BABB  or 


Est. bef. 1866

Tombstone Photos


located Section 21  Township 18  South Range 18 West 

Union County, Arkansas

Hwy. 82 to Marysville, turn south onto Braswell Corner Rd.,

then west onto Schuler Rd.- go about ¼ mile, south on

BABB Cemetery Rd. (dirt/gravel road). Road Y's ~ keep

to your left: turn east on un-named dirt road & go about ¼ mile

Cemetery will be on north side of the road.

Oldest marked grave noted in 1990 & 2001 was dated 1867, but many

graves are unmarked & have long since lost their markers, according to

old timers. According to surveys done by Martin & Geri Braswell,

the cemetery was vandalized in late 2004 or early 2005.

*Highlighted in Red indicates info taken from August

1990 survey done by Ralph Weldon and Lillian McGowen.

*A copy of the original survey done in 1990 was given to me by

Lillian McGowan, prior to her death.  

*Please read footnote.

*Visited –did new survey April 10, 2012 ~ Posted August 2014

Last Updated  September 2015   Janice Holzer   






SARAH  IDA  LOFTIN  DAVIS   1-22-1868  to  5-28-1911   

*D/of George W. Lofton/Loftin and Virginia Washington Peace

*2nd wife of  Thomas  Pilner 'Bud' Davis   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*(Tombstone Ida Lofton Davis)



E. A. "ENOCH ALEXANDER" GARNER {Alec}  May 1836  to  11-1-1899  

*E. A. Husband of Francis Kelly Garner  - tombstone hard to read 2012

"Our father has gone to a mansion  ?____ To the glorious land by the deity blest."

FRANCIS  'KELLY'  GARNER   7-25-1829  to  4-16-1911 

*Wf/of  E.A. Garner    " ?_____ beloved and wept. Here Mother lies."


* Two  "Infant Garner " tombstones with no additional information.

* Small unmarked stones.

*I found at least 4 small tombstones named "Infant Garner" in 2012


EMMER  "M."  JACKSON  GARNER  2-21-1874  to  7-3-1913  

*Wf /of  G.W. Garner   * Emma Jackson

"Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep"


G. W.  "GEORGE WESLEY"  GARNER  12-19-1873  to  1-29-1941 

* George Wesley 'Bunk' Garner, son of E.A. Garner and Frances Kelly Garner

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



JAMES  MADISON  JOHNSON    12-5-1883  to  10-30-1920 

"In God We Trust" (April 2012)

*S/of  James M. Johnson, Sr.  &  Mary Catherine Simmons Johnson


JAMES  M.  JOHNSON    10-10-1843  to  8-22-1883 

*1st husband of Mary Catherine Simmons

*James M. Johnson, Sr.   *F/of James M. Johnson born 12-5-1883



(J. S.)JAMES  STACY LEDBETTER  10-12-1848   to  7-21-1904 ♦

"Father let thy grace be given That we may meet in heaven."

*  Pvt., Co  E,  6th GA Inf., CSA   *S/of  Joel Ledbetter &  Mary Polly Parker Ledbetter

*Has two stones: old tombstone & Confederate military marker. CSA maker gives

James Stacy Ledbetter birth year as 1847 & death date as July 22nd.

His old tombstone gives  J. S. LEDBETTER, 1848 as birth year & his

death date as July 21st.  (April 2012)


SARAH  L."LOUVENIA" PEACE  LEDBETTER  1861  to  April 1927 ♦

"A tender mother and a faithful friend"


*D/of  Hartwell Meacham Peace(1818-1883) and  Catherine Frances Smith Peace(1818-1883)

*Wf/of  James Stacey Ledbetter


MRS.  PARKS  LEDBETTER  {No dates}  Noted from earlier cemetery records.

*Not found in April 2012.



ELBER  LOFTON   1897  to  1903 

*By 2001 concrete stone almost unreadable:  ?ELBERT    born 1897  ?

*April 2012; chalking the homemade tombstone did not make the dates legible.

*All that is readable, is ElBER  lOFtON  BORN (combination lower-upper case letters)


JEBLINE  LOFTON     Born & Died  2-3-1928  *D/of  B.F. Lofton ♦

*By 2001concrete stone almost unreadable:  Baby  (?) Lofton-

*Infant  daughter, Jebline, born Feb 3, 1928 & died Feb 3, 1928,

daughter of  Ben & Riller  (April 2012)

*Name appears to be  ? JEBLINE/FEBLINE?   Small homemade stone-hard to read.

*2nd headstone, also homemade: "Baby Feblen Lofton  Daug of  B. F. ____? (2012)


HAMMET  W. (Washington)  LOFTON  6-13-1861  to  5-25-1900 

"Sleep Husband Take Thy Rest  God Called Thee Home He Thought It Best."

*Speculation on middle name: ??? Washington or Wesley

HAMMET  W.  'WESLEY" LOFTON  6-13-1861  to  5-25-1900

*S/of  George W. Lofton/Loftin  &  Virginia Washington Peace

*1st  H/of  Minnie Francis Garner  *Md: Minnie F. 1886, Union Co., AR


Infant daughter of  BEN  &  RILLER  LOFTON  April 1921

* D/of  Benjamin Franklin Lofton  &  Arillia  'Riller'  McWilliams Lofton

Small homemade stone, almost unreadable


MOLLIE  LOFTON   1895  to  1911 

*D/of  Hammet Wesley Lofton & Minnie Francis Garner Lofton

*Homemade stone  (April 2012)


VIRGINIA WASHINGTON PEACE  LOFTON  9-2-1838   *No death date

*Info taken from earlier cemetery record prior to August 1990.

*Not  found  April 2012.




*The following four are all buried in the same row /plot.

CATHERINE  F.  SMITH  PEACE   8-3-1818  to  8-10-1883 (*Not found 2012)

*Catherine  Frances Smith,  wife of Hartwell Meacham Peace  *Md:11/1/1837 AL

HARTWELL  MEACHEAN  PEACE   11-25-1818  to  2-8-1883 

*CO  E 1 ARK CAV  Confederate States Army  (April 2012)

*S/of  William Mask Peace & Sarah S. Meacham Peace

WILLIAM  HINES  PEACE   5-11-1840  to  12-4-1867 

*His Conferate States Army marker gives his birth date at 5-18-1840(April 2012)

*S/of Hartwell Meacham Peace & Catherine Francis Smith Peace

*H/of  Harriet  I.  Tanner    CO K 6 ARK INF   CSA

MARTHA  FRANCES  PEACE   3-5-1842  to  12-21-1879 ♦

*D/of  Hartwell Meacham Peace(1818-1883)  &  Catherine Frances Smith Peace




JAMES  (G.) GRANDERSON  PEACE   2-2-1845  to  3-21-1904  

"I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"

*15  ARK  REGT  Confederate States Army  (April 2012)

*S/of  Hartwell Meachum Peace  &  Catherine Francis Smith Peace


MARY  C.  SIMMONS  JOHNSON – PEACE  b:1 -21-1861


*D/of Peter Marshall Simmons &  Martha Ann Jarrod Simmons

*Wife of  *1st  James M. Johnson, Sr.

*Wife of  *2nd James Granderson Peace  *Homemade concrete marker

(April 2012) Homemade stone illegible...only part readable is "Johnson,Jr - Peace" ♦


MARY  ANN  THURMAN  PEACE  2-15-1847  to  4-4-1886 

*39 yr old Wife of Hartwell Green Peace(1848 AL-1879 AR) *Md:1864 Union Co.,AR




CLARK  SIMMONS   ca 1825  to  ca 1906

*(from earlier records pre-1990) *Not found in April 2012


LARKIN  LEE  SIMMONS   1-3-1868  to  6-6-1906 

"Though lost to sight to memory dear"  (April 2012)

*S/of  Peter Marshall Simmons  &  Martha Anne Jarrod Simmons


MARTHA  ANNE  JARROD  SIMMONS   5-2-1829  to  10-21-1905 

"At Rest"  *Wf/of  Peter  Marshall  Simmons


PETER  "PETE"  FRANKLIN  SIMMONS   10-30-1856  to  1-7-1936 

"Each Duty Done, He Rests In Peace"  (April 2012)

*S/of  Peter Marshall Simmons & Martha Anne Jarrod Simmons

*Wife, Laura Belle McKinley Simmons 12/26/1864 Magnolia, AR to 10/20/1949 El Dorado, AR

Laura Belle is buried in Friendship Methodist Cemetery. She married in Magnolia, AR, Peter  in

1879; Laura, age 15 &  Peter was age 22~

{Last known person with a marked grave to be buried in this cemetery}




*This is a compilation of info from the old August 1990  survey done by Ralph Weldon

& Lillian McGowen, that was given to me by Lillian......combined with info from a later

survey done by Martin and Geri Braswell in May 2001.  The 1990 survey info is denoted

in RED  and the later 2001 info is in black.



*There are a couple of notations highlighted in BLUE that came from other sources.

[J. Holzer   Nov 2010] New survey April 10, 2012.  Janice Holzer

*Last posted September 2015.



*Burials noted with a small red diamond     indicates it was found in 2012.

Photos taken April 10, 2012.




Homemade tombstone for Elber Lofton.

Mary C. Simmons Johnson Jr-Peace homemade tombstone.