DeQueen
Mitchell, M.E. DeQueen McCord, Selina Horatio
McKinley, Martha A. DeQueen McGee, Eliad Brownston
McIntosh, W.P. Mena McKean, Mrs. Mary C. DeQueen
Nall, Mrs. C.E. Lockesburg Nix, Bettie Horatio
Needham, Margaret A. Foreman Norwood, Mrs. Nellie Horatio
Nelson, S.H. Fayetteville Norwood, Mrs. V.J. Brownstown
Ogletree, W.E. DeQueen Parks, Mrs. C.K. Horatio
Pitts, W.P. DeQueen Penny, H.A. Riddle
Price, J.G. Mineral Penny, Mrs. Sallie Lockesburg
Priest, A.J. Provo Peppers, Jane DeQueen
Proctor, Malinda Lockesburg Pool, J.C. Milford
Purtell, A.J. Lockesburg Pettigrew, Mrs. J.E. Ben Lomond
Ralls, Wm. Horatio Roden, Nancy E. King
Rankins, C.C. Horatio Ross, S.G. Horatio
Reeding(Ridings), H.H. Hatfield Rounds, William Mineral
Renfro, Jno. S. Parloma Royal, Ray DeQueen
Reed, Helen DeQueen (Caveness,Tx) Samuels, Lucinda Gillham
Sparks, S.H. Lockesburg Scott. J.R. DeQueen
Spoon, Mrs. Frona Gillham Scott, Sarah F. Locksburg
Stacy, Mrs. M.L. DeQueen R.F.D.4 Shands, Sarah F. DeQueen
Stephens, Mary A. DeQueen Sharp, D.E. Lockesburg
Stephens, William J. DeQueen Shifflett, Jno. Horatio
Story, C.W. DeQueen Simpson, Mary J. Gillham
Story, Katherine Gillham Slaton, E.W. Horatio
Summerhill, Mrs. Jas. Lockesburg Smith, J.J. Dierks
Sutton, Tom S. Horatio Smith, Mrs. L.J. Dequeem R.F.D.4
Swan, John C. DeQueen Sossamom, Peter A. Cheatham
Swann, Mrs. N.J. DeQueen Tabler, Mrs. M. Ben Lomond
Teal, M.V. DeQueen Taggert, Mrs. S.F. DeQueen
Thompson, W.J. Milford Taylor, L.F. DeQueen
Todd, Mrs. Sarah DeQueen Teal, Mrs. Annie
Veal, J.S. Gillham Veal, T.B. DeQueen
Veal, J.S. Springdale Waldon, John W. DeQueen
Whitmore, Mrs. N.I. DeQueen Walker, Mary L. Ben Lomond
Williams, Mrs. M.A. DeQueen Walls, Dora A. Horatio
Williamson, Mrs. H.C. DeQueen Ward, Mrs. Elizabeth DeQueen
Williamson, W.H. DeQueen Wardlaw, A.C. Lockesburg
Wilson, Mrs. J.P. DeQueen Waters, W.T. DeQueen
Wilson, Mrs. Sarah DeQueen Weatherford, Mary E. DeQueen
Wilson, W.A. Horatio Westbrook, J.A. Provo
Wingfield, W.H. Gillham White, Jno. M. Lockesburg
Winters, Martha Lockesburg R.F.D.1 Whitley, T.W. Gillham
Wyatt, Mrs. W.A. Horatio Whitmore, Mrs. M.J. DeQueen

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