Est. ca 1869-1873


The Brown Cemetery is also known as the “Old Three Creeks Cemetery”.

Located off State Hwy. 15 south, turn west onto Three Creeks Road.

Info compiled from my survey, earlier surveys & obituaries

Updates Apr 2006 &  Dec 2008. *New survey Oct 20, 2011.

Last updated September 2015   Janice Holzer




*“&  indicates headstone with double or multiple names

*  OB burial info from obituary

*  SSDI  some or portion of dates from Social Security Death Index (highlighted)

*  WOW indicates Woodman of the World headstone

*  ARDI  highlighted part of death date from Arkansas Death Index 1914 -1950

*  MM   indicates mortuary marker from funeral home



BATHURST  CHINN  ALDERSON   1-18-1812  to 11-1-1892

*Spouses: *1st wife, Isabella J. Craig(1818-1838)  *2nd  wife,  Sarah Jane Van Hook (1820-1860)



MARY  FAYE  CRAWFORD  ALLRED  10-8-1917 to 12-18-1999

*Died at age 82 in Houma, Louisiana.  Mary Faye donated her body to medical research. A marker

was place here by her brothers, in the  family plot, as a memorial to her, even though she is not buried here.

*D/of Roy Elmo Crawford(1891-1977) & Zola Belle Bishop Crawford(1896-1941) .  

She was the wife of Wert Allred (1910-1988).

"In Memory Of"    "Even In Death She Gave To Others"



LEWIS  L. BAGLEY  12-8-1901  to  10-21-1974

*S/of  William A. Bagley(1864-1947)

*Md:8/30/1922    Eula Cox Bagley   *Children: Roy, Jack, Betty, Helen

&  EULA  MAE  COX  BAGLEY  7-17-1904  to  6-16-1995

*D/of Benjamin Homer Cox(1874-1947) & India May Moore Cox(1884-1976)

"To Know Them Was To Love Them"


ROY  EDWARD  BAGLEY   3-11-1924  to  5-4-2001

*S/of  Eula Mae Cox Bagley(1904-1995)  &  Lewis L. Bagley(1901-1974)


&  BETTY  JANE  GRIFFITH  BAGLEY 1-29-1931 (One date)




FLOYD  O’NEAL  BAILEY  4-4-1944  to  7-27-1945


FLOYD  R.  BAILEY  6-15-1917  to  11-8-1966

&  ELIZABETH  BAILEY  12-3-1925  to  5-7-2010



WILLIAM  EARL  BRITT   11-25-1858  to  2-24-1930

*S/of  Henry Thomas Britt(1822-1899)  &  Emeline Adams Britt

VITURA “TURIE” ANN  JEAN  BRITT  10-30-1863  to  3-25-1933    

*D/of  William Lumpkin Jean (1835-1916)     *Wf/of  William Earl Britt



ARTEMAS  MILTON  BROWN   5-19-1823 NC  to  4-6-1873AR 

*S/of  Duncan Brown(1797-1880) & Sally Ann Buie Brown (1805-1882)

Mrs.  SUSAN  A.  CARROGAN  BROWN  8-12-1842  to  8-20-1869

*Wf/of  Artemas Milton Brown


DANIEL  F  BROWN   3-6-1875  to  9-12-1877


DONALD  FIELDING  BROWN  9-21-1895  to  6-29-1984

*S/of  Walter Artemas Brown(1869-1924) & Mary Lee Fielding Brown(1872-1965)

*US Army  WW I


DUNCAN  BROWN   8-23-1797 NC  to  11-14-1880 AR

*S/of  William Brown(1755-1828) &  Mary Campbell Brown(1760-1825)

*H/of Sally Ann Buie Brown

SALLY  ANN  BUIE  BROWN  3-15-1805 NC  to 10-21-1882 AR

*D/of  Daniel Buie(1770-1823) & Flora McPherson Buie(1775-1859)

*Wife of Duncan Brown


JOHNIE  BROWN   1863 AR  (no dates on marker)   

*S/of  Artemas Milton Brown (1823-1873) & Susan A. Carrogan Brown (1842-1869) 


NEIL  FARGERSON  BROWN   2-17-1898  to  10-8-1977

*S/of  Walter Artemas Brown(1869-1924) & Mary Lee Fielding Brown(1872-1965)

LOIS  HANSON  BROWN  5-28-1896  to  2-29-1980 

*D/of Thaddeus Starr Hanson(1844-1926) & Laura E. Shepherd Hanson(1856-1933)


NEIL HANSON  BROWN  12-5-1923  to  9-23-1977

*S/of Neil Fargerson Brown(1898-1977) & Lois Hanson Brown(1896-1980)

*TSgt. USAF WW II & Korea


WALTER  ARTEMAS  BROWN   11-23-1869  to 11-5-1924

*S/of  Artemas Milton Brown(1823-1873) & Susan A. Carrogan Brown (1842-1869) 

MARY  LEE (Mollie) FIELDING  BROWN  10-23-1872  to 10-9-1965

*D/of  Matthew Hunter Fielding(1819-1889) & Mary Elizabeth Fielding(1829-1901)

*Wf/of  Walter Artemas Brown


WALTER  LEE  BROWN  10-23-1893  to  6-17-1972

*S/of  Artemas  Milton Brown(1869-1924) & Mary Lee Fielding Brown(1872-1965)

MARIE  MOSELEY  BROWN  11-7-1896  to  10-12-1999

(buried near James M. Hopper, Jr


WALTER  L.  BROWN   9-24-1921  to  10-1-2009

*S/of  Neil Fargerson Brown(1898-1977) & Lois Hanson Brown(1896-1980)

*Late wife, Ivy Bain Brown  *Maj USAF  WW II-Korea



SARAH  JANE  STEWART  BYERS  1-19-1850  to  8-13-1921

Unreadable  Tombstone  Next to Sarah Byers marker.



MARJORIE  CAMP  BYRD   3-23-1914  to  3-26-2008 

*D/of John W. Camp(1869-1919) & Sallie Reeder Camp(1874-1964)

"Blessed Wife & Mother"


SHELTON  BYRD   1-11-1857  to  2-28-1939

*S/of  Margret A. Byrd(1828-1903) 

"A Most Noble Example Was His Life"

LAURA  JANE  CAMPBELL  BYRD   3-22-1871 SC  to  5-2-1952


SHELTON  PRIMM  BYRD(85)  10-30-1928  to  10-17-2014 *OB

*S/of  William Byrd & Leta Primm Byrd   *Retired Firefighter U.S. Navy


STEWART  CAMPBELL  BYRD   8-28-1909  to  10-31-1992   

*S/of  Laura Jane Campbell Byrd(1871-1952) & Shelton Byrd(1857-1939)


STEWART  CAMPBELL  BYRD, JR.  3-31-1944  to  6-8-1944

*S/of  Stewart Campbell Byrd(1909-1992) &  Marjorie Camp Byrd(1914-2008)

"God's Greatest Gift Returned To God, Our Baby"



CHARLIE  WESLEY (Tebo) COTTRELL  2-22-1909  to 7-11-1968

*S/of  Hiram Benjamin Cottrell(1885-1959)  &  Junie Cole Cottrell(1885-1979)

"Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"   *Same inscription on both tombstones.

JESSIE  CLAY ROGERS  COTTRELL  5-7-1914  to  7-30-1990

*Wife of  Charlie Wesley Cottrell(1909-1968)


GEORGE  RUBEN  COTTRELL  7-17-1923 Three Creeks  to  5-8-2010 El Dorado

“BOOGER RED” *Age 86  *S/of Hiram Benjamin”Boss” Cottrell(1885-1959)  &  Junie Cole Cottrell (1885-1979)

*CORP  US Army  WW II   *George shares a double headstone with both of his wives.  

*His *2nd wife, Peggy Jean Blum Roberson Cottrell(1929-2005)  is buried at Resthaven Cemetery.

*See Peggy listing in Resthaven Cemetery for more details. Peggy & George have a double marker, but

George also shares a double marker with his 1st wife, Frankie Bailey in the Brown Cemetery. He is buried with her.

&  FRANKIE  BAILEY  COTTRELL   5-4-1924  to  11-3-1969

*D/of Benjamin Franklin Bailey(1887-1955) & Stella Duke Bailey(1901-1958)

*1st wife of, George Ruben Cottrell(1924-1969)  *Shares a double headstone with George.

 "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"


HIRAM  BENJAMIN  COTTRELL "BOSS"  7-5-1885  to  4-4-1959

*S/of William Ralph Cottrell(1847-1916) & Virginia F. Stedman Cottrell(1857-1896)

&  JUNIE  COLE  COTTRELL  10-11-1885  to  7-18-1979

*D/of  Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary E. Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

"Not My Will But Thine Be Done"   Luke XXII  42


Infant  COTTRELL *S/of  Mr./Mrs. Joel B. Cottrell, Sr. (No dates)

"His Memory Lives On"


JIMMY  WAYNE  COTTRELL(63) 6-22-1951  to  9-28-2014 *OB

*S/of  Joel Bryant Cottrell, Sr. & Helen Frances Moore Cottrell Haltom


JOE (Joel) BRYANT  COTTRELL, SR. 12-12-1917  to  12-15-1979

*S/of  Hiram Benjamin Cottrell(1885-1959) &  Junie Cole Cottrell(1885-1979)  

"Father"   *Md:3/12/1948    *PFC  US  ARMY   WW II 

*The year of birth & death are the only dates given on tombstone.


7-19-2015 (87) *D/of  John Whitaker Moore(1876-1936) & Lottie Viola Hambrick Moore (1898-1962) *OB   

“Lil Granma”  age 87  *Late husband, Joel Bryant Cottrell, Sr.  

*Haltom is the last name given in the obituary.

"Mother"   *New double headstone for these two, but only the year of birth/death given.


WILLIAM  RALPH  COTTRELL  12-4-1913 AR   to  Dec 1975 LA  

*Md:11/14/1942       * PFC  U.S. Army  WW II   *Year only of birth/death given

& WILMA  LEOLIA  DUKE  COTTRELL  3-13-1927 to 2-5-2004

*D/of  Hiram Collins “Henry” Duke(1879-1953) & Francis Jane “Janie” Bailey Duke(1886-1968)



APPIE  DURESS CRAWFORD CRAWFORD7-24-1879  to  4-23-1908

*D/of James David Crawford(1853-1914) & Martha Palmira Jones Crawford(1843-1885)

*Wf/of   John Lee Crawford (1877-1943)  *John Lee buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in El Dorado.


ARTHUR  HOYT  CRAWFORD    12-1- 1902  to  12-22-1966

*S/of  John Lee Crawford(1877-1943) & Appie DuressCrawford Crawford(1879-1908)

"His memory is Blessed"


ARTHUR  SMEAD  CRAWFORD   12-9-1896  to  2-21-1962 

*PVT 5 Infantry Brigade  WW I  "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  LIDA  T.  CRAWFORD   10-18-1903  to  10-19-1992


BILLY  MORRIS  CRAWFORD  4-21-1936  to 11-26-1956 

"Brother"  *S/of  Roy E. Crawford (1891-1977)  &  Zola Bishop Crawford(1896-1941) 

* Arkansas PFC Marine Corps  



CELIA  FRANCES  CRAWFORD  b & d  12-20-1951

"She Is Safe At Home"


DAVID  CRAWFORD   1822  to  5-18-1862

*Smith Co. H 8 Wade’s Cav. Confederate States Army

*Died in Battle of Shiloh, Civil War

*Wife, Mary Oliver Crawford McLeod  1826 GA to Nov 1904AR

( Mary buried Lisbon Methodist Cemetery, Union County, AR)


GEORGE  CRAWFORD   8-17-1924  to  1-3-1943 

*Arkansas  Pvt. US Marine Corps Res  WW II 

(Only death date on military marker-both dates on his larger regular marker)


GROVER  CRAWFORD    6-9-1894  to  6-4-1896 

*S/of  J.D. & M.A. Crawford  *His old original stone was unreadable.


Infant  CRAWFORD  6-2-1911  to  6-9-1911

*D/of  W.E.  &  Susie Crawford


Rev. JAMES DAVID CRAWFORD  7-15-1853  to 10-23-1914 *WOW

*S/of  David Crawford (1822-1862) & Mary Oliver Crawford McLeod(1826 GA-Nov 1904 AR)

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Martha Palmira Jones(12/31/1843 to 1/12/1885) *2nd wife, Martha Ann Stewart

"His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory"

MARTHA  ANN  STEWART CRAWFORD  10-7-1860 to 12-18-1936

*2nd  Wife of Rev. James D. Crawford    "Her Memory Is Blessed"


J. D.  CRAWFORD   2-22-1901  to  10-21-1902

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. John Lee Crawford     "His Memory Is Blessed"


MAMIE  CRAWFORD    4-26-1899  to  6-24-1900  

*D/of John Lee Crawford (1877-1943) & Appie  Duress Crawford  Crawford (1879-1908)   

*Marker gone by 1998


SYBIL CLOTHILDE  DOSS  CRAWFORD  7-20-1923 to  10-20-1984 

*D/of  Charlie Alston Doss(1887-1974) & Lula Mae Napper Doss(1900-1962)

"In Loving Memory"


WALTER  EMERY  CRAWFORD   2-10-1887  to  3-13-1969

*S/of  James David Crawford(1853-1914) & Martha Ann Stewart Crawford(1860-1936)

&  SUSIE  COTTRELL  CRAWFORD   12-18-1893  to  4-17-1984

*D/of  William Ralph Cottrell(1847-1916) & Virginia F. Stedman Cottrell(1857-1969)


WAYNE  CRAWFORD   10-17-1921  to  1-1-2001


ZOLA  BISHOP  CRAWFORD  1-26-1896  to 1-8-1941

"Mother"  "She was ever faithful"   *Wf/of  Roy E. Crawford

*Father of Billy Morris Crawford & Mary Faye Crawford Allred.



GEORGE  ANDREW  DUKE   10-2-1898  to  8-15-1943

*S/of  Hiram Collins “Henry” Duke (4/28/1879 AR-9/9/1955 LA)  & Frances Jane “Janie” Bailey Duke

(7/6/1886 LA- 9/14/1968)  *Lt.  Army Air Force  WW I  &  WW  II



HAROLD  CLYDE  ELLEN   10-3-1923  to  4-16-1945

*S/of  Thadeus Clyde Ellen & Carrie Byrd Ellen  *AOM U.S. Navy, USS Intrepid 

*Killed in action & buried at sea in the invasion of Okinawa

"He gave his life in the service of his country that others might live."  (Photo embedded)

"There is a beautiful land some where .  It is only a prayer away."


JIMMIE  ELLEN   1-10-1933  to  2-18-1933

*S/of  Wiley Ray Ellen & Hazel Louise Ascol Ellen 

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


JODIE  BYRD  ELLEN   2-20-1925  to  5-19-1990

*S/of  Thadeus Clyde Ellen & Carrie Byrd Ellen

Wife, VERA JANE  COMPTON  ELLEN 10-25-1928  to  6-12-2008*OB

*D/of Wilson Compton(1890-1971) *Md:12/5/1915- Myrtle Eniree Ellen Flanniken(1887-1957)

*Age 79    (Flanagan/Flanniken)


JOSIAH "JODIE" CANEY  ELLEN  1-25-1873  to  6-8-1924

*S/of  Thadeus Rudolphus Ellen(1848-1935)  & Mary Ellen Cole Ellen(1855-1928)   *H/of  Nannie  F. Crawford

NANCY  FLOY  CRAWFORD  ELLEN  10-24-1877  to  8-24-1941

*D/of James David Crawford(1853-1914) &  Martha Palmera Jones(1843-1885)

*Wf/of  Jodie C. Ellen   "Nannie" 


THADEUS  CLYDE  ELLEN   1-21-1899  to  8-31-1983

*S/of   Josiah(Jodie) Caney Elle(1873-1924) & Nancy Floy Crawford Ellen(1877-1941)

Wife,  CARRIE  BYRD  ELLEN   6-7-1897  to  7-4-1951

*D/of  Shelton Byrd(1857-1939) & Laura Jane Campbell Byrd(1871-1952)



ANNIE  E.  BULL GRAY  7-4-1844  to 12-15-1887

*d/OF  Martin Turner Bull (1808-1881)  *Wf/of  John F. Gray

JOHN  P.  GRAY  10-16-1841  to  7-3-1908

*(2011) Tombstone is broken in several pieces, no longer readable.



WALTER  THOMAS  GRIFFITH  7-7-1875  to  12-8-1962

*Spouses: *Md: 1st, Mary Emma McGoogan  12/25/1906  Union Co., AR

*2nd  Eugenia Pearl Scarborough,  1/17/1915, Union County, Arkansas


  5-4-1888  to  2-2-1950     "We Will Meet Again"

*Eugenia's Spouses: *1st  William Shep New(1877-1912)  *2nd Walter Thomas Griffith




7-19-2015 *D/of  John Moore & Lottie Hambrick Moore 

“Lil Granma”  age 87  *Late husband, Joel Bryant Cottrell, Sr.   *Haltom is the last name given in the obituary. *OB   

"Mother"   *New double headstone for Joel B. & Frances Cottrell, but only the year of birth/death given.


DAVID  PINK  HAYES  11-11-1904  to  9-26-1973

*Md:11/20/1937  *Children: Juanita, Melrose, Doyle

&  LETA CLYTEE GRIFFITH HAYES  5-14-1916  to 7-21-2009

*D/of Eugenia Scarborough New Griffith & Walter Thomas Griffith(1875-1962)



JAMES  M.  HOPPER, JR.  8-5-1910  to  10-14-2000

*H/of  Mary Sula Brown        *SGT  US Army-WW II

MARY  SULA  BROWN  HOPPER  3-13-1908 to 9-11-1990

*D/of  Walter Artemas Brown(1869-1924) & Mary Lee Fielding Brown(1872-1965)


SALLIE  MAY  BROWN  HOUSE(89)  9-18-1925  to  6-19-2015 *OB

*D/of  Neil Fargerson Brown(1898-1977)  &  Lois Hanson Brown(1896-1980)

*Wife of the late James Edward “ED” House  *Mother to two.



REDA  HUDSON  9-7-1907  to  1-12-1908

*D/of  R.C. &  J.M. Hudson



JOSEPH  WALLACE  JEAN   9-15-1900  to  1-26-1978

*S/of Joseph D. Jean(1875-1955) & Gertrude Jones Jean(1879-1955)

*Joseph & Gertrude buried Mulberry Cemetery, England, Lonoke Co., Ark.

&  BESSIE  ELLEN  JEAN   2-2-1903  to  8-9-1970

*D/of  Josiah "Jodie" Caney Ellen(1873-1924)  &  Nancy Floy Crawford  Ellen(1877-1941)



WILLA  REVA  JONES  JOLLEY  3-15-1896  to 10-11-1921

*D/of William Hugh Jones(1870-1947) & Armon Lavada Crawford Jones(1875-1957)

*Willa, *1st  Wf/of  Charlie  L. Jolley (1893-1978)  *Charlie buried at Jolley Chapel Cemetery,

Union Co., AR, along with his   *2nd wife, Grace Perritt Jolley (1902-1971)



ALEXANDER  CAMPBELL  JONES  3-8-1830  to  2-18-1923

*S/of  Hillery"Hill" Jones, Sr(1797VA – 1853 VA ) & Mary Courtney Jones(1799 VA-1880 AR)

*Commander of Company G, 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern VA-CSA

*CSA 1861-1865  (Capt)

 "Here Is One Who Is Sleeping In Faith and Love With Hope That is Treasured In Heaven Above."

MARY  OPHELIA  NEWMAN  JONES  1-8-1835  to  2-26-1917    

*Wf/of  Capt. Alexander Campbell  Jones(1830-1923)


ALEXANDER  LAMAR  JONES  1876 to 4-30-1946 *ARDI  

*S/of  Capt. Alexander Campbell Jones(1830 VA-1923 AR) & Mary Ophelia Newman Jones


&  BESSIE  CRAWFORD  JONES  1881 to 1908  

"It Is Good That They Lived"


Baby BESSIE  *No dates or further info. *Speculation: This is a Jones baby.


CRAWFORD  H.  JONES   9-27-1900  to  7-14-1951


DAVID  KEITH  JONES  1-24-1930  to  8-17-1955

*S/of  Elton Jones(1903-1986) & Sally Lou Johnson Jones(1908-1964) 

*American Legion  "Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star to Heaven"


ETHEL  JONES  10-30-1897  to  12-6-1898  

*D/of  William Hugh Jones(1870-1947)  &  Armon Lavada Crawford  Jones(1875-1957) 


ELTON  JONES  3-11-1903  to  4-14-1986 “Mason”  

*S/of  Franklin Hill Jones(1875-1904)  &  Mary Ila Crawford Jones(1876-1934)

*H/of  Sally Lou Johnson       "Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"

SALLY  LOU  JOHNSON  JONES  9-21-1908  to  6-28-1964

*D/of  Joseph Alexander Johnson(1867-1935) & Mary Blanche Ails Johnson(1868-1949)

*Husband,  ELTON  SAMUEL  JONES(1903-1986)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


(F.H.)FRANKLIN  HILL JONES   8-29-1875  to  1-29-1904

*S/of  Hill Jones(1842-1905) & Ann Elizabeth Alderson Jones(1847-1901)   

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"

&  MARY  ILA "MIT" CRAWFORD  JONES  8-18-1876 GA  to

10-8-1934  *D/of  James David Crawford(1853-1914) & Martha Palmira

Jones Crawford(1843-1885)    *Wf/of  Franklin Hill Jones


HILL  JONES, JR.    4-20-1842 VA  to 12-20-1905 AR  

*H/of  Lizzie Jones 

"Our father has gone to a mansion of rest. To the glorious land by the Dearly blest."

&  "LIZZIE" ALDERSON  JONES  5-19-1847  to  5-1-1901

*"Ann Elizabeth Alderson Jones(1847-1901)

"She Was A Kind and Affectionate Wife, A Fond Mother and Friend To All"


JOE  FRANK  JONES   1-6-1935  to  10-26-1936

*S/of  Elton Jones(1903-1986) & Sally Lou Johnson Jones(1908-1964) 

"Darling We Miss Thee"


KAREN  M.  JONES   b: 8-13-1965  (One date)


WILLIAM  HUGH  JONES “Willie” 12-4-1870  to  6-21-1947

*S/of  Hill Jones, Jr.(1842-1905) & Ann Elizabeth Alderson Jones(1847-1901)


to  3-5-1957  *D/of  Rev. James David Crawford(7/15/1853 to 10/23/1914) &  *1st wife, Martha P.

 *1st wife,(md:1874)  Martha Palmira Jones Crawford(1843-1885 AL) 

*2nd wife, (md:ca 1886) Martha Jane Steward(1860-1936)



BEULAH  GRAY  KEMPER   7-10-1866  to  8-4-1888

*D/of  John P. Gray (1841-1908) & Annie Bull Gray (1844-1887)

*Wf/of  DUDLEY  A. KEMPER  (1850 MO to 1897 AR)

*Beulah Gray was  Dudley Kemper's  *2nd of three wives.

*Delia K. Sheppard, 3rd wife of, Dudley is buried at Roselawn Cemetery, Union Co., AR

(aka Cordelia Susan Moore Sheppard  1857-1936)



Dr. (A.E.) AURELIUS  E.  McALPINE   2-11-1826  to  3-27-1886  

*S/of  Rev. Robert McAlpin (1791-1855)

HARRIET  N.  BROWN  McALPINE (H.N.) (76) *One date  d:10-26-1905

*D/of  Duncan & Sallie Ann Brown     *Harriett Brown born in NC in 1829.

*Wf/of  Aurelius E. McAlpine  


WALLACE  S.“Wally” McALPINE  1852 AL  to  2-18-1933 AR *ARDI

*S/of  Aurelius E. McAlpine(1826-1886) &  Harriett N. Brown McAlpine(1829-1905)



DeWITT   McGOOGAN    6-12-1903  to  5-12-1974 

*S/of  John McGoogan(1870-1942) & Mary Jane Cameron(1871-1943) *Scotland Cemetery

&  MILDRED  ELLEN  McGOOGAN  6-2-1910  to  5-12-2000

*D/of  Josiah "Jodie" Caney Ellen(1873-1924) & Nancy Floy Crawford Ellen(1877-1941)



VIRGINIA  F.  COTTRELL  MOHLING  11-14-1906   to  2-12-1975

*D/of  Hiram Benjamin Cottrell(1885-1959) &  Junie Cole Cottrell(1885-1979)



ALEXANDER  CRAWFORD  MOORE  12-13-1913 to 10-19-1914

*S/of  Morgan Alderson Moore(1881-1927) & Frances Leona Crawford Moore(1889-1962)



1-27-1962  *D/of  James David Crawford(1853-1914) & Martha Ann Stewart Crawford(1860-1936)

*Tombstone says  "Fannie C. Moore”   *Wf/of  Morgan Alderson Moore

MORGAN  ALDERSON  MOORE  12-7-1881  to  5-14-1927

*S/of Aaron John Moore (1824-1902) & Sarah V. Alderson Moore (1847-1905)

*H/of  Frances Leona Crawford Moore, md:7/26/1908 Union County, Arkansas


Infant  EAGLE  MOORE  4-15-1889  to  4-29-1889   

*S/of Aaron John Moore(1824-1902) & Sarah V. Alderson Moore(1847-1905)


SARAH  V.  ALDERSON  MOORE  5-19-1847  to 10-29-1905   

*Aaron "Arne"  J. (A.J.) Moore   *Md:9/26/1875   "Sallie" Sarah V. Alderson

*D/of  Bathurst Chinn Alderson(1812-1892) & *2nd Wife  Sarah Jane Van Hook Alderson(1820-1860)

"A Loved One From Us Has Gone. A Voice We Love Is Stilled.

A Place Is Vacant In Our Home.  Which Never Can Be Filled."



(C.O.) CHESTER“ORLAND” NEW (67) 1-7-1909  to  5-16-1976

*S/of  William Shep New(1877-1912) &  Eugena Pearl Scarbrough Griffith(1888-1950)

*Md:12/30/1929   Emma M. Moore    *Children: Johnny S., Chester O., Jr.


 "His life on earth has left a sweet memory for us all"   (Mason)

&  EMMA  M.  MOORE  NEW  11-5-1911  to  10-12-2007

*D/of  John Whitaker Moore(1876-1936) & Mattie Lavonia Cottrell Moore(1888-1920)


LEONARD  BERNICE  NEW  4-24-1907  to  4-22-1966

*S/of William Shep New(1877-1912) & Eugenia Pearl Scarborough New Griffith(1888-1950)

(Surname of  New is not on the tombstone, but he is next to the New's)

PAULINE  AMIS  NEW "Granny"  3-26-1916  to  2-14-2002

*D/of Henry Marshall Amis(1889-1976) & Leola Tucker Amis(1895-1969)

*Wife of Leonard Bernice New  (next to the NEW family) *" New" is not on tombstone)



(W.S.) WILLIAM  SEAL  PARKER   2-19-1853 NC  to 10-27-1925 AR

"I Have Fought A Good Fight. I Have Finished My Course.  I have Kept The Faith"

ZILPHA  ANN  DEES  PARKER (60 yrs)  Apr 1844 SC  to  9-12-1902 AR

*D/of  Richard Dees(1814-1872)  &  Zilphia Autry Price Dees(1811-1893)

*Wf/of  60 yrs, to W.S. Parker    "She died in the triumph of  ?a living Faith" 



?    PATENICO   8-27-1918  to  2-16-1956

*Tombstone very difficult to make out; not sure of the spelling.



HARVIE  H.  ROGERS  10-19-1871  to  3-24-1928 

*Md:12/24/1905   "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

&  MITTIE  F. CLAY ROGERS  9-6-1881 to 12-5-1976 


JOHN  LEE  ROGERS  11-24-1912  to  8-27-1956

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours."



Infants  SLATER  b & d   8-24-1906 "SONS"

*Sons of  Oscar Earl Slater(1884-1952) & Annie Elizabeth Jones Slater(1882-1940)



MARY  ELIZABETH  SMITH  12-3-1925  to  5-7-2010

*Born in Three Creeks, Union Co., Arkansas.  Died at Farmerville, Union Parish, Louisiana.

Graveside service May 9, 2010 at Brown Three Creeks Cemetery in Arkansas.

*Obituary: "The Gazette"  Farmerville, LA


ORVAL  LEE  SMITH (84)  4-18-1911  to  9-25-1965

*S/of  Sam Lafayette Smith(1884-1977) & Belle Braswell Smith(1887-1971)


*Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster

*H/of Nannie Pearl Griffith Smith(1930-1960)*Scotland Presbyterian Cemetery



CHARLES  A.  STEWART   1866  to  7-7-1946 *ARDI

*Spouses:  *1st Sallie Reed (1869-1908)   *2nd  Mary Ophelia Jones (1867-1962)

SALLIE  REED  STEWART   9-27-1869  to  5-7-1908

*D/of  James Crawford Reed (1843-1911) & Ann Catherine Meek Reed(1845-1877)


Little  JERE  STEWART  11-16-1897  to  4-12-1889 

*S/of  Charles A. Stewart(1866-1946) & Sallie Reed Stewart(1869-1908) 

*Stone broken & only birth date is still readable.(2011)



*D/of  Alexander Campbell Jones (1830-1923) & Mary Ophelia Newman Jones(1835-1917)


PATRICK  STEWART   1900  to  1957

*S/of  Charles A. Stewart(1866-1946) & Sallie Reed Stewart(1869-1908) 



LANNIE  ONEAL  WALLER   8-7-1919  to  5-22-1973

"At Rest"



ALEX  A.  WELCH   7-22-1891  to  11-3-1958 

&  LULA  IDELL WELCH   12-2-1892  to  1-28-1993

"Angels Rock Me To Sleep In The Cradle of Love"


ETHEL  GLOVER  WELCH   1897  to  1935

"Await, Dear Mother.  The Ultimate Reunion"


JOHN  W.  WELCH  3-11-1858  to  1-7-1923

*H/of  Catherine Bird  ( Come.Ye.Blessed) *Photo embedded 

"Jesus Lover Of My Soul, Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly"

CATHERINE  BIRD  WELCH  7-22-1853  to  4-23-1929

*Wf/of  John W. Welch  *Md:5/13/1883


JOHN  W.  WELCH, JR.   12-25-1887  to  3-8-1970

&  LORZY  C. WELCH   12-6-1888  to 12-3-1979   


JOHN  WILLIAM  WELCH  6-11-1932  to  4-17-1999

*CPL  US  Army-Korea  "In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father"

"Fishing With The Lord"   *Photo embedded.


Little Brother  Infant Son of Alex  & Lula Welch  5-3-1931


WESLEY  C.  WELCH   3-2-1892  to 10-27-1962

"Dad We Await That Reunion In The Sky"