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Kate Burton

I am not sure if Chester Lee McKee was from Sevier County, but according to his death certificate from Texas, he died in the VA hospital and was removed to Horatio, Arkansas and buried in the "Old Center Cemetery" on September 21/22, 1976. Funeral director's signature was typed in as "Nalley-Pickle"; I can not read the written signature. His son and grandchildren have been searching for him for about 30 years. I am his granddaughter and would like to find out about him. Thanks for your kind help.

Paul A Kroll

I am doing some research for a friend of mine. I have a letter dated January 23rd, 1974. It was written by Al Ayers and talks about his parents and grandparents. I the letter he states that, "Sally married my grandfather's father, she was put into the first grave at the Fairview Cemetery out east of Dequeen, Ark." Her name was Sally Davis and she married a man by the name of Ayers. So she would have been buried as Sally Ayers between 1856-1861 I estimating. Do you have any information on her?

June Alexander

I am searching for information and history on my ancestors and families who lived in Sevier County. My Grandmother was Minnie Bell Appleton, daughter of F. Columbus Appleton and Sophia Wenona Blackstock. Minnie brothers and sisters were: Calvin Booker Appleton, Oscar Ellis Appleton, Myrtle E. Appleton (McClure) and Ora Appleton (Carter).

sheila guffin

I am search for information on my grandparents Rayfield LEE and Dollie STAFFORD LEE. Rayfield LEE was born May 3, 1886 at Centerpoint Ar died May 2, 1975. Dollie was born DEC 16, 1893 in Linton IL died June 15, 1980. They lived in Sevier Co and are buried at Old Center Cemetary. They had 4 children, Ratee, Lorene, Pearlene and Bethard.

Scott Robbins

I am looking for information on my Great Uncle Joe Diment. He passed away in Dequeen in 1964. According to his social security application he owned Diment Motor car company in Dequeen in the 50's, I think it was a car dealer because earlier census have him as an auto salesman. I am trying to fing the cemetery where he is buried and any other info concerning him or his wife Neita

Therese HOstetter

looking for George Washington Brazil II I think dies in 1947 and born in 1861,He is my great grandfather and I am searching for any info on him.I am in Nacogdoches Texas. Went last week to Horatio cemetery and Pauly and Cerrogordo and did not find him.Found others in the family but no sign of him any hint of where he is burried and any articles on him or obits would be great...Thanks

Carol Meinhardt

Could you help us find or do you have any information on a Mary Hatch (not sure if a maiden name or married name) that was born in Sevier county possibly 1926. This is my mother I have been trying to locate for a long time with no luck.

Anthony Paffile

I'm researching the Jones family of Sevier County in the Civil War. So far, for sure, here is what I have; Samuel W. Jones, prvt, enlisted June 1 1862 in the 24th AR Infantry, Company A. Portlocks Regiment at Center Point AR. He was killed sometime during the battle of Arkansas Post in Jan 1863. John William Jones, prvt, enlisted March 1 1862 in the 24th AR infantry, Company A, at Center Point AR. On Feb 8 1863, John was transfered to Hardy's AR Regiment Company H. John was on the Feb 1864 muster roll (last one on file) Another brother who moved from Sevier Co. to Collin Co. Texas just before the civil war. Granville A Jones, prvt, enlisted July 1863 in the 15th infantry brigade, Company D of Capt Edward Chambers Texas State Troops

Nelson Hodges

I am looking for information on the Keadle's in Sevier Co., AR. My GGrandfather was Napoleon Jennings Keadle. His birth name was actually Duniphan. His parents and an aunt and uncle that lived next door (in Upshur Co., TX) were killed in a Comanche raid (scalped). He was sent to a Jurelia Elizabeth Keadle in Sevier County, AR (around the DeQueen, AR area). His brothers were sent to Duniphans in the Joplin. MO. area. I suspect that N.J. was sent to a maternal grandmother to raise?? Hence the Keadle connection. I do not have any proof of that, just gut feel. He is listed in the 1880 census in AR as living with Jurelia E. Keadle (he was 12 at the time) and was still shown as Duniphan. He later took on the Keadle family name, apparently being raised by her. My Grandmother (his daughter) was actually named after her; also Jurelia Elizabeth Keadle - then married into Taylor family. I do not have much info on the Keadles and would like to know, myself, where Jurelia Elizabeth fits in to the Keadle family in Arkansas. That might also give me a clue as to who Napoleon Jennings' mother might have been. If you have any information on J.E. Keadle, who her husband was, a church affiliation, children of hers, when she moved to Sevier Co., or anything would be greatly appreciated.


Oakley, Lockeby, Pope, Jones, Britt I am seeking information about ancestors (and their spouses) who lived at various times, because of county boundary realignment, in Howard, Hempstead or Sevier counties, particularly Oakley of Saline (Sevier County circa 1860) and Oakley and Lockeby of Mine Creek Twp.

Bridgette Crabtree-Guild

I am gathering information about my family history. I am currently working on the Crabtree and Dixson/Dickson branchs of the family, and I wonder if you could give me any information about them. In particular, I am looking for any county records that might be available. My grandfather's name was Henry (Harry) Eagle Crabtree and my grandmother was Lillie Pearl Dixson/Dickson (Crabtree). I know the family was in Seiver county at least until the mid 1940's because my uncle Jesse was born in Foreman, Seiver Co.

Laura Cochrane

I'm looking for information on a few people: Martha Velzora Smith (b. 1/8/1848) and Thomas Jefferson Evans (b. 11/4/1852) were married to each other in Sevier County on 11/15/1874. (By census she's listed as Martha V, but other alternatives for the middle name are Bell Zora or Belzora. She was known to others as "Marthy Bell". I have tons of info on his family and their descendants but nothing on hers. I'm specifically looking for record of her parents names. Also from a different part of the family: William B. Harper b. about 1810 married to a woman named Catherine or a variation thereof. According to family stories he moved from MO to AR to avoid prosecution for killing a man. Their son was William Marion Harper born in DeQueen Arkasas 8/25/1841. This son William M died when his team ran away pulling the wagon he was in, throwing him out. This happened on 12/29/1905.

Bruce Millwee

I am looking for information about my families' history. My father Daniel has a Millwee family book but I haven't seen it in years. I am trying to find out when a new one will be published and if I would be able to get one for my children. If you know anything and could tell me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Ethel Cartwright

Hi,I am searching for information on my greatgrandparients, I have given up so many times and I dont think i will ever find where they are buried. The information I have . James Franklin Allen his wife Elizabeth,and son John all died with in seven days with Typhoid fever. the year 1899,franklin d.Feb.24 Elizabeth Feb.24, their son John d.March 3 they are suppose to be buried in a old indian cementary name Oak Grove but was suppose to live at Cerro Gordo the best i can find out one place is in sevier co. and the other in little river co. they moved over there from around Hot springs ar. rented a farm and had cotton and corn. elizabeth was part indian which may explain the indian cementary they are buried in unmarked graves. he was a confederate veteran, they had other children relatives went over there in a wagon and brought them back to hot Springs. Thanks for any information.

Rebecca lougheed

Hello. I'm looking for information on R.F.SEXTON. He lived in Sevier county , Monroe, Arkansas in the 1900 Census. He was married to Mary Angelina Shipp and had one son JODIE(Jody) C SEXTON. R.F. SEXTON was born Sep.1869 in AR but I don't know where. Any information whether good or bad is appreciated Thank you

Leon Davis

My great-grandfather was A. Martin Elliott b 1834 in Arkansas. He was the son of Middleton Elliott, b 1791 SC. Do you have any information on these Elliotts? Thank you.

Ann Carlisle

I am trying to get information on levi l kirk and mary j kirk was supposed to be buried in locksburg arkansa at old union cemetery . levi died 1898 and mary died 1875 or 1825 . any information will be helpful thank you

Faye Smith Brown

I am serching for informaton reg: my grandparents and their children. They are Thomas Smith wife Caroline, children John Smith (my grandfather) and Sarah Smith. They came to Bear Creek Township in about 1855 from Tennessee,but where in Tenn. Thomas parents were John Smith and Prudy also from Tenn. Any information would be appreciated.

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