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St.Francis County-Older Obituaries or Notices of Death From 1999

Note:Contact me if you need these obituaries, they are not on any file as of yet. Give me name, page, and year, eg. Adams, Charles page 24, year 1999.Thanks!
Page 24 Fpark Adams, Charles T. Sr.
Page 33 Hughes Adamson, Tommye Lucille Browning
Page 13 Union-Illinois Ambrose, Samuel
Page 12 Little Rock Amos, Nathaniel Sr.
Page 53 Fpark Astin, Lavinia
Page 16 Clamo-Wisconsin Ault, Clifton Clayton
Page 70 New Casteel Austin, Robert
Page 73 New Casteel Austin, Robert
Page 74 NewFcity Backers, Gertrude
Page 72 Paradise Gardens Bailey, Luther
Page 10 Shady Grove Baldwin, Fannie Mae
Page 38 Dansby Banks, James Oliver
Page 1 Fpark Barksdale, John Robert b.Nov.13,1905 d.Jan.13,1990 Fpark
Page 16 Fpark Barnett, Pierce W. Sr.
Page 76 Oaklawn in DeValls' Bluff Barton, Irma B.
Page 61 Hughes Baskins, Vergie Frances
Page 75 Fpark Bassett, Steve
Page 44 Mt.Carmal in Cabot Beavers, Mayme
Page 50 Fpark Benton, Maxine Crisman
Page 57 Fpark Berry, Peggy
Page 15 Mars Hill Billingsley, Fannie
Page 69 Kentucky Blackard, Jack Lee
Page 65 New Casteel Bland, R.B. Rev.
Page 78 Bell Botto, Amelia F.
Page 71 Unknown Bradford, Josephine T.
Page 76 Fpark Bradford, Una
Page 79 Fpark Bradford, Willie Aurl
Page 15 NewCasteel Bradley, Horace
Page 11 Paradise Gardens Brandon, Virgie C.
Page 62 Fcity Brantley, Virginia
Page 53 New Casteel Braxton, Curtis Rev.
Page 20 NewCasteel Breathitt, Lydia Byndum
Page 63 Crittenden Memoria. Brigman, Richard Price
Page 56 Gill Brown, Bill
Page 35 Fpark Brown, Evelyn V.
Page 49 Barnishaw Brown, Lyle J.
Page 54 Paradise Gardens Bryant, Lillie
Page 48 and 49 McPhail in Mississippi Buford, Brenda Joyce
Page 55 Moline Burfield, Wilmer
Page 30 Chicago, Illinois Burgess, Nina
Page 64 Bell Burns, Abe M.
Page 6 Paradise Gardens Burr, Jim
Page 16 Fpark Busby, Bruce
Page 22 Hughes Bynum, Lola Mae Mrs.
Page 61 Fpark Cadwell, Dovie A.
Page 45 Fpark Callahan, James Louie
Page 19 Fpark Campbell, Benjamin Franklin Jr.
Page 71 Windorn Campbell, Dorothy Jean
Page 66 Bell Campbell, Pearl L.
Page 80 NewFcity Carmichael, Modie
Page 74 NewFcity Casey, Lura Mae
Page 39 Lawrence Memorial Cato, Winnie
Page 62 New Casteel Chandler, Alberta
Page 39 Stevens Funeral Home Chandler, Thomas Glen
Page 19 Harris Chapel Chapman, Joseph Preston
Page 41 Mt.Zion Chism, John Edward
Page 67 Mt.Zion Chism, Robert Andrew
Page 64 Forest Lawn in Pine Bluff Chou, Anna Wong
Page 2 New Fcity Clanton, Alma Stewart
Page 79 Paradise Gardens Clark, Dollie
Page 80 Fpark Clark, Imogene
Page 32 Fpark Clark, Lester
Page 40 El Reno, Okla. Clark, Mary Louise
Page 19 Peach Creek-Mississippi Cogburn, Harold Dr.
Page 58 New Fcity Cole, Haston Jr.
Page 7 Baton Rouge-Greenoaks Cole, Minor Eugene Rev.
Page 60 Hughes Coleman, Eddie Lee
Page 29 Fpark Conlee, Coolidge
Page 61 Paradise Gardens Conner, Morris J.
Page 74 Fpark Cook, Jodie B. Sr.
Page 72 Union Hill of Palestine Cook, John Henry
Page 72 Tyre Cooper, Beulah
Page 36 New Casteel Cooper, Odell
Page 43 Fpark Cope, Thomas
Page 58 New Casteel Copper, Eddie
Page 35 Crosslawn Cowan, Katherine Valor
Page 2 Memphis Memorial Cox, Walter L.
Page 3 NewCasteel Crawford, Floyd Jr.
Page 32 Fpark Crowder, Lee Junior
Page 5 Shady Grove-Stuttgart Crump, Janie
Page 37 Shady Grove Culley, Cleveland
Page 18 Shady Grove Cunningham, Slonia B. Mrs.
Page 51 Brookhaven, Miss. Cupit, James
Page 26 Crittenden Memoiral Cupples, H.E. Sr.
Page 62 New Casteel Curtis, Victoria Archie
Page 76 and 77 Fpark Cuzzort, Lanta Hughes
Page 38 Madison Daniels, Tommie
Page 26 Hughes Darnell, Jim
Page 15 Oak View-Tennessee Davis, Curtis Lee
Page 77 Whitmore Davis, Elizabeth
Page 5 Pine Crest-NLR Davis, Joanna Kay
Page 38 Fpark Davis, Kate
Page 37 West Helena Davis, Wavie
Page 45 Fpark Davis, William Frank
Page 1 Fpark Davison, John Leon b.Feb.27,1917 d.Jan.14,1990 Fpark
Page 62 Paradise Gardens Dawson, Moses
Page 4 Fpark Day, Charles
Page 21 Fpark Day, Inez Doni
Page 47 Bell Dearing, Marcella Willie
Page 14 Potters's-Lepanto Dennis, W.C.
Page 74 Bell Devazier, Patricia Lynn
Page 79 Hughes Devereux, Mary Owen
Page 74 Hughes Dill, E.R.
Page 78 Fpark Dougherty, Betty Jean
Page 24 Pilgrim Douglas, Jo Ann
Page 27 and 28 Fpark Douglas, Lola M.
Page 2 Marianna Memorial Duke, Prince Farley Sr.
Page 50 Barnishaw Dunavion, Lavell Lowell
Page 48 Hughes Dunn, Joe
Page 55 Fpark Durett, John Lewis
Page 57 Fpark Durett, John Lewis
Page 26 Bains Early, John
Page 32 Bell Elliott, Neva Young
Page 70 Barnishaw Ellis, Flossie L.
Page 52 Bell Emerson, Wallace C.
Page 41 Fpark Emmerson, Lucille
Page 57 Marianna Memorial Ervin, Nellie Fisher
Page 9 Beebe Erwin, Violet
Page 28 Odd Fellows Evans, Johnny
Page 35 Memorial-Otis Air Base Fackler, Kody Christen
Page 23 Fpark Farrington, Allen A.
Page 18 and 19 Hughes Ferguson, W.A. Sr.
Page 77 Elmwood in Morrilton Fiser, Doris
Page 36 Hughes Fleming, Dema Honeycutt
Page 48 Bell Floyd, Jewell McCafferty
Page 51 Memphis, Tenn Foster, Bobbie
Page 45 Harris Chapel Fowler, Willie Oliver
Page 17 and 18 Fpark Frames, E.J. Sr.
Page 25 NewFcity Frison, Ora
Page 30 New Casteel Fry, Octavia
Page 30 New Casteel Gaines, Novella
Page 50 Hopewell at Gill Gamble, Wanda
Page 17 and 18 New Casteel Gatewood, Robert M.
Page 63 Jenny Lind Gibbs, Jack P.
Page 6 NewCasteel Gibbs, Lee Garfield
Page 32 McGehee Gilbert, Lillian Jane York
Page 52 Madison Graham, James
Page 42 New Casteel Grandy, Walter
Page 72 Hughes Grant, Effie Mae
Page 23 St.Peters-St.Louis Gray, Frances Watson
Page 53 Shady Grove Green, Monzella
Page 70 New Casteel Gregory, William H. Sr.
Page 8 Memorial Park-Augusta Grimes, Doris Emogene Sullins
Page 32 New Casteel Guss, Moses E.
Page 29 New Casteel Guyton, Della
Page 10 Harris Chapel Hall, Amos Lee
Page 34 Hopewell Hall, Donald Rev.
Page 65 Fpark Hamblin, Lloyd W.
Page 6 NewCasteel Hamilton, Boy Lee
Page 79 New Casteel Hamilton, Herman
Page 31 Clark at Caldwell Handcock, Elmo
Page 58 Barnishaw Hardin, Freida F.
Page 36 Barnishaw Hardy, Mrs.C.E.
Page 63 Dansby Hargraves, J.T.
Page 3 Restland-Dallas Harmon, Robert W. Dr.
Page 72 Pilgrim Harps, George
Page 6 Union Hill Harris, Marsie
Page 27 Mt.Zion Harrison, Alice Joy
Page 78 Fpark Hart, Minnie Barnes
Page 60 Fcity Haven, Charles Norval Jr.
Page 66 Salem Hawk, Anna Bell
Page 56 Mt.Vernon Hawley, Louis Chamberlain
Page 17 New Hope Hayes, Julie Olive
Page 21 Oakwood-Texas Haywood, Read C.
Page 44 Brinkley Henderson, Edgar Mrs.
Page 76 and 78 Pilgrim Rest Hendley, Samella
Page 9 and 10 Old Wheeling near West Heustess, Lida
Page 37 New Casteel Hicks, Ella
Page 47 Bell Hightower, Birtha
Page 38 Fpark Hill, Florence Katherine Kelso
Page 47 Crittenden Memorial Hinton, Melvina
Page 62 St.John Hodges, Alton
Page 76 Fpark Hodges, Norma Victoria Sellers
Page 31 Madison Hodges, Randolph
Page 15 NewCasteel Holiday, Mattie
Page 69 New Casteel Holland, Juanita Stidum
Page 28 Cypress in Bells Holland, Rosie Lee
Page 22 NewFcity Holliday, Walter
Page 30 Oak Grove in Moro Hollis, Gladys Pearl
Page 25 Johnson-Wheatley Holloway, Horace Dennis
Page 44 Bell Holt, Calvin Jr.
Page 4 McCrory Fun.Home Holt, Floyd S. Rev.
Page 17 Fpark Holt, Lowell N.
Page 35 Loughridge Horton, Della
Page 25 Fpark Horton, Herman
Page 5 Marianna Memorial Howerton, John Wesley
Page 69 Unkn Howerton, Sylvester
Page 59 Bay Village Humphrey, Velma Lois
Page 47 Cogbill Hutchison, Leonard Dale
Page 67 Marianna Memorial Hutchison, Norris C.
Page 22 Walnut Grove Irby, Nannie Hine Mrs.
Page 77 Fcity Izard, Mary
Page 48 New Casteel Jacks, Onie Lee Stiger
Page 78 Sunset Memorial James, Ann Paslay
Page 24 Sunset Memorial James, Charles Martin
Page 34 Hughes Johnson, Irene
Page 16 Hughes Johnson, M.E.
Page 41 Fpark Jolly,
Page 47 Paradise Gardens Jones, Abbie
Page 39 Fpark Jones, Carrie Lee Peacock
Page 60 Bethlehem Jones, Irene
Page 79 Clark in Caldwell Jones, Johnny Jr.
Page 6 NewCasteel Jones, Kiara Desha
Page 68 New Casteel Jones, McKinley
Page 2 Fpark Jones, Michael Andrew
Page 61 Forest Hills East in Memphis Jones, Virginia Clarke
Page 66 Salem Jumper, Clara Sue Byrd
Page 66 Bell Jumper, Gerald
Page 55 Hunter Cemetery Kennedy, Clyde Gordon
Page 57 Chalk Hill Kennedy, Drew
Page 73 Hughes Kennedy, Marion Jefferson
Page 40 Fpark Kester, Beulah
Page 4 Fpark Key, Maudie
Page 11 Hughes Keys, James
Page 48 Fpark Kimble, Willie M.
Page 72 Fpark Kimbro, Hunter
Page 30 Fpark King, Alfred L.
Page 21 Stanley Grove Knox, John Henry
Page 62 Batesville Kosser, Charles E.
Page 53 Crosslawn Lane, Edna Mae
Page 35 New Fcity Lattimore, Willie Lee Sr.
Page 18 Hughes Laws, James Mote
Page 36 Fpark Lawson, Bessie Irene
Page 27 Bell Lawson, Cindy Lou
Page 33 Harris Chapel Lawson, Mary V.
Page 10 Oaklawn-Brinkley Laxson, Margaret Terhune
Page 7 Bell-not on fag Lee, Rex
Page 6 Bell-not on fag Lindauer, Mary Helen Armstong
Page 52 Hughes Lindsey, Mabel Harris
Page 47 New Casteel Lockett, Latoya
Page 31 New Casteel Logan, Rosie Mary
Page 15 Hughes Luallen, Myrtle Blake
Page 38 Bell Luker, Theresa Collen
Page 71 Bell Main, Mildred
Page 4 Mt.Home Malone, Waymon C.
Page 20 Fpark Mancle, Maudie
Page 8 Marianna Memorial Mann, Mary Louise
Page 56 Cogbill Marcum, Lela Bridgett
Page 40 Fpark Marks, B.D.Jr.
Page 79 Fcity Marks, Martha Ann DeRossitt
Page 12 NewCasteel Martin, Ellie
Page 77 Macedonia Martin, Harley
Page 14 Macedonia Martin, Imogene B.
Page 46 Davis Special in Shirley Martin, Letha Ritter Yon
Page 40 Fpark Mash, Rubie
Page 54 Macedonia in Holly Grove Mason, Leon
Page 23 Fpark McCartney, Jewell M. Mrs.
Page 26 Fpark McCollum, Fred N. Jr.
Page 32 Salem in Goodwin McCormack, Doris Veda
Page 8 Harris Chapel McCoy, Thomas James
Page 42 Hughes McElya, Joshua Seth
Page 23 Hughes McGee, Allie Jewel
Page 44 Fpark Middleton, Brenda Faye
Page 42 New Casteel Miller, Mary Roebuck
Page 11 Loughridge-add to summary Milton, Ludie Mae
Page 56 Loughridge Mitchell, Ruby Matlock
Page 46 Fpark Mitchusson, Lonnie J.
Page 25 Fpark Mitchusson, Willie J.Thweatt
Page 23 Pilgrim Mobley, Marcus G.Sr.
Page 39 New Casteel Mooney, James
Page 5 Paradise Gardens Moore, Allie Tate
Page 5 NewCasteel Moore, Deloise Ann
Page 14 Memorial Park-Malden Moore, Mary Bessie
Page 76 Union Hill Morgan, Alvin
Page 46 New Casteel Moss, Ollie
Page 59 Johnson in Wheatley Nash, William Jr.
Page 60 NewFcity Nelson, Emmett L. Rev.
Page 33 Evergreen Nesbit, Rosie Emma Amos
Page 48 Memphis, Tenn. Nesbitt, Clotella
Page 55 Michigan Nichols, Floyd
Page 8 Fpark Nolan, Brent L.
Page 4 West-Palestine Norman, Jerone Sr.
Page 70 New Casteel Norrington, Glen
Page 13 Little Rock Oswalt, Annie Conner
Page 33 Marianna Memorial Oxner, Rosie
Page 5 Marianna Memorial Oxner, William Bright
Page 80 Bell Parish, Norma
Page 67 Cogbill Parr, Virgil Neal
Page 29 Arbor Vitae in California Patterson, Pauline Funderburg
Page 68 Fpark Peacock, W.T.
Page 59 Pennsylvania Pearson, Paul
Page 3 Memorial Gardens-Paragould Peeler, Jake
Page 74 Oaklawn Perkins, Vera Mae
Page 20 Zion Hlll Baptist Person, Edward
Page 64 New Casteel Piersfield, Thenia Mae
Page 63 Widener Pipkin, Steven W.
Page 78 Hughes Ponder, Omie Lee
Page 20 Fpark Poole, Ray Thompson
Page 23 Paradise Gardens Powell, Floyd Sr.
Page 37 Fpark Presley, Millie
Page 74 Unknown Priddy, Walter L.
Page 34 Fpark Pugh, Janie Marie
Page 30 Slonigan Mill in Palestine Quarrells, Johnny
Page 40 Hempshire in Aubrey Rachel, Garland
Page 8 Marianna Memorial Ray, Carrold E. Sr.
Page 73 Fpark Rhodenizer, John E.
Page 55 New Fcity Rhodes, Joe Henry Jr.
Page 39 Hughes Richards, Ethel
Page 11 Fpark Ridgeway, Dora Vickery
Page 1 National Cem. in Memphis Robert, Wilton
Page 51 Mt.Vernon Robinson, Lillie
Page 45 New Casteel Robinson, Willie
Page 70 Mt.Vernon Rogers, Mary Louise Taylor
Page 29 Central in Marianna Ross, Della Mary Bell
Page 13 Fpark Rowland, Pearl A.
Page 69 Blytheville Rowlett, Tim K.
Page 70 Marianna Memorial Rowton, Lou Ellen Ripper
Page 27 and 28 Fpark Roy, Janice C.
Page 69 Stanley Grove Sains, Mary
Page 2 Hughes Sampley, Nora
Page 65 Sandy Mountain Sanders, Hugh Walter
Page 72 New Casteel Scott, Iola
Page 65 New Sardis Seward, Mike Augustic Sr.
Page 21 Fpark Shaddock, Glen
Page 19 Forrest Lawn-Leesville Shapkoff, Donald Sr.
Page 54 Fpark Shaw, Radford Roosevelt
Page 75 Vet.Memorial in Riverside, Calif. Shields, Herman Jr.
Page 69 Loughridge Shults, Elmer Rev.
Page 64 Fpark Simmons, Frank
Page 7 Harris Chapel Simpson, Annie Lawson
Page 49 New Casteel Sims, Claude T.
Page 12 Copper Springs in Guy Sims, D.B.
Page 16 Roselawn-Little Rock Smith, A.M. Mrs.
Page 65 Loughride Smith, Charles David
Page 42 Fpark Smith, D.Willine
Page 31 Chattanooga, Tenn. Smith, Helen C.
Page 67 Elcannon Smith, Linda Cottrell
Page 61 NewFcity Smith, Mack
Page 52 Fpark Smithee, Bill E. Jr.
Page 51 Memorial Sohma, Tanemichi
Page 36 Hughes Starkey, Christopher Edwin
Page 25 Gibson Bayou-Earle Starkey, Fanny D.
Page 41 Loughridge Starns, Troy L.
Page 28 New Sardis in Newcastle Stephens, Hattie Emison
Page 53 Cypress Stephens, Ruben Odell
Page 44 Fpark Stevens, Scarlett Cornwell
Page 63 Antioch in Aubrey Steverson, Lee Andrew
Page 14 Johnson-Wheatley Stewart, Charline P.
Page 31 Antioch in Aubrey Stewart, Wilburn Jr.
Page 15 Goodwin Stidum, Canary
Page 58 New Casteel Stidum, Kenneth L.
Page 68 Fpark Suez, Yuen So Chan
Page 11 Cogbill Sullivan, Gladys C.
Page 71 New Casteel Summage, Louis
Page 10 Bell-not in fag Swinea, Beatrice b.Mar.28,1909 d.Feb.21,1990-Bell-Parents:John William and Emma Alice Miller Swinea-Family:Two sisters, Jewell Gustafson of Memphis and Lillie Swinea, of Daytona Beach, Fla.
Page 7 Pine Bluff Sykes, Lawrence Clayton
Page 32 Misner in Cherry Valley Tanner, Margie
Page 22 Oaklawn-Brinkley Tarrants, Joann Hall Mrs.
Page 14 New Home-Widener Taylor, Ozoine
Page 33 New Casteel Templeton, Dave Jr.
Page 12 Houston, Texas Tharpe, Macon
Page 61 Barnishaw Thomas, Ethel
Page 17 Marianna Memorial Thomason, Sarah Sutton
Page 55 Fpark Thompson, Algene Lippman
Page 67 and 68 New Casteel Tillman, Sidney
Page 64 New Casteel Tousant, Calvin Coolidge
Page 59 New Casteel Tousant, Flora B.
Page 9 NewCasteel Tousant, Frank
Page 54 Fpark Trapp, Mary Francis Webb
Page 24 Bellwood-Pine Bluff Tucker, Fred N.
Page 25 Fpark Turner, John T.
Page 46 Marianna Memorial Tyson, Dovie Ruff
Page 52 Crittenden Memorial Underwood, Theo
Page 52 Fpark Vailes, William
Page 16 Hunter Vanderburg, Hazel
Page 77 Pilgrim Venson, Bobby Jean
Page 5 Paradise Gardens Wade, Ulysses
Page 66 Mt.Zion Wade, Walter Sr.
Page 40 and 41 Jericho Walker, Edward
Page 1 Memorial Wallace, Richard G. b.Jul.5,1923 d. Dec.22,1989
Page 68 Barnishaw Walls, Rickey
Page 29 Stanley Grove in Jericho Ware, Walter Giggs Jr.
Page 46 Crittenden Memorial Waring, Alice N.
Page 51 New Casteel Washington, Leroy
Page 24 Paradise Gardens Watson, James Hobbs
Page 59 Weaver Cemetery Weaver, Waverly
Page 3 Fpark West, John Manuel
Page 7 Marianna Memorial White, Charlie Franklin
Page 20 Antioch White, Verlon
Page 42 and 43 Bell Whitehorn, James F.
Page 2 Paradise Gardens Whiteside, Cordelia E.
Page 9 Memorial Park-Memphis Wiese, John Vance
Page 37 Pilgrim Williams, Leavy Sr.
Page 26 Madison Williams, Robert
Page 69 Stanley Grove Williams, Samuel
Page 20 Jericho Williams, Willie B.
Page 22 Madison Williamson, J.D.
Page 3 Fpark Wilson, Pauline Thomas
Page 13 Hughes Wims, James Elbert
Page 34 Fpark Winfield, Richard Jr.
Page 12 Barnishaw-not on fag Witcher, J.B. b.1922 d.Feb.9,1990-Barnishaw-Obit-Retired Farmer-Family: Three sons survive, Rev.William Witcher of Forrest City, Terry Wticher Elkhart, Ind., Steven Witcher of St.Joseph, Mich.,; four daughters, Rachel Boruff of Benton Harbor,Mich. Jo Ann Easley of Coloma, Mich., Judy Salvela and Marilyn Qualls of St.Joseph, Mich.;three brothers, Fred, Charles, and Eddie of Wynne; four sisters, Bertha Eddy of Jacksonville, Oydee Canady of Cabot, Lorene Cox of Wynne and Norene Strickland of Hazelhurst, Ga.;19 grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.
Page 60 West Plains, Mo. Wolters, Margaret Ann Perdzock
Page 41 St.Mary Woods, Fannie F.
Page 54 Fpark Wright, Claudine K.
Page 34 Paradise Gardens Wright, Lula
Page 31 Fpark Wright, Mable Irene
Page 64 Fpark Zane, Elton Corson

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