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Submitted by: Mary L. (Arnold) Kukulski    --   Email address:
31 MAY 2009

Searching for Thornton Arnold, 1900 census Stone County, AR. Family migrated to Quinlan Tx in 1910. Thornton was born May, 1826 in Tenn. Lived in Ar. from 1840's til death.
Married Mary Malinda Decker of Izard County 17 July 1873. They raised 8 children in Stone county. W. J. Arnold, 2nd son (William Jordan, my grandfather) was born 4-03-1876 married Mary Lynn of Stone County, 1901. My father Hansford Earl Arnold was born in Stone County 12-19-1908. His grandfather Thornton died before he was born.
Our family is searching for the parents of Thornton Arnold and for Thornton's grave site, death records or any other records surrounding this branch of Arnold family
Any services you might be able to help with would be wonderful. We seem to be stuck on Thornton (also known as Riley Arnold). We have a photo of him presumably around 1900 along with his wife, Mary Malinda Decker Arnold and my grandfather William and Mary (Lynn) when they married.
Thank you. Mary L. (Arnold) Kukulski

Submitted by: Lyndell Storey   --   Email address:

Query: I am looking for info on the family of James William Balentine
born Sep 29 1883 Stone County died Jan 21 1958 Stone County married
Fannie Ardell Stevebs on Apr 21 1958 Stone county She was born Mar 10
1884 in Stone CountylThanks lyndell
Submitted by: Melisa Jason Carper   --   Email address:
30 MAR 2004

Query: In the 1930's in Stone County there was a murder on the steps of
a school house/church.  My grandfather Noel Jason was there at the time
as a student.  He said that it was a very tramatic thing for all the
people that were there at that time.  He told a couple of details but
would not tell anymore.  I wondered if anyone may have heard of
something like this in the 30's.  He lived in between Fifty Six and
Newnata.  It may have been a school near Roasting Ear, Fifty Six, Red
Doors, etc.

Melisa Jason Carper
Submitted by: Terry Phillips   --   Email address:
JAN 2004

Query: In the listing for Cooper Hill Cemetary there is an L.I.Gower. I
was wondering if anyone knew who this is.  I am looking for the burial
site of Lucy Jackson Gower who was married to Thomas Benton Gower of New
Submitted by: Ken Black   --   Email address:
03 JUL 2004

Query: 1910 census. Stone co. Bryan twp. Series T624,Roll 64 page 203
line 82. Head of house hold Fletcher C. Goodwin. b.1886.

Wife Minie Helms. b.1889. Her father was in the house also. Listed as
William W. Helms age 63. b.1847 TN. father N.C.Mother N.C.. Children to
Minie and Fletcher Goodwin are hard to read. Maybe Carl F. Son age 4.
Elbert R Son age 2. Lawrence H. age 6mons. Also in the house is
Fletchers mother. Marette H. age 55.

Anyone who knows this family, i would sure like to chat about them.Thank
you for your time and help. Ken :)
Surnames: HINKLE
Submitted by: Janice Knight   --   Email address:
05 MAR 2004

Query: I am searching for the parents of Sarah Jane Hinkle.  She was
born about 1852 in Arkansas.  Family stories say she was an orphan.  She
shows up in Hardin Co, TN, in 1870, as a niece living in the household
with Zebil (Hinkle) Patterson.  In 1873, she married Peter P. Downing,
son of William and Effa (Hinkle) Downing.  Effa Hinkle and Zebil Hinkle
were sisters.  Their brother, William Hinkle, lived in Izard Co, AR in
the 1840-1860 time period.  Sarah Jane's death certificate lists her
parents as Jesse Hinkle and Sarah Gifford, for what that's worth.  I
keep coming across the 1860 census for Christian Twp, Independence Co,
AR listing Jesse Hinkle, age 56; wife: Fanny, age 40; Sarah J., age 7;
Selser, age 4.  This Selser, born about 1856, is the subject of a bio in
Northeast Arkansas Biographies and Historical Memoirs.  His bio states
that his sister, Sarah J. was deceased by the time the information was
collected (pub. 1889.)  My Sarah Jane lived until 1924, but she
apparently never went back to Arkansas after moving to TN, so she could
have lost touch with any family she had there.  In 1860, Selser Hinkle,
age 40, lives next door, with Jesse M., age 23, in his household.  I
believe that Jesse Hinkle, age 56, is also the father of Jesse M.
Hinkle, as the two of them are listed in 1850 in Independence Co, AR.
Can anyone shed any light on these people?  Who did Selser Hinkle (b.
ca. 1856) live with after the death of his parents?  His bio says they
were both dead before 1860, but we know that isn't true, since they are
listed in the 1860 census.
Surnames: HODGES
Submitted by: V. Jackson   --   Email address:
03 JUL 2004

Query: I am looking for any information about James G. Hodges who moved
from Alton, MO to Stone Co., AR around 1873. James is listed in the 1880
Stone Co. Census with the wife Sarah O.  Is this the Sarah O. Faryos
that marriage records indicate that he married in August of 1874?  James
has two stepchildren listed in the census surnamed Taylor.  Was Faryos a
maiden name for Sarah or was she married 3 times?
Surnames: LAWRENCE
Submitted by: Robin Kesterson-Bailey   --   Email address:
Date:  17 Dec 2003

Query: I am looking for anyone who ties into Walker Lawrence line. He
lived in Timbo, Stone County, Arkansas for a time. I believe his father
was Asa Monroe Lawrence,but I haven't been able to prove it 100 percent
yet. Louis (Lewis) Walker Lawrence was the father to my grandmother Alma
Georgia Lawrence. If anyone ties into this line, please e-mail me at

Surnames: LINN  or LYNN
Submitted by: Joyce Wilkerson   --   Email address:
05 MAR 2004

Query: INformation on John Linn born in 1776 and Died September 23,
l858, buried in Stone Co. AR. Information on T.H. Linn family.
Surnames: MCMURTRY
Submitted by: herb barritt   --   Email address:
Date:  01 Dec 2003

Query: I am looking for descendants of Samuel Newton McMurtry.  His wife
was Fannie Johnson and they had 4 dau. Effie, Virginia, Verna and
Lettie.  Their sons were Homer, Charles and Arlis.  Any information
would be appreciated.
Surnames: MORRIS
Submitted by: Betty G. McCollum   --   Email address:
30 MAR 2004

Query:      I have a Lottie Caldonia Morris, Stone Co., Ar.
8/4/1880.  Would someone who has an 1880 Stone Co. Census Book please
look and see if they can find a Lottie Caldonia Morris listed with her
parents, whose names I do not know, but would like to know.  Her name
could possibly have been Charlotty Caldonia, and she would only be a few
months old, if listed on this census.
Betty G. McCollum

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