est.  1890:


This cemetery is located just north of State highway #82 west of Strong, Arkansas in Union County.  Canvassed October 28, 2002.  Updated / Corrections, Nov 2007

*Last survey Sept 2011 ~Last updated October 2015  Janice  Holzer



*Symbols in use: WOW ........... Woodman of the World tombstone

                                 &   ...........  Indicates double or multiple people listed together on same head stone.

                               *Ob   .........   Info from obituary

                             *MM  ..........   Mortuary Marker instead of headstone.

                         *SSDI  ...........  Social Security Death Index source of birth or death complete dates.



JAMES  E.  ADAMS   2-8-1906  to  8-2-1979

*H/of  Marie Martha Adams      “His Memory Is Blessed”     

MARIE  MARTHA  ADAMS   11-8-1908  to  11-10-1967

*Wf/of  James E. Adams   “Absent in Body, But Present in Spirit” 



Lt. CMDR.  T. J.  BACA   6-12-1921  to  4-6-2001  *U.S.N.R.

*2nd  H/of  Emma Jo Johnson Burns Baca(1912-1995)   

(see Emma & *1st  husb.,Marion Saunders Burns



ARMON  LINFORD  BALL, SR.   2-11-1890  to  9-3-1968

 *S/of  Richard F. Ball (1865-1947)  &  Mary A. Ball (1874-1925)        

*Md:11/111918         Ark Pfc.  Army  WW I

&  GRACE  HARRISON  BALL   3-17-1897  to  11-28-1971

*D/of  Daniel Everett Harrison(1873-1948) & Fannie Torrence(1875-1955)

*Children: Armon L. Ball(1920-1980) ~ Mary Frances Ball Dutton(1922-2010) ~

Grace E. Ball Windwehen(1930-1990)


FLOYD  BALL   1891  to  1900

*S/of  Richard F. Ball (1865-1947) & Mary A. Ball (1874-1925)


OSCAR  BALL   1896  to  1900

*S/of  Richard F. Ball (1865-1947) & Mary A. Ball (1874-1925) 


VINA  JANE  COLE  BALL   4-11-1840  to  6-1-1904“At Rest”

*D/of  Eliza Jane Jones Cole (1819-1866) & Richard Wesley Cole (1819 AL-1864 TN)  

*Wife of  WILLIAM HINES BALL (1838 GA-1888 MS)

*Children: Mary Elizabeth Ball Herring(1864-1927)~Sam Wiggins Ball(1868-1951)

~ Carrie Leonah Ball Sturdivant(1875-1948)


WATSON  BALL   1894  to  1900

*S/of  Richard F. Ball (1865-1947) & Mary A. Ball (1874-1925) 



HENRY  CRAWFORD  BALLARD   3-22-1890  to  6-21-1962

*S/of  Wm. Benjamin Ballard(1849-1927) & Virginia Georgia Ann Saunders(1850-1922) 

&  GLENNIE  LEE  McGOUGH  BALLARD  9-10-1896  to  11-11-1971

*D/of  Jay W. McGough(1852-1917) & M. Ella Hill McGough(1862-1918)


LOIS  BALLARD   10-21-1911 to  12-1-1913


MARCUS  DAVID  BALLARD   11-10-1875  to  5-2-1942

*S/of  Wm. Benjamin Ballard(1849-1927) & Virginia Georgia Ann Saunders(1850-1922)

“They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow”

&   MARY  D.  SHIREY  BALLARD   8-1-1887  to  9-20-1962

*D/of  Joseph S. Shirey(1838-1924)  &  Emily E. Pittman Shirey (1848-1921)

*Children: James Ballard(1915-1986)~Irene Ballard Waller(1919-1962)~

Clyde Ballard(1925-1992)


MAURICE  BALLARD  1-27-1935  to  5-14-1986   *U.S. Army Korea

*S/of  Henry Crawford Ballard & Glennie Lee McGough Ballard 


WILLIAM  BENJAMIN   BALLARD   3-21-1849  to  7-4-1927 

“Fond Memory Points Our Hearts To Thee”


to  12-25-1922   *D/of Robert B. Saunders(1806-1880) & Martha L. Mickleberry



WILLIAM  H. "Cotten"  BALLARD (80) 5-20-1928  to  2-19-2009 

*S/of  Henry Crawford Ballard(1890-1962)  & Glennie Lee McGough Ballard(1896-19710

*Md:6/22/1957    *Deacon at Knowles Baptist Church.  *CPL U.S. Army-Korea   

&   DELLA  'ANN'  LOGAN  BALLARD   3-15-1934  (One date)    


WILLIAM  THOMAS  BALLARD  1883  to  1945

*S/of  Wm. Benjamin Ballard(1849-1927) & Virginia Georgia Ann Saunders(1850-1922)  



BARBARA  ANN  BARKER  1-24-1946   to  1-26-1946

*D/of  Billie Thomas Barker(1920-1962) & Minnie Barker


BILLIE  THOMAS  BARKER   4-24-1920  to  11-8-1962

*S/of James Franklin Barker(1879-1960) & Nora Arlington Telford Barker(1890-1940)

*Billie has a large new double headstone with only one name, his, on it

“Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal”



EUGENE  BURNS   10-21-1916  to  2-3-1987

*Md:10/29/1938  *S/of James R. Burns(1869-1949) & Ara Lillie Saunders Burns(1878-1942)  

&  DOVIE  MAE  TAYLOR  BURNS (88) 4-24-1921 to 12-16-2009  *OB

*D/of Simon Peter Taylor(1883-1971) & Bessie Mae Nelson Taylor(1888-1965) 


JAMES  RANDELL  BURNS  12-28-1869   to  4-8-1949  (Mason) 

*Wives: *1st Carrie Gorman(1871-1891) &  *2nd Wife, Lillie Saunders(1878-1942)

 CARRIE GORMAN  BURNS   12-21-1871  to  12-29-1891     

*D/of Thomas Milton Gorman(1844-1917) Margaret Rhoda Larkin Gorman(1852-1932)

*Carrie  *1st  Wife of  James R. Burns(1869-1949)

ARA LILLIE SAUNDERS BURNS   1-25-1878  to  1-9-1942 

*Ara Lillie  *2nd wife of  James R. Burns  “Await, Dearly Beloved, The Ultimate Reunion”


MARION  SAUNDERS  BURNS   1-15-1908  to 12-1-1959 

*S/of  James  Randall Burns(1869-1949) &  Lillie Saunders Burns(1878-1942)

*Marion S. Burns first husband of Emma Jo Johnson 

“Gone But Not Forgotten”

&  EMMA JO  JOHNSON  BURNS BACA  4-22-1912  to  1-22-1995

*D/of Jesse Allen Johnson (1874-1943) & Georgia Poole Johnson(1876-1971)

*Spouses:*1st  Marion Saunders Burns  *2nd  Tony J. Baca


PORTER  BURNS   12-27-1891   to  1-30-1892   

*S/of  James Randall Burns(1869-1949) & Carrie Gorman Burns(1871-1891)


ROBERT  E.  LEE  BURNS   1-24-1910  to  9-1-1972

*S/of  James R. Burns(1869-1949) &  Lillie Saunders(1878-1942)      

&  TRUDY  BEASLEY  BURNS   2-20-1911  to  7-30-1984

*D/of  William Riley Beasley(1881-1927) & May Bell McKinney Beasley(1882-1960)



HARRY  LANG  CAGLE   2-13-1934  to  7-18-1999 *Brazos Co., TX  

* Md:10/10/1958 


to  10-28-1998  *D/of Dan Curtis Gillenwater(1906-1962) & Essie Martin Gillenwater(1911-1945)



DANIEL  ERVIN  CANADY  3-6-1906  to  3-15-1964 

*S/of  John Samuel Canady(1867-1954) & Margaret Annie Lee Harrison Canady(1872-1962)

"In Memory of Our Brother"    *See below  IRVIN CANADY


ETHEL  CANADY   3-15-1891  to  8-19-1898

*S/of  John Samuel Canady(1867-1954) & Margaret Annie Lee Harrison Canady(1872-1962)

 (Inscription on headstone says “Son”)


H.  CLINTON  CANADY  1892  to  1918  * WOW

*S/of  John Samuel Canady1867-1954) & Margaret Annie Lee Harrison Canady(1872-1962) 

*First H/of  Eunice Chancellor Norris (1895-1974)


JOHN  SAMUEL  CANADY   12-18-1867  to  2-24-1954 

&  Margaret  ANNIE  LEE  HARRISON  CANADY  1-7-1872  to  9-5-1962

*D/of  Dan Harrison & Rebecca Saunders Harrison (1842-? )  


SAMUEL  OLLIE CANADY  10-25-1894  to  4-12-1981

*S/of  John Samuel Canady(1867-1954) & Margaret Annie Lee Harrison Canady(1872-1962)

*Md:11/30/1918      *Pvt. U.S. Army WW I  

&   PEARL  CHANCELLOR  CANADY  9-7-1898  to  3-13-1991   

*D/of  William Harrison Chancellor(1865-1933) & Emily C. White(1865-1945)  



ELIZABETH  YOAKUM  COULTER  10-11-1815 KY  to  9-1864

*D/of  Matthew Yocum/Yoakum  &  Lavina A. Coleman Yoakum

*Wf/of  David Reddock Coulter, Sr.  9/4/1811  to  8/10/1897

*Buried Mount Carmel Cemetery, Wolfe City, Texas



JAMES  CALVIN  DOPSON   6-4-1907  to  2-2-1968 

*S/of  Oliver Cromwell Dopson(1868-1919) &  Annette C. Cook(1866-1910)

“Our Loving Mother And Father”

&  PEARL INEZ  STURDIVANT  DOPSON   4-17-1909  to  3-3-1965

*D/of  Drucilla A. Ballard Sturdivant(1881-1964) & William C. Sturdivant(1866-1920)


VERNON  I.  DOPSON   10-4-1897  to  12-22-1953

*S/of  John Siemon Dopson(1864-1930) & Mary Thomas Dopson(1866-1933)

“Gone But Not Forgotten”

&  BESSIE  M.  LEIGH  DOPSON   2-15-1903  to  5-6-1993 

*D/of  George Pendleton Leigh(1870-1936) & Dora Elizabeth Eller Leigh(1882-1922) 



GEORGELENE  McDANIEL  DUNLAP   8-24-1902  to  10-12-1929

*D/of  John Henry McDaniel(1878-1902) & Daisy Mae Ballard Molsbee(1878-1973)    

“She’s Safe At Home”



WALTER  DEMPSEY  FAY    6-7-1923  to  1-10-1977

*S/of  Mellie Burns Matlock(1890-1973)

*Mellie, D/of  James Anderson Burns(1869-1916) & Etta Craig Burns(1873-1937)   

*Md:11/19/1949     *CPL  U.S. Marine Corps  WWII

&  DRUCILLA SARAH  BURNS  FAY (78)  9-13-1930  to  5-15-2001

*D/of  Armond A. Burns(1889-1960) &  Eula Saunders Burns(1892-1971)  

(Birth date only date on tombstone )   



*These three were all on the same headstone.

Fannie & Thomas Franklin

Robertson share a double headstone. 

Frank Folsom has a small separate maker that says "Father". 

Fannie's name on the headstone reads as listed below.


*D/of  Benjamin Thomas Herring(1858-1944)  &  Mary Elizabeth Ball Herring(1864-1927)

*Fannie E. Herring was the wife of Thomas Franklin Robertson

“Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours”

THOMAS  FRANKLIN  ROBERTSON   2-22-1883  to  1919

*S/of  James William Robertson(1858-1944) & Alice F. Bryan Robertson(1859-1893)    

FRANK  FOLSOM    1879  to  1964  "Father"  

*S/of Jonathan Folsom(1854-1942) & Mollie M. Vickery Folsom(1855-1918)    



MARTHA  HUDNALL  FULLER  12-28-1902  to  2-21-1935

*D/of  Josiah Hudnall(1861-1945)  &  Alle Belle Beasley Hudnall(1870-1950)

* Twin to Mary Hudnall Harrison  12/28/1902 ILL  to 10/12/1991 AR

“Gone But Not Forgotten”  



LILLIAN  DUNLAP  GIBBS   2-2-1925  to  1-14-2003 

“Mother of  Donald and David Dendy”



ESSIE  MARTIN  GILLENWATER   7-8-1911  to  4-23-1945

*D/of Thomas Jefferson Martin (1884-1920) &  Lucy H. Silliman Martin(1886-1966)

*Wf/of  Dan Curtis Gillenwater (1906-1962) *Buried Smackover Cemetery.   

“Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”


SHERROD M.  GILLENWATER   2-23-1929  to  2-4-1980

*S/of  Dan Curtis Gillenwater(1906-1962) &  Essie Martin Gillenwater(1911-1945)



JAMES  W.  GORDY (65)  12-28-1943  to  12-30-2008 *OB

*Born Scott County, MS & died in Fayetteville, Washington Co., Arkansas

*S/of  Lonnie Cameron Gordy & Ruby Ethel Wolf Gordy

*Wife, Mildred Gordy of El Dorado, AR.(1/3/2009  Clarion Ledger)



JAMES  ALLEN  HALE  2-11-1920  to  3-17-1982 

“In Loving Memory of Our Husband, Son, and Brother”    

MARY  ANN  BALLARD  HALE   12-5-1929  to  11-2-1982   

*D/of  Glennie McGough & Henry Crawford Ballard  “Her Memory Is Blessed”

*Wife of James Allen Hale



CECIL  HARRISON   11-17-1900  to  6-8-1975

*S/of  William Jason Harrison (1870-1959) & Katie Alice Dugal Harrison(1874-1943)


&  MARY  HUDNALL  HARRISON   12-28-1902 ILL  to  10-12-1991

*?▲ Twin to Martha Hudnall Fuller 12/28/1902  to  2/21/1935

*D/of  Josiah Hudnall (1861-1945) & Allie Belle Beasley Hudnall(1870-1950) 


CHARLOTTE  ODELL  HARRISON   7-9-1917  to  10-14-1918

*D/of  Mary Frances"Fannie" Torrence(1875-1955) &  Daniel Everett Harrison(1873-1948)


CHARLES  EDWARD  HARRISON   1-13-1915  to  6-26-1945

*D/of  Mary Frances"Fannie" Torrence(1875-1955) &  Daniel Everett Harrison(1873-1948)

*Pvt.  96  Calvery   RCN  TRP   96  Div   WW  II

*Killed by a Japanese sniper while on patrol duty on Okinawa.


DANIEL  EVERETT  HARRISON  3-6-1873  to  9-12-1948 

*S/of  Dan Harrison( b: ca May 1835 AL)  &  Rebecca Saunders Harrison (1842- ?  )

*MARY  FRANCES TORRENCE  HARRISON 12-20-1875  to  6-27-1955

 "FANNIE"  *Wife of Daniel Everett Harrison 


DAN  HARRISON  b: ca May 1835 AL  &  d: aft. April 1910, probably Union Co.,AR

*H/of  Rebecca Saunders Harrison 

*Father of  Alden Jesse Harrison &  James Garland Harrison

*CO   D  21st   ARK  INF   C.S.A     No dates given on his tombstone

REBECCA  SAUNDERS  HARRISON  12-18-1842  to  unknown

*D/of  Robert  B. Saunders (1806-1880) & Martha L. MickleberrySaunders(1816-1890)

*Rebecca Harrison has a marker “In Memory Of”  with no dates.


EMMA  HARRISON  in memory of  (no dates)

*D/of  Rebecca Saunders Harrison(b: 1842) & Dan Harrison( b: ca May 1835 AL)    


JEFFERSON  D.  HARRISON  2-19-1899  to  8-8-1916

*D/of  Mary Frances "Fannie" Torrence(1875-1558) & Daniel Everett Harrison(1873-1948)    


MATTIE  HARRISON…..In memory of……no dates.  (b: ca 1867 AR)

*D/of  Rebecca Saunders Harrison (b:1842) & Dan Harrison( b: ca May 1835 AL) 


ROBERT F.  HARRISON in memory of (no dates)  (1866 - ? )

*S/of  Rebecca Saunders Harrison(b:1842) & Dan Harrison ( b: ca May 1835 AL) 


WILLIAM  JASON  HARRISON   11-22-1870  to  11-16-1959 

*S/of  Rebecca Saunders Harrison(1842-?) & Dan Harrison ( b: ca May 1835 AL)

&   KATIE  ALICE  DUGAL  HARRISON  10-2-1874  to  5-6-1943 

* D/of  James Rufus Dugal(1855-1925) & Sallie Green Dugal(1853-1924) 



Infant  HERRING   d: 1-18-1904  

*D/of  Benjamin Thomas Herring(1858-1944) & Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Ball Herring(1864-1927)



JOSIAH  HUDNALL   8-9-1861 KY  to  11-14-1945 AR

“A Life Like Theirs Has Left Memories To Dwell Upon”  

&  ALLIE  BELLE  BEASLEY HUDNALL 3-14-1870  TN  to  5-30-1950

*D/of David Crockett Beasley(1835-1920) & Mary B. Nanney Beasley(1832-1915) 



BEADY  DELMON  JOHNSON  7-27-1910   to  1-17-1988

*S/of  William Louis Johnson(1869-1950) & Mary McDonald Johnson(1881-1961)


&   MARIE  EMBERY  JOHNSON   3-29-1917  to  9-18-2000

*Wf/of  Beady Delmon Johnson


JESSE  PATRICK  KIDD   12-1-1856 MO  to  1-24-1939  AR

*Md: 1875 Illinois

&   ELIZA  A.  MATHEWS KIDD   8-7-1858  ILL  to  2-4-1928 AR


RAYMOND  KIDD  8-19-1910  to  11-24-1912



MARCUS  JACKSON  "Pa"  KINGREY   3-22-1923  to  8-25-1995

*S/of  Jessie Eugene Kingrey(1894-1957) & Liddie Rebecca Weeks Kingrey(1898-1986   

*Md:10/14/1944       *U.S. Marine Corps  WW II

“For Everyone There Is A Season ; A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die”

&   MARZELLE "Granny"  WELCH   KINGREY   6-20-1926   (one date)



CLARENCE  RUSSELL  LEIGH   9-18-1906  to  8-30-1973  “SNAP”

*S/of  George Pendleton Leigh(1870-1936) & Dora Elizabeth Eller(1882-1922)

“In Loving Memory”


GEORGE  PENDLETON  LEIGH  12-5-1870  to  1-8-1936  “At Rest”

*S/of  Whitmill Whitfield Leigh(1806-1876) & Mary Jane Prince Leigh(1833-1912)

&  DORA  ELIZABETH  ELLER  LEIGH   1-1-1882  to  9-21-1922

“Gone But Not Forgotten”


ROXIE  GERTRUDE  LEIGH   7-21-1909  to  7-26-1911

*D/of  George Pendleton Leigh(1870-1936) & Dora Elizabeth Eller(1882-1922)


VELMA  RAMSEY   LEIGH   5-27-1911  to  8-6-1912

*S/of  George Pendleton Leigh(1870-1936) & Dora Elizabeth Eller(1882-1922)

“Asleep In Jesus



PATSY  R.  LEWALLEN   7-5-1934  to  7-6-2006 

“In Loving Memory”


*All 3 on same headstone

WALTON GREENBERRY LEWALLEN  2-8-1888 MO  to  2-2-1961AR 

*S/of  James Lewallen(1836-1890)  &  Louisa A. Roden Lewallen(1843-1921)

 *1st husband of  

Flossie Mae Hudnall   Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours”     

(FLOSSIE) MAE  HUDNALL LEWALLEN-TAYLOR   8-9-1898  to  4-5-1975

*D/of  Josiah Hudnall(1861-1945) & Allie Belle Beasley Hudnall(1870-1950) 

*Mae’s   *1st  Husband  Wlaton Greenberry Lewallen(1888-1961)

*2nd Husband John W. Taylor(1881-1968)

JOHN  W.  TAYLOR  7-2-1881  to  6-10-1968 

*TAYLOR-LEWALLEN name on triple headstone.



JOSEPH  ALLEN  MANGUM (77)  3-3-1936  to  3-23-2013  *OB

*S/of  Arthur Herbert Mangum(1902-1985) &  Hattie Jane Mills Mangum(1907-1995).

*Wife, Charlotte Windham Mangum

"MACK"  CHARLOTTE  WINDHAM  MANGUM (78) 1-5-1936  to  4-30-2014 *OB

*D/of  Johnnie Mack Windham(1888-1967) & Oma Geneva Moore Windham(1896-1972)

*Wife of Joseph Allen Mangum



MELBA  ELIZABETH  DOPSON  MARTIN   9-20-1924  to  1-2-2004

*D/of  Vernon I. Dopson(1897-1953) & Bessie M. Leigh Dopson(1903-1993) 

Wf/of  Benny Leon Martin (1919-1991) buried Urbana Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Benny's spouses: *1st Melba Elizabeth Dopson 

 *2nd Lorena Groves McKnight Martin Lyons(1918-2007)buried Olive Branch Methodist Cem.

“A Beloved Mother and Faithful Friend”


THOMAS  LEONARD  MARTIN   11-10-1942  to  2-1-2000

*S/of  William ‘Hoss’ Clyde Martin(1913-2004) &  Mary  L. Saunders Martin(1917-1993)   

“A Wonderful Son, a Great Brother and a Loving Uncle; Rest in Peace”


WILLIAM  C.  MARTIN, JR.   10-5-1940  to  4-6-1980  Daddy”

*S/of  William ‘Hoss’ Clyde Martin(1913-2004)  &  Mary  L. Saunders Martin(1917-1993) 


WILLIAM  'Hoss'  CLYDE  MARTIN   4-3-1913  to  6-15-2004

 *Md:1/2/1940   “Together Forever”

&  MARY  L.  SAUNDERS  MARTIN   3-3-1917  to  10-7-1995 

*D/of  Searcy Leonard Saunders(1887-1963) & Birdie Gibson Saunders(1899-1962)

“She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home”



CHRISTIE  LEA  McBROOM    2-14-1967  to  9-3-1981

“Thou Shalt Love The Lord Thy God With All Thy Heart, And With

All Thy Soul And With All Thy Strength, And With All Thy

Mind And Thy Neighbor As Thyself. This Do And Thou Salt Live.”    


LaJOY  McBROOM   12-28-1917  to  9-26-1996  (Mason)     

*Md:12/1/1945   *S/of B.E. McBroom(1892-1959) & Pearl Phillips McBroom(1895-1948)

*Spouses: *1st  Francis Faye Black (1921-1940) *2nd Sadie Virginia Andrews Day (1923-2007)

*Francis Faye Black McBroom buried Laran Cemetery,Union Parish, LA

*Sadie Virginia Andrews buried Center Point Cemetery, Union Co., AR


1-12-2007   *D/of  Harvey Frank Andrews(1880-1963) & Lucy Ann Ballard(1889-1976)  

*Sadies Spouses: *1st  husband Roy Glendon Day  2-14-1921  to  7-7-1943 Bizerte, Tunisia

while serving in WW II.  Body returned & he is buried in Good Hope Cemetery,Union Co., AR

near Oakland, Union Parish, LA  *2nd  husband, LaJoy McBroom



JOHN  HENRY  McDANIEL   4-16-1878  to  4-4-1902

*1st H/of Daisy Mae Ballard McDaniel Molsbee  *Father of Georgelene McDaniel Dunlap

“Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal” *His original headstone gave his name

as McDonald;  it has been corrected to read "McDaniel"



DELMAS  EARL  BALLARD  MOLSBEE    8-12-1935  to  11-11-1935 

*D/of  Mr. & Mrs. Earl  Molsbee


JOHN  FRANK  MOLSBEE   3-27-1880 MO  to  7-27-1925  (Mason)

*S/of  James Thomas Molsbee(1854-1927) & Martha Autry Bishop Molsbee (1851-1939)

“We Will Meet Again” 

DAISY MAE  BALLARD McDANIEL MOLSBEE  10-9-1878  to  4-1-1973

*D/of  Wm. Benjamin Ballard(1849-1927) & Virginia Georgia Ann Saunders(1850-1922)

*1st husband, John Henry McDaniel(1878-1902) *2nd husband John Frank Molsbee(1880-1925)

“Waiting Until Resurrection”    



CORHAN  MOORE   3-30-1896  to  9-27-1898 

*S/of  Thomas Keszee Moore(1851-1920)  &  Ossie O. Clark Moore(1861-1932)



 JAMES  HENRY  NORRIS   7-22-1891  to  7-12-1977 

*S/of  Edmond T. Norris(1859-1925) &  Luty Wilson Norris(1873-1948)

*Md:2/5/1923   “Gone But Not Forgotten”

&  EUNICE  CHANCELLOR  CANADY  NORRIS  10-29-1895  to  1-4-1974

*D/of William Harrison Chancellor(1865-1933) &  Emily C. White Chancellor(1865-1945)

*Spouses:*1st-husband Clinton Canady (1892-1918)  *2nd husband James Henry Norris 


OLLIE  BELLE  “O”  NORRIS    8-15-1919  to  2-12-1991

*S/of  George Carl Norris(1881-1957) &  Belle Z. Turbeville Norris(1884-1973) 

*TEC  4  U.S. Army  WW  II       *Md:2/22/1941 

MAMIE  INEZ  DOPSON  NORRIS (84)  5-13-1926  to  7-23-2010 

*D/of  James C. Dopson(1907-1968) &  Pearl Inez Sturdivant Dopson(1909-1965)“GRAN”  

*Children: Kay & Danny



JUANITA  PAGAN  5-3-1927  to  12-1-1932

*D/of  Walter Guy Pagan(1884-1965) & Mildred Estelle Simmons Pagan(1885-1972)



JUNIOR  PHARR  1-17-1947  to  1-29-1954 

“Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”



LAWRENCE RAY  POOLE   7-23-1945  to  3-26-1968

*S/of Johnie Raymond Poole(1910-1986) & Lucille Hogue Poole(1917-1998)

*Md: 6/20/1964 

&  VICKIE SUE WELCH POOLE   6-1-1946   (One date)

*D/of  William L. Welch(1923-2008) & Melba Frisby Welch(1923-2012)



(J. B.) JAMES  B.  PRICKETT    11-15-1912  to   3-5-1932 

*S/of  James Martin Prickett(1869-1950) & Emma D. McCain Prickett(1872-1937)

*Wife, MABEL BENNETT PRICKETT WEBB  5-14-1913  to  3-23-1937

*Mabel buried, Old Union Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR


JAMES  MARTIN  PRICKETT   3-15-1869  to  12-9-1950 

*S/of  Dr. W.J. Prickett(1810-1892) Kahatchee Cemetery, Alabama

“He died as he lived A Christian.”

&  EMMA  D.  McCAIN  PRICKETT  1-18-1872  to  10-20-1937

*M/of  Irene M. Prickett Moseley(1901-1959) & James B. Prickett(1912-1932)

“She was the sunshine of our home.” 



BENJAMIN  C. “CASS”  ROBERTSON  5-16-1892  to  10-4-1926

*S/of  James William Robertson(1858-1944) & Alice F. Bryan Robertson(1859-1893)

“In Loving Memory”    (Husband)

&   VIOLA  STURDIVANT  ROBERTSON  6-2-1897  to  2-23-1919

*D/of  William C. Sturdivant(1866-1920) & Lila Ann Smith Sturdivant (1872-1899)


MARY  ALICE  ROBERTSON  1-14-1911  to  2-8-1911


MARY  LOU  ROBERTSON       B & D   10-27-1911

*D/of  J.B.  &  Nora  Robertson 


THOMAS  FRANKLIN  ROBERTSON   2-22-1883  to  1919

*S/of  James William Robertson(1858-1944) &  Alice F. Bryan Robertson(1859-1893)

“Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”    


*D/of  Benjamin Thomas Herring(1858-1944)& Mary Elizabeth Ball Herring(1864-1927) 

*Thomas F. Robertson *1st husband of Fannie Folsom.

*Fannie & Thomas did once share a headstone with Fannie's father, Frank Folsom;

now they all have separate stones.




*D/of  Searcy Leonard Saunders(1887-1963) & Bidie Gibson(1899-1962)

*Md: *1st R.V. Thomason;  *2nd  R. B. Wilson

*Cremated, Location of ashes unknown.


JOHN  THOMAS  SAUNDERS   11-3-1931  to  9-11-2008

“....But As For Me And My House, We Will Serve The Lord”  Joshua 14-15

*Md:7/29/1955    *U.S. Navy –Korea

&  MARVENE  TURBEVILLE  SAUNDERS   7-19-1934  (One date)


SEARCY  LEONARD  SAUNDERS, SR.   11-11-1887  to  12-29-1963 


&  BIRDIE  GIBSON  SAUNDERS  9-3-1899  to  4-26-1962

*D/of  John William Gibson(1878-1931) & Blanche Fullerton Gibson(1880-1929)


SEARCY  LEONARD  SAUNDERS, JR. "S.L." 8-8-1920  to  6-29-1999 

*S/of  Searcy Leonard Saunders, Sr.(1887-1963) & Birdie Gibson Saunders(1899-1962)

*WWII   Sgt. U.S. Army   "Papa Sel"   *Md:4/20/1946    

&  PATRICIA SUE PAGAN  SAUNDERS   3-14-1929  to 10-28-1992

*D/of  Curtis Franklin Pagan(1894-1972)  &  Mae Byas Pagan(1900-1987)

"Patty Sue" (Mama Pat)



JAMES  SIMMONS  11-17-1814  to  9-20-1897

*Spouses:  *1st Amanda Jane Faulkner(1839-1873) *2nd  Sarah A. Simmons(1825-1907) 

&  SARAH  A.  SIMMONS  8-14-1825  to  8-8-1907 


 WILLIAM  GALBA  SIMMONS   7-12-1841 GA  to  3-3-1919

*Spouses:Mary C. Clark Barham(1838 GA- ?) *1st John A. Barham *2nd Wm. G. Simmons

*D/of John Robert Clark(1811-1870) & Martha Edmunds(1815-1890)  

*2nd  Mildred Hopkins(1853-1925) *Son, Crofford Thornton Simmons(1870-1935) 

&  MILDRED  HOPKINS SIMMONS  5-10-1853 LA  to  1-13-1925 Urbana,AR

*D/of John Willis Hopkins(1825-1872) & Mary Weeden Tucker Hopkins(1828-1881)



RUTH  LENORE  SIMMS  12-8-1883  to  9-15-1932 



CLYNTIE  CANADY  STEELE  3-26-1919   to  3-3-1986 

*D/of   H. Clinton Canady(1892-1918) &  Eunice Chancellor Canady  Norris(1895-1974)

“Restless Dream All Done.  Real Life Has Begun.



BENNIE  E.  STURDIVANT  12-6-1911  to  4-4-1992  *SSDI 

*S/of  Drucilla A. Ballard Sturdivant(1881-1964) & William C. Sturdivant (1866-1920)

&  MARZELLE  McKNIGHT  STURDIVANT   3-3-1921  to  3-31-1992 

*D/of  Walter Columbus McKnight(1894-1973) & Carmie L. Bryant McKnight(1893-1969)

*Wf/of  Bennie E. Sturdivant


BENNIE  ROY  STURDIVANT  "DADDY"  9-25-1938  to  6-15-2005

*S/of  Bennie E. Sturdivant(1911-1992) & Marzelle McKnight Sturdivant(1921-1992)

“At The Cross And In His Presence”


ERNEST  MACK  STURDIVANT   10-7-1927  to  5-9-1938



Infant  STURDIVANT    (no dates)


JAMES  FRANKLIN  STURDIVANT   9-15-1858  to  9-9-1934

“In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions”      

&  CARRIE  LEONAH  BALL  STURDIVANT  2-2-1875  to  11-29-1948

*D/of  William Hines Ball (1838 GA-1888 MS)& Vina Jane Cole Ball(1840-1904)   


JIM  BOB  STURDIVANT   11-26-1891  to  6-19-1981

*S/of  William C. Sturdivant(1866-1920) & Lila Ann Smith Sturdivant(1872-1899)

*Md:3/25/1922    *2nd wife, Florence E. McKnight 

*Jim Bob's *1st wife was, Lida Jeter(1903-1921) *Buried at Olive Branch Cemetery

“Gone But Not Forgotten”    “We Will Meet Again”▼

&   FLORENCE  E.  McKNIGHT  STURDIVANT   2-19-1895  to  4-7-1991

*D/of  Joseph Benjamin McKnight(1875-1950)  &  Lucy Clay McKnight(1874-1958) 


 LUEAS  LEONAH  STURDIVANT  4-18-1904  to  10-5-1917

*D/of  James Franklin Sturdivant(1858-1934) & Carrie Leonah Ball Sturdivant(1875-1948)

*Her grave was originally covered by a canopy, erected by her father, James F. Sturdivant.

* Over time the canopy roof of wood & shingles & the wooden supports deteriorated.


THURMON MARCUS  STURDIVANT   11-6-1906  to  5-25-1992

*S/of  Drucilla A. Ballard Sturdivant(1881-1964) & William C. Sturdivant(1866-1920)


VAN  B.  STURDIVANT   7-16-1911  to  7-18-1953

*1st H/of  Mittie V. Taylor Sturdivant Gathright (1913-2001)  *buried at Harper Springs Cem. 

*Arkansas  Pvt.  733  Eng  Depot Co. WW II


*All 3 on same *WOW marker

WILLIAM  C.  STURDIVANT  11-8-1866  to  1-12-1920

*Spouses:  *1st  Lila Ann Smith (1872-1899)   *2nd Drucilla A. Ballard(1881-1964) 

&  LILA ANN  SMITH  STURDIVANT  1872  to  1899  

*1st  Wf/of  William C.  Sturdivant 

&   DRUCILLA  A.  BALLARD  STURDIVANT   2-8-1881  to  6-8-1964

*D/of  Wm. Benjamin Ballard(1849-1927)  &  Virginia Georgia Ann Saunders(1850-1922)  

*2nd  Wf/of  William C. Sturdivant   “She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home”


WILL  TOM  STURDIVANT   10-14-1905  to  10-29-1973

*S/of  Drucilla A. Ballard Sturdivant(1881-1964) & William C. Sturdivant(1866-1920)



FLOSSIE  MAE  TAYLOR  1895  -  1975  (*MM )


JOHN W. TAYLOR   7-2-1881  to  6-10-1968   

*2nd husband of  Flossie Mae Hudnall Lewallen-Taylor (1898-1975) 

FLOSSIE MAE  HUDNALL LEWALLEN-TAYLOR  8-9-1898  to  4-5-1975   

*See other listing under Walton G. Lewallen;  all 3 are on the same headstone.


CAROLL  LEE  TORRENCE    12-15-1895  to  4-25-1982

*S/of  Thomas Lee Torrence(1869-1936) & Geneva Elizabeth Burns Torrence(1872-1962)  

&   JESSIE  LEE  DUKE  TORRENCE   11-14-1897  to  9-28-1957

*D/of  George Farmer Duke(1856-1902) & Martha Jane Knowles Duke (1858-1942)



FRANKIE  TUCKER  3-7-1901  to  7-1901 

*D/of  Robert Joseph Tucker(1867-1944) & Frankie Simmons Tucker(1872-1901)


ROBERT  JOSEPH  TUCKER  11-25-1867  to  11-26-1944

*S/of  Frankie Simmons Tucker(1872-1901) & Mary Elizabeth Cooper Tucker(1876-1928)   

&  MARY  ELIZABETH COOPER TUCKER   1876   to  1-16-1928

*D/of  Columbus Marshal Cooper(1835-1903) & Mary Elizabeth Robinson Cooper(1842-1918)


ROBERT  MELVILLE  TUCKER  11-4-1890  to  4-15-1938

*S/of  Robert Joseph Tucker(1867-1944) & Frankie Simmons Tucker(1872-1901)



JARVIS  WADE  WELCH(64)    10-18-1949  to  3-4-2014 *OB

*S/of  William  L. "Bud" Welch, Jr(1923-2008). & Melba Frisby Welch(1923-2012)


WILLIAM  LEO  WELCH   9-26-1901   to  3-20-1967

&  BERTHA  REBECCCA  HARRISON  WELCH   5-28-1902  to  5-17-1973

*D/of  William Jason Harrison(1870-1959) & Katie Alice Dugal Harrison (1874-1943)   


WILLIAM LEO "Bud"  WELCH, JR.  12-21-1923  to  9-17-2008 

*S/of  William Leo Welch, Sr.(1901-1967) & Bertha Rebecca Harrison Welch(1902-1973)

*Md:11/30/1942   Melba Frisby

MELBA FRISBY WELCH(88)  2-17-1923  to  2-12-2012 Farmersville, LA

*D/of  Claude & Clara Frisby