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Cemetery located East of El Dorado, off of Hwy. 82 East

(aka Strong City Hwy.)  Travel on Hwy. 82 East for  

approximately 7.3 miles, from the intersection of Hwy. 167 South

and Hwy. 82 East. Cemetery

was located on the North side of the highway, about 300 feet in a field.

Canvass of this cemetery was done in 1995 by Ralph G. Weldon & Lillian Craig.

At the time they did their canvass, there were only five tombstones still

standing.  This cemetery was originally a large cemetery and it was

thought that possibly there were other stones buried in the dirt.

Copied from Union County Genealogical Society Cemetery,

BOOK 5, published 1995.

Posted  Sept 2015 




SARAH  C.  HAMOND  9-15-1853   to  10-22-1855

*D/of  Dr. E. A. & Anistasia Hamond 


MARTIN  LUTHER  KINARD    5-28-1819  to  2-19-1863

*Martin is listed in an old canvass of 1995 of this cemetery,

 as being buried here. It was done by the above mentioned

people mentioned above in the introduction, and the Union County Cemetery Book 5,

that it was published in. There is now a small headstone for him in Bethel Methodist

Church South Cemetery located next to the church, along the west side of Hwy. 167 south.

*His wife, Sibba A. Dailey also has a small marker at Bethel Methodist Church South

Cemetery…..I suspect it was placed there at the same time Martin's headstone was put in.


MARY  B.  KINARD   2-28-1861  to  9-26-1863

*D/of  Martin Luther Kinard(1819-1863) &  Sibba A. Dailey Kinard(1821-1877)

*Newer headstones have been erected for her parents in Bethel Methodist South

Church Cemetery. 


BESSIE  ALVETA  TILLMAN  10-24-1895  to  12-19-1895

*D/of  R. E.  &  M. M.  Tillman


MARY  WILLIAMS   11-2-1843  to  1-5-1873

*Wife of  Martin Williams