Sybert Family

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Reverend John David Sibert, 1760-1815, founded this family in Abbieville District, now McCormick County, South Carolina. My line came from Morgan County, Alabama to Benton and Tippah County, Mississippi, then to St. Francis County, Arkansas.
1-Robert SYBERT Abt 1830-Aft 1862
  +Mary Ann PRIDDY Abt 1828-Aft 1880
   2-Charles Richard "Charley" SYBERT 1852-
     +Susan Emma COBERN 1855-1903
      3-Cora Ellen SYBERT 1881-1952
        +Samuel Dexter "Deck" HARRIS 1879-1955
         4-Charles R. HARRIS 1903-
         4-Samuel Dexter HARRIS, Jr. 1908-
         4-Pearl Thomas HARRIS 1915-1962
           +Maudie Ree POWELL 1920-
         4-Robert HARRIS 
         4-Cora Lea HARRIS 
      3-Jasper Newton "Jap" SYBERT 1884-1949
        +Etta May MORRIS 1896-ca 1817
         *Second Wife of Jasper Newton SYBERT
        +Ethel Lea HARRIS 1902-1990 
         4-Wesley Richard SYBERT 1919-
           +Elsie RICKET 1921-
            5-Darce J. SYBERT 1946-
              +Richard L. TYLER 1943
            5-Richard H. "Rickey" SYBERT 1947-
              +Madlin Seonchree TRUMBLY 1953-
            5-Cathrine V. SYBERT 1949-
              +John T. SHARP 
            5-Betty Ann SYBERT 1950-
              + Larry OSBURN 1946-
            5-Sharon E. SYBERT 1954-
              +Jon Kevin BARKLEY 1959-
            5-Janey Kay SYBERT 1956-
              +Cameron Ray KNIGHT 1957-
         4-Lou Ellen SYBERT B & D 1922
         4-Luther Nathaniel SYBERT 1923-
           +Arzula STEELE 1925-
            5-James Ray SYBERT 1946-
              +Dorothy Jean MIZELL 1948-
            5-Barbara Ann SYBERT 1951-
              +Larry Joe MCENTIRE 1947-
         4-Mary Emma SYBERT 1925-1928
         4-Ethel Pauline "Polly" SYBERT 1928-
           +OJ JONES 1926
            5-David Ray JONES 1948- 
              +Julia Marie WAGES 1950-
                 Second wife of David Ray JONES
              +Margaret Dyres COTTON 1944-
            5-Lary Eldridge JONES 1950-
              +Melva Sue LEADBETTER 1951-
            5-Judy Gail JONES 1953-
              +Albert Lee OVERTON 1951-
            5-Darlene JONES 1956-
              +Keith E. HIBBITT 
                *Second husband of Darlene JONES
              +Craig HARD 1953-
            5-Carol Annette JONES 1958-
              +Calvin Scott KETCHUM 1957-
         4-Jasper Ernest Jesse SYBERT 1931-
           +Lucy Mary Ruth EMMONS 1936-1976
            5-Linda Kay SYBERT 1952-
              +Charles WOOD, III 1949-
            5-Debora Lynn "Debbie" SYBERT 1958-
              +? TAPPAN
         4-Mildred Osie SYBERT 1934-
           +Eudell HICKS 1927-1996
            5-Jacqueline Loraine "Jackie HICKS 1951-
              +Jimmy Dale MOORE 1950-
            5-Sherry Gwen HICKS 1952-
              +Clint D. KELLY 1951-
            5-Phyliss HICKS 1954-
              +Terrell J. Smith 1958
            5-Eloise Dale HICKS 1958-
              +Robert Lester TATE 1947-
         4-Franklin Delano SYBERT 1943-
           +Stella Sue JONES 1945-
            5-Dawna Rhea SYBERT 1966-
              +Rodney TAYLOR 1966-
            5-Christy Lybbe SYBERT 1976-
      3-Ada L. SYBERT 1886-1963
        +Grover CHILTON 1882- 
         4-Carrie CHILTON 1907-1985
           +Arvil Clarence FRY 1905-
        Second husband of Ada L. SYBERT
        +James Leon HUDGENS 1879-1972
         4-Anson Martin HUDGENS 1914-1981
           +Mittie Florence CHILTON 1917-
            5-Virginia HUDGENS 
              +Frank STRICKLIN
            5-Donna Jean HUDGENS
              +Johnnie CAMPBELL
             Second husband of Donna Jean HUDGENS
              +Bill ROBERTS
            5-James Leon HUDGENS 
              +Patricia ORRELL
            5-Clara Faye HUDGENS
              +Mike MILLS
            5-Janice HUDGENS
              +Wesley PEARSON
            5-Betty Jane HUDGENS 1940-
              + ? PHILLIPS
            5-Anson Martin "Buddy" HUDGENS, Jr. 1942-
              +Retha Jean PORTER 1948-
              Second wife of Anson Martin HUDGENS, Jr.
              +Carolyn COVEY 
            5-Grover Cleveland HUDGENS 1954-
              +Mary BUTLER
            5-Arvil Clarence "Rusty" HUDGENS
            5-Priscilla Kaye HUDGENS
      3-Luther Nathaniel SYBERT 1888-1965
        +Lou Ellen COBERN 1882-1970
         4-Loyd Nathaniel SYBERT, Sr. 1912-1956
           +Frances Ruth COLQUITT 1916-1987
            5-Loyd Nathaniel Sybert, Jr. 1935-
              +June Elaine BIERMAN 1938-
            5-Patricia Lou SYBERT 1941-
              +William Herschel WATKINS 1939-
              Second husband of Patricia Lou SYBERT
              +George WITTE
              Third husband of Patricia Lou SYBERT
              +Kirk ALSPACH
         4-Carl Wayne SYBERT 1915-1936
         4-Charles Hubert SYBERT 1918-1968
           +Dorothy MILLER 1929-
            5-Larry D. SYBERT
            5-Cheryl Lynn SYBERT 1951- 
            5-Charles Hubert SYBERT, Jr. 1959-1973
           Second wife of Charles Hubert SYBERT
           +Martha Marie HATHAWAY     -1988
         4-Olin Ralph SYBERT 1921-1974
         4-Mable Lou SYBERT 1927-1991
           +James Reece IRBY 1921-
            5-James Wayne IRBY 1947-
              +Brandi Lani HERMES
              Second wife of James Wayne IRBY
              +Denise SANDERS
            5-Donald Reece IRBY, Sr. 1949-1968
              +Beverly Ann ROBERTSON
            5-Carol Elaine IRBY 1951-
              +Gerald D. MARTIN 1941-
           Second husband of Mable Lou SYBERT
           +Nicholas Peter Wyslick KLEIN 1913-1991
     Second wife of Charles Richard "Charley" SYBERT
     +Mrs. Martha "Mattie HARRIS Tyler 1865-
   2-Sallie A. SYBERT 1862-1904
     +Burton COBERN 1857-
      3-Carrie Bell COBERN 1881-1923
        +David Jackson LENCE 1875-1932
      3-Lou Ellen COBERN 1882-1970  

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