This cemetery located East of El Dorado in heavy woods.

No roads leading into cemetery.

Canvassed by Ester Trull and Ralph O. Weldon  in March 1986.

Extracted  from Union County Cemetery book, by Janice  Holzer

April 2004. The dates given here were from the tombstones, canvassed by

the late Ester Trull & Ralph O. Weldon    *Posted September 2015



JAMES  T.  BROCK  1-5-1810  to  6-17-1852  Union Co.,AR  

*S/of  L.  &  S.D. Brock


SARAH  D.  BROCK  11-6-1806  to  12-27-1848

*Some give the death date as 11-6-1848


SARAH  L.  BROCK   10-12-1845  to  8-10-1847  

*D/of   L.   &  Sarah  D.  Brock



CRYSTAL  JENKINS    1981  to  10-7-2006




LEWIS  H.  JONES   2-17-1844  to  8-27-1852 

*S/of  D.T.  &  N.S.  Jones (variation of dates 2/4/1844  to  8/17/1844)

*Born and died in Union County, Arkansas



MARY  QUARLES   7-13-1801  to  5-8-1851

*Birth date may be July 3.


WILLIAM  LEONARD  QUARLES  10-7-1852  to  12-27-1852  

*S/of  William  W.  &  E. C. Quarles  *Birth date may be 11-7-1852  El Dorado, AR


*Many graves without headstones.