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Old Optimus Cemetery
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Donated by :  Sue Foster

Old Optimus Cemetery

This site is a cemetery site, located on private property. Three definite graves were found, one with both head and footstones. No markings were on the stones. Patent information could not be found, but the area was once owned by Charles E Benbrook. With oral information supplied by Tom & Fern Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Fitzpatrick stated that her relatives are buried there, at least six men, all Benbrooks. Dr Charles Benbrook is buried in the Optimus Cemetery, (3ST377) along with a son, William. William’s twin brother, Charles Elbert Benbrook Jr, was supposedly buried in this cemetery, on August 18th, 1894 after being kicked by a horse and killed. Charles Jr. was 17 years old at the time of his death. donated by:  Sue Foster



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