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was researching my great-grandmother Sealy Boatright. George Sanderson was my grand father. The Sevier County conection was new information for me. Anyone who has a family conection to William (Bob) Sanderson & Sealy Boatright Sanderson please contact me at 817-300-5827. .

Patricia Thomas

I am searching the whereabouts of my great-grandmother, Margaret Patton, buried in an African-American Cemetery called Horatio. She died in the area 1935. Her daughter at the time was Lillian Williamson who lived in the area as a school teacher. If possible, can you direct me to the person who knows about the cemetery? Also, her husband at the time was Mahlon or Mahlon Williamson. He might have died in the area too around 1930.

Zelda Russell

Looking for Ancestors of John Thomas Smith (b. about 1859) my grandfather, who was married to Joann Elliott on April 29, 1882 at Chapel Hill, Ark. They had sons, Jeff, Frank, Jesse, John, Walter and daughters, Mary Susan, Emma, Donie, Dolly, Cora, and Myrtle. His brothers were presumed to be Jordon (Jert), Robert T., Jesse and sister, Sara L. His parents were thought to be John b. 1795 and Prudy b. 1800 , however, if this were true, they would have been in their 60s when they had him. Any info would be appreciated.

Peggy Helms Wetle

I have been trying to locate the birth record of my late grandfather, Amos Lenn Helms. His father shows to be Amos Helms born 1851 in Siever Co, Ark. And died in Garland Co, Ark in 1887. His wife was Sara Davis per info given to me by another group of Helms. Amos Lenn Helms was the son of Amos and Sara was born November 19th and most likely in the 1878/79. Appreciate any help you may have to share. Thank you,

Christy M. Pic

I am trying to find more info on my great-great grandfather. His name was Hugh Sprouse and married to Annie Sprouse. They were listed in the 1900 census in Bear Creek, Ar. His birthday was 12 July 1868. I have no clue who his parents were. I know his daughter Leath was my great grandmother and was at least half native american. I would like to know where that came from. Thank you

Jane Cluck Walkord

I am a decendent of Pierce Kelly Vance, which I recently located as living in Bear Creek Township in the 1920s. In fact he was my grandfather I never knew. Do you have some information concerning my Grandfather? I am researching the Vance family. My mother was a Vance. Do you have any info? I would greatly any info you might have.

Dwight Maddux

ohn M. Maddux, born 18 May 1881 in Sevier Co. Ark. Son of Snoden Horton Maddux or Snowden Bernard Maddux. Wife Paralee Castle. The problem is I'm not sure what facts are accurate. I was hoping you might be able to give me some insight to the truth as to who my Great GrandFather really was. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

James R. Stinnett

I would like to post a querie concerning an unknown McKissick. He was the father of my G-G-Grandfather, Alexander McKissick Stinnett. McKissick supposedly went off to war and left my GGG-Grandmother pregnant. Did not return or was killed in the war. Elizabeth remarried to John Stinnett, as the story goes Alexander took the Stinnett name. Hit a brickwall, cannot find anything on McKissick. James R. Stinnett

Katy Kile

believe my great grandfather John W. Carroll lived in Sevier county many years ago-early 1900 period. I am trying to locate the names of his parents. I would appreciate any information you might have regarding this matter. Thank you Katy Kile

Samuel Bonhan Stafford

My great-grandma was Bertha (Chandler) Stafford Williamson. It was great to se also listed her parents Joe Cy Chandler (1891-1918) and Sarah Miller Chandler (1882- 1919) Would you have any information about these guys' parents...the generation before them is said to have had some ties with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, but I can't find anything about this part of my family. Thank you, Samuel Bonhan Stafford

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