Est. ca 1881

Located in Union County, Arkansas, southeast of

El Dorado on the south side of Wingfield Lake Road.

This listing is a combination of a canvass done in June 1999

by Ralph O. Weldon & Will Walls

and my own personal research, February 2005

Updated: May 2006 ~ Oct 2011 Last updated October 2015.

Janice Holzer 



*  "&" - Use of this symbol indicates a double headstone.

*  WOW -  indicates  a Woodman of the World monument.

*  SSDI  -  Social Security Death Index

*  MM  -  Mortuary  Marker

*  ob  -  information from Obituary

*  ARDI – death month & day from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950



BARNEY  CLYDE  ALFORD   11-10-1906  to 7-29-1913

*S/of  Taylor H. Alford(1869-1917) & Vida Martha Jane Bond Alford(1875-1957)

"In Heaven There Is One Angel More"

CAESAR  CLEO  ALFORD  6-19-1904  to 10-5-1911

*S/of  Taylor H. Alford(1869-1917) & Vida Martha Jane Bond Alford(1875-1957)

"In Heaven There Is One Angel More"

PAUL  VICTOR  ALFORD   3-13-1909  to  7-8-1909

*S/of  Taylor H. Alford(1869-1917) & Vida Martha Jane Bond Alford(1875-1957)

"Asleep In Jesus"


TAYLOR  H.  ALFORD, JR.   10-20-1916  to  4-15-1961

*S/of  Taylor H. Alford(1869-1917) & Vida Martha Jane Bond Alford(1875-1957)


TAYLOR  H.  ALFORD, SR.  10-9-1869  to  7-5-1917

*S/of Almon  B. Alford(1810-1891) & Harriet C. McKinley Alford (1840-1916)

*Wife, VIDA MARTHA JANE  BOND  ALFORD (1/23/1875  to  6/27/1957)

*Vida D/of John Isaac Bond(1853-1888) & Nancie Ann Randle Bond(1854-1923)

*Both Vida & Taylor are buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Union Parish, LA



HENRY  ANDREWS   9-9-1902   to  5-10-1979

*S/of  Sarah Fautheree Andrews Thomas(1870-1959) & Unknown Andrews.


WILLIAM  T.  ANDREWS  (One date)  died 1943



CHARLEY  LEE  ANGLIN   1-24-1901  to  8-6-1924

*S/of  William Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934) &  Nancy Syrenia Green Anglin (1861-1938)  

*Age 23 yrs-7 mos-12 dys "Gone But Not Forgotten"


DAVID  L.  ANGLIN (54) 9-17-1955  to  5-12-2010  *ob

*S/of  William "Mike" Anglin & Mary Sue Risinger Anglin

*Wife, Diana Kay Miller Green(1957-2008) buried Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery,

Jersey, Bradley County, Arkansas.  *D/of Billy Joe Miller, Sr. & Lillis Ann Sellers Young.

*Wife, Theresa Young Anglin   "An Inspiration To All Who Knew Him"


“DAVE”  DAVID WASHINGTON  ANGLIN  8-18-1887  to  11-2-1959

*S/of  William Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934) & Nancy Syrenia Green(1861-1938)

*Spouses: *1st Mary ‘Bammah’ Jacobs   *2nd Jewel Kinard

"We Will Meet Again"  *Dave  aka  "DAVID"

MARY  BAMMAH  JACOBS  ANGLIN  7-3-1895  to 8-7-1927

*D/of  Francis M. Jacobs(1867-1936) &  Mary E. Templeton Jacobs(1869-1937)

"Bammah"    *1st Wf/of   David / Dave W. Anglin   "Only Sleeping"

JEWEL  KINARD  ANGLIN  5-19-1907  to  11-26-1974

*D/of  Joseph Henry Kinard(1871-1961) & Beulah Exer Telford(1885-1959)

*”Jewel”  2nd Wf/of   David “Dave” Washington Anglin   "Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"


Infant  ANGLIN  (no dates)  parents William J.  & Nancy S. Green Anglin


JAMES  PAUL  ANGLIN   9-22-1938  to  12-15-1939

*S/ of   A. Lavelle  Anglin(1917-1966)  &  Catherine Mullens Anglin (1919-2008)


JAY  PASCAL  ANGLIN  1-21-1930  to 7-7-1992

*S/of  David Washington Anglin(1887-1959) & Jewel Kinard Anglin(1907-1974)

*SSGT  US  Air Force -  Korea


MARJORIE  ANN  ANGLIN   b & d  3-25-1938 

 *Infant  D/of  Travis  &  Marguerite Anglin


NELLIE  ANGLIN   7-11-1894  to  4-27-1896

*Stone almost illegible


ROBERT  FRANKLIN  ANGLIN   1883  to  11-21-1942  *ARDI

*S/of  William Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934) & Nancy Syrenia Green(1861-1938)

"One Worthy of Remembrance"


"We Will Meet Again"


THELMA  ANGLIN   9-13-1912  to  9-30-1917

*S/of  David Washington Anglin(1887-1959) & Mary Bammah Jacobs(1895-1927)


WILLIE  ANGLIN    2-22-1886/88   to  8-20-1889 

*D/of  William Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934)  &  Nancy Syrenia Green  Anglin (1861-1938)

*Stone pretty much illegible


WILLIAM  JEFFERSON  ANGLIN  10-20-1862   to  9-2-1934

*S/of Jefferson Anglin  & Sarah Ann Hutchins Anglin -Leake Co.,MS

"He Was Faithful To Every Duty"

&  NANCY SYRENIA GREEN ANGLIN  11-10-1861 to 7-6-1938 


WILLIAM  JOE  ANGLIN "MIKE"   9-24-1932  to  1-2-2003

*S/of  David Washington Anglin(1887-1959) & Jewel Kinard Anglin(1907-1974)

"In Passing Memory"



CECIL  CALVIN  ATKINSON   10-3-1898 MS  to  4-10-1983 AR

*Buried next to Clarence C. Ritchey   "Beloved Father  Rest In Peace"



LESTER  C.  AUSTIN   b & d  8-21-1968   

*S/of  John  &  Connie  Austin



ADA  MAE  AVERY   1905 MO  to  10-21-1947 AR



DIXIE  TAYLOR  BASSETT  4-16-1903  to  11-14-1954

"At  Rest"


ROBERT  GORDON  BENNETT  6-16-1924  to  12-27-2009 LA

*Md:7/29/1966      "BOB"   *WW II-Army Air Corps 1st Lt Bombardier  

"Meet Me In Heaven"   *OB


*Parents of  Robert, Mark, Brooke, Herbert, Benny, Michael 



GERTRUDE  HELEN  PRATT  BERRY  11-27-1855  to  2-14-1920

*D/of  Jeremiah  J. Pratt (b: ca 1829 GA) & Mary Ellen Dobbs Pratt(1832-1860)

*Wife of, John Payton Berry (1857-1896) buried Hughes Cemetery

*Mother of: John Elmer Berry(1884-1973); Martha "Mattie" Berry Fautheree(1886-1920);

*Katherine Viola Berry Fatheree(1890-1975)     "Only Sleeping"



ETHEL  BRAZZEL  BOYCE   3-6-1894  to  7-9-1971

*D/of  John B. Brazzel(1866-1945) & Nancy Jane Harrell Brazzel(1872-1929)

"Rest Is Thine.  Sweet Remembrance Ours"



GEORGE  CLIFFORD  BRAZZEAL  4-17-1908  to  10-28-1986

*H/of  Alice Bessie Taylor

ALICE  BESSIE  TAYLOR  BRAZZEAL  2-22-1906  to  12-20-2004

*D/of  William Jacob & Sara Annie Green Taylor   *Md: G. C. Brazzeal in 1925, Caledonia, Ark.

"Beloved Mother and Faithful Friend"       *OB



HAZEL” EVELYN  BRAZZEL   1926  to  4-4-1929 *ARDI


LONNIE  B.  BRAZZEL   8-16-1906   to  10-18-1974

*D/of  Nancy Jane Harrell Brazzel (1872-1929) &  John B. Brazzel(1866-1945)

"In Loving Memory"

&  NETTIE  HENDERSON  BRAZZEL   9-22-1906  to  6-17-1993

*D/of  Lewis A. Henderson(1885-1967) & Mary Black Henderson(1883-1961)



ETHEL  BREAZEAL    1912   to  1920

*D/of  Hosea Ezekiel Breazeal(1867-1964) & Minnie Lou Pepper Breazeal(1876-1972)

"Gone To Be An Angel"


HERMAN  "PETE"  BREAZEAL  1909  to  6-6-1948  *ARDI

*S/of  Minnie Lou Pepper (1876-1972) &  Hosea Ezekiel Breazeal(1867-1964)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


HOSEA  EZEKIEL  BREAZEAL   8-23-1867  to  5-30-1964

*S/of  Reuben Searcy Breazeal(1843-1917) & Mary Ann Blanks Breazeal(1843-1915)

"A True Friend To All"

MINNIE  LOU  PEPPER  BREAZEAL 7-24-1876  to  5-24-1972

*Wf/of  Hosea Ezekiel Breazeal    "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



HERBERT  H.  BUSSEY, SR. (76) 12-13-1929  to  6-28-2006

*S/of  Mary Lucille Templeton (1908-1980)  &  Charles Pickens Bussey, Sr.(1903-1981) 

*H/of Glenda Bussey. *OB      "In Loving Memory"




NATHAN  BUSSEY  CABANISS    4-24-1851   to  11-22-1925

*S/of  Elijah Cabaniss(1794-1870) – buried in the old Bussey-Hearin Family Cemetery,

Union Co.,AR    "Matter  time we will meet him"

ELIZA  A.  CABANISS   12-18-1856  to  5-9-1935

*Wf/of  Nathan Bussey Cabaniss    *Her life an ideal, her memory an inspiration"



CAROLYN  BESS CATER   12-8-1942  to  12-9-1942 

*Infant  D/of  Lenox R. Cater(1917-1981)  &  Bessie D. Ward Cater(1919-1993)


CICERO  DOUGLAS (C.D.) CATER   5-28-1898  to  6-2-1976

*S/of  D.C.  Cater  &  Sarah 'Sallie'  Brazzel Cater(1868-1937)

&   SALLIE  ALMEADY  FOSTER  CATER  9-21-1897  to  10-21-1984

*D/of  William Martin Foster(1854-1940)  &  Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


HOSEA  CATER   b:1828  (One date)


LENOX  R.  CATER   3-27-1917  to  1-29-1981

*S/of  Cicero Douglas Cater(1898-1976)  &  Sallie Almeady Foster Cater(1897-1984)

&  BESSIE  D. WARD  CATER   12-2-1919  to  11-23-1993

*D/of  Margaret Eugenia Lowery (1887-1938) & General Marion Baxter Ward(1877-1951)

*Wf/of  Lenox R. Cater


LEO  C.  CATER   6-20-1930  to  6-19-1972

*S/of  Cicero Douglas Cater(1898-1976)  &  Sallie Almeady Foster Cater(1897-1984)

*Arkansas   Sgt. U.S. Army Korea

*2nd H/of , GLORIA DEAN CHEATHAM ROSENTHAL (81)  2/18/1933  to  8/3/2014

*D/of  Maggie Lou McWilliams (1898-1980)  &  Claud Samuel Cheatham(1896-1955)

*Md:  *1st Clyde Lee Gandy(1930-1962)   *2nd  Leo C. Cater (1930-1972)  

*3rd Charles F. Rosenthal      *Burial unknown



JESSE  CLAYTON  CHISHOLM    10-6-1853  to  3-6-1926

*S/of  John S. Chisholm(1822-1905) &  Mary Haywood Chisholm(1824-1862)


3-7-1933 LA


JOHN  THOMAS  CHISHOLM   1-21-1888  to  8-23-1912

*S/of  Annie Lillian Watts (1865-1933)  &  Jesse Clayton Chisholm(1853-1926) 

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


LESTER  CHRISTOPHER CHISHOLM  12-25-1893  to  4-28-1972

*S/of  Annie Lillian Watts (1865-1933)  &  Jesse Clayton Chisholm(1853-1926) 


&  LATTSIE  TELFORD  CHISHOLM   6-27-1896 LA  to 12-30-1976 AR

*D/of  Mary Frances Telford(1856-1944) & Benjamin Franklin Telford (1854-1920)


MARY  LESSIE  CHISHOLM   11-3-1923  to  5-21-1968

*D/of  Lattsie  Telford(1896-1976)  &  Lester Christopher Chisholm(1893-1972)  



AMAZIAH  RICE  COBB (A.R.)  10-8-1822 AL  to  2-12-1901AR

MARY  JANE  TATUM  COBB    1-3-1827 AL  to  8-13-1912  AR

"Though lost to sight, to  memory/memories ?____ death"


AZARIAH  HOUSTON COBB   4-5-1859  to  8-13-1926

*S/of  Amaziah Rice Cobb(1822-1901)  &  Mary Jane Tatum Cobb(1827-1912)  

*Spouses: *1st  Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Johnston  (1856-1941)

*2nd  Eula Meek Cobb (1874-1969)  *Md:1901 

&  EULA  MEEK COBB   1-29-1874  to 12-4-1969

*D/of  Josephine P. Morgan (1853-1888) &  William Spurgeon Meek(1849-1882) 


BRYAN  COBB   10-12-1900   to  3-4-1902 

*S/of  Isaac Azariah Cobb(1866-1928)  &  Susie A. Kinard Cobb(1877-1857)


GORDON  COBB   12-23-1903  to  2-3-1918

*S/of  Isaac Azariah Cobb(1866-1928)  &  Susie A. Kinard Cobb(1877-1857)

*Headstone illegible in 2011.


ISAAC  AZARIAH COBB   4-14-1866  to  9-12-1928  

*S/of  Josiah W. Cobb(1836-1887) &  Sarah Francis Cole Cobb(1837-1914)

*Md: Susie A. Kinard  11/4/1899 Union Co.,AR       "At Rest"

SUSIE  A. KINARD  COBB   11-24-1877  to  7-20-1957 "At Rest"

*D/of  William Gordon Kinard(1848-1889) & Mary Elizabeth Wamble Kinard (1851-1900)


JOHN  ANDREW  COBB   12-4-1874  to  3-9-1938

*S/of  Josiah W. Cobb(1836-1887) & Sarah Frances Cole (1837-1914)

&  ELIZA  L. "LILLY" CULLINS  COBB  12-22-1878  to  3-14-1968

*D/of  Annie Josephine Woolley (1848-1933) & General Taylor Cullins(1848-1938) 

"The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want"


JOHN  VERNON  COBB   8-20-1907  to 12-21-1908 

*S/of  John Andrew Cobb (1874-1938) &  Eliza L. Cullins Cobb(1878-1968)   

*(2011 stone hard to read)


JULIUS  SHEPPARD  COBB  8-1-1908  to  8-20-1909

*S/of  Josephine P. Morgan(1853-1888) &  William Spurgeon Meek(1849-1882)


JOSIAH  W.  COBB   5-25-1836 AL  to 10-22-1887 AR

*S/of Azriah Cobb(1790-1864)  &  Roseannah Breazeale Cobb (1793-1863) 

 *Mason    (Broken stone)

SARAH  FRANCES COLE  COBB  4-24-1837  to  3-18-1914

*D/of  Isaac Cole(1807-1875) & Sarah Duncan Cole(1810-1878)

*Isaac & Sarah Duncan Cole  Md:12/24/1827 This couple buried Union Parish, LA

 *Wf/of  Josiah W. Cobb (broken stone)

"She has crossed the ?troubled. Ever A devoted wife & loving mother"


MARY  E.  COLE  COBB  5-19-1834  to  6-24-1892 

*Wf/of  Hosea  Cobb    *Headstone difficult to read.


MATTIE  CORNELLE COBB  10-15-1901  to  3-26-1915

*S/of  John Andrew Cobb (1874-1938) &  Eliza L. Cullins Cobb(1878-1968)   


SALLIE  R.  COBB   2-4-1864  to 10-18-1865  

*D/of  Josiah W. Cobb(1836-1887) &  Sarah  Frances Cole Cobb(1837-1914)




6-23-2015 (79)    *OB

*D/of  David Palmer Cranston(1904-1991)  & Margaret Babcock Cranston(1912-1995)   

*Spouses: *1st William George “Pete” Swilley(1934-1988)  *2nd Robert “Bob” Craise, Sr.



RAYMOND  E.  CREER   4-23-1941  9-25-2013 *OB

*S/of  Prezell & Mattie  McGhee Dismuke Creer.  *U.S. Marine Corps(1966-1992)

*Wife,  Gladys  McGehee  Creer  of St. Louis, MO.



General  TAYLOR  CULLINS  5-1-1848  to  2-15-1938 

*Inscription:  Co. I  18th  ALA  Vol  Inf  Regt. -  Gen  R.E. Lee Corps

"None That Thirst In Him Shall Be Desolate"

ANNIE  JOSEPHINE  WOOLLEY  CULLINS 5-23-1848  to  5-1-1933

*D/of  Reason Woolley(1811-1898)  & Eliza Ann Rhodes(1827-1894)

"God's Greatest Gift Returned To God – Our Mother"



EMMETT "BOB" DALTON, JR.   5-14-1925  to  6-18-1990

*S/of  Pearl Va. Spriggs(1906-1943 AR) &  Emmett "Bob" Dalton, Sr (1885-1930 OK)  

&  CHRISTINE  DULANEY  DALTON  9-10-1931  (One date)



HENRY  G.  DESMOND    1922  to  1944

*SSgt  389  Bomb Gp, 565 Bomb Squad, Lost over England



CHARLIE  LEE (C.L.) DULANEY(61) 4-24-1944  to  3-8-2006   

*S/of  George Edmond Dulaney, Sr. & Addie Mae Bell Fautheree  Dulaney   *ob 

(Charles) *A Native American Indian Veteran/Vice-Chief of the Red Wolf Band 

of the United Lumbee Nation of Northern Cal. and America.  *Md:6/15/1980  

"The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation; Whom Shall I Fear?"

&  SARAH  ELIZABETH  EVANS  DULANEY  7-13-1943 (One date)


GEORGE  EDMOND  DULANEY  9-12-1907 to 1-5-1970

*Charlie Elibe Dulaney (1879-1963) & Linnie Wilson Dulaney(1884-1979)

*Md:9/26/1926      "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"

&  (ADDIE)  MAE  BELL FAUTHEREE  DULANEY 10-29-1907  to  


*D/of  Elbert Lee Fautheree(1881-1968) &  Katherine Viola Berry Fautheree (1890-1975) 



EVA  JOY  ENGELBERT    8-25-1945  to  8-26-1945

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"



CORNEAL  ENIS   2-15-1915  to  9-4-1918 

*S/of  George Washington Enis(1875-1947) & Mary Tinnie Summers(1889-1948)


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  ENIS  8-14-1875  to  8-15-1947

*S/of  Emily Palestine Davis Enis(1842-1920)

&  MARY TINNIE  SUMMERS  ENIS  8-31-1889  to  4-26-1948

"Thy Word Is A Light Unto My Path"




5-24-1932  (Mason)

&   MARTHA  "MATTIE" BERRY  FAUTHEREE  4-6-1888  to 

2-14-1920  *D/of  Gertrude Helen Pratt (1855-1920) &  John Payton Berry(1857-1896) 

"Rest Is Thine  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


ALLEN  RAY  FAUTHEREE   1-16-1934  to  1-2-1957 Germany

 *S/of  Aubrey Delley Fautheree(1903-1999) & Mary Ella Woodall Fautheree(1907-1989)

*Arkansas   PFC  511  ABN  Inf  Regt.


ANDREW CLARENCE  FAUTHEREE, SR.  9-12-1897  to  5-14-1974

*S/of  William M. Fautheree(1874-1968) &  Katie Bettie McGoogan Fautheree (1878-1956)  *PVT  U.S.  Army  WW  II


ANDREW  CLARENCE  FAUTHEREE  1-27-1920 LA to  2-25-1946 AZ

*S/of  Andrew Clarence Fautheree, Sr. (1897-1974)

*Wife, FERNE  F.  HOOK FAUTHEREE   ANDRUS  (1916 SD  to  2012 OR)

*Spouses: *1st  Andrew C. Fautheree   *2nd Md: 1947 Floyd Andrus

*(Flight Officer)  Luke Field, Ariz.  SQDN  K-I   U.S. Army Corps Wings

"He was a Leader & Instructor of men, his sacrifice was for the cause of Liberty.

 He was A pilot in his own right and has been called home by the Great Pilot of all men."


ANDREW  J.  FAUTHEREE  1-29-1877  to  11-4-1901

*S/of  Steven Samuel Fautheree(1847-1918) & Nancy Hart Fautheree(1849-1916)

*S/of  S. &  N. Fautheree     24 yrs-9 mos-5 dys


AUBREY  FAUTHEREE, JR.  5-19-1932  to  6-28-1953

*Md: 6/28/1953   (Aubrey only has birth date on tombstone)


4-22-2000 LA   


AUBREY  DELLEY  FAUTHEREE, SR. 10-6-1903  to  1-3-1999

*S/of  Katie Betty McGoogan(1878-1956)  &  William M. Fautheree(1874-1968) 

*Md:10/2/1926       "Precious Lord Take My Hand"

&  MARY ELLA WOODALL  FAUTHEREE 11-3-1907  to 10-19-1989

*D/of  William Sidney Woodall(1873-1936) & Alice Dykes Woodall(1874-1924)


BONNIE  L.  FAUTHEREE    5-10-1909  to  4-10-1986  (Mason)

*D/of  Alexander Lafayette Fautheree(1858-1932) & Martha Berry Fautheree(1888-1920)

&  RUBY  L.  BRAZZEL  FAUTHEREE(101) 4-23-1913  to  3-1-2015

*D/of  Benjamin Joseph Brazzel(1876-1941)  &  Cora Bell Davis Brazzel(1878-1953)   *OB


ELBERT  LEE  FAUTHEREE   9-8-1881  to  10-14-1968

*S/of  Steven Samuel Fautheree(1847-1918) & Nancy Hart Fautheree(1849-1916)

*Md:1/14/1906    "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


7-28-1975  *D/of  Gertrude Helen Pratt (1855-1920) & John Payton Berry(1857-1896) 


HOUSTON  LEROY  FAUTHEREE  2-13-1929  to 12-23-1951

*S/of  Ruby Anglin  Fautheree(1907-1950) &  Ruben Lee Fautheree(1901-1977)  

"We Will Meet Again"


*These three on the same headstone.

IRA NEWTON  FAUTHEREE    4-28-1941 (One date)

*Md:2/10/1965  (Mason)

&  BETTY  JANE  FAUTHEREE  11-5-1946  (One date) 

&  JOHN  WARREN  SHELLY  11-5-1919  to 1-31-1993    

*MSGT  U.S.  Air Force  WW II  &  Korea


IRA  NEWTON  FAUTHEREE, JR. 1-17-1969  to  1-27-2005

"Brother"   (Skipper)   (Brother & Sister on double headstone)

&  YOLANDA  LYNN  FAUTHEREE  HATTEN 3-11-1966 (One date)



JAMES  OLEN  FAUTHEREE  6-18-1913  to  5-30-1914

*S/of Katherine Viola Berry(1890-1975) & Elbert Lee Fautheree(1881-1968)


R. A.  FAUTHERREE   7-17-1927  to  8-25-1927

"Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.  God called Him Thee Home-

I thought it best.".


RUBY  ANGLIN  FAUTHEREE   4-17-1907  to  8-20-1950

*D/of  Samuel Jefferson Anglin(1885-1940) & Lucy Britt Anglin(1885-1968)

*Wf/of  Ruben "Ruby" Lee Fautheree       "She's Safe At Home"

RUBEN  "RUBY"  LEE  FAUTHEREE    9-23-1901  to  2-11-1977

*S/of  Katie Betty McGoogan (1878-1956) & William M. Fautheree(1874-1968)

"In Loving Memory"


STEVEN  SAMUEL FAUTHEREE   11-15-1847  to  12-17-1918

*S/of  Caroline Branch (b:ca 1824 MS) & Wm. Jefferson Fautheree(1824 MS – 1891 LA)

*William J. Fautheree C.S.A. Soldier---died in Winn Parish, LA

*May be unknown broken in several pieces tombstone. Style is similiar to Nancy's.

&  NANCY  HART  FAUTHEREE   1849  GA  to  9-22-1916 

*D/of  Mary Ann Maxey (1813 GA-1894 AL)   &  Henry Hart (1808 GA-1870 AL) 

"She was too good, too gentle and too fair to dwell in this world of care."  *Age 67 yrs


WILLIAM "WILL"  M.  FAUTHEREE   10-28-1874  to  5-20-1968

*S/of  Steven Samuel Fautheree(1847-1918) & Nancy Hart Fautheree(1849-1916)

&   KATIE  BETTY  McGOOGAN  FAUTHEREE   5-10-1878  to 

6-10-1956    "A Man Greatly Beloved"   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

 *D/of Sarah Spooner(1842-1918) & Duncan Patrick McGoogan(1829-1905)



MORRIS  DUPREE  FENNELL    1823  to  2-9-1901

*S/of  Edmond Dupree Fennell(1780-1838) & Juliette Singleton Fennell(b:ca 1780 SC)



BERNICE  L.  FLETCHER  6-20-1904  to  9-22-1905 

*D/of  Frank &  Lillie  Fletcher



ELLEN  FORD    2-26-1866  to  11-30-1909

"My Fathers House Has Many Mansions" 

(Obelisk stone broken from base- lying on side-hard to read)




9-7-1885 AR   *Spouses: *Md:1855 Union Co.,AR  *1st Mansel W. Cabaniss(b ca 1827)

*Md:1866 Union Co.,AR  *2nd  Alfred Foyil 



LLOYD  ROBERT  FRANQUES, SR.   6-22-1926  to  3-16-1999

*S/of  Lela Fautheree Franques (1906-1954) & Simon Walter Franques(1897-1965)

*Md:12/16/1949    *Our Children: Sherry, Wm., Lloyd II, and Renee

&  PATTY  JEAN  SWILLEY  FRANQUES   8-17-1930  to  6-25-2005

*D/of  William George Swilley(1896-1970)  & Chesta McKinnon Swilley (1895-1971) *ob

"To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"


SIMON  WALTER  FRANQUES, JR. "SAMBO"  4-21-1932  to 10-17-1977

*S/of  Lela Fautheree Franques(1906-1954) & Simon Walter Franques (1897-1965)

*U.S. Army - Korea   *He has military marker & beside it is a homemade wooden

cross with the word "Sambo" on it.


SHERRY  L.  FRANQUES   6-2-1951  (One date)


SIMON  WALTER  FRANQUES  3-17-1897 TX  to 10-20-1965 AR

*S/of  Lector Franques(b: ca 1850 LA)  & Marcella Franques(b:ca 1867)

&  LELA  FAUTHEREE  FRANQUES  1-15-1906  to  6-14-1954

*D/of  Katie Betty McGoogan(1878-1956) & William M. Fautheree(1874-1968)

"She Was The Sunshine of Our Home"   "His Memory Is Blessed"


WILLIAM  EDWARD  FRANQUES   2-17-1925  to  6-5-1943

*S/of  Lela Fautheree Franques (1906-1954) & Simon Walter Franques(1897-1965)

"Just In The Morning Of His Day In Youth And Love He Died"


WILLIAM  FRANQUES, JR.  10-29-1952  to 11-1-1952 

*S/of  Lloyd  Robert Franques (1926-1999)  & Patty Jean Swilley Franques (1930-2005)

 "Children Are The Keys Of Paradise"



JAMES  E.  FURMAN  3-8-1941 (One date)  "Son"

&  SADIE  K.  POWELL   6-25-1923  (One date)  "Mother"



MATTIE  E.  MAY  GARDNER   1861 to  3-14-1885 

*Age: 24 yrs-3 mos-20 dys    *Wf/of  J.S.  Gardner

*(Oct 2011)  Tombstone pretty much illegible.

* Next to Mattie are 2 unidentified petrified wood markers 



CURTIS  HALE    12-18-1896  to  8-23-1900

*S/of  Frances Henrietta Harris(1876-1951) & Thomas Ira Hale(1868-1957) 


MARTHA  "MATTIE"  R.  COBB  HALE  11-18-1863  to  9-24-1899   

*D/of  Josiah W. Cobb(1836-1869) & Sarah Frances Cole Cobb(1837-1914)

*Md: 1/1/1891  "MATTIE"  *1ST Wf/of  Stephen  Allen  Hale (1861-1949)


STEPHEN  ALLEN  HALE  11-19-1861 MO  to  4-7-1949

*Spouses: *Md1/1/1891 *1st  Wife  Martha R. Cobb  (1869-1899)

* 2nd Wife  Annie Belle Cullins  (1876-1944)

&  ANNIE  BELLE  CULLINS  HALE  6-20-1876  to 12-22-1944

*D/of  General Taylor Cullins(1848-1938) & Annie Josephine Woolley(1848-1933)

*2nd  wife to Stephen Allen Hale     "Resting In Hope Of A Glorious Resurrection"



BILLY  RAY  HALFACRE (78) 8-5-1935  to  9-5-2013 OK

*S/of  W.H. Halfacre  & Mary Elizabeth Riggs Halfacre  *OB

*Wife, Alice Nell Halfacre of Bull Shoals, AR.


WILLIE  ARCKEL  HALFACRE "Bud"  8-12-1959  to  8-13-1959 

*S/of  Bill Ray Halfacre(1935-2013)  & Alice Nell Halfacre 

(big headstone just has W.A. Halfacre—the full name is printed on a small

metal rectangle attached on a metal post. Lists his parents, etc.)



ALTON  CHESTER  HALL (91) 7-5-1920  to  7-8-2011 *OB

*S/of  Jesse Carroll Hall(1894-1953)  &  Reacie Spells Hall (1895 - ?) 

*Md:4/25/1942 (69 yrs)    "Pure In Heart"

&  CATHERINE  NASH  HALL (87) 4-27-1923 LA to  3-24-2011*OB

*D/of  J.C. Nash & Sally Elkins Nash  

*Children:Larry, Pat, Roger, Ronnie & Jesse.



WILLIAM  GRADEN  HANRY   8-13-1917  to  6-24-1996 

*Md:8/9/1947    *SSGT  US Army  WW  II 

Son:Richard; Grandsons: Rhett & Ryan     

&  ELVA  LOUISE  HALL  HANRY  9-16-1928  to 7-13-2000

*D/of  James Warner Hall(1892-1961) & Dena Sumners Hall(1901-1984)

"All Things Work Together For Good To Those Who Love God"



CECIL  BARTON  HARRELL  6-22-1925  to  3-24-1999

*S/of  Paul Harrell(1905-1992) & Eddie Mae Harrell(1905-1990)

*Md:3/30/1947     *PFC  US Army Air Forces  WW II

&  ELLEN  LYPELL  WILSON  HARRELL  11-23-1927 (One date)



JESSE  HARRISON  JACKSON    2-9-1914   to  7-24-1972

"Gone but not forgotten"


to  2-24-1991     "Only Sleeping"



WILLIAM  JACKSON  JACOBS   1-8-1894  to  1-3-1934

*S/of  Francis M. Jacobs (1867-1936) & Mary E. Templeton Jacobs(1869-1937)

&   MYRTLE  S. ANGLIN  JACOBS   10-21-1893  to  10-5-1969

*D/of  Nancy Syrenia Green(1861-1938) & William Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934) 

"This Is The Promise"   "The Life Everlasting"


WILLIAM  MILTON  JACOBS   2-21-1915  to  6-9-1974

*S/of  William Jackson Jacobs(1894-1934) & Myrtle S. Anglin Jacobs(1893-1969)

*Pvt. U.S. Army

ALDEAN  McDOUGALE  JACOBS   12-20-1910  to  3-18-1969

*Spouses:  *1st  Patrick Horace McDougale(1900-1947) 

*2nd  Wilton Milton Jacobs(1915-1974)

"Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"





JAMES  E.  JONES  "Jacko or Red"  10-19-1936  to  6-15-2010

*S/of  James & Flora Dismuke Jones


WILLIE  ELMER  JONES   9-4-1909   to  11-17-1912

&  Infant  JONES  b & d  3-20-1911  *Shares headstone with Willie Elmer



BONNIE  S.  KINARD  2-29-1912  to  2-21-1977

*S/of  John William Kinard(1873-1940) & Nancy Ella Kinard(1883-1955)

"Beloved Brother & Uncle  Rest In Peace"


CHARLEY  KINARD   2-5-1916  to  9-10-1916 

*D/of  Joseph Henry Kinard(1871-1961) & Beulah Exer Telford Kinard(1885-1959)

*"Now I lay me down to sleep / I pray thee Lord/  My soul to keep"


DIAMOND  KINARD    9-30-1905  to  2-13-1920

*D/of  Joseph Henry Kinard(1871-1961) & Beulah Exer Telford Kinard(1885-1959)

"Heaven gives its favorites early death"


EXER  MARIE  KINARD  12-7-1912  to  12-14-1912

*D/of  Joseph Henry Kinard(1871-1961) & Beulah Exer Telford Kinard(1885-1959)

"Now I lay me down to sleep / I pray thee Lord/  My soul to keep"


S/SGT.  HENRY  G.  KINARD   1922  to  4-4-1944

*S/of  Lee Arthur Kinard(1875-1945) & Eula Willie Croswell Kinard (1885-1968)

*(S/Sgt.) Staff Sgt. 389th Bomb Gp  565th Bomber Sqd., Lost over England.

(or  389 BOMB GP. 565 BOMB SQD.)

*Records indicate he is buried in Cambridge,England or has a headstone there.


Infant  KINARD   12-7-1912  to  12-14-1912 

*D/of  Joseph H. Kinard(1871-1961)  &  Beulah ExerTelford Kinard(1885-1959)


JIMMIE  KINARD   2-21-1902  to  10-11-1905  

*S/of  John William Kinard(1873-1940) & Nancy Ella Kinard(1883-1955)


JOE  PRINTIS  KINARD  7-3-1917  to  10-4-1992

*S/of  Joseph Henry Kinard(1871-1961) & Beulah Exir Telford Kinard(1885-1959)


&  DELLA  FAYE  RAINWATER  KINARD  4-27-1940  to 

12-14-2005 TX  (Not sure where the complete death date came from –most likely

either  SS Death Index or a family member)


*Joe & Della's  large black marble tombstone reads as follows:

JOE  P.  KINARD  1917 to  1992

*Md:6/6/1964 on back of tombstone /  *Above Joe's name is the etching of a welder;

&  DELLA  R.  KINARD  1940  to  2005 

*Above Della's name is  "Love Lives On"

In the middle are the names Caren and Joel.inside a heart


*Age 65  Young's FH  *MM  (dates as given on MM)


*Found in October 2011. DELLA  FAYE  RAINWATER , April 27, 1940

"Beloved  Wife     Mother And Grandmother"  *Flat bronze placque gives this one date

as a birth date…..only date given.  Her name is given as Della Faye Rainwater.


JOE  PRINTIS  KINARD   7-3-1917  to  10-4-1992

*Tec 5 U.S. Army WW II   *His birth and death dates from his military headstone. Only the

birth & death years are given on the large tombstone. Earlier visits found this name, Della

F. Rainwater Kinard, given on the marker & a military marker provided the full name of

Joe Printis Kinard.  The newer black marble headstone does not list Della's maiden name

of Rainwater, nor does it give Joe's middle name.


JOHN  WILLIAM  KINARD   2-22-1873  to  4-23-1940

*S/of  Wm Gordon Kinard (1848-1889) & Mary Elizabeth Wamble Kinard(1851-1900)

"Await, Dearly Beloved, The Ultimate Reunion"

NANCY  ELLA  KINARD  8-12-1883 MS  to  11-24-1955 AR

*Wife of, John William Kianrd


JOSEPH  HENRY  KINARD   8-19-1871  to  2-3-1961

*S/of  William Gordon Kinard(1848-1889) & Mary Elizabeth Wamble(1851-1900)

&  BEULAH  EXER  TELFORD  KINARD  6-3-1885 to 11-30-1959

*D/of  Benjamin Franklin Telford(1854-1920) & Mary Frances Telford(1856-1944)


LEE  ARTHUR  KINARD   8-27-1875  to  5-8-1945

*S/of  Wm Gordon Kinard (1848-1889) & Mary Elizabeth Wamble Kinard(1851-1900)

&  EULA WILLIE  CROSWELL   KINARD   4-1-1885  to  9-4-1968

*D/of  William S. Croswell(1858-1924)  &  Mary McCurley Croswell(1864-1941)

"Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine"


WILLIAM GORDON KINARD  9-24-1848  to 10-17-1889

*S/of  Daniel Kinard (md:7/22/1843 Bibb Co., AL) Wincy Ann Amelia Morgan Kinard

*Wincy Ann Amelia Morgan Kinard is burtied in the Thomas Cemetery, Wise Co., TX.

(Wincy md: *2nd husb, Jacob Kinard 11/10/1859 Union Co.,AR-he is buried in Egypt

Cemetery in Ada, OK.)     

MARY  ELIZABETH  WAMBLE  KINARD  3-3-1851  to 1-17-1900 

*Wife, of  William Gordon Kinard



JAMES  EDWARD  LANDRUM   9-17-1902 TX  to  9-15-1947 AR

"Beloved How I Miss You"



FRED  D.  LAWSON   6-23-1916  to  7-28-1969   

*Alabama  S1 USNR  WW II



JAMES  ADAMS (J.A.) LOWDERBACK  2-20-1881 to 7-14-1966

*S/of  Vivian Ophelia Adams Lowderback(1853-1932) & C. S. Lowderback




VERTIS  OPHELIA  LOWDERBACK  6-5-1907 to 10-23-1914

*D/of James Adams Lowderback  & Mary Melvina Lowderback


VIVIAN  OPHELIA  ADAMS  LOWDERBACK   4-5-1853 to  7-9-1932 

*Wf/of  C. S. Lowderback



TILMON  LEON  MAYES  12-15-1892  to 1-14-1967

*S/of  Rev. John L. Mayes &  Lucy I. Meyer Mayes

*Md:12/24/1916  "Only Sleeping"          "In Loving Memory" ▼

&  LIZZIE  TAYLOR  MAYES   11-17-1896  to  9-8-1975

*D/of  William Jacob Taylor(1862-1940) & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)



ANDREW  JACKSON  MAYFIELD    11-9-1815 SC  to  2-7-1859 AR

*Md: 9/9/1841  Rachel  Breazeale Cobb


10-17-1885   *Age 70 yrs.

*D/of   Azariah R. Cobb(1790-1864)  & Roseannah Breazeale Cobb(1793-1863)


**Triple tombstone

(C. C.)CALVIN  CASS  MAYFIELD   8-22-1848  to  1-9-1920

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Mayfield(1815-1859) & Rachel Breazeale Cobb(1815-1885)

&  JOSIE  M.  MAYFIELD  NELSON    11-3-1872   to  3-6-1900

*D/of  Calvin Cass Mayfield(1848-1920) & Sarah E. Morgan Mayfield(1851-1932)

&  SARAH  E.  MORGAN  MAYFIELD   10-10-1851  to  7-10-1932

*D/of  George M. Morgan(1823-1908)  &  Luquincy  Melton Morgan(1827-1877)

*Sarah  E. Morgan  md: C. C. Mayfield 12/22/1872


JAMES  CURTIS  MAYFIELD  10-30-1892   to  2-22-1966

*S/of  Samuel J. Mayfield(1852-1898) & Sarah Alabama Ford Mayfield(1855-1928)

&  EVELYN  LUCILLE   FORD  MAYFIELD (63) 2-11-1912 LA  to

10-27-1975 AR    *1st  husband,  James Curtis Mayfield(1892-1966)

&  *2nd  husband,  L. B.  Otwell (1908-1989) buried Clovis Cemetery, Clovis, CA

*D/of  Weeden Temple Ford(1885-1971) & Carrie Ellen Dunn Ford(1889-1976)


HUGH  ANDREW  MAYFIELD   6-27-1858  to  3-16-1927

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Mayfield(1815-1859) & Rachel Breazeale Cobb(1815-1885)

*Spouses:*1st Julia Frazer Meek Mayfield(1868-1895) *2nd Annie Lee Mayfield(1862-1952)

*Annie Lee Mayfield buried in Bethel Methodist Cemetery South

"Asleep in Jesus"   *Difficult stone to read.


SAMUEL  J.  MAYFIELD   5-1-1852  to  10-21-1898

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Mayfield(1815-1859) & Rachel Breazeale Cobb(1815-1885)

*Md: Sarah Alabama Ford in 1876.

&  SARAH  ALABAMA  FORD  MAYFIELD  9-15-1855  to  2-13-1928

"At  Rest"



AURA  C. J.  McCAIN   9-3-1861  to  9-1-1866 

*D/of  James G. McCain(1830-1903)  &  Mary J. Morgan McCain(1838-1895)



MARGIE  E.  McKNIGHT(80)  3-7-1930  to  1-6-2011 *ob

*D/of George Daniel & Helen Ruth Jackson Roberson. 

*Wife of  late, Otis McKnight.  (No headstone in Oct 2011)



STEVEN  PETER  McLEOD   10-26-1905   to  11-25-1955

*S/of  Allie Elizabeth Eubanks(1875-1930)  &  James Henry McLeod(1861-1917) 

*Spouses:  *1st   Candis Viola Smith    buried at Galilee Baptist Church Cemetery

*2nd  Ruby Pearl Kinard

&  RUBY PEARL KINARD  McLEOD  12-22-1911 to 10-28-1983 TX



JAMES  MORGAN  MEEK   7-9-1879   to   4-21-1955

*S/of Josephine P. Morgan Meek(1853-1888) & William Spurgeon Meek(1849-1882)

&  LAURA  CULLINS  MEEK   1-24-1883  to  4-13-1943

*D/of  General Taylor Cullins(1848-1938) &  Annie Josephine Woolley Cullins(1848-1933)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


JULIUS  SHEPPARD  MEEK   5-31-1881  to  1960

*S/of Josephine P. Morgan Meek(1853-1888) & William Spurgeon Meek(1849-1882)

"Faithful To His Trust Even Unto Death"



WALTER  HUGH  NELSON  11-22-1933  (One date) 


9-8-2008   *Wf/of Rev. Hugh Nelson for 55 yrs    *OB


*D/of  Barrance Lee Tassin(1908-1995)  & Euna Lee Prestridge Tassin(1908-1983) 


FLOYD  WATT  PEPPER    8-31-1911  to  9-19-1960

*S/of  Oscar Pepper(1886-1912)  &  Lucy Anglin Pepper Tufts(1891-1978) 

*Arkansas TEC4  Ordinance Department  WW II  "Precious Memories"

*Wife, Marion Louise Lee Pepper(1918-1996) *Buried at Arlington Memorial Park



WILLIAM  DAVID  PEPPER   1-17-1952  to  4-26-1969

"Precious Memories"



ELIJAH "LIGIE" PHILLIPS  3-19-1942  to  12-22-1994



SADIE   K.  CANTRELL  POWELL  6-25-1923  to  8-5-2015 "Mother"

&  JAMES  E.  FURMAN  3-8-1941  (One date)   "Son"

*S/of  Sadie K. Cantrell Powell



JAMES  ALBERT  RICKETTS   9-8-1937  to  8-8-2005 LA

*S/of  John Arthur Ricketts(1901-1983)  &  Dollie Iona Sutterfield Ricketts(1910-1990)    


&  LINDA  D.  FAUTHEREE  RICKETTS  1-24-1939  (One date)




CLARENCE  C.  RITCHEY   12-21-1957  PA to  12-23-2009

*S/of  Carlton Virgil Ritchey(1933-1999)  &  Nancy Virginia Wilson Ritchey (1934-2009)

*Age 52  *Wife, Janet Ritchey    Young's Funeral Home   *MM  

(Has a regular marker also-buried next to Cecil C. Atkinson)



JOHN  F.  ROWLAND   10-28-1951  (One date)

&  CYNTHIA D. TAUNTON  ROWLAND  7-29-1953  to  6-28-2009

*D/of  Loammie Arckel Taunton(1911-1994)  &  Eva Nell Taylor Taunton (1914-2000)  

(CINDY)  *Age 55  *MM Young's FH     "In Sure And Certian Hope Of The Resurrection"



SARAH  MABEL SINKS SANDERS    8-29-1891  to 12-12-1977

*D/of  Charlie C. Sinks(1863-1951)  &  Mary E. Sinks(1862-1968)

*Wf/of   James M. Sanders(1860-1938) *Buried Shady Grove Cemetery Cleveland Co., AR



LILLIE  MAE  SAPP (31)   1984  to  8-25-2015

*Paradise FH of Bernice , LA


JOHN  WARREN  SHELLY   11-5-1919  to 1-31-1993 

*MSGT  US Air Force   *WW II-Korea

*Shares triple headstone Ira & Betty Jane Fautheree




(B.N.)  DR.  BONNIE  N.  SPEARS, M.D.   May 1878 LA  to  1938 AR

*S/of  Simon Green Spears(1837-1895) & Martha Elizabeth Christian Spears(1841-1920)

ERRYE  MAYFIELD  SPEARS   7-18-1882  to  4-30-1966

*Wife of  Dr. Bonnie N. Spears


CURTIS  RODNEY  SPEARS    5-23-1910  to  Sept 1974  LA

*S/of  Dr.Bonnie N. Spears(1878-1938)  &  Errye Mayfield Spears(1882-1966)

*M  Sgt.  U.S. Air Force



Infant SUMNERS   5-16-1916 

*S/of Joe  Ellis Sumners  &  Florence  R. Morgan  Sumners



*Son/of  Joab Sumners (b: ca 1833 AL) & Mary E. Sumners (b: ca 1838 AL)

*Md: Laura Agnes Breazeal in 1881 Union Co., AR

*Laura Agnes Breazeal Sumners Jinks (12/29/1863 to 12/23/1912)

*D/of Hosea Bright Breazeal(1813-1891) & Sarah Elizabeth Mayfield Breazeal(1819-1888)

*Laura spouses: *1st Jas Ellis Sumners(1858-1900) *2nd John Thaddeus Jinks(1869-1965)

*Laura Agnes buried  Spearsville Cemetery, Union Parish, Louisiana


JOE  ELLIS  SUMNERS  12-30-1887  to  6-15-1969

*S/of William Richard Sumners(1862-1929) & Mary E. Brantley Sumners(1869-1953)

&  FLORENCE  R.  MORGAN  SUMNERS  3-24-1890 LA  to

12-2-1943 AR   *D/of  Frances Rebecca Anglin (1845-1922) & John W. Morgan (1836-1897)


MARY  BEULA  SUMNERS   12-2-1881   to   2-2-1891 

*D/of  James Ellis Sumners(1858-1900) & Laura Agnes Breazeal Sumners(1863-1912)


WILLIAM  RICHARD  SUMNERS    5-25-1862  to  1-13-1929

*H/of  Mary E. Brantley Sumners   

"We Knew No Sorrow.  Knew No Grief...till thy bright face was missed"

MARY  E. BRANTLEY  SUMNERS   1-15-1869  to 12-11-1953


WILLY  SUMNERS   2-28-1883  to  8-20-1888 

*S/of  James Ellis Sumners(1858-1900) & Laura Agnes Breazeal Sumners(1863-1912)



GEORGE  L.  SWILLEY  12-25-1860   to  7-25-1942


GRINCE  F.  SWILLEY  12-31-1902   to  2-26-1952


JANIE  R.  SWILLEY   5-30-1863  to 12-29-1932


RICHARD  DAVID  SWILLEY  1-23-1964 AR to  11-11-2010 MO

"Son"    ( N5HXQ  Silent Key) 

*S/of  Caroline  Cranston  Swilley Craise (1936-2015) & William George “Pete” Swilley



WILLIAM GEORGE "PETE"  SWILLEY, SR.  8-7-1896  to 1-24-1970

*S/of  George L. Swilley (1860-1942)  &  Jane Rowland Swilley (1863-1932) 

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  CHESTA  McKINNON  SWILLEY  8-9-1895  to  4-27-1971

*D/of  Buck Monroe McKinnon(1863-1899) &  Susan Idel Goza McKinnon(1872-1919)

"Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"


WILLIAM GEORGE "PETE" SWILLEY, JR. 7-28-1934 to 8-12-1988

*S/of  Chesta McKinnon (1895-1970) & William George Swilley, Sr.(1896-1970)

*Wife, Caroline  Cranston  Swilley Craise(1936-2015)

*Father of the late Richard David Swilley & Donna Ruth Swilley Sumners

"With His Music We Laugh, We Cry, And Remember"


WILLIE  MAE  SWILLEY  12-10-1918   to  3-31-1933

*D/of  Chesta McKinnon (1895-1970) & William George Swilley, Sr.(1896-1970)

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



BARRANCE  LEE  TASSIN   1-14-1908 LA  to   4-21-1995 MS

&  EUNA LEE PRESTRIDGE  TASSIN  1-29-1908  to  1-2-1983

*D/of  Jas Willard Prestridge(1864-1914) & Mary Ollie Elizabeth Carter Prestridge(1866-1953)



HARRISON  "HARRY"  L.  TATUM    3-8-1903  to  7-6-1987

*S/of  Joseph Tatum(1873-1968) & Eliza Ann "Lila" Cobb Tatum(1871-1963)

"May God Grant You Eternal Life"


JOSEPH  "JOE"  TATUM     3-7-1873  to  4-8-1968

& ELIZA ANN "LILA" COBB  TATUM   2-25-1871  to  2-28-1963

*D/of  Mary Jane Tatum Cobb(1827-1912) & Amaziah Rice Cobb (1822-1901)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


MARY  NINA  TATUM    6-16-1907  to  1-21-198

*D/of  Joseph Tatum(1873-1968) & Eliza Ann "Lila" Cobb Tatum(1871-1963)

"In Loving Memory"


T. O. "PETE"  TATUM    3-31-1914  to  5-22-1967

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


WALKER  R.  TATUM   8-28-1900  to  12-28-1937 

*S/of   Joseph "Joe" Tatum (1873-1968)  &   Eliza Ann "Lila"  Cobb Tatum (1871-1963)

"Safe in the hallowed quiets of the past"



JAMES  EDWARD (EDDIE) TAUNTON 11-21-1945  to  2-28-2008

*S/of  Loammie Arckel Taunton(1911-1994) &  Eva Nell Taylor Taunton (1914-2000)


(L.A.) LOAMMIE ARCKEL TAUNTON  3-10-1911LA  to  9-24-1994 

"We Will Meet Again" 

&  EVA  NELL TAYLOR  TAUNTON   3-29-1914  to  3-13-2000

*D/of  William Jacob Taylor (1862-1940) & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)



DORA  ARLINE  TAYLOR   5-27-1924   to  5-19-1973

*D/of  George Sidney Taylor (1892-1958)  & Ara R. Alford Taylor(1896-1985)

"She's  Safe  At  Home  With  Jesus"


GEORGE  SIDNEY  TAYLOR    7-1-1892   to  12-11-1958

*S/of William Jacob Taylor(1862-1940) & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)

&  ARA R.  ALFORD  TAYLOR   11-27-1896   to  3-11-1985

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


MARY  GLADYS  TAYLOR   12-15-1907  to   8-12-1924

*S/of  William Jacob Taylor(1862-1940)  & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)

"A little time on earth she spent, Till God for her his angel sent"


HARVEY  A. TAYLOR     1900  to  2-13-1935 *ARDI

*S/of  William Jacob Taylor(1862-1940)  & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)

"Thy face is graven on my heart.  Thy voice rings to my soul."

DIXIE  BRAZZEL TAYLOR  BASSETT  4-16-1903  to  11-14-1954 

*D/of  John B. Brazzel(1866-1945) & Nancy Jane Harrell Brazzel(1872-1929)


R.  CLARENCE  TAYLOR   6-3-1894   to  4-2-1985

*S/of  William Jacob Taylor(1862-1940)  & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)


&  F.  ARLINE  TAYLOR   4-28-1900   to  10-18-1974 

"In Loving Memory"


ROBERT  ELMER TAYLOR  "POP" 1-9-1921  to  8-11-2001 LA 

*S/of  Harvey A. Taylor (1900-1935)  &  Dixie Brazzel Taylor Bassett(1903-1954)


&  GENEVA  H.  TAYLOR   5-26-1922  to  4-2-2003"GRANNY"

"Our Beloved Parents Tender And Kind.  What Beloved Memories You Left Behind"


ROBERT  HAVIS  TAYLOR   12-21-1921  to  5-7-1998 

* 2nd S/ of  George Sidney Taylor(1892-1958)  &  Ara R. Alford Taylor(1896-1985)

*CM2  U.S. Navy  WW  II          "Dun Roamin"


WILLIAM  JACOB  TAYLOR   12-19-1862   to  7-21-1940

&  SARAH "ANNIE" GREEN  TAYLOR  8-5-1868   to  3-3-1954

"They gave their today for our tomorrow"


Dr./Rev. WILLIAM  OSCAR  TAYLOR  10-22-1890  to  7-8-1996 

*S/of  William Jacob Taylor(1862-1940)  &  Sarah "Annie"  Green  Taylor(1868-1954)  

*A Baptist Minister.  *Preached his first sermon at Caledonia Baptist.

*Baptized 9/15/1907.  Ordained in the Second Baptist Church of Arkadelphia  11/5/1913.

*Oldest preacher in the Southern Baptist Convention when he died. "He Kept The Faith" 

Instrumental in founding Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge & three summer

youth camps.  Authored  "The Old Timers Did It This Way"  privately printed in 1976.

*Excerpts from article, by Tom Dillard in the Ark Democrat-Gazette, (6/1/14)

*Exerpts from History of the Current River Baptist Association(1947)

&  MINNIE  BELLE WHITE TAYLOR   2-5-1895  to  6-9-1977

*D/of  George Henry White(1862-1913)  &  Ellen Valentine Gathright White(1870-1900)

*Wf/of  W.O. Taylor   "A Faithful Wife.  *Md: Oct 1912   A mother in Israel"



BENJAMIN FRANKLIN TELFORD   5-7-1854  to 12-28-1920

*S/of Joseph W. Telford(1812-1894) & Mary Ann Carroll Telford(1822-1877)

HEARIT  E.  LOVE  TELFORD    3-31-1854  to 1-3-1877 

*Age:22 yrs-9 mos-3 days  (calculated birthdate) 

*1st   Wife   Hearit E. Love Telford (1854-1877) 

*2nd  Wife  Mary Elizabeth Wamble Telford(1851-1900)

*Mary E. Wamble Telford buried Louisiana, Brantley Cemetery


JOE  WILSON  TELFORD  5-12-1903 to 6-17-1926 TX

*S/of  Richmond Telford & Sarah Lucinda Cobb Telford

(No dates or other info)


JOHNIE  M.  TELFORD  8-19-1912  to  6-24-1992

*S/of  Joseph Minor Telford(1888-1942) & Alice Thurmon Telford(1891-1978)

*Md:9/16/1939   (Mason)

&  CATHLEEN  FORD  TELFORD   9-26-1916  to 11-20-2003

*D/of  Walton Ford(1884-1976)  &  Addie Prothro Ford(1891-1963)


JOHN  W.  TELFORD  4-5-1947  to  10-18-1992  


&  JANET  M.  ALFORD  TELFORD   9-23-1950  (One date)

*Our Loving Daddy and Mama Precious Memories



ISAIAH  DEE  THOMAS    Mar 1859 LA  to 3-18-1932 Caledonia 

*S/of Wm. M. Thomas (3/14/1831 MS  to  1/6/1906 MS) 

*William M. Thomas buried at Kosciusko City Cemetery, Attala Co., MS

*Pvt, Co K, 15th MS Inf  (1861-1864)


5-18-1959 AR     *Wf/of  Isaiah  Dee  Thomas(1859-1932)

*D/of  Steven Samuel Fautheree(1847-1918) &  Nancy Hart Fautheree(1849-1916)

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


ONZIE  THOMAS    9-1-1913  to  2-19-1965

*S/of  Sarah Fautheree Andrews Thomas(1870-1959) & Isaiah Dee Thomas(1859-1932)

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God"



HARRY  BRYANT  THURLKILL(80)  7-14-1927  to  5-10-2008

*S/of  Marlin Benjamin Thurlkill (1901-1969)  & Addie Elno Hux Thurlkill(1908-1995)

*Md:3/8/1947     *PVT  US  Army   "Our Loss Was Heavens Gain"


to  6-22-2009 AR 

*D/of Katherine Viola Berry (1890-1975) &  Elbert Lee Fautheree (1881-1968) 



CHARLES  GIBSON  TULLIS    8-31-1888   to  8-22-1953

*S/of  Thomas Jefferson Tullis (1844-1901) &  Melvina Wallace Tullis  

"Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"   (*Tulus)

LUCY  ANGLIN  PEPPER  TULLIS   1-16-1891  to  3-13-1978

*D/of  Wm Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934)  &  Nancy Syrenia Green Anglin (1861-1938)

*1st Husband, Oscar Pepper(1886-1912)  *2nd Charles Gibson Tullis(1888-1953)

"Loving Memories"  


MARY  JO  TULLIS  10-13-1935  to  11-1-1935 

*D/of  W.R. Tullis  & Inez Golden Elliot Tullis(1895-1993)

 "Safe In The Arms of Jesus"


THOMAS  H.  TULLIS  11-2-1922   to  5-22-1974

*S/of  Charles Gibson Tullis(1888-1953)  &  Lucy Anglin Pepper Tullis(1891-1978)

"Precious Memories"


W. R. (Bob) TULLIS   11-8-1881  to  4-2-1948

*S/of  Thomas Jefferson Tullis(1844-1901)   

*Spouses: *1st wife-Renna M. Anglin (1896-1920)  &

 *2nd wife, Inez Golden Elliot  (1895-1993)

"Unto You Is Paradise Opened"

RENNA  MAY  ANGLIN  TULLIS  11-11-1896  to  9-28-1920 

*1st  Wf/of  W. R. Tullis      "Having finished life's duty, She now sweetly rests."

*D/of  Wm. Jefferson Anglin(1862-1934) &  Nancy Syrenia Green Anglin((1861-1938)

INEZ  GOLDEN  ELLIOT  TULLIS   2-2-1895  to  6-1-1993

*2nd Wf/of  W. R. Tullis 




UNIDENTIFIED  Graves with petrified wood markers 



ROBERT  LUKE  WALLACE    12-19-1891 LA  to  6-1-1965 AR


 7-21-1954 AR      "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"

*D/of  James Hampton Tucker(1861-1932)  &  Sarah Elizabeth Rivers Tucker(1861-1926)



MARK  ALLEN  WELCH (48)  2-14-1963  to  1-31-2012  *ob

*S/of  Robert Paul Welch (1938-1999)  & Carolyn Harrison Welch(1941- ?) 

Wife of 19 yrs, Rhonda.


PAUL  HESTER  WELCH (97) 12-28-1909  to  3-1-2007  *ob

*S/of  James Thomas Welch(1884-1927)  &  Eddie Mae Fennell Welch(1888-1970)


& VELMA WALLACE WELCH(89)  3-27-1919  to 3-4-2009 *ob 

*D/of  Nezzie Pearlie Tucker(1897-1954) & Robert Luke Wallace(1891-1965) 


ROBERT  PAUL WELCH   5-15-1938  to  4-22-1999  *Age 60

*S/of  Paul Hester Welch(1909-2007)  &  Velma Wallace Welch (1919-2009)

*Md:7/12/1958     *U.S. Army

&  CAROLYN  HARRISON  WELCH  3-23-1941 (one date)



DANIEL  MICHAEL "MIKE"  WEST (56)  6-3-1954  to 

9-9-2010    "Danny"  *Wife, Sherron     Md: 11/21/1975      *OB     *MM  Young's FH

*S/of  Paul Eugene West (1923-1983)  & Helen Pauline Swilley West.

*Md: 1946 Helen Pauline Swilley.  Paul Eugene buried at Arlington Memorial Park.