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Piney Grove Church of Christ was in Sevier County , Bear Creek Township, but the exact location has not been established yet . There is a Church Record in the possession of MR. & Mrs. Leroy Mullins, which showsit was organized in 1880,
Some of those early members are:
J.D. Murphy Malinda C. Cisco
Hannah Murphy W.A. Green
J.W. Humphery Nathan Teal
John Hilmans Mary Autrey
Mary M. Blair Elizabeth Baker
All of these were immersed.
Also in 1881 were added:
Lon Fenton W.C. Slaughter
Martha J. Stapp J.H. Brantley
Mary A. Brantley Jeany Thomas

1881 additions:
Jane Brantley J.W. Ligon
Sarah A. Ligon T. Street
Frances Slaughter J.H. Palmer
M.B. Hide Gililia Hide
E. Autrey Mindy Leathers
Annie Hill Nancy Palmer

1883 additions:
Martha Anderson Nancy Teal

1884 additions:
Julia Teal Sarah Teal

1886 additions:
Thomas Scaggs

It seems the name was changed to Smyrna in the 1890's. The following is copied from the Piney Grove-Smyrna Church Records, but the dates are vague. Sometimes they did not date it at all:
" The following is the names of the members of the Church of Christ who worshipped at Cross Trailes , Bear Creek Township, Sevier County, Arkansas, and now Worship at Smyrna, same County same School District."
June 1897 additions:
Elder J.L. Headlee Mrs. Pat Headlee
Deacon J.T. Stokes L.A. Stokes
J.W. McCann A.E. McCann
Elder L. Mason N.A. Pounds
N.L. Pounds F.M. Cain
A.M. Cain M.E. Cains
J.J. Humphrey M.J. Teal
L.D. Austin E.E. Teal
M.A. Teal Francis Teal
R.A. Stout John Stout
Dave Thompson

1898 additions:
Anna Greathouse David M. Asher
Mrs. Mary Emily Asher Emmaline Asher
Malinda Asher Edna Asher

1899 additions:
Alice Tatum Ellen Tatum
Robinne Autrey Mary Autrey
J.C. Jacks Mrs. J.C. Jacks

1900 additions:
Charlie Stout J.M. Asher
Lillie Asher B.F. Tatum
Callie Tatum H.A. Autrey
Oscar Autrey T.M. Cain
Willie Stokes Isaac Stephens
Alan Teal Frank Chastain
Sauthy Chastain Dorcas Stephens

1902 - A new Church Building was erected in 1902. It was called Smyrna, and was in the Cross Trails School District. The Land for the Church and Cemetery was donated by Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Cain, David sher was among those who helped build Smyrna Church of Christ building.

1905 additions:
Dr. G.W. Ross Charles Packnett
Cora Dukes Mary Cain
Mattie Cain Edna Johnson
Eugene Packnett Mollie Stell
Maud Stell Sam Grant
Eva Grant James Cain
Pearl Autrey Maggie Autrey
Froney Autery C.W. Williamson
Richard Williamson Wesley Johnsom
Alvin Autrey Hattie Packnett
Sarah Packnett Lauie Stephens
Emmaline Stephens Shelby Johnson
Minny Stoggs Jasie House

1907 additions :
Jasper H. Lee (Confederate Veteran)
Mrs. Lucinda Lee. their daughters:
Mary J. ( Molly) Lee & Susan Ellen Johnson
M.V. Teal Noby Stell

1908 - The Church was reorganized at Smyrna.
1908- additions:
Rev. Henry Kays (Union Veteran in civil War)
Mrs. Annie Kays, his wife, his children:
H.E. (Ham) Kays & John Kays
Viola Hamilton Ida M. Dennis
Nara Rutledge E.K. Duke
Birdie Johnson (Mrs. Wesley)
Texas Lowe Nancy Lowe
Eli Grubb Mary Grubb

1910 additions:
Albert E. Hedges Mrs. Jane Hedges (Jenny)
Edna Kays (Mrs. John Kays)

For several years , Smyrna served as both Christian and Baptist Church. There is verification of this in DeQueen Bee, and is vouched for by several people who remember this.

1921 additions:
Mae Kennedy Phoebe Kennedy
Ruby Realms V. Edmond King
Gertie King Emmer Kennedy
Velma Kennedy Oma Ashley

1922 Additions:
Jessie Westbrooks (Ashley) Madge Ashley
Jessie Johnson Roy Mullins
Mary Mullins Hessie Kennedy
Fanny Kays Shelby Johnson
Robert Helms Henry Helms
Earl Helms

1923 additions:
Mrs. J.M. Moore Blanche Bachmeyer
Eva Neeley Rosa Lee Westbrook
Abbie Buffington Alice Buffington
Nanny Buffington Elder G.W. Kistler
Beatrice & Thelma Patterson

1926: additions:
Lela Johnson Mrs Leo M. House
Mrs. Mary Autrey (Leo's Mother)

1927 additions:
Odell Kennedy Estelle Buffington

1885 additions:
J.W. Autrey Mattie Bottoms
Ellen Cook Nora Stell
Fred Greathouse Iva Stokes

Both Churches were in the same township, but may have not been in the same location. The Church that was once called Piney Grove but was later changed to Smyrna is in the large Cross tralis community, the older generations of the Houses are burried in Cross Trails Cemetery.

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