1866 1996



This cemetery is located northeast of Hwy. 82 West, on state Hwy. 335,

on a curve next to a house. It appears the cemetery has been cleaned and

considerable work done on it to make it accessible. It covers probably about

an acre wooded lot. I am sure there are many more graves than the ones identified

below with headstones.

I surveyed this cemetery the first time on November 17, 2002.

Janice Holzer jcsh432@gmail.com

*Canvass April 10,2012 Last updated: October 2015


*See Footnote at end.





GEORGE RAY GOODWIN 1-12-1895 to 10-4-1924

*S/of George Walton Goodwin((1858-1915) & Caroline "Carrie" Venable

Goodwin(1863-1919) "Faithful to his trust, even unto death."


GEORGE WALTON GOODWIN 10-27-1858 to 2-19-1915

*S/of Elisha H. Goodwin(1832-1901) & Martha Martilda Mariah Johnston Goodwin(1835-1920)

"Asleep in Jesus"

CAROLINE "CARRIE" VENABLE GOODWIN 1-21-1863 to 7-31-1919

*D/of William Lumpkin Venable(1822-1901) & Martha Venable(1837-1907)

"Asleep in Jesus"


GLEN G. GOODWIN, JR. 9-23-1933 to 2-1-1934

*Infant *S/of Glen G. Goodwin, Sr.(1897-1974) & Pastoria Leverette Goodwin(1900-1997)

*See Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery for their burials.


HAMILTON GOODWIN 3-5-1902 to 10-18-1905

*S/of George Walton Goodwin(1858-1915)& Carrie Caroline Venable Goodwin(1863-1919)


Infant GOODWIN 5-20-1925

*Infant S/of Glen G. Goodwin, Sr.(1897-1974)& Pastoria Leverette Goodwin(1900-1997)

*See Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery for their burials.


WILLIAM CLAYTON GOODWIN 5-29-1890 to 9-12-1973

*S/of George Walton Goodwin((1858-1915) & Caroline "Carrie" Venable Goodwin(1863-1919)

"At Rest"



JAMES WALTER GORDY 12-28-1943 to 12-30-2008 "Father"

& MILDRED BRADFORD GORDY 7-31-1943 (One date) "Mother"

*Md: 10/12/1963 "Their Life Was Beauty. Truth. Goodness and Love."

"Our children: Kelly LaJuan & Brian Cameron; Grandchildren: Cameron Tyler &

Cayla Elizabeth"



W. A. LONG 1851 to 3-9-1899 *Age 43 years

"His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory"



JOHN McGEE 10-25-1834 to 12-18-1897

*S/of Seleta Mauk(1809-1893) & Elisha McGee(1805-1861) (Mason)

*2nd H/of Ann Eliza Smith McGee

"Living, he made the poor man's heart be glad.

And at his death the sorrowing one more sad."

ANN ELIZA SMITH McGEE 10-9-1833 to 7-16-1890

*Spouses: *1st John G. Ingram (1830-1863) *2nd John Aaron McGee(1834-1897)

"Her happy soul has winged its way To one pure bright eternal day"


LOVIC PIERCE McGEE 11-24-1872 to 5-9-1953

*D/of John Aaron McGee(1834-1897) & Ann Eliza Smith McGee(1833-1890)

(80 yrs 3mos 13 days)



MARY McGEE 2-7-1833 to 12-26-1915

*D/of Seleta Mauk McGee(1809-1893) & Elisha McGee(1805-1861)



J. ALLEN MELLARD 12-24-1903 to 1-13-1904

*S/of Benjamin Walter Mellard(6/3/1866 Ashley Co., AR to 8/30/1939) &

Beulah Anne Roberta McGee Mellard (10/3/1874 El Dorado to 9/12/1917 Fordyce, AR)

(J. Allen Mellard (29) Md. Miss Annie B. McGee (21) Jan 26 1896 (Book K Page 188)

*Benjamin & Beulah Anne Mellard are buried in Oakland Cemetery, Fordyce, Dallas Co, Ark.

"A little bud of love to flower with God above"

*This headstone is broken in half with the name part separated from the dated part.



*The following E.E. & Mary H. Mooty; Elizabeth R. Wood; Marshall H. Mooty are all buried

in a plot surrounded by a wrought iron fence. There were two other unknown / unreadable headstones.

At the foot of one grave was a foot stone with the initials E.R. H.


(E.E.) EBENEZER ERSKINE MOOTY 2-2-1803 SC to 3-9-1882 AR *Father

& MARY H. LANE MOOTY 7-19-1814 GA to 1-30-1892 AR 'Mother'

* Wf/of Ebenezer E. Mooty "Lived together in life, sleep together in death, will rise together

in the resurection"


MARSHALL H. MOOTY October 1848 GA to March 1866 AR

"We'll join thee in that heavenly land. No more to take thy parting hand."

*Marshall H. Mooty was the oldest interment found in 2006 for this cemetery,

although unmarked graves do exist.



ELIZEBETH R. MOOTY WOOD 5-25-1844 to 1-28-1904

*D/of Ebenezer Erskine Mooty(1803-1882) & Mary H. Lane Mooty(1814-1892)

*Wf/of Wyatt H. Wood(1840-1902) buried at Wyatt-Parnell Cemetery

*Buried in the fenced enclosure with Mary H. & E. E. Mooty



*May 24, 2005: A new homemade marker has been added at the very back edge of the cemetery,

just past the McGee graves; it is made out of metal with the name, HAYES,

in script, welded on top & the whole thing painted in silver. Stands about 5 inches tall

on legs on either end. Not found in April 2012.


*Just outside the fenced in plot for the Mooty's & Elizabeth R. Wood is an unusual

heavy metal piece solidly stuck in the ground.. My guess is that it is cast iron maybe

a lever of some sort. I have seen this before on earlier visits, and believe it marks a grave.







Carrie Venable Goodwin ~ George Walton Goodwin



Hamilton S. Goodwin Ann E. wife of John McGee

S/of G.W. & C. E. Goodwin


W. A. LONG JOHN husband of A. G. McGEE



*I had a copy of an old survey made March 11, 1960 by Rachel McKinney,

which helped to some degree with tombstones that have since disappeared or became illegible.

There many un-marked graves which have disappeared with time. Last burial was in 1973.

Then in 2008 James Walter Gordy was buried here. He and his wife (still living) share a new double

headstone.) The oldest marked burial, that still exists, appears to be for Marshal Mooty in 1866.