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DeQueen High School September 7, 1923
Submitted by: Roy Jones
Faculty. Pearl Williamson, Superintendent
G.P. Bolding, Playford Reed, Mrs. J.L. Larkins, B.H. Baggarly, Mrs. Willye Leslie, Mrs. Lillian Lindsey, Lillian Yarbrough, Edith Masey, Loyse Beane, Jodie Smith, Ida Austin, Mable Leeper, Mary C. Gillham, Ruby Rucker

DeQueen H.S. Sophomores Group 1 1929-30
Submitted by: Roy Jones
Supt: Miss Pearl Williamson Principal: Mr. Bolding
Homeroom teacher: Miss Boswell
Velma Baker, Maude Brantley, Verna Brantley, Lucy Choate, Gladys Clenny, Arthur Crowder, Frances Doggette, Audrey Earles, Mary Humphries, Ronald Kendall, Thelma Leeper, Mildred Martin, Dallas McLeod, Johnnie O'Dell, Erman Tam Penney, Rubie Reid, Leola Simpson, Andrew Wardlaw, Dora Willis, Daisie Wright

DeQueen East Side School 6th Grade 1947-48
Submitted by: Roy Jones
Josephine Austin, Jimmy Bagwell, D.W. Barth, Patsy Bell, Maudeen Burns, Shirley Cowling, Willie Jean Cox, Millie Emerson, Lucy Flournoy, Eugene Halter, Annette Hamilton, Dorothy Hendricks, Geraldine Henry, James Henry, Robert Hohmann, Evelyn Homes, Helen Johnson, Judith Marie Jones, Robert Mathews, Daniel Miller, Margie Morris, Linnie Richardson, Charlene Rink, Earnestine Shands, Doyle Staggs, Lorene Stout, Mary Jo Taylor, Gerald Thomas, Marvin Tollett, Howard Turner, Charles Westbrooks, Johnny Westbrooks, Norma Wright, Patsy Wright, Irma Lee Young

De Queen High School Senior Class 1948
Submitted by: Tom Jones
Supt: Miss Pearl Williamson; Principal: Hal Robbins
Faculty: Miss Alta Jean Davis--Mrs. Seldon Goodner--Mrs. L. C. Graves-- Mrs. George Harrod--Mr. George Harrod--Mrs. H. C. Huffman--Miss Rolana Nipher--Miss Joyce Patterson--Miss June Patterson--Mr. Harold Stanley-- Mr. Gene Witherspoon- Mr. Ansil Hethcox.
Scanned from 1948 Senior Album. Nothing was added intentionally. If there is something different from the Album is was overlooked when I proof read the material.
Jean "Stinky" Adams - Band, Honor Society, Science, Photography.
Donn "Stupid" Allison - Band, Honor Society, "D" Club, Football, Science Club, Glee Club.
Thelma "Sweet Pea" Bales - Masquers, Glee Club, Pep Leader, FHA, Allied Youth, Hi-Spots Staff, Annual Staff.
Otis "Sito" Banks - FHA, Annual Staff. Billy "Bud" Barnes.
Billy "Bud" Barnes
Pauline "Polly" Bell - Annual Staff, FHA, Student Council, Honor Society, Allied Youth, Hi-Spots Staff, Annual Staff.
Roy "Bug" Benefield - Glee Club.
Jiminy"Mena" Bradley - Science Club.
Duane "Sonny" Bunch - "D" Club, Science Club, Student Council, Hi-Spots Staff, Annual Staff, Allied Youth.
Helen "Wampus Kitty" Craig - Honor Society, FHA, Allied Youth, Annual Staff.
Jackie "Pat" Curlee- Allied Youth, Annual Staff,
Alvis "Dan" Eastwood,.
Billie Jean "Bill" Eastwood - Glee Club, FHA, Allied Youth,
Lillian "Rufus" Eckhardt - Secretary of Honor Society, Typist of "Hi-Spots" Staff, Typist Annual Staff.
Keith "Frenchie" French - "D" Club, Football, Science Club, Basketball,
Carl "Ears" Graves - "D" Club.
Harold "Bozo" Hime - President of Student Council, "D" Club, Football Co-Capt., Science Club, Allied Youth, Glee Club.
L.M. "Smarty Pants" Hobson - Band, Masquers.
Mary "Jo-Jo" House - Masquers, 4-H Club Secretary and Treasurer, Glee Club, Copyreader of Hi-Spots Staff, Allied Youth, Who's Who Ed. of Annual Staff
Margaret "Ruthie" Humphrey - Glee Club, FHA, Staff.
Mildred "Miss Red" Hungate - Glee Club, FHA, Allied Youth, Staff Club Editor.
George "Pretty Boy" Humphries - "D " Club. Football
Thomas "Deacon" Jones. ***
Anita "Kim" Kimball - "Hi.Spots" Staff, Glee Club, Society, Assistant Editor of Annual.
Myria "Honey Chile" Lipsey - Honor Society, FHA, Allied Youth, Editor of "Hi-Spots."
Earl "Squeezer" McKeever - Glee Club, Masquers, Science Club, Photography.
Charles "Bear" Miller.
Pearl "Sparkle Plenty" Miller - Glee Club, Annual Staff.
Sara "Sary" Mills - Majorette, Secretary of Student Council, President of FHA, Allied Youth, President of Glee Club, Masquers, "Hi-Spots" Staff, Art Editor, Annual Staff.
Charles "Dimples" Mullins - "D" Club, Football, Band, Science Club, Glee Club, Allied Youth.
Louine "Lulu" Murray - Masquers, FHA, Honor Society, Glee Club, Annual Staff.
Philip "P. B. Jr." Neal.
Billie "Bill" Ohlerking - Typist of "Hi-Spots" Staff, FHA, Annual Staff.
Peggy "Peg" O'Neal - Glee Club, FHA.
Glenn "Coach" Pate - Honor Society, Vice-President of Student Council, "D" Club, Basketball, Football.
Kenneth "Peny" Penney - "D" Club, Football, Allied Youth, Basketball.
Janet "Pottsie" Potts - F.H.A., Glee Club, Allied Youth, Annual Staff.
LaTreva "Chig" Price.
Mae "Mazy" Raley - Glee Club.
Carolyn: "D. W." Rodgers -Honor Society, Masquers, Vice President of Band, F.H.A., Treasurer of Student Council, "Hi-Spots" Staff, Glee Club, Annual Staff, Honorary Member of "D" Club, Allied Youth.
Joyce "Smokey Joe" Rogers - F.H.A. Federation President, Reporter of Masquers, Reporter of Band, Editor of Annual Staff, Ass't Editor of "Hi-Spots" Staff, Secretary of Glee Club, Allied Youth, Science Club.
Robert "Bob" Rogers - "D" Club.
Billie "Quack-Quack" Rutherford - Glee Club, Masquers, "Hi-Spots" Staff.
Willie "Bill" Smith - Glee Club, FHA, Allied Youth.
Mary "Liz" Steel - Glee Club, FHA, Science Club, Business Manager of Annual Staff, Secretary of Band.
Harold "Junie" Sunderman - "D" Club, Science Club, Allied Fouth, Foot-ball Co-captain, Basketball, Student Council, Glee Club, Honor Society, President of Senior Class.
Bobby "Brute" Taggart - Football, "D" Club, 4-H Club, Glee Club.
Leroy "Olen" Thomas - Science Club, Band, Allied Youth.
Velma "Vel" Thompson.
Mary "Suzy" Walker - Glee Club, Publicity Manager of Masquers, President of 4-H Club, Sports Editor of "Hi-Spots" Staff, Annual Staff.
Billy "Just Plain Bill" Wesson - FFA.
Hubert "Curly" Williams - FFA, "D" Club.
Myrtle "Babe" Wright - Glee Club, Masquers, Annual Staff, FHA
Lorece "Hoot" Young - FHA.

De Queen High School Senior Class 1949
Submitted by: Tom Jones
Superintendent: Miss Pearl Williamson; Principal: Hal Robbins
Faculty: Ruth Adams Girls P.E.--Margaret Cain, Home Economics--Bob Ellen, Boy's Physical Education-Carlysle Ellis, Commercial-- Mrs. L. C. Graves, English, History-- Mrs. George H. Harrod, Science, Mathematics--Mr. George H. Harrod, Vocational Guidance--Mr. Ansil Hethcox, Agriculture--Mrs. H. C. Huffman, Librarian--Miss Rolana Nipher, Public School Music--Tom Olerking, Office--Hal Robbins, Science--Robert Stephens,Principal of Junior High--Catherine Wiley, English--Gene Witherspoon, Band
Scanned from 1949 Senior Album. Nothing was added intentionally. If there is something different from the Album is was overlooked when I proof read the material.
W. L. Allen, Jr. "Let every man be master of his time." F.F.A., 4-H Club.--
Anne Anderson "Animals her specialty-men her sideline." Glee Club, President of Masquers Club, F.F.A., Allied Youth, Assist. Senior Editor Annual Staff, Treas. of Student Council, Recording Sec. Treas. of F.F.A., Homecoming Queen.
Melvin Bell "Another tumble! That's his precious nose!" Masquers Club, "D" Club, football-
Joyce Caldwell "There is no wisdom like frankness." Glee Club, Masquers Club,
Louise Caldwell "Of true worth; one to be depended on." Masquers Club,
Christine Campbell "The star to brighten some moment." Secretary Masquers Club, Glee Club Reporter, Junior High Editor of Press Club and Annual Staff.
Rita Caplinger "As merry as the day is long." Senior Editor Annual Staff, Feature Editor Press Club, Assistant Cheerleader, Basketball.
Dean Carpenter "None but himself can be his parallel." Glee Club, Masquers Club, Photography Club.
Diane Cheek "Nature made her what she is; and never made another." Head Cheerleader, Allied Youth, Glee Club, F.H.A., Historian, business Manager and assist. Make-up Editor of Press Club, Business Manager Annual Staff.
Lois Ruth Coats "Why don't the men propose, Mamma? Why don't the men propose." Masquers Club, Feature Editor and Proofreader Press Club, Assistant Business Manger Annual Staff.
Linda Durham "Above our life, we love a steadfast friend." Sec. and Treas. of Band, Editor of Annual, Student Council, Honor Society, Assistant Editor of Press Club, Allied Youth, F.H.A., Masquers Club, Glee Club, Halloween Queen.
Lyndel Edwards "They say he does a number of things well." Allied Youth, Make-up Editor, Assistant Art Editor Annual Staff, President of "D" Club, Photography Club, Science Club.
Wayne Elliott "Good in manner and calm to a day." "D" Club, Allied Youth, Football, Basketball Captain.
Maxie Gage " All I ask is to let alone." F.F.A.
Joeeph Glasgow "Press not a falling man too far." Editor of Press Club, Allied Youth, Assistant Art Editor Annual Staff, Student Council, football, Science Club, Honor Society, Photography Club, "D" Club.
Mary Gray "Make the best of everything-the best makes everything." Masquers Club, Head Typist Press Club, Senior Business Manager Annual Staff.
Fay Hendrix "All the world loves a lover." Glee Club, Masquers Club, "D" Club.
Clifford Henson "Not noisy, but an all-around fellow." Glee Club.
Dorothy JACKS "Nature has given us two ears but only one mouth." Masquers, Exchange Editor and Typist Press Club, Head Typist Annual Staff.
Viola Van Voast Jones "Tis well to be merry and wise, Tis well to be honest and true." Valedictorian, F.H.A., Glee Club, Sec. Treas. Honor Society, Masquers.
Mary lee Lignitz "One must show a smiling face."
Bryan Long "The surest way to hit a woman's heart is to take aim kneeling." Masquers Club, Glee Club, Band.
Herbert Lovell "A man after his own heart." Football, "D" Club.
Verneil Lowery "Men of few words are the best men." F.F.A.
Mary Jo Loyd "Sly on the courts, courts on the sly." Masquers Club, Basketball.
Kathleen Stinnett Miller "Got a square deal when she got Bob." F. H. A. Assistant Junior High Editor Annual Staff, Circulation Manager Press Club.
Bonnie Moffett "They amke them no sweeter, no more charming than our Bonnie." F.H.A., Glee Club.
Joyce Moore "She is happy and filled with the joy of living." Student Council, Press Club, Allied Youth, Assistant Editor Annual Staff, Glee Club, Masquers Club, F.H.A., Pianist, Majorette, Band
Lavon Newberry "God's rarest blessing is, after all, a good man." Masquers Club,
Gordon O'Dell "I 'spect I growed.- Don't think nobody ever made me." Masquers Club, Glee Club.
Kennth Pearson "We cannot all be masters, nor all masters cannot be truly followed." Honor Society, Science Club, Allied Youth, Press Club, Art Editor Annual Staff, Vice-President of Photography Club.
Bill Ed Polk "Chiefly the mold of a man's fortune is in his own hands." Press Club, Annual Staff.
Patricia Presson "What a friend and what sport." Press Club, Snapshot Editor Annual Staff, Band Reporter, Basketball Captain, Glee Club.
Jerry Reece "Friendship for many; love for one." Honor Society, Glee Club, "D" Club, Masquers Club, Press Club, Annual Staff, Football.
Floyd Renfrow "Silence is not always bashfulness, sometimes it's good sense." F.F.A.
Oleta Scott "Happy am I; from care i'm free!" 4-H Club.
Doyle Sharp "Common sense is instinct; enough of it is genius." Footbal, Basketball, Glee Club.
Curtis Smith "Why should the devil have all the good times?" "D" Club, Glee Club, Masquers Club, Co-Captain Football Team.
Edward Smith "Silence Sweeter is than speech." Football, "D" Club, vice President Masquers Club, Student Council, Glee Club.
ILeen Smith "A girl she seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows." 4-H Club.
Lorene Smith "Beware! I may do something startling yet." Masquers Club, Allied Youth, F.H.A., Glee Club.
Jerry Spicer "Speak low if you speak of Love." F.H.A., Sec. of Senior Class, Majorette, Band, , Glee Club, Masquers Club, Annual Staff.
Donald Stinnett "He is a fool who thinks by force or skill to turn the current of a woman's will." Glee Club, Basketball, Vice President of 4-H Club.
Hershel Stinnett "I ain't afraid of dawgs and hoses-just women." President of F.F.A.
Bobby Taggart "There is nothing either good or bad,but thinking makes so." F.F.A., Basketball.
Billy Trower "The lady doth protest too much, me thinks." President of Senior Class, Band, Student Council, "D" Club, Football.
Norma Jean Turnage "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." President of Honor society, Glee Club.
Phillip Van Voast "Count that day lostwhose descending sun views no worthy action done." F.F.A., Masquers Club, 4-H Club.
Enola Churchman Wagnon "The grass stoops not, she treads on it so lightly." Typist Press Club, Club Editor Annual Staff, Basketball.
Eunice Ware "Determination is the key to success." Honor Society, Club Editor Annual Staff, Basketball.
Doyle Williams "God's gift to the women." "D" Club, Football, Club Editor Press Club, Sports Editor Annual Staff, Allied Youth, Masquers Club, Glee Club, Co-Captain Basketball, Vice President Student Council.
Carl Williamson "Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it." F.F.A.
Clarence Wilson "Llewellynis his specialty; football his sideline." Football Captain, Glee Club, Allied Youth, President Student Council, Assistant Sports Editor Annual Staff, Basketball, Press Club, Masquers Club, "D" Club.
Naomi Smith "She has her degree-M.R.S." Glee Club.

DeQueen Junior High School 1950-51 7th grade class
Submitted by: Roy Jones
Principal, Robert W. Stephens
Homeroom: Mrs. Cobb, other teachers: Mr. Leeper, Miss Hollowell, and Mr. Ellen.
Pauline Adair, Anne Anderson, Peggy Bagwell, Sue Bethel, Harry Broadwell, Margaret Cantrell, Linda Chaney, Anita Christian, Tommy Collier, Elbert Cook, Kenneth Cross, Edwina Culp, John Dinger, Carroll Dickson, John Dixon, Jozell Dodds, Clara Doss, Anita Favor, Edward Fears, Gayle Ferguson, Jay Gamble, Kathryn Gammon, Jane Gentry, Marnetta Gore, Arlene Hall, Billy Joe Halter, Jo Harris, Joyce Hearn, Sammy Hendricks, Patsy Hennard, Mack Holcomb, Bert Hornsby, Don Hubbard, James Huckabee, Betty Jarrell, Roy Wayne Jones, Myrna Kirton, Ralph Kite, Fedellia Koelzer, Kenneth Krudwig, Hugh LeBaron, Jimmy Locke, Dick Norton, Precious Park, Jackie Pearce, Mary Lou Petit, Ronnie Pickens, Gwen Price, Fern Rink, Lowell Robertson, Ruthie Robinson, Marie Ruth, Barbara Scott, Donald Shelton, Lee Slane, Dewey E. Smith, Jerry Ann Smith, Marvin Smith, Charles Staggs, Andrew Stout, Pearly Stubbs, Barbara Tollett, Charles Turner, Jimmy Tucker, Juanita Voss, Dale Whitaker, Jerry Whitten, Hope Willis, Willie Willson, Dorothy Wolfe, Mary Lou Wray, & Ilene Young.

Horatio Class of 1951
Submitted by: Violet Nelms Potts
SUPT. A. H. McDonnell
Class Sponsor: Luise Thompson
Betty Ashford, Jess T. Bagwell, Clara Bradshaw, Clarence Bradshaw, Kenneth Carroll, Franklin Crews, Maudeen Frady, Charles Greer, Phillip Halliday, Patsy James, James Kirk, Violet Nelms, Rosalyn Owens, Gene Parker, Ina Ruth Pendergrass, J. W. Pettigrew, Billy Ramsey, Ray Sims, Phyllis Stinnett, Theda Stuart, Sam Thompson and Noah Williamson

Lockesburg High School Class of 1926
Submitted by: Jan
J C GRAVES, President
Lewis ?????, Secretary
Edah H MAULDIN, Superintendent
Doy L ZACHRY, Principal
Mamie Esther APPLETON, Annie Quinn COULTER, Fannie Lee EDWARDS, Harold HOPSON, Roma Doris HOPSON, Mary Francis KOGER, Ernest MAXWELL, Eleanor Maxwell PARK, Ethel E PICKENS, Hazel Effie PICKENS, Lillabel WARDLAW, Bonnie Bell WHITE, Donnie Dell WHITE

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