Est. ca 1862



Located along Cane Creek Road, south of Hwy. 82 East (aka Strong Hwy.).

This cemetery is closer to the town of  Strong .  It is a beautiful, well maintained

cemetery alongside a beautiful little building that was apparently a church ( I

believe it was a Methodist Church) & is now used for some sort of community

building or probably for 'get-together’s' of  family members who have ties with

those buried here.

The road is dirt & rather precarious after rain. 

  The road is somewhat better if you come in via Strong;going south on

Aurelle Rd > turn right onto Lovett Road ; continue on Lovett Road until

it intersects with Caney Creek Road > then turn right on to Caney Creek.Road . 

The cemetery will be on your right on Caney Creek

Road. [you are traveling north on Caney Creek Rd. toward Hwy. 82]

*1st  Survey made in January 9, 2003.

Updates done June 6, 2004 & October 2008.

*New survey April 11, 2012.   Last updated October 2015.

Janice Holzer


* Use of the  &” sign with a couple indicates a double, or in some cases,

a multiple headstone, which may have 3 or more.

*MM indicates mortuary marker

*SSDI  some info from Social Security Death Index

*ARDI  death date from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*WOW  Woodman of the World headstone

*OB  info from obituary

*FYI: The creek in this area is called "Caney Creek" ....the dirt road

that runs by the cemetery is named "Caney Creek Road"...but the

cemetery is called the "CANE CREEK CEMETERY".  Often the

cemetery is referred to as Caney Creek Cemetery.




LILLIE  GREEN  ADAMS     3-22-1907  to  5-25-1909

*Son of  Leon Lonza Adams(1876-1949) &  Minnie Agnes Green Adams (1882-1958)  

(According to his tombstone, his name was Lillie and it states he was the SON of  L.L. & M.A. Adams)

"Gone but not forgotten" 


DELLA  BURK  BAGNALL   6-18-1885  to  8-21-1931

*D/of  Gideon H. Burk(1857-1924) & Florence Hammonds Burk(1858-1905)

*Wf/of  George Bagnall     Age 30 yrs-2 mos-2 dys

"We trust our loss will be her gain and with christ she has gone to" 



ROBERT  ARNOLD  BAKER   9-17-1918  to  10-1-1951

*S/of  William Arnold Baker(1891-1948) & Annie Lillian Griffin Baker- Stallings (1897-1970) 

'Mason'   (photo on tombstone)   "Absent in body but present in spirit"


WILLIAM  ARNOLD  BAKER   10-5-1891  to  2-1-1948

*S/of  Henry Gutherie Baker(1865-1895) & Lula F. Gibson Baker Green(1869-1935)

*Spouse: Annie Lillian Griffin Baker Stallings


8-9-1897  to  3-21-1970   *Tombstone : Belle Baker Stallings



BAXTER  REESE  BASS   9-17-1894   to  5-23-1924

*S/of  John Thomas Bass(1870-1950) & Menarie Frances Foster Bass(1871-1949)

"Now asleep with Jesus, Gone but not forgotten"


C. A.  BASS  *Name is all that is readable on homemade concrete marker.

*Believe this is  CALVIN ALLEN "DOCK" BASS  2-9-1904 to 3-1981

*S/of  John Thomas Bass(1870-1950) & Menarie Frances Foster Bass(1871-1949)

*Wife,  Daisy Hite Bass (1905-1967)


CHARLEY  BASS   11-2-1927  to  1-24-1996

*S/of  Calvin Allen Bass(1904-1981) & Daisy Hite Bass(1905-1967) 

*Pfc. U.S. Army WWII   *MM


DAISY  HITE  BASS   1905 - died  4-1-1967 

*Age 62 yrs-1 mos-5 days  (not found 2012) *Wf/of  Calvin Allen Bass(1904-1981)


JANIE  BASS   died  February 5, ___   *Age 78  (not found 2012)

* Fannie Bass 1871 to Feb 5, 1949 Union Co.  *Wf/of  John Bass    *ARDI

JOHN  BASS   died (?Feb) 1948  *Age 80 yrs-5 mos-2 dys   (not found 2012)


JOHN  THOMAS  BASS  1870 NC  to  2-1-1950  AR  *Age 80


2-5-1949  *D/of  Isabella Sloan Foster(1843-1911) &  Jesse Foster(1831-1905)

*Age 78 yrs  


ORVILLE  BASS  died  1-7-1942   *Age 6 yrs, 12 dys


WALTER  JESSE  BASS  born  3-23-1898  to  6-24-1918

*S/of  John Thomas Bass(1870-1950) & Menarie Frances Foster Bass(1871-1949)

*Killed in battle 



FLORENCE  HAMMONDS  BURK  6-22-1858  to  11-21-1905

*D/of  George Washington Hammonds & Nancy Carolyn Burnside Adams Hammonds 

*Wf/of  Gideon  "GID"  H. Burk, JR.(1857-1924)  

"She was the sunshine of our home"


GIDEON  "GID" H.  BURK, JR.   4-10-1857  to  12-31-1924 

*S/of  Gideon H. Burk (1812-1858) & Adeliza Cammack Burk(1821-1872)

*Wife, Florence Hammonds Burk(1858-1905)  *2nd Town Marshall of Strong, AR

*Death date no longer visible...headstone has sunk into the ground.(2012)



Dr.  ARTHUR  W.  BURNSIDE  10-12-1880  to  3-11-1910  *WOW 

*S/of  Matthew  Burnside(1845-1904) &  Mary Loy Jaggers Burnside(1844-1907)

"To good for earth therefore the Lord taketh him"


MATHEW  BURNSIDE     3-21-1845  to  9-8-1904

*H/of  Mary Lou Jaggers Burnside

"Earth has no sorrows that Heaven cannot heal"

MARY  LOU  JAGGERS  BURNSIDE    8-2-1844  to  2-4-1907

*Wf/of  Mathew Burnside    "Gone Home"



COLEMAN   "Mother"   *Footstone North end Dennis Coleman grave

(from 1990 canvass) [neither found in 2012]

COLEMAN   *Foot marker next grave North of  OLIVIA  COLEMAN

 (from 1990 canvass ) [neither found in 2012]


COLEMAN  Twins: 

ODELL  COLEMAN   9-30-1910  to  8-27-1911

*Twin  S/of  Crawford Thomas Coleman(1879-1958) &  Lula Norris Coleman(1882-1940)  

ADELL  COLEMAN  9-30-1910  to  4-27-1967

*Twin  D/of  Crawford Thomas Coleman(1879-1958) & Lula Norris Coleman(1882-1940)


DENNIS  COLEMAN    4-3-1915  to  7-23-1915

* S/of  Crawford Thomas Coleman(1879-1958) &  Lula Norris Coleman(1882-1940)  

FANNIE  M.  COLEMAN    8-21-1883  to  9-1-1885  

*D/of  James Simmons Coleman(1848-1931)  &  Mary Jane Murry Coleman(1849-1896)

 "Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"

(2012) Stone is broken in half thru birth date which is illegible.  "In Memory of"


COLEMAN   Infant Daughter   b  &  d  1-23-1879

*D/of  James  Simmons  Coleman  &  Mary Jane Murry Coleman    

"The Lord gave The Lord Taketh Away"


JAMES  SIMMONS  COLEMAN   4-30-1848  to  1-11-1931

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"

&  MARY  JANE  MURRY  COLEMAN   8-3-1849  to  12-31-1896

*D/of  Solomon Murry (1818-1880) & Isabel Catherine Berry Murry(1819- ?)

*Wf/of   J. S. Coleman   "Earth has one mortal less, Heaven an Angel more"


SARAH  "SALLY"  ANN  COLEMAN   2-5-1874  to  1924

*D/of  James  Simmons  Coleman(1848-1931)  &  Mary Jane Murry Coleman (1849-1896)   

"At Rest"


THOMAS  CRAWFORD  COLEMAN   1-23-1879  to  7-11-1958 TX

 *S/of  James  Simmons  Coleman(1848-1931)  &  Mary Jane Murry Coleman (1849-1896)

(aka  Crawford Thomas Coleman)   

&  LULA  NORRIS  COLEMAN   1-6-1882  to  2-9-1940  *ARDI 

*D/of  John Weatherby Norris(1850-1892) & Martha Temperance Gray Norris(1858-1931)



MARY  SUE  (SUZI)  CONNELL   1-19-1929   to  5-22-1998

*D/of  Walter V. Connell(1908-1979) & Lee Irene Dugal Connell(1907-1975)


WALTER  VESPUCIUS  CONNELL,  JR.  2-10-1908  to  4-4-1974

*S/of  Walter Vespucius Connell, Sr.(1880-1953) & Lillie Lee Powell Connell(1995-1965)

&  LEE  IRENE  DUGAL  CONNELL   4-7-1907  to  9-10-1975

*D/of  George Webber Dugal(1883-1950) & Eunice Irene West Dugal(1885-1967)



JAMES  EDWARD  COOKSEY, SR. (84) 6-7-1924  to 10-7-2008 *OB

*S/of  Claude Everet Cooksey(1900-1979)  &  Ester Ann Carter Cooksey(1899-1972) 

*Wf/of 63 yrs, Norma Mazelle “Sally” Cooksey  *Md:6/30/1945 

"Ours for a little while, with Jesus  forever"


to  10-21-2008   *Wf/of James Edward Cooksey.  *OB      

*D/of  George Webber Dugal(1883-1950) &  Eunice Irene West Dugal(1885-1967)  

*Picture of couple embedded on tombstone.


TWILA  KAY  COOKSEY (42) 11-16-1961  to  4-15-2004

*D/of  James Edward Cooksey, Sr.(1924-2008)& Norma Mazelle "Sally" Dugal Cooksey

(1921-2008)  "Missed by Family and Friends"

*On back of tombstone: "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,

saith the Lord.  Thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected

end. "   Jeremiah 29:11



CLARENCE  O. (Buster) COOLEY  III (57) 11-26-1951 to 5-3-2009*ob  

*S/of Clarence Otis Cooley, Jr. & Janet Myer Cooley 

*Mother & brother, Robert deceased.  

 "Absent from the Body present with the Lord"

&  DENISE  COOKSEY  COOLEY  10-26-1956  (One date)

*Wife of Clarence for 33 yrs.   *Parents of Scott and Lauren



CRAVE  is the name on a  small concrete stone set in ground….

no other info on it. (not noted in 1990)



ALLIE  BURNSIDE  CRUM     11-1-1862  to  11-2-1938


ROSA  LEE  BURNSIDE  CRUM    7-10-1871  to  11-22-1962

*D/of  Matthew Burnside(1845-1904) & Mary Loy Jaggers Burnside(1844-1907)

"Safe in the arms of Jesus"



ADA  GENEVA  DUKE  DUGAL    7-5-1896  to  9-28-1923

*D/of  William Thomas Duke (1871-1905) &  Eliza Peterson Duke (1874-1926)

*Wf/of  A.  Leon Dugal(1887-1936)buried in Strong Cemetery.

"We will meet again"  


CHARLIE  MORGAN  DUGAL   b & d  6-20-1901

*Infant S/of  James Rufus Dugal(1855-1925 &  Sarah Elizabeth Green Dugal(1853-1924)


ERNEST  J.  DUGAL     2-27-1885  to  6-22-1941

*S/of  James Rufus Dugal(1855-1925  &  Sarah Elizabeth Green Dugal(1853-1924)

*Inset photo of Ernest & Norma 

"Dear while you rest in peaceful sleep, Your memory I shall always keep"

"^Their lives were a sweet smell, A sacrifice acceptable well pleasing to God"

&  NORMA   L.  WEST  DUGAL   11-17-1886  to  7-30-1981

*D/of  Benjamin M. Dougal(1804-1863) &  Mary Stewart West(1866-1918)


GEORGE  P. “DICK”  DUGAL   2-12-1912   to  12-12- 2002

*Md:6/20/1942  "Death Is The Crown Of Life"

&   JULIA  SLADE  DUGAL  11-16-1923  (One date)


GEORGE  WEBBER  DUGAL  3-31-1883  to  1-9-1950

*S/of  James Rufus Dugal(1855-1925 & Sarah Elizabeth Green Dugal(1853-1924)

*Inset photo of George  "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal"

&  EUNICE  IRENE  WEST  DUGAL  4-8-1885  to  10-24-1967

*D/of  Benjamin Franklin West(1849-1922) & Mary Stewart West(1866-1918)

*Inset photo of Eunice


 Infant  DUGAL    b & d   6-20-1901 *S/of  Rufus & Sally Dugal


JAMES  RUFUS  DUGAL   3-9-1855  to  6-10-1925

*S/of  Benjamin M. Dougal(1804-1863) & Mychal Hicks Lavender(1835-1889)


6-15-1924    "In Loving Memory"


JENNIFER  NIKOLE  DUGAL   2-25-1976  to  9-6-2004

"Ariel's Mommie"  *Back of tombstone: "NIKOLE  God so loved his children

that with every baby’s birth, he needs a Special Angel to watch over us on earth.

He has the Special Angel."  *Daughter: Ariel  Kaylie King


LEONARD  McKNIGHT  DUGAL  1-24-1892  to 1-26-1913

*S/of  James Rufus Dugal(1855-1925 & Sarah Elizabeth Green Dugal(1853-1924)

"God in His wisdom has recalled The boon His love had given and

though the body slumbers here The soul is safe in Heaven"


STANLEY  INDIA  DUGAL   2-23-1910  to  1-8-1987

*S/of  George Webber Dugal (1883-1950) & Eunie Irene West Dugal(1885-1967)

*Pvt.  U.S. Army  WW II       *Md:8/31/1935

&  EUNICE  INEZ  MUNFORD  DUGAL   5-2-1916  to  8-18-2008

*D/of John Henry Munford(1881-1968) & Wealtha Sophronia Joiner Munford(1878-1957)   



R.V.  DYKES    11-26-1902   to   5-11-1904 

*S/of   Clinton Collins Dykes(1875-1959) &  Lula Dugal Dykes(1877-1934)



Infant  ETHRIDGE   1-20-1901   *S/of  W.M. &  S.A. Ethridge  



JESSIE   FRISBY      1860  to  1881 

*Jessie Frisby was the husband of  Martha "Mattie" E. Manning (1859-1931).

*Md: Mattie Manning 1878 Union County, Arkansas. Mattie is buried in New London

Cemetery, Union Co., along with their son, George Alonzo "Lonzie" Frisby (1882-1927)

Martha E. Manning, D/of Mary Ellen Hicks(1829-1901) & Steven Manning(b:ca 1829 GA)



* small cement  marker / No names or dates/  between Jessie Frisby & Charity Watkins



EDITH  GREEN  5-1-1878   to  11-15-1893 

*D/of  John E.Green(1843-1930)  &  Elizabeth J. Woodall Green(1844-1916)  

"She sleeps in Jesus"


GEORGE  H.  GREEN    8-16-1884  to  4-10-1923  'Mason'

*H/of  Madie Murray Green Patterson (3/27/1897- 7/9/1990) *Arlington Memorial Park

*Madie's *2nd husband was John A. Nelson

"Twas hard to give thee up But Thy will O God, be done"


G.  SIDNEY  GREEN     8-2-1870  to  9-2-1897

*S/of  John E. Green(1843-1930)  &  Elizabeth J. Woodall Green(1844-1916)  

"Called Higher"


(G.W.) GEORGE  WASHINGTON  GREEN  12-4-1848  to  8-3-1919 

(E.M.) ESTHER  MARY  DUGAL  GREEN   2-9-1857 to  9-25-1913

*D/of  Benjamin M. Dougal(1804-1863) & Mychal Hicks Dougal Lavender(1835-1889) 

*Wf/of  George Washington Green 

"I love my children too well not to punish them when needed"


(J.E.) JOHN  E. GREEN   3-22-1843  to  12-22-1930

"There Is No Parting In Heaven"

ELIZABETH   J.  WOODALL  GREEN  1844  to  d: 7-21-1918 

*Wf/of  John  E. Green   *Age 71 yrs- 9 mos   *Calculated  birth  Oct 21, 1846 

"At Rest"


JOHN  ROBERT  “BOB”  GREEN  5-28-1872  to  12-11-1956

*S/of  John E.Green(1843-1930)  &  Elizabeth J. Woodall Green(1844-1916)  



JAMES  MONROE  GRIFFIN    11-19-1857  to  8-26-1946  

"Father"   "Your Memory Is Dear To Us"

MATTIE  A. TORRENCE  GRIFFIN  12-26-1867  to  2-10-1930 

*Wf/of  J.M. Griffin     "Gone, but not forgotten"


JOHN  M.  GRIFFIN   11-7-1895  to  2-10-1920

*S/of  James Monroe Griffin(1857-1946) & Mattie A. Torrence Griffin(1867-1930)


T. D.  GRIFFIN     9-10-1917  to  9-26-1917

*S/of  Thomas D. Griffin(1893-1980) & Emma D. Adams Griffin(1892-1972)


THOMAS  'TOM'  D.  GRIFFIN   11-30-1893  to  7-26-1980

S/of  James Monroe Griffin(1857-1946) & Mattie A. Torrence Griffin(1867-1930)

&  EMMA  D. ADAMS  GRIFFIN  11-12-1892  to  7-31-1972

*D/of  Newport P. Adams(1854-1937) &  Florence Spurlin Adams(1857-1928)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want"



ARIA  BELL  HAM   10-20-1898  to  8-20-1900

*D/of Ruben Duguid Ham(1864-1931) &  Elizabeth Catherine Coleman(1873-1951)

"Such as these are the Kingdom of Heaven"


Infant  S/of  Mr.  &  Mrs.  R.D.  HAM     1-25-1915

*S/of  Ruben Duguid Ham(1864-1931) &  Elizabeth Catherine Coleman(1873-1951)

"Such as these are the kingdom of Heaven"


MARY  JANE  HAM  12-29-1896  to  9-15-1897

*D/of Ruben Duguid Ham(1864-1931) & Elizabeth Catherine Coleman(1873-1951)

"Such as these are the Kingdom of Heaven"

*Small cement marker  with  MJC on top;  located between  Mary Jane Ham

&  James S. &  Mary Jane Coleman


RUBEN  DUGUID  HAM    8-18-1864   to  7-19-1931

*S/of William Henry Ham (1825-1902)& Naomi Caroline Miller Ham((1829-1880)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

*Parents of at least 12 children

&  ELIZABETH  CATHERINE  COLEMAN  HAM  2-5-1873 to 8-28-1951

*D/of  James  Simmons  Coleman(1848-1931)  &  Mary Jane Murry Coleman (1849-1896)   



WILLIAM  AYLMER  HAM   11-25-1912  to  2-13-1976

*S/of Ruben Duguid Ham(1864-1931) & Elizabeth Catherine Coleman Ham(1873-1951)

"His Memory is Blessed"



BETTY  JO  DUGAL  HAMILTON  (70) 1-13-1945  to  4-29-2015

*Her obituary gave her birth month twice; as January & February.  No doubt one is a typo.

*D/of  Stanley India Dugal(1910-1987) & Eunice Inez Munford Dugal(1916-2008) *OB


FRANKIE  HAMILTON    8-21-1943  to  12-28-2000

*Cremated. She has a small marker at the foot of the Connell graves.



MARY  MELINDA  HAMMONS  1861  to  3-22-1865 

*D/of  George W. Hammons (1818-1911)  &  Nancy Caroline Burnside  Hammons(1835-1926) 

*calculated birth date 2-12-1861   *Aged 4 yrs-1 mo-10 days  

"Beautiful in life and in death, but still more _________?"


*Please note I have spelled Hammond /

Hammons is the way it appears on the tombstone.


(G.W.) GEORGE  WASHINGTON  HAMMONS   4-15-1818  to 10-4-1911 

*Age 93 yrs-5 mos-11 dys

NANCY  CAROLINE  BURNSIDE  HAMMONS  11-4-1835  to 11-27-1926

*Wife, George Washington Hammons(1818-1911) 

"Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep"

*Small  cement marker / No names or dates / between  G.W. Hammons & Mathew Andrew Morrison

*Small cement marker / No names or dates/ next to fence near Nancy C. Hammons


LEMUEL  RICHARD  HAMMONS    4-2-1868  to  10-2-1905 *WOW 

Infant ? Harbin or Rubin  b & d 12-10-1952 



JACK  JOHNSON    8-28-1913   to  10-7-2002 Columbia Co.,AR   

&   PAULINE  MORRISON  JOHNSON  11-12-1918  to  10-10-1982

*D/of Carl Lee Morrison(1888-1963) & Ella Mae Duke Morrison(1894-1974)

"Until we meet again to part no more"



WAYNE  E.  JOHNSON  12-7-1939  to  7-19-2009

*S/of  Jack Johnson(1913-2002) & Pauline Morrison Johnson(1918-1982)

*MM  Lewis Funeral Home



LETCHER  McKINNEY    2-14-1884  to 11-14-1888

*S/of  William  Harris McKinney (1847-1918) &  Rosanna  Jaggers McKinney(1850-1928)  



CARL  LEE  MORRISON     10-18-1888  to  9-22-1963

*S/of  James Andrew Morrison(1862-1938) & Allie Burnside Morrison(1869-1966)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"

&  ELLA  MAE  DUKE  MORRISON   4-23-1894  to  5-29-1874  

*D/of  William Thomas Duke (1871-1905) & Eliza Peterson Duke (1874-1926)


Infant  MORRISON  two  infant graves…..No dates  &  no names


JAMES  ANDREW  MORRISON   11-1-1862  to  11-2-1938

*S/of  Kenneth Morrison(1806-1877) & Eliza Oakley Morrison(1821-1898) 

& ALLIE  BURNSIDE  MORRISON   9-14-1869  to 10-24-1966

*D/of  Matthew Burnside(1845-1904) & Mary Loy Jaggers Burnside(1844-1907) 

" Resting in Hope of a Glorious Resurrection"


MATHEW  ANDREW  MORRISON    3-10-1894  to  6-7-1923

*S/of  James Andrew Morrison(1862-1938) & Allie Burnside Morrison(1869-1966)

"Weep not father and mother for me, For I am  waiting in glory for thee"



HENRY   F.  MURRAY     6-6-1872  to  8-10-1950

*S/of  George Solomon Murray(1834-1915) & Eliza Hudson Murray(1838-1914)

& MARY  ALICE  GREEN  MURRAY  9-13-1875  to 10-26-1936

*D/of  John E.Green(1843-1930)  &  Elizabeth J. Woodall Green(1844-1916)  

  "Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


Baby  HARBIN  MURRAY      No dates


LIZZIE  ADA  MURRAY   11-3-1884  to  8-10-1905  

*Wf/of  John  Hearin Murray(1881-1957)   *Stone broken



GEORGE  HERBERT  NELSON  8-17-1913  to  2-15-1921

*Son of John Amos Nelson(1874-1954) & Madie Alice Green Nelson(1877-1962)  

"Now Lay Me Down To SleepI Pray Lord My Soul To Keep"

* This grave in very back southwest corner of cemetery

* There are only 3 scattered graves in this area.



JAMES  E.  NEVELS   2-24-1847 MS  to  8-15-1899 AR

& AMANDA  KELLY  FRISBY  NEVELS  4-21-1841AL to 10-25-1899AR

 *Spouses:  *1st Moses Frisby    *Md: *2nd in 1867 James E. Nevil


HAMILTON  'HAMP'  JESSE  NORRIS  10-24-1888  to  8-7-1946

*S/of  Patrick H. Norris(1861-1904) &  Mary Abigail White Green(1865-1942)

&  PEARL  R. MORRISON  NORRIS  11-11-1893  to  2-20-1945

*D/of  James Andrew Morrison(1862-1938) & Allie Burnside Morrison(1869-1966)



DONALD  “PIP”  PIPPEN    8-6-1942  to  7-19-2004  

*Md:2/1/1963    "Know Jesus Christ"

&  BARBARA  JUNE  DUGAL  PIPPEN  6-3-1943  (One date)



LLOYD  EDWARD  SMART   5-12-1919  to  6-18-1982

*S/of  Edward Bunion Smart(1890-1969) & Larnice Lourence Mae Smithpeter Smart(1895-1951)

&   SULA  MORRISON  SMART    9-24-1929   (One date) 


ROBERT  "BOB" LLOYD  SMART   4-7-1951  to  1-1-2011

*S/of  Sula Morrison(b:1929) & Lloyd Edward Smart(1919-1982)

*Three markers, one is a MM from Proctor Service.



JAMES  HENRY  SMITH   6-13-1846  to  10-11-1919  'Mason' 

*Source: Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans, Volume II, page 125.

*S/of  William Aaron Smith; parents died when he was young. Raised by Rev. John Faust/Foust

of Shelby County, AL.  CSA-Co. B 2 Alabama Cav. 1862-1865.

*Md: in 8/29/1865, Shelby Co., AL, *1st wife, Flora Elizabeth Barfield  

*Md: 5/2/1886 *2nd wife, Lizzie Jane Linden Smith  DeShazo(1866 LA to 11/18/1955)

"Asleep In Jesus"


L. D.  SMITH     12-2-1899   to 12-5-1917

*S/of  James Henry Smith(1846-1919) & Lizzie Jane Linder DeShazo(1866-1955) 

"Asleep in Jesus"



BELLE  BAKER  STALLINGS   8-9-1897  to  3-21-1970

"Tender mother and faithful friend"



ALBERT  C.  TAYLOR   4-19-1888  to 10-3-1894  

*S/of   William  Jacob Taylor(1862-1940)  & Sarah Ann Green Taylor(1868-1954)   

"Called Higher"

* This grave in very back southwest corner of cemetery.

There are only 3 scattered graves in this area.



Infant twin sons of  Lee & Geneva TORRENCE   b: & d: 9-14-1902

"Children are the  keys of Paradise"


JAMES  LAFAYETTE  TORRENCE   12-25-1899  to  8-16-1908 

*S/of  Thomas Lee Torrence(1869-1936) & Geneva Elizabeth Burns Torrence(1872-1962)



SARAH  ELIZA  TORRENCE    8-5-1841  to  2-4-1880

"Each duty done, she rests in peace"


THOMAS  LEE  TORRENCE    10-31-1869   to  12-9-1936

*S/of  Sarah Elizabeth "Eliza" Grisham (1841-1880)& Thomas Jefferson Torrence(1837-1909)

&  GENEVA  ELIZABETH  BURNS  TORRENCE   3-28-1872  to  5-12-1962

*D/of  Susan Morrison Burns(1849-1928) & Francis Marion Burns(1849-1923)


Twin Sons  TORRENCE   d: 9-14-1902

*Children of  Thomas Lee Torrence(1869-1936) & Geneva Elizabeth Burns Torrence(1872-1962)


CHARITY  E. LATHAM WATKINS  5-20-1864  to 7-20-1916 

*Wf/of  J.R. Watkins     "Gone but not forgotten"

*Small cement marker /

No names or dates between Charity E. Watkins & Baxter Teese Bass

*Small cement marker /

 No names or dates between Jesse Frisby & Charity E. Watkins



ANNIE  WILSON   1-19-1955  to  12-26-1960 

*D/of  Embry  Wilson    "What A Difference You Made In Our Live's"

*Located next to Annie Wilson are two unknowns:  Her marker & other 2 amidst Iris's.


*A small flat concrete marker with no info on it. 

*  Next to small cement marker is an old Mortuary Marker with all info gone from it 

*  The above two unknown markers along the west side of fence, that runs parallel with the road.


DANIEL  PATRICK  WILSON   1870  to  1959

ADDIE  LEE  DUGAL WILSON   1-5-1887  to  10-15-1944

*D/of  James Rufus Dugal(1855-1925) & Sarah Elizabeth Green Dugal(1853-1924)

*Wf/of  Daniel Patrick Wilson    "A Loyal Wife and A Faithful Mother"   “Mother”

*  small cement marker /  No name or dates / next to Addie Lee Wilson 


ERNEST  VINES  WILSON   12-19-1912  to  3-15-1938

*S/of  Addie Lee Dugal(1887-1944) & Daniel Patrick Wilson(1870-1959)

"Farewell until we meet again"




7-30-1868  to  11-26-1910   *1st Wf/of  Thomas L. Wiltcher(1865-1919)  

*D/of  Jesse Womack(1838-1919) & Sophia Melvina Holston Womack(1841-1933)

*Husband, Thomas L. Wiltcher is buried at Shiloh Cemetery, Bernice, Union Parish, LA

*2nd wife of Thomas L. Wiltcher, EDNA WILTCHER (1875-1927)

"Though thou art gone Fond memry  ?___  To  ?___hed"

* This grave in the very back southwest corner of cemetery.

There are only 3 scattered graves in this area.

Lizzie’s headstone almost impossible to read.



JESSIE  OLEN  WOODALL    10-30-1904  to  3-30-1989

*S/of  Robert Alexander Woodall(1876-1957) & Mary Elizabeth Dykes Woodall(1882-1921) 

*U.S. Army  WW II


ROBERT  ALEXANDER  WOODALL  8-16-1876  to  1-13-1957 

& MARY ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" DYKES  WOODALL  4-18-1882  to  8-1-1921

*D/of Allen Hill Dykes(1849-1934) & Malinda Frances Cunningham Dykes(1851-1934)


MILLARD  H.  WOODALL   7-18-1906  to 12-22-1967

*S/of  Robert Alexander Woodall(1876-1957) & Mary Elizabeth Dykes Woodall(1882-1921) 

*Arkansas  Pfc. U.S. Army WW II



GEORGE  W.  WOODS    8-11-1893   to  11-3-1979

*S/of  Henry Newton Woods(1859 TX-1893) & Temperance Louella Cole Woods Hill(1862 TX-1929)  

*Md:10/6/1923      *US Army   "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"

&  GRACE  ADA  MURRAY  WOODS   9-10-1899  to 7-23-1979

*D/of Henry F. Murray(1872-1950) & Mary Alice Green Murray(1875-1936)


MALCOLM  VERNON  WOODS  "CATS" 1-15-1928  to 10-13-2005

*S/of  George W. Woods(1893-1979) & Gracie Ada Murray Woods(1899-1979) 

*SGT  US  Army-Korea   "Rest In Peace"


RICHARD (RICKY) M. WOODS  5-7-1954  to  6-9-1993

"Your Memory Is Dear To Us"





Older photo looking north toward building & parking area.▼

Out of sight but to the left, runs Caney Creek Road.