Est. 1861


Located on Hwy. 57 North or also known as Mt. Holly Road.  Turn off

of Hwy 82 west of  El Dorado & near the Union County line;,  Northeast

of  El Dorado, Arkansas.  November  10, 2001. 

Up-date  November 17, 2003. (Used a canvass done by Ralph Weldon

& Lillian McGowen in August 13, 1990 & my own canvass

done in 2001 for the 2003 update);  Corrections and additional

updates done April 2004/ May 2006 from Obituaries & Social Security/

June  2009/ Nov 2010.

New survey June 2011 Last updated September 2015  

Janice Holzer


 * & ....... Symbol indicates a double headstone/or multiple names on stone

*OB .......... information from obituary

* SSDI ...... Social Security Death Index

*ARDI ...... Arkansas Death Index, 1914-1950

*MM ......... Mortuary Marker

*WOW...... Woodman of the World


MARY  ATCHISON   9-2-1868  to  2-7-1895


ANNA  ELIZABETH  JUSTICE  BAIRD   5-7-1850  to  11-7-1886

*Wf/of  John  C. Baird     "In life she exhibited all the graces of a Christian

In death her spirit returned to God who gave it"



JAMES  DEXTER  BALLARD   7-24-1895   to  5-17-1974

*S/of  Joseph H. Ballard(1854-1934) &  Elmira Jane Bailey(1854-1915)   

*WW I  Pvt. US Army  "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

&   EULA  JOHNSON  BALLARD   7-2-1893  to  3-8-1965

*Wf/of  James Dexter Ballard  



DAVID  W.  BEEVERS    5-26-1910   to  6-21-1966

*S/of  Henry David Beevers(1889-1960)  &  Viney M. Irwin Beevers(1893-1987)

*Arkansas Tech 4 Signal Corps   WW II  (Beevers)

&  LILLIE  M.  BEEVERS    11-7-1906  to  12-28-1987

"In Loving Memory"



A. G.  BRASIER    9-15-1889  to  5- 29-1959  'Mason'

*S/of   B.E. Brasier(1866-1923)  & Oma Phillips Brasier(1870-1941)

"Those who knew him loved him"

*Wf, MARY A. WILKINSON BRASIER 5-20-1905  to  7-30-1935

( Mary buried Scotland Presbyterian Cemetery)


AUGUSTUS "GUS"  BRASIER   8-9-1882  to  5-7-1964 "Mason"

*S/of  Jeptha H. Brasier(1826-1905)  &  Elizabeth Jane Williams Brasier(1839-1898)


to  1-14-1966   "Heaven's eternal year is thine"


B. E.  BRASIER   11-24-1866   to   9-21-1923

*S/of  Jeptha H. Brasier(1836-1905)  &  Elizabeth Jane Williams Brasier (1839-1898)

OMA  PHILLIPS  BRASIER   9-9-1870  to  3-11-1941

*Wf/of  B.E. Brasier


H.V.B.    (No name & no dates)


JEPPIE  BRASIER    8-1-1891  to  11-8-1909   

*S/of  B.E. Brasier(1866-1923) & Oma Phillips Brasier(1870-1941)


JOHN  W.  BRASIER     11-15-1869   to   11-28-1948

*S/of  Jeptha H. Brasier(1836-1905) & Elizabeth Jane Williams Brasier (1839-1898)


LONIE  BRASIER    1-19-1894  to  10-23-1894   

*S/of  B.E. Brasier(1866-1923) &  Oma Phillips Brasier(1870-1941)


RUBY  BRASIER     10-7-1898  to  9-30-1910

*S/of  B.E. Brasier(1866-1923)  &  Oma Phillips Brasier(1870-1941)


WAYNE  EZELL  BRASIER   9-22-1901  to  9-11-1926

*S/of  B.E. Brasier(1866-1923) &  Oma Phillips Brasier(1870-1941)



NYOKA  FAY  WILLIAMS  BRASWELL (70) 8-27-1942  to

11-24-2012    *H/of  55 yrs- Billy Braswell of Homer, Louisiana        *OB

*D/of  Langford "Blackie" Williams(1923-1996)  &  Ella Faye Warren(1925-1987) 


THOMAS "TOM"  D.  BRASWELL   11-21-1880  to  7-13-1960

*S/of John Irvin Braswell(1853-1919) &  Louvenia Ferguson Braswell(1854-aft1930 ?)

&  SOPHRONIA  WILLIAMS  BRASWELL  12-21-1879   to 

8-18-1969   "PHRONIE"   "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

*D/of  James Polk Williams(1845-1933) & Mary Ann Tipton Williams(1850-1911)   




1965  *D/of  Francis Marion Smith(1860-1928) & Frances VA. Hughes Smith(1864-1922)

*Mother, Frances Va. Hughes Smith died 2/18/1922, buried Big Hickory Cem., Columbia Co., AR

*1st  Husband,  ASA  CHEATHAM   9-4-1883  to  2-28-1917

 *Buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Columbia Co, AR

*S/of   William Lee Cheatham(1854-1927) &  Annie E. Cheatham(1858-1933)



LOYCE  W.  CHEATHAM   11-12-1912   to  3-30-1983

*S/of  John Thomas Cheatham(1877-1944) & Mary Catherine Allen Cheatham(1885-1960)

&  MABEL  E.  DAVIS  CHEATHAM(96) 9-9-1916  to  1-12-2013

*D/of  Kenny  A. Davis(1878-1959)  &  Susie Smith Davis(1885-1954)  *OB



BEATRICE  ALMEDIA  COCKERHAM   11-4-1835  to  2-7-1895

*1st  husband,  ISIAH ONIZINE  MORGAN   1830 - 1863  *Md:2/9/1854 

*2nd  husband,  EDLEY/EDLIE  H.  IRWIN  1826 (One date)  *Md:7/4/1866 

*See Irwin listing.  * Edlie H. Irwin shares a double headstone with his wife, Alice L.



WALTER  J.  COX   7-10-1877  to  5-19-1958

*S/of  Samuel Jefferson Cox(1845-1920)  &  Sarah Jane Bailey Cox(1844-1888)

&  FANNIE  MAUDE  HUTCHESON COX   6-24-1879  to 1-4-1951

*D/of  Richard Rowan Hutcheson(1856-1929)  &  Mary S. Talley Hutcheson(1851-1888)



'DAVIS'  Monument

"In Memory of"  for the following four individuals:


*Children of  IDA D. MORGAN  &  JOHN A. DAVIS

ADA  N.          9-26-1882   to  3-06-1896

BYNUM  H.   3-02-1885   to  9-26-1885

JAMES  D.     8-11-1891   to  9-20-1891

MORGAN     7-18-1892    to  7-02-1893

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God"


5 Marble headstones for "DAVIS" (no dates or names given)


ALVIE  CLYDE  DAVIS  10-28-1904  to  4-25-1994

*S/of  Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960) & Henrietta Braswell Davis(1884-1968)


&  CARMEN  ERCELL BEESON  DAVIS  11-22-1909  to 

1-14-1986  *D/of  Andrew Calvin Beeson(1885-1975) & Iona Willett Beeson(1890-1989)


BRODUS  I.  DAVIS   4-28-1925   to  8-21-2000

*S/of   Kennie A. Davis(1878-1959)  &  Susie A. Smith Davis(1885-1954)

*US Army Air Forces  WW II    *Md:4/12/1957

&  MARY  JANE JULIA” OWEN  DAVIS  3-13-1929 to 1-23-2006

*D/of  John Edgar Owen(1884-1983)  &  Alice Jane Hanry Owen(1894-1977)

*Julia died in Houston, TX     "Precious Lord take my hand"


GEORGE  DAVIS   11-15-1847  to  6-6-1893

&  JENETTA  BURMA  MORGAN  DAVIS  7-17-1850  to 

10-26-1894   *D/of  John A. Morgan(1827-1913)

*Sister to Ida D. Morgan Davis (1863-1918)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


GEORGE  DAVIS   7-10-1906  to 10-31-1917

"In heaven there is one angel more" *2011 stone was almost unreadable.


HUDIE  DALE  DAVIS   9-27-1907  to  1-25-1993

*S/of Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960) & Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis(1884-1968)


&  ORLENE  SMITH  DAVIS   6-10-1910 to 10-24-2000

"The Lord has always been our shepherd"


JESSE  MICHAEL  'MIKE'  DAVIS (71) 9-3-1940  to  9-21-2011

*S/of Wade Jessie Davis(1910-1992) & Adecial Williams Davis(1920-1975)  *OB

*Late wives: Joyce Davis ~ Oleta (Chick) Davis ~ Billie Davis

*Survived by wife, Billie Davis  "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There"

&  OLETA  FRANCES "CHICK"  DAVIS  3-27-1927  to  12-5-2008

*2011-only has mortuary marker (Oleta Chick Davis 1927-2008). *2013-Double marker

*Wife of Jesse Mike Davis (1940-2011)  *Md:10/11/1971


JIMMIE  G.  DAVIS   2-1-1938  (One date)

 *Md:2/1/1958 Carolyn F.  

&   CAROLYN  F.  DAVIS   2-21-1940  to  5-6-2004

*"Our Children:  Jimmie A., Jeffery D., Joel S."


JOHN  A.  DAVIS   1855   to  1928  "Father" 

*See listing above for their 4 children who share a headstone.

&  IDA  D.  MORGAN  DAVIS   1863  to  1918   "Mother"

*D/of   John A. Morgan(1827-1913)

*Sister to Jenetta Burma Morgan Davis(1850-1894)

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"


KED  LEE  DAVIS   2-5-1881  to  8-12-1960

*S/of  George Davis(1847-1893) & Jenetta Burma Morgan Davis(1850-1894)


8-21-1968  "Nanny"    "Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"


KENNIE  A.  DAVIS   1-9-1878   to   9-8-1959

*S/of  George Davis(1847-1893) & Jenetta Burma Morgan Davis(1850-1894)

&  wf, SUSIE  A.  SMITH  DAVIS   3-12-1885   to   9-16-1954

*D/of  Francis M. Smith(1836-1914) & Tennessee Ayers Smith(1855-1900)

"The righteous shall go into live eternal"


MORGAN  SELVEN  DAVIS   3-9-1923  to  11-16-1996

*S/of  Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960)  &  Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis(1884-1968)

(Mason)  *MM3  US Navy  WW II    *Md:8/7/1945  *OB

&  MARY  RUTH  CHILDS  DAVIS(83)   6-28-1925  to 1-12-2009

*D/of  George Jefferson Childs  &  Mary Ellen Langley Childs  "At Rest with God"


ROBERT  ADOLPH  DAVIS  8-17-1921  to 7-10-1952

*S/of  Kennie A. Davis(1878-1959)  &  Susie A. Smith Davis(1885-1954)

*Arkansas Tech 4  248 Gen Hosp   WW  II


ROWELL  LEE  DAVIS    4-22-1921  to  4-6-1988

*S/of  Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960)  &  Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis(1884-1968)

"A faithful servant"     *SGT  US Army Air Forces   WW II   *Md:7/8/1943

&  MARGARET  MARIE GOZA DAVIS   2-23-1923  to  3-5-2002

*D/of  Felix Dodson Goza(1896-1979)  &  Eva Suzanna Davis Goza(1902-1998) "MAGGIE"


WADE   J. "JESSIE" DAVIS   5-24-1910  to  2-1-1992

*S/of  Luther Wiley Davis(1876-1957)  &  Mary Surilda Wise Davis(1879-1963)

&  ADECIAL  WILLIAMS  DAVIS   2-22-1920  to 11-15-1975

*D/of  Dewey Slay Williams, Sr.(1888-1978)  &  Argiebelle  H. Haire Williams(1899-1973)



HORACE  JAMES  DEASON "Little Man"   9-4-1924 (One date) 


&  GANATA  JO  HIGHT  DEASON(84)  7-30-1928 to *OB

8-18-2012  *D/of  William Newton  Hight (1901-1970)  & Estelle Rodgers Hight (1905-1979 )  



EULA  McDONALD  EDWARDS   8-24-1894  to 12-30-1984

*D/of   William  F. McDonald(1866-1942) &  Ida Hughes McDonald(1870-1932)

"One worthy of remembrance"


Infant  EDWARDS  4-17-1923  to  4-29-1923  "Little Darling"

*D/of  Mr. & Mrs. Sidney  R. Edwards    


SIDNEY  RIGHT  EDWARDS   10-16-1888  to  2-11-1981

*H/of  Minnie McDonald Edwards

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal"

&  MINNIE  McDONALD  EDWARDS  12-2-1892  to  8-20-1984

*D/of  William  F. McDonald(1866-1942)  &  Ida Hughes McDonald(1870-1932)



CLEO  NICKLE  EUBANKS   11-9-1909  to  12-21-1985

*S/of  James Elsie Eubanks(1882-1967)  &  Lutie Talley Eubanks(1885-1967)

&  ETHEL  LEWIS  EUBANKS  12-29-1911  to  12-26-1998

*D/of  John Sims Lewis (1887-1971) & Tenny Lee McDonald Lewis (1890-1979)

"Bless the Lord"


JAMES  TROY  EUBANKS (62)  2-13-1943 to 11-7-2005 *OB


&  MARY  GAIL WILLIAMS  EUBANKS  2-3-1943 (One date)

*Sitting on his tombstone are two bottles of Coca-Cola & Golf Balls.



JAMES  MICHAEL  FREEMAN   6-3-1935  (One date)


&  FRANCIS  LOUISE  WILSON  FREEMAN  1-25-1937 (One date)

*D/of  Fred & Thelma Wilson


JAMES “JIM” HENRY  FREEMAN  10-22-1911 to 11-23-1996

*S/of  Robert Freeman(1880-1962) & Martha Elizabeth Hawkins Freeman(1880-1976)

"I have kept the faith"

&  MARY HAZEL  DAVIS  FREEMAN (102) 9-20-1911  to  *OB   

9-23-2013  *D/of Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960) & Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis(1884-1968)



WILLIAM  WALKER  GOLDER   4-23-1896 MD to  10-15-1978 AR

& THELMA  ANDERSON  GOLDER   9-12-1907  to 1-29-1981



CAROLYN  DAVIS  GRAHAM   7-14-1931  to  6-11-2011

*D/of  Alvie Clyde Davis(1904-1994) &  Carmen Ercell  Beeson Davis(1909-1986)

“Faithful Servant ~ Devoted  Wife ~ Loving Mother ~ Loyal Friend



VIOLET SAERISE VAN HOOK GRAY  9-8-1917 to 11-24-2005



BULUS  S.  GRIFFITH    9-21-1914   to  8-8-1992

&  NADINE  DAVIS  GRIFFITH  10-29-1913  to 12-10-1998

*D/of Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960) & Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis(1884-1968)

"Into thy hand I commend my spirit"


GEORGE  DONALD  GRIFFITH   3-20-1945  to  1-18-1992

*S/of  Bulus S. Griffith(1914-1992) & Nadine Davis Griffith(1913-1998)

*Sgt  US  Air Force  Vietnam  "Rest is thine; Sweet remembrance ours"



ESTHER  SMITH  HARRIS  4-2-1900  to  3-22-1932

*D/of  Marcus D. Smith(1858-1932)  & Emmaline Eliza Williams Smith (1857-1932)

*Wife of  Harper Harris (1900-1940)

*See listing under Esther Smith, as it appears on tombstone.



WILLIAM  NEWTON  HIGHT  8-9-1901  to  4-5-1970 

*S/of  Joel Hight (1868-1940)  &  Mary Ellen Burkhart Hight(1870-1940)

"In Loving Memory"   "The Lord is my shepherd"

ESTELLE  RODGERS  HIGHT  1-20-1905  to  1-21-1979

Infant  HIGHT  7-4-1924 (One date)

*D/of   William Newton  Hight  &  Estelle  Rodgers Hight



ELMER  E.  HOLLINGSWORTH  2-11-1883  to  10-27-1891



JOHN  E. HUDGENS 2-10-1870  to 11-28-1946   "At Rest"



ANDREW  GEORGE HUGHES  11-27-1858  to  4-27-1921

*S/of  James W. Hughes(1820-1896)  & Mary Elizabeth Hays Hughes(1824-1879)

&  MARY JANE MORGAN HUGHES  3-19-1862  to  1-7-1935


Infant  HUGHES (no dates)

Infant  HUGHES  (no dates)


JAMES  OLIVER  HUGHES   2-19-1912  to  9-24-1965

*S/of  John Lewis Hughes(1864-1928) & Mattie I. Hughes(1876-1962)

*Ark  Tec 5 1108 SVC Comd Unit  WW II  (2-19-1911) 

*Has two military stones;each has a different birth year.


JOHN  LEWIS  HUGHES   3-14-1864  to  3-27-1928

*S/of  John Tillman Hughes(1826-1877) & Grandmother Cole Hughes(1799-1879)

&  MATTIE  I.  HUGHES   10-22-1876  to  8-13-1962


LAVINIA  DEETS  HUGHES  8-25-1838 TN  to 12-20-1888

*Wf/of   William Johnson Hughes (6/25/1820 GA – 12/26/1894 LA)

*Buried Saint Maurice Cemetery, Winn Parish, LA

*"In loving memory"   *New stone has been placed next to old broken one.

*Old stone spells her name "L.Vinia".


LYLE  DOUGLAS  HUGHES   7-22-1918  to  7-11-1943

*S/of  Maxie Ozine Hughes(1893-1957) & Nora Zelma Tompkins(1897-1957)

"In service of my country at Pearl Harbor  "1941 - 1943"


MAXIE  OZINE  HUGHES   7-26-1893  to  3-6-1957

*S/of  Mary Jane Morgan Hughes(1862-1935) & Andrew George Hughes(1858-1921)

&  NORA  ZELMA TOMPKINS HUGHES  10-9-1897 to  2-4-1957

*D/of  William D. Tompkins(1874-1938) & India Idelia Eastridge Tompkins(1877-1956)

"The spirit has returned unto God who gave it - Sweet memories are ours"


MELVIN  AVON  HUGHES  1919  to  1932   "Our darling"

*S/of  Preston Avon Hughes(1895-1956)  &  Annie Frankie Bennett Hughes(1901-1986)


PRESTON AVON “PECK” HUGHES  5-30-1895 to  7-29-1956

*S/of John Lewis Hughes(1864-1928) & Mattie I. Hughes(1876-1962)

* Ark Pvt.  US Army Serv Corp   WW I

&  ANNIE FRANKIE BENNETT HUGHES  10-9-1901 to  8-14-1986

*D/of  Henry Thomas Bennett(1860-1937) & Mary Lou Hicks Bennett(1867-1943)


INFANT  HUGHES   *No dates

INFANT  HUGHES   *No dates



IRWIN   ( Headstone has no dates or additional info)2011-two Irwin markers



ALICE  LEXI  DAVIS  IRWIN  10-3-1868  to  11-25-1910

*D/of  Susanna LaGrone Davis(1851-1914) & Isaiah Davis(1846-1880)

&  EDLIE  H. IRWIN(Jr.)  3-28-1870  to  1-25-1912

*S/of  Beatrice Almedia Cockerham Irwin(1835-1895)& Edley H. Irwin (b:1826)

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"



11-4-1835 MS  to  2- 7-1895  AR

*Md: 1st  2/9/1854  ISIAH  ONIZINE MORGAN  (1830-1863)

*Md: 2nd  7/4/1866  EDLEY H. IRWIN (b: 1826)


HUDSON  L. IRWIN  7-15-1905  to 7-30-1964

*S/of  Eddie H. Irwin(1870-1912)  & Alice Lexi Davis Irwin(1868-1910)


THELMA  COLLEENE  IRWIN   6-30-1928  to  8-15-1928

"She's safe at home"


WILLIE  HARRIS  IRWIN  11-15-1894  to  11-25-1985

*S/of  Eddie H. Irwin(1870-1912) & Alice Lexi Davis Irwin(1868-1910)

&  LUCY  MAE  SMALLING  IRWIN  4-2-1899 to  2-22-1965

*D/of David Marion Smalling(1868-1942) & Rachel Stacy Beene Smalling(1870-1947)

"Together forever"   "Blessed are they that are pure in heart for they shall see God"



EULA  JOHNSON   7-2-1893  to  3-8-1965


FLOY  ROMANIA  JOHNSON   9-20-1933  to 10-5-1988

*D/of  Fred Allen Williams(1907-1968) & Mary Belle Herman Williams(1879-1953)

"She was the sunshine of our home"


JAMES  A. JOHNSON  10-17-1865  to  9-24-1938

*H/of  Susie Williams Johnson     (headstone erected by Dexter Ballard)

SUSIE  WILLIAMS  JOHNSON  9-6-1869  to 10-13-1940 ☼

*D/of  James Polk Williams(1845 GA-1933) & Mary Ann Tipton Williams(1850-1911)

*Wf/of  James A. Johnson   (headstone erected by Dexter Ballard)


J. W.  JOHNSON "Buddy"   Nov 1931  to  July 1995 

*S/of  Jesse Willard Johnson(1915-1951) & Ralph Atkinson(1905-1960)



ARCHIBALD  ROSS  LaGRONE   4-2-1856  to  7-26-1925  "At Rest"

*S/of  Jackson Huey LaGrone(1822-1902) &  Mariah C. Morgan LaGrone(1842-1913)

MARY  ELLEN  PHILLIPS  LaGRONE  3-27-1868  to  3-25-1894

*D/of  Paschal H. Phillips (1837-1884) & Elizabeth Ann Moody-Phillips Walling(1844-1900)

*Wife of Archibald Ross LaGrone(1856-1925)

*Mary is buried outside the fenced area of the cemetery, all by herself.

 Her headstone is broken & under brush & vines, making it difficult to reach.

 *June 2011- this couple have a new double headstone. * Interesting mystery ? as to why

she was buried outside the cemetery perimeter, by herself, to begin with.  His old headstone was

in the main part of the cemetery along with the other headstones. The cemetery has a chain link

fence around it. Mary's grave/marker sits about 8ft out from the fence in the edge of the woods.



9-21-1845  to  3-28-1887     * Wf/of  Rev. G.W.  LaGrone

"In Memory of"  ?____without thee / ____and despair alone / ____to find thee

 / __thou___   [Top of headstone broken off-inscription almost totally unreadable 2011]


to 3-18-1892   [2011-headstone almost unreadable]

*Born in Mount Holly,Union Co., Ark  &  died in Waldo, Columbia Co., Ark.

*George W. LaGrone was the son of John LaGrone {1805 SC to July 1882, Union Co., Ark.

 & mother, Dicea "Dicy" Rhodes}

"A precious one from us has gone / A voice we loved is stilled /

A place is vacant in our home  / That can never be filled."

George W. & Callie LaGrone had a daughter, Katherine B. "Kate"

LaGrone, who married Edmond "Ed" Satterwhite of Nevada Co., Ark  & Freestone Co., TX.


GEORGE  R.  LaGRONE   8-13-1876  to 1-9-1894

*S/of  George Washington LaGrone  &  Carolina Chester Norman LaGrone

"He gives and when he takes away  /  He takes but what he gave"


HAZEL  LaGRONE   1889  to  11-8-1893 *4 yrs-1 mo-23 dys 

*D/of  John Edward LaGrone(1855-1940)  &  Sarah Arminda Moody LaGrone(1857-1938)  


Rev. JACKSON  HUEY  LaGRONE  12-16-1822  Crawford Co., GA  to

8-26-1902 Louann, Ouachita Co., AR   *Wife, Mariah C. Morgan LaGrone(1842-1913)

*Mariah is buried in New Gordon Cemetery, Palo Pinto Co., Texas

"Asleep in Jesus far from thee  /  Thy kindred and their graves may be  /

But thine is still a blessed sleep /  From which none ever wake to weep

*2011-This headstone had a tall obelisk sitting atop about a 3 ft high base; the base is tilted &

sunken on one side into the ground;  the obelisk has fallen off & is presently propped against the base.




HAMLIN  "WHEEL" LEWIS  1-6-1839  to  4-23-1917

*S/of  Thomas A. Lewis(1814-1887) & Sarah Caroline Johnson Lewis(1815-1880)

'Mason'  "Father at Rest"

*Spouses: *1st Julia Francis Bustion(1851-1881) 

*2nd Lorena Bustion (9/30/1853 to 11/11/1925) *Burial in Village Cemetery, Columbia Co.,AR

JULIA  FRANCIS  BUSTION  LEWIS  5-25-1851  to  7-8-1881

*D/of  Lucy C. Goodwin Bustion(1821-1897)

*1st Wf/of Hamlin - 'Eastern Star'  "Mother at Rest"  (?Bustiano)


JOHN  SIMS  LEWIS   11-30-1887  to  6-30-1971   "Resting"

*S/of  Hamlin Lewis(1839-1917) & Lorena Bustion Lewis(1853-1925)

&  TENNY  LEE  McDONALD  LEWIS  9-8-1890  to  10-7-1979

*D/of  William F. McDonald(1866-1942) & Ida Hughes McDonald(1870-1932)


MARY  E.  LEE  LEWIS   8-30-1842  to 10-9-1875

*D/of  Thomas A. Lewis(1814-1887) & Sarah Caroline Johnson Lewis(1815-1880)


THOMAS  A.  LEWIS   7-4-1814 GA  to 1887 AR

*S/of  John "Linton" Lewis & Mary Kendrick Lewis


& SARAH  CAROLINE  JOHNSON  LEWIS  6-3-1815 to 10-14-1880

*Wf/of Thomas A. Lewis  "She lived to die, She died to live, She lived to die no more"

* Headstone lying flat on ground; dirt & grass grown over parts of the inscription[2011].



BURTON  E.  MACHEN    8-24-1903  to  10-16-1973

*S/of  William F. Machen(1875-1963)  &  Bertha T. Machen(1882-1960)

&  JESSIE  L.  PHILLIPS  MACHEN   9-13-1908  to 9-25-2001

*D/of  Benjamin Asa Phillips(1871-1933) &  Parrie Va. McHenry Phillips(1872-1969)



FANNIE  A.  LEWIS  McCALL   5-24-1837  to  4-18-1910

*D/of  Thomas A. Lewis(1814-1887) & Sarah Caroline Johnson Lewis(1815-1880)

*2nd t wife of Paul McCall,  buried at Mount Holly Cemetery, Mount Holly, AR

"Death is another life" Grave between Norman /Lewis's   "Mother"

*2nd Wf/of  Paul McCall (6/22/1812 to 10/16/1899) Shares a double headstone with his

*1st wife,  Harriet Newell McCrae (1830-1870) *Buried at Mount Holly Cemetery,

Mount Holly, Union Co., AR.



GEORGE  W.  McDONALD   5-30-1900  to  3-6-1977 

"Daddy"  *S/of  William F. McDonald(1866-1942) & Ida Hughes (1870-1932)


HENRY  T.  McDONALD    1903  to  1976

*S/of  William F. McDonald(1866-1942) & Ida Hughes McDonald (1870-1932)

"Precious Memory"  (*SSDI  2-7-1903  to  Oct 1976)


J.  LUTHER  McDONALD    1888  to  1972

*H/of  Effie Perritt (1898-1926)   *Buried at Marysville Cemetery

*Effie D/of  John H. Perritt(1870-1944) & Margaret Frances Ainsworth Perritt

 (1867-1921)   "The Lord is my shepherd"


JOHN  H.  McDONALD   3-24-1898   to  12-1-1984

*S/of  William F. McDonald(1866-1942) & Ida Hughes McDonald (1870-1932)

*Pvt  US Army  WW  II       "At Rest"


N. B.  McDONALD   4-7-1832 AL  to  2-21-1894 AR

 'Mason'   "Into thy hands I commend my spirit"


NOVA  NORA  McDONALD    9-24-1896  to 12-18-1896

*D/of  William F. McDonald(1866-1942) & Ida Hughes McDonald(1870-1932)

"Gone to a better land"


SAM  ED  McDONALD   12-1-1909  to  5-29-1912

"From mothers arms to the arms of Jesus"


WILLIAM  F.  McDONALD   3-20-1866  to  3-9-1942

* H/of  Ida Hughes   "Rest is thine;  Sweet remembrance ours"

&  IDA  HUGHES  McDONALD    1-20-1870  to  9-1-1932

*D/of  Wm. Johnson Hughes(1820-1894) & Lavinia Deets Hughes(1838-1888)



FREDDIE  JOE  MICHAEL(55)   2-11-1953  to  5-1-2008

*S/of  Freddie Paul Michael(1914-1998)  &  Edna Lee Fletcher Michael(1916-1990)

"Remembered With A Smile"



B. M.  MILTON   3-4-1849 to  6-22-1920

"Gone but not forgotten"   (buried in middle of Phillips)



BENJAMIN  FRANKLIN  MOODY  8-24-1805KY  to   9-18-1890AR


Wf,  MINERVA  ANN  NORMAN  MOODY  2-27-1823 TN  to 

2-2-1904      *Parents of Elizabeth Ann Moody Phillips



to  12-13-1901  *41 yrs-3 mo-1 dys 

*S/of  Benjamin Franklin Moody(1805-1890) & Minerva Ann Norman Moody(1823-1904)

Cumberland-Presbyterian   {Served as minister in California to 49’er miners}


CHARLES  HENRY  MOODY  4-5-1886  to 12-21-1888


DANIEL  JAMES  MOODY  b:10-7-1949 Wichita, KS  (One date)

*1st son of James R. Moody & Charlotte C. Israel Moody

*Great Great Grandson of Benjamin Franklin Moody, Sr.

*Still alive & residing in Rockingham, NC  as of 2013


Infant  MOODY (no dates)  *S/of  John Jimmerson Moody(1847-1929)  &

Mary Atchison Moody (1853-1895)


MARY  ATCHISON  MOODY    9-2-1853  to  2-7-1895

* Wf/of  John  Jimmerson Moody(1847-1929)   


MARY  L. MOODY  4-6-1840 Little Rock,AR  to  8-8-1873

*D/of  Benjamin Franklin Moody(1805-1890) & Minerva Ann Norman Moody(1823-1904)


MINERVA  ANN NORMAN MOODY  2-27-1823 to 2-2-1904

*Wf/of  Benjamin Franklin Moody  (1805-1890)



(J.A.) JOHN A. MORGAN  12-23-1827  to  7-10-1913  'Mason'

*S/of  John Boyd Morgan(1795-1880) & Marie Azilla Darwin Morgan(1803-1882)

"A light from our household is gone / A voice we loved is stilled /

A place is vacant in our hearts / That never can be filled"


(J. B.) JOHN BOYD MORGAN 'Father' 11-16-1795 SC to 

2-11-1880 AR   *H/of  Marie Azilla Darwin Morgan

*(inscription un-readable)


to  10-24-1882  Mother' *Wf/of  John Boyd Morgan

"Mother thou hast from us flown/  To  the regions far above/ 

We to thee erect a stone / Consecrated by our love"



JERALD  NALL   9-19-1953  to  9-20-1953

&  JERRY  NALL   9-19-1953  to  9-20-1953

*Twins- Perry  &  Jerry Nall  *Tombstone has sunk into the ground.


JOHN  M.  NALL   1898  to  1984

*S/of   James Paschal Nall(1869-1944) &  Martha Elizabeth Young Nall(1873-1965)


&  EMMA  LOU  HUGHES  NALL  1903  to  1983

{*SSDI  Emma  8-17-1903  to  Oct 1983} 

 *D/of  John Lewis Hughes(1864-1928) & Mattie I. Hughes(1876-1962)



WILLIAM  TRUMAN  NISBET  9-30-1922  to  4-19-2005

*S/of  John William Nisbet(1895-1983) & Jewel T. Terrell Nisbet(1898-1984)

*Mason   *S1  US  Navy  WW II     *Md:11/9/1945 

&  HELEN  JANE  DAVIS  NISBET  3-25-1926  (One date)

*D/of  Ked Lee Davis(1881-1960) & Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis(1884-1968)

 "A bud on earth a bloom in heaven"



AMAZIAH  KING  NORMAN   1868  to  1887

*S/of  Rufus King Norman(1841-1926) & Amanda Lewis Norman(1845-1918)


MARY ELIZABETH NORMAN    6-3-1874  to  11-27-1874 

*D/of  Rufus King Norman(1841-1926) & Amanda Lewis Norman(1845-1918)


RUFUS  KING  NORMAN     1841  to  1926

& AMANDA  LEWIS  NORMAN  1845  to  1918

*D/of  Thomas A. Lewis(1814-1887) & Sarah Caroline Johnson Lewis(1815-1880)

*Wf/of  Rufus King Norman


THOMAS  A.  NORMAN  8-28-1868  to  9-5-1875

*S/of   T.R. Norman & Fannie A. Lewis Norman McCall(1837-1910)     

*Broken stone



GARLAND  NORRIS   5-21-1902  to  9-29-1904

*S/of   G.T. &  O.V. Norris 

*Broken stone [2011-sunk into ground obscuring death date]



ARMOR  B.  PHILLIPS  7-6-1904  to  1-25-1981 "Father"

*S/of  Benjamin Asa Phillips(1871-1933) & Parrie Virginia McHenry Phillips(1872-1969)


&  EULA  M. PHILLIPS   9-29-1907 to  6-13-1998 "Mother"


AVA  PHILLIPS  8-13-1892  to  12-16-1901

*D/of  Benjamin Asa Phillips(1871-1933) & Parrie Virginia McHenry Phillips(1872-1969)


(B.A.) BENJAMIN ASA  PHILLIPS  12-21-1871 to  2-25-1933

*S/of  Paschal H. Phillips(1837-1884) &  Elizabeth Ann Moody –Phillips Walling (1844-1900)

"Gone but not forgotten"


to  12-30-1969  *Wf/of  Benjamin Asa Phillips     "Gone but not forgotten"


CHESTER ARTHUR  PHILLIPS   9-7-1897 Griffin, AR  to  7-17-1981

*S/of  Benjamin Asa Phillips(1871-1933) & Parrie Virginia McHenry Phillips(1872-1969)

"Their Memory Is Blessed"


Brownwood, MO  to  12-9-1982   *D/of  William & Isabella Cox


Infant  PHILLIPS   b & d  6-5-1929

*S/of  Armor B Phillips. & Eula Phillips


JERRY  PHILLIPS   b  &  d  9-17-1935  "Son"

*S/of  Chester Arthur Phillips(1897-1981) & Dorothy Alma Kinard Tackett

Phillips(1904-1982)     "Of  such is the Kingdom of Heaven"


PASCHAL  H.  PHILLIPS   10-2- 1837 GA to  4-2-1884 Mt Holly, AR

*Enlisted: 6/7/1861 &  paroled  4/26/1865 Greensboro, NC...C.S.A Veteran

*H/of Elizabeth Ann Moody-Phillips Walling(1844-1900)


to  Dec 1904 (Elizabeth buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hopkins Co., TX)

 *D/of  Benjamin F. Moody  &  Minerva Ann Norman Moody





2.) MARY ELLEN PHILLIPS LaGRONE  5-27-1868 to 3-25-1894

*Mary Ellen Phillips  Wf/of Archibald Ross LaGrone(1856-1925)

&  ARCHIBALD ROSS LaGRONE  4-2-1856  to  7-26-1925

*S/of Jackson Huey LaGrone(1822-1902) &  Mariah C. Morgan LaGrone(1842-1913)




4.) BENJAMIN  ASA  PHILLIPS  12-21-1871  to  2-25-1933

*Benjamin H/of  Parrie Va. McHenry Phillips (1872-1969)




6.) LOU  ETTA  PHILLIPS  TURNER  4- 23-1880


7.) PASCHAL  MILTON  PHILLIPS   10-27-1883


VERA  PHILLIPS   10-13-1893  to  10-9-1896

*D/of  Benj. Asa Phillips(1871-1933) & Parrie Va. McHenry Phillips(1872-1969)



ERNEST  PRICE   10-26-1890  to  8-24-1949

*S/of  Polk Pope Price(1853-1892) &  Tressie A. Melton Price(1860-1927)

"Rest is thine;  Sweet rememberance ours"

MARY  ELLEN  LaGRONE  PRICE  3-16-1890  to  9-14-1943

"Death has made his darkness beautiful with thee"




1-29-1975  to  12-1-1976  "Son"



MARY  C.  RASBURY   11-27-1861  to  7-11-1871

*D/of   J.W. &  F.A. Rasbury 

*Old stone is almost unreadable-not sure about last name?




to  12-26-1960      "She's safe at home"

*D/of   A.G. Brasier(1889-1959) & Mary A. Wilkinson Brasier(1905-1935)



CLINTON  E.  RODGERS   1-24-1903  to  6-23-1970

*S/of   William Thomas Rogers(1872-1947) & Edna Williams(1878-1930)


JAMES  AUBREY  ROGERS   8-6-1908  to  6-15-1910

*S/of   William Thomas Rogers(1872-1947) &  Edna Williams(1878-1930)

"At Rest"     ("D" not in this Rogers)


LOUWANA  C.  ROGERS   10-27-1935  to  12-3-1938


WILLIAM  THOMAS  ROGERS   11-17-1872  to  9-24-1947

&  EDNA  WILLIAMS  ROGERS   2-27-1878  to  11-17-1930

*D/of  James Polk  Williams(1845-1933) & Mary Belle Herman Williams(1879-1953)

"In loving memory"



Infant  ROWELL   9-20-1940  (One date)

*D/of  J.L. &  Hettie  Rowell


JOHN  LEE  ROWELL   9-25-1910  to  Dec 1991

*S/of  Arthur Lee Rowell(1886-1966)  &  Zetha Rowell(1888-1961)

&  HETTIE  MAY  LEWIS  ROWELL   1910  to 1960

*D/of  John Sims Lewis (1887-1971)  & Tenny Lee McDonald (1890-1979)  


WILMA  JEAN  TISSUE  ROWELL  9-18-1931 to  3-24-1993

*D/of  Ray Tissue(1904-1988)  &  Anna B. Hughes Tissue(1905-1972)



AMY  SMITH  SCOTT   1-5-1916  to  2-10-1988

"Mother, you are loved"



ALBERT  LAFAYETTE  SMITH  1-13-1831 TN  to  2-1-1885 AR 

*S/of  Arceles Smith(1800-1871) & Martha Jane Warwick Smith (1805-1873)

(right bottom corner of  headstone says  J. White  Memphis) 'Mason'

*Md: 5/16/1854 Union Co., AR   Parents of 6 children.

*Wife,  ELIZA JANE  BURKE  SMITH  12-4-1837  to  3-30-1887

*D/of  John Steel Burke & Elizabeth Burke  


ANNIE  ELIZABETH  SMITH   1-1-1871  to  7-13-1888

*D/of  Albert Lafayette Smith(1831-1885) & Eliza Jane Burke(1837-1887)

*17 yrs-6 mo-13 dys *broken stone *2011-death date & age sunk below ground-unreadable.


ARCELES  SMITH    1800   to  1871

(On their headstone  it says "They came from Tennessee")

&  MARTHA  JANE  WARWICK  SMITH  1805 to 1873


CHARLES  COLEMAN  SMITH  7-30-1886  to  3-26-1932

*S/of  Marcus D.  Smith(1858-1932) & Emmaline Eliza Williams Smith(1857-1932)

&  LILLIE  EUGENIA MORGAN SMITH  1-10-1888 to 11-17-1976

*D/of  William Asa Morgan(1863-1934)  & Martha Elizabeth Allen Morgan(1865-1939)

"Gone but not forgotten"


DEE  WITT  SMITH   1888  to 1960

*S/of   Francis Marion Smith(1860-1928)  & Frances Virginia Hughes Smith(1864-1922)

&  ALZA  MAE  NALL  SMTIH   1900  to 1954

*D/of   Wiley H. Nall(1855-1944)  &  Martha Josephine Gammon Nall (1862-1927)


EDWARD  NEWTON  SMITH   3-2-1866  to  8-20-1869

*S/of  Albert Lafayette Smith(1831-1885) & Eliza Jane Burke(1837-1887)

*Aged 3 yrs-5 mo-18 dys   "In memory of"  *Stone is old, broken, lying flat on ground.


ELIZA  JANE  BURKE  SMITH   12-4-1837  to  3-30-1887

*Wf/of  Albert Lafayette Smith (1831-1885)   *Aged 49 yrs-3 mos-26 dys


ESTHER  SMITH (HARRIS)  4-2-1900  to  3-22-1932

*D/of  Marcus D. Smith(1858-1932)  & Emmaline Eliza Williams Smith (1857-1932)

*Wife of  William Harper Harris(1900-1940)

*See listing under Esther Smith, as it appears on tombstone.


GEORGE  HOUSTON SMITH    1860  to 1955

*S/of  Albert Lafayette Smith(1831-1885) & Eliza Jane Burke  Smith(1837-1887)

*1st wife, Saphronia Ann Ainsworth(1859-1896)

*2nd wife, Belle Easting Smith(1869-1948)


*D/of Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911)& Susan Anna Morgan Ainsworth(1840-1883)

BELLE  EASTING  DOBB  SMITH  11-11-1869 to 11-4-1948

*2nd Wf/of   W.H. Smith  (b:1867) *Md:8/11/1892 Union Co., AR

both of Analako Twsp.; married by  J.J. Swales, MG;  Security J.W. Armstrong

*? Belle Easting Dobb Smith ?


HUGH "BEE"  SMITH   8-23-1872   to  5-27-1953

"I have kept the faith"    *Listed on tombstone: H. (Bee) Smith

ALLIE  BRASIER  SMITH   7-11-1879  to  6-5-1971

*D/of Jeptha H. Brasier(1826-1905) & Elizabeth Jane Williams Brasier(1839-1898)

"Till we meet again"


Infant  SMITH  2-8-1896  to  2-29-1896 

*S/of  G.H.  &  S.H.  Smith  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"


JOHN  THOMAS  SMITH  10-31-1855  to  2-3-1876  

*S/of  Albert Lafayette Smith(1831-1885) & Eliza Jane Burke Smith(1837-1887)

*Age 20 yrs-3 mo-2 dys  


LELER  MAY  SMITH    1-12-1885  to  10-8-1885

*D/of  Marcus D. Smith(1858-1932) &  Emmaline Eliza Williams Smith(1857-1932)

 "This lovely bud so young and fair / Called hence by early doom / 

Thus given to show how far a flower / In paradise would bloom"


LESTER  M.  SMITH   1928 - 1949  *ARDI  d:7-6-1949

*S/of  Dee Witt Smith(1888-1960) &  Alza Mae Nall Smith(1900-1954)


MARCUS  D.  SMITH    1-1-1858  to  3-14-1932

*S/of  Albert Lafayette Smith(1831-1885) & Eliza Jane Burke Smith(1837-1887)


3-18-1932  *D/of  Sarah Eliza Ann Jarrett Williams(1821-1894) & Berry E. Williams(

1816 GA  to  1861 Lafayette Co., AR)


NETTY  GERTRUDE  SMITH    2-1-1885  to  10-13-1885

*D/of  George Houston Smith(1860-1955)&  Saphronia A. Ainsworth Smith(1859-1896)

* 8 mos-12 days


ROY  SMITH     12-29-1913  to  8-8-1994

*S/of Charles Coleman Smith(1886-1932) & Lillie Eugenia Morgan Smith(1888-1976)

&  ANNIE  LEE  SELLERS  SMITH  7-23-1917  to  10-24-1993


RUBY  RODGERS  SMITH     2-28-1913  to  4-1-1984

*D/of  William Thomas Rogers(1872-1947) & Edna Williams Rogers(1878-1930)



GEORGE  GARLAND  STEWART   4-24-1917  to  12-28-1988

*TEC 4 US Army  WW II

&  NELL FAYE  EDWARDS  STEWART   9-29-1924  to  1-26-2005

*D/of  Sidney Right Edwards(1888-1981) & Minnie McDonald  Edwards(1892-1984)

"Precious Memories"   "Together again at home" *ob    


JAMES  RANDAL  STEWART  10-16-1944  to 12-4-2004

*S/of  Louie M. Stewart(1908-1961) & Modean Williams Stewart(1918-2008)

*Md:8/3/1980  Paula Jane Lovell

&  PAULA  JANE  LOVELL  STEWART   2-6-1948  (One date)


LOUIS "LOUIE"  M. “DICK”  STEWART   7-9-1908  to  3-31-1961

*H/of  Modean Williams Stewart(1918-2008) 

*Louisiana   CPL 1803 SVC Comd Unit  WW  II

MODEAN  WILLIAMS  STEWART  7-2-1918 to  12-30-2008

*D/of  Dewey Slay Williams(1888-1978)  &  Argiebelle  H.  Haire Williams (1899-1973)

*Died Fort Smith, AR, age 90 yrs-5 mos-28 dys   Had been living with her daughter in the area.



FRANCIS  M.  THOMAS   1-10-1868  (One date) 1 yr-10 mo-19 dys



Infant  TISSUE     2-17-1937  

*S/of  Ray Tissue(1904-1988)   &  Anna B. Hughes Tissue(1905-1972)


RAY  TISSUE    4-11-1904  to  9-5-1988

*S/of  James Evander Tissue(1871-1962)  &  Sallie Owens Click Tissue(1867-1933)

*Md: 8/1/1926

&  ANNA  B. HUGHES  TISSUE  2-17-1905  to  1-27-1972

*D/of John Lewis Hughes(1864-1928) & Mattie I. Hughes(1876-1962)



WILLIAM   D.  TOMPKINS   11-6-1874  to  12-21-1938


3-25-1956  *D/of  Mary Francis  Britt Eastridge (1849-1925)



WADE    *No dates or additional info. 2 markers.


LEONA  WILLIAMS  WADDLE   9-15-1912  to  9-26-1950

*S/of  James Henry Williams(1873-1943) &  Mary Belle Herman Williams(1879-1953)

"Gone but not forgotten"



WALLACE  HUBERT WARREN, JR. (76) 6-3-1927 to 8-28-2003

*S/of  John W. Warren(b:ca 1905 AR) & Lillie L. McDonald Warren (1906-1987 AR)



MATTHEW  RYAN  WELCH    9-16-1973  Little Rock, AR

to  1-14-1995  *S/of  Raymond Glen Welch   "Loved more than words"


RAYMOND  GLEN  WELCH   8-18-1950  to  8-4-1996

*S/of  Wilmor Dee Welch & Martha Lois Welch

"And may God hold you in the palm of his hand  Our Strength"


WILMOR  DEE  WELCH(84)  19-24-1929  to  12-25-2013  *OB

*S/of  Albert  Levi Welch (1878-1936)  &  Callie  Donia Darden Welch (1886-1963)  

*H/of  Martha Lois Welch   *Former U.S. Marine



ALIVE  CLYDE  WILLIAMS  10-28-1904  to  4-25-1994

* Md:3/30/1930    "A man of courage"

CARMEN  BEESON  WILLIAMS   11-22-1909  to  1-14-1986

"A woman of courage"


AMANDA  MELVINIA WILLIAMS  6-4-1856  to  8-16-1940

*D/of  Sarah Eliza Ann Jarrett Williams(1821-1894) & Berry E. Williams(1816 GA  to 

1861 Lafayette Co., AR)

"Her life an ideal her memory an inspiration"


BRENDA  KAYE  WILLIAMS  12-6-1956  to  8-5-1962

*D/of  J.P.  &  Delois Williams


*These three have a triple monument.

CON  OSCAR  WILLIAMS   8-6-1907  to 10-18-1993

*S/of  Ira Neldus Williams(1876-1956) & Ida Lavenia Braswell Williams(1886-1975)

&  MINNIE  ALLEN  WILLIAMS  2-18-1915  to  6-29-2009

*Wf/of  Con Oscar Williams

& PEGGY JANETTE WILLIAMS(69)10-4-1939  to  5-4-2009 *ob

*D/of Con Oscar Williams (1907-1993)  & Minnie Allen Williams(1915-2009) 

"What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever" 

*Peggy still has mortuary marker in front of her headstone. .....

Death date not inscribed yet on her headstone (June 2011)


DEWEY  SLAY  WILLIAMS, Sr.  7-29-1888  to  3-4-1978

*S/of  James Henry Williams(1873-1943) &  Mary Belle Herman Williams(1879-1953)

&  ARGIEBELLE  "BELLE"  H. HAIRE  WILLIAMS  4-15-1889  to 



DEWEY  SLAY  WILLIAMS, Jr.  8-7-1926  to  6-29-1928

*S/of  Dewey Slay Williams, Sr. (1888-1978)  & Argiebelle  H. Haire Williams(1899-1973)

"A little time on earth he spent /  Till God for him his angel sent"


ENNIS  WILLIAMS   1-12-1905  to  10-8-1915

*S/of  James Henry Williams(1873-1943) &  Mary Belle Herman Williams(1879-1953)

"Gone but not forgotten"


EUGENE  E. WILLIAMS    1-5-1902   to   2-11-1956

*S/of James Henry Williams(1873-1943) & Mary Belle Herman(1879-1953)

&  MINNIE  LEE SMITH WILLIAMS  10-14-1912 to 11-26-1967

*Spouses:*1st   Eugene E. Williams(1902-1956) *2nd  Henry Martin Smith(1893-1977)

"We will meet again"


FRED  ALLEN  WILLIAMS   1907 -1968

*S/of  James Henry Williams(1873-1943) & Mary Belle Herman(1879-1953)

*Fred Allen Williams  8-4-1907  to  Jan 1968 *SSDI    

&  OLA EUNICE WATSON WILLIAMS  3-20-1914 to 4-15-1994

*D/of  Samuel A. Watson(1879-1948) & Ola M. Davis Watson(1880-1919)

"Each duty done they rest in peace"   


GUY  WILLIAMS   7-24-1901  to  5-2-1920

*S/of  James Henry Williams(1873-1943) &  Mary Belle Herman Williams(1879-1953)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


ILA  WILLIAMS    2-15-1888  to  5-15-1975

*D/of  J.P.  &  M.A. Williams


Infant  WILLIAMS  5-3-1943  *D/of  Johnnie Mae  &  Paul Williams

Infant  WILLIAMS  7-24-1909  *D/of  Ira  &  Ida  Williams


IRA  NELDUS  WILLIAMS  7-17-1876  to  7-11-1956

*S/of  James Polk Williams(1845-1933) & Mary Ann Tipton Williams(1850-1911)


to  5-15-1975  *D/of  John Irvin Braswell(1853-1919) &  Louvenia  Ferguson

Braswell(1854- ??)  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord" 


JAMES  HENRY  WILLIAMS  1-5-1873  to  1-30-1943

*S/of  James Polk Williams(1845-1933) & Mary Ann Tipton Williams(1850-1911)


to  9-16-1953  (d:Taylor, Columbia Co., AR)  "Each duty done they rest in peace"


JAMES  POLK  WILLIAMS   1-28-1845  to  3-24-1933

*S/of  Sarah Eliza Ann Jarrett Williams(1821-1894) & Berry E. Williams(1816 GA  to 

1861 Lafayette Co., AR)

MARY ANN TIPTON WILLIAMS  1-1-1850  to  2-26-1911

 *D/of  Simeon Tipton(1827 GA-Killed Civil War) Hester A. Hill Mitchell(Nov 1831-1910)

*Wf/of  James Polk Williams "Farewell"   

*Hester  *Md:1st husb,  SIMEON  TIPTON(1827-GA - Killed in Civil War)

*Md: *2nd  James Mitchell  in 1868, Lafayette Co., AR ( James -Soldier 148th Ill Infantry)


Daughter of  J. P. & M. A. WILLIAMS  9-28-1888  to  8-16-1906

"Gone but not forgotten"  (these dates on these two infants does not make sense.


JAMES  PAUL  WILLIAMS   11-13-1923  to  1-7-1971

*S/of  Malcom Reney Williams(1885-1976)& Margaret Dolly Greer Ainsworth(1859-1935)

*Arkansas CPL  619  AC & W SQ   AAF   WW  II

*Marker has sunk into the ground making the dates unreadable.


KENNETH  WAYLAND  WILLIAMS(77) 9-19-1928 to 11-25-2005

*S/of  Dewey Slay Williams, Sr.(1888-1978)  &  Argiebelle  Haire  Williams. (1899-1973)  *OB    

*H/of Judy Williams.  *US  Navy - Korea


LENA  FAYE  WILLIAMS   1-19-1955  to  8-28-1970

*D/of  Paul  &  Delores Williams


MALCOM  RENEY  WILLIAMS   4-8-1885  to  10-8-1976

*S/of  James Polk Williams(1845-1933) & Mary Ann Tipton Williams(1850-1911)

"Absent in mind but present in spirit"


4-29-1960  *D/of  Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911)& Margaret Dolly Greer(1859-1935)


ROY  MEEK  WILLIAMS  10-9-1910  to  4-10-1982

*S/of  James Henry Williams(1873-1943) & Mary Belle Herman(1879-1953)

*Md:10/29/1935  Hazel Higgins


12-10-1969  *D/of Marcus G. Higgins(1892-1928) & Artie Meeler Higgins(1897-1987)

"The Lord watch between me and thee, while we absent, one from another"


STELLA  STAGGS  WILLIAMS   9-28-1886  to  8-16-1906  

*D/of  James Polk Williams(1845-1933)  &   Mary Ann Tipton. Williams(1850-1911)



WADE  WILSON   12-5-1905  to  6-28-1999

*S/of  Wiley Uriah Wilson(1876-1967) & Mary Willa Jameson Wilson(1873-1965)

"I am the resurrection and the life,  he that believeth in me

though he were dead yet shall he live"   John  11:25

&  MILDRED  DAVIS  WILSON   1-13-1910  to  7-13-1977

*S/of  Kennie A. Davis(1878-1959) & Susie A. Smith Davis(1885-1954)



There are 27 markers in the cemetery for unknown Civil War C.S.A. soldiers.







Mt Holly Methodist Church visible in background of this pic.

▼Church is on same end as gated entry & parking area.

CSA Graves of Unknown Soldiers  2005

Looking from outside fenced cemetery area at the rear of

the cemetery. Out of sight, but just to the left, under the bushes

is the lone grave of Mary Ellen LaGrone

(Just to the right of the top of the gate post - under the bushes/vines.) ▼



3/27/1868  to  3/25/1894.

 wife of Archibald Ross LaGrone.  (1856 to 1925)





The LaGrone's new headstone: