Est. ca 1894

Tombstone Photos


Located north of Junction City in heavy woods.

No roads leading into this cemetery.

This family cemetery was on the farm land of William Henry Harris,

and became known as the Blanchard Springs Cemetery.

Canvass of this cemetery done in February 1961.

A copy of this original survey done by the late Jaunita & Jack Pipes,

was given to me 2004 by the late Lillian Stevenson Craig McGowen.

My compilation, June 6, 2004. Update Dec 2006.

Final update May 2011- included inscriptions from tombstones recorded back in 1961.

Janice Holzer     *Posted  June 2013

*Last updated August 2015


AREMINTA  BARNETT  GOOINGS   12-9-1826  to  3-4-1902 

*Wf/of  A. J.   Gooings.  *A. J. Gooings  on tombstone. Arminta is the spelling on the tombstone.

Andrew M. Gooing buried along with two of their children in Union Parish, LA. 

Areminta died at the home of her daughter in Union Co., AR

*Note: sometimes Gooing is shown spelled with an "S" & at other times there is no "S" at the end.

*Oct 2006: Information on Areminta Barnett Gooings and her husband, Andrew

provided by Janice Peterson, gr gr granddaughter, of Parma Idaho.

Also info on Bert Tugwell.


G. S.  GORMAN      11-10-1867  to   5-18-1894

* "Fair well, dear Mother"  Union Co., Ark.


(W. H.)WILLIAM  HENRY  HARRIS   10-13-1831  to  3-2-1906

*William was born in Leake Co., MS and died in Union Co., AR. He was the third born of

fourteen children for Thomas Sidney Harris(1803-1874) & Matilda Ann Henry Harris (1811-1889)

*H/of  Elender A. Brewer Harris  *Md: 2/1/1855

*At age 29, William joined the Confederate Army in July 23, 186, in the state of Mississippi. 

Joined Captain Z. Booth's Company(Scotland Guard) Transferred into the 5th Regiment, Mississippi

Volunteers, for one year.  He was wounded/ shot in the neck in Battle of Chickamauga in the fall of 1863.

William returned home, but joined the Army again the next May & was in the commissary department.

After the war he took up farming, moving to Union Parish, Louisiana in 1868. Remained there for a

year before making his permanent residence in Lapile Twsp.,Union County, Arkansas.

Father of 12 children, 3 of which did not reach adulthood.  Fortunately, he kept a Bible

Record of his family. William died in Union County, AR, while on a passenger train. He was

buried the next day in the family burial site on his farm, known as the Blanchard Springs Cemetery.

"Dearest Father thou has left us and our loss we deeply feel. 

But tis God that has bereft us, he can all our sorrows heal. 

Yey again we hope to meet thee when the days of life is fled

then in Heaven with joy to greet thee, when no farewell tears is shed"

ELENDER  A.  BREWER  HARRIS   10-19-1836  to  10-10-1902

*D/of  Walter Claude Brewer(1807-1884) & Alcy Evans Brewer(1817-1902)

*Ellender"Ellen" Brewer was the second of ten children.

* Ellender A. "Ellen" Brewer   * Md: 2/1/1855   William Henry Harris.

*Age 65 yrs, 10 mos, 21 dys  "Gone to Rest"

"A precious one from me has gone

A Voice I love is stilled

A place is vacant in my house

Which can never be filled"


MATILDA  HENRY  HARRIS    3-28-1811  to  9-14-1889

*Wife of  Thomas  Sidney  Harris(1803-1874)  

*Md: Matilda Henry   4/24/1828  Lawrence Co., AL

"She died as she lived trusting in God"


J. B.  JACKSON   died  February 1934   *Age 29 yrs


(J. O.) JAMES  OWEN  JACKSON    6-28-1853  to  2-11-1901  

*H/of  ADA  JACKSON  *His tombstone birth date appears to be the 28th, not 20 th.

*Other graves nearby that are unreadable in 1961


WILL  SINGER     9-20-1921 / 27   Age 29 yrs



BERT  TUGWELL    12-31-1883  to  6-16-1903

*S/of  George W. Tugwell(1849-1924) & Jane Gooing Tugwell(1/25/1851-  ?)

*Died at Ashland, KY   His parents are buried at Harper Springs Cemetery.

*Grandson of  Areminta  &  Andrew Gooing. 

*Oct 2006: Information on Arminta Gooings and her husband, Andrew provided by Janice Peterson,

gr gr granddaughter, of Parma Idaho. Also info on Bert Tugwell




*Wf/of  Franklin Pierce Weisinger  *Md:6/10/1877 Calhoun Co., AR

*D/of  Nathan Jackson  &  Jane Williams Jackson.

*Children: John, Frederick, William P., Bessie, Lola and Jewell.

(F.P.) Franklin  Pierce  WISINGER  11-25-1854  to 2-22-1904 

"Son" of  W.P. Wisinger


JOHN  ROBERT  WISINGER   9-18-1861  to  5-10-1925 

*Born in Calhoun Co., AR to John Jacob Wisinger  &  Frances Elizabeth Garrett Wisinger.

*H/of  Damie A. Brennon Wisinger.  Father of Onslow M./ Harry A./ Donald G./ Nancy O. Wisinger.

*Brother of Nancy / Mary / Ellen / Thomas / Frank & William Wisinger.


Infant  MILES  WISINGER   1-29-1911  to  6-20-1911 

*Infant S/of  Mr.& Mrs. F. J.  Wisinger    

"Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home, he thought best" 


*In 1961, it was noted that this cemetery was located in a pine field, fenced

& well maintained.  Subsequent info noted that the cemetery was in the woods.


March 2010: This is copied from an email I received that pertains to the some

of  the people buried in this cemetery:




I visited this cemetery about four years ago, knowing that my gr gr grandmother

was buried there.  You are so right in saying that it is very remote; hacking our

way up the hill in thick underbrush.


Just for the record -- her name is Areminta Gooing; rather than Arminta Goolings.

She was the wife of Andrew Martin Gooing; her maiden name being Barnett.  She

died at a daughter's home in Union County and they were unable to take her back

to Union Parish, Louisiana where her husband was buried along with two   children. 


The Bert Tugwell who is also buried in this Blanchard Cemetery, is a grandson

of Areminta Gooing.  For some reason, neither of his parents were buried in

Blanchard, but instead are at Harper Springs, Union County.  I do not know

about the other burials in this cemetery, but don't think they are related.

Evidently, it was just a convenient cemetery for the family to use!”


Janice Peterson   

Parma, Idaho”

March 2010