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Located in Union County, Arkansas, about mile South of Lock 8

road. From Old Crain City Road, turn onto Crabapple Lane, a dirt

road. You will see the cemetery about 800 ft. ahead. Cemetery is

enclosed with a chain link fence.

Canvassed October 16, 2011. Last updated August 2015

Janice Holzer



JOHN HANDLEY ADAMS 5-3-1953 to 12-15-1991

*S/of Omer Dearing Adams(1917-1979) & Martha Mae Willis Orr(1920-2007)

"Where There Is Sorrow, There Is Joy And Love"


OMER DEARING ADAMS, SR. 10-8-1917 to 2-26-1979

*S/of William Early Adams(1885-1927) & Annis T. Giles Adams(1889-1949)

*1st of three, H/of Martha Mae Willis Adams Barnett Orr

& MARTHA MAE WILLIS ADAMS 6-24-1920 to 12-13-2007

*See Martha Mae ORR listing below.


OMER DEARING ADAMS, JR. 4-10-1945 to 12-15-1991

*S/of Omer Dearing Adams(1917-1979) & Martha Mae Willis Orr(1920-2007)

"To Know Him, Was To Love Him"


WILLIAM GARY ADAMS, JR. 5-9-1972 to 1-1-1991


FRED CALVIN BARNETT 3-20-1919 to 7-30-1995

*S/of Thomas Calvin Barnett(1885-1960) & Minnie Lochala Barnett(1887-1957)

*Wife, HELEN PAULINE MURPHY (10/5/1919 to 10/14/1984)*Buried Crossett,AR

*FORD UAW Local 600 (On this marker, birth year is given as 1919)

*GY SGT US Marine Corps WW II birth year listed as 1917. *Military marker


ROBERT PAUL GILES 3-13-1920 to 6-30-1981

*Pvt U.S. Army WW II


GLENN R. NASH 11-7-1932 to 5-26-1978

*S/of William Penn "Boss" Nash(1885-1976) & Bessie Ethel Deaton(1890-1952)

*SR U.S. Navy- Korea


JAMES ROY ORR 4-4-1924 to 12-10-1999

*S/of Tullie Berry Orr(1901-1972) & Emma S. McElwee Orr(1902-1935)

*Master's Man (emblem with hands grasping cross)

* SC1 US Navy WW II *3rd H/of Martha Mae Willis Adams


6-24-1920 to 12-13-2007 *See duplicate listing for Martha under Adams.

*D/of Ernest Frank Willis(1878-1961) & Dora Isabela Heckford Willis.(1880-1964)

*Late husband's: *1st OMER D. ADAMS, Sr. *2nd FRED BARNETT *3rd JAMES ROY ORR

*MM Young's FH *OB