Residents born in 1700's of St. Francis Co., Arkansas-303 Records-Sources: 1 of 3-Census:  

2-My Book, and 3-History of Cross Co. Arkansas 1955 by Robert W. Chowning

Prepared by Paul V. Isbell-December 22, 2014

Ables, John B.-b.1792-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Lucy b.1807 Tenn-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Adams, John R.-b.1790-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Cache Twn-

Adams, Mich N.-b.1797 Ga--Pathenia Adams, Cornelius Adams-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Agerton, Mary-b.1795-N. C.-Wife of Noah-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Agerton, Noah -b.1795-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1795 N. C.-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Alred, Thomas-b.1797-Ga-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1808 Ga-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Anderson, Allsie (F) Black-b.1797-S. C.-Other with Anderso Frierson-Married-1880-SF-Madison Twn-

Anderson, Robert -b.1802-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Sarah J. b.1794-1850-SF-Plain Twn-

Anderson, Sarah J.-b.1794-Va-Wife Of Robert-1850-SF-Plain Twn-

Armstrong, Catharene-b.1795-S. C.-Other-Mother of Lawrence P. & Louisa & Louisiana-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Austell, Mary-b.1797 S. C.--James J Austell, Permelia A Austell, Francis Austell, Jamees N Austell, Heny Mc Faden-1860-SF-Smith Twn-

Barnes, Charity-b.1790 Va--Other with Andrw Mc Lroy, Jane R Mc Lroy, Robert Mc Lroy (McElroy)-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Barnes, John-b.1794-Va-HofH-Smith Twn-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Barrick, George b.1784-Farmer-Wife: Clarissa b.1820 KH-HofH-Black---8   53   56  Barrick        George         86    M    B    farmer         .         .         SC                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 Liberty-

Bell, Mary-b.1792-S. C.-Wife of William-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Bell, Mary-b.1792 S. C.--Lettieberry I. Bell, Wm Bell-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Bell, William-b.1786-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1792-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Bell, William-b.1786 S. C.--Lettieberry I. Bell, Mary Bell-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Belt, Joseph b.1794-Farmer-Wife: Sarah b.1792 KH-HofH-Black---31  232  243 Bett           Joseph         76    M    B    farmer         .         200       NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    X        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Belt, Sarah, Mrs. b.1792-KH-Black---32  232  243 Bett           Sarah          78    F    B    KH             .         .         NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Berd, Eaborn-b.1782 Va--Other with Andrew G Grant, Nancy Grant, William Grant, Mary I Grant, Sarah Grant, Margaret Grant...-1860-SF-Union Twn-

Bilk, Joseph-b.1794-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Sarah b.1796 N. C.-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Bilk, Sarah (F)-b.1796-N. C.-Wife of Joseph Bilk b.1794-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Blalar, Elizabeth-b.1785 N. C.--Other With Robert Cook, Marnervia Cook, William H Cook, Margaret E Cook, Sarah J Cook, Babe Cook...-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Blissett, Jane-b.1799 S. C.--William J. Blissett-1860-SF-Texas Twn-

Blythe, James-b.1787-S. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Bright, William-b.1782-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1801-1850-SF-Cache Twn-

Broom, John-b.1796-S. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Brown, Hannah-b.1789 N. C.--William Brown, Cathrine Brown-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Brown, Hannah b.1794-Roomer---38  17   18  Brown          Hannah         76?   F    W    .              .         .         NC                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Brown, Martha-b.1795 Va--Sterling Brown, Robert Parker, Martha Rumes, William J Rumes-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Brown, Sterling-b.1795 N. C.--Other With Martha Brown, Robert Parker, Martha Rumes, William J Rumes-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Browning, Joshua-b.1785-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Milly b.1792-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Browning, Milly-b.1792-Va-Wife of Joshua-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Bryan, Mary-b.1794-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Burnes, James-b.1793 Scotland--Other with John M Griggs, Mary A Griggs, Odell Griggs, Charles R Griggs, William C Sparks, John Graber...-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Byrds, Ebron-b.1783-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Calvert, Ann Wood m.Howison, Mrs.-b.1766--Married Landon Calvert-Letter C of Book-

Calvert, John Wood-b.1787-Va-HofH-Wife:Nancy b.1804-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Casbeer, Thomas Mathew, Sr.-b.1784-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Nelly b.1805-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Clift, John-b.1781-Ind-HofH-Wife:Clarissa b.1811-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Clift, Sarah-b.1794-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Cobbs, Elizabeth (F)-b.1797-Va-Mother of Paul M. Cobbs-Widow-1880-SF-Forrest City-

Cobbs, Elizabeth W.-b.1797 Va--David S Cobbs, Jane M Cobbs, Ginniel P Cobbs, Mary O Easham, Rosey Walton, Annah Bella Walton-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Cole, Nathan-b.1797-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Nancy b.1800 Va-1880-Cross-Searcy Twn-

Collie, Elizabeth-b.1799-N. C.-Wife of William-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Collie, William-b.1794-Va-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1799-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Collie, William L.-b.1794 S. C.--Elizabeth Collie, Lear King, James King, Susan King, Rebecca Collie-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Collins, Genemah-b.1787 S. C.--James Collins, Isaac Collins-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Collins, James-b.1785 Ga--Genemah Collins, Isaac Collins-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Coocy, Sarah W.-b.1794 Va--Other With Samuel Crippin (Crippen), Elizabeth Crippin, James T Crippin, Sarah E Crippin, George W Crippin, Mary M Byars...-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Cook, Allen  -b.1785-Ga-HofH-Wife:Susan b.1835 Va-1880-SF-Telico Twn-

Cook, Allen b.1794-Farmer-Wfie: Susan b.1822 KH-HofH--- 13  69   70  Cook           Allen          76    M    W    farmer         1,200     350       GA                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 Telico-

Cook, Margaret-b.1790 N. C.--Nicholas Cook, Sarah A Cook, France C Yarbey-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Cook, Nicholas-b.1788 N. C.--Margaret Cook, Sarah A Cook, France C Yarbey-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Cooper, William-b.1766 d.1830--Rev. War Vet-Early settler near Cherry Valley-1955 CCH-

Coppage, Lucy b.1781-Black---6   104  108 Coppage        Lucy           89    F    B    .              .         .         SC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Texas-

Cox, Isaiah -b.1793-Ga-HofH-Wife:Sabell b.1814-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Craiglove, Tj-b.1788-Illinois-HofH-Wife:Gerlinda b.1880 Ark-1880-Cross-Wynne Twn-

Creason, Harriet-b.1791-Tenn-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Daniels, Elizabeth -b.1798-S. C.-Wife of William-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Daniels, William-b.1795-Ky-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1798-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Dannah, John-b.1791-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Davis, David Ward, Sr-b.1791--Married 1798 Elizabeth Brandinberg-Rev. War Vet-Goodspeed Lee Co.-Letter D of Book-

Davis, Elizabeth-b.1778 Pa--William Davis, Amanda Davis, Elizabeth T Davis, David R Davis, Richard Davis, David Davis...-1860-SF-Union Twn-

Davis, Elizabeth m.Brandinburg, Mrs.-b.1778-Pa-Mother of David Ward Davis-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Davis, H. C. b.1784-Farmer-HofH--- 16  134  144 Davis          H C            86    M    W    farmer         3,000     2,000     TN                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 Franks-

Davis, Nancy-b.1792 S. C.--William M. Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Martha A. Huggins, William H. Davis-1860-SF-Union Twn-

Davis, Sarah-b.1783 Tenn--Other With Wm A Nelson, Sarah A Nelson, Margaret J Nelson, Sarah E A Nelson-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Dawson, Violette, Mrs. b.1791-Roomer---14  95   102 Dawson         Violette       79    F    B    .              .         .         NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

DeRossitt,  Isabella, Mrs.-b.1796-Tenn-Wife of Lewis DeRossitt-1850-SF-Liberty Twn-

DeRossitt,  Lewis-b.1796-Va-HofH-Wife:Isabella b.1796-1850-SF-Liberty Twn-

Dickerson, Matt b.1795-Farmer-Wife: Fanny b.1823 KH-HofH-Black---31  53   55  Dickerson      Matt           75    M    B    farmer         .         400       NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    X        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Dobson, Mary-b.1784 Ga--John B Dobson, Henry J Win-1860-SF-Smith Twn-

Dolison, Neeley, Col-b.1774 d.1831--Notice of Death in Arkansas Gazette-Letter D of Book-

Dollar, James-b.1780 N. C.--Cathrine Dollar, John Herdle, Joseph Herdle, Cathrine Herdle, Hyrum Herdle-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Downs, Zachariah -b.1797-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Drusilla b.1816-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Dulaney, Nancy-b.1764-Unk-Other with John Givens-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Dunn, Grey-b.1787 N. C.--Poindexter Dunn, Van Rensaleer Dunn, Mary E Dunn, Bettie Dunn, Dora Dunn, Frelino Dunn...-1860-SF-Union Twn-

Dunn, Peggy b.1785-HofH-Black---11  53   56  Dunn           Peggy          75    F    B    .              .         .         KY                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Liberty-

Eastham, J. W. b.1799-Father in Law of William J. Matthews---10  11   11  Eastham        J W            71    M    W    .              .         .         VA                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Eldridge, Rebecca, Mrs.-b.1778-Ky-Mother of Henry-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Eliott, Allen-b.1798-Ky-HofH-Wife:Jane b.1805-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Elkins, Mathew-b.1797 N. C.--Elizabeth Elkins, Thomas Elkins, Franklin Elkins, Cathrine Elkins, William Reed-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Elliot, Allen-b.1799 Ky--Jane Elliot, Elizah Elliot, James Elliot, John Elliot, Rodie Elliot, Louisa Elliot...-1860-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Ellis, Nancy-b.1784 N. C.--William E Ellis, Mary Ann Ellis, Ellen O Ellis, Ann T Ellis, Lucy T Ellis, Mary E Ellis-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Elmore, Anne-b.1795 N. C.--Frederick Elmore, Lucinda C Elmore, Elzabeth Elmore-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Elmore, Frederick-b.1795 Vt--Anne Elmore, Lucinda C Elmore, Elzabeth Elmore-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Estell, Solomon b.1795-Gardner-Wife: Thelma KH-HofH-Black---18  27   28  Estell         Solomon        75    M    B    gardner        .         .         VA                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 Liberty-

Farrar, Hannah-b.1798-Va-Other with Edwin Haskins-Wife of Thomas-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Farrar, Thomas-b.1797-Va-Other with Edwin Haskins-Wife:Hannah b.1798-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Farror, Clementine-b.1798 Tenn--Thomas Farror, Frances A Allen, Melord F Graves-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Farror, Thomas-b.1798 Va--Clementine J Farror, Frances A Allen, Melord F Graves-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Fields, Elizabeth, Mrs.-b.1797-N. C.-Wife of Henry-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Fields, Henry-b.1791-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1797 N. C.-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Fields, Henry-b.1798 N. C.--Elizabeth Fields, George Fields, Nancy Fields, Mary Fields, Thomas Fields, John Ables-1860-SF=Johnson Twn-

Fillengim, Samuel-b.1750--mar.1805 Sarah-Letter F of Book-

Fisher, Elizabeth -b.1795-N. C.-Mother of Justine-Wife of John-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Fisher, John-b.1790-Ky-Father of Justine-Wife:Elizabeth b.1795-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Fooy, Benjamin, Judge-b.1758 d.1823--Obit per Arkansas Gazette-Letter F of Book-

Fulkerson, William-b.1768 Va--Elizabeth Fulkerson, Mary I Fulkerson, Elza A Fulkerson, Fannie Fulkerson, Jno R Naille-1860-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Fulkerson, William M., Judge-b.1793-Va-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1811-War of 1812-Goodspeed's Bio-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Gains, Mirna b.1769 Virginia-Roomer-Black---4   32   33  Gains          Mirna          101   F    B    .              .         .         VA                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Liberty-

Gamble, Burrel-b.1794-Ala-Other with Jesse Gordon-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Gatlard, Aaron P.-b.1784 Ky--David R Newman, Elizath Newman-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Gibson, John-b.1780-Unk-Other with John Gibson-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Gilbert, James-b.1799 Va--Jane Gilbert, Alfred M Gilbert, Nancy E Gilbert, William D Gilbert, Mary J Gilbert, Flescher G Gilbert...-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Gordon, James b.1789-Black---18  232  244 Gordon         James          81    M    B    .              .         .         TN                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    X        .    .-1870 Franks-

Graft, Esther -b.1798-N. C.-Wife of George D.-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Graft, George D.-b.1801-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Esther b.1798-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Green, Mary b.1793-Roomer-Black---30  296  310 Green          Mary           77    F    B    .              .         .         VA                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Franks-

Greenwood, Abraham S.-b.1789-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Greenwood, Frances H. (F)-b.1797-Va-Other with Abraham S.-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Gregory, William-b.1793 N. C.--Winney Gregory, Catherne Glasscock, Joseph C Gregory, Elijabeth Glasscock-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Gregory, Winney-b.1797 N. C.--Wm Gregory, Catherne Glasscock, Joseph C Gregory, Elijabeth Glasscock-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Grider, Joe (Black)-b.1796-Va-HofH-Wife:Cornelia b.1825 N. C.-1900-Cross-Smith Twn-

Grist, John-b.1788-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Rhoda b.1804-1850-SF-Plain Twn-

Grooms, John-b.1790-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1800-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Hampton, Isaac-b.1795 Va---1870 Telico-

Haralson, Naamah-b.1782 N. C.--Vinson R Haralson, Barbery Haralson, Granville Bacy, Henry Harelson-1960-SF-Richland Twn-

Hard, Elijah-b.1799 Ky--Polly Hard, Mary A Hard-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Harrison, Catherine-b.1771-N. C.-Other with Hugh Roy Allen-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Hazlewood, Abner-b.1797-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Hedges, John-b.1777-Tenn-Other with James Stephens-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Henderson, Catharine-b.1797-Tenn-Wife of Michael-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Henderson, Michael-b.1791-Va-HofH-Wife:Catharine b.1797-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Higgins, Burrel-b.1787-Va-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1789-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Higgins, Jane-b.1795-Ind-Wife of Martin-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Higgins, Martin, Sr.-b.1773-Va-HofH-Wife:Jane b.1795-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Higgins, Mary-b.1789-Va-Wife of Burrel-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Highsmith, Elias-b.1788-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mahala b.1793-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Highsmith, Mahala-b.1793-N. C.-Wife of Elias-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Hiter, Adam-b.1789 Pa--Barbary Hiter-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Hiter, Barbary-b.1793 Md--Adam Hiter-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Hodges, John-b.1790-Tenn-HofH-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Holmes, Clara (F)-b.1794-Ala-Mother of Stephen Jones-Widow-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Hoover, Frances-b.1797-S. C.-Wife of Peter Hoover-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Hoover, Peter-b.1796-Ky-HofH-Wife:Frances b.1797-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Houston, Aaron-b.1784-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Huffman, Jacob-b.1797 Tenn--Mahala Huffman, James P Grant, John J Grant, Andrew J Grant, Margaret Grant-1860-SF-Union Twn-

Humes, Frances-b.1797-S. C-Wife of James-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Humes, James-b.1793-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Frances b.1797-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Hunter, William H.-b.1795 S. C.---1860-SF-Smith Twn-

Hurd, Elijah-b.1799-Ky-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1804-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Hydrick, M. (F)-b.1792-S. C.-Grandmother-With J. H. Hydrick-Widow-1880-Cross-Coldwater-

Izard, Mark Whitaker-b.1792 Ky--Permelia Izard, Eliza C. Izard, Martha Campbell, Mark Campbell, Silas Campbell-1850-SF-Liberty Twn-

Izard, Nicholas Hoffman, Sr.-b.1766 d.1836--Wife:Rebecca Whitaker b.1780 d.1860-Letter I of Book-

Izard, Rebecca m.Whitaker, Mrs.-b.1786-N. C.-Mother of Gabriel-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Jeffreys, Carr-b.1792-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Pamelia b.1805-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Jeroi, Rose (F) Black-b.1797-S. C.-Widow-Other with Lou Jeroi-1880-SF-Madison Twn-

Jett, William-b.1791 Va--Catherin Jett-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Jett, William -b.1792-Va-HofH-Wife:Catharine M. b.1800-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Johnson, David L.-b.1794-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Eunice b.1806-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Johnson, F. M. b.1796-Roomer---28  137  147 Johnson        E M            74    F    W    .              .         .         SC                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Johnson, George W.-b.1798-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Johnson, Lemuel -b.1798-S. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Johnson, Samuel-b.1798 N. C.--Mary Johnson, Sarah F Johnson, James M Johnson, Malissa Johnson, Catherine Johnson, Newton P Johnson...-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Jolly, Isaiah-b.1795 N. C.--Cenn Jolly, Frank Jolly, William Jolly-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Jolly, Isaiah b.1795-Father Wife was Senia m.Williams ---12  239  251 Jolly          Isaiah         75    M    W    none           .         70        NC                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 Franks-

Jones, Betsy (F) Black-b.1789-Va-Mother of William Jones-1880-Cross-Searcy Twn-

Jones, Branch-b.1775-Va-HofH-Wife:Nancy b.1792-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Jones, Elizabeth -b.1783-Va-Other with Richard Jones-1850-SF-Texas Twn-

Jones, Francis-b.1790 S. C.--Martin F Joneis, Sarah A Jones, John H Jones, Hugh V Jones, Ellen J Jones, Nancy N Jones...-1860-SF-Texas Twn-

Jones, John-b.1799-Iowa-Other with Robert Hunt-1880-SF-Goodwin Twn-

Jones, Lucinda-b.1799 N. C.--Iro E Jones, Wm G Jones, Stanford L Jones, Green W Harris-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Jones, Lucinda -b.1793-N. C.-Wife of William J.-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Jones, Nancy-b.1792 Tenn--Wm Jones, Henry Jones, Martha A Jones-1860-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Jones, Nancy -b.1792-Tenn-Wife Of Branch Jones-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Jones, William J.-b.1804-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Lucinda b.1793-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Jordan, James (Black)-b.1775-Ala-Other with Hiram Evans-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Keath, Sarah-b.1783 N. C.--Other With Charity Grant, William Grant, Jacob Keath, Martha Bugman-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Kirksey, Cibey-b.1795 N. C.--Edward P Kirksy, Granille Kirky, James Wilters, Eliza Kirksey-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Lantroop, Charity-b.1797-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Leaman, Green B.-b.1798 N. C.--Harriet Leaman, Thomas B Leaman, Merrit S Leaman, Francis M Leaman, Mary F Leaman, Margaret M Leaman-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Lee, Henry-b.1796 S. C.--Other with George Biddy, Eligabeth Biddy-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Lewis, Fielding (Black)-b.1797-Va-Father-Widowed-of Winston Lewis-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Lewis, William -b.1783-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Lillybridge, Clark-b.1795-Mass-HofH-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Lindley, Lucy-b.1794-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Lintscum, Henry-b.1797 Va--Wm E Lintscum-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Lovett, Elizabeth -b.1794-S. C.-Mother of Austd-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Lowder, Sophia-b.1797-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Lynch, John-b.1790-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Olive b.1800-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Lynch, Olive-b.1798 N. C.--Elizabeth Linch-1860-SF-Union Twn-

Magett, John Drew-b.1783 d.1868--Owned land near Vanndale-Great Grandfather of Sam Vann and T. D. Hare-1955 CCH-

Mallory, Clem b.1764?-Roomer-Black---22  128  138 Mallory        Clem           106   M    B    .              .         100       VA                 X      X     .         .           .      X     X     .    X        .    .-1870 Franks-

Mallory, Elizabeth-b.1798 Va--Other With Isaac D Nash, Louisa V Nash, Lela M Nash, Josiphine Nash, William Nash, Margaret Gorman...-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Mallory, Elizabeth C., Mrs. b.1799-Widow-Roomer--- 7   172  186 Mallory        Elizabeth      71    F    W    none           .         2,500     VA                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Franks-

Martin, Joseph-b.1784 N. C.--Sarah Martin, Thos L Martin, David Martin-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

May, Archibald S.-b.1788-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

May, Benjamin-b.1779 N. C.--Martha J. Smith May b.1786 d.1859-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

May, Benjamin -b.1779-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Martha b.1787-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

May, Martha -b.1787-N. C.-Wife of Benjamin-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

May, Martha J. m.Smith, Mrs.-b.1787 N. C.--Benjamin May-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

McAnulty, Richard-b.1798-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Polly b.1806-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

McCurdy, Tabitha N.-b.1794-Md-Other with Samuel M.-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

McDaniel, A. G.-b.1797-Ky-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1799-1850-SF-Union Twn-

McDaniel, John-b.1799 Ky--Nancy Mc Daniel, Robert R Mc Daniel, Jack Holburt, James Holburt-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

McDaniel, Mary m.Davis, Mrs.-b.1799-Ky-Wife of A. G.-Daughter of David Ward Davis-1850-SF-Union Twn-

McDaniel, Nancy-b.1799 Ky--John Mc Daniel, Robert R Mc Daniel, Jack Holburt, James Holburt-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

McDaniel, Nancy Brooke m.Calvert, Mrs. b.1798-HofH---20  212  225 McDaniel       Nancy          71    F    W    .              .         375       KY                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Franks-

McDonall, Jane-b.1795 S. C.--Eizath Mc Donall, Seaborn C. Comple-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

McDuffy, John-b.1790-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

McElroy, John-b.1790 N. C.--Elizabeth Mc lroy, Martha J. Mc Lroy, Robt Mc Lroy, Ann Mc Lroy, Licurgos Mc Lroy, Sarah King-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

McElroy, Sam or John-b.1797-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1809-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

McLarin, Mourning (F)-b.1787-Va-Other with Julia F. Brookfield-Widow-1880-Cross-Search-

Menns, Francis-b.1798 S. C.--James Menns, John V Menns, Samuel R Menns, Henritta Menns, Josephine Menns-1860-ST-Plain Twn-

Menns, James-b.1794 S. C.--Francis Menns, John V Menns, Samuel R Menns, Henritta Menns, Josephine Menns-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Michie, Elizabeth-b.1798 Tenn--Other With George W Beazley, Lucy S Beazley, William C Beazley, Florine L Beazley, Jessee Beazley, Benjamin C Beazley-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Michie, Elizabeth (F)-b.1793-Tenn-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Michie, S. J., Mrs. b.1798-Mother in Law---13  149  159 Mickie         S J            72    F    W    .              .         .         TN                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Mielberry, Elizabeth-b.1791 Unk--William Mielberry, Prudence Waggone, Nancy J Waggone, William Waggone-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Miner, Sarah-b.1784-Va-Other with William B. Steinger-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Mitchell, Fanny, Mrs. b.1790-Black---8   40   42  Mitchell       Fanny          80    F    B    .              .         .         NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Moor, John-b.1793-Md-Other with Green B. Myrick (prob.Moore)-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Moore, George -b.1785-Ireland-HofH-Wife:Lavinia b.1793-1850-SF-Plain Twn-

Moore, Lavinia-b.1793-Ga-Wife of George-1850-SF-Plain Twn-

Moore, Levina-b.1792 Ga--Dunkin Moore, Rachal Moore, Andrew Moore, David Ferrell, Matilda Ferrell-1860-SF-Plain Twn-

Muleax, Diry-b.1793 S. C.--Lawson Muleuax, Wm A Muleuax, Sylvania E Muleuax, William R Fretwell, Lewis C Fretwell, James N Fretwell...-1860-SF-Texas Twn-

Muleax, Lawson-b.1797 S. C.--Diry Muleuax, Wm A Muleuax, Sylvania E Muleuax, William R Fretwell, Lewis C Fretwell, James N Fretwell...-1860-SF-Texas Twn-

Myrick, Green B.-b.1784-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Myrick, Morelan-b.1790-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Nelson, Abraham-b.1795 N. C.--Charlotte Nelson, Martha Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson, Evin Nelson-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Neph, Phillis (F) Black-b.1790-Va-Mother in Law-of Parthenia Williams, Wife of Robert Williams-Widow-1900-SF-Black Fish-

Newman, Charles-b.1794-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1804-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Newman, Charles-b.1795 Tenn--Other With Ellen V Bouers, Elizabeth Newman, John Newman, Josiah Newman, George Newman, Sam Newman-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Nolen, Eligabeth-b.1797 Tenn--Stephane A Nolen, Izard P Nolen, Margaret E Nolen, Narcissa Nolen-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Oden, Yesekiah -b.1790-Md-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Osborn, Permelia-b.1799 Va---1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Owen, Dexter b.1799-HofH--- 3   68   73  Owen           Dexter         71    M    W    .              3,000     600       RI                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    X        .    .-1870 St.Francis-

Parham, Jenny b.1782-Roomer-Black---21  104  105 Parham         Jenny          88    F    B    .              .         .         MS                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Telico-

Parker, Jane-b.1796 Va--Other with David P Coats, Elizabeth Coats, Mary J. Coats, Sallie Coasgts, Marcus Morry-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Parker, Rose b.1785-Roomer-Black---12  45   46  Parker         Rose           85    F    B    .              .         .         NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Pearson, Mary-b.1798 Tenn--Jno Pearson, Elizabeth J Pearson, Robert E Pearson, James E Pearson-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Peters, Bassett-b.1798-Va-HofH-Wife:Frances R. b.1809-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Pitts, William-b.1794 N. C.--Elizabeth Pitts, Amanda Pitts, Martha L Pitts, William Pitts, Lucinda Pitts, America Pitts...-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Pool, James P.-b.1792 Va---1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Powell, Levi-b.1798 S. C.--Elizabeth Powell, Seaborn Powell, William Powell, Mary Powell, John Ridlin, Jane Laffold-1860-SF-Texas Twn-

Preyler, J.-b.1795-S. C.-HofH-With Brother H. Preyler-age 75-Widower-1880-Cross-Tyronza Twn-

Ragsdale, Robert-b.1786-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Rarson, Phillip-b.1797-Tenn-Father in Law-Wife:Sarah b.1798-of Rosa A. Beavvis-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Rarson, Sarah-b.1798-S. C.-Mother in Law-Wife of Phillip-Mother of Rosa A. Beavvis-1880-SF-Franks Twn-

Redman, Martha J. b.1798-Roomer---4   119  129 Redman         Martha J.      72    F    W    .              .         .         SC                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Reid, John-b.1793-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary A. b.1814-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Rhodes, Ephram-b.1785 N. C.--Mary A Rhodes, Nancy Rhodes, Sarah A Rhodes, Thomas Mc Rhodes, George W Rhodes, Rachel L Rhodes...-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Risenen, Christiana-b.1780-Unk-Other with Philip-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Robert, Sarah-b.1778 Tenn--Heny Robert, Fidelia Robert, Erastus Robert, Samuel Robert, Jane Robert, Fannie Robert-1860-SF-Smith Twn-

Robison, Sylphia-b.1795 S. C.--Other with Francis X Webber, Lucinda Webber, John Webben, Rebecca Webben, Benjanine F Webben, Samuel Webben...-1860-SF-Texas Twn-

Rolf, James L.-b.1798-Scotland-HofH-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Saffold, Isham-b.1788-Ga-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1810-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Sarratt, James-b.1794-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1806-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Satewhite, John-b.1795 S. C.--John D Satewhite, Lucinda Satewhite, Bertha Satewhite, Drury J Satewhite-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Satterwhite, John-b.1797-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Susannah b.1803-1850-SF-L'Anguille Twn-

Searcy, Elisabeth J.-b.1781-N. C.-Mother of Calvin J.-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Shaw, Peter-b.1797-Tenn-Other with Mark W. Izard-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Sheets, Jacob-b.1798-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Susannah b.1800-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Simpson, Samuel-b.1795 Va--Willin Simpson, Josiah Simpson-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Sisson, Margaret M.-b.1799 Ky--William J. Sisson, George W. Sisson, Angleine Sisson, Margaret Sisson-1860-SF-Johnson Twn-

Smith, Lucy-b.1795-Va-HofH-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Smith, Lucy-b.1798 Va--Other with Oce Gottam, Joseph R Smith, Martha Gottam, George W Gottam-1860-SF-Smith Twn-

Sparks, Martha b.1788-Boarding House-HofH--- 25  31   33  Sparks         Martha         82    F    W    boarding       1,200     350       TN                 .      .     .         .           .      .     .     .    .        .    .-1870 Franks-

Spute, Dorca b.1780-Black---10  77   78  Spute          Dorcas         90    F    B    .              .         .         VA                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Telico-

Stele, William-b.1798-S. C.-HofH-Wife:Martha b.1800-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Stephens, Canada-b.1785-Ct-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1800-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Stewart, Andrew (Black)-b.1796-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1806 N. C.-1880-SF-Madison Twn-

Stoddard, John-b.1789 Ky--Priscilla Stodered-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Story, Charles-b.1790-Va-HofH-Wife:Lydia B. b.1797-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Story, Lydia B.-b.1797-Va-Wife of Charles-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Strickland, Burgess-b.1788-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Charity b.1791-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Strickland, Charity-b.1791-Va-Wife of Burgess-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Strickson, Charity-b.1790 Va---1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Strong, Mourning Fillingin m.Cooper, Mrs.-b.1798--Mar.Johathan Fillingin d.1821-Per Elmwood Cem. Biography of William Strong whom she also married-Letter S of Book-

Strong, William, Sheriff-b.1791 d.1863--married Mourning m.Cooper Fillingin, Mrs.-Letter S of Book-

Styers, John-b.1799-Tenn-HofH-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Taylor, Etheldred-b.1791-N. C.-Other with John W. Lane-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Tobbert, James-b.1794 S. C.--Other with Mames Becket-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Trimble, Ann-b.1787-Tenn-Wife of Moses-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Trimble, Moses-b.1786-Va-HofH-Wife:Ann b.1767 Tenn-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Tyer, Wright-b.1784 d.1805--Cleared land of Copperas Creek in 1806-Married Elizabeth Fillingin in 1805-1955 CCH-

Tyler, John -b.1799-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Salina b.1811-1850-SF-Plain Twn-

Unk, Louisa b.1766-Black---15  79   86  .No last name  Louisa         104   F    B    .              .         .         NC                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Vernon, Matthew -b.1795-Unk-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Watson, Henry b.1783-Farmer-Wife:Hannah b.1844 KH-HofH-Black---34  124  134 Watson         Henry          87    M    B    farmer         .         .         KY                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    X        .    .-1870 Johnson-

Watson, James-b.1784 Ky---1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Welch, Mary-b.1791-N. C.-Wife of William R.-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Welch, Mary-b.1778 N. C.--William E Welch, Robt Welch, Wm Welch, Gravile Welch, Nancy Welch-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Welch, William R.-b.1786-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1791-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Whitsete, Samuel J.-b.1784-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Frances H. b.1810-1850-SF-Franks Twn-

Widener, Samuel-b.1798 d.1842--Goodspeed's Bio-mar.Margaret Evans d.1838-Letter W. of Book-

Williams, Edmund-b.1787 Va--Other with William E. Willims-1860-SF-Telico Twn-

Williams, William-b.1797-Tenn-HofH-Wife:Sarah b.1801-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Williams, William-b.1794 Tenn--Other With William B Lirch, Eliza Lirch, Sarah Lirch, Matilda Lirch, Isabella Lirch, Robert Lirch...-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Wilson, Elizabeth-b.1797 N. C.--Other with Louisa M Freeman, Mary F Freeman, James Freeman, Reuben N Wilson-1860-SF-Richland Twn-

Wilson, John-b.1795-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Margaret b.1805-1850-SF-Richland Twn-

Wood, David-b.1796-N. C.-HofH-1850-SF-Union Twn-

Wood, David-b.1795 N. C.--Mary A Wood, David Wood, Lousan Wood, Margaret Wood, William R Wood, Charles Wood...-1860-SF-Franks Twn-

Wordsworth, John-b.1788-Ga-HofH-1850-SF-Johnson Twn-

Worton, Bartlet-b.1776-N. C.-HofH-Wife:Mary b.1790-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Worton, Mary-b.1790-Va-Wife of Bartlet-1850-SF-Smith Twn-

Wright, Fanney, Mrs. b.1782-Black---39  16   16  Wright         Fanney         88    F    B    .              .         .         GA                 .      .     .         .           .      X     X     .    .        .    .-1870 Telico-

Wright, W.-b.1798-Va-HofH-Wife:Elizabeth b.1808 Va-1880-Cross-Bedford Twn-

Wright, Wely-b.1799 Va--Elizabeth H Wright, Wiley Wright, Georg W. Wright, Susan Le Wright, John Marler, Araminta Wright-1860-SF-Bedford Twn-

Wylds, David-b.1793 Ga--Mary Wildes, Harriet Wildes, David C Wildes, Daniel Wildes, William Wildes, Mary Sanders…Goodspeed's Bio-1860-SF-Franks Twn-