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News Articles In Sevier County

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Cupid's Fetters Marriage of of Mr. Louis H. Norwood Jr and Miss Mary Bell Innes (should read Ennis)
Submitted by: Jennifer Jones
Lockesburg was all astir last Wednesday because of the approaching marraige which was to occur at 7:30 p.m. at the residence of Mrs. Eliza Innes on East Main street. At about dusk the invited guests, the elite of town, began to assemble at the cottage, and ere the time for the ceremony came quite a large company was assembled. At 7:15 the door of the East room was opened and the attendants, followed by the bride and groom, were ushered into the room where the guests were waiting and assuming their places, Rev. J. M. G. Douglass performed the ceremony that made Mr. Louis H. Norwood Jr. and Miss Mary Bell Innes husband and wife. The attendents were Mr. Ed Byington and Miss Lula Nalls and Mr. James Norwood and Miss Ruth Pell. The bride was one of the sweetest and prettiest young ladies of our town. She was beautifully arrayed and looked as pretty as a picture as she took upon herself the marriage vows, while the groom seemed to fully realize the responsibilty he had assumed anbd a look of pride was on his countenance as he promised to love and protect his lovely companion. After congratulations were extended to the happy couple by loving relatives and friends, supper was announced and upon being ushered into the dining hall, a beautiful sight greeted the eye. Loving hands had arranged most beautifully the table, which was loaded with an elegant repast and right heartily did the guests enjoy it. After supper the young people present utilized the time in social enjoyment.

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Douglas County sheriff's deputies said a 60-year-old Roseburg man was accidentally electrocuted Sunday while helping his neighbor repair an irrigation line. Deputies said the incident occurred about 11 a.m. when James H. Johnson, of 410 Juno St., was standing over a pump and electrical lines and yelled for the neighbor to turn the power on. The neighbor told deputies she turned on the power and then yelled to Johnson, asking him if it was fixed. When Johnson didn't reply, the neighbor told deputies, she turned the power off and walked to the pump to find Johnson lying on his back. Deputies said Johnson apparently came into contact with a bare aluminum ground wire while standing in a small pool of water

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