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Surnames: THOMAS
Submitted by: Kathy Carr Kracht   --   Email address:
15 MAY 2004

Query: Looking for information on Jonathan THOMAS.  He is listed in the
1910 census as living in Wallace Twp, Stone County Ark, enum. dist 142,
page 180b, family 101, sheet b.  His occupation is listed as Postmaster.
 I am interested in when he died and where he is buried.  Also same info
on his wife Lovice(sic?).  He was my great grandfather's youngest
brother.  We only have birth dates for him and a picture of him with an
Illinois GAR group.  Any info would be very much appreciated.  Thank
you, Kathy Carr Kracht
Surnames: TUBBS
Submitted by: Art Wilson   --   Email address:
09 JUL 2004

Query: I have been told that a John Tubbs had land around Mountain View at one time.
However, I have not been able to get any proof other than his son said they lived there at one
time.  I found John Tubbs in the census of 1910, living in Oklahoma.  In 1930 census he and
family were located in Jackson County, Arkansas.  Between those dates, according to his
son, they lived in Stone County.   1877 John Tubbs married Allice Wilson in Carroll County,
TN,   Census of 1880 he is living in Red River County, TX.  1889 he paid taxes and lived in
Saline County, AR.  1910 he is living in Oklahoma.  Any help would be appreciated.
Please email (address under name) or write, Art Wilson, 9202 Grapevine Drive, Little Rock, AR.
72210.  Thanks,
Art Wilson
Submitted by: Art Wilson   --   Email address:
03 JUL 2004

Query: John Tubbs supposed to have settled land around the Mountain View
area in early 1900.  Any tax records or deeds? Thanks