Little Rock
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1911 United Confederate Veterans Reunion Registrations-Partial-Source:
Arkansas History Commission

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Designed by Excel Spreadsheet-Nov.7,2012 by Paul V. Isbell
Attendees from Forrest City Times Newspaper:
5-19-1911 - CONFEDERATE REUNION IN LITTLE ROCK:Attendees - - - - - - NA - FCTIMES - ATTENDEES:Prof.Geo.L.Jackson/Dr.J.E.Stone/W.W.Campbell/Sheriff J.S."Josh" Fitch, now of near Ft.Worth,Texas/Charles R.Izard/Will Havens/D.Downey/John and Rolfe Eldridge/John L.Pope/John W.Aven/Clabe Fletcher/Henry Bernard/J.I.Brown/G.G.Dorris of Colt/Dep.Sheriff B.S.Moore/Claude Cowden/Col.Ed Landvoigt of the Times/Col.W.Gilmore Simms of Barnwell Court House, S.Carolina//Capt.J.J.Hobbs/Judge R.H.Peevey/J.F.Bass, Sr. of Beebe, father of our Mr.J.F.Bass of the Bank of Eastern Arkansas/
5-19-1911 - CONFEDERATE REUNION IN LITTLE ROCK:Speakers - - - - - - NA - FCTIMES - Twenty First Annual Reunion held in Little Rock Speakers=C.J.Owens, Commander in Chief of the Sons of the Confederacy/Ex-Governor Dan Jones/Gen.GeorgeW.Gordon, Commander in Chief of the United Confederate Veterans/Gen.James F.Smith, Commander of the Arkansas division of the United Confederate Veterans/John H.Hinemon, Henderson College President/Rev.John H.Dye, Chaplain for Arkansas division of U.C.V./Eulogies for Gen.W.L.Cabell, late honorary commander in chief/