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Early Families

Following are persons of interest mentioned in this report. The pages online are shown below, they are large and take a long time to open, you can download as PDF Files!

Picture of Sterling Price McDaniel
Index of the Early Families of St.Francis County
Next, the Beadles/Crawford/McLaren Families-From Mississippi to St.Francis Co., Arkansas by Clarice Beadles. I think the other McLarens (McClarens) were descendents of my great-grandpa's brother. They came to St. Francis County at the same time in 1880's. My Great-grandpa settled on RT. 1 North of Forrest City and built a dog trot house there. His brother went to the Madison area. Stevens Funeral Home took care of all the dead in the family. My grandpa, John C. Crawford; grandmother, Bennie Mae McLaren; sister, Carlene Beadles; infant aunt, Johnnie Mae Crawford; great aunt, Myrtle McLaren; Great grandpa, William McLaren; Great grandma, L.A. Dillon McLaren (she married again after her husband died and is buried as L.A. Clark); and Mr Clark are all buried in Hughes Cem. Yes, she lived with Grandma and Grandpa after Mr. Clark died and rented the farm on Rt. 1 out to other people. She is in the 1930 census in their home. My Uncle Bill was buried in Holly Springs, MS.; My mother, Mary M. Beadles dad, Aaron Carl Beadles; and sister Mary Louise Beadles(Harris, Ward, House/ married three times) are all buried in Lone Tree Cem. in Stuttgart. Two aunts on the Beadles side of the family are buried in St. Francis Co. at Posey Cem. out from Wheatley. There names were Mary Lue (Aunt Mamie) Klutts, and Josephine ( Aunt Josie) Clifton. Clarice.
Beadles/Crawford/McLaren Family
Next, the James E. Colquitt Family by Loyd Sybert: My maternal grandparents are James E. Colquitt and Addie Lou (Harris) Colquitt From Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee to Rising Fawn, Dade County, Georgia to St.Francis Co., Arkansas.
James E.Colquitt Family
Next, the Elisha Ellis Family by Loyd Sybert and Richard Owens Book on The Ellis Family: From North Carolina to Cross County, Arkansas to St.Francis Co., Arkansas.
Elisha Ellis Family
Next, Descendants of Harrison Fussell Family by Loyd Sybert:
Foreword to the Descendants of Harison Fussell: Originally I planned on doing research on my maternal and paternal ancestors only. As my research progressed, I found that my ancestors were both related and allied with many founding families in St. Francis County, Arkansas and the surrounding area. As I became more familiar with the local history, I was made aware of the rich and proud heritage of the people in this area. I also saw that this local history is disappearing at an alarming rate. My concern that this local history should be preserved is my motivation for this work. It is my hope that my small effort may serve to interest descendants in their ancestors.
Captain James Vaulx Fussell who was to become President of Fussell-Graham-Alderson Co., President of the National Bank of Eastern Arkansas and the Service Company, was the son of James Vaulx and Louisa (Alston) Fussell who were natives of Davidson County, Tennessee and Chatham County, North Carolina respectively, and was directly descended from the Alston and Ramsey families who were prominent in the history of North Carolina. Captain Fussell was born at Trenton, Tennessee. He moved to Forrest City in 1875 to straighten out some business for the now extinct Stewart-Gwynne & Co. and stayed to start his own firm.
This family is of particular interest to me because the daughter of James Vaulx Fussell, Sr. and Louisa Alston Fussell, Fannie A. Fussell married Edwin Thomas Colt, the contractor who constructed the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad, later known as the Missouri Pacific Railroad, through Taylor's Creek later to become Colt (my home town).. Some of the data contained in this family tree is anecdotal, therefore I will be most grateful for any correction that you may be able to provide.
Loyd Sybert.
Harrison Fussell Family

Next, Richard Ellis Gatten Family by Loyd Sybert:From Pennsylvania to Ohio to St.Francis Co., Arkansas
Richard Ellis Gatten Family

Next, the Solomon Hargraves Family by Jean Meaney-from the Carolinas to Bradley Co., Ark., to St.Francis Co.,Ark.
Solomon Snow Hargraves
Next, the Harris Family by Loyd Sybert:
Harris Family
Next, my family, Descendants of Charles Henry Harms-Havens, early merchant of Forrest City, has a street named for him by the old Missouri Pacific tracks off Division Street.

Havens/Hodges Family
Next, the Spencer Horton Family by Loyd Sybert: From Kentucky to Georgia to Mississippi to St.Francis Co., Arkansas. My grandfather, Luther Nathaniel Sybert was employed by Eugene Loveless Horton as a wheel wright and blacksmith.
Spencer Horton Family
Next, the Izard family, early settlers of St.Francis County, Arkansas, prominent in business, politics, and Baptist church affairs. (LargeFile)

Izard Family
Next, the biography of George Mallory prominent Forrest City resident.
George Mallory
Next, the biography of Samuel H.Mann, prominent attorney, Forrest City.
Samuel H.Mann
Obituary ofMrs.Rachel (Izard) Troutt(1909-Aug.8,1996
Next, is the John M.McDaniel family of Kentucky who arrived in St.Francis County about 1824. Some of the many entertwining families include, Trapp/Rollwage/Kirkpatrick/Izard/Haven/DeRossitt/Calvert/Alderson/ and many others.
McDaniel Family
Obituary of John Landon McDaniel
Obituary of Mrs.John Landon McDaniel
Next, the biography of Thorburn C.Merwin, early County Clerk of St.Francis County.
Thorburn C.Merwin
Next, the William Jasper Morgan Family by Loyd Sybert: My Grand Aunt, Katie Eugenia Harris took Otto C. Morgan as her second husband after divorcing Phillip John Devereux. My mother, Frances Ruth Colquitt married first Robert Edward Lee Morgan the marriage lasted a very short time.-From Kentucky to Northeastern Arkansas to St.Francis Co., Arkansas.
William Jasper Morgan Family
Next, the Nathan Norton biography, prominent attorney and judge of Forrest City.
Nathan Norton
Next, the biography of Thomas O'Brien, courtesy of Alice Marie Kennedy Lee, grand daughter.
Thomas O'Brien
Next, the biography of Dr.James Oddy Rush, early doctor of Forrest City.
Dr.James O.Rush
Next, the Sibert-Sybert Family by Loyd Sybert:From Germany to South Carolina to Georgia to Alabama to Mississippi to Tennessee to Arkansas to Texas. Loyd Sybert.
Sibert-Sybert Family
Next, the descendants of Silvius Emory Sweet, early resident of St.Francis County.
Silvius E.Sweet
Next, the John Banner Terry Family by Jack Darr. Picture of their victorian home in Forrest City with the family members in the yard
John Banner Terry Family
Next, the William Eugene Williams Family by Loyd Sybert. Sheriff Williams was very important in the development of Forrest City, and his son was in the banking business.
William Eugene Williams Family
William Eugene Williams Biography
Next, the Wynne Family, early banking and cotton farming families of St.Francis County.
Jesse Watkins Wynne Family

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