Take Hwy. 82 East from El Dorado to Highbank Road.

Go South on Highbank Road to Pleasant Grove Church.

South of Pleasant Grove Church one mile, take gravel road (logging road)

go 1.2. miles to Cemetery on left about 150' in the woods.

Canvassed June 1990 by Ralph O. & Violet Weldon and Mrs. P.A. Moore.

Posted canvass September 2015 Janice Holzer jcsh432@gmail.com



ANN ELIZABETH CATO BUSSEY 1812 to 5-28-1860 *Age 48.

Consort H. Bussey. Marble base, with no inscription, information from Old Cemetery record.

*Speculation: Hezekiah Bussey III (1814 AL-1866 AR) md: 1838 in ALA Ann Elizabeth Cato


HEZEKIAH BUSSEY, JR. 4-8-1780 Wilkes Co, GA to 4-7-1848AR

*S/of Hezekiah Bussey, Sr.(1750 MD- 1796 GA) and Amy Harriet "Harry" Sullivan Bussey.(1751 MD-1803 GA)

*H/of Rebecca Shaw Bussey(1787 SC-1865 AR)

*Issue of Hezekiah Bussey, Jr. & Rebecca Shaw Bussey : Rhoda Bussey Hearin; Harmon Shaw Bussey;

Charles Bussey; Hezekiah Bussey; Amy Bussey Cole; Harriett Bussey Cabaniss; Lucinda Bussey Tatum;

Nathan Alexander Bussey.



ELIJAH CABANISS 8-28-1794 GA to 12-2-1870 Union Co., AR


HEZEKIAH B. CABANISS 5-7-1847 to 12-23-1847 Union Co., AR

*S/of Elijah Cabaniss(1794-1870) & (H.A.)Harriet Ann Bussey Cabaniss(1822 AL-1870 AR)


JOICY CABANISS died 3-5-1845 Age 48 yrs

*Wf/of E. Cabaniss.

Joined Baptist Church & was Baptised 2nd Sunday June 1828.



AMY HARRY BUSSEY COLE 3-15-1818 to 5-11-1850

*D/of Hezekiah Bussey, Jr.(1780 GA -1848 AR) & Rebecca Shaw Bussey(1787 SC-1863 AR)

*Wife of WILLIAM COLE (9/23/1813SC to 1/17/1867 TX )

*S/of William Cole (1776-1855) & Martha "Patsey" Mitchell Cole (1775-1860)

*Wive of William Cole: *1st Amy Harry Bussey (1818-1850) *2nd Martha Elizabeth Hogue



JOHN ELISHA HEARING 11-11-1836 AL to 2-15-1898 AR

*S/of John Elisha Hearin(1812-1890) & Rhoda C. Bussey Hearin(1807-1851)

*Wife, VIRGINIA BUSSEY HEARING 11-3-1939 GA to 1-5-1916 AR

*Virginia Bussey Hearing buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Union County, AR

RHODA C. BUSSEY HEARIN 5-8-1807 GA to 12-11-1851AR

*Wf/of JOHN ELISHA HEARIN 3/12/1812 SC to 4/4/1890 AR

*John Elisha'sWives: *1st Rhoda C. Bussy(1807-1851) *2nd Eliza A. Tatum (1807-1851)

*John Elisha Hearin is buried in Hillsboro Cemetery, Union Co., AR along with his

2nd wife, Eliza A. Tatum Hearin.



(N.B.) NAT B. JONES 4-26-1849 to 11-17-1886

*S/of David T. Jones(b:ca 1815 NC) & Nancy S. Jones(b:ca 1825 AL)

*H/of Mary F. Jones (b: ca 1852 AL)



MAUD MOORE 9-7-1883 to 10-23-1891

*D/of James D. & Georgia Moore


TOMI NOLAND 1-20-1858 to 10-1-1858

*Age 9 mos-10 dys *S/of Dr. T. F. & Julia Nolan


SEABORN ROBIN (one date) Jan 8, 189_?


Two square marble blocks, 6" by 2' high with no names or dates.


Flat marble slab on ground (no inscription or dates or name)


Several sunken graves. No markers.

*This cemetery was last surveyed/canvassed in the 1990's; Present

Condition of cemetery unknown in 2013.