Est. 1842

Located off Hwy.167 North of El Dorado, 4/10th of a mile on O'Rear Road west. My first survey of this

cemetery was in 2001~2002. I have since updated to include earlier surveys made in the 1960's; some

surveys by Lillian McGowen & Shirley Dollar; and from the Union County Cemetery books published

in the 1990's by the Union County Genealogical Society. Some details are from my files.  There are

many broken & unreadable stones in this cemetery. Some later death dates taken from Social Security

death index & local newspaper obituaries.  July 2009:  New Survey/Canvass June 2011

Last update October 2015   Janice Holzer


Looking South across O'Rear Road                    Looking Northwest across O'Rear Road


*Smaller section of Cemetery behind building

*OB  indicates info source was from an obituary

*SSDI  indicates info from Social Security Death Index.

*MM   no headstone, only a Mortuary Marker.

*WOW  Woodman of the World headstone.

* "&"  denotes double or multiple names on same headstone

*ARDI indicates death date from Arkansas Death Index  1914-1950

Indicates burial in smaller cemetery behind church building, on the North side of

O'Rear Road.


ALTON  VIRGIL  AMASON (84)  10-15-1922  to  6-30-07

*S/of James Thomas Amason(1877-1952) & Versa Clara Murph Amason(1894-1973).

*H/of (53 yrs)  Patricia Anne James Amason  *Md:5/31/1952

*B/of  Carl Raymond Amason  *1ST LT  US Marine Corps-Korea  Major USMC  *OB

&  PATRICIA ANN  JAMES AMASON (78) 7-24-1927 to  9-9-2005

*D/of George Henry James  &  Blanche Olive Littlefield James

*Wife of Alton Virgil Amason.   *LTJG US Navy-Korea USN Nursing Corp  *OB

"Forever Honour'd And Forever Mourn'd"


ARTHUR  LEE  AMASON (88)  3-3-1923  to  1-30-2012  *OB

*S/of Frank Ellis Amason & Mary Lillie Daniel Amason.

*Wife of 22 yrs, Vera Sturdivant Amason.


BOBBIE  LEE  AMASON    11-24-1899  to  1-5-1901

*S/of  Frank Jones Amason(1875-1965) & Sarah Rosanah Bird Amason(1876-1960)


CARL  RAYMOND  AMASON ( 81)  7-22-1924  to  7-30-2005

*S/of James Thomas Amason & Versa Clara Murph Amason.   * WW II vet

*Brother to Alton Virgil Amason  * OB


CHARLIE  WILLIE  AMASON  5-12-1905 to 9-21-1991

*S/of Frank Jones Amason(1875-1965) & Sarah Rosanah Bird Amason(1876-1960)

*Md:1/2/1927    “Gone But Not Forgotten”

&  SUSIE IEULA McGOWEN  AMASON 7-15-1903 to 9-12-1988

*D/of Charles Whitman McGowen(1870-1950) & Daisy Gertrude Davis(1878-1965)


CURTIS  IRVINE  AMASON  9-28-1908  to  9-23-1996

*S/of Frank Jones Amason(1875-1965) & Sarah Rosanah Bird Amason(1876-1960)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


ELLIS  MAURICE  AMASON  8-29-1931 (One date)


&  HELEN  RUTH  STEPHENS  AMASON 8-20-1931 (One date)


FRANK  ELLIS AMASON  12-22-1900 to 11-20-1969

*S/of Frank Jones Amason(1875-1965) & Sarah Rosanah Bird Amason(1876-1960)


&  MARY  LILLIE  DANIEL AMASON  12-17-1898 to 11-20-1988


FRANK  JONES  AMASON  1-9-1875  to  5-1-1965

*S/of  Thos Jesse Amason(1837-1925) & Nancy Rebecca Murphy Amason(1853-1934)

&  SARAH  ROSANAH BIRD AMASON 4-1-1876 to 12-20-1960

*D/of Nedham Bryant Bird(1837-1914) & Martha Jane Glasgow Bird(1846-1930)

"God Is Our Refuge And Strength"


Infant AMASON 1-20-1889 to 2-6-1889

*S/of  Thomas J. Amason  &  Rebecca N. Murphy Amason


JAMES  EMMETT  AMASON  3-31-1914 to 12-3-1944

*S/of  Frank Jones Amason(1875-1965) & Sarah Rosanah Bird Amason(1876-1960)

*Arkansas  PVT  334 INF  84 INF DIV  WWII   *Killed in action.

*Wife, Leona Lavange Martin Amason Middlebrooks (4/19/1918 MO – 11/15/07 AR)

*Leona married *1st James Emmett Amason  after his death md; *2nd Camp B. Middlebrooks

in Columbia Co., AR. She is buried in Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery in El Dorado.


JAMES  H.  AMASON   1840  to  KIA 7-2-1863

*PVT  CSA  3rd Arkansas Inf Rgt  Co E ANV

*Killed in action at Gettysburg-buried on field-still there


JAMES (T.) THOMAS  AMASON, JR.  8-14-1877  to 7-5-1952

*S/of  Thomas Jesse Amason(1837-1925) & Nancy Rebecca Murphy Amason

& VERSA  CLARK  MURPH  AMASON   9-23-1894 to 12-26-1973

*D/of  William Henry Murph(1855-1926) & Emily Alene ‘Lena’ Blann (1872-1933)

*(Versa Clark Murph Amason) "Born Ouachita Co., AR;  mother of Carl, Burnie,

& Virgil"  "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


MARY W. AMASON  7-20-1872  to 12-22-1885

*D/of  Thomas Jesse Amason(1837-1925) & Nancy Rebecca Murphy(1853-1934


SARAH  SUSAN  AMASON  2-10-1882  to  9-27-1914

*D/of Thos Jesse Amason(1837-1925) & Nancy Rebecca Murphy Amason(1853-1934)


THOMAS  JESSE AMASON  2-6-1837  to  3-15-1925   "Father"

"Jesse Thomas Amason, Sr."    'Mason'

&  REBECCA  MURPHY  AMASON  10-31-1853  to  2-19-1934 "Mother"

"Nancy Rebecca Murphy"  "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"


THOMAS WOODIE AMASON  7-8-1918 Calion, AR  to 1-24-1986 Pine Bluff

*S/of  Thomas Jesse Amason(1837-1925) & Nancy Rebecca Murphy Amason(1853-1934)

*CPL  US Army Air Corps  WW  II     "Beloved Father"

*Wife, Mary Staples Amason Russell (5-18-1921 to 12-25-2004)

*Mary Staples Amason Russell  buried-Champagnolle Cemetery, Union Co., AR



GRACE  ANDRESS   3-31-1898  to  10-3-1900

*D/of  B.K. &  L.B. Andress



BESSIE  ANDREWS   5-22-1907  to  8-11-1911

*D/of Louie Andrews(1888-1909) & Julia F. Ware Andrews Croom(1886-1933)

“From Mother’s Arms to the Arms of Jesus”  (buried in Ware plot)


JAMES “JIMMIE” LEE  ANDREWS  2-19-1905  to 10-9-1911

*S/of Louie Andrews(1888-1909) & Julia F. Ware Andrews Croom(1886-1933)

(buried Ware plot)


LOUIE  ANDREWS  8-19-1883 to 10-18-1909

*1st H/of Julia F. Ware;  Father of  Bessie & James Lee Andrews(buried Ware plot)

JULIA  F.  WARE  ANDREWS CROOM  2-11-1886 to 3-20-1933

*D/of  Enoch Mathews Ware (1850-1916) & Hannah Hancock Ware(1855-1945)

(Ware plot )*Md:1st  L.H. Andrews  *2nd Solomon Croom(10-16-1893-5-3-1975)

*Solomon Croom buried Greenwood Cemetery, Ruston, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana.



HENRY  CURTIS  ARMER    9-20-1879  to  6-19-1953


to  4-25-1977   (Mary M. Armer on tombstone)

*After Henry died, Mary Margaret married *2ND Olen Byrd/Bird

"The Lord Gave, And The Lord Hath Taken Away"  "Blessed Be The Name of The Lord"


WILLIAM  THOMAS  ARMER   3-17-1904  to  1-5-1954

*S/of Henry C. Armer(1879-1953) & Mary Margaret  Murphy Armer Bird (1879-1977)

"Faithful Unto Death"



Dr.  S.H.A. BABB  died 12-30-1947 “DOCK” Age 85 yrs

*Office was located at the mouth of Champagnole Creek.

*MM  Pratt Funeral Home




ERMALEE  EVELYN  SWEET  BABIN(85) 1926  to  9-27-2011*OB

*Wf/of Leland Luke Babin  *D/ of Walter Mack Sweet  &  Carrie Thomas Sweet

*LPN    (Eastern Star)



ALSTON  BOYD  BAILEY(89)  7-28-1919  to  12-26-2008

*S/of Zebedee Grandberry Bailey(9/21/1885-2/6/1937) & Callie Elva Harris(10/13/1889-

3/26/1958) *OB     *Wf/of 66 yrs Marcelle Bailey

DOROTHY  MARCELLE  McBRIDE  BAILEY  12-12-1921 (One date)

*D/of Kelly F. McBride (b:ca 1899 KY-d:Bradley Co., AR)& Virgie Lee House McBride


JUDY  KAY  BAILEY  6-8-1960 (One date)




BYNIE  PEARL  CAMERON  BAKER  7-27-1889 to 3-30-1965

*Spouses: *1st William  Arthur Ballard(1872-1918)  *Bynie Pearl Cameron Ballard Baker

* 2nd Herman Baker(1891-1940 -Friendship Baptist Cemetery)



AYLMER  BALLARD  11-5-1912  to  2-5-1913

*S/of William Arthur Ballard(1872-1918) & Bynie Pearl Cameron Ballard(1889-1965)


BULA  E.  BALLARD   2-16-1877 to  9-8-1882

*D/of George Edmund Ballard(1848-1922) & Nancy Caroline Hill Ballard(1851-1918)


CALLIE  M.  BALLARD  9-3-1884 to 3-30-1886

*D/of George Edmund Ballard(1848-1922) & Nancy Caroline Hill(1851-1918)


EUNICE  ESTELLE  BALLARD  2-24-1903 to 6-21-1903

*D/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919)  & Johnnie Anna Ballard(1866-1953)


GEORGE  EDMUND  BALLARD   5-25-1848 to 12-28-1922

*S/of  Soloman M. DeBerry Ballard(1820-1862) & Mary Elizabeth Dumas(1820-1881)

Wife, NANCY  CAROLINE  HILL  BALLARD  1-15-1851 to  8-2-1916

*D/of Wm. W. Hill(1825 LA-1865 P.O.W. Camp-CivilWar) & Sarah Ann Sasser Hill

(1826-1886 Calhoun Co.,AR)    *Age 65 yrs-6 mos-18 dys


GEORGE/ GEORGA  M.  BALLARD   4-30-1882  to  8-29-1886

*S/of George Edmund Ballard(1848-1922) & Nancy Caroline Hill Ballard(1851-1918)

*Error on tombstone-says Georga.


GILBERT  A.  BALLARD  6-14-1905  to  8-23-1922

*S/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) &  Johnnie Anna Ballard (1866-1953)


HATTIE  BALLARD  B  &  D  April 1880 (baby)

*D/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) & Tolitha Cuma Sasser Ballard(1840-1880)


JOHN  ALICE  BALLARD   Jan 1892 to 10-15-1893

*S/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) & Allice  J. Ross Ballard(1856-1892)

“Our Darling”


JOHN  AMES  BALLARD (73)  12-17-1846  to  12-17-1919

*Tombstone gives middle name as Ames, but others indicate it was Amos.


8-27-1840  to 12-28-1880 (Md: John in 1864)  *1st name appears both ways.

"In Sure And Certain Hope Of Resurrection"

*2nd Wife, ALLICE  J. ROSS  BALLARD  11-2-1856 to Jan 1892

"Gone To A Bright Home"   *Name "ALLICE" as it appears on the tombstone

*3rd Wife, JOHNNIE  ANNA  BALLARD  2-25-1866 to 4-6-1953

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


MARY  VICTORIA  BALLARD   8-19-1868  to  10-17-1878

*D/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) &  Tolitha Cuma Sasser Ballard(1840-1880)

“Blessed Are Thee”


MINNIE  TYREE  BALLARD   9-17-1893 to  9-25-1899

"Forever With The Lord"


MINOR  LEE  BALLARD   2-20-1911 to 1-25-1943

*S/of William Arthur Ballard(1872-1918) & Bynie Pearl Cameron Ballard(1889-1965)

*Age 31    "Forever Honour'd And Forever Mourn'd"


OSCAR  E.  BALLARD   9-9-1866  to  9-12-1889

*S/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) & Tolitha Cuma Sasser Ballard(1840-1880)


PRESTON  BALLARD  10-25-1896  to  9-21-1898

*S/of  John Ames Ballard  &  Johnnie Anna Ballard(1866-1953)


SALLIE  V.  BALLARD  1-25-1878 to 7-19-1882

*D/of  John Amos Ballard(1846-1919) &  Telitha Cuma Sasser Ballard(1840-1880)


WALTER  ELMER  BALLARD  1895 to 4-29-1949

*S/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) & Johnnie Anna Ballard(1866-1953)

*died in Lincoln Co., AR  *ARDI


WILLIAM  ARTHUR  BALLARD  12-25-1872  to  4-12-1918

*Md: 7/8/1909   *1st  H/of  Bynie Pearl Cameron


3-30-1965  *D/of  John Y. Cameron(1837-1915)& Catherine Elizabeth Cameron

(1859-1907)  *1st husband, William Arthur Ballard

* 2nd husband Herman Baker (12-28-1891 to 1-6-1940)

*Herman buried at Friendship Primitive Baptist Cemetery  "Asleep in Jesus”


WILLIAM  S.  BALLARD  4-21-1872  to  11-12-1873


ZEPHIE  E.  BALLARD  11-25-1883  to  9-10-1888

*S/of  John Ames Ballard(1846-1919) & Allice  J. Ross Ballard(1856-1892)




PANSY  ARLENE  SMITH  BEARDEN (74)  2-13-1938  to  4-6-2012 *OB

*D/of John "Bud" Alexander & Lottie Louisa Boyette Smith  *Wife of the late Morris Russell.

*See Morris Russell   "A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"  (MAW)



LE ROY  BENNETT   1-31-1918  to  3-19-1977

(Rumph Funeral Home *MM – illegible in 2012)


WILLIE  MARIE  BENNETT  d:12-29-1968

*49 yrs-12 dys   *MM



*See BIRD /  BYRD Listings:

BOBBY  LEE  BIRD   1913 – 1914


EMMITT  LEE  BIRD  1915 – 1916


HOMER  DWIGHT  BIRD (66) 2-9-1942  to  1-7-2009

*S/of Walter H. Bird & Sue Helen Langley Bird  *OB

*A1C US Air Force-Vietnam *Md:6/15/1963

"I Have Fought A Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I Have Kept The Faith"

&  BETTY  JO  ARNOLD  BIRD  9-22-1944 (One date)


JAMES  FRANKLIN "JIM" BIRD  9-3-1910  to  6-9-1982

*S/of Joseph Franklin Bird(1881-1959) & Ilar Lambert Bird(1888-1937)


& ADELL 'DELL'  HALBROOK  BIRD   7-24-1924  to  6-1-1995

*D/of  Bert Halbrook(1888-1972) & Ida Mae Halbrook(1889-1959)

"As Long As Life And Memory Last, We Will Remember Them"


JOSEPH  FRANKLIN  BIRD  10-12- 1881 to 6-25-1959

*S/of  Nedham Bryant Bird(1837-1914) & Martha Jane Glasgow Bird(1846-1930)

&  (JAMES) ILAR  LAMBERT  BIRD  7-2-1888  to  12-14-1937

“They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow”


M.  BRYAN  BIRD  1-21-1922  to 1922  (Infant)


NEDHAM  BRYANT  BIRD  7-31-1837  to  5-15-1914


MARTHA  JANE  GLASGOW  BIRD   11-13-1846  to 2-3-1930

*Wife of Nedham Bryant Bird


ROBERT  FLEMMOND 'BOB'  BIRD 1875-1952  "Poppa"

(4-16-1874  to  8-29-1952) *S/of Nedham Bryant Bird(1837-1914) & Martha Jane

Glasgow Bird (1846-1930)  "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  BERTHA  BENNIE  BLANN  BIRD  4-1-1883 to 12-9-1979 *SSDI

"Momma"  *D/of Richard Thos Blann(1846-1912) & Amanda Stafford Blann(1848-1923)


WALTER  HOMER  BIRD  5-20-1917  to  8-13-2001

*S/of Joseph Franklin Bird(1881-1959) & Ilar Lambert Bird(1888-1937)

&  SUE  HELEN  LANGLEY  BIRD   2-7-1922  to  1-5-1989

*D/of William Jessie Langley(1891-1966) & Emily Kathleen Moss(1893-1955)

*Wf/of  Walter H.  Bird  *ob    Bailey Funeral Home *MM

'Let Him That Heareth, Say Come'




FRANK  C.  BLACKMON  12-25-1884  to 11-18-1972


GUY  J.  BLACKMON  3-8-1909  to  9-17-1951 "Son"  (Mason)


LAURA  CAROLINE  HUX  BLACKMON 11-11-1880  to  6-20-1967

*D/of  Francis Marion Hux(1841-1919) & Olive Dettenheim Hux(1847-1908)

"Mother"    'Eastern Star'

ORLANDO  R.  BLACKMON  1-30-1882 to 7-6-1966

"Daddy"   'Mason'



Infant  BLAKE   b &  d  11-11-1929  *D/of  J.E.  &  Ruby Blake




DONALD  MORGAN  BLEDSOE   10-2-1970  (One date)

'Beloved Son of Becky'  "Gone To God's Woods"



VERNON  CECIL  BOOTHE  6-14-1933  to  2-3-1995

*S/of  Orval Vernon Boothe(1904-1983) & Elgie M. Boothe(1913-1993)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"    US Army—WW II



ANVER  LEE  BOYETTE  3-2-1886  to  9-19-1949

'Gone But Not Forgotten'

MINNIE  IEULA  BOYETTE   6-22-1892  to  6-3-1975

'She Had A Kindly Word For Each And She Died Beloved By All'



RUBY  JAMES  BRANTLEY   1-3-1931  to  2-22-1955

*D/of  T.W. James (b:ca 1906) & Eula Boyd James (b:ca 1909)

*See Jimmie Earl James



HARPER  DUKE  BRASWELL   6-9-1896  to  1-2-1948

*S/of Benjamin Rhodes Braswell(1864-1940) & Victoria Whatley(1874-1961)

&  MARY CLEO  WROTEN  BRASWELL  2-26-1896  to  5-19-1933

*D/of  Joe Wiley Wroten(1856-1910) & Nannie Kazia Hall(1856-1921)



EDWARD  LEE “BO” BROWN  3-25-1945  to 7-8-2015 *OB

*S/of  Clifford Brown & Betty Brown   *H/of Patty Major Brown   *Vietnam Vet



G. A.  BURTON   6-16-1832  to  1-8-1914

*2011 stone broken


JERRY  A.  BURTON  11-6-1948  (One date)

"Together Forever"

&  OLIVE  V.  PHILLIPS  BURTON 1-11-1934  to  2-1-2009

*D/of Louie William Phillips(1893-1964) & Ada Groves(1894-1946)



(J.W.) JAMES WILLIAM  BUSH   10-12-1874  to  7-2-1944

"Father"  "One Worthy Of Remembrance"   *Md: Ellen Viola in 1928.

ELLEN  VIOLA  MURPHY  BUSH  9-22-1888 to 2-18-1968

*D/of John William  Murphy (1855-1928) &  Eliza  'Lida'  Davis Murphy (1861-1945)

*Md:1st Charlie C. Leopard in 1905; Md:2nd James William  Bush in 1928.

"Mother"   "Resting With Those She Loved"



MOLLIE  BUSIC  born in Tuscumbia, MO  died in Feb 1945,

*Wife of  Charlie Busic; * Grandmother of Lucille Ware.




ARCHIE  LAWTON  BYRD  5-1-1903 to 1-13-1964

*S/of Archie T. Byrd(1879-1902) & Melissa E. Lawton Jarvis(1879-1962)

"Into Thy Hands I Command My Spirit"


ARCHIE  T.  BYRD  5-13-1879  to  11-12-1902

*S/of  Nedham Bryant Bird & Martha Jane Glasgow Bird

"Not Lost But Gone Before"

MELISSA  E. LAWTON  BYRD  JARVIS 10-30-1879 to 6-19-1962

*D/of William W. Lawton(1843-1913) & Jane Lawton (1853-1936)

*Md: 1st Archie T. Byrd  *Md:2nd Harvey Watson Jarvis (1800-1957)



DAVID  MURPH  CAGLE (67)  2-24-1948  to  9-16-2015 *OB

*S/of  Emma Mae Murph Cagle & Earl Paschal Cagle

*SeaBee  U.S. Navy-Vietnam


EARL  PASCHAL  CAGLE   11-11-1904  to  5-3-1972

*S/of  Rufus Miles Cagle(1861-1929) & Sarah Elvira Francis Cagle(1865-1916)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"

&  EMMA  MAE  MURPH  CAGLE  3-16-1909  to  2-2-1992

*D/of Henry Olin Murph(1884-1912) & Jessie Amason(1884-1968)



DOROTHY  LOU  DAVIS  CAMERON(88)  11-4-1924  to  1-14-2013 *OB

*D/of Edwin Marshall Cameron(1891-1937) & Mary T. Davis Cameron(1891-1974)


EDWIN  MARSHALL  CAMERON  7-23-1891  to  6-25-1937

*S/of John Y. Cameron (1837-1915) & Catherine Elizabeth Coleman (1859-1907)

*Buried Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, El Dorado.

MARY  TYRE  DAVIS  CAMERON  5-22-1891  to  1-15-1974

*D/of James Calvin Davis(1855-1932) & Lula P. Grant Davis (1866-1929)

"In Loving Memory"



FANNIE  MAE  W.  CANADY  1-9-1941 to 1-28-1968

"Mother"   "In Heaven There Is One Angel More"

*D/of  William Ralph Walker & Rachel Corrina Smith Walker.


JEREMY  GLENN  CANADY   5-5-1979  to  9-28-1998



MARY  CAPERTON died  2-7-1969  *91 yrs-1 mo-23 dys *MM



VELMA  M.  SLAUGHTER  CARTWRIGHT  10-1-1907 to 4-16-1991

*D/of Samuel Jackson Slaughter & Nancy Adeline “Addie” Ballard  Slaughter

*Had a twin sister, THELMA. *Md: 1927 Ouachita Co.,AR, W. L. Cartwright (b: ca 1903)



Infant  CHAMLEE  *No dates


PAUL  FRANCES  CHAMLEE  8-31-1921 to  5-28-1922


WILLIAM  ARTHUR  CHAMLEE  12-3-1891  to  6-16-1949

*S/of John Chamlee (1869-1940) & Martha A. Barr Chamlee (1868-1937)

*William’s 1st wife was Annie.  He Md: 1938-Willie Marie Gunn in Calhoun Co.,AR

Wf, WILLIE  MARIE  GUNN  CHAMLEE  12-17-1919(OK) to 12-28-1968

*D/of James T. “Jim” Gunn (b:ca 1869 MS) & Parkey J. Anderson Gunn English(1878-1950)

*Willie’s parents divorced in 1924.

*See Willie Marie Bennett along with LeRoy Bennett.  Possibly, this was Willie Marie

who was first married to Wm. Chamlee & possibly to a later husband, Le Roy Bennett.




ANNA  VILENA  SCEALEY  CHAPIN   1882  to  1959  *Age 77 yrs

*2nd Wf/of  Newell M. Chapin (1878-1950)*Parents of Olive Marie Chapin Evans(1906-1989)

*Buried Ukiah Cemetery, Mendocino Co., CA   (Russian River Cemetery District)

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God"



HARRY  TRAVIS  CHAPMAN   d: 9-8-1941

*S/of  Carl E. Chapman(1907-1998) & Mary A. Ethridge Chapman(1913-1977)


ALBERT  FRANK "Goobler"  CLAWSON 10-23-1898

to  2-2-1936  *S/of Albert Russ Clawson & Frances E. Murphy Clawson


(A.R.) ALBERT  RUSS  CLAWSON  1854  to  10-10-1898

*S/of John P. Clawson & Aramitta Burns. *Twin brother to Andrew Pharis Clawson

*Md: Frances E. Murphy 18 Dec 1879 Union Co.,AR. Parents of 9 children.

Wife, (F.E.)FRANCIS  E. MURPHY  CLAWSON 3-12-1854 to 4-18-1912

*D/of Thomas Jesse Murphy (1803-1866) & Susan Sarah Perry Murphy(1828-1898)


BENJAMIN (R.) ROWE  CLAWSON 10-20-1908 to 1-13-1982

*S/of Garland Benjamin Clawson & Bertha "Birdie" Davis Clawson

*Md:1/4/1935    *Mason  *WOW

& MARY ELIZABETH NUNNALLY  CLAWSON 12-28-1911 to 1-31-1993

*D/of Nettie Ferguson Nunnally & Francis Marion Nunnally(1873-1961).


CECIL  WESLEY  CLAWSON  11-8-1917 to 10-23-1985

*S/of Garland Benjamin Clawson(1880-1966) & Bertha Birdie Davis Clawson(1884-1934)


&  LAURA  MARIE  LANGLEY  CLAWSON  7-9-1919 to 1-17-2004

*D/of William Jessie Langley(1891-1966) & Emily Kathleen Moss(1893-1955)


E. F.  CLAWSON   8-28-1889  to  8-5-1896

*S/of  Albert Russ Clawson(1854-1898) &  Francis E. Murphy Clawson(1854-1912)


GARLAND  BENJAMIN  CLAWSON  9-8-1880 to 12-10-1966 'Father'

*S/of Albert Russ Clawson(1854-1898) & Frances E. Murphy Clawson(1854-1912)

*Garland married *1st Bertha “Birdie” Davis & *2nd Mattie Jane Brown Hester (1892-1955)

*Benj. Garland & Mattie Hester obtained a license 12/19/1938,Union Co.,AR

*He was Mattie Jane’s *3rd husband.

&  BERTHA “BIRDIE” DAVIS  CLAWSON 10-31-1884  to 1-1-1934 'Mother'

*D/of Daniel W. Davis (1847-1903) & Martha Ann Daniel Davis (1859-1885)


Infant  CLAWSON  b  &  d   5-19-1937

*S/of  Benjamin Rowe & Mary Elizabeth Nunnally Clawson


JAMES  HENRY  CLAWSON  3-23-1886 to 7-26-1953 "Jim"

*S/of Albert Russ Clawson(1854-1898) & Frances E. Murphy Clawson (1854-1912)

'Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours'

Wife, (EDNA) PEARL  LEOPARD  CLAWSON  12-23-1887 to 12-28-1964

*D/of Charlie C. Leopard(1867-1926) & Sarah Jane Cossart Leopard(1855-1891)


JOHN  HENRY  CLAWSON  11-30-1906  to  3-20-1907

*S/of  John Wm. Clawson(1883-1949)  & Rena  Sarah Leopard Clawson(1890-1928)


JOHN WILLIAM  CLAWSON   2-29-1883  to  1-5-1949

*S/of  Albert Russ Clawson(1854-1898) & Frances E. Murphy Clawson(1854-1912)

&  RENA SARAH LEOPARD CLAWSON   1-13-1890 to 10-20-1928

*D/of Charlie C. Leopard(1867-1926) & Sarah Jane Cossart Davis Leopard(1855-1891)



to 9-5-1955  "Mother"   *Buried alongside her is her daughter, Letha Stevens Daniel.


"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


MURPHY PAUL CLAWSON  11-12-1913 to 10-18-1972

*S/of  Garland Benjamin Clawson(1880-1966) & Bertha Birdie Davis Clawson(1884-1934)

*WW II  U.S.Army Air Force  *H/of Eva Lessie Porter

&  EVA  LESSIE  PORTER CLAWSON (86) 9-12-1923 to 12-2-2009

*Wf/of Murphy Paul Clawson:  *D/of Arthur Jackson & Ada Paralee Rayborn Porter

The youngest of eighteen children.



ALFRED  BOUTWELL  COOK  3-16-1870  to  8-24-1871

*S/of  Benjamin Washington Cook(1830-1916) & Elizabeth Edwards Cook(1838-1873)


ARTHUR  E.  COOK   11-17-1867  to  8-26-1871

*S/of  Eli T. Cook (ca 1827AL - ca 1920 AR)   & Elizabeth Drucilla Dumas Cook

(ca 1839 AL - 1895 Bentonville, AR)


BENJAMIN  ALEXANDER  COOK  8-19-1894 to 1-11-1932 "Ben"

*S/of George Washington Cook(1859-1935) & Ardelle  "Dell" Davis Cook (1868-1949)

"Rest Soldier Rest  The War Is Over"    *WOW

STELLA  MAE  DEAN  COOK  10-2-1902  to  11-6-1973

*D/of  Judge H. Dean(1880-1965) & Mary Alice Holyfield Dean(1883-1924)

"To Live In The Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


BENJAMIN  WASHINGTON  COOK  10-15-1830 to  May 1916

*S/of  George W. Cook(1800 GA-1880 AR) & Elizabeth Mendenhall Cook(1807 SC-1873 AR)

*Spouses: *1st Elizabeth Edwards Cook(1838-1873)  *2nd Mary E. Cook (1847-1914)


to 12-15-1873  *D/of  Jesse T. Murphy(ca 1797 GA to 1863 AR) &

Nancy Gray Perdue Murphy(1809 GA-1879 AR)


BENNIE  DELL  COOK  3-13-1928 to 11-30-1929  *WOW

*D/of Benjamin Alexander Cook(1894-1932) & Stella Mae Dean Cook(1902-1973)


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  COOK   12-16-1859 to 1-4-1935

*S/of  Benjamin  Washington Cook(1830-1916) & Elizabeth Edwards Cook(1838-1873)

&  ARDELLE "DELL" DAVIS  COOK  2-14-1868 to 12-24-1949

*D/of  James "Jim" Davis(ca 1809 GA to 1872 AR) & Mary Jane Perry(1826-1883)


GEORGE  W. 'RUSTY'  COOK  III  7-3-1931  to  8-16-1997

*D/of Benjamin Alexander Cook(1894-1932) & Stella Mae Dean Cook(1902-1973)

*A2C  US Air Force-Korea

&  LUCILLE  WATT  COOK  8-9-1931(One date)


HOMER  COOK  1-26-1896  to  6-27-1897

*S/of George Washington Cook(1859-1935) & Ardelle "Dell" Davis Cook (1868-1949)


JACOB  SAXON "JAKE"  COOK  2-14-1908  to  9-30-1977

*S/of George Washington Cook(1859-1935) & Ardelle "Dell" Davis Cook (1868-1949)

“God’s Will Was Done They Rest In Peace Until Judgement Day”

&  EUGENIA ARMER "Jean"  WOOD  COOK  9-9-1912 to 7-2-1986

*D/of Joseph J. Wood & Dora Blake Williams Wood


JARVIS  HARMON  COOK  9-20-1926  to  9-20-2009

*S/of Benjamin Alexander Cook(1894-1932) & Stella Mae Dean Cook(1902-1973)

*HA1 US Navy- WW II  *OB

&  BETTY  JEAN  DAILY  COOK  (85) 7-21-1923 to 11-24-2008

*D/of Robert Bates Daily(1900-1945) & Grace Irwin Daily(1903-1927):

*Wf/of Jarvis Harmon Cook


WILLIE  D.  COOK   12-7-1898  to  1-16-1940  *Age 47 yrs.

*S/of  George Washington Cook(1859-1935) & Ardelle  "Dell" Davis Cook (1868-1949)



FRED  L.  COX   10-2-1877  to  12-27-1952



DONALD  KEITH  CRAWFORD (83) 7-16-1925 to  5-16-2009

*S/of Roy Elmo Crawford & Zolla Belle Bishop Crawford

*Md: 62 years to Mona Jane Ware Crawford  *OB

&  MONA  JANE  WARE  CRAWFORD  7-11-1926 (One date)

*D/of  Enoch Monroe Ware(1897-1980) & Lillian Martin(1897-1983)




JULIA  F.  WARE  ANDREWS  CROOM  2-11-1886 to 3-20-1933

*Md: *1st  Louie H. Andrews(1888-1909)   *2nd  Solomon Croom(1893-1975)

*D/of  Enoch Mathews Ware(1850-1916) & Hannah Hancock Ware(1855-1945)

*2nd Husband, Solomon Croom (10/16/1893 to 5/3/1975) *Greenwood Cemetery, Lincoln Parish,LA



ERNEST  ISAAC  CUNNINGHAM  4-17-1885  to  6-30-1969

*S/of Joseph W. Cunningham(b:ca 1835 TN) & Nettie Hurley(b:ca 1855MS)

MYRTLE  P.  CUNNINGHAM  9-16-1890  to  12-21-1981

"Not Lost But Gone Before"



BERRY  MONROE  DANIEL  3-3-1854  to  11-5-1921

*S/of John D. Daniel(5/21/1817 to Jul 1886) &  Martha Jane Barnes(b:ca 1828 d:/26/1898)

*2nd Wife, DRUCILLA  V.  DAVIS  DANIEL  9-5-1859 to 12-17-1937

*D/of  James “Jim” Davis(1809-1872) & Mary Jane Perry(1836-1883)

*Md:1/3/1892    “Aunt Silly”   "Dear Mother Of Ours"

*Md: first, J. Elbert Lambert in 1877;  *Md:2nd Berry Monroe Daniels in 1892

Wife, MARY ANNIE  MURPHY  DANIEL 10-16-1868 to 7-10-1891

*D/of Leonard DeKalb Murphy(1848-1924) & Martha A. Murphy(1848-1924)

*Mary Anne Murphy *1st wife/of Berry Monroe Daniel


JOHN  CYRUS(J.C.) DANIEL  8-7-1857  to  2-20-1890


JOHN  P.  DANIEL  10-26-1902 to 12-28-1975 "Husband"

*S/of  Berry Monroe Daniel(1854-1921) & Mary Annie Murphy Daniel(1868- ?)

&  LOLA  MAE  McDOUGALD  DANIEL   1904 - 1961 "Wife"

*D/of Annie Iris York  McDougald(1877-1958)  & John Houston McDougal(1874-1951)



*Never ending debates over the name Daniel / Daniels.

AUDREY  FAYE  DANIELS   9-26-1928  to  6-15-1994

*D/of  Samuel Tyre Daniels(1894-1941) & Annie Mae Armer Daniels (1901-1941)


BILLY  THOMAS  DANIELS  12-12-1929  to  1-31-1970

*S/of Dewey Lee Daniels(1903-1964) & Letha Mary Stevens Daniels(1911-1985)

'Mason'    "Loving Memory"

&  EMMA  IRENE  HEFNER  DANIELS  9-21-1931 (One date)


BIRDIE  IDEL  DANIELS  10-20-1887  to  9-15-1898

*D/of  J.B. Daniels(1861-1901)  &  M.A. Daniels


DEWEY LEE “TINSEY” DANIELS  7-13-1903  to  5-15-1964 "Pappy"

*S/of William Nathan Daniels(1860-1918) & Zelia Drucilla Murphy(1870-1916)

&  LETHA  MARY  STEVENS  DANIELS  9-23-1911 to  6-28-1985


FRANCIS  M.  DANIELS  11-6-1897  to  9-5-1902 

*S/of  J.D.  &  Mattie Daniels


HULBERT  HENRY  DANIELS   1-19-1888  to  1-25-1952

*S/of  William Nathan Daniels(1860-1918) & Zelia Drucilla Murphy Daniels(1870-1916)

"Their Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"

& LILLIE  LEE  McGOWEN  DANIELS  KINGS  7-19-1899 to 5-12-1978

*D/of Daisy Gertrude Davis(1878-1965) & Charles Whitman McGowen (1870-1950)


J. B.  DANIELS  1-6-1861 to  3-15-1901


JOHN ABNER "ABB"  DANIELS   2-16-1883  to  10-7-1961

*Md: 3/27/1904        "Not My Will But Thine Be Done"

&  MAUDE ANN  PARKER  DANIELS  3-15-1883  to  11-7-1938

*D/of Levi Calvin Parker(1843-1899) & Emma C. Medlock Parker(1846-unk)


JOHNNIE  BERRY  DANIELS   2-23-1901  to  3-10-1941

*S/of William Nathan Daniels(1860-1918) & Zelia Drucilla Murphy(1870-1916)

*Md: Bedie Amar Robertson, in Union Co., in 1924.  Johnnie died of a heart attack at age 40.

Bedie was a young widow of 35, with three daughters, when she married

Johnnie B. Daniels in 1924.


KATIE  M.  DANIELS    4-22-1891  to  9-29-1895

*D/of  William Nathaniel Daniels(1860-1918) & Zelia  Drucilla Murphy Daniels(1870-1926)


LARRY  DANIELS   7-29-1952  to  9-1-1992

*Md:11/13/1985   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  DONNA  DANIELS  9-10-1968  (One date)


LONNIE  WILLIAM  DANIELS   12-26-1896  to  8-27-1964

*S/of  William Nathan Daniels(1860-1918) & Zelia Drucilla Murphy(1870-1916)

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  RUBY  EVELYN  CLAWSON  DANIELS  2-13-1907  to  5-12-1949

*D/of Garland Benj. Clawson(1880-1966) & Bertha Birdie Davis Clawson(1884-1934)


SAMUEL  TYRE  DANIELS    4-19-1894  to  3-23-1941

*Both killed in car wreck

*S/of  Berry Monroe Daniel(1854-1921) &  Drucilla V. Davis Daniel(1859-1937)

Wife, ANNIE  MAE  ARMER  DANIELS  12-26-1901 to 3-23-1941

*D/of Henry Curtis Armer(1879-1953) & Mary Margaret Murphy Armer(1879-1977)


WILLIAM  NATHAN  DANIELS   1860  -  Died 2-24-1918

*Aged 58 yrs  “Gone but not forgotten”


to 5-20-1916 *D/of Henry Clay Murphy(1843-1911) & Martha J. Dumas(1846-1874)



ASA (B.) BUNYON DAVIS   12-26-1890 to 10-26-1969

*S/of  Daniel W. Davis(1847-1903) & Mattie A. Todd(1866-1913)

*WW I    Pvt. ARK U.S. Army

Wife, THELMA  MOBLEY  DAVIS   1-23-1909  to  5-16-1986

*D/of Frank A. Mobley(1863-1935) & Enthy C. Mobley(1870-1934)


BENJAMIN "BEN" ELI  DAVIS  10-12-1892 to 3-10-1903 "Son"


BERRY  DAVIS    1864  to  1-26-1883

*S/of  Jim & Mary Jane Perry Davis


BERRIAN  McPHERSON  DAVIS (B.M.P.) 3-8-1821 to 3-7-1869

*S/of  John Davis  &  Elizabeth  Murphy Davis

*Wife, AMY  GRAVES  DAVIS  *D/of  Davenport  Graves

*Amy is buried in Texas. 1822 to 1884


BUEL  F.  DAVIS   8-14-1902   to  1-12-1958

*S/of Daniel W. Davis(1847-1903) & Mattie A. Todd(1866-1913)

&  ROSE  LUNCHFORD  DAVIS  11-3-1904  to  5-30-1960

"The Hours Part Us But They Bring Us Together Again"


BYRON  DAVIS  11-17-1889  to  1-17-1902

*S/of  John  &  Bertha  Davis



*D/of  David E Camper(ca 1813 TN) & Virginia Canterbury (ca 1821 AL)

*Md:12/24/1868, Wf/of  Peter Pellow Davis(b: ca 1849 AR)

*S/of Berrian McPherson Davis & Amy Graves Davis


DANIEL (D.W.)  DAVIS   9-20-1847 to  5-17-1903

*S/of Jim/James Davis(1809 GA-1872 AR) & Mary Jane Perry Davis(1827GA-1878 AR)

*Jim & Mary Jane   Md:6/18/1874    [2011-Stones almost unreadable]

*1st  Wife, MARTHA  ANN  DANIEL DAVIS  6-29-1859  to 12-14-1886

*2nd Wife, MATTIE  A.  TODD  DAVIS   8-22-1866   to  9-6-1913

*D/of John F. Todd(b:ca 1835 AL) & Margaret Ann“Maggie Perdue (b: abt 1840 AL)


DEWEY  M.  DAVIS  8-6-1915  to  12-31-1951

*Md:12/20/1939  *S/of Peter D. Davis(1865-1945) & Centhia Ophilia Davis(1881-1918)

*1st Wife, MARJORIE  CUNNINGHAM  DAVIS( 77)11-16-1922 to

6-5-2000   'Beloved mother of Mickey, Terry, Eric, Ann and Melanie'

*D/of  William Carl Cunningham(1896-1960) & Ruth Beall Cunningham(1905-1985)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd...PS.23"



FRANK  C.  DAVIS     2-1-1894  to  5-15-1966

*Md:7/23/1921   *Arkansas PVT  CO F 114  Infantry  WW I

*S/of Daniel W. Davis(1847-1903) & Mattie A. Todd(1866-1913)

"Resting In Hopes Of A Glorious Resurrection"

&  ALPHA  BELLE  AMASON  DAVIS  1-11-1903 to 5-27-2004

*D/of  Frank Jones Amason(1875-1965) & Sarah Rosana Bird Amason(1876-1960)

* Celebrated 100 th birthday 2003


IDA  REBECCA  DAVIS   2-12-1889  to  6-5-1897

*D/of  J. C.  &  Lula Grant Davis


Infant  D/of   James Wesley  &  Amanda J. Lambert DAVIS  b & d  8-14-1916

Infant  D/of   Mr. & Mrs.  R.E. DAVIS   b & d   7-2-1929

Infant  S/of   P.D.  &  S. DAVIS    March 1891  to  April  1891

*Infant son of Sarah Valena Ballard & Peter D. Davis

*Stone broken-lying flat on ground, with grass encroaching-2011


JAMES  CALVIN  DAVIS 10-17-1855  to  2-13-1932

*Md:8/24/1884   "God's  greatest Gift returned to God – OUR MOTHER  AND  FATHER"

&  LULA  P.  GRANT  DAVIS   1-9-1866  to 8-25-1929

*D/of Eli Grant(b:ca 1815 NC) & Pamela Harris Mitchell Grant (b: bef 1850)


JAMES  JEFFERSON  DAVIS  7-6-1905  to  8-30-1973 "JIM"

*Louisiana  PVT  US Army  WWII

Wife,  EVA  LOU  HANNA  DAVIS  3-31-1907  to  8-20-1996

"At Rest With God"  *D/of  John D. Hanna(1858-1936) & Nettie Blann Hanna (1875-1933)


JAMES "WESS"  WESLEY  DAVIS    May  1879  to  6-28-1954

*Md:3/7/1912  *S/of  Daniel W. Davis(1847-1903) & Martha Ann Daniel(1859-1885)

&  AMANDA  J.  LAMBERT  DAVIS   1882  to  6-13-1957

*Only the years of birth/death are on their headstone.

*D/of  James Elbert Lambert &  Drucilla V. Davis Lambert Daniel

*Drucilla V. Davis Lambert *Md:1st  J.E. Lambert  *Md: 2nd  1892 Berry Monroe Daniel


JOHN  DAVIS   12-18-1838  to  9-18-1898


&  BERTHA  ELIZABETH  DANIEL  DAVIS (85) 8-22-1851 to

7-15-1937  *D/of  John Daniel & Martha Daniel


JOHNNIE  ALEXANDER  DAVIS  1-29-1906  to  8-5-1988

*Md:2/6/1928   *S/of Peter D. Davis(1865-1945) & Centhia Ophilia Davis(1881-1918)

&  ANNIE  LEE  VAN HORN  DAVIS (93) 12-4-1912  to 11-20-2006

*D/of  William Harmon Van Horn & Luella Virginia Kellogg Van Horn. *OB


JOHNNIE  VIRGIL  DAVIS  3-10-1931  to  6-19-1997

*Md:12/30/1949   *S/of Johnnie Alexander Davis & Annie Lee Van Horn Davis

&  DOROTHY GENE  KELLAM  DAVIS  2-9-1934  to  5-9-1993

*D/of Walter Calhoun Kellam(1890-1967) & Leona Jackson Kellam(1911-1990)


LAURA  J.  MEDLOCK  DAVIS   7-4-1847  to  3-26-1880

*D/of Lucius Medlock(1820-1871) & Jemima A Dumas Medlock(1827-1885)

*Wf/of Thomas Murphy Davis


PETER  D. DAVIS   6-15-1865  to  May 1945

*S/of  James “Jim”(1809GA-1872 AR) & Mary Jane Perry Davis(1827GA-1878 AR)


&  SARAH VALENA BALLARD  DAVIS  11-30-1870 to 3-20-1891

*1st Wf/of  Peter *D/of George Edmund Ballard(1848-1922) & Nancy Caroline Hill



11-17-1918   *2nd Wf/of   Peter D. Davis  “Gone But Not Forgotten”


DR.  PETER  DAVIS   2-14-1815  to  3-10-1899

*Md:(1st) 11/3/1836   *S/of  John Davis & Elizabeth Murphy Davis

*Md:(2nd)  Marth Jane Barnes Daniels in 1886, Union Co., AR

ELIZA  E.  HARRIS  DAVIS     1819  to  1885


PETER  PELLOW  DAVIS   11-5-1848  to  8-19-1871

*Md:12/24/1868  Union Co., AR

Wife, CHARLOTTE  E. CAMPER  DAVIS 1-30-1847 to 6-5-1937



REBECCA  DAVIS   2-12-1889  to  6-5-1897

*D/of  James Calvin  &  Lula P. Grant  Davis


ROBERT  ELMER  DAVIS     2-22-1893  to  2-4-1968 'Dad'

"We Will Meet Again"  *S/of Daniel W. Davis & Mattie A. Todd Davis

& NANCY  ELIZABETH  CLAWSON  DAVIS 5-5-1895 to 4-8-1976 'Mom'

*D/of Albert Russ Clawson(1854-1898) & Frances E. Murphy(1854-1912)


TERRY  KENT  DAVIS   5-10-1943  to  11-12-1994

*US Air Force-Vietnam   "Father of Leann – Rebecca – Amanda"

LINDA  CAROL  WILSON  DAVIS  9-18-1948  (One date)

*Wf/of  Terry Kent Davis

"Mother of  Joann – Joey – Tammy"   *See Alvie Joe Wilson


THOMAS  BLEVIN "TOM" DAVIS  8-13-1898  to  5-17-1968

*Md:4/17/1918    "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  ALLIE  MELISSA  DANIELS  DAVIS    9-11-1893  to  2-28-1966

*D/of William Nathan Daniels(1860-1918) & Zelia Drucilla Murphy(1870-1916)


VERNON  O'NEIL  DAVIS   8-18-1927  to  6-28-1987

*S/of Frank C. Davis & Alpha Belle Amason Davis

*U.S. Navy  WW  II   *Md:6/26/1948  *Children:Dianne, James, Clifton

&  SARA  C.  DUKE  DAVIS   9-17-1929  (One  date)

"Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"


*Triple Headstone with Victor in the middle:

VICTOR  L.  DAVIS  5-29-1937  (One date) "Father"

VICTOR  MICHAEL  DAVIS  7-20-1976  to  8-27-1976 "Son"

SUE  L.  DAVIS   12-5-1950  (One date)  "Mother"


WALLACE  T.  DAVIS (82)   7-2-1929  to  3-25-2012  *OB

*S/of Elmer Davis & Nancy Clawson Davis   *Army's 61st Field Artery-Korean War

&  BETTY  LOU  JOHNSON  DAVIS  8-29-1937  to  12-18-2000


WOODY  CLINTON  DAVIS    9-9-1895  to  7-23-1912

*S/of  James Calvin Davis & Lula P. Grant Davis


ZACHARY  TAYLOR  DAVIS    6-11-1885  to  4-21-1944 "Brother"

*S/of  James Calvin Davis & Lula P. Grant Davis



EVA  ATLANTA  DAVISON    4-9-1882  to  12-6-1964

“And I Will Dwell In the House Of The Lord Forever”

*Md: *1st  Willis M. Jones in 1906, Polk County, AR

*D/of Henry Bartholomew Liles(1860-1945) & Sarah E. Hendrix(18631946)

*Md: *2nd  Silas Davison as his 2nd wife; *Silas (8/11/1866 to 5/13/1940)

*S/of Jasper S. Davison(1843-1908) & Nancy Elizabeth Bankston(1847-1925)



Infant  DELK   9-8-1950  (Baby)

*D/of  Betty Evers  Delk Ward &  Jack H. Delk


JACK  H.  DELK   4-6-1926  to  8-15-1977

*1st H/of Betty Evers   *See Betty Evers Delk Ward

"Rest Is Thine:   Sweet Remembrance Ours"



OLA  MARIE  HARVEY  DOWDELL  1-11-1930  to  10-16-1993 ☼

*D/of John Earl Harvey(1900-1984) & Sadie Alto Davis Harvey(1910-1992)

*1st married  A.T. Lansford in 1949



KATHRYN  V. "KAY" DOWNS  12-2-1926  to  11-11-2000

*Children: Clifford, Jr.;  Beryl;  Kathy;  Carmen  "MOM"



(MRS. AMOS) DRUCILLA  AGEE  DUMAS  12-2-1787  to  4-3-1860

*Amos died & buried in Alabama.   Amos Dumas (5/15/1775 NC-7/18/1844 AL)

*Buried  Old Hayles-Hale Cemeteery, Eliska, Monroe Co., AL *D/of Noah Agee(1750-1823


Mrs.  E. M.  DUMAS    5-9-1892  to  4-21-1927

"Asleep In Jesus Peaceful Rest"


JACOB  C.  DUMAS     10-8-1808  to  1-8-1876

*Stone broken just below death date.  "Sacred To the memory of Jacob C. Dumas"

Wife, M.  DRUCILLA  DAVIS  DUMAS  1-14-1818  to  2-23-1872

*D/of John Davis & Elizabeth Murphy Davis

"Sacred to the memory of  Mrs. DRUCILLA DUMAS who was born

Jan. 14, 1818 and died Feb. 23, 1872."



GERALD  DAN  EDWARDS 12-25-1943 to  8-30-2007

*11/3/1952  “Well Done, Thou Good And Faithful Servant”

&  NANCY  L.  WALKER  EDWARDS  3-15-1944 (One date)

"Well Done, Thou Good And Faithful Servant"



Mrs.  PARKEY  ENGLISH    d: 11-17-1938  *Age 63 yrs



BEULAH  BURTON  EPPS   3-24-1860  to  9-12-1944

*Wife of William B. Epps (1858-1925) buried at Champagnolle Cemetery.


HENRY  F.  EPPS  11-22-1902  to   9-21-1975

*Md:10/6/1923  *S/of  Beulah Burton Epps & William B. Epps

&  THERESA  A.  HOWARD  EPPS   10-12-1903  to  4-23-1975

"They Were The Sunshine Of Our Home"

*2011-Headstone covered with a black mold/fungus,

making Henry's info almost unreadable.


HOWARD  GENE  EPPS   10-2-1924  to  7-25-1983

*S/of Henry F. Epps(1902-1975) & Theresa A. Howard(1903-1975)

*Md:2/2/1947     *U.S.  Navy  WW  II

&  ELLA  LOUISE  THOMPSON  EPPS  9-26-1925 to 10-28-2002



A. G.  "BOYD"  EVANS    9-18-1905  to  10-24-1990

&  MARTHA  DELL  SMITH  EVANS  2-8-1905 to 3-26-1968

*D/of  Alexander Jackson Smith & Elizabeth Jane “Lizzie” Murphy Smith


A. G. "WAYNE"  EVANS   6-15-1925  to  6-25-1968

*S/of A.G. “Boyd” Evans(1903-1990) & Martha Dell Smith Evans(1905-1968)

&  MAGGIE SUE  HUDSON  EVANS   6-17-1925 to 1-29-2006 *ob

*D/of John Milton Hudson(1885-1950) & Lena Frisby Hudson(1891-1972)

"Ms. Sue"  *see Sue Hollis   *1st : Husb.  A.G. Wayne Evans * 2nd: James Hollis


JEWEL  MARIE  EVANS   10-31-1922  to  6-1-2002

*D/of  Ellie Addie Wilson(1888-1969) & Robert Stant Evans, Sr.(1883-1965)

"Loving Mother of Jack And Ray Larsen"


LEE  ERNEST  EVANS    6-4-1905  to  11-15-1966

*S/of  Ellie Addie Wilson(1888-1969) & Robert Stant Evans, Sr.(1883-1965)

&  OLIVE  MARIE  CHAPIN  EVANS   6-12-1906  to  3-28-1989

*D/of Newell M. Chapin (1878-1950) & Anna Vilena Scealey Chapin(1882-1959)


OTIS  DAVIS  EVANS   9-21-1901  to  1-2-1991

*S/of William F. ‘Dock’ Evans(1879-1959) & Mary Etta Holt(1875-1972)

&  MAEBELLE  HOWARD  EVANS 12-22-1908  to  9-21-1986

*Md: Union Co., AR 1924;  Maebelle was from Ashley Co.,AR


OTIS  KENNETH  EVANS  2-8-1925  to  5-25-1974

*S/of Otis Davis Evans & Maebelle Howard Evans

*??  US Navy (Military marker buried & only two lines are readable)

*2011-This has sunk further into the ground & all that is visible is his name.


ROBERT  STANT  EVANS, SR.   6-9-1883  to  Sept -1965 *SSDI

*S/of  James Harrison Evans(1859-1934) & Eliza J. Evans(1862-1887)

&  ELLIE  ADDIE  WILSON  EVANS, SR.  10-3-1888  to  11-22-1969

*D/of  Andrew Wilson & Emily Ward Wilson



ALMER  EVERS  1-23-1902  to  5-4-1973

*S/of Thomas Jefferson Evers1873-1942) & Minnie Camellia Langford(1875-1962)

&  OPAL  HANLEY   EVERS  2-12-1906   to  2-3-1995

*D/of  Thomas W. Hanley(1877-1946) & Mollie J. Hanley(1887-1973)


BARNEY  EVERS   3-29-1908  to  10-8-1993 'Father'

*S/of Thomas Jefferson Evers1873-1942) & Minnie Camellia Langford(1875-1962)


&  HAZEL  DUMAS  EVERS  7-8-1909  to  2-12-1992 'Mother'

*D/of  William Thomas Dumas(1877-1959) & Ilda Lee Armer Dumas(1877-1958)

"At Home Where Joys Shall Never Die"


CARL  ALLEN  EVERS   11-5-1954

*Infant S/of  Bobby & Yvonne Cobbs Evers


FAYE  NELL  EVERS   10-26-1931  to  10-29-1931

*Infant  D/of  Barney Evers(1908-1993)  &  Hazel  Dumas Evers(1909-1992)


JERRY  ALAN  EVERS  11-23-1937 (One date)

*H/of Linda Raye Spicer for 55 yrs.


&  LINDA  RAYE  SPICER  EVERS(76)  4-10-1939  to  5-21-2015

*D/of  Charles Edward Spicer & Dovie Young Spicer *Wf/of Jerry Alan Evers

"Jesus The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith"


LILLIAN  EVERS     2-12-1915  to  4-27-1917

*D/of Thomas Jefferson Evers(1873-1942) & Minnie Camellia Langford(1875-1962)

*This new tombstone is next to Thomas J. & Minnie C. Evers;

Inscribed on it is, "Bur. W. Side Bethel"


LONNIE  EVERS   b  &  d  5-13-1907

*S/of Thomas Jefferson Evers(1873-1942) & Minnie Camellia Langford(1875-1962


RAYMOND  BARNEY  EVERS (84) 4-12-1930  to  5-12-2014 *OB

*S/of  Barney Evers(1908-1993) & Hazel Dumas Evers(1909-1992)


'Elder'  THOMAS  JEFFERSON  EVERS  2-15-1873  to  12-20-1942

"Father"  *Primitive Baptist Preacher     *Born Free Run, Yazoo Co., MS

*S/of John Franklin Evers(1840-1897) & Emma Winifred T. Petty Evers(1847-1903)

&  MINNIE CAMELLIA LANGFORD  EVERS  2-15-1875 to 8-8-1962

*D/of Benjamin Franklin Langford(1842-1921) & Louise Jane Brown Langford(1854-1943)

"Mother"      "Asleep In Jesus Blessed Thought"



AARON  FENNELL   1910   to  1933



HESSLEY  HERMAN  FITZHUGH “Hess”  2-18-1899  to  3-2-1983

*S/of  Benjamin Sterlin Fitzhugh(1852-1932) & Mary“Molly” T. McWhorter (1862-1936)

*Md:1917, Grant Co., Ark,  *1st Daisy Irene Stiles *Divorced:1938

*Md:2/12/1942-  *2nd Viola Vonda VanHorn

& VIOLA VONDA VAN HORN  FITZHUGH  8-16-1915 to 3-23-1985

*2nd  Wf/of Hessley Herman Fitzhugh  *Born in Louisiana / died in Harris County, Texas



JAMES  DAULTON  FLOURNOY  11-8-1917 to 11-30-1980

*FLT O US Army    World War  II

& CLARA BELLE  DANIELS  FLOURNOY(91) 4-2-1921 to 12-17-2012*OB

*D/of Samuel Tyre Daniels(1894-1941) & Annie Mae Armer Daniels(1901-1941)

*Clara Belle died in Mayfield, Graves Co., KY.



OCTAVIA  ANN  OLIVIA McCAIN  FOSTER  3-9-1838  to  2-10-1890

*D/of John McCain(1801 SC to 1869 LA) & Mary Moore Browne(1805 KY- 1869 LA)

*Wf/of  W. J. Foster (b:ca 1836 AL d:bef 1900 / Md: Octavia before 1880, probably in 1880.)

*Widower, W.J. Foster *Md: 2nd Rachel Anderson



DAVID  ALLEN  GALBRAITH   9-18-1878  to  3-4-1960

*S/of  G.E. Galbraith (b:ca 1824 Ireland) & Mary Galbraith(b:ca 1834 Canada)

*81 yrs-5 mos-16 dys       "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*Md: 7/3/1903  Mary Elizabeth Ross

&  MARY  ELIZABETH  ROSS  GALBRAITH 10-11-1888 to 6-30-1963

*74 yrs-7mos-19dys   *D/of  Robert Emery Ross(1838-1923) & Rose Anna Jones(1858-1927)


DAVID  FRANKLIN  GALBRAITH, SR.  3-29-1928  to  11-8-1981

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Ross &  David Allen  Galbraith

& PATTY  EARLENE  SKINNER  GALBRAITH 10-19-1932 to 3-18-2009

*D/of  Howard Skinner(1907-1968) & Carrie Lee Bradley(1907-2002)


GEORGE  EDWARD  GALBRAITH    5-27-1904  to  5-18-1972

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Ross &  David Allen  Galbraith

"Into Thy Hands I Comment My Spirit"

&  FLOY  'ROSA'  ENGLISH  GALBRAITH  8-17-1909 to 10-14-1985

*D/of  Parkie J. Bittle English Gunn(1877-1930 AR) & D. Eli English(1872-1912 Yell Co.,AR)


JARVIS  GALBRAITH  3-6-1931  to  3-6-1934 *Aged 3 yrs

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Ross &  David Allen  Galbraith


JOHN  CARL  GALBRAITH    4-12-1909  to  3-31-1989

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Ross &  David Allen  Galbraith

*Md:10/27/1962     "Our Love Lives On"

&  RUTH  ANN  PAYNE  GALBRAITH  12-15-1913 to  12-9-1991

*D/of  John Carl Galbraith(1909-1989) & Guy Lex Webb(1907-1981)


JAMES  ELKINS  GARDNER (74) died  2-18-2002 Shreveport, LA

*Veteran of Korean Conflict




LEO  GETER (78)  12-31-1933  to  2-5-2012  *OB

*S/of  Wm. Gordon Geter & Gladys Cleo Slater Geter

*Wife, Mary L. West Geter of Lillie, LA.



GEORGE  WINFIELD  GIDDENS  7-20-1847  to  3-29-1921

*S/of William Giddens(b:ca 1825 IN d:MO) & Mary Giddens(b:ca 1827 OH d:MO)

*H/of  Octavia Evelyn White (b:ca 1863 MO & d:MO)

*Son, William Theodore Giddens (1893 MO to 1970 MO)



ALYMER  LEE  GILES     1946  -  1946  *MM

*Flat concrete slab with MM marker at bottom


JAMES  ALYMER  GILES  1970  to  2012

*only had mortuary marker


JAMES  OLIVER  GILES    3-30-1921  to  10-28-1981

*Md:1940 in Calhoun Co., Ark

RUBY MARIE (POLLY) MURPHY  GILES 4-29-1924 to 7-20-1965

*D/of Obie Lee Murphy(1894-1977) & Ruby May Whatley(1901-1956)

"To Know Her Is To Love Her"


VAN  PARKS  GILES  11-12-1947  to  4-24-1999



HARRY  MARLIN  GODWIN   5-25-1939   to  3-4-1966

*Arkansas  ILT  A/1/327  INF  101ST  ABN  DIV  DSC BSM  Vietnam PH CIB


HARRY  ORLANDO  GODWIN   11-5-1892  to  12-2-1961

*S/of Emma Powers Palmer Godwin(1866 Columbia Co.,AR to 1949 Bowie Co., TX) &

Elijah D. Godwin (1866- ?)    *Arkansas  358 FLD  RMT  SQ  QM   WW I

&  LOUISE  MURPH  GODWIN   7-26-1903  to  5-1-1981

Ft. Smith, AR  *D/of Wm. Henry Murph(1855-1926) & Emily Alene Blann(1872-1933)



BARBARA  JANE  GOODWIN  10-20-1951 (One date)

"Meet Me In Heaven"


BESSIE  MAY  GOODWIN   9-30-1880  to  7-16-1890

*D/of  R.F.  &  M. B. Goodwin


CLINTON  R. GOODWIN     4-28-1882  to  2-4-1904

*S/of  J. C.  &  Dora Goodwin


DRUSILLIE  V.  DAVIS  GOODWIN  12-27-1847 to 1-15-1926

*Md:6/28/1908    JAMES  CLINTON  GOODWIN

*Speculation: James  b: Dec 1849  d:9-15-1931 Pulaski Co.,AR  *ARDI


EDWARD  LUCAS  GOODWIN (88) 11-3-1924  to  6-2-2013 *OB

*S/of  N.T. Goodwin & Lulu Mae Kieger  *US Marine Corps  WW II

*Wife, Amy Harrison Goodwin of Calion.


ELMER  ROSS  GOODWIN  4-24-1903  to  5-4-1904

*S/of  R.F. & M.B. Goodwin


Mr.  FRANCIS  GOODWIN   b: unreadable   d: 2-5-195?  age 40 yrs

*Barton Funeral Home  *MM


Infant  GOODWIN  (no dates)   *S/of  R. F.  &  M. B. Goodwin

Infant  GOODWIN   b & d  3-7-1904   *S/of  Lela  &  Bobbie  Goodwin

*May be another burial or a new replacement stone, "Infant son of Lela & Bobbie

Goodwin---no dates or other info.


JOEL  FRANCIS  CONRAD  GOODWIN   8-9-1886  to  11-23-1889

*S/of  Norphlet T.  &  Eddie Smith Goodwin


MARY  ELEANOR  GOODWIN    2-26-1889  to  7-21-1895

*D/of  Norflet T. Goodwin &  Eddie Smith Goodwin


NOFLET “NAUPHLET” THOMAS GOODWIN  10-8-1851 to 11-21-1911

*S/of Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster(1824-1905)


*1st  Wife, ISA BELLE  DAVIS  GOODWIN  9-1-1854 to 9-8-1884

"When we our pilgrams path have trod  Oh! may we find him with our God"

*Md:2nd wife, 10/21/1885 Eddie/Edie Smith (1867-1952) (buried in Woodlawn Cemetery)


N. T.  "TOM"  GOODWIN    12-21-1894  to  9-29-1965

(Norphlet Thomas Goodwin, Jr.) *S/of  Noflet Thomas Goodwin & Eddie Smith Goodwin

&  LULA  MAE  KIGER  GOODWIN   9-22-1895   8-20-1975


PETER  C.  GOODWIN   9-8-1878  to  3-14-1923

*S/of  J.C. &  Dora  A.  Goodwin


*Three headstones connected with Jane Gardner Lillibridge in the middle.

RICHARD  LYNEAR  GOODWIN  9-8-1933  to  7-3-1997

*S/of Norphlet Thomas Goodwin & Lulu Mae Kiger   'He Is At Rest In Heaven'  *US Army

JANE  GARDNER  LILLIBRIDGE 11-6-1927  to  9-11-2004

*Wife of Robert Maynard Goodwin    'Beloved One Farewell'

ROBERT  MAYNARD  GOODWIN  4-6-1927  to  10-19-1986

*S/of Norphlet Thomas Goodwin & Lulu Mae Kiger   'With Christ In Heaven'


RUTH  A. McMURRIAN  GOODWIN    5-13-1894  to  6-10-1982

*D/of Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating(1869-1969)

*Md: 1913, William N. Goodwin; divorced in 1927


VINVIA/ VINNIA  GOODWIN  1837  to  4-12-1890

*Not found in 2011


YOUNG  GOODWIN    1837  to  4-12-1899  *Age 82 yrs

"In Memory of "  "Gone but not forgotten"

*S/of  Lucy H. Grubbs(1809-1875) & Young Goodwin (1805-1852)

*Parents buried at Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cemetery



LONNIE  GENE  GORMAN  10-2-1946  to  8-26-2000

"Sheltered And Safe From Sorrow"



LAWSON  GREER   died  7-22-1939



TOMMY  D.  GROVES (87)  3-27-1922  to  10-5-2009

*S/of  Don & Estelle Brazzel Groves   *H/of late Opal M. Groves

&  OPAL  M. GROVES    9-11-1926  to  5-8-1988



MILDRED  ESTELLE  DAVIS  GUINN  7-31-1923  to  4-18-2007

"Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friends"



SHIRLEY  ANN  PAILET  HALE (66) 12-3-1946  to 5-26-2013*OB

*D/of James “Bullett”  &  Eva Marie Pailet;  *H/of 44 yrs, Ronnie Hale



PERCY  "JUNIOR"  HALL  1-14-1945  to  8-7-2005

*Md: Jean  10/17/2003   "Gone Fishing"


ELIZABETH  JANE  HANCOCK   6-27-1832  to  6-12-1915

*(In Ware plot)  *Born in Bonby Lincolnshire, England



WILLIAM  THOMAS  HANNA  12-15-1909  to  1-8-1991

&  MABLE  IRENE  DAVIS  HANNA (91)  3-27-1915  to  3-18-2007

*D/of  Robert Elmer Davis(1893-1968) & Nancy Elizabeth Clawson Davis(1895-1976)

*Wf/of late William Thomas Hanna. *OB



ROBERT  QUINTON  HARPER   4-20-1930  to  11-14-1969

*Louisiana A1C  US Air Force vet of Korean conflict  "Fear Not For I Have Redeemed Thee"

&  DAISY  ALENE  DANIELS  HARPER 11-26-1928 to 9-24-1995

*D/of  Hubert Henry Daniels & Lillie Lee McGowen Daniels; "Unto You Is Paradise Opened"



Mrs.  EDNA  HARRIS    died 8-6-1933  (One date)  *Age 33 yrs



JOHN  EARL  HARVEY, SR.   8-11-1900  to  10-20-1984

*Age  84    *Md:2/28/1927

SADIE  ALTO  DAVIS  HARVEY, SR.  8-18-1910  to  5-31-1992

*D/of  Devon Davis(12/14/1884 -10/27/1966) Winnie Annie Amason Davis(b:ca 1891)

daughter of Jesse T. Amason & Nancy Rebecca Murphy Amason.


JOHN  EARL  HARVEY, JR.  6-19-1931  to  1-13-2007

"Weep Not For Me For I Am With The Lord And My Family"

RUTH  ANN  BYRD  HARVEY  12-22-1935  to  9-25-1994

"I Love You  -  All Of Me"


STEPHEN  MICHAEL  HARVEY  12-1-1955  to  9-25-1994

"Rest In Peace Son We Love You"  *PVT  US Marine Corps-Vietnam



WILLIAM  N.  HEAD    11-12-1850  to  10-4-1922

*S/of Thomas & Mary A. Head  *Md:Lucy Winninghamn in Union Co.,Ark 1870

"He died as he lived  A Christian"  *Headstone lying flat on ground.

Wife, LUCY A. WINNINGHAM  HEAD  10-22-1855  to  1-26-1929

*Lucy's old headstone is broken in half between birth & death dates; it has sunk

into the ground where only her name is visible. (2011)



(A. H.) ANDY HEFNER   3-5-1911  to  7-19-1994


&  SALLIE  BAKER  HEFNER  3-15-1913  to  11-6-1998



AUTREY  BROWN  HESTER  1930  to  1933

*S/of  Henry & Mattie Hester


Infant HESTER   b & d  4-27-1927

*D/of  Henry & Mattie Hester



OSCAR  M.  HILL    8-18-1876  to  8-20-1940

*S/of  Pleasant A. Hill (1839-1928) & Sarah Elizabeth Hill(1858-1885)

*H/of  Grace Olive Hill (b:ca 1893 TN)  "Gone But Not Forgotten"



ARTHUR  FOSTER  HOGG  2-24-1819  to  11-26-1883

*S/of John Hogg &  Mary Foster Hogg   *Wife, Martha Ann Wicker



SUE  HUDSON  EVANS  HOLLIS "Ms. Sue" (80) 6-17-1925 to 1-29-2006

*D/of John Milton & Lena Frisby Hudson.

*Wf/of 1st late husband, A.G. Wayne Evans: Surviving 2nd husband, James Hollis  *OB



FRED  OSCAR  HOWEY    3-13-1909  to  1-21-1967 'Mason'

*Md: Lela Mae Evers in Union Co., AR  1946.  *SS says death date 1-15-1967

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"



JAMES  DORRIS  HUDSON  1-3-1919  to  4-30-1992

*S/of  Edward H. Hudson(1876-1955) & Lena M. Cook Hudson(1881-1954)

*Md:5/6/1939   *EM3  US Navy  WW II

&  ADDIE  OPAL  EVANS  HUDSON  11-22-1920  to  6-9-2003

*D/of  Ellie Addie Wilson(1888-1969) & Robert Stant Evans, Sr.(1883-1965)

"Till We Meet Again"


JAMES  DOUGLAS "DOUG"  HUDSON  12-12-1941 to 5-27-2007

*Son of James Dorris Hudson & Opal Evans Hudson   *A3C  US  Air Force- Vietnam



Infant Son of  Jesse L. & Grace E. HUDSPETH   B & D  6-20-1951



CHARLES  F.  JACKSON  5-29-1925  to  11-18-1987

*S/of  Marcus L. Jackson(1892-1963) & Ann Mae Givens Jackson(1894-1941)

*U.S. NAVY  WW II        *Md:7/4/1946

&  DONNA  CHERRY  JACKSON   6-26-1928  to 9-23-2007



JIMMIE  EARL  JAMES   2-8-1938  to  4-9-1955  Age 17 yrs

*S/of T.W. James (b:ca 1906 TX) & Eula Boyd James (b:ca 1910 AR)

*See Ruby James Brantley



HARVEY  WATSON  JARVIS  8-8-1880  to 10-17-1957  "Daddy"

*S/of Wm. Harrison Jarvis (1851-1906) & Mary Elvina Stott Jarvis(1850-1892)

*1st wife, Mollie Wood Jarvis (1884-1912 Sweet Home Cem)

*2nd H/of Melissa E. Lawton Byrd

&  MELISSA  E. LAWTON  JARVIS 10-30-1879  to  6-19-1962

*D/of  William W. Lawton(1843-1913) & Jane Lawton(1853-1936)  "Mother"

*Spouses: *1st Archie T. Byrd(1879-1902)   *2nd  Harvey Watson Jarvis(1880-1957)


SADIE  B.  JARVIS  5-13-1904  to  12-23-1984 "At Rest"

*D/of  Harvey Watson Jarvis & Mollie Wood Jarvis



ROBERT   JEWELL   2-8-1905  to  5-8-1936



CHRISTOPHER  ALLEN  JONES  2-2-1994  to  9-29-1995

"God's Little Angel"


WILLIAM  ODELL  JONES  6-15-1906  to  June  1974

*MM Young's Mortuary *SSDI

GAIL  MURPH  JONES    7-22-1910  to  9-20-1942

*D/of Sarah K. Murph(1861-1916); step-mom, Emily Alene "Lena" Blann Murph

*Lena Blann Md: 1917  William Henry Murph (1855-1926)

*Gail md: William Odell Jones in Union Co., AR in 1934

"Unto You Paradise Is Opened"



EDDIE  MORGAN  KINARD   3-17-1869  to  8-24-1955

*Md: 7/8/1891  Martha Ann "Mattie" Harrell-Kinard


2-22-1961  *D/of Andrew Jackson Harrell & Martha Leverett Harrell



J.  ELBERT  LAMBERT   4-2-1856  to  2-24-1890

*Md:12/25/1877   *1st H/of Drucilla V. Davis Lambert Daniel

*S/of James E.W. Lambert (b:ca 1831 AL) & Joann F. Perry (b:ca 1841 TX)

Wife,  DRUCILLA  V.  DAVIS  LAMBERT  9-5-1859  to 12-17-1937

*D/of  Jim Davis(b:ca 1809 GA) & Mary Jane Perry(b: ca 1828 GA)

*Md: *1st 1877  J. Elbert Lambert   *Md: 2nd Berry Monroe Daniel (1854-1921)


NELLIE  R.  LAMBERT     5-19-1880  to  6-8-1908

*D/of  J. Elbert Lambert(1855-1890) & Drucilla V. Davis(1859-1937)



JARVIS  LANGFORD     1-25-1778  to  3-20-1859

Wife, MARY  CHRISTIE  LANGFORD  1797 SC & d: Oct 1876

*Abt 85 yrs    "To die is gain"  *D/of Jeremiah Christie   *Wf/of Jarvis Langford


JOHN  LANGFORD  1829  &   d:4-23-1884  *Age 55 yrs

*S/of Jarvis Langford(1778-1859) & Mary Christie Langford(1797-1882)

*Md:7/21/1859   Eugenia L. Dumas

EUGENIA  L.  DUMAS  LANGFORD    5-20-1844  to  9-29-1887

*D/of  Drucilla Davis Dumas(1818-1872) & Jacob C. Dumas(1808-1876)

*Wife of John Langford  *2011-Stone broken in several pieces

*Had large Red Wasp Nest beneath main section of it.


Judge WILLIAM  CHRISTIE  LANGFORD  9-3-1826 to 1-17-1892

*CSA   *S/of Jarvis Langford(1778-1859) & Mary Christie Langford(1791-1886)

*Admitted to bar in 1866. *In 1873, appointed Prosecuting Attorney for what was then,

9th Judicial District of AR. *Held office for two terms. (Mason)

*Elected in 1882 to ARK legislature, served 2 terms

*Md: 1st Martha Louise Witherington in 1851 *F James Witherington

*Martha  d:1862. Martha was the daughter of James Witherington of Champagnolle

*Judge Langford & Martha L. Witherington Langford (Issue: 3 sons & 1 daughter)

*Md: 2nd  “Martha” Mattie Ann Chandler in 1866 (6/23/1839 to 5/10/1911)

*Mattie buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. *D/of William Chandler(1813-1863)


MILTON  M.  LANGFORD    1-17-1818  to  1-26-1860 (Mason)

*S/of Jarvis Langford & Mary Christie Langford

*H/of Mary C. Franklin  *Md:4/30/1848



ALBERT  MARK  LANGLEY  11-3-1953  to  6-6-1954

*S/of Gordon & Muriel Langley  'An Angel Touched Him And He Slept'


EDWARD  A.  LANGLEY  7-12-1924 (One date)

*S/of  Wm. Jessie Langley(1891-1966) & Emily Kathleen Moss(1893-1955)

*Md:5/6/1961    “Asleep In Jesus”

&  MAE  H.  LANGLEY   1-22-1919  to  8-7-2005


GORDON  CLIFFORD  LANGLEY  5-7-1926  to  9-11-2007

*Md:8/3/1948    *S1  US Navy  WW II Korea

&  ROSA  MURIEL  AMASON  LANGLEY  11-9-1931 (One date)

"Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"  'At Rest In Heaven'


JOAN  ANN  LANGLEY  1930  to  4-11-1960

*Age 29 yrs-7 mos-8 dys     "Mother"   'Beloved'


WILLIAM  JESSIE  LANGLEY    1-24-1891  to  10-13-1966

*S/of  William A. Langley(1854-1937) & Susie M. Stricklin Langley(1860-1934)

&  EMILY  KATHLEEN MOSS  LANGLEY  1-28-1893  to  2-28-1955

(*Emily Katherine ) *D/of  James Livingston Moss of TN & Lucy Rebecca Deloach of TN



BILLY EUGENE  LAWTON   4-22-1929  to  11-2-1953

*S/of  George B. Lawton  & Martha E. Perdue Lawton

*My Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"  'WOW'


GEORGE  BRYANT  LAWTON    9-19-1905  to  8-28-1986

& MARTHA  EUGENE  PERDUE  LAWTON  7-26-1912 to 12-30-1987

*D/of  Morris Armer Perdue  &  Minnie E. Murphy Perdue  *Md:9/25/1927


GEORGE  J.  LAWTON    10-14-1848  to  ca 1902


12-23-1852  to  9-10-1903


JACKIE  M.  LAWTON   6-23-1930  to  2-12-1951

*S/of  George B. Lawton & Martha E. Perdue Lawton

*Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"  'WOW'


JOHN  PERRY  LAWTON    11-12-1880  to  12-18-1912

*S/of  George J. Lawton & Mary Eleanor "Ellen"  Murphy

&  MINNIE  OLA  BIRD  LAWTON  2-19-1886  to  11-25-1906


N. E.  LAWTON    3-26-1875  to  8-24-1877

*D/of  C.T. & M.E. Lawton



RUDOLPHUS  LEE  10-2-1899  to  June 1982

*MM Youngs Funeral Home *SSDI


WILLIAM  H.  LEE    12-20-1902  to  2-9-1976

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  MARY  LOUISE  LEE  12-23-1923  to  7-7-1980

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



Baby Girl  LEOPARD  4-6-1959  to  4-6-1959

*D/of  Bobby &  Virginia  Leopard

Baby Girl  LEOPARD  7-30-1951 to 7-30-1951

*D/of Bobby & Virginia  Leopard


“Beloved Son” GARY JOE LEOPARD  10-31-1954 to  11-5-1957


BOB  H.  LEOPARD   10-13-1906  to  8-17-1942  "Father"

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"  *See Edith G. Leopard Spiers


BOBBY  R.  LEOPARD  3-13-1930  to  11-13-1999

&  VIRGINIA  L.  LEOPARD  6-28-1930  to  12-18-2012


(C.C.)          LEOPARD  10-9-1867  to  7-25-1926  "Charlie C."

*Spouses: *1st Ellen Viola Murphy Leopard Bush(1888-1968)

*2nd Sarah Jane Cossart Davis Leopard (1855-1891)

*3rd Martha Adelia Leopard(1871-1900)

'Sweetly Sleep'  "Sleep on dear one take thy rest Waking to what God appoints best"

Wife, MARTHA "ADELIA"  LEOPARD (18) 12-23-1871 to 11-27-1900

"Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blessful ?throne"


CHARLES  WALLACE  LEOPARD   3-6-1945  to  9-22-2014 *OB

*S/of  Charles Wesley Leopard(1899-1964) & Charlice Wallace Leopard(1903-2001)


&  NONA  J.  LEOPARD   3-11-1950  to  10-31-2004


CHARLIE  WESLEY  LEOPARD  10-10-1899  to  11-1-1964

*S/of  Charlie C. Leopard(1867-1926) &  Ellen Viola Murphy Leopard Bush(1888-1968)

*1ST wife, Emma Parker  *2nd wife-Charlcie Wallace

"Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"

&  CHARLCIE  WALLACE  LEOPARD  5-27-1903  to  7-4-2001

"Someday We Will Be Together"


DONALD WESS  LEOPARD  10-6-1967  to  9-23-1969

*S/of  Charles Wallace Leopard & Nona J. Leopard  "Donny"

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


GARY  JOE  LEOPARD  10-31-1954  to  11-5-1957

"Beloved son"


GRACE  ANDRESS  LEOPARD    3-31-1898  to  10-3-1900


Infant  LEOPARD   b &  d   11-22-1916

*Child of  Charlie C. Leopard(1967-1926)  &  Ellen Viola Murphy Leopard(1888-1968)


NANCY  B.  PERRY  LEOPARD  8-28-1835 GA  to  8-5-1897 AR

*D/of  Ezekiel Perry(2/15/1804 SC  to  4/12/1876 ) &  Rebecca May Perry(12/7/1807  to  11/28/1857)

*Age  61 yrs-11 mos-23 dys   *Wf/of  William  C. Leopard (1829-1870)

*2011-Headstone almost unreadable


WILLIAM  WESLEY  LEOPARD   11-13-1868  to  8-10-1921

*Md:12/20/1905  "Gone But Not Forgotten"

Wife,  MARY  SUE  CLAWSON  LEOPARD  5-3-1891  to  2-16-1916

*D/of Albert Russ Clawson(1854-1898) &  Frances E. Murphy Clawson(1854-1912)



EARLENE  HEFNER  LOY  8-1-1936  (One date)



PLEZ  W.  MAJOR  11-3-1917  to  9-11-1996

*S/of Gilliam Preston Major(1881-1956) & Lavona Flemon Major(1884-1952)

*Md:9/20/1941   "Pap"   "Grandpa"    "Nana"  "Grandma"

&  FREDA  E.  POOLE  MAJOR   4-4-1918  to  4-12-2002

*D/of  William P. Poole(1881-1974) & Lizzie Munford Poole(1888-1965)



JEROME  TILDON  MALLORY   7-15-1861 to 10-7-1907

"Weep not for me my darling wife – I am not dead but living with Christ –

And Christ shall come and I shall rise – And view him with immortal eyes."

Erected by his Wife.



EDWARD  RANDOLPH  MASSEY  10-24-1923  to  11-11-1992

&  DOROTHY  STARNES  MASSEY  12-3-1923  to  5-31-1990



EDITH  MATTHEWS  2-4-1898  to  10-23-1899

*Infant D/of  H.G. &  B. Matthews

&  Infant  MATTHEWS  died 1-6-1900

*Children of  H.G.  &  B. Matthews


HORATIO  GATES  MATTHEWS  10-9-1864  to  9-13-1945

*S/of Loderick William Matthews(1830-1915) & Sarah Moore Goodwin(1833-1882)

"O God, Our Help In Ages Past, Our Hope For Years To Come"


2-27-1907  *D/of John Davis(1838-1898) & Bertha Davis(1851-1937)

'Martha  Brunett'    "Saviour Lead Me"


JOHN  T.  MATTHEWS  2-9-1860  to  10-16-1931

&   ALICE  VIRGINIA  MATTHEWS   10-16-1872  to  1-27-1969


MARY  FRANCES  DEETS  MATTHEWS  6-7-1861  to  4-1-1952

"It is not death to die – To leave this weary road – And midst the brotherhood

on high – To be at home with God."



EDWARD  LEE  McCALL  2-4-1938  to  5-2-200

*S/of  Ruby Edward McCall(1912-1979) & Nadine Stone McCall(1915-1999)


& LINDA  BELLE  TROSCLAIR  McCALL (65  7-10-1941 to 5-4-2007

*D/of Thomas Jefferey Trosclair(1909-2003) & Lillie Belle Smith Trosclair(1912-2000)

*Wf/of late Edward Lee McCall  *OB



Infant CATHERINE  ANN  McGUIRE   b & d  4-22-1947



JAMES  WILBUR  McKINNEY (91) 4-22-1920  to 2-24-2012

*S/of James Harris McKinney(1887-1970) & Annie Pearl Cobb(1892-1983)  *OB


& KATHERINE  ELOISE  WARE  McKINNEY(90) 9-29-1921 to


*D/of  Harry John Ware(1893-1939) & Maude Zora Stough Ware(1897-1982) *OB


KATHY  JANE  McKINNEY  6-12-1952 (One date)



W. M.  McKINNIS   1851  to  1932   "Grandpa"



ASA  K.  McMURRIAN   11-14-1888  to  3-7-1941

*S/of Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating McMurrian(1869-1969)

*ARK  Pvt.  162 Dept  Brigade   (only death date given on tombstone)


HARRY  L.  McMURRIAN     12-16-1890  to  7-6-1960

*S/of Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating McMurrian(1869-1969)

& SINIE  ERSLIE  MURPHY  McMURRIAN  8-25-1894 to 4-29-1976

*D/of  George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941)  & Mary Willie Hayes(1867-1926)


JOHN  M.  McMURRIAN    4-17-1896  to  12-2-1984

*S/of  Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating(1869-1969)


MIRABEAU  LAMAR  McMURRIAN  7-31-1864  to  5-13-1936

& IRIS  ESTELLE  KEATING  McMURRIAN  7-11-1869 to 11-28-1969

*Died @ 100

*D/of  Rev. John Keating(b:ca 1817 SC) *CSA Soldier  &  Mary A. Jolly Keating(1839-1924)



PAUL  EDWARD  McMURRIAN   4-6-1899  to  3-15-1958  "Son"

*S/of Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating(1869-1969)


ROBERT  JEWELL  McMURRIAN   2-8-1905  to  5-8-1936  "Son"

*S/of Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating(1869-1969)


WILLIAM  LAMAR  McMURRIAN   9-25-1901  to  5-19-1987

*S/of Mirabeau Lamar McMurrain(1864-1936) & Iris Estelle Keating(1869-1969)    'Mason'

&  DOLLIE  LUCILLE  McMURRIAN  1-30-1910  to  11-10-1977

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



LUCIUS  MEDLOCK  (L.)   3-22-1820  to  1-5-1871

Wife, JEMIMA  A.  DUMAS  MEDLOCK (J.A.)11-21-1827  to  5-4-1885

*Tombstone almost unreadable in 2011


MYRA  B.  MEDLOCK  2-29-1868  to  9-23-1880

*D/of  L. &  J.A. Medlock



BERTHA  MELTON  3-5-1933  *Infant  D/of  Mr. &  Mrs. C. E. Melton

"Our Darling"



ELIZA  MILES   "In Memory of"   (no dates)



ADISON  M.  MORROW   7-14- 1910  to  9-4-1910

*S/of  A.M. & L.E. Murphy



Infant  MORTON   2-7-1947 (Baby)

*S/of  Capt. Manuel M. Morton & Hazel Lee McMurrainMorton



3-23-2005.  *Manuel born Hill County, Montana.

*S/of William Rupert Morton(1882-1965) & Carrie Frances Tucker(1884 MO-1919 MT)

*At the end of his career, he helped build the Alaskan Pipeline in Valdez, Alaska.

*Retired U.S. Army.      *Md:8/2/1941    Hazel Lee McMurrain     *OB

&  HAZEL  LEE  McMURRAIN  MORTON  10-30-1922 to 5-20-1999

*D/of  Harry L. McMurrian(1890-1960) &  Sinie Erslie Murphy McMurrain(1894-1976)

"Together Forever"



BLANCH  MURPH  12-21-1902  to  2-10-1921

*D/of  J. P.  &  P.L. Yarbrough;

*Wf/of  DEE MURPH;  *Buried with her infant daughter, CECIL


Infant  CECIL  MURPH    b & d   2-10-1921


BLANN  STARK  MURPH  11-14-1892  to 10-10-1947"Son"

*S/of  Wm. Hendricks Murph(1855-1926) & Emily Alene "Lena" Blann(1872-1933)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


EVA  MAE  MURPH    9-27-1896  to  3-9-1929

*D/of  Wm. Hendricks Murph(1855-1926) & Emily Alene "Lena" Blann(1872-1933)

"Our Loved One"


FRANK  MURPH  2-16-1860 to 6-6-1927

'One Worthy Of Remembrance'


LILLIE  MURPH  12-1-1901  to  11-25-1994  'Daughter'

'Jesus Is My Love'


HENRY  OLIN  MURPH  7-4-1884  to  3-10-1912

*S/of William Hendrix Murph(1855-1926) & *1st wf, (1882) Sarah "Sallie" Murphy Murph

&  JESSE  BELLE  AMASON  MURPH  8-20-1884  to  9-26-1968

*D/of Thos Jesse Amason(1837-1925) & Nancy Rebecca Murphy Amason(1853-1934)


J. B.  MURPH   11-12-1858  to  2-18-1878


WILLIAM  HENDRICKS MURPH 12-12-1855 to 4-18-1926

*S/of  William Murph(b:ca 1829) & Elizabeth B. Galsen(b:ca 1832) "Henry"

*Spouses:* Md: 1882  *1st Sarah "Sallie" Murphy  Ouachita Co., AR

*Md: 1892 / ? 1917    *2nd Emily Alene "Lena" Blann, Ouachita Co., AR

&  EMILY ALENE “LENA” BLANN  MURPH  2-15-1872 to 9-9-1933

"Your Love Will Light Our Pathway"


WILLIAM "WILL"  JOHN  MURPH   4-10-1888  to  4-4-1963

*S/of  William Henry Murph & Emily Alene Blann Murph  "His Memory Is Blessed"



BOBBY  GLENN  MURPHY  11-2-1933  to  2-5-2003

*Md:7/24/1957    "Pap"      *Harris FH-Morrilton & Perryville MM

&  BOBBIE  JEAN  MURPHY  7-13-1939 (One date)

"Follow Me, And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men" 'Matthew 4:19'


CHARLEY  MURPHY   2-10-1885  to  4-7-1900

*S/of  Henry C. & Lucy C.  Morrison Murphy


DONALD  HUGHES  MURPHY 'Donnie' 10-1-1927  to  4-28-1994

*Md:5/20/1950   *US Army   WW II  *S/of  Dow Murphy &  Margaret Morgan Murphy

&  M.  SUE  STRINGFELLOW  MURPHY  5-3-1932  to 10-3-1999

"Together With God And Our Loved Ones Thru All Eternity"


DONNA  SUE  MURPHY   12-4-1951  to  4-25-2005 (Nurse)

*D/of  Donnie Hughes Murphy & Martha Sue Stringfellow Murphy.   *OB


DOW  HUGHES  MURPHY   9-2-1901  to  7-29-1974

*S/of  Thomas Cannon Murphy(1866-1939) & Ella Elizabeth Milner(1875-1959)

Wife, MARGARET  MORGAN  MURPHY  7-27-1903 to 4-19-1944


DRUCILLA  MURPHY  12-18-1833  to  12-15-1891

*Wife of  *1st J.A. Dumas and *2nd  J.K. Slaughter

"A Loved One Has Gone From Our Circle

On Earth We Shall Meet No More,

She Has Gone To Her Home In Heaven, And

All Her Afflictions Are Over"


ELIZA  D.  MURPHY  10-4-1872  to  12-10-1875


FRANK  MURPHY   2-16-1860  to  6-6-1927


FRANK  GREEN  MURPHY   10-11-1905  to  10-11-1975

*S/of  Thomas Cannon Murphy(1866-1939) &  Ella Milner Murphy(1875-1959)

*Died on his 70th birthday  *Md: ca 1926


*D/of Florent C. Griffing(1867-1928) & Mary "Mollie" A. Griffing(1871-1954)



HENRY  ANDREW  MURPHY  8-9-1881  to  7-7-1932


&  SALLIE  J.  HUX  MURPHY    10-3-1882  to  8-8-1916


HENRY  BYRD  MURPHY  7-28-1896  to  12-15-1961 (Mason)

*S/of  Thomas Cannon Murphy(1866-1939) &  Ella Milner Murphy(1875-1959)

& VERA GERTRUDE WHATLEY  MURPHY  2-13-1900  to 3-28-1962

*D/of Berry Thomas Whatley(b:ca 1880) & Maude Holley Haney Whatley(b:ca 1881)


HENRY  CLAY  MURPHY   10-5-1843  to   12-25-1911

*S/of Jesse Murphy(1797-1863) & Nancy Gray Perdue Murphy(1809-1879)

1st Wife, MARTHA  J.  DUMAS  MURPHY  12-15-1846  to  2-18-1874

*D/of  Jacob C. Dumas & Drucilla Davis Dumas *Stone broken almost illegible(2011).

2nd Wife, LUCIE  CAROLYN MORRISON  MURPHY  5-13-1851  to

5-18-1901 *Henry C. & Lucie C. Morrison Murphy share a double headstone.

*Lucie D/of Kenneth Morrison(1806-1877) & Eliza Oakley Morrison(1821-1898)


HOMER  THOMAS  MURPHY   12-5-1918  to  1-11-1992

*S/of  Ruby May Whatley(1901-1956) & Obie Lee Murphy(1894-1977)

*Spouses: *1st  Rufie Mae Rowland Murphy (1921-1979) *Md:1940 Calhoun Co.,AR

*2nd Alice Margaret "Margie"  Beckwith Murphy (1921-2010)


3-18-1921  to  9-12-2010  *D/of  Ernest & Tressie Draper Beckwith


Infant  MURPHEY   8-3-1875  to  12-7-1875

*S/of  T. J.  &  M. E. Murphy


Infant  MURPHY  5-9-1889  to  5-18-1889/ 6-8-1889

*S/of  J.C.  &  B. U. Murphy


J. B.  MURPHY    11-12-1858  to  2-13-1878


JESSE  D.  MURPHY     1841  to  1891

Wife,  ELIZA  ANNE  DUMAS  MURPHY   1842  to  1891


JESSIE  C. MURPHY   9-24-1862  to  1-26-1922

*2011-Old stone is broken-lying flat on ground




JESSE  T.  MURPHY   1797  to  5-7-1863  (abt  age 66 yrs)

*S/of  John Murphy &  Drucilla Thomas

Wife, NANCY  GRAY  PERDUE  MURPHY  9-6-1809  to  3-6-1879

*D/of John Perdue & Sally Taylor    (from family files)


JOHN  MURPHY    2-22-1868  to  7-22-1868


JOHN  PERDUE  MURPHY  1-24-1824  to  8-7-1917

*Md:1/6/1848   *S/of Jesse T. Murphy & Nancy Gray Perdue Murphy

ELIZABETH  JANE  QUINNEY  MURPHY  1-28-1830  to  2-14-1906

*D/of  John E. Quinney &  Eleanor“Nellie”Young (Quiney on tombstone with one “n”)


JOHN  PERRY  MURPHY   5-9-1851 to 1-19-1894

*S/of  Thomas Jessie Murphy(1803-1866) & Susan Sarah Perry Murphy(1828-1898)


12-18-1917   "Mattie"


(J.W.) J William   MURPHY   5-5-1861  to  7-30-1876

*Died @ age 15, due to Rattlesnake Bite.

**S/of  Thomas Jessie Murphy(1803-1866) & Susan Sarah Perry Murphy(1828-1898)


J.  W.  MURPHY    7-8-1880  to  7-22-1886


MARGARET  M.  MURPHY  7-27-1903  to  4-19-1944

"Her Memory Is Blessed"


MARTHA  BRUNETTE  MURPHY  4-4-1893  to  5-4-1894

*D/of  J.C. & B. N. Murphy


Mrs.  MARTHA  J.  DUMAS  MURPHY 12-15-1846  to  2-18-1874

*Wife of Henry Clay Murphy.  *1st wife, Martha J. Dumas  *2nd wife was Lucie Morrison

*D/of  Jacob C. Dumas & Drucilla Davis Dumas


MICHAEL  DEAN  MURPHY   5-10-1953  (one date)


&  GLORIA  J.  LONIGRO  MURPHY  6-19-1956  to  6-18-1997


MORGAN  KEITH  MURPHY (81) 6-1-1931  to  12-19-2012

*Md:6/22/1958   *S/of Dow Murphy  &  Margaret Morgan Murphy

& TOMMIE GAYLE  TROTTER  MURPHY(76) 8-8-1936 to 9-15-2012

*D/of Thomas Rufus & Ruby Oveda Wheeler Trotter.   *ob


NEWTON 'NEWT' THOMAS MURPHY  5-20-1898  to  10-6-1976

*S/of  Thomas Cannon Murphy(1866-1939) & Ella Elizabeth Milner (1875-1959)


&  GRACE  WILLIE  ADCOX  MURPHY   8-24-1904  to  3-31-1995

*D/of  John Berry Adcox(1874-1967) & Ela Anna Elizabeth Rodgers Adcox(1879-1925)


OBIE  LEE  MURPHY    9-1-1894  to  4-6-1977

*S/of  Thomas Cannon Murphy(1866-1939) & Ella Elizabeth Milner (1875-1959)

&  RUBY MAY WHATLEY MURPHY  8-27-1901 to 12-8-1956

*D/of BerryThomas Whatley(b:ca 1880 AR) & Maude Holley Haney Whatley(b:ca 1881 NC)


PASTORA  MURPHY    8-18-1861  to  9-12-1874


P. H. "PETE"  MURPHY   5-12-1863  to  8-13-1863

*S/of  Thomas Jessie Murphy(1803-1866) & Susan Sarah Perry Murphy(1828-1898)


THOMAS (T.C.) CANNON  MURPHY  10-15-1866  to  8-1-1939

*S/of  Thomas Jessie Murphy(1803-1866) & Susan Sarah Perry Murphy(1828-1898)

&  ELLA  ELIZABETH  MILNER  MURPHY  3-5-1875  to  5-7-1959

*D/of Obediah Holmes Milner(1846-1922) & Emeline C. Carver(1848-1922)


THOMAS  HENRY  MURPHY  6-2-1927  to  11-2-2010

*MML3  US Navy  WW II  Korea    'Pa-Paw'


THOMAS  JESSE  MURPHY    1803  to  2-28-1866

Wife, SUSAN  SARAH  PERRY  MURPHY 6-9-1828 GA to 3-3-1898 AR

*D/of  Ezekiel Perry &  Rebecca  May Perry  (She applied for her widow's pension in 1893)

*2011-new stone in front of her old stone. New one gives birth year as 1828.


THOMAS  KEITH  MURPHY (44) 5-27-1962  to  5-13-2007 *OB

*S/of Morgan Keith Murphy & Tommie Gayle Murphy;  *H/of Cheri Gardner Murphy


TOMMIE  SUE  MURPHY On Earth 5-6-1958  to  In Heaven 11-14-1984

"In Loving Memory"  'Daughter' (Footstone:"Sister,Cousin, Friend")  *Photo embedded


WALTER  MURPHY   12-19-1887  to  9-13-1898

*S/of  J.C. &  B. N. Murphy


WILLIE  MURPHY      8-21-1886  to  6-7-1903



LEONARD  M.  NOHR    5-31-1927  to  4-9-1998

*QM3  US Navy  WW II

&  CHARLOTTE  DANIELS  NOHR  10-12-1927  to  3-23-2007 *OB

(Charlotte Helen Daniels Lynch Nohr)

*D/of Hubert H. Daniels &  Lillie Lee McGowen Daniels



TROY  MALCOLM  ODOM  5-5-1901  to  8-22-1990

*S/of  Malachai Odom(1861-1901) & Theresa McKnight Odom(1867-1948)

&  MARY ETHEL McMURRAIN ODOM  10-18-1907 to  8-24-1992



HAROLD  CURTIS  OLIVER  2-9-1927  (One date)  "PA"

*S/of  Paul C. Oliver(1907-1979) & Cora L. Oliver(1905-1983)

"A Witness For The Glory Of God"

PATRICIA MARLOWE MURPHY  OLIVER 1-4-1926 to 12-14-2013

*D/of  Dow(1901-1974)  &  Margaret Morgan Murphy(1903-1944) *OB


'Loving Mother And Granny'

"God Made Me An Offer I Could Not Refuse, Heaven"


PAULA  REBECCA  OLIVER  3-20-1953  to  6-8-1996

*D/of  Patricia Murphy Oliver & Harold Curtis Oliver

"Some Call It Heaven, She Called It Home" 'Mom-Daughter-Sister-Aunt-Friend'



CHARLIE  BLAKE  PARKER  3-13-1898  to  4-9-1978

*S/of  William H. Parker(1862-1912) & Clarence Ann Parker (1868-1920)

*Md:11/1/1922  "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  VIVIAN  INA  DAVIS  PARKER  8-10-1896  to  6-27-1991

*D/of Daniel W. Davis(1847-1903) & Mattie A. Todd Davis(1866-1913)


CHARLES  HENRY  PARKER  11-6-1950  to  4-10-1998

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


CHRISTOPHER  BLAKE  PARKER    4-18-1975  to  10-8-2002

"Thy Trials Ended, Thy Rest Is Won"   *Photo embedded.


DANTE'  ANTHONY  ALEXANDER  PARKER  8-12-1998  to  9-16-1998

*S/of Chris and Misty Parker


EDD  J.  PARKER   4-27-1880  to  12-18-1900

*S/of  Levi Calvin Parker  &  Emma C. Medlock Parker *Age  20 yrs-7 mos-21 dys


JAMES  ANTHONY "BIDDY" PARKER 11-6-1925 to 10-23-1991

*S1  US Navy  WW II   "Our Beloved Father Lives Forever In Our Hearts"


JAMES  BLAKE  PARKER   4-11-1954  to  1-7-2004

"He Lives Free In The Arms of Jesus"  *Photo embedded


JOHN  HENRY  PARKER    7-23-1923  to  3-28-1988 'Father'

* US Army  WW  II   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&   ESTHERIE  J.  PARKER   6-18-1930  (One date) 'Mother'


(L. C.) LEVI  CALVIN  PARKER   3-5-1843  to  8-17-1899

*56 yrs-5 mos-12 dys  'Levi Calvin'  *H/of  Emma C. Medlock Parker(1846 – unk)

"In Loving Remembrance of"


RODNEY  R.  PARKER    11-23-1953  to  8-24-1965  "Son"

"Gone But Not Forgotten may He Rest In Peace"


(W. C.) WILLIAM  C.  PARKER   4-7-1878  to  6-9-1909

*S/of  Levi Calvin Parker(1843-1899) &  Emma C. Medlock Parker(1846- ?)

*1st H/of  Lillian “Lillie” Arnold(Parker-Wooldridge)  (1885-1975)

*”Lillie” is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado, AR. "We Will Meet Again"


WILLIAM  CARL  PARKER  8-18-1909  to  3-30-1966  "Son"

*S/of  William C. Parker(1878-1909) & “Lillie” Arnold Parker Wooldridge(1885-1975)

*Lillie is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado, AR. "His Memory Is Blessed"



EVA  M.  PERDUE   11-11-1905  to  4-5-1926

*S/of  Morris Armer Perdue(1877-1962)  &  Minnie E. Murphy Perdue(1885-1962)

"A little flower of love, That blossomed but to die,

Transplanted now above.  To bloom with God on high."


GUY  ARMER  PERDUE   12-2-1916  to  2-2-1985

*S/of  Morris Armer Perdue(1877-1962)  &  Minnie E. Murphy Perdue(1885-1962)

&  ELIZABETH  PICKERING  PERDUE  7-5-1924 to 11-2-1990

*D/of  George Dewey Pickering(1898-1971) & Lou Anna Jones Pickering(1898-1967)


HORACE  R.  PERDUE   1-26-1906  to  1-10-1935

Wife, FANNIE  BELLE  LEOPARD  PERDUE   3-29-1912  to  3-12-1991

*D/of  William Wesley Leopard(1868-1921) & Mary Sue Clawson Leopard(1891-1919)

*Spouses: *1st Horace R. Perdue (1906-1935)  *2nd James Adrian Rowell (1900-1978)

*3rd Morris Quinney Perdue(1907-1989)


MORRIS  ARMER  PERDUE    8-6-1877 to  7-13-1962

*S/of  Morris W. Perdue  &  Mary Jane Armer Perdue

&  MINNIE  EUGENE  MURPHY  PERDUE  1-25-1885 to 1-31-1962

*D/of  George Quinney Murphy(1851-1928) &  Martha Eugenia Davis Murphy(1857-1891)



NELLIE  PERDUE   4-23-1910 to 8-1-1934

*S/of  Morris Armer Perdue(1877-1962)  &  Minnie Eugenia Murphy Perdue(1885-1962


REBECCA  MAY  PERRY  12-7-1807 GA  to 11-28-1857 AR

*D/of  Joseph May  & Susan Herrington May

*Md:3/3/1825 GA Wf/of  EZEKIEL PERRY  2-15-1804 to 4-12-1876

*Ezekiel is not buried here; most likely in Calhoun Co., along with his *2nd wife.



PASTORIAH  C.  PICKETT   12-16-1847  to  7-23-1848



GILBERT  PIERCE   4-3-1934  to  7-6-2004

*S/of  Russell Pierce(1909-1980) & Maybell Tapp Pierce(1911-1990)

"In God's Care"    'Gone But Not Forgotten'


RUSSELL  PIERCE    6-27-1909  to  3-18-1980

*S/of Robert Donald Pierce(1862-1934) & Sallie Gilbert Rosser(1870-1930)

*Pvt  U.S. Army   *Md:5/31/1929

&  MAYBELL  TAPP  PIERCE  5-25-1911  to  9-7-1990

*D/of Perry L. Tapp(1878-1957) &  Nora V. Tapp(1879-1976)


*(4) Daughters of RUSSELL and MAYBELL PIERCE

JAMIE  PIERCE  NEOSHO  10-23-1931  to  12-25-2003

LA NORA  MAE  PIERCE  5-7-1936  (One date)

MARTHA  ELLEN PIERCE  1-22-1939 (One date)

PATSY  ANN  PIERCE  5-26-1941  (One date)



BOBBY  EUGENE  PLATT  7-6-1936  to  12-16-1994

*S/of Russell B. Platt(1908-1996) & Lena A. Murph Platt(1910-1991)


&  EVA  B.  PLATT   3-12-1939 (One date)


DIRK  PLATT     9-20-1959  to  12-17-1982

"Lord We Hope You Are Enjoying Him Half As Much As We Did"


EMMETT  GODBY  PLATT  11-19-1892 LA  to  5-15-1971AR

*S/of  Joseph David Platt(1861-1894) & Alice Stewart Platt Beasley(1870-1919)


12-22-1972 AR  *D/of Robert Perry Westmoreland(1838-1911) &

Susie Ann Oliver Westmoreland (1845-1912)

*Emmett G. & Lyda May Platt are buried Forest Hills Memorial Park, Alexander,

Saline Co.,AR

*Spouses: *1st husb, 6/26/1904 Joseph Wilburn Ridling (1880-1950) *Joseph is

buried in Friendship Cemetery, Cale, Nevada Co., AR

*Spouses: *2nd husb, Emmett Godby Platt (1892-1971)


RUSSELL  B.  PLATT   9-28-1908  to  3-18-1996

*S/of  Emmett Godby Platt(1892-1971) & Lyda May Westmoreland Platt(1890-1972)

&  LENA  A. MURPH  PLATT  2-19-1910  to  3-13-1991

*D/of  Frank Murph(1860-1927) & Mollie Farris Murph(1873-1917)


RUTH  PLATT  *No dates or details



"BEN" BENJAMIN  F.  POOLE, SR.  11-20-1892  to 10-1-1921

*S/of Walter Scott Poole(1869-1952) & Lula Safronia Gilmore Poole(1868-1912)

*D: Dallas, Dallas Co., TX     "Death is Eternal Life Why Should We Weep"


CHERRY  NAN  POOLE   died  8-13-1943

*Twins  Cherry &  Sherry Poole   *Age 1 mo-12 dys

&   SHERRY  ANN  POOLE   died  8-13-1943


JAMES  BRYANT  POOLE   10-26-1897  to  2-3-1922

*S/of Walter Scott Poole(1869-1952) & Lula Safronia Gilmore Poole(1868-1912)


LULA SAFRONIA GILMORE  POOLE  7-10-1868 GA to 6-17-1912

*D/of  Reuben Anderson Gilmore(1831-1910) & *1st wife. *Buried with *2nd wife,

Sarah Jane  Tolar Gilmore (1850-1935) at Good Hope Cemetery, Strong, Union County, AR

*Wf/of Walter Scott Poole


MINOR  WALLACE  POOLE, SR.   10-26-1900 to  5-6-1969

*S/of  Walter Scott Poole(1869-1952) & Lula Safronia Gilmore Poole(1868-1912)

*68 yrs-6 mos-10 dys  *MM


WILLIAM  P.  POOLE  1-18-1881  to  8-7-1974

&  LIZZIE  E.  MUNFORD  POOLE   10-5-1888 New Orleans

to  7-26-1965 Bienvenue, LA   *D/of  Robert  &  Teresa  Munford

'Into Thy Hands I Command My Spirit'




HENRY  L.  QUIMBY   2-19-1895  to  6-6-1968

*S/of Columbus Caswell Quimby(1850-1905) & Sarah E. Temple Quimby(1852-1933)

of  Bradley Co., AR

*Sgt.  ARK  1st  Regt Infantry  WW I      *Md:9/1/1917

&  LUCILLE  OLIVER  QUIMBY   7-6-1901 to 4-10-1985




MARY  ESTELLE  McMURRIAN  REID   7-6-1914  to  7-30-1974

*D/of  Harry L. McMurrain(1890-1960) & Sinie Erslie Murphy(1894-1976)

*Md: Norman L. Reid in Union County, AR, 1947

"Loved Here, More Loved In Heaven"



MAGGIE  DAVIS  ROBERTSON 7-27-1887  to  11-25-1980

*D/of  James Calvin Davis(1855-1932) & Lula P. Grant Davis(1866-1929)

*2nd Wf/of  Quincy David Robertson(1872-1942)  *Shares a double headstone

with his 1st wife, Effie Naugher(1875-1918) in Big Creek Cemetery, Hot Spring Co.,AR


J.  ADRIAN  ROWELL    8-11-1900  to  10-10-1978


&  FANNIE  BELLE  LEOPARD  ROWELL  3-29-1912  to  3-12-1991

*D/of  William Wesley Leopard(1868-1921) & Mary Sue Clawson Leopard(1891-1919)

*Spouses: *1st Horace R. Perdue (1906-1935) *2nd Morris Quinney Perdue

*3rd James Adrian Rowell(1900-1978)



DANNY  MORRIS  RUSSELL  12-14-1964  to  11-8-1994

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten."  'Father of Nikki.'


DUSTIN  RUSSELL  2-22-1982  (One date)


LILLIE  WARD  RUSSELL  6-14-1902  to  1-14-1934

*Wf/of  Hall Russell  "In Loving Memory"


MORRIS  RUSSELL  12-6-1931 to  6-15-1988

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


4-6-2012  *D/of John "Bud" Alexander & Lottie Louise Boyette Smith   *OB

*Wife of the late Morris Russell


THOMAS  DUSTIN  RUSSELL  2-22-1982  (One date)



Mrs.  P. H.  SCARBOROUGH    4-11-1837  to  5-2-1914



RAY  SHERWOOD  4-9-1924  to  12-27-2001

&  MAXINE  BOYETTE  SHERWOOD  6-24-1925  to  7-27-1993



Infant SIMS  b & d  3-3-1934

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. A.L. SIMS


SUSIE  SIMS   1-23-1900  to  9-29-1900   *Age 8 mos.

*D/of  Jacob S. Simms(1855-1911) &  Birtie Pastoria Ballard Simms(1874-1952)


JACOB  ARCHIE  SIMMS   2-12-1902  to  Sep 1969 [Simms *MM  ]

*S/of  Jacob S. Simms(1855-1911) &  Birtie Pastoria Ballard Simms(1874-1952)

Wife, LILLIAN  G.  SIMMS    8-2-1904  to  3-25-1968


JACOB  S.  SIMMS  10-15-1855 LA  to  12-12-1911AR

"We knew no sorrow  Knew no grief till thy bright face was missed"

Wife, BIRTIE  PASTORIA  BALLARD  SIMS 1-4-1874 to 2-18-1952

*D/of  John Amos Ballard(1846-1919) &  Tolitha Cuma Sasser Ballard(1840-1880)


JOSEPH  ALTON  SIMMS    11-27-1910  to  2-2-1962

*S/of  Jacob S. Simms(1855-1911) &  Birtie Pastoria Ballard Simms(1874-1952)

*Arkansas  9301 TECH SVC UNIT SGT  WW II  "In His Will Is Our Peace"


ZULA  B.  SIMMS   6-18-1889  to  8-30-1968 "Beloved  Sister"

*D/of  Jacob S. Simms(1855-1911) &  Birtie Pastoria Ballard Simms(1874-1952)

"Rest In Peace"



ROBERT  H. "SKIP" SKIPPER  7-29-1937  to  8-28-2002

*S/of  Odessa Skipper(1907-1984) & Irene A. Skipper(1908-2000)


&  NELLIE  JEAN  WEBB  SKIPPER  10-3-1941 (One date)



BETTIE  A.  SLAUGHTER     8-18-1878   to  11-28-1878

*D/of  Joseph Kimbrough Slaughter & Drucilla Margaret Murphy Dumas Slaughter


DEWEY  L. SLAUGHTER  9-13-1902  to  Nov 1980 OK City, OK

*Md:1930  *S/of Nancy Adeline Ballard & Samuel & Samuel Jackson Slaughter  *MM

Wife,  LAURA  GATLIN  SLAUGHTER  6-27-1898  to  6-18-1969



12-18-1833  to  12-15-1897  *D/of   Jesse T.  Murphy  &  Nancy  G.  Perdue

*Md: 1st  1/4/1849   JOSEPH  AGEE  DUMAS  d: Edward's Depot, MS 1863

*Md: 2nd  12/18/1867  JOHN  KIMBROUGH  SLAUGHTER

*Buried at Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

“A loved one has gone from our circle on earth. We shall meet no more.

She has gone to her home in Heaven, and all her afflictions are over.”



to 11-12-1962  *D/of George Edmund Ballard & Nancy Caroline Hill Ballard

*Wf/of Samuel Jackson Slaughter

(S. J.)SAMUEL  JACKSON  SLAUGHTER  2-1-1871  to  6-14-1952

*Md:1st Annie B. Calvin in 1893 Ouachita Co., AR

*Md:2nd  Nancy Adeline “Addie” Ballard  in 1900 Union Co., AR



A. G.  WAYNE  SMITH   6-15-1925  to  6-25-1968

Wife,  SUE  HUDSON  SMITH   6-17-1923/25  (one date)


ALEXANDER ‘ALEX’ JACKSON  SMITH  9-2-1877  to  7-23-1946

*S/of Martin Smith(2/8/1845-6/12/1907) & Martha Cargyle Smith(b: ca 1847 AL)

*His mom died when he was very young.  "He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

*His stepmother was Ida Armer Davis Smith(1876-1930)

*Martin & Ida Smith are buried in Ebenezer Methodist Cem.

ELIZABETH  JANE 'Lizzie' MURPHY SMITH  11-11-1883 to

11-1-1963 *D/of  John Wm. Murphy(1855-1928) & Lida Davis Murphy(1861-1945)

*Aged 79 yrs   "Darling We Miss Thee"  (1883-1963)  *SSDI


CARSON  CARL  SMITH   died 10-11-1942 to 10-17-1944

*S/of  Carson Carl Smith, Sr.(1889-1915) & Gracie Alene Rowles Smith Harris(1894-

1988)    *Age 2 yrs- 6 dys  "Love Mom"


FERD  THOMAS  SMITH, JR.  5-14-1947  to  6-3-2000

*S/of Fred Thomas Smith(1918-2010) Hazel D. Allison Smith(1921-?)

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"


FERD  THOMAS  SMITH, Sr. (91) 6-16-1918  to  4-21-2010 *ob

*S/of Harry Monroe Smith(1879-1964) & Josie McKinnis Smith(1888-1950):

*TEC 5  US Army  WW II

& HAZEL D. 'KITTY' ALLISON  SMITH   11-22-1921 (One name)

*D/of Joseph Lester Allison(1891-1974) & Fannie W. Allison(1898-2000)

*Wf/of 69 yrs to Fred Thomas Smith


HARRY  MONROE  SMITH    8-17-1879 MO to  5-15-1964

*S/of Charles Augustus Smith(b:ca 1854 MO) & Amanda Gill Smith(b:ca 1858 IL)

&  JOSIE  McKINNIE  SMITH   8-12-1888  to  7-22-1950

*D/of William C. McKinnis(b:ca 1852 TN) & Josephine Mentier McKinnis(b:ca 1854 MO)

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"


HENRY  FULTON  SMITH    12-5-1881  to  4-22-1918  'Mason'

*S/of Charles Wesley Smith(1859-1932)& Mary Ann Craven Smith(1860-1942)


JERRY  LEON  SMITH  2-21-1941 (One date)


&  CECILIA  MARIE  CLAWSON  SMITH  12-9-1941 (One date)


JOHN  A.  "BUD"  SMITH   3-1-1907  to  11-27-1967

*S/of  Alexander Jackson Smith(1877-1946)  & Elizabeth Jane “Lizzie” Murphy Smith



JOSEPH  HUBERT  SMITH   1-31-1909  to  11-12-1966

*S/of Frank L. Smith(1870-1932) & Siddie Cora Ramsey(1879-1964)

*Md: 1950, Mary E. Odom –Union County, Arkansas

*Arkansas   ART2  USNR  WW  II


L. M.  SMITH, JR.    9-8-1922  to  6-12-1925


ROBERT  NEWTON "ROB"  SMITH  11-3-1909  to  7-6-1987

*S/of  Alexander Jackson Smith(1877-1944) & Elizabeth Jane “Lizzie” Murphy Smith

(1883-1963)  …………*Md:11/30/1927

&  ZELLA DeLOYCE  GORE  SMITH  4-23-1907 LA  to 10-12-1990

*D/of  Robert Wesley Gore (1865-1927) &  Texanna "Anner" Gardner Gore (1881-1965)


RUBY  MAE  SMITH  8-17-1925  to  3-17-1993

*D/of Harry Monroe Smith(1879-1964) & Josie McKinnis Smith(1888-1950)

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Is Ours"

&  RACHEL CORINNA  SMITH  WALKER  3-28-1923  to  7-2-1983

*D/of Harry Monroe Smith(1879-1964) & Josie McKinnis Smith(1888-1950)

*Md: 1939,  Ouachita Co.,AR  William Ralph Walker(1919-1969)

*William Ralph Walker is buried in Camden, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Ouachita Co.,AR

"Mother"    "To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


WILLIE  MAE  SMITH    4-6-1890   to   2-11-1911



JERRY  E.  SPEARS   8-27-1933  to  4-8-2005


&  BARBARA  G.  SPEARS   3-5-1951  (One date)




to  3-7-2006  *D/of  Robert Wesley Gore(1865-1927) & Texanner Gardner Gore

(1881-1965)    *1st husband, Robert 'Bob' Homer Leopard(1907-1942)

*2nd husband, Joseph Arvel Spiers


JOSEPH  ARVEL  SPIERS  7-29-1905 to 10-10-1986  Baton Rouge, LA

*S/of John W. Spiers(1867-1934) & Nancy Ellen Spiers(1871-1959)

*1st Wf- Myrtle Mary Leopard    *2nd Wf- Edith E. Gore Leopard

&  MYRTLE  MARY  LEOPARD  SPIERS  6-8-1911 to 10-5-1951

*D/of  Charlie C. Leopard(1867-1926) & Ellen Viola Murphy Leopard Bush(1888-1968)



FRANCIS  LAVINA  LINN  STAPLES  2-26-1851  to  1-21-1858


JETHRO  JACOB "JAKEY" STAPLES  3-15-1854  to  8-24-1874

*No marker.  Info from family.  *S/of  J.J.  &  Elizabeth Staples


JOHN  JETHRO  STAPLES    1809  to  5-5-1873

Wife,  ELIZABETH  DANIEL  STAPLES    1819  to  1-3-1864

*No marker for either. Info from family.


PAUL  TIMOTHY  STAPLES    12-13-1856  to  1861

*No marker.  Information from family.


PETER  STAPLES    12-19-1845  to   7-18-1852 *Age 6

*S/of Jethro J. Staples(b:cva 1813 VA) & Eliza Staples(b:ca 1819 AL)


SARAH  ELIZABETH "SALLIE" STAPLES  11-10-1859  to  10-27-1863

*No marker.  Info from family.


STEPHEN  SCOTT  STAPLES  3-8-1848  to  1-29-1850

*S/of Jethro J. Staples(b:cva 1813 VA) & Eliza Staples(b:ca 1819 AL)



GERALD  WAYNE  STEVENSON  8-16-1940 (One date)


11-23-2009  *D/of Guy Eldridge Young & Idona Coker  *Wf/of Wayne Stevenson *ob


RONALD  REGGIE  STEVENSON  12-10-1910  to  4-3-1968

*S/of Thos Jackson Stevenson(1868-1951) & Evie Irean Rowell Collinsworth(1886-1958)

&  NELLIE  FAY ABBITT  STEVENSON   8-7-1917 to  2-6-2002

*D/of  Metz Abbitt(1887-1967) & Susie Pevy Abbitt(1898-1975)



CARROLL  ROYSTON  STRINGFELLOW  4-11-1936 to 7-3-1994

"ROSS"   *US  Navy – Korea

&  CATHY "BOBBIE" STRINGFELLOW  2-23-1941  (One date0


INEZ  CALDWELL STRINGFELLOW   2-9-1909  to  5-6-1999

*Wf/of  Marvin Stringfellow(1904-1967)*Marvin Stringfellow (9/17/1904 to 11/30/1967)

"Forever With The Lord"


MARVIN DEAN STRINGFELLOW  8-17-1930  to  7-15-2000

*S/of  Marvin Stringfellow(1904-1967) & Inez Caldwell Stringfellow(1909-1999)

DEAN  STRINGFELLOW  1930  to  2000  *Bailey MM

*SSGT  US  Air Force   (Marvin D. & Dean Stringfellow are the same man)



RUBY MAE  McKINZIE  TAYLOR  6-10-1926  to 12-24-1979

*D/of  Jim McKinzie (b:ca 1887) & Nora McKinzie (b:ca 1910)



LEWIS  HENRY  TELFORD   8-5-1880   to  3-31-1965

*S/of Benjamin Franklin Telford(1854-1920) & Mary Frances Telford(1856-1944)

&  EFFIE LUCINDA  BIRD  TELFORD   5-1-1884  to 1-3-1957

*D/of Nedham Bryant Bird(1837-1914) & Martha Jane Glasgow Bird(1846-1930)



DEBORAH  ANN  TOMLINSON   11-16-1949  (One date)


MALVA  MARK  TOMLINSON  8-27-1926  to  10-27-2013 *ob

*S/of Roy I. Tomlinson(1899-1963) & Mary Annie Young Tomlinson(1903-1989)

&  MARY ELOISE DANIELS TOMLINSON  3-2-1928  to 12-3-2001

*D/of Dewey Lee Daniels(1903-1964) & Letha Mary Stevens Daniels(1911-1985)



Mrs.  T. C.  TOPP    died  5-21-1930  *Aged 72 yrs



TERRY OLIVER  TROSCLAIR  (42) 9-28-1964  to  2-6-2007

*S/of Thomas Renay & Betty Doris Horne Trosclair.*ob

*Wife, Nancy Fanning Trosclair


THOMAS JEFFEREY TROSCLAIR  9-21-1909 LA  to 2-17-2003

*S/of  Oliver Trosclair (d: Mar 1966 age 78) & Corrine Trosclair(d: Feb 1986  age 99)


&  LILLIE  BELLE SMITH TROSCLAIR  4-19-1912 to 10-7-2000

*D/of  John H. Smith(1863-1935) & Ada Murphy Smith(1872-1962)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


THOMAS  RENAY  TROSCLAIR   9-1-1934 (One date)

*Md:2/11/1954   *We Will Meet Again"

&   BETTY  HORNE  TROSCLAIR  9-23-1935 (One date)



WILLIAM  H.  TURNAGE    6-10-1875  to   6-25-1954

&  KILLIE  FOSTER  TURNAGE   2-21-1870  to  10-12-1947



Infant  TURNER   8-8-1933  *D/of  Tom  &  Julia Turner

"Darling Baby"


MICKEY  VANN  TURNER  10-30-1940  (One date)

"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"


THOMAS  HUGH  TURNER  10-24-1908  to  8-1-1995

&  JULIA  MAE  SMITH  TURNER  2-21-1915  to  7-24-1993

*D/of  Alexander Jackson Smith & Elizabeth Jane “Lizzie” Murphy Smith



*Triple Headstone for these three Vance Family Members.

MARK  TYLER  VANCE (42)  2-24-1964 to 1-14-2007

*S/of Wallace Nolan Vance, Jr. & Janis Marie Allbritton Vance.

*Grandson of Felton & Ruth Allbritton.W. N. Vance, Sr.  *OB

JANIS MARIE ALLBRITTON  VANCE  12-10-1938 (One date)

*D/of  Felton Wayne Allbritton(1914-1990)& Ruth Matthews Albritton(1913-2004)

WALLACE  NOLAN 'Buddy' VANCE  1-8-1937  (One date)

*Husband of Janis Marie Allbritton



DONALD  L. Van HORN  12-17-1920  to  5-5-2002

*US Army  WW II     *H/of  Martha Rae Avant Van Horn(1925-2002)

*Martha ~ D/of  Blount Lester Avant(1905-1976) & Virgie M. Ables Avant(1908-1988)

*Martha is buried at Pickett Cemetery, Hampton, Calhoun Co., AR



FRANKLIN  HERMON  VAN HORN   12-26-1917  to  8-25-1961

*ARK  PVT  186 INF  41 INF DIV  WW  II


LOUELLA  KELLOGG  VAN  HORN  12-10-1886  to  3-9-1939

*D/of  Samuel Hiram Kellogg(1858-1918) & Louvisa Frances Hunter Kellogg(1861-1941)

"One Worthy of Remembrance"



BILLY  PAT  WALDEN  2-22-1928  to  6-29-1998

*S/of  Leo Theodore Walden(1893-1962) & Snoe Estelle Reese Walden(1904-1977)

*Md:3/27/1948    *EM3  US NAVY  WW II

&  ALVA  JEAN  AMASON  WALDEN(85) 8-14-1927 to  3-5-2013 *OB

"Mama Jean"   *D/of  Charlie Willie Amason(1905-1991) & Susie Ieula McGowen Amason

(1903-1988)  of Calion


RACHEL CORRINA SMITH  WALKER   3-28-1923  to 7-2-1983

*D/of  Harry Monroe Smith(1879-1964) & Josie McKinnis Smith(1888-1950)

*Rachel Corrina  Md: Ralph Walker, 1939, Ouachita Co.k, AR

"Mother"   "To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

&  RUBY  MAE  SMITH   8-17-1925  to  3-17-1993

*D/of  Harry Monroe Smith(1879-1964) & Josie McKinnis Smith(1888-1950)

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Is Ours"


WILLIAM  M. 'BUDDY'  WALKER (70) 8-3-1942  to  9-10-2012 *ob

*S/of William Ralph Walker & Rachel Corrinna Smith Walker

*Wife, Maria E. (1945-2014)Vernon

MARCIA  E.  VERNON  WALKER(68) 8-12-1945  to  7-24-2014 *ob

*D/of  Robert Aurelius Vernon(1910-1999)  & Myrtis Mae Hopkins Vernon (1916-2001)

*Wf/of William M. "Buddy" Walker



BETTY  EVERS  DELK  WARD  6-23-1929  to  7-9-2007

*D/of  Almer Evers(1902-1973) & Opal Hanley Evers(1906-1995)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"  *See 1st husband Jack H. Delk



(E.M.) ENOCH  MONROE  WARE  4-23-1850  to  5-15-1916

*Enoch was born in Stewart Co., GA & died in Smackover, AR.

*Spouses: *1st on 12/22/1874~ INDIA ROGERS (d:ca 1882)Had 2 daughters, Amma & Lula Ware

*2nd wife, Hannah Hancock Ware 1/4/1883 Drew Co., AR

HANNAH  HANCOCK  WARE   7-16-1855  to 11-21-1945

*Born in Hull, England  Hannah was the D/of Elizabeth Jane Hancock(1832-1915)

*Hannah Md:1st 2/5/1880 Phillip F. Rogers


ENOCH  MONROE  WARE   8-13-1897 to 11-18-1980

*S/of Enoch Mathews Ware(1850-1916) & Hannah Hancock Ware(1855-1945)

"Uncle Enoch"

&  LILLIAN  MARTIN  WARE   9-7-1897  to  12-23-1983

*D/of John Thomas Martin & Nancy Jane Connor Martin

"Aunt Lillian "   *Parents of Mona Ware Crawford.


FERRELL  ENOCH  WARE   7-9-1930  to  5-3-2003

*S/of  Lillian Martin Ware(1897-1983) & Enoch Monroe Ware(1897-1980)

*Md:6/6/1953   "Together Forever"

&  ANITA  ROBERTSON  WARE  2-23-1930 (One date)


HARRY  JOHN  WARE   5-27-1893  to  6-19-1939   *ARDI

*S/of Enoch Mathews Ware(1850-1916) & Hannah Hancock Ware(1855-1945)

*Harry was a Machinist in a Foundry     "In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust."

MAUDE  IZORA  STOUGH  WARE 11-9-1897  to  July 1982

*D/of David Crockett Stough(1860-1941) & Bettie Rebecca Pounds Stough(1874-1948)

*Maude was born in Rock Creek, Ark & died in El Dorado, AR

"Into thy hands O Lord I commend my spirit"


HARRY  LEE  WARE, SR.  6-16-1918  to  1-28-1995

*S/of  Harry John Ware(1893-1939) & Maude Izora Stough(1897-1982)


&  GLORIA  MERLYNN  McKINNEY  WARE, SR  12-29-1922 to

(One date) *D/of James Harris McKinney(1887-1970) & Pearl Cobb(1892-1983)

"As For Me and My House We Will Serve The Lord"


Infant  WARE   d/of    Mr. &  Mrs.  Harry  Lee  Ware  3-3-1958

Infant  WARE   d/of  W.S.  &  L. C. Ware    b & d  7-12-1913


RALPH  JOE  WARE   7-11-1927  to  8-9-1994


&  CLARA  L.  DUKE  WARE  7-20-1928  to  1-11-2002


WILLIAM  SCOTT  WARE   11-2-1888  to  3-11-1977 "Father"

*S/of Enoch Mathews Ware(1850-1916) & Hannah Hancock Ware(1855-1945)

*Machinist on railroad in 1930

&  CONNIE  POOLE  WARE  4-10-1891  to  7-21-1945"Mother"

*D/of Walter Scott Poole(1869-1952) & Lula Safronia Gilmore Poole(1868-1912) "Mother"



Mrs. PEARL  E.  SMITH  WASHBURN  d:2-24-1924

*Md: 2/6/1903, Ashley Co., AR   ~   Samuel D. Washburn(1878-1963)

*Age 35 yrs-7 mos-10 dys  *MM



* Berry T., Maud, & Catharine S. Whatley were all on a triple headstone.

They now have individual markers, plus the triple marker (2011)

Maud's Watley is spelled this way on the headstone, omitting the "H".

*All have the H omitted on the triple headstone.

BERRY  T.  WHATLEY    3-31-1880  to   1952

*S/of  Louis Whatley &  Catherine S. Daniel Whatley

Wife,  MAUD  HANEY  'WATLEY'   11-1-1880  to  1961

CATHERINE  SARA  DANIEL  WHATLEY  3-4-1857 to  4-4-1883

"Mother"  *Wf/of Lewis/ Louis G. Whatley *Has original white marble marker & a new one.


ELISHA  WHATLEY     9-10-1816  to   5-20-1885

*3rd Wife, MARY  A.  WHATLEY  6-30-1839 to 3-14-1903 "Mother"

*2nd  Wife,  MARTHA  DAVIS  WHATLEY  1824  to  January  1860

*Martha's death date taken from mortality schedule.



ALVIE  JOE  WILSON    12-29-1946  to  9-13-1984

*U.S. Navy  "Father of Jo Ann ~ Joey ~ Tammy"   *See Linda Carol Wilson Davis



BLANCH  THOMAS  WILSON 8-30-1871 to 12-17-1948

*Blanch, Age 77yr-3 mos-17 dys  *H/of Ola Mae Fowler Wilson(1887-1966)

*Wife, Ola Mae Wilson is buried at Clark Cemetery, Jenkins, Morris Co., TX

According to obituaries published, Blanch was an invalid as a result of a stroke &

died in his room when the house caught on fire. Wife, Ola Mae was crippled from

rheumatism, but led to safety by a maid, Mattie Bell Oliver. She had tried to save

Blanche, but was turned back by the smoke and flames. In terrible quirk of fate,

five months after Blanch's death, their son(1 of 4), Blanche Oliver Wilson,

who lived in Texas, disappeared on his way home from visiting his little girl in the

hospital.  He was never seen or heard from again by the family.


SEBERAN 'SEBE' FOWLER WILSON  7-17-1921 to 5-14-1954

*S/of  Blanch Thomas Wilson(1871-1948) & Ola Mae Fowler Wilson(1887-1966)

*Md: Ruby Nell Dickie in Union Co., AR 1939



PERRY  DEWEY  WOLFE   9-20-1900 to 12-27-1965 "Father"

(Mason)  "Rest Is Thine ~ Sweet Remembrance Is Ours"

RUTH  EVERS  WOLFE  (54) 11-1-1904  to  10-30-1959  "Mother"

*D/of Thos Jefferson Evers(1873-1942) & Minnie Camellia Langford Evers(1875-1962)

"A Life Like Hers Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



JOHN  PARKER  YARBROUGH     8-6-1859   to   1-14-1931

*S/of Nathaniel Bryant Yarbrough(1826 AL-1863 AR) & Sarah Betty Parker(1820 KY-

1886 AR) *Md:1888 Ouachita Co., AR    "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"


1-1-1871 to  9-6-1933



LOTTIE  S.  ZEIGLER    2-8-1919  to  7-31-1980



*Note:  Some have the inscription from the tombstone, but some don't.

For a variety of reasons, not all were copied. When possible I have included them in this survey.







Bench located in Southwest Corner of Cemetery



  Above  Bench in far SW corner to left 




Back south section  &  part of  SW Corner  



Right edge is along O'Rear Road-Across from smaller

Bethel cemetery located behind Church building. ▼



  Looking toward west end of cemetery.






Looking NW across O'Rear road at smaller section of Bethel

Cemetery located at rear of building 
















▼Looking Southeast across O'Rear Road from church building

parking lot.