Est. 1865


Union County, Arkansas

Located about 3 miles south of El Dorado on west side of Hwy. 167/ Junction City Hwy.

This little cemetery is well maintained & located along side of the Bethel Methodist Church

Use of the symbol  " & " indicates a double headstone..

First canvassed in October 19, 2001.  Subsequent updates  2003- 2009.

New Survey: June 2011   *Last updated: September 2015

Janice Holzer


Hwy. 167 South  (aka Junction City Hwy) in background



*OB – information from obituary

*SSDI  Social Security Death Index

*ARDI  Arkansas Death Index  1914-1950

*MM  Mortuary marker

*WOW  Woodman of the World headstone

*Note: Some listings have the inscription & some do not.

The lack of one listed here does not mean there was

none on the tombstone.




RICHARD  DEAN  ADAMS   3-15-1947  to  10-20-2005

"At Rest With God"



HATTIE  L.  AENCHBACHER    1874  to  3-16-1946  *ARDI



WILLIAM  CARL  ALLEN(47) 5-16-1966 TX  to  7-10-2013 *OB

*S/of Bill Allen & the late Carol Allen   *Md:4/21/2000  Dineen Risinger



*The following three are all on the same tall headstone:

JULIUS  SAMUEL  ALPHIN, SR.   10-28-1817 AL  to  7-13-1891 AR

*Julius Alphin   Spouses:  *1st md: 12/29/1840 Shelby Co., AL   Martha Ann Phelan

*2nd wife Nancy Pickering Alphin (3/20/1839 - 1/15/1935)

*Buried Old Parkers Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Nancy, D/of  George Hiram Pickering(1808-1876) & Harriett Elizabeth Lucas(1812-1897)

MARTHA  ANN  PHELAN  ALPHIN   9-15-1827  to  7-10-1878

*D/of  Amos V. Phelan & Elizabeth Horton Phelan

"Grandpa"  AMOUS  V. PHELAN   1801TN  to 1883AR   *Age 82yrs


JULIUS  SAMUEL  ALPHIN  1865 AR  to  10-20-1944 Garland Co.,AR

*S/of  Julius Alphin(1817-1891) & Martha Ann Phelan Alphin(1827-1878)

*Md: 11/23/1887   Annie L. Pinson (Bk G-Pg 363) *Buried Woodlawn Cemetery



DAVID  ALLEN  ANDERS  (infant)  died  2-6-1944  "Gone So Soon"

NANCY  SUE  ANDERS   6-28-1947  to  4-6-1958   "Our Darling"



JAMES  MOSES  ARNOLD    12-15-1892 GA  to  9-12-1941 AR 'Son'

*S/of  Laura Arnold Shelton (1875- ?) *James Arnold was Laura's *1st husband.

*Her *2nd husband was Virgil Shelton

* Arkansas   PVT. 161  INF. 41 DIV.

"The earthly song is ended and the voice joins the Heavenly Choir"






GRACE  GENEVA  ATKINS    4-8-1935  to  10-14-1935



RUBY  MATHEWS  AYCOCK  7-20-1906  to  8-30-1981

*D/of Joe Mathews(1870-1936) & Margretta Elmira Perry Crow Mathews(1873-1954)

*Spouses: *1st  Wm. Thomas Moore  (1900-1969)  *2nd Austin W. Aycock(1895-1980)

"It Is Good To Be Home With The Lord"



ERMALEE  EVELYN  SWEET  BABIN (85)  5-8-1926  to  9-27-2011

*D/of Walter Mack Sweet & Carrie Thomas Sweet. *Wf/of Leland Luke Babin  *OB

*Nurse  (Eastern Star) *Speculation that she is buried here. Two of her brothers are

buried here .  Her obituary stated she would be buried at "Bethel Cemetery" (Which one???)

She died in Houma, LA where she lived.



RALPH  B.  BAKER     8-1-1899   to  1-24-1990

&  ALPHA  M.  BAKER   9-1-1903   to  3-16-1989


R. W.  BAKER    6-30-1897  to  9-13-1898

*S/of  W. Thomas Baker(1858-1903) & Gertrude Moser Baker(1872-1928)



AUBREY  A.  BARBAREE   8-20-1909  to  7-5-1992  "Daddy"

*S/of  James M. Barbaree(1879-1942) & Frances May Ward Barbaree(1890-1969)

*Md:5/24/1930        "Gone To Live With God"

&  LUCILLE  PERRY  BARBAREE   5-23-1913  to  2-13-1999 "Mother"

*D/of  Benjamin Charles Perry(1885-1975) & Ollie E. Hall Perry(1890-1961)


HOMER  AURIN  BARBAREE    11-24-1910  to  11-14-1976

*S/of  James M. Barbaree(1879-1942) & Frances May Ward Barbaree(1890-1969)

*Wife, Esther Lee Ford Roberts (9/10/1910 to 7/8/1995)

*D/of  William Calvin Ford(1870-1935) & Lucy Belle Fielder Ford(1881-1957)

*Esther Lee Buried Highland Cemetery, Franklin County, AR.


JAMES  MARION  BARBAREE    8-29-1879  to  7-3-1942

*S/of James Marion Barbaree(1851-1925) & Laura Emiline Gulley Barbaree(1857-1893)

*Md:5/17/1905  Frances "Fannie" May Ward

&  FRANCES  MAY  WARD  BARBAREE   5-1-1890  to  5-5-1969



MONTEEN  BARBAREE    6-21-1919  to  7-19-1934

*D/of  James Marion Barbaree(1879-1942)  & Frances May Ward Barbaree(1890-1969)

"Her Memory Is Blessed"


VIOLA  BARBAREE    12-27-1915  to  6-7-1931

*D/of  James Marion Barbaree(1879-1942)  & Frances May Ward Barbaree(1890-1969)



THURMAN  WAYNE  BARKER   1-6-1943  to  7-29-2007  *ob

*US  Army - Vietnam   *Md:5/27/1987 (2011-only one name on double headstone)

"Loved by God and Man"



JEREMIAH  GEORGE  BARKLEY(J.G.) 4-30-1833 NC  to  11-9-1917AR

*Corporal-37 ARK Infantry (Bell's) CO D  (stone broken)

MARY  ANN  TRAYWICK  BARKLEY  1-22-1832  to  9-21-1914

*D/of  Asa Traywick(1801-1883) & Mary Delilah Helms Traywick(1801-1853)

*Wf/of  J.G. Barkley    *Mary Ann Traywick born in Mecklenburg Co., NC



MINS  S.  BARKSDALE    4-30-1887  to  11-26-1939

*1st Wife, Sarah Ellen Helms Barksdale Carr(1891-1960) *buried Smyrna Cemetery

*Sarah's  *2nd husband, was Robert Carr(1887-1959)

*2nd Wife,  Desdie Mae Sprinkle Wright(1911-1971)

Desdie Mae md: *1st Mins S. Barksdale  *2nd husband, George A. Wright

*Desdie Mae Sprinkle Barksdale Wright buried Jasper, AL, New Prospect Baptist Cemetery

"He's Safe At Home"



JOE  ADA  LEWIS  BARRETT   7-28-1876  to  12-10-1936

*Mother - Emily A. Reynolds Lewis Wood(1855-1948)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



W. S.  BELL    2-20-1879   to   7-30-1929 *WOW



*Next Three BOONE'S  on same Headstone:

LADDIE  L.  BOONE   7-21-1934  (One date)

SHERRI  L.  BOONE   5-15-1967  to  12-17-2003

NANCY  M.  BOONE  1-9-1936  (One date)




1861-1950   *See listing under "House"

*Md:1st    Jasper Newton House(1855 TN -1/25/1899)

*Jasper S/of  Robert House(1833-1896) & Jane Moore House(1832-1885)

*Md:2nd   Eli Elexander Bowen

*LOTTIE BOWEN  &  JASPER NEWTON HOUSE share a double headstone.

*Lottie & Jasper had two children:  Robert Newton House(1884-1964)  &

Annie Mae House Whitehead(1888-1978)



SAMUEL  ALFORD  BREWSTER  10-22-1894  to  11-26-1968

*H/of  Tressie T. Dunbar

&  TRESSIE  THELMA  DRAPER  GRAHAM  BREWSTER  8-7-1897 to 7-19-1978

*D/of  Minnie Lide Dunbar Draper  &  James Henry Draper

*Spouses: *1st George Herbert Graham(1894-1942) *2nd Ernest A. Beckwith(1889-1970)

*3rd Samuel Alford Brewster(1894-1968)



ALLIE  PROTHRO  BROWN   1894  to  8-3-1940   *ARDI

*D/of  WM. Henry Prothro(1856-1922) & Sarah Margaret Barkley Prothro(1862-1927)


GEDDES  BROWN   6-7-1919  to  10-29-1977

*S/of  Eddie Brown & Allie Prothro Brown

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



REBECCA  A.  KINARD  BRUCE  5-30-1843  to  7-2-1911

*D/of  Martin Luther Kinard(1819-1865)  &  Sibba Dailey Kinard(1821-1877)

*Wf/of  J. J. Bruce   *Buried in Texas, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Williamson Co.



BOBBY  MARION  BRUMLEY(60)  7-12-1954  to  8-1-2014 *OB

*S/of Bruce Lee Brumley, Jr. (1927-1999) &  Rutha Bernice Deutsch Brumley(1927-2010)

*Creamated.  Unknown where his ashes were placed.


BRUCE  LEE  BRUMLEY, Jr.  10-4-1927  to  10-22-1999

*S/of  Bruce Lee Brumley(1895-1965) & Reba Douglas Brumley(1908-1973)


&  RUTHA BERNICE  DEUTSCH  BRUMLEY (82) 12-9-1927  to  6-21-2010

*D/of Ben Deutsch & Rosa Lee Webb Deutsch.   *Wf/of late Bruce Lee Brumley



ROY  LEWIS  BUNKER   11-6-1975  to  10-23-1997

"An Adventurous Spirit"



EVELYN  TERRY  BURNETTE (72)  12-31-1937  to  7-5-2010  *ob

*D/of  Bertha Protz Terry & Randolph Monroe Terry, Jr.  *Evelyn died on the 1 year

anniversary of her mother's death.  *On her permanent marker, only the birth

date is listed, but there was a Young's Mortuary maker  *MM  that gave her death date.



VERNON   T.  BURSON    5-2-1911  to  3-17-1991 "Father"

*S/of  William Jonathan Burson & Mary Taunton Burson(1887-1924)

*Md: 3/23/1934     "Beyond The Sunset Is Eternal Joy"

&  MABEL A. PERDUE  BURSON (91)12-8-1914  to 1-16-2006 "Mother"

*D/of  Walter Perdue & Bamma Hearin Perdue. *ob



TOM  BURTON    5-18-1881  to 10-29-1961

&  EMMA  TOONE   BURTON   9-25-1880  to 12-31-1960



DAVID  LOUIS  CAPPS(Sr)  11-2-1930  to  8-12-1999

*S/of Roy M. Capps(1904-1988) & Annie Bernice Latimer Capps(1907-2008)

*Md:4/9/1949   "An Inspiration To All Who Knew Them"

&  BILLIE  DOVE  JACKSON  CAPPS  2-16-1931 (One date)


DAVID  LOUIS  CAPPS, JR.  11-21-1954  to  5-31-1998

*S/of  Billie Dove Jackson Capps & David Louis Capps, Sr.

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"



JAMES  MONROE  CATES   2-11-1877  to  4-23-1968

*A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  ANNIE  CHRISTINE  PHILLIPS  CATES  12-11-1882  to  9-2-1963

*D/of  Elijah Franklin Phillips(1852-1918) & Mary Elizabeth Sanford Phillips(1854-1900)


JAMES  MINOR  CATES   7-17-1911  to  8-28-1941

*S/of  James M. Cates(1877-1968) & Annie Phillips Cates(1882-1963)

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


JEWEL  ELIJAH  CATES   1-14-1919  to  3-9-1992

*S/of  James Monroe Cates(1877-1968) & Annie Christine Phillips Cates(1882-1963)

TEC 4  US Army  WW II

*H/of Minnie Lucille Laughlin Cates(87)  3/16/1920 to 1/19/2008

*D/of Murray Russell Laughlin(1897-1972) &  Ninnie Picola Croy Laughlin(1898-1965)

*Minnie buried Rest Haven Memorial Gardens, Union Co., AR


KENNETH  RAY "KEN"  CATES   3-7-1928  to  1-4-1975

"Forever In Our Hearts"

&  BILLIE  JEAN  WILLIAMS  CATES (76) 10-28-1928  to  6-27-2005

*D/of  Joseph Roscoe Williams(1874-1959) & Pearl Wood Williams(1887-1975)


WILLIAM  DENVER  CATES   8-1-1922  to  12-23-1939

*S/of James M. Cates(1877-1968) & Annie Phillips Cates(1882-1963)

"To Whom We Thought Dead Is Only Gone Before Us"



MAUDE  LILLIAN  LYLE  CHASE (PRIMM)   4-16-1909  to  8-3-2001

*D/of  Hershel Brown Lyle(1884-1955) & Sarah Catherine Beaty Lyle(1887-1963)

*Wf/of  Ottis H. Primm (1906-1977)*buried at Friendship Methodist Church Cemetery

"Not My Will, But Thine Be Done"



CALVIN  ODELL  CLIFT   4-23-1930  to  12-9-2004

*S/of James Orval Clift(1905-1988) &  Julia Ann Rogers Clift(1905-1989)

&  BILLIE  RUTH  MURRAY  CLIFT  9-19-1931  to  5-8-2000

*D/of Virginia Ruth Kinard Warren(1910-1995)



ROBERT  SHEPPARD  COLEMAN, JR.   5-17-1923  to  12-27-1935

*S/of  Robert Owen Coleman(1892-1944) & Ruth Bell Coleman(1898-1996)



JOHN  A. COLEY     9-15-1908  to  11-26-1988

*S/of  James Ernest Coley(1880-1961) & Temple Garrett Coley(1880-1966)

*SGT  US  Army  WW II   "Asleep In Jesus"

&  SADIE ESTELLE  PERDUE  COLEY 10-14-1904  to 3-23-1989

*D/of Claude Arthur Perdue(1881-1944) & Eunice Corrine Van Hook Perdue(1883-1979)



EUNICE  PONDER  CORNISH   3-29-1908  to  4-22-1993

*D/of  Julius James Ponder(1886-1966) & Mae Florence Lyle Ponder(1891-1967)

"Our Beloved Mother"

"For He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee To Keep Thee In All Thy Ways"


JAMES  M.  CORNISH   6-17-1927  to  6-13-1999  "In Memory Of"

*S/of  Eunice Ponder Cornish(1908-1993)

* USA AF   World War II



CHAFFMAN  "JACK" CRAFT   1-22-1913  to  3-15-1932

*S/of  Nelson Anderson Craft(1881-1945) & Sibbie Ann Puckett Craft(1884-1962)

"Just in the morning of his day, in youth and love he died"



JESSIE  W.  CRAIG    4-3-1881   to   6-21-1967

*S/of  William L. Craig(1836-1907) & Mary Ann Dollar Craig(1846-1920)

"In His Will Is Our Peace"

&  GEORGIA  PROTHRO  CRAIG  10-3-1886  to  4-29-1970

*D/of  William Henry Prothro(1856-1922) & Sarah Margaret Barkley Prothro(1862-1927)



AIRAH  CRANSTON   9-19-1899  to  10-15-1900

*S/of Charles S. Cranston(1872-1953) &  Lilla  Martha Kinard Cranston(1879-1974)

"Budded on Earth To Bloom In Heaven"

&  ELLIE  CRANSTON    11-6-1900  to  10-13-1901

*D/of  Charles S. Cranston(1872-1953) & Lila Martha Kinard Cranston(1879-1974)


CHARLES  S.  CRANSTON   10-30-1872 MS  to  7-27-1953 AR

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  LILLA  MARTHA  KINARD  CRANSTON  10-5-1879  to  6-22-1974

*D/of William David Kinard(1841-1921) & Elizabeth Jane Alphin Kinard(1843-1897)


DAVID  PALMER  CRANSTON  3-29-1904  to  4-24-1991

*S/of  Charles S. Cranston(1872-1953)  &  Lilla  Martha Kinard Cranston(1879-1974)

"They Fought The Good Fight"

&  MARGARET  BABCOCK  CRANSTON   3-8-1912  to  3-27-1995

*D/of William Claude Babcock(1878-1943) & Jennie C. Willoughby Babcock(1877-1947)



MAGGIE  LEE  JACKSON  CRENSHAW (82)  8-13-1906  to 12-29-1988

*Rumph Mortuary  *MM



CHESTER  CROW   7-24-1897  to  6-4-1982

*S/of  Peter Crow(1870-1898)  & Margrett "Elmira" Perry Crow Matthews(1873-1954)

WILLIE  BLANCHE  VINES  CROW   7-2-1904  to  7-12-1996

*D/of Jordan Vines(1866-1933) & Ida Robertson Palmer ( 1871-1937 )

*Jordan is buried at Craig Cemetery/ Ida is buried at Olive Branch Cemetery

*Confusion: Ida who was married to Jordan may have been another Ida- ?Patterson?

*Wf/of  Chester Crow  


*The following three "Crow"  family members share a headstone.

Rev.  CLARENCE  CROW   9-30-1895  to  12-2-1982

*S/of  Peter Crow(1870-1898) & Margrett "Elmira"  Perry Crow Mathews(1873-1954)

VASHTI  BLYTHE CROW   10-23-1899  to  2-19-1986  "Beloved Wife"

*D/of  James Howard Blythe(1856-1928)& Jimmie Ella Castleberry Blythe(1861-1902)

JAMES  CHADWICK  CROW   2-23-1917   to  1-18-1919  "Beloved Son"

"All Is Spirit, All Is Life, All Is Love.  Spirit With Spirit Meets In Life And Love Eternal"


PETER  CROW    12-25-1870  to  12-28-1898

*(1st) H/of  Margrett "Elmira" Perry Crow Mathews(1873-1954)

"His Memory Is Blessed"



WESLEY  O'DELLE  DANIELS   6-29-1914  to  5-16-1992  "Mason"

*S/of  Thomas Wesley Daniels(1885-1960) & Sallie Henrietta Murphy Daniels(1895-1988)

*CPL  US  Army  WW II     "Beyond The Sunset Eternal Joy"

&  EDNA  DORIS ENIS  DANIELS (97) 10-31-1915  to  8-9-2013 *OB

*D/of  Charles  F. Enis & Mollie Perdue Enis    *Md: Wesley O. Daniels 1935



DOLLIE  WOOD  DAVIDSON   2-25-1893  to 11-15-1922  "Sister"

*D/of  Benjamin Willis Wood(1860-1949) & Helen Bulah Staples Wood(1865-1895)



MICHAEL  GREGORY  DAVIS  "MIKEY"  10-17-1978  to  10-9-1995

"Forever In Our Hearts"   *Photo embedded.



DEWEY  L. DEASON   6-23-1900  to  10-19-1988

*Md:8/27/1923  "Love Bears All Things, Hopes All Things, Endures All Things"

&  MAGGIE  PERDUE  DEASON   9-6-1895  to  2-25-1973

*D/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) &  Florence E. Armer Perdue(1861-1902)


HARVEY  LEE  DEASON, SR.  9-4-1924  to  5-3-2007

*S/of  Dewey Lee Deason(1900-1988) & Maggie Perdue Deason(1895-1973)

*Only one name on this double headstone.


(J.C.)JOE  C.  DEASON   7-1-1895 AL  to  1-7-1944 AR

&  CAMMIE  PERDUE  DEASON  8-24-1900  to 12-11-1979

*D/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) & Florence E. Armer Perdue(1861-1902)


JEFFERY  SCOTT   DEASON    9-10-1962  to  9-11-1962

*S/of  Harvey Lee Deason, Sr.(1924-2007) & Billie Deason


JULIANNE  DEASON    1966  to  1983

"Your Life Cannot Be Measured By The Years You'll Never Live

But By The Happiness You Brought And All The Love We Give"



ESTELLE  MARRABLE  DeFEE   3-1-1883  to  1-26-1980

*D/of William D. Marrable(1839-1922)  & Julia  L. Marrable(1848-1924)



W. E.  "DICK"  DIXON   9-5-1901  to  6-1-1958

*S/of  William Hamilton Dixon(1865-1918) & Ella Josephine Leshe Dixon(1871-1961)

"WILLIAM  EARNEST"        "Asleep In Jesus"

&  PAULINE  PERDUE  DIXON   8-4-1912  to  4-25-1971

*D/of  Claude Arthur Perdue, Sr.(1881-1944) & Eunice Corinee VanHook (1883-1979)



GEORGE  COOKSEY  DODSON  1869  to  12-23-1892 *Age 24 yrs

*S/of  Thomas Milton Dodson(1847-1916) &  Cora Margret Cooksey Dodson(1847-1923)

"God in his wisdom has recalled the precious born he had given. And tho the

casket moulders here, the gem is sparkling now in heaven."



CARRELL  DEE  DONAHUE "CD" (88)  8-30-1923  to  5-1-2012

*S/of  William Pleasant Donahue(1882-1963) & Crocia Amanda Brooks Donahue(1894-1966)

*US Army  WW II  *OB

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  GLATA  D.  DONAHUE   1-3-1947  (One date)


CHARLES  A.  DONAHUE   2-14-1928  to 12-8-1935

*S/of  William Pleasant Donahue(1882-1963) &  Crocia Amanda Brooks Donahue(1894-1966)


IRENE  PRITCHARD  DONAHUE   12-18-1896  to  6-1-1930

*Irene Pritchard *1st Wf/of Mack Emerson Donahoe(5/9/1894 to 9/19/1967)

Mack E. shares a double headstone with- 2nd wife, Mildred B. Donahoe (Shiloh Cem, Union Co.,AR)

*Donahoe is spelled like this on her tombstone.


WILLIAM  H.  DONAHUE   11-27-1906  to  5-29-1954

*Md:1934  "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  KATIE  DATHULA  WHATLEY  DONAHUE  12-27-1907 to 12-7-1998

*D/of  Lewis W. Whatley(1853-1937) & Nancy Leverette Whatley(1869-1955)


WILLIAM  "WILL" PLEASANT  DONAHUE  9-12-1882  to  8-8-1963

"This Is The Promise ... The Life Everlasting"

&  CROCIA  AMANDA  BROOKS  DONAHUE  1-14-1894 to 2-15-1966

*D/of  Mary "Mollie" Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942) & Bailey Walter Perdue(1865-1941)



COLUMBUS  DOVER   4-7-1913 OK   to  8-2-1999 AR

*TEC 5  US Army  WW II


JACK  DOVER, SR.   3-6-1906  to  2-1-1991

"A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memories To Dwell Upon"

EULA  MAE  SPILLS  DOVER   4-23-1913  to  1-21-1997

*Wife of Jack Dover

"She was the sunshine of our home, a tender mother and a faithful friend"


JACK  LLOYD  DOVER,  JR.  4-15-1940   to  5-21-2002

*S/of  Jack Dover(1906-1991) & Eula Mae Spills Dover(1913-1997)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


MICHAEL  LLOYD  DOVER (44)  10-1-1963  to  12-7-2007

"At Rest"   *S/of Jack Lloyd Dover & Judy Dover Key  *OB



SHERMAN  JOE  DOWTY  11-20-1938  to  6-4-2009

*Md:12/31/1975    "Loving Father, Devoted Husband, A Friend to Many"

&  BETTY  MARIE  DOWTY  3-26-1929  to  7-17-1994

" Loving Mother, Devoted Wife, And Trusted Friend"



ABOTINE  DRAPER    1-25-1910  to  10-18-1910

*D/of James Henry Draper(1865-1946) & Minnie Dunbar Draper(1876-1932)


JAMES  HENRY  DRAPER   11-11-1865  to  2-17-1946

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

&  MINNIE  LIDE  DUNBAR  DRAPER   1-8-1876  to  9-19-1932

*D/of Jefferson Davis Dunbar(1847-1910) & *1st wife, Cornelia S. Butler Dunbar(ca 1849-1881)


WALLACE  HENRY  DRAPER   1895  to  1895

*S/of James Henry Draper(1865-1946) & Minnie Dunbar Draper (1876-1932)



EULALIA  DUNBAR  born & died  3-1-1914

*D/of  John G. Dunbar(1870-1924) &  Sara Jane “Sallie” Burns Dunbar(1876-1949)


JEFF  DAVIS "BUD" DUNBAR  12-7-1895  to 10-5-1965

*S/of  John Gipson Dunbar(1870-1924) & Sara Jane”Sallie” Burns Dunbar(1876-1949)

*Pvt  13 CO  162  Dept  BRIG   WW I

CARRIE  MAE  JENNINGS  DUNBAR  6-15-1911  to  1-11-1996

*Wf/of  Jeff Davis "Bud"  Dunbar


JOHN  ELBERT "EBB" DUNBAR  5-17-1894  to  11-16-1971

*S/of  John Gipson Dunbar & Sara Jane “Sallie” Burns Dunbar

*PVT  U.S. Army  WW I


JOHN  GIPSON  DUNBAR  2-21-1870 (Copiah Co.,MS)  to  10-1-1924

*S/of Jefferson Davis Dunbar(1847-1910) & Cornelia S. Butler Dunbar(ca 1849-1881)

"A precious one from us has gone.  A  voice we loved is stilled"

SARAH  JANE "SALLIE"  BURNS  DUNBAR  11-30-1876  to  6-18-1949

*D/of  William Alexander Burns & Sarah J. Slaughter Dunbar

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star In Heaven"


LILLIE  DELL  DUNBAR  8-14-1906  to  4-30-1925

*D/of  John Gipson Dunbar & Sara Jane“Sallie” Burns  "Gone To Be An Angel"


SALLIE  GERTRUDE  DUNBAR   11-21-1902   to  12-25-1905

*D/of  John Gipson Dunbar(1870-1924) & Sara Jane “Sallie” Burns Dunbar (1876-1949)


W. A. "BOOTS"  DUNBAR  1-26-1898  to  2-18-1987 (Wm. Alexander)

*Md:8/1/1932   *S/of  John Gipson Dunbar(1870-1924) & Sara Jane “Sallie” Burns(1876-1949)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  FANNIE  MAE  KINARD  DUNBAR   8-20-1911 to  8-12-2006 *ob

*D/of  Charlie W. Kinard(1879-1972) & Eula Jennings Kinard(1881-1915)



BIRLA  MAE  ELDER    5-18-1893  to  10-28-1908

*D/of  J.A. & V.C. Elder


INFANT  ELDER  d: 7-5-1893

*Infant D/of  J.T. & L. J. Elder

INFANT  ELDER   d: 7-5-1893

*Infant son of J.A. & L.J. Elder



CHARLES  FRANKLIN  ENIS    8-1-1888  to  11-14-1961

*S/of  William Rufus Enis(1846-1926) & Margaret Helen Harrell Enis(1850-1928)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  MOLLIE  EMMA  PERDUE  ENIS   8-11-1892  to  12-8-1966

*D/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) & Florence E. Armer Perdue(1861-1902)


GEORGE  JAMES  ENIS   10-7-1921  to  5-23-1974

*S/of George Washington Enis (1875-1947) & Mary Tinnie Summers Enis (1889-1968)

&  MILDRED  RUTH  KELLY  ENIS (86) 8-1-1919  to  11-26-2005  *ob

*D/of  William John Kelly(1877-1968) & Lenora "Nora" Lyle Marshall Kelly(1882-1957).

*Wife of the late, George James Enis     *Twin sister to Mary Lou Kelly.


WILLIAM  RUFUS  ENIS, SR.  5-17-1846   to  1-12-1926  "Father"

*S/of Alexander A. Enis(1807-1899)& Mary Elizabeth Williamson Enis(1809-1891)


& MARGARET  HELEN  HARRELL  ENIS, SR.  11-2-1850  to  4-26-1928




CHARLES  S.  EVANSTON  10-30-1872  to  7-27-1953

LILLIA  M.  EVANSTON   10-5-1879  to  6-22-1974



LOUIS  CHESTER  FIELDS, JR.  2-1-1926  to  3-12-1998

*S/of  Lewie C. Fields(1899-1991) & Susie Marie Tatom Fields(1905-1967)

*Md:8/14/1953    "Gone Home I'll See You"

&  FREDA  PROTZ  FIELDS , JR.   6-22-1928  (One date)

*D/of  Karl Frederick Protz (1889-1935) &  Mamie Lucinda Scott Lee Protz (1896-1987)



KATIE  FAULKNER  FUNK    3-6-1896  to  6-9-1956

*Wife of  S. B. Funk  (Inscription)

*Spouse: Edgar Allen Wood  (4/22/1885 to 7/24/1917)

*S/of  Benjamin Willis Wood(1860-1949) & Helen Bulah Staples Wood(1865-1895)



Infant  Male GARDNER  (no dates)


JAMES  ELKINS  GARDNER  9-25-1928  to  2-18-2003

*S/of  Hazel Mae Cates Gardner(1906-1945) & Louis Elton Gardner(1902-1960)

*CPL  US  Army - Korea    "Rest In Peace"


JEANETTE  PERDUE  GARDNER   11-9-1933  (One date)

*D/of  Cawthon Bailey Perdue(1896-1972) & Lillian Etta Lockwood(1896-1944)

"Rest In Peace"


LOUIS  ELTON  GARDNER   8-30-1902  to  8-18-1960

*H/of  Hazel Mae Cates  "Gone But Not Forgotten"

HAZEL  MAE  CATES  GARDNER   2-19-1906  to  1-30-1945

and  Infant Son    *Wf/of  Louis Elton Gardner

*D/of James Monroe Cates(1877-1968) & Annie Christine Phillips Cates(1882-1963)



JOHN 'JAMES' WESLEY GARLINGTON   2-19-1896  to  3-22-1982

*S/of  Hensley Sellers Garlington(1866-1961) & Mary Frances Rosier Garlington(1870-1954)

*PVT  US  Army  WW I

&  DIXIE  DUNBAR  GARLINGTON  2-2-1904  to  2-1-1987

*D/of  John Gibson Dunbar(1870-1924) & Sara Jane “Sallie” Burns Dunbar(1876-1949)


SARA  FRANCIS  GARLINGTON   2-5-1926  to  3-1-1995

*D/of  John  Wesley Garlington & Dixie Dunbar Garlington

*Gr Daug of John Gipson Dunbar & Sara Jane Burns Dunbar

"Faithful To Her Trust, Even Unto Death"



JOHN  WESLEY  GEORGE   7-31-1900  to  6-18-1974


&  PEARLIE  MAE  GROVER  GEORGE   7-25-1911  to  3-16-1990



DELORIS  MARIE  BURSON  GIRARD (68) 9-25-1943 to 8-2-2012 *OB

"Scooter" *D/of Vernon T. Burson &  Mabel A. Perdue Burson  *H/of  50 yrs, Pat Girard




   (no dates)  from family files, born ca 1854

* D/of  Robert C. VanHook (1818-1899) & Mary A. Nichol Rhodes Van Hook(1835-1909)

*Died before October 1884  *Wf/of  William "Will" Robert Goodwin (W.R.)(1854-1920)


WILLIAM  FAY  GOODWIN  1-23-1900  to  9-2-1964

*S/of William Robert "Bill" Goodwin(1854-1920)  

&  LUCILLE  DUNBAR  BROWN  GOODWIN   8-27-1917 to  9-14-1981

*D/of  John Gibson Dunbar & Sara Jane “Sallie” Burns Dunbar

*Wf/of  *1st Virgil Brown (1900-1943)  &  *2nd William Fay Goodwin

*Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"




GEORGE  HERBERT  GRAHAM   4-18-1894  to  4-9-1942

*1st Husband of Tressie Thelma Draper (Graham) (Beckwith)(Brewster)

*Louisiana Recruit U.S.ARMY



BEULAH  GRAY   1940  to  1941


BILL  EUGENE  GRAY   8-30-1921  to  10-20-1996   'Mason'

*US Army WW II

& VIOLET  SAERISE  VANHOOK  GRAY(88)  9-8-1917  to  11-23-2005 *OB

*D/of  Walter Campbell Van Hook(1895-1951) & Tressie Blanche Lyle Van Hook(1889-1978)

'Eastern Star'   *Preceded in death by two husbands, Bill Eugene Gray and Oscar Gammye Moore

*Spouses:  *1st Oscar Gammye Moore(1915-1950)  *2nd Bill Eugene Gray(1921-1996)


REBECCA ANDREA  ROGERS  GRAY   5-18-1869 NC  to  5-21-1945 AR

*Wf/of  William  Michael Rufus Gray (1856-1940)  *Homemade tombstone spells her name Andrie




*Very old, broken headstone with three names on it, almost illegible:

*All three have new headstones.

ANNIE  C.  GRIFFIN    3-15-1894  to  1-7-1895

&  MARTHA  L. GRIFFIN  10-25-1877  to  8-8-1878

&  ZEE  GRIFFIN   9-5-1891/93   to  7-22-1894

*Anna C., Martha L., Zee are the children of George B. & Sarah R. Alphin Griffin


GEORGE  BARTLETT  GRIFFIN  4-14-1849  to  7-23-1923

*S/of  Solomon M. Griffin(1807-1867)

SARAH  REBECCA  ALPHIN  GRIFFIN  2-2-1855  to  1-18-1930

*D/of Julius Samuel Alphin(1817-1891) & Martha Ann Phelan Alphin(1827-1878)




*Spouses: *1st Billy Jerry Thomas(1882-1934)  *2nd Cicero Haire(1885-1965)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



WILLIAM  "BILL"  HAMMOND   8-3-1892  to  9-16-1963

*S/of  Emily A. Reynolds Lewis Wood(1855-1948)& James Albert Wood(1842-1917)



CALLIE  IVEY  BASS  HANSEN  1-16-1902  to  12-23-1942

*D/of  John Thomas Bass(1870-1950) & Menarie Frances Foster Bass(1871-1949)

* 1st  Wf/of  William McKinley Hansen(1897 SD to  1992)


CARL  HANSEN    (No dates)

*S/of  H.N. Hansen(1846-1931) & Anna Hansen(1868-?)

*Homemade concrete block with name inscribed into it.


GEORGE  S.  HANSEN  10-26-1899  to  11-27-1974"Father"

*S/of  H.N. Hansen (1846-1931) & Anna Hansen(1868-?)   "Thy Will Be Done"

&  CECIL  MAUDE WOOLSEY  HANSEN  7-4-1909  to  6-1-1977"Mother"

*D/of Maggie Deason Woolsey(1875-1969) & William Robert Woolsey(1875-1919)


H. N.  HANSEN   1846  to  1931

*Homemade marker with just the name on it

*Some say he was born in 1846 in Denmark

ANNA  HANSEN  (No dates)  5 x 12 concrete marker

*Children: Sam Hansen, Carl Hansen, William K. Hansen(1887-1991),

George S. Hansen(1899-1974)


PAUL  JULIUS  HANSEN    7-17-1923  to  3-26-1976

*S/of Callie Ivey Bass Hansen(1902-1942) & William McKinley Hansen(1897-1991)

*Spouses: 1st Christine Wisinger Union Co.,AR 1943 *2nd Patsy Ann Davis Union Co.,AR 1949

*PVT  US Army   WW II     "In Loving Memory"


SAM  HANSEN  (No dates) *Speculation: d:12-21-1923  *ARDI

*S/of  H.N. Hansen (1846-1931) & Anna Hansen(1868-?)


WILLIAM  McKINLEY  HANSEN   12-9-1897  to  12-20-1991

*S/of  H.N. Hansen (1846-1931) & Anna Hansen(1868- ?)

*Spouses: *1st Callie Ivey Bass Hansen(1902-1942) *2nd Carrie Charlotta Thomas Sweet

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


9-14-1971 *D/of  James William Thomas(1865-1916) & Elizabeth Jane Taylor Thomas(1867-1907)

*Spouses: *1st Mack Sweet(1889-1928)  *2nd William McKinley Hansen(1897-1991)



WILLIAM  HARVEY  HART, SR.   9-3-1902  to  5-25-1938

*Wife, Lottie I. Perdue Hart(7/31/1904 to 1-1982)*Buried in Cochise County, Arizona

*Lottie D/of Bailey Walter Perdue(1865-1941) & Mary Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942)



Rev.  ARTHUR  VAUGHN  HENDRICK  4-3-1916  to  2-10-1996

*S/of  John Perry Hendrick(1883-1962) & Lydia Hicks Hendrick(1888-1977)

*Md: 5/22/1938

& WILLIE  PEARL WILLIAMS  HENDRICK   3-11-1915 to  11-24-2002

*D/of Joseph Roscoe Williams(1874-1959) & Pearl Wood Williams(1887-1975)



HENDRICKS  (no dates)

*Son & Daughter of Mr./Mrs. A.V. Hendricks  small marker

(Arthur Vaughn Hendrick-Willie Pearl Williams Hendrick)



CORA  HODGES   11-24-1893  to  1-20-1895

*D/of  IRA & M. J. Hodges



JAMES  WALTER  HOGUE  10-30-1931 to 7-11-1950

*S/of John Douglas Hogue(1911-1994) & Mary Eva Perdue Miles(1910-1990)

*ARK  U.S. Army PVT  24th  Infantry Korea

*Killed in action near Chochiwon, South Korea


JOHN  DOUGLAS  HOGUE   4-21-1911  to  11-29-1994

*Spouses: *1st Mary Eva Perdue   *2nd Sallie Marie Taylor Graves Hogue

& SALLIE  MARIE TAYLOR GRAVES  HOGUE  12-18-1900  to  8-19-1985

*1st  husband, Willie A. Graves(1901-1971) *Union Cemetery, Union Parish, LA

*2nd  husband, John Douglas Hogue(1911-1994)


MARY  EVA  PERDUE  MILES  HOGUE  5-12-1910  to  3-17-1990

*D/of  Bailey Walter Perdue(1865-1941) &  Mary Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942)

*Md: *1st  Godfrey Beecher Miles (1895-1966)

*Md: *2nd  John Douglas Hogue  (1911-1994)

"Precious Memories"


VANCE  HOGUE   5-29-1934  to  7-3-1934

*Infant S/of  John Douglas & Mary Eva Perdue Hogue



CHARLES  JEWEL  HOLLINGSWORTH   5-9-1887  to  1-1-1957

CLAUDIE  E.  HOLLINGSWORTH  8-15-1890  to  5-19-1969

*Wife of  Charles Jewel


MARVIN  JOE  HOLLINGSWORTH, Jr.   1-8-1960  to  3-31-1971

"Little Buddy"  "Unto You Is Paradise Opened"



JASPER  NEWTON  HOUSE    1855 TN  to  1-25-1899 AR

*S/of  Robert House(1833-1896) & Jane Moore House(1832-1885)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


(1861-1950) “LOTTIE”  *Shares double headstone with Jasper N. House

*Charlotte’s  husbands were  *1st Jasper Newton  House  & *2nd  Eli Elexander Bowen

*See listing under Eli Elexander Bowen.

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"



WILLIAM  LEVI  HUBLEY  2-7-1898  to 12-31-1975

*S/of Milo A. Hubley(1859-1927) & Mintie M. McCready Hubley(1874-1937)

*Spouses: *1st  Alice L. Spitzer(1887-1956)  *2nd Irene "Rena" Dunbar Edwards

& IRENE  'RENA'  DUNBAR  HUBLEY  4-11-1900  to 11-3-1979

*D/of John Gipson Dunbar(1870-1924) & Sarah Jane “Sallie” Burns Dunbar(1876-1949)

*Wf/of  1st Thomas Watson Edwards(1897-1958)  &  2nd William Levi Hubley



CARLOS   MARION   HUGHES   7-7-1881  to  3-4-1938

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  CORA  MALONE  HUGHES   11-22-1886  to  3-11-1977

*D/of John Humphrey Malone(1842-1912) & Minervia Ann Malone(1861-1938)

*Mother of  Lillian  Hughes  Beene  Dumas(1916-2006)



HOWARD  HUNT  1-15-1941  to  9-15-1941

*Homemade marker-birth date becoming ilegible (2011).


MILBURN  H.  HUNT   10-28-1920   to  1-30-1982

*H/of Myra Lou Bowen  "His Memory Is Blessed"

MYRA  LOU  BOWEN  HUNT   9-22-1901 AL  to  10-3-1975 AR

*Spouses: *1st Vernon Chastine Hunt(1899-1954)   *2nd Milburn H. Hunt(1920-1982)


NANCY  LOU  HUNT    5-27-1939  to  1-8-1941


WARD  HUNT  1-15-1941  to  9-15-1941



ROY  C.  JACKSON    8-2-1897  to  11-3-1927



LULA  JENOGAN   6-22-1894   to  10-1-1898

*D/of  Ransom Murphy Jenogan(1840-1911 LA) & Mattie Jenogan




*D/of  Joseph Roscoe Williams(1874-1959) & Pearl Wood Williams(1887-1975)

*Wf/of  David Mack Jeter(1905-1987)

*Speculation: Mary Colon Jeter 1905 to 6-1-1942  *ARDI

"But To See Her Was To Love Her"  (Only years on tombstone)



LEO  H.  'SARGE'  JOHNSON (78)  8-27-1928  to  1-1-2007

*S/of  Daniel Eugene Johnson  & Willa Harris Johnson

*Md:1/28/1958  *Wife of 48 yrs, Christine Pepper Johnson  *ob

&  CHRISTINE  JANIS  PEPPER  JOHNSON   5-15-1934 to  12-11-2014 *ob

*D/of  Clarence Pepper & Lottie Smith Pepper  *Wf/of  Leo H. Johnson



BESSIE  JONES    1892  to  1-2-1929  *ARDI

*Wf/of  J. H. Jones

LEE  ROY  JONES   11-14-1894   to  6-18-1895

*S/of  W. M. &  B. J. Jones

WILLIE  JONES   8-28-1893   to  8-21-1894

*S/of  W. M. &  B. J. Jones



"BILL"  WILLIAM  SOLON  JOYNER    10-25-1913 MO  to  5-7-1983

*Md:6/16/1936  "We'll Say Goodnight Here But Good Morning Up There"

& THELMA  PROTZ  JOYNER    7-2-1920  to  6-21-2009

*D/of  Lucy Scott Protz(1896-1987) & Karl Frederick Protz(1889-1935)


DAVID "DICKEY"  RICHARD  JOYNER  9-7-1942  to  2-11-2002


&  BETTY  J.  KINDER  JOYNER   4-3-1944   (One date)



WARREN  SMITH  JUST   4-10-1900  to  4-4-1971

*S/of  Robert Charles Just(1864-1907) & Alice Irene Just(1867-1900)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



A. G.  KELLY   8-22-1908  to  2-12-1984

*S/of  William John Kelly(1877-1968) & Nora Lyle Kelly(1882-1957)

*Md:12/22/1928  "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  NORMA  CATHERINE  BURNSIDE  KELLY   4-24-1907  to  2-2-1982

*D/of  Vasco Burnside(1873-1939) & Carrie Ada Kennedy Burnside(1877-1945)


ARNOLD  M. 'PETE'  KELLY   3-25-1916  to  4-27-1996

*S/of  William J. Kelly(1877-1968)  & Lenora "Nora" Lyle Kelly(1882-1957

*US  Navy   WW  II    *Md:12/28/1945

&  MARY GLADYS  GRISWOOD  KELLY   3-25-1911 to  8-1-2000


FRED  NEAL  KELLY   8-4-1910  to  12-8-1990  "Mason"

*S/of  William John Kelly(1877-1968) & Lenora "Nora" Mittie  Lyle Kelly(1882-1957)

"Loving Husband, Father And Friend"

JOHNNIE  BAILEY  KELLY   10-22-1913  to  9-12-1976

*D/of  Thomas Carey Bailey(1882-1962) & Cora Rochelle Bailey(1889-1944)

*Wife of  Fred Neal Kelly


JOHN  WILLARD  KELLY  2-25-1912  to  2-1-1996

*S/of  William John Kelly(1877-1968) & Lenora "Nora" Mittie Lyle Kelly(1882-1957)


&  ANGIE  MAI  KELLY  9-24-1914  to  8-2-2000


WILLIAM  JOHN  KELLY    3-5-1877  to  3-14-1968

*S/of  Angus Gilchrist Kelly(1847-1906)  &  Anna Jane Buie Kelly(1847-1919)

&  LENORA  MITTIE "NORA"  LYLE  KELLY  1-29-1882   to 

7-5-1957 (? Lenora Marshall Lyle Kelly   "MITTIE" )

*D/of  Matthew Lyle(1855-1927) & Mattie Helen Eley Lyle (1859-1945)



JUDY  A.  KEY   1-2-1942  to  8-3-1989

"Do not stand at my grave and weep,  I am not there;  I do not sleep. I am a thousand

winds that blow,  I am the diamond glints on snow,  I am the sunlight on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumn rain,  When you awaken in the morning's hush  I am the swift

uplifting rush of quite birds in circling  flight, I am the soft starlight that shines at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there;  I did not die."



ADLAI  BRUCE  KINARD  10-12-1892   to  5-6-1914

*S/of  George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) &  Hariett Elvira Alphin Kinard(1852-1929)


(C.M.)CHARLES M.  KINARD   11-24-1848  to  3-18-1895

*S/of  Martin Luther Kinard(1819-1865) & Sibba A. Dailey Kinard(1821-1877)

*Broken stone


CURTIS  FRANKLIN  KINARD   2-25-1906  to  1-17-2001

*S/of  Robert Odie Kinard, Jr.(1881-1918) & Minnie Maude Marrable(1884-1980)

"Always In Our Hearts"

&  JESSIE  INEZ  HOUSE  KINARD   10-14-1907  to  12-10-1986

*D/of  Robert Newton House(1884-1964) & Jessie Belle Cook House(1888-1974)


EARLY  LEE  KINARD   10-3-1906  to  10-29-1994

*S/of  Samuel Bascom Kinard(1878-1919) & Lena C. Renfro Kinard(1885-1962)

"Rest Is Thine,  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  FRANCES  ETHELYN ALLEN  KINARD  10-6-1915  to  3-31-1986

*D/of  James Seaborn Allen(1887-1964) & Ethel Mattie Grafa Allen(1888-1934)


EARNEST  G.  KINARD  9-7-1885  to  3-17-1920

*S/of  George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) &  Hariett Elvira Alphin Kinard(1852-1929)


ELIZA  J.  KINARD    3-17-1843   to  9-2-1897

*Wf/of  W.D.  Kinard


EMMER THOMPSON  KINARD  8-23-1878  to 11-1-1878

*Infant  D/of  Jesse Jackson Kinard(1855-1958)  & Rebecca  E. Thomas Kinard(1858-1897)


EDDIE  MORGAN  KINARD  3-17-1869  to  8-25-1955

*S/of  William David Kinard(1841-1921) & Elizabeth Jane Alphin Kinard(1843-1897)

&  MARTHA  ANN  HARRELL  KINARD  4-1-1872  to  2-22-1961


GEORGE  GRAHAM  KINARD  5-16-1847  to  6-11-1923  'Mason'

*S/of  Wincy Ann Amelia Morgan Kinard (1826-1889) &  Daniel Kinard(1833-1899)

*Wincie A.M. Morgan Md:*1st Daniel Kinard  7/22/1843 Bibb Co.,AL

*2nd Jacob Kinard 11/10/1859 Union Co., AR

*Md: 12/24/1874  Union Co., AR    Book C-Page 443

&  HARRIET  ELVIRA  ALPHIN  KINARD   8-20-1852 AL  to  9-11-1929AR

*D/of  Julius  Samuel Alphin(1817-1891) & Martha Ann Phelan Alphen(1827-1878)

[Julius Alphin & Martha Phelan md: 12/29/1840 Shelby Co., AL- Book 1  Page 52]


HARVEY  MANSIE  KINARD   1878  to  1-29-1947   *ARDI  "Mason"

*S/of  George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) &  Hariett Elvira Alphin Kinard(1852-1929)

&  ANNIE  PAULINE  PROTHRO  KINARD   1881  to  1946

*D/of  William Henry Prothro(1856-1922) & Sarah Margaret Barkley Prothro(1862-1927)


Infant  KINARD  10-9-1898  to  10-11-1898

*S/of  Harvey M. Kinard  &  Annie Prothro Kinard


Infant  KINARD   b & d  5-11-1911

*S/of  S.B. &  L.G. Kinard


Infant  KINARD    b & d  1-5-1912

*D/of  Walter Garland Kinard  &  Jennie Young Kinard

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


(J.B.) JACOB  BASCOM  KINARD   12-10-1858  to  11-6-1926

*S/of  Martin Luther Kinard(1819-1865) & Sibba A. Dailey Kinard((1821-1877)

"At Rest"

ANNA  ELIZA  NEWSOM  KINARD   11-5-1868  to  10-13-1944

"A Most Noble Example Was Her Life"

*Children of J.B Kinard & Anna Eliza Kinard

*Both infants buried at "Old" Presbyterian Cemetery, El Dorado

*Mollie Kinard(1893-1893) & Vada/Vida Kinard(1895-1896)


(J.J.) JESSE JACKSON  KINARD   4-18-1855  to  12-19-1907

*S/of  Martin Luther Kinard(1819-1865) & Sibba A. Dailey Kinard(1821-1877)

"Husband & Wife"    "The Angles Called Them Home"

&  REBECCA  E. THOMAS  KINARD   8-14-1858  to  7-13-1897


JULIUS  LEONARD  KINARD    12-11-1875  to  1-24-1946

*S/of  George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) &  Hariett Elvira Alphin Kinard(1852-1929)

&  MARY  FRANCIS  PROTHRO  KINARD  10-10-1879  to  2-15-1967

'MAMIE'  *D/of  Wm. Henry Prothro(1856-1922) & Sarah Margaret Barkley Prothro(1862-1927)


MARY  ELLEN  KINARD   12-8-1872   to  10-12-1876

*D/of  William David Kinard(1841-1921) & Elizabeth Jane Alphin Kinard(1843-1897)


MARTIN  LUTHER KINARD   1819 SC  to  1865 AR

"In Memory of A Pioneer Patriot"

SIBBA  A.  DAILEY  KINARD    6-1-1821SC  to  8-29-1877 AR 

*Wf/of  M. L. Kinard

"A Faithful Friend. A Mother Dear.  A True Christian Lies Buried Here."


REBECCA  CORRIE  KINARD   12-14-1892  to  8-23-1893

*D/of  Robert Odie Kinard (1852-1924) & Margaret Susan Kelly  Kinard(1856-1922)


REBECCA  KINARD   12-19-1907  to  7-13-1987


ROBERT  CURTIS  KINARD   4-18-1927  to  11-13-1932

*S/of  Curtis Franklin Kinard(1906-2001) & Jessie Inez House Kinard(1907-1986)


ROBERT  ODIE  KINARD, Sr.  1852  to  1924 (No dates on headstone)

*S/of  Martin Luther Kinard(1819-1865) & Sibba A. Dailey Kinard(1821-1877)

MARGARET  SUSAN  KELLY  KINARD   Born 27th day of April 1856

Gone To Heaven  23rd  day  of  Feb 1922

(4-27-1856  to  2-23-1928)  *Wife of  R.O. KINARD.

*D/of Andrew J. Kelly(1827-1873) & Nancy Futch Kelly(1826-1862)


ROBERT  ODIE  KINARD, JR.    3-15-1881  to  10-25-1918   *WOW

*S/of  Robert Odie Kinard, Sr. (1852-1924) & Margaret Susan Kelly Kinard(1856-1922)

"A tender husband and faithful friend"

&  MINNIE  MAUD  MARRABLE  KINARD  2-5-1884  to  9-16-1980

*D/of  John Francis Marrable(1846-1908) & Sarah Lavinia Prothro Marrable(1850-1933)


ROSS  VANDON  KINARD   3-13-1902  to  7-26-1904

*S/of  Samuel E. Kinard(1856-1916) & Frances C. Ponder Kinard(1865-1927)


ROY  VERNON  KINARD   8-22-1887  to  10-5-1918 France

*S/of  George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) &  Hariett Elvira Alphin Kinard(1852-1929)

*H/of  Lydia Idell Combs Kinard (1890-1942)buried Old Parkers Chapel Cemetery

*D/of George Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929)

*Pvt Roy Vernon Kinard buried in Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery & Memorial,

Lorraine, France    *Plot A ~ Row 29 ~ Grave 33


RUFUS  A.  KINARD    7-27-1883  to  9-22-1909  *WOW

*S/of  Robert Odie Kinard(1852-1924)  &  Margret Susan Kelly(1856-1928)


SAMUEL  "BASCOM"  KINARD  7-14-1878  to  3-23-1919

*S/of  Robert Odie Kinard(1852-1924)  &  Margret  Susan Kelly Kinard(1856-1928)

*H/of  Lena C. Renfro(buried at Woodlawn) "An Affectionate Husband and Father"


WALTER  KINARD   2-24-1871  to  8-25-1873

*S/of  William David Kinard(1841-1921) & Elizabeth Jane Alphin Kinard(1843-1897)

WALTER  GARLAND  KINARD  11-22-1880  to  7-18-1949

*S/of  George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) &  Hariett Elvira Alphin Kinard(1852-1929)

"To Know Them Was To Love Them"

&  JENNIE  YOUNG  KINARD   3-14-1873  to  7-9-1939

*D/of  William Taylor Young(1850-1935) &  Nancy J. Yarbrough Young(1852-1937)


WILLIAM  DAVID  KINARD  1-4-1841 AL  to  8-8-1921 AR

*S/of  Martin L. Kinard(1819-1865) & Sibba Kinard(1821-1877) (Mason)


9-2-1897 AR



JAMES  SIDNEY  KING  7-14-1861  to  12-24-1938

&  CALLIE  VAN HOOK  KING   7-17-1865  to  10-20-1930

*D/of  R. C. Vanhook(1818-1899) & Mary Nichol Rhodes Vanhook(1835-1909)

*Wf/of  James Sidney King



JAMES  LEWIS  KOOMS, SR.  11-11-1915  to  1-12-2000

*S/of  Oscar Emanuel Kooms(1885-1946) & Helen E. Maxey Kooms(1882-1950)

*Md:1/5/1937      "Gone But Not Forgotten"

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  JEWEL  HUGHES  KOOMS  6-18-1922  to  3-5-2000


JERRY  DAN  KOOMS(64)  12-30-1947  to  12-7-2012  *OB

*S/of  James Lewis Kooms, Sr.  &  Jewel Hughes Kooms


ZACHARY  RICHARD  KOOMS  6-6-1993  (Child- one date)

"To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"



RONALD  EUGENE  LANE (64)  2-1-1947  to  5-11-2011

*S/of Charles Franklin Lane & Nellie Louise King Lane *Wife, Dovie King



JAMES  NATHAN  LASTER   11-30-1923  to  6-13-1984

*S/of James Laster (b:ca 1880 LA) & Alto E. Laster (b:ca 1896 AR)

*H/of  Adelle Elizabeth Hill Laster 11/4/1917  to  1/9/2012(Old Parkers Chapel)

*Adelle    Md: *1st Herman G. Lowery  *2nd James Nathan Laster


J.  LASTER    Iron marker   no dates



C.B.  LEE    1-7-1869  to  7-18-1891

*His obelisk tombstone has fallen off it's base-not erect


CHARLES  JUDSON  LEE  1-31-1913  to  2-27-1994

*S/of  William Henry Lee(1858-1927) & Elizabeth Maybelle Barksdale Lee(1879-1954)

&  DOVIE  EVERS  LEE  1-10-1913  to  10-28-1997

*D/of  Louis Benton Evers(1871-1938) & Laura Anne Gibson Evers(1875-?)


DANIEL  WEBSTER  LEE   12-1-1892  to  12-1-1917

*S/of  Thomas Samuel Lee(1871-1925) & Laura Eugenia Fomby Lee(1869-1958)

*Ark. Pvt. Sanitary Train, 89 Div., American Legion


HENRY  BENTON  LEE  2-9-1937  to  10-16-1968

*S/of  Charles Judson Lee(1913-1994) & Dovie Evers Lee(1913-1997)

"Son"   "At Rest"


RICHARD  BURRELL  LEE   1-20-1916  to  5-10-1962

*S/of  William Henry Lee(1858-1927) & Elizabeth Maybelle Barksdale Lee(1879-1954)

*2011-Death date now sunk below ground level-unreadable.


RICHARD  T.  LEE   11-21-1830SC   to  6-9-1890AR

*1st husband of Mary E. Lowry

MRS. MARY  E. LOWRY  LEE  TATUM  12-25-1850 NC  to  11-29-1927 AR

*Spouses:  *1st Richard T. Lee(1830-1890) *2nd George C. Tatum(1849-1923)



SAMUEL  E.  LEE    12-5-1867  to  11-11-1894

*S/of  Richard T. Lee(1830-1890) & Mary E. Lowry Lee Tatum (1850-1927)

*Broken stone-illegible


WILLIAM  HENRY  LEE   10-26-1858   to  8-29-1927

*S/of  Richard T. Lee(1830-1890) & Mary E. Lowry Lee Tatum(1850-1927)


to   11-13-1954




JOHN  CHARLES  LINDER, JR.   4-1-1949  to   12-28-1989

*S/of  John Charles Linder(1920-1981) & Rosemary Chinn Linder Coleman(1923-2003)


JOHN  CHARLES  LINDER   7-2-1920  to  7-8-1981

*S/of Louis Franklin Linder(1897-1932) & Lovie Lee Nolan Linder(1898-1959)

*H/of  Rosemary Chinn Linder Coleman(1923-2003) *Buried Woodlawn

* TEC5  U.S. Army  WW II  "Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go"


LOUIS  FRANKLIN  LINDER  8-12-1897 to 12-10-1932 *WOW

*S/of  Thomas Isaac Linder(1870-1899)  &  Martha P. Tubbs Buswell(1870-1940)

*H/of  Lovie Lee Nolan

"Thy Face Is Graven On My Heart.  Thy Voice Rings In My Soul."

LOVIE  LEE  NOLAN  LINDER   2-1-1898 LA  to  8-1-1959 AR

*D/of John T. Nolan(1854-1927) & Frances A. Holloway Nolan(1856-1937)

*Wf/of  Louis Franklin Linder

"Faithful To Her Trust Even Unto Death . Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend."



ASA  S.  LOCKWOOD    8-17-1902  to  3-28-1963

"Our Loving Dad"

*Spouses: 1st wife, Floy Kinard Meeks(1906-1968)(buried Arlington)

*D/of  Ella Kinard(b:ca 1884 MS) & John W. Kinard(1873-1940)

*2nd wf, Pauline McKenzie Lockwood (2/11/1905LA  to  3/15/1988 TX)

*D/of Clarence Matthew McKenzie(1879-1958) & Vina Parlee Smith McKenzie(1885-1957)



MALCOLM  CARNES  LOWE, JR.   8-12-1920  to  7-12-2005

*S/of  Malcolm Carnes Lowe, Sr. & Katherine Jones Lowe.  *ob


&  EMMA  GENE  PERDUE  LOWE, JR.   2-28-1919  to 5-9-2008 *ob

*D/of  Claude Arthur Perdue(1881-1944) & Eunice Corrine VanHook Perdue(1883-1979)

*Wf/of  Malcolm Carnes Lowe, Jr.



RUTH  M.  LUCAS    9-18-1927  to  11-11-1984

"Wife and Grannie"  "Precious Mother"



HERSHEL  BROWN  LYLE   9-9-1884 MS  to  2-28-1955 AR

*S/of  Matthew Lyle(1855-1927) & Mattie Helen Eley Lyle (1859-1945)

*Md:10/23/1906  "Kitty"  Beaty

&  SARAH  CATHERINE "KITTY"  BEATY  LYLE  12-31-1887  to  12-11-1963

*D/of  Walter Landrum Beaty (1856-1943) & Mary Catherine Kelly Beaty (1853-1921)


JESSIE  BROWN  LYLE    1911  to  1941

*D/of  Hershel Brown Lyle(1884-1955) & Sarah Catherine Beaty Lyle(1887-1963)


JOHN  H.  LYLE     7-7-1896   to  8-7-1973

*S/of Mathew Lyle(1855-1927) & Mattie Helen Eley Lyle(1859-1945)

*1st H/of Juliaette Marrable Lyle DeCelle


MATHEW  LYLE    5-29-1855   to   2-8-1927

*S/of Lewis Brown Lyle(1821-1897) & Eliza Dorsett Lyle(1827-1902)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  MATTIE  HELEN  ELEY  LYLE   12-23-1859 MS  to  12-28-1945 AR




CHATWIN  E.  MARRABLE  10-8-1893  to  11-9-1979

*S/of  William D. Marrable(1839-1922)  &  Julia L. Prothro Marrable(1848-1924)


JIMMIE  NEAL  MURPH  MARRABLE   6-23-1898  to 10-29-1973

*D/of  William Hendrix Murph(1855-1926) & Emily Alene Blann Murph(1872-1933)

*Wf/of  Chatwin Marrable


JAMES  IVAN  MARRABLE  3-11-1922  to  5-29-1999  'Daddy'

*S/of  Chatwin E. Marrable & Jimmie Neal Murph Marrable

& ALTA  MARIE  TUCKER  MARRABLE  6-7-1921 to  2-19-2008

*D/of  Dennis W. Tucker(1890-1948) & Allie Eugenia Russell Johnston(1896-1978)

'Mother'  *Age 86


JOHN  FRANCIS  MARRABLE    3-7-1846  to  2-18-1908

"MINNIE"  PROTHRO  MARRABLE  10-17-1850  to  3-9-1933


*D/of  Judge Clayton Prothro(1825-1874) & Frances H. Bussey Prothro(1831-1873)


MINNIE  M. MARRABLE  10-24-1878  to  12-28-1970

*D/of  William D. Marrable(1839-1922)  &  Julia  L. Marrable(1848-1924)



WILLIAM  D.  MARRABLE(83)  1839 AL   to  1922 AR

*H/of  Julia L. Prothro Marrable  *Of the Christadelphian  faith

*Pvt. Co. A  LA  Partisan Rangers CSA or  Pvt  1  Ark  Inf

JULIA  L. PROTHRO  MARRABLE   2-21-1848  to  1-24-1924

*D/of  Judge Clayton Prothro(1825-1874) & Frances H. Bussey Prothro(1831-1873)

*Wf/of  William D. Marrable



JOE  MATHEWS   7-13-1870 TX  to  8-10-1936 AR

*Buried in the "Crow" plot

MARGRETTA  "ELMIRA"  PERRY  CROW  MATHEWS 7-8-1873  to  11-4-1954

*D/of  Benjamin Joseph Perry(1842-1916) & Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)

*Elmira Md:(*1st) Peter Crow(1870-1898) (*2nd ) Joe Mathews

*M/of  Ruby Mathews Aycock   *Margretta Mathews is buried in the "Crow plot" along

with her daughter, Ruby, & husband, Joe Mathews; also with Chester & Blanche Vines Crow.



ANNIE  LEE  MAYFIELD   9-27-1862   to  8-31-1952

*2nd Wf/of Hugh Andrew Mayfield (1858-1927) buried Caledonia Cemetery

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



FREDRICK  OMAR  McCUTCHEON   5-29-1916  to  7-25-1985

*U.S. Army  WW II     *Md:10/2/1941   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  LOLA  MAE  SWEET  McCUTCHEON  11-14-1917  to  5-25-1985

*D/of  Carrie Charlotta Thomas Sweet Hansen(1892-1971)



JAMES  B. "JIM"  McKAY    8-30-1894  to  4-9-1980

*S/of James S. McKay (1842-1914)    *Pvt. WW I  U.S. Army



JOHN  GOTEA  McKNIGHT    July 1867  to  2-17-1945 *ARDI

*S/of Benjamin F. McKnight(1835-1909) & Mary Jane Stegall McKnight(1842-1883)

*1st  Wf/of  John Gotea McKnightLavinia Harris McKnight(1870-1891

*2nd Wf/of  John Gotea McKnightMary Carolyn 'Mollie' Myers(1876-1928)


5-9-1876 MO  to  5-19-1928 AR



BENJAMIN  FRANKLIN  MERRITT, JR.  1-19-1932  to  2-27-1992

*S/of  Ben F. Merritt(1887-1945) & Sybil Dee Burton Merritt(1900-1971)

"Papa Is Away But Never Forgotten"

& MABLE  JEAN  BARBAREE  MERRITT  4-1-1931  to  3-14-1997

*D/of  Aubrey A. Barbaree(1909-1992) & Lucille Perry Barbaree(1913-1999)

"Mothers Talent And Loving Kindness Lives On In Our Hearts"



MARY  EVA  PERDUE  MILES (HOGUE)  5-12-1910  to  3-17-1990

*D/of  Bailey Walter Perdue(1865-1941) &  Mary Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942)

*Md: *1st  Godfrey Beecher Miles (1895-1966)

*Md: *2nd  John D. Hogue  (1911-1994)

"Precious Memories"


MARY  MILES    b & d  5-20-1943

*Infant D/of  Godfrey B. &  Mary Miles



MARIE  MILLS  5-1-1921  to  12-9-1926

*D/of  Jacob C. Elija Mills(1889-1965) &  Addie Mae Mills(1900-1981)



ILSON  JERL  MITCHELL, SR.   11-12-1917  to  1-26-2000

*S/of  Isaac Jerome Mitchell(1891-1965) & Minnie L. Mitchell(1887-1979)

*US  Army   WW II   Purple Heart     "Gone To A Better Land"



THOMAS  CHARLES  MORGAN   10-12-1895  to  2-16-1958

*S/of Frances  "Fannie" B. Jobe Morgan(1868-1931)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

& WILLIE  CASTLEBERRY  MORGAN   6-25-1898  to  3-25-1960



HURCHEL  FELTON  MORRIS   9-5-1921   to  5-14-1922


LOUIE  WATSON  MORRIS  b:12-4-1883  *No dates  on headstone

"Father" and four sons

& IBERA  SINN   MORRIS  "Mother"

"In Loving Memory"


WILLIAM  IRA  MORRIS, JR.   b  &  d   8-25-1926



GEORGE  A.  MOSS   9-1-1897  to  10-9-1966

*Md:6/30/1942  Cornelia T. Draper Greenlee

&  CORNELIA TEMPIE  DRAPER  GREENLEE  MOSS  12-5-1893  to  2-4-1980

*D/of  Minnie Dunbar Draper(1876-1932) &  James Henry Draper(1865-1946)

*Spouses: *1st James Arthur Greenlee(1883-1929) *2nd  George A. Moss(1897-1966

*James Arthur buried at Smyrna Cemetery, Union County, AR


ANGELA  LYNN  MUCKLERATH   9-10-1969  to  6-13-1977

"Nite, Nite – Sleep Tight  Sweet Dreams – See You In The Morning"



RAYMOND  LEON  MURRY, SR. (66) 9-18-1943  to  12-16/17-2009

*S/of Elton Leon Murry & Rose Louise Joyner Murry   *Wife, Suzy Murry



W.  SCOTT  MURRAY  "SCOTTY"   1-11-1970  to  5-29-2001

"Be Waiting By Heaven's Window.  We'll See You Tomorrow.



CARL  EUGENE  'GENE'  NASH (74) 3-28-1938  to  5-21-2012  *OB

*S/of  Carl & Edith Nash  *Md:6/26/1957   *Wife, Lillian Ann Howell Nash

&  (LILLIAN)  ANN  HOWELL  NASH   2-2-1941  (One date)


CARL  NASH  12-21-1905  to  12-25-1978

&  EDITH  SCOTT  NASH  2-24-1919  to  5-13-1995

*D/of  Robert Lee Scott(1872-1941) & Susan Catherine Perry Scott(1875-1972)


Infant  NASH  1-7-1940  to  1-10-1940

*D/of Carl Nash(1905-1978) & Edith Scott Nash(1919-1995)


ELLA VINES  NASH   8-12-1867  to  1-12-1900

*Wf/of  James F. Nash (1858-1934)(buried Olive Branch Methodist Cemetery)


EUDORA  LUCINDA  PERRY  NASH   3-12-1872  to  11-14-1902

*D/of Benjamin Joseph Perry(1842-1916) &  Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)

*Wf/of  Henry Wilson Nash


SARAH  H.  NASH   6-12-1877  to 3-30-1894

*D/of  Franklin &  L. M. Nash



(A.G.) ARTHUR G.  NEWTON   9-19-1854  to  11-12-1907 *WOW

*Wife, Fannie Prothro Newton(1866-1968) buried in Jonesboro Cemetery, Jackson Parish, LA



JASPER  PAUL  NOLAN   8-5-1894   to  1-13-1975

*S/of John T. Nolan(1854-1927) &  Frances A. Holloway Nolan(1856-1937)

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

&  JOHNNIE  I. WYNN  NOLAN    1-22-1900  to  10-2-1973

*D/of  Jack L. Wynn(1851-1918) & Ithima Rehabiah Pearson Wynn(1859-1900)



MELISSA  MURRAY  NORRIS    1-5-1974  to  4-23-2009

"Love Never Fails"



ARTA  AURTHOR  OLSON   d:1952  (One date)  *MM

*S/of Martin Olson(1858-1916) & Dora Ettie Gossett Olson (1864-1900)

*In Memory of  OLSON  and  SHANNON  (No dates or given names-

Flat, square, abt 18x18 marble or granite stone inset in a concrete square)

*At the bottom of marker on opposite corners are Mortuary Markers for


*See under SHANNON 

CARRIE  LEE  OLSON  SHANNON   4-7-1886  to  11-20-1963

*Wife of  Henry Hayden Shannon(10/14/1882  to  6/11/1928)      "In Loving Memory"


DORA  ETTIE  GOSSETT  OLSON (39) b:ca 1864 TN to  12-10-1900

*D/of  W.H. Gossett, of Union City,TN   *Death date only

MARTIN  M.  OLSON   1858  to  1916   *Age 66  Native of Sweden

*Age 66  Native of Sweden / Of Alabama Twsp., Nevada County, Ark.

*S/of  Ola Martinson Ollson & Anne Ollson of Sweden; Parents of 13 children.

*Md: in 1881 to Miss Etta Dora Gassett (b:1864 TN)


OLSON  Plot- no names or dates



GENEVA  JANE  OWENS   d:11-22-1937

JAMES  DAVID  OWENS   d:10-22-1939



Infant  twins  PARKER   d: 7-16-195?

*Twins of  Mr & Mrs  James W. Parker


JAMES  WILLIAM  PARKER   11-26-1929   to  3-27-1988

*S/of  Cora Florine Greenlee Stroud(1912-1978)

*U.S. Navy -  Korea   "We Will Meet Again"



EVERETT  B.  PAXTON   7-25-1889  to  12-22-1963

*S/of John Sampson Paxton(1866-1942) & Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Blissett Paxton(1872-1939)

"We Will Meet Again"

& VIRGIE  CUMMINGS  PAXTON   2-27-1893  to  8-19-1967

*D/of John Marshall Cummings(1833-1911) & Sarah Bush Cummings(1853-1940)


EVERETT  MONROE  PAXTON  9-29-1919  to  3-15-1955

*S/of  E.B. Paxton(1889-1963) & Virgie C.  Paxton(1893-1967)

*Spouse- Ossie Staggs Paxton Vines (1921-2006) *Buried Rest Haven

*Ark TEC5 HQ, Co 60 Signal BN, WW  II


Infant  PAXTON   d: 1-11-1942

*D/of  Everett & Ossie Paxton


JOHN  SAMPSON  PAXTON   8-8-1866  to  7-27-1942

*S/of  Joseph  S. Paxton & Harriett P. Ramsey Paxton

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  'MOLLIE'  BLISSETT   PAXTON   12-13-1872 MS  to  5-5-1939

"Mary "Mollie" Elizabeth Blissett Paxton"


LESTER  LEE  PAXTON, SR.  4-20-1915  to 10-29-1970 "Mason"

*S/of  Everett B. Paxton(1889-1963) & Virgie Cummings Paxton(1893-1967)

*Arkansas  S1  U.S. Navy-WWII  (his military marker gives birth year as 1914)

&  CATHERINE  STAGGS  PAXTON    1-29-1919  to  8-1-2007

*D/of Maggie Lee Crumpler Staggs(1891-1978)

"Eastern Star"  "In God's Care"


LESTER  PAXTON, JR.   1-15-1940  (One date)

*S/of Lester Lee Paxton,Sr.& Catherine Staggs Paxton


ROY  PAXTON  2-18-1927  to  9-15-1929

*S/of  E.B. & Virgie Cupp Paxton


VERA  CUPP  PAXTON   6-18-1911  to  10-17-1936

*(Euna) Vera Cupp Md:1930 William Clyde Paxton

*D/of Julius Morrison Cupp(ca 1877 LA to 1924) & Eunice Shepherd Cupp(ca 1889)

*Vera has a sister, Virginia Cupp(b:ca 1915)

"Her Life an ideal, her memory an inspiraton"



THOMAS  PEDERSON  3-9-1938  "Infant"



CLARENCE  ADRIAN  PEPPER   3-30-1900  to   9-14-1977

*S/of Elijah Lafayette Pepper(1859-1936) & Martha Jane Atkins Pepper(1863-1943)

"Forever Remembered In The Arms of The Lord"  *H/of Lottie E. Smith Pepper

LOTTIE  E.  SMITH  PEPPER   9-7-1907  to  10-12-1996

*D/of  Jefferson Davis Smith & Susan E. Vines Smith (1873-1944)

*Wf/of  Clarence Adrian Pepper

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"



BEATRICE  W. PERDUE   2-8-1888  to  3-10-1922

*Wf/of  Lloyd Perdue   "Gone But Not Forgotten"


BILLY  GENE  PERDUE   1-27-1930  (One date)

*S/of  Cawthon Bailey Perdue(1896-1972) & Lillian Etta Lockwood Perdue(1896-1944)

*Headstone near Marcella Mitchell Perdue


BAILEY WALTER (B.W.)  PERDUE  11-5-1865  to 11-27-1941"Father"

*S/of John Bailey Perdue,Jr. (ca 1825-1902)& Rachel L. Baddy Perdue(ca 1832- ?)

"Not Our Will But Thine Be Done"

AMANDA  A. PERKINS  PERDUE   11-1-1872  to 10-26-1899

*1st  Wf/of  Bailey W. Perdue

MARY  ETTA  BELL  PERDUE   7-8-1875  to 12-10-1942"Mother"

*2nd  Wf/of  Bailey W. Perdue   "Not Our Will But Thine Be Done"


(C.B.) CAWTHON  B.   PERDUE   3-3-1896  to  3-15-1972  "Daddy"

*Arkansas Pvt. 144  Spruce  SQ  WW I    "We Loved Him A Lot But God Loved Him More"

LILLIAN  ETTA  LOCKWOOD PERDUE   5-13-1896  to  12-28-1944 "Mother"

"A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"   *Marker beside C. B. Perdue

GENEVA  MILLER  PERDUE    7-20-1908  to  3-22-1989  "At Rest"

*"Lillie" Geneva headstone beside Cawthon B. Perdue Military marker.


CLAUDE ARTHUR  PERDUE, SR.  6-22-1881 to 10-20-1944 *WOW

*S/of William Columbus Perdue(1853-1938) & Emma Frances Morgan Perdue(1859-1891)

&  EUNICE  CORINEE VAN HOOK  PERDUE  11-19-1883  to 12-24-1979

*D/of  Robert Rhodes VanHook(1856-1936) & M.A. Protho VanHook(1853-1920)

*Parents of 10 children


CLAUDE  ARTHUR  PERDUE, JR.   8-29-1908  to  2-6-2004

*S/of  Claude Arthur Perdue & Eunice Van Hook Perdue  "We Will Meet Again"

&  ERMA  JANE  BAUMAN  PERDUE, JR.   12-8-1912  to  8-1-2001


CORA  W.   PERDUE   1-15-1864  to  3-4-1913  (stone is broken)

*D/of  Thomas Perdue(1833-1899) & Nancy Wilson Perdue(1835-1915)

*2nd  of three wives of James Madison Perdue;


EARL  VANHOOK  PERDUE, SR.  10-7-1916  to  1-10-2000

*S/of  Claude Arthur Perdue & Eunice  Corrine VanHook Perdue

"Loving Husband, Father And Friend"

&  ALICE  MARIE  COTTRELL  PERDUE, SR.   3-16-1914 to 11-13-1990

*D/of  William David Cottrell(1874-1929) & Martha Ida Bishop Cottrell(1878-1933)l

"Gentel, Kind, Mother & Wife.  Faithful Friend"


ETTER  C.  PERDUE   9-29-1902  to  1-2-1903

*Infant D/of  Bailey W. Perdue(1865-1941) & Mary Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942)


FELSTON "JACK"  PERDUE    8-21-1906  to  5-2-1994

*S/of  Claude Arthur Perdue(1881-1944) &  Eunice Corinee VanHook Perdue(1883-1979)


& LORENE  CHANEY "ANGIE" PERDUE  10-12-1914  to  7-13-1988

*D/of  Lenier W. Chaney(1872-1939) & Maude Ardell McKinney Chaney(1875-1968)


FLORENCE  E.  ARMER  PERDUE   1-16-1861  to  10-29-1902

*D/of Joseph Armer(1824-1882) & *1st wife, Martha Jane Perdue Armer (1837-1866)

*Joseph Armer buried Champagnolle Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Wf/of  James Madison  Perdue (1852-1937)


GLOVER  PERDUE   3-16-1910  to  6-9-1913

*S/of  James Walter Perdue(1883-1972) & Bamma V. Hearin Perdue(1886-1976)


GRADY  L.  PERDUE   1-19-1908  to  1-19-1965

*S/of  James Walter Perdue(1883-1972) & Bamma Hearin Perdue(1886-1976)

*H/of  Dova Bass  "Although You Are Gone Your Memories Live On"


HUBERT  WILSON  PERDUE   10-3-1912  to 7-12-1981

*S/of  James Walter Perdue(1883-1972) & Bamma V. Hearin Perdue(1886-1976)

*TEC 5  U.S. Army   *2011 Grown over with grass, difficult to read

&  AGNES  NEW McCULLAR  PERDUE  7-12-1912  to  7-25-2003


JAMES  ALBERT  PERDUE   10-27-1922  to  5-7-1981

*S/of  Claude Arthur Perdue(1881-1944) & Eunice Corinee VanHook Perdue(1883-1979)

"In Loving Memory"


JAMES  MADISON  PERDUE    9-15-1852  to  3-2-1937

*H/of  Florence E. Armer Perdue(1861-1902)

"Another Link Is Broken In Our Beloved Band.

A Golden Chain Is Forming In A Better Land."

&  STEWARD  MARVIN  PERDUE   4-10-1890  to  2-9-1939

*S/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) & Florence E.  Perdue(1861-1902)

*ARK  Wagoner 162 Depot Brigade  WW I

"Another Link Is Broken In Our Beloved Band.

A Golden Chain Is Forming In A Better Land."


JAMES  MONROE  PERDUE   11-6-1877  to  11-6-1958

*Wife, Beulah Walker Hill Perdue buried at Arlington

"A  LOVING FATHER"  "Though Gone From Sight To Me Memory Dear"


JAMES  WALTER  PERDUE   1-25-1883   to  11-12-1972 "Father"

*S/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) &  Florence E. Armer Perdue(1860-1902)

&  BAMMA  V.  HEARIN  PERDUE   2-23-1886  to  3-5-1976 "Mother"

*D/of  Robert J. Hearin (ca 1841 LA) & Eugenia A. Lowry Hearin(1853 NC)


JIMMIE  MARRABLE  PERDUE  12-31-1866  to  12-1-1953

*D/of  William D.  Marrable(1839-1922) &  Julia L. Marrable(1848-1924)

*Wf/of  William Columbus Perdue     "I Have Kept The Faith"


(J.T.) JOSEPH  THOMAS PERDUE   7-7-1885  to  2-20-1906

*S/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) &  Florence E. Armer Perdue(1860-1902)


MANNIE  B.  PERDUE  12-6-1897  to  1-19-1918

*D/of  Bailey Walter Perdue(1865-1941) & Amanda A. Perkins Perdue(1872-1899)


MARCELLA  MITCHELL  PERDUE  10-24-1938  (One date)

*Headstone  next to Billy Gene Perdue *Wf/of  Billy Gene Perdue


MARSELLE  PERDUE   1-3-1900  to  9-17-1905

*D/of  James Monroe Perdue(1877-1958) & Beulah Walker Hill Perdue(1879-1963)


MARIE  PERDUE   8-4-1917  to  9-19-1923

*D/of  James Walter Perdue(1883-1972) & Bamma Hearin Perdue(1886-1976)


NANCY  SUE  PERDUE    6-16-1938

*D/of  Claude Arthur Perdue, Jr. & Erma Jane Bauman Perdue


'OLGA'  MARSELLE   PERDUE   1-3-1900  to  9-17-1905

*D/of  James Monroe Perdue(1877-1958)  & Beulah Walker Hill Perdue


RACHEL  R.  PERDUE   1-31-1901  to  4-18-1901

*Infant D/of  B. W. Perdue(1865-1941) & Mary Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942)


RUTH  L.  PERDUE    8-4-1914  to  1-29-1918

*D/of  Bailey W. Perdue(1865-1941) & Mary Etta Bell Perdue(1875-1942)

*No dates on stone-info from family files


STEPHEN  CAWTHON  PERDUE   1-29-1948  to  8-3-1987

"Those we love can never be more than a thought apart,

For as long as there is Memory, They'll live on in the Heart."


THOMAS  HARRY  PERDUE   8-18-1904  to  10-22-1976

*S/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) & *2nd wife, Cora W. Perdue(1864-1913)

*Pvt. U.S. Army  WW II


WALLACE  E.  PERDUE   5-31-1897   to  10-4-1903

*S/of  James Madison Perdue(1852-1937) & Florence E Armer Perdue(1861-1902)


W.C.  PERDUE  "LUM"   10-16-1853  to  3-13-1938

(Wm. Columbus Perdue)    "One Worthy of Remembrance"

ESTELLE  PROTHRO   PERDUE   2-22-1869  to  10-3-1902

*Wf/of  W. C. Perdue    "We Will Meet Again"



'Rev.'  BENJAMIN  J.  PERRY   2-5-1842  to  2-18-1916

*Only  S/of  Eziekiel Perry(1804-1857) &  Rebecca May Perry (1807-1857)

LUCINDA  CAROLINE  PERDUE  PERRY  4-27-1843  to  9-2-1915

*Wf/of  Benjamin  J. Perry   *D/of  John Perdue & *3rd wife, Mary Murphy


BENJAMIN  CHARLES  PERRY  6-13-1885  to  5-21-1975

*S/of  Benj. Joseph Perry(1842-1916) & Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)


&  OLLIE  E. HALL  PERRY    8-24-1890   to  2-21-1961

*D/of  Edward Harrison Hall, Sr. (1853-1926) & Cene Marsaline Hogg Hall(1857-1911)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


CARRI  EUGENIA  PERRY    1-2-1878  to  11-21-1880

*D/of  Benjamin Joseph Perry(1842-1916) & Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)


CHARLES  WALTON  PERRY   10-29-1910  to  11-21-1910

*S/of  Benjamin Charles Perry(1885-1975) & Ollie E. Hall Perry(1890-1961)

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


JOHN  HARRISON  PERRY  3-15-1887  to  6-25-1888

*S/of  William Harrison Perry(1867-1943) & Emma Margaret Reese Perry(1866-1908)


MARTHA  ELIZABETH  PERRY  10-18-1876   to  1-18-1877

*D/of  Benjamin  Joseph Perry(1842-1916) & Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)


NOLAN  CRAWFORD  PERRY  6-22-1920  to  9-7-1921

*S/of  Benjamin Charles Perry(1885-1975) & Olive(Ollie) E. Hall Perry(1890-1961)

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


WILLIAM  NEAL  PERRY    8-15-1917  to  3-8-1976  "Mason"

*S/of  Benjamin Charles Perry(1885-1975) & Olive(Ollie) E. Hall Perry(1890-1961)

*Spouses:Melba Rogers Dopson / Catherine Idell Andrews / Irma Lee Tuberville

*F2  US Navy  WW II

&  IRMA  LEE  TURBERVILLE  PERRY   5-3-1927  to  11-12-1986

*D/of  Edgar J. Turberville  & Mary Emma Roberson Turberville   "Eastern Star"

"Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done"



AMOUS  V.  PHELAN   1801  to  1883 "Grandpa"

*Amous Phelan shares an obelisk headstone with Julius Alphin & Martha Alphin

*F/of  Martha Phelan Alphin.



PHILLIPS   3-18-1918  (One date)  Grave covered with concrete slab.


JEFFIE  THOMAS  PHILLIPS    2-19-1891   to  2-11-1974

*S/of  Elijah Franklin Phillips(1852-1918) & Mary Elizabeth Sanford Phillips(1854-1900)

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"

&  MARTHA  JANE  SLATER  PHILLIPS   6-20-1905  to  2-20-1993

*D/of Robert W. Slater(1876-1953) & Alice Camilia Davidson Slater(1885-1971)


JESSIE  THOMAS  PHILLIPS   6-6-1931  to  6-30-1934



WILBUR  WESLEY  PLATT   12-31-1919  to  2-24-2009

*S/of  Edward Ernest Platt(1873-1963) & Sarah Velma Edwards Platt(1888-1965)

*Md:10/26/1946   Dorothy Carmen Marrable

& DOROTHY  MARRABLE  PLATT  12-6-1928  to 10-12-2003

*D/of  Chatwin E. Marrable(1893-1979) & Jimmie Neal Murph Marrable(1898-1973)



BONNIE  JUNE  PONDER    1927  to  1929


MAE  FLORENCE  LYLE  PONDER  5-16-1891 to 8-27-1967

*D/of  Mathew Lyle(1855-1927) & Mattie Helen Eley Lyle(1859-1945)

*1st  Wf/of  Julius James Ponder(12/25/1886  to 8/8/1966)

*Buried Arlington Memorial Park, El Dorado



HOMER  "OKLAHOMA"  POST    6-23-1906  to  3-17-1973

*S/of  John Sidney Post(1845-1907) & Mary Clemmie Telford Ogden(1871-1953)

&  VIOLA  WILLIAMS   POST   2-28-1912  to  5-30-1989

*D/of  Joseph Roscoe Williams(1874-1959) & Pearl Wood Williams(1887-1975)



BENJAMIN  BUSSEY  PROTHRO  11-6-1859  to  1-28-1943

*S/of  Judge Clayton Prothro(1825-1874) & Frances H. Bussey Prothro(1831-1873)


(W.H.) WILLIAM  HENRY  PROTHRO  6-16-1856  to  1-16-1922

*S/of  Judge Clayton Prothro(1825-1874) & Frances H. Bussey Prothro(1831-1873)

"Death loves a shining  ?____"

SARAH  MARGARET BARKLEY  PROTHRO   5-26-1862  to  1-11-1927

*D/of  Jeremiah George Barkley(1833-1917) & Mary Ann Traywick Barkley(1832-1914)

*Wf/of  W.H. Prothro   "Asleep in Jesus Peace-ful rest, whose waking is supremely blest



Infant  PROTZ   d: 5-21-1927

*S/of Carl & Lucy Protz


KARL  FREDERICK  PROTZ  11-19-1889   to  9-21-1935

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


to  6-20-1987   

*D/of  Robert Lee Scott(1872-1941) & Susan Catherine Perry Scott(1875-1972)  

*Spouses: *1st Karl Frederick Protz(1889-1935) *2nd James Ruel Lee(1902-1953)



VERA  VIOLA  PHILLIPS  RAMBIN   3-14-1927 LA to  5-10-1987 AR

*Wf/of  William Wallace Goley(1909-1969)*Roselawn Cenetery, Union Co.,AR

"Love Helps Me Try It. It Will Help You Too."



BELA  BENJAMIN  RHODES   5-21-1911  to  4-8-1985

*S/of Simeon Benjamin Rhodes(1860-1921) & Rena Adeline McKnight Rhodes(1882-1968)

&  CATHARINE  BEATRICE  PERDUE  RHODES  12-22-1918  to  5-2-1991

*D/of Loyd Leonard Perdue(1894-1972) & Beatrice Woolsey Perdue(1888-1922)

*Inscription:  "I Thee Wed  July 24, 1933"


STEVEN  BRYAN  RHODES   6-18-1952  to  10-18-2008


"I will not die, but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done." Ps. 118;17

&  SUSAN  IRENE  RHODES   5-28-1950  (One date)

*4  lasered photos on headstone.



ROY  THOMAS  RISINGER  "Tommy"   3-18-1965  to  6-12-1988




SIBBIE  KINARD ROBERSON   1875   to  1904

*D/of  William David Kinard(1841-1921) & Elizabeth Jane Alphin Kinard(1843-1897)

*Wife of  James Z.  Roberson (2/18/1859  to  7/16/1921)

*Buried Courtney Cemetery, Ashley Co., AR



J.B.  ROGERS    d:1-9-1938  (One date)


L.  EARL  ROGERS, SR.    9-18-1901  to  11-18-1954

Mrs.  GERTRUDE  ROGERS   1902  to 1969  (no tombstone, just *MM)


WILEY  BERRY  ROGERS   11-6-1903  to  10-16-1966

*Wiley was born in Port Gibson, MS & died in Marshall, TX

*Suicide by gun shot.

*S/of  Tyra Leo Rogers, Sr.(1875-1952)  &  Katie Shannon Rogers(1879-1960)

*H/of Vernetta I. Cook Rogers (1908-1984)*Delhi Masonic Cemetery, LA

*Wiley Berry Rogers md: Vernetta's Cook between 1930-40

*Vernetta md:4/21/1929 Miller Co., AR Grafton Rogers(1906-1977) brother

of  Wiley Berry Rogers(1903-1966)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



IRENE  OLSON  ROSS   d:1944  (One date)  *MM marker

*See below "In Memory of Olson and Shannon"



ADDIE  MAY  RUFF   8-7-1886  to  4-3-1899

*D/of  Frank  &  C.M. Ruff



ROBERT  LEE  SCOTT  2-29-1872  to  3-7-1941

*S/of Jesse Spencer Taylor Scott(1845-1915) & Martha Jane Moss Scott(1851-1932)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  SUSAN CATHERINE  PERRY  SCOTT   2-14-1875  to  9-17-1972

"KATE"  *D/of  Rev. Benjamin Joseph Perry(1842-1916)& Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)


ROBERT  E.  'BUDDY' SCOTT, SR. (72) 7-20-1940  to  4-25-2013 *OB

*S/of Robert Lee Scott, Jr. & Willie Mae Woolsey Scott

*Wife of 51 yrs, Jane J. Brandon  Scott;   *US  Air Force-SAC


SUSAN  L.  SCOTT    4-8-1895  to  8-18-1915

*D/of  Robert  Lee Scott  &  Susan Catherine "Kate" Perry Scott


Infant  SCOTT    7-12-1937

*S/of  Robert Lee Scott(1913-1987) &  Willie M. Woolsey Scott(1919-2009)

Infant  SCOTT    9-6-1941

*S/of  Robert Lee Scott(1913-1987) &  Willie M. Woolsey Scott(1919-2009)



(C.J.) CHARLES  JACKSON  SEGERS    7-13-1874  to 10-17-1955

*S/of  Joseph U. Segers(1854-1907) & Mary J. Bridges Segers(1854-1946)



CARRIE  LEE  OLSON  SHANNON   4-7-1886  to  11-20-1963

*Wife of  Henry Hayden  Shannon(10/14/1882 to  6/11/1928)      "In Loving Memory"

*Henry buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs, AR

*In Memory of  OLSON  and  SHANNON

(No dates or given names- Flat, square, abt 18x18 marble or

granite stone inset in a concrete square)

*At the bottom of marker on opposite corners are Mortuary

Markers for


*See listing under OLSON.




*Laura md: *1st James. Arnold  *2nd Virgil Shelton



JAMES  WINFIELD  SLAYTER   8-6-1850  to  8-11-1878

*Age 28 yrs-5 days

*Wife Louisa Wallace Van Hook Slayter Nelson 7/20/1852  to  12/17/1940 Ouachita Parish, LA

*Louisa Md:1st 1/13/1876 James Winfield Slayter  Union Co., AR

*Louisa Md:2nd time in 1883 to James Hardy Nelson(1844-1911)

*D/of Robert Calvin Van Hook(1818-1899) & Mary Nichol Rhodes Van Hook

*Louisa Wallace Van Hook Slayter Nelson buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado, AR



CATHERINE  PAXTON  SMITH (88) 1-29-1919  to  8-1-2007 *ob


GEORGE  W.  SMITH    7-14-1888  to  12-10-1941

&  CORA  THOMPSON   SMITH   4-20-1890  to  6-27-1969


MARY  E. SMITH   7-6-1893  to  7-4-1895

*D/of  W.H. & P.R. Smith


ROLAND  BENTON  SMITH   1-28-1856  to  12-17-1913

*S/of Joel Smith(1818-1883) & Mary Anne McLelland Smith(1821-1910)

*Headstone broken-top half kinda buried in the dirt.


RUBEN  WILLIAM "SMITTY"  SMITH  11-20-1922  to  3-10-2007

*S/of  Cora Thompson Smith (1890-1969) & George W. Smith(1888-1941)


&  SANDRA  VARNELL  SMITH  9-10-1948  (One date)

*Photos embedded on tombstone



RALPH  ELTON  STEELMAN   1-4-1911  to  12-28-1983

*S/of  Blake Steelman(ca 1877-ca 1913) & Sarah Elizabeth Murphy Steelman Perdue(1875-1940)


&  BESSIE AVA NELSON  STEELMAN  4-30-1921  to  1-25-2005  *ob

*D/of  Charles Amasa Nelson(1887-1956) & Irene Perdue Nelson(1882-1942)

*Wf/of  Ralph Steelman.  *Bessie was a twin to Jessie Nelson Burnett.

*Death date not on headstone 2011



FRANK  ANDERSON  STEPHENS  4-6-1880 TX to  1958 AR  

*H/of Effie Lee Stephens     'Mason'  "Our Daddy Boy"

EFFIE  LEE  STEPHENS   2-11-1890  to  12-15-1961 "Mom Dear"

*Wf/of  Frank Anderson Stephens


WILL  A.  STROUD    9-8-1900  to  6-29-1970

*S/of William S. Stroud(1872-1924) & Lorena E. Stroud(1872-1927)

&  CORA  FLORINE GREENLEE  STROUD  4-12-1912  to  3-9-1978

*D/of James Arthur Greenlee(1883-1929) & Cornelia Tempie Draper Greenlee Moss(1893-1980)



BESSIE L. McKNIGHT  STUBBLEFIELD  4-28-1906  to 12-2-1980

*D/of  John Gotea McKnight(1867-1945) & Mary Carolyn Bell Myers McKnight(1876-1928)



KENNETH  WILLIAM  SWEET, SR.  4-7-1920  to  2-22-1989

*S/of  Walter Mack Sweet(1889-1928)  & Carrie Charlotta Thomas Sweet Hansen(1892-1971)  

*U.S. Navy  WW II

&  IDA  MAE  KILLINGSWORTH  SWEET  11-9-1923 to 5-18-2005

*D/of Thomas W. Killingsworth(1892-1983) & Ida Williams Killingsworth(1891-1970)

"Precious Memories"  "Meet Me In Heaven, Granny's Drivin"


KENNETH  WAYNE  SWEET  5-11-1943  to  5-3-2007 "Papa"

*S/of  Ida Mae Killingsworth Sweet(1923-2005) & Kenneth W. Sweet, Sr.(1920-1989)

*Md: 7/18/1962     "Catch You On the Next One"

&  VIRGINIA  A.  SWEET   7-5-1944  (One date) "Nana"

*Wf/of  Kenneth Wayne Sweet


WALTER  ROY  SWEET   8-20-1922  to  9-18-2001

*S/of  Walter Mack Sweet(1889-1928)  & Carrie Charlotta Thomas Sweet Hansen(1892-1971)  




ESTER  LEE  TADLOCK   7-1-1904  to  6-18-1922




GEORGE  C.  TATUM   2-13-1849  to  10-28-1923

*2011- Stone is broken with death date missing; lying in two pieces flat on ground.

MRS.  MARY  E.  LOWRY  LEE  TATUM  12-25-1850 NC  to  11-29-1927 AR

*Spouses:  *1st Richard T. Lee(1830-1890) *2nd George C. Tatum(1849-1923)


HENRY  LEE  TATUM   5-22-1892   to  2-12-1926

*S/of  Mary E. Lowry Lee Tatum(1850-1927) & George C. Tatum(1849-1923)



RANDOLPH  MONROE "DON" TERRY   8-12-1917  to  10-21-1978

"We will all be together in heaven"

&   BERTHA  MAE  LEE  TERRY  12-20-1918  to 7-5-2009

*D/of  James Ruel Lee(1902-1953) & Mamie Lucinda Scott Lee Protz(1896-1987)



RANDOLPH  MONROE  TERRY  III   8-6-1939 (One date)

"Love Transcends Life"

&   LYNDA  LEE  TERRY  III   7-12-1939  (One date)



CHARLES  MARTIN  THOMAS   4-12-1847  to  6-18-1877


DEANA  FUTCH  WILLIAMS  THOMAS (89) 10-10-1921  to  6-22-2011

*D/of James H. Futch &  Minnie McMurrian Futch. *ob

*Wf/of late Robert Thomas & late, James Franklin Williams

*2011 Death date not on tombstone.

"To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"



ELIZABETH  TAYLOR  THOMPSON   4-3-1863  to  7-29-1953

*Mother of Horace Douglas Thompson (1888-1974)

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LUCY  ALLEN  THOMPSON   12-17-1894  to  8-17-1940

*Wife of  Horace Douglas Thompson(1888 AR-1974 TX)



AVANELL  THOMPSON  TIDWELL  10-12-1922  to  8-30-1969

*D/of  Horace Douglas Thompson(1888-1974) & Lucy Allen Thompson(1894-1940)

*Wf/of  Vasco K. "Junior" Burnside(1917-1972)-buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado.

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



EDITH  ARDELLE  HUGHES  TURNER    6-22-1905  to  4-20-1984



GEORGE   L. M.  UBANKS  1857 SC  to  5-26-1933 AR  *ARDI

"Resting In Hope Of A Glorious Resurrection"

&  CHRISTINA   H.  UBANKS  1849 NC  to 10-7-1921  *ARDI



TRESSIE  BLANCHE  LYLE  VAN HOOK  12-12-1889  to  6-7-1978

*D/of  Mathew Lyle(1855-1927) & Mattie Helen Eley Lyle(1859-1945)

*Wf/of  Walter Campbell Van Hook(1895-1951)

"To Know Her Was To Love Her, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


HELEN  RUTH  VAN HOOK     10-23-1941  to  12-16-1984

*D/of  Dorothy Francis Van Hook(1919-2000) & Robert Mathew Van Hook(1916-1974)


Infant  VAN HOOK   b & d  12-12-1889

*S/of  Robert Rhodes VanHook(1856-1936)  &  A. C. Van Hook(1853-1920)


MARY  VAN  HOOK    3-12-1883  to  2-11-1909


(R.C.) ROBERT CALVIN  VAN  HOOK  2-20-1818  to  10-15-1899

*Md:8/20/1851 Union Co., Arkansas – Mary Nichol Rhodes

MARY NICHOL RHODES VAN HOOK  3-12-1835  to  2-11-1909

*Wf/of Robert Calvin Van Hook


ROBERT  MATHEW  VAN HOOK    2-29-1916  to  3-17-1974

*S/of  Walter Campbell Van Hook(1895-1951) & Tressie Blanche Lyle Van Hook(1889-1978)

DOROTHY  FRANCIS  VANHOOK   8-9-1919  to  4-29-2000


ROBERT  RHODES  VAN HOOK   1856   to  11-26-1936  *ARDI

*S/of  Mary Nichol Rhodes Van Hook(1835-1909) &  R C Van Hook(1818-1899)

"We Whom We Thought Dead Is Only Gone Before"

Mrs.  A. C.  VAN HOOK   10-14-1853  to  7-2-1920

*(AKA) A.C.  – "Mary Abbie Corrine Prothro Van Hook"

*D/of  Judge Clayton Prothro(1825-1874) & Frances H. Bussey Prothro(1831-1873)


ROBERT  WARD  VAN HOOK    10-8-1897  to  10-1-1968

*S/of  William M. Van Hook(1858-1915) & Frances Ada Ward Van Hook(1865-1963)

"I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills From Whence Cometh My Help"


WALTER  CAMPBELL  VAN HOOK   1-4-1895  to  5-2-1951

*S/of  Robert Rhodes VanHook(1856-1936)  &  A.C. Van Hook(1853-1920)


WILLIAM  M.  VAN  HOOK    11-28-1858  to  3-19-1915

*S/of  Mary Nichol Rhodes(1835-1909) &  R C Van Hook(1818-1899)

*Wife, Frances Ada Ward Van Hook  2-2-1865  to  1-31-1963

*[Frances buried Social Hill Cemetery, Social Hill, Hot Spring Co., AR]



Infant  VINSON  d: 3-20-1916   "Wait At Heavens Gate"


ROBERT  LEE  VINSON    1-11-1910  to  6-19-1912

"Wait At Heavens Gate"



MATTIE  BLANCHE MOORE  WARD    6-28-1936  to  11-9-1992

*D/of  Oscar Gammye Moore(1915-1950) & Violet VanHook Gray(1917-2005) 

"Mammaw"   "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strencheneth Me"

*Spelling on headstone.



*Infant S/of  Mattie Blanche Moore  &  E. L. Ward



MRS. CORA  L.  MAY  HART  WARMACK  8-18-1891  to  8-18-1945



AUBURN  BUTLER  WARREN  5-25-1902  to  3-4-1992

*S/of  Joseph J. Warren(1854-1913)

& VIRGINIA  RUTH  KINARD  WARREN  11-3-1910  to  2-15-1995

*D/of  Walter Garland Kinard(1880-1949) & Jennie Young Kinard(1873-1939)



BILLIE  JOYCE  WELCH   1945  to  1945  *Bailey Funeral Home  MM

JAMES  PAUL  WELCH    1946  to  1948   *Bailey Funeral Home  MM

*These two children are buried in the same stone covered plot.


JOSEPH  H.  WELCH   2-1-1893  to  8-28-1894

*S/of  William & Bamma Welch



JAMES  C.  WILLIAMS  1-26-1951  to  3-25-1998

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"


JAMES  F. WILLIAMS   4-17-1908  to  3-13-1972

*S/of Joseph Roscoe Williams(1874-1959) & Pearl Wood Williams(1887-1975)


JOHN  MADISON  WILLIAMS    5-23-1851  to  6-24-1891

*S/of  John Wilson Williams(1887-1971) & Anna Carrine Moore Williams(1892-1974)

& CLARISSA  J.  NASH  WILLIAMS    6-2-1854 NC   to  1-2-1918

*D/of William N. Nash(1819-1897) & Martha Nash(1828-1896)


JOSEPH  ROSCOE  WILLIAMS   5-23-1874  to  2-19-1969

*S/of  W. Frank Williams(1853-1923) & Mary Burline Harrell Williams(1855-1908)

&  PEARL  WOOD  WILLIAMS   3-28-1887  to  2-7-1975

*D/of  James Albert Wood(1842-1917) & Eliza  Jane "Jennie" Hodge Wood(1847-1910)

*Wf/of  Joseph Roscoe Williams


MINNIE  JEAN  WILLIAMS   12-6-1940  to  9-1-1955



PAYTON  BROOKE  IVERNE  WILLIAMS  4-25-2012  to  6-29-2012

*D/of  Timmy & Cheryl Williams/ Late grandfather, Kenneth W. Sweet; Other    *ob

grandparents, late Guy Lee; late John & Bulah Williams;  late John & Peggy Molsbee.



BENJAMIN  WILLIS  WOOD   5-15-1860  to   7-8-1949

*S/of  Thomas Samuel Wood(1802-1887) & Rebecca Jones Wood (1827-  )

"His Memory Is Blessed"

*Spouses: *1st Helen Bulah Staples  *2nd  Etta Stinson

HELEN   BULAH   STAPLES   WOOD   3-19-1865  to  12-27-1895

*1st Wife of Benjamin Willis Wood   "Beloved Mother "  "Rest In Peace"

M.  ETTA  STINSON  WOOD    4-2-1884  to  3-15-1911

*D/of Thomas McCagy Stinson(1857-1935) & Sarah Jane McCoy Stinson(1861-1919)

"Beloved Mother"   "Rest In Peace"  *2nd Wf/of Benjamin Willis Wood(1860-1949)


BUCK  WOOD   10-5-1892  to  9-10-1906

*S/of  James Albert Wood(1842-1917) & Jane "Jennie" Hodge Wood(1847-1910)

*Stone illegible: from older listings


EDGAR  ALLEN  WOOD   4-22-1885  to  7-24-1917

*S/of  Helen Bulah Staples Wood(1865-1895) & Benjamin Willis Wood(1860-1949)

*H/of  Katie Faulkner  Wood Funk(1896-1956)


EMILY  A.  REYNOLDS  LEWIS  WOOD   2-5-1855  to  5-30-1948

*2nd Wf/of  James Albert Wood(1842-1917)

"Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"


Infant  WOOD  10-9-1943  *S/of  L.F. & Fay Wood


JAMES  ALBERT WOOD   9-3-1842 to 1-14-1917

*S/of Thomas Samuel Wood(1802-1887) & Rebecca Jones Wood(1827- ?)

*Md:12/23/1869   *1ST Wife, Jane Hodge  *2nd  Emily A. Reynolds Lewis(1855-1948)

ELIZA  JANE  "JENNIE"  HODGE  WOOD  7-7-1847  to  2-19-1910

*D/of Amos Hodge(1819 ILL -1865 Little Rock National Cemetery)& Jane Hodge

*1st Wf/of  James Albert Wood  *Md:12/23/1869


JAMES  H.  WOOD     7-7-1847  to  1-19-1910


JAMES  MONROE  WOOD   2-12-1889   to  4-19-1979

*S/of  Helen Bulah Staples Wood(1865-1895) & Benjamin Willis Wood(1860-1949)

*Md:3/29/1916     "Precious Memories"    "Together Forever"

&  ARTIE  M.  STURDIVANT  WOOD    3-29-1896  to  11-2-1987

*D/of  James Franklin Sturdivant(1858-1934) & Carrie Leonah Ball Sturdivant(1875-1948)

*Mother  &  Daddy of Lloyd, Curtis, Travis, Truman, Langford, John, Stanley


JAMES  TRAVIS  WOOD   11-1-1919  to  1-19-1991

*S/of  James Monroe Wood(1889-1979 & Artie M. Sturdivant Wood (1896-1987)

*US Marine Corps  WW II    "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  OPHELIA BEATRICE "OPHIA" RITCHIE  WOOD  11-21-1911  to  4-2-1993

*D/of  Milton Hal Ritchie(1892-1948) & Bertha R. Ritchie(1892-1945)

"She's Safe At Home"


J. F.  WOOD   9-7-1882  to  11-31-1884

"Gone To Soon"


J. P. WOOD   10-16-1871  to  3-26-1950

*H/of  Annie E. Wood

ANNIE  E.  WOOD   1-6-1878  to  12-17-1950

*Wf/of  J. P. Wood


LANGFORD  WOOD   10-5-1927  to  2-12-1930

*S/of  James Monroe Wood(1889-1979) & Artie M. Sturdivant Wood(1896-1987)


S. L.  WOOD   6-25-1884  to  1-23-1912

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


THOMAS  SAMUEL  WOOD   5-9-1802 AL  to  12-13-1887

"In Loving Memory"

REBECCA  JONES  WOOD  b:1827  (One date)

*Wf/of  Thomas Samuel Wood



E.B.  WOODS   9-3-1877  to  3-20-1880

J. F.  WOODS   9-7-1882   to  11-31-1884



PAUL  A. WOOLSEY     4-12-1907  to  4-20-1949

*S/of  Maggie Deason Woolsey (1907-1949) & William Robert Woolsey(1877-1919)

&  MAGGIE  DEASON  WOOLSEY  12-12-1875 TX to  9-7-1969 AR

*Wf/of  William Robert Woolsey(1877-1919)



*In 2005/2006 this was the person of contact.

Bethel Methodist Cemetery Fund, c/o Evelyn Burnette,

4215 Junction City Highway, El Dorado, AR 71730.

If you need info about a plot or purchasing one, I suggest you contact

one of the funeral homes in El Dorado, who will have the most current

list of  whom to contact for that information.

Try Young's or Bailey's funeral homes.


View of Cemetery at southwest rear area behind church.





Allie Prothro Brown    1894-1940

This was once covered in crystals, although many have fallen off with time.




Julianne  Deason                                             Carrie  Segers

1966-1983                                                      1873-1932


Earlier view of church & cemetery, before porch and ramp were added,

plus before cemetery was fenced in.  ca 2002-03

Bethel  Independent Methodist Church   Est. 1865

Photo appeared in 2005 in El Dorado News-Times along with the church's

history, celebrating their 140th anniversary.