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In 2006 it was brought to my attention that an individual in Sevier County had all the stones removed from this cemetery and placed in other cemetery's. Without taking inventory of the cemeteries I would have no idea where the stones are now located. The bodies were not removed from the cemetery. Another individual is trying to get funds for a memorial marker to be placed at this cemetery.

"Feb 27 2007 the Wright Cemetery monument was placed. This is the headstone that Mary Mills Jackson raised money for, and all her hard work and effort has finally resulted in a beautiful monument that brings dignity and respect back to the people who are buried there. It sits perfectly on top of a little knoll, right between two graves that have lost their headstones." Teri Buster reported and sent photos of the monument Which can be viewed at Photos of Sevier Co on this Sevier Co. website.

James T. Falls 2/3/1865-2/27/1881
Robert E. Falls 10/2/1871-10/5/1874
William C. Falls 10/7/1867-10/11/1870
Hunter (Infant daughter of W.E.) 8/23/1874-8/23/1874
Elizabeth Hunter 11/4/1841-11/3/1887
Jimmie Ritter 3/3/1879-3/5/1879
Rebecca Ward 6/1770-1859
Charles D. Wright 8/17/1851-8/21/1852
James Wright 9/7/1794-10/1/1869
Mary C. Wright 11/5/1832-3/24/1870

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