The surname list is derived from names in the queries that are submitted. If you would like to have your surnames posted here, email me.. Please do not submit a query if there is no connection with Sevier County. The surname list also serves as an index to the Sevier County 2008 Queries Page If you find a bad or inoperative link, please notify me via Email

If there was no query you will be directed to send an email.
* = Website link at the query. Be sure to check the Family History Page for links that have been submitted with no query.

BUTLER Query 005

CANNON Query 003; Query 011

CAUDLE Query 017

ERICKSON Query 023

FRENCH Query 013

HALL Query 008

HALLMAN Query 016

HELMS Query 011

HUFF Query 006

HULL Query 008

JOHNSON Query 002

JONES Query 014

KITCHENS Query 019

MADDRY Query 020

MADDUX Query 020

MARRS Query 022

MILLER Query 021

POOLE Query 022

PRICE Query 010

RALLS Query 013

SAMUELS Query 015


SMITH Query 018

STUART Query 009

SUMMERS Query 014

SWINDLE Query 012

TAYLOR Query 021

THOMASON Query 021

TODD Query 004

WOMACK Query 001

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