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GRADY, James H.

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Will Book G pg.106
I James H. Grady of the County of Sevier, State of Arkansas being of sound mind and memory do make, publish and declare this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills bequests and devise by me made. I give to my son R.L Grady a note that I hold against him for two hundred dollars. To my son J.W.Grady the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sect. (1), T 10, R.31 containing 40 acres more or less. To my son J.D.Grady the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Sec (1), T 10, R31. To my son T.E. Grady the N1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Sect. (1), T 10, R 31 except a certain piece off the North side of NE 1/4 SW 1/4 containing 6 acres more or less. To my son G.F. Grady the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Sect (1), T 10, R 31 containing 40 acres more or less and one black mare and wagon. To my daughter M.A. Grady , the the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sect (1), T 10, R 31, containing 40 acres more or less and one third of money is due me and on hand at the time of my death. To my daughter A.V. Harrison the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Sect (1), T 10, R 31 containing 40 acres more or less. To my two youngest daughters K.K.Grady and F.E.Grady, the E 1/2 of of NW 1/4 and part of NE 1/4 SW 1/4 discribed as follows: beginning at the N.E corner of said forty, running south south 100 yds. thence west 300 yds., thence North 100 yds., thence east 300 yds to point of beginning containing in all 86 acres more or less all in the Sect (1), T 10, R 31. I also give to my daughters K.K.Grady, F.E.Grady one third each of all money on hand and due me and after paying all my indebtedness and burial expenses. I also give to them all of my personal property consisting of household goods, horses, cattle, buggy, farming tools, corn and ??. And I hereby appoint Wm.R. Harrison, Executor of this my last will and testament to divide the above described property both Real and Personal as above directed. Witness my hand and seal on this the 4th day of Nov. 1900 James H. Grady (seal)
signed, sealed, published and declared by the said J.H.Grady as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us, who at his request in his presence and in presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as attesting witnesses the words as above stated being made in our presence before signing by the said testator.
Witnessed our hands and seal on this the 14th day of Nov. 1900 H.G. Gorr J.N. Conaster
Proof of Will
State of Arkansas}
County of Sevier} Personally appeared before me Jas.L.Carrison, Clerk of the County Court and Probate Courts of Sevier County G.H.Gorr and J.N. Conaster to me well known, who being duly sworn, say ; That they are the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing instrument

JONES, Andrew Jackson

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Record of Sevier County Probate January 26, 1876 Book 3 page 18

In the Matter of the Administration of Estate of Andrew J. Jones deceased by D. J. Sossamon Petitioner for letters.
Comes the said D. J. Sossamon and makes application for letters of administration upon the estate of Andrew J. Jones, deceased and it appearing that said deceased departed this life interstate in Sevier County, on or about the 1st day of November 1875. Leaving as his heirs surviving, Jane Jones, widow and a child, Martha J. Sossamon, Robert P. Jones, and Aaron F. Jones residing in Sevier County. M.C. Jones residing in Howard County. Dock Jones residing Franklin County Arkansas, and others non residents of this state, whose names are to said petitioner unknown,--and that said deceased left a considerable personal estate of the probable value of one thousand dollars. Which is liable to waste and damage unless speedy care to be taken of the same. And is further appearing that said petitioner intermarried with one of the heirs of said estate and is by right of wife entitled to a distributional share of said estate and that he is a suitable person to administer said estate, and said Petitioner ( D.J. Sossamon) having made and filed herein (on this day) his affidavit. which is found to be in accordance with law, and approved, and made, entered, and filed his administrative bond without surety? thousand dollars, conditioned and made payable as by court presiding, with John G. KcK?? and J. G. McKinley as his securities which bond is found to be good and sufficient and approved.
It is by ______ considered, ordered and adjudged that said D. J. Sossamon be and duly appointed administrator of the Estate of Andrew J. Jones deceased and that letters ___ to heirs accordingly.



31 Jan 1871 In the matter of administering the estate of John Jones by William Jones. Persons mention: Lucinda Jones, Francis Flynn, W. P. Jones, H. Jones, B. Jones, N. Jones, and William Jones in Sevier Co., AR, and Thomas Wallace, John Wallace, Nancy Duty, Granville Jones, Jane Hariston?, John & ? Dowder? of Texas; Mary L. Jones, widower.
Probate Records Book 11, page 236.
Record of Sevier Court of Probate, January 31 1871.
In the matter of administration of Estate of John Jones, decd by William Jones, Petitioner for letters: Comes said William Jones by his attorney and makes application for letters of administration upon the estate. And it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that said deceased died intestate, in Sevier County Arkansas, leaving in his a sizeable property which is liable to waste and damage unless administration be had thereon, declaring as heirs surviving, Lucinda Jones, Frances Flynn, W. P. Jones, H. Jones, B. Jones, N. Jones, and William Jones all of whom reside in Sevier County Arkansas; and Thomas Wallace, John Wallace, Nancy Duty, Granville Jones, Jane Houston, John and Dowder? who reside in the County of ---- in the state of Texas, and it further appearing that said applicant is a suitable firm to administer the said estate, and that Mary L. Jones the widow and of deceased and who is entitled to the administration of said estate, has filed her renunciation of such administration, and surrendered her right to her son, the applicant, it is that said William Jones be appointed such administration upon his and filing the approval by law, and entering and to the state of Arkansas, in sum of $1600.00 dollars with good and sufficient security, whereupon said applicant makes and files such affidavit which is by the court, found to be in conformity with law and approved, and his administration and in sum of sixteen hundred dollars ($1600.00) conditioned according to law with John Wynn and Henry Gilbert as his security, which is by the found to be good and sufficient and approved.It is therefore that said William Jones be and he is duly appointed administrator of said estate of said John Jones decd and that letters of administration to him accordingly and it is further ordered that Henry Gilbert and Nelson Covey they are hereby appointed as witnesses to and said administrators in and the money and other property of said deceased, and making an inventory thereof.

LYNCH, Thomas

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May 11, 1830 Experience Lynch, widow of Thomas Lynch, applied for administix. July term of 1830 names orphans of Thomas Lynch: John & Jane. Oct. term of 1830, Experience asks to be guardian of her children under 14 years of age: Rebecca, Experience, Sarah Ann, Eliza, & Elizabeth , children of Thomas Lynch.

MURPHY, John Brown

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John Brown Murphy, Book A page 143

In the name of God, Amen I, John W. Murphy of the County of Sevier and State of Arkansas being sound of body and mind but keeping the uncertainty of life have thought proper to make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other. In the first place, if it should be my let to die in this county or vicinity I wish my body deposited by the side of late beloved wife.

Having but one heir my beloved son Richard Douglas Murphy I bequeath the whole of my Estate real personnal and mixed to him, without any reserve, and do appoint my friends and brothers-in-law George Hill and William Crabtree of the County of Hempstead and the State of Arkansas guardians to my son during his minority and I do ferther appoint the aforesaid George Hill and William Crabtree as exceutors of this my last will and testament earnestly request them to serve as such. It is my special wish and desire that my son receive a liberal education and do enjoin it upon his aforesaid guardians, as they value the memory and wish of his deceased parent to attend to this particular and they are hereby authorized and required to use any money left by me or in default thereof to sell any property except the negroes formerly belonging to my wife Cassandra for the consummation above required.

"It is my will and desire that my negroes or slaves be not separated but suffered to remain on my farm and cultivate the land/farm under the superintendence of some descreet and humane person to be hired by my executors and to be paid out of production of my farm, if my executors deem such management necessary".

Having above stated my wish as to my property goods and chattel I come to my moneys. My debts which are few, I wish punctually and honorably paid and the remainder of my money after all necessary expenses of my conderns paid I wish to be loaned out to good and lesponsible men at Ten Percent interest per annum the borrower or borrowers give with good and sufficient security the bond being collected or renewed every twelve months the interest of said money and the products of my farm I wish applied to the support and education of my son or as such thereof an is necessary for the good support and liberal education. In case the two preceading items should not be deemed sufficient for the good support and lilberal education of my son, my executors are required to use principal of the afore mentioned money necessary and in case that not be sufficient, and of my property with the exception of the slave before mentioned and issue as I wish the reasonalbe wants and education of my son in no wise to be neglected. I have some lands in Wisconsin Torritory which I have empowered to my friend and agent Thomas I. Taylor of Dubuque, Iowa Territory to sell, if he has disposed of them I wish my executers to direct him to remit by mail the amount of sales to them in good current southern bank notes at the risk of my estate and my executors will dispose of it as my other moneys; if my aforssaid agent has not sold said land I wish them to remain unsold until my son is twenty one years of age when he can do with them as he thinks proper.

Pg. 2 If should be the decree of the Devine Providence that my son Richard Douglas Murphy should die before he is of lawfull age to take possession of the property above named I wish the following disposition to be made of it, in the first place " my slave Gedeon (my great,great,great grandfather) and Hardy men of yellow complexion and Deliah (my great,great,great,grandmother) and Matilda women of like complexion I wish to be set free and not be considerd as property together with the children of the above named women, my object in so directing is to put it beyond the power of man to abuse them as slaves and being servants of my late wife Cassandra as well as myself and as they always manafested a deep and abiding interest in the welfare of myself and family and have provided themselves honest and obedient servants, I cannot in justice to my feelings consent for them to serve any other person other than the son of my late wife by whom they came into my possession by marriage and I do hereby direct the following sums to be given them respectfully to be given as a means assisting them to earn a livihood , to Gedeon I give one hundred and fifty dollars to Hardy one hundred dollars to Delilah and Matilda each fifty dollars.", etc.......

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