aka 'Castleberry-Champagnolle Cemetery' ~  Est. 1882

Union County, Arkansas


*Near Ouachita River SE of the small community of Calion. The original cemetery

(first est. ca 1873) was located closer to the Ouachita River & during a flood, part of

the cemetery was washed away, along with several graves.  According to what I was told

by an old timer, the cemetery was moved farther away from the river & re-located on higher

ground, it's present day location about 1882. *In the area of the old community of

Champagnolle, once a thriving place with the  land office & a major landing on the River

for river traffic

Submitted June 13, 2004:  Updated May 2006.  *New Canvass: October 2011.

*Last Updated December 2015   Janice Holzer   jcsh432@gmail.com


*ob.  indicates info from obituary

*SSDI  indicates some info from Social Security Death Index

*MM  indicates a mortuary / funeral home marker

*WOW   Woodman of the World marker.



JAMES  F.  ABLES   1-26-1930  to  3-21-1994

*S/of  James Elmo Ables(1905-1973) & Lillie Paralee Rankin Ables(1908-1993)


&  WANDA  PARKER  ABLES  10-30-1931   (One date)

*Children: J. Michael (Mickey) 12-5-54;  Lisa Ann 1-23-65;  Grand Children

Aaron Maxwell.



ALICE  ELIZABETH  ADAMS  ADAMS   4-6-1858  to  7-17-1934

*D/of  Floyd Adams(1813-1896)  &  Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)

*Wf/of  Ely M. Adams (2/13/1859 – 8/25/1893) *S/of Oscar Adams (1820-1891)

*Md:11/13/1892  Union County, Arkansas

*Ely buried in the 'Old' Presbyterian Cemetery, El Dorado, Arkansas.

 "Sweetly resting now, for God so loved the world

that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him

should not perish but have everlasting life.

 And we know she believed and was a devoted Christian and we

believe she is safe in the arms of Jesus.

For four long years she kept her Bible on her bed day and night

and read it when she was able, always praying.  We believe we will

meet her again in heaven....... her home."


CLEMMIE  ANN  IDA  ADAMS   6-10-1856  to  1-27-1930

*D/of  Floyd Adams(1813-1896) & Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)

"I have kept the faith, through long life working for the Lord.  Henceforth

there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous

Judge shall give me for He is coming again to call his own Comfort one another.

By this promise of God.  Dear sister we will meet you over there in Heaven your home."


FLOYD  ADAMS  2-22-1813 GA  to  3-15-1896 AR

*H/of  Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)

"Asleep in Jesus. Farewell father, mother, farewell.  Thou hast loved us long and well.

How we miss thee none can tell.  Jesus calls thee all is well.  Thy pain of death is past.

Your labor and sorrow ?ceased  ?____ life long war- home above at last.  Your soul has

found sweet rest."

SARAH  ELIZABETH  M. ADAMS  1-22-1822 SC  to  4-12-1900 AR

*Wf/of  Floyd  Adams


FRANK   J.  ADAMS    5-10-1854   to  1-13-1884

*D/of  Floyd Adams(1813-1896) & Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)


Infant  ADAMS    b  &  d   March 1890

*D/of  Seaborn L. Adams(1846-1926) & Nora Emma Willoughby Adams(1856-1894)

 "From Mothers arms to the arms of Jesus"


JETTIE  ELMER  ADAMS   2-9-1887  to  3-10-1956

(*1st  husband of Martha Annie Murphy  *Md:1908)  *69 yrs-1 mo-1 day

*Headstone only has his initials & year of birth and death.

*Martha Annie buried in Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado, AR.


LEMMIE  LOUIS  ADAMS   9-17-1881  to  1-2-1938

*S/of  Seaborn L. Adams(1846-1926) & Nora Emma Willoughby Adams(1856-1894)

*1st wife, Virginia Cole (6/19/1885 to 11/3/1926)

*Virginia Cole  buried Farmerville Cemetery, Union Parish, LA

*H/of  *2nd wife,  Cynthia Elizabeth Charlotte Cole.    "Dying Is But Going Home"


MARY  JANE  ADAMS   5-14-1849   to   3-21-1931

*D/of  Floyd Adams(1813-1896) & Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)

"Dear sister gone to rest.  She died as she lived trusting God, all her long life she

worked and prayed!  She was always singing the sweet song of  zion, praising God

She loved the Church of God, and she was always happy in doing her work God

commanded her to do, when called she was ready to go to her home, Jesus has

gone to prepare.  He is coming again to receive, we will meet again dear sister over there."


RUFUS  URIAH  ADAMS   4-23-1884  to  4-22-1909

*S/of  Seaborn L. Adams(1846-1926)  & Nora Emma Willoughby Adams(1856-1894)

"A short life only twenty five years.  Jesus called him over there.  In this

world of many changes shadows fall, pain and sickness, death and sorrow, come

to all, but there is a home changeless, bright and fair.

We shall meet our sainted loved ones over there.  We shall all be reunited by and by, for we

believe he is now sweetly resting in the saviors love.  Sweetly resting until Jesus comes to

receive him in his home in Heaven."


SEABORN  L.  ADAMS    3-29-1846  to   4-14-1926

*S/of  Floyd Adams(1813-1896) & Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)  

 "Gone to live with Jesus"

NORA  EMMA  WILLOUGHBY  ADAMS  9-12-1856  to  6-30-1894

*Wf/of  Seaborn  L. Adams (1846-1926)

 "By faith she lived in faith she died, Trusting in Jesus who was crucified.

We missed her here, But God Knows Best, And he has called, her home to rest. 

For God has promised rest for his people.

A true Christian in word and deed.  Her daily walk was to do good unto others.

We will meet her again in the sweet by and by."


WALTER  ADAMS   7-29-1880  to   8-1881

"The Lord loved him and called him home"


WILLIAM  "DICK"  GILES  ADAMS   2-20-1915  to  1-11-1990

*S/of  William Early Adams(1885-1927) & Annis T. Giles Adams(1889-1949)

*H/of  Rachel Ann Jerry Adams(5/25/1919 AR- 7/12/1997) *D/of  Walter Horatio Jerry

(1884-1969) & Auline Church Jerry(1888-1966)  *Rachel buried Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery


WILLIAM  EARLY ADAMS  10-29-1885  to  7-23-1927

*S/of  Seaborn L. Adams(1846-1926) & Nora Emma Willoughby Adams(1856-1894)

&  ANNIS  T. GILES  ADAMS  1-21-1889  to  7-8-1949

*D/of  James Terrell Giles(1840-1916) & Corrine Ray Belknap Giles(1865-1933)

"Rest  Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours" 


WILLIAM  PAUL  ADAMS   6-24-1851  to  11-1-1938

*S/of  Floyd Adams(1813-1896) & Sarah Elizabeth M. Adams(1822-1900)

"My dear brother is resting in Jesus.  His body lies here, but his spirit

is returned to God, who gave it in the resurrection, morning when the dead

in Christ shall rise.  Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resu-

rrection, on such the second death has no power. God called him home, he was ready

to go, he had strong faith in God, and always ready to tell others of his hope and  trust.

He joined Champagnolle Church 55 years ago.  He walked with God in the narrow

road that leads to life, he lived in the spirit, read God's word, lived closer to God every

day, often said if we have not the spirit of Christ we are none of his, and we must be

sanctified in the Lord Jesus Christ unto God who suffered and died for all.  He suffered

much but would say "Christ suffered and we must suffer for him, we miss him here, but

God's will be done.  I know it will not be long before I meet him again in Heaven, Jesus

is coming again to call us home to that beautiful city of God."



ESTELLE  BROWN  AMASON (87) 10-26-1917  to 10-10-2005TX

*D/of  Henry Napoleon Brown(1880-1957) & Dixie Griffin Brown(1885-1926)    *ob

*Wf/of  Curtis Irvine Amason(1908-1996)    "She's Safe At Home"

*Curtis buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery


JOHN  TERRY "JACK" AMASON  10-28-1960  to 12-28-2003

*S/of  Thomas Warren Amason(1918-1986) & Mary Lillian Staples Amason Russell(1921-2004)

"Beloved Son, Brother and Daddy"




"Mother"  AMASON    *Wf/of  Jones  Amason (Aug 1835 - 3/24/1918) 

*Jones Amason buried Shady grove Cemetery, Union Co., AR  

*Shares double with daughter, Elizabeth Amason(1873-1920) 

*Jones's md: 1st wife, Emma Grumbles, 1868, in Union Co., AR

*Md: as his *2nd wife, Loretta L. Suggs, 1876, Union Co.,AR



TED  H.  ANDERS    9-11-1934  (One date)


&  NORMA  JEAN  PARKER  ANDERS  1-14-1934  (One date)

*D/of  Alfred B. Parker(1904-1977) & Mary Louise Willis Parker(1910-1999)





The family of  John & Lucas Andrews, & Joe Hoffrog, intends to place a new

marker for John, just as they did for Lucas & Joe.  All three men drowned in a boat accident

on the Ouachita River somewhere between Lock & Dam 8 at Calion and Monroe.  James Alfred

Parker of Calion gave information on this to the family -  "they were working with a logging

crew on a boat, hauling barges of logs to Monroe;  a storm suddenly came up and sank the

boat and the barges, all three men drowned and it took a long time to recover their bodies. 

James Alfred Parker's father, Alfred, helped to bury them at Champagnolle.  The bodies are

located between the grave of Joe Hoffrog's  old marker and  fence.  *D: Feb 1905  In October 2011,

I found no stones for either of the Andrew men.



 ALEX ARMER    1-16-1868   to   6-4-1934

*S/of Joseph Armer(1824-1882) &  Ellen Perdue Armer(1844-1920)

&  REBECCA  JANE  LUDWIG  ARMER  9-18-1879 to  7-20-1975

"Rest Is Thine and Sweet Remembrance Ours"


CAMMIE  ARMER   9-29-1882   to  10-22-1882

*D/of  Joseph Armer(1824-1882) & Ellen Perdue Armer(1844-1920)


GLADYS  ARMER   10-5-1911   to   9-18-1913

*D/of  Alex Armer(1868-1934) & Rebecca Ludwig Armer(1879-1975)


HOWARD  ARMER  12-17-1879  to  3-13-1889

*S/of  Joseph Armer(1824-1882) & Ellen Perdue Armer(1844-1920)


JOSEPH  ARMER  12-29-1824   to  3-29-1882  "Father"

*1st wife, Martha Jane Perdue(1837-1866)   *2nd wife, Ellen Perdue(1844-1920)

&   ELLEN  PERDUE  ARMER  10-16-1844  to  9-16-1920 "Mother"

*D/of  Rev. John B. Perdue(1788-1860)  &  Mary Murphy Perdue (1808-1892)

"Sleep on dear ones and take thy rest, for we know what God appoints is best."


RUBY  ARMER   12-16-1909  to  1-1-2005   *MWA

*D/of  Alex Armer(1868-1934) & Rebecca Ludwig Armer(1879-1975)

 "Forever With The Lord"



CODY  CHARLES  ARMOUR   6-27-1923  to  12-29-1965

*S/of  George Bunyan Armour(1876-1927) &  Mittie Mainley Trull Armour (1878-1966)

*1st wife, Norna Faye Webb Calaway (1925-2010)  *2nd Dixie Juanita Thompson (1926-2011)

*Speculation: not sure which wife was 1st & which was 2nd.

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


GEORGE  BUNYAN  ARMOUR    6-17-1876  AL   to  4-17-1927 AR

*S/of  Joseph Armer(1824-1882) & Ellen Perdue Armer(1844-1920)

"Death Is But A Shadow Across The Path To Heaven"

Wf,  MITTIE  MAINLEY  TRULL   ARMOUR    9-22-1878   to   9-8-1966 "Mother"

*D/of  Henry H. Trull (1854 NC-5/10/1937) *H/of  Sarah Ann Helms Trull (b: ca 1858 NC- d:1937 AR)

"She Lives With Us In Memory And Will Forever More"




WILLIE  EUGEAN  ARMSTRONG   7-19-1900  to  2-23-1965

&  MATTYE  BELLE  WHITTINGTON  ARMSTRONG   1-1-1905  to  2-1-1970

*D/of  Nash T. Whittington(1878-1950)  &  Lilly Eva Whittington(1886-1926)



WILLIAM  EDGAR  BAKER   11-26-1870  to  12-6-1935

*William Edgar Baker~ Md: Lula Eugenia Murphy 10/6/1907

&  LULA  EUGENIA "GENIA"  MURPHY  BAKER   8-15-1878 to 10-13-1954

*D/of  Henry Clay Murphy(1843-1911) &  *2nd wife, Lucie Carolyn Morrison Murphy(1851-1901)

*Genia ~ Md: *1st  ( 3/20/1907)  (J.C.) James Christopher Owen(1870-1908)   

*Md: *2nd husband, (10/6/1911)   William Edgar Baker(1870-1935)   "At Rest"  


WILLIAM  EMORY  BAKER   11-10-1916   to   4-10-1974

*S/of  William Edgar Baker (1870-1935) &  Lula Eugenia Murphy Baker(1878-1954)

*1st H/of  Alyce Elizabeth Murphy Willmon  

*Buried at Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Union Co., AR



JUDY ANN  PEPPER BALDWIN (52)  12-2-1958  to  9-9-2011  *ob

*D/of  late Charles L. Pepper & Joan McKenzie Pepper *Wf/of  Gary Baldwin



FRANCIS  MARION  BETTS   11-1-1849   to  1-28-1907

*S/of  William Alfred Betts(1822-1901)  &  Elizabeth Winifred Betts(1819-1900)

AMANDA  FREEMAN  BETTS   8-4-1850   to  12-11-1940

*Wf/of  Francis Marion Betts


FRANK  MARSHALL  BETTS   10-27-1878  to  5-15-1927

*S/of  Francis Marion Betts(1849-1907) &  Amanda Freeman Betts(1850-1940)

"God gave, He took.  He will restore.  He doeth all things ?well.


WILLIAM  ARTHUR  BETTS   2-21-1874   to  3-26-1915  *WOW

*S/of  Francis Marion Betts(1849-1907) &  Amanda Freeman Betts(1850-1940)




MARY  BROWN  BOWEN   8-30-1907  to  11-5-1983

*D/of  Henry Napoleon Brown(1880-1957) & Dixie Griffin Brown(1885-1926)

"She's Safe At Home"



MARGIE  ARMSTRONG  BOWERS  1-5-1924   to  2-9-1984

*D/of  Willie Eugean Armstrong(1900-1965) & Mattye Belle Whittington Armstrong(1905-1970)



JESSIE  MYRTEE  "MYRT"  BRAMLEY  10-17-1880 TN  to  9-6-1952 AR

*S/of  John J. Bramley (1847-1921) &  Sallie Melicia Robertson Bramley(1852-1944)   *Mason


JOHN  J.  BRAMLEY   6-29-1847 TN  to  2-28-1921 AR

*H/of  Sallie Melicia Robertson     "Blessed are the dead when die in the Lord"

SALLIE  MELICIA  ROBERTSON  BRAMLEY   5-12-1852  to  2-2-1944

*Wf/of  John J.  Bramley    "God's Greatest Gift Returned To God – Our Mother"


JOHN  J.  BRAMLEY  12-13-1882 TN  to  11-30-1899 AR

*S/of  John J. Bramley (1847-1921) & Sallie Melicia Robertson Bramley(1852-1944)       

*Age 16 yrs, 11 mos, 17 dys.



EPPS  BROWN   8-30-1909  to  5-1-1996 (Mason)

*S/of  Henry Napoleon Brown(1880-1957) &  Dixie Griffin Brown(1885-1926)

*Spouses:  *1st  Audrey Lee Hearin  Brown Ambrose (7/17/1918 AR – 9/29/2010 TX)

*Audrey &  *2nd husband, John Willis are buried at Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Union Co.,AR

*2nd  *Md:8/13/1949  Lovie Armer Brown  

*S1  US Navy  WW II

&  LOVIE  ARMER  BROWN (97)  9-7-1913  to  10-15-2010*ob

*D/of  Alex Perdue Armer(1868-1934)  &  Rebecca Ludwig Armer(1879-1975)  

*MWA  "Forever with the Lord" 

*Lovie's birth & death dates are not engraved on the headstone as of Oct 2011.


HENRY NAPOLEON BROWN   5-3-1880   to  1-1-1957

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Warren Brown(1856-1890)  &  Lafayette Brown (b:ca 1847 AR)

&  DIXIE GRIFFIN BROWN   7-15-1885   to  5-18-1926

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


ROBERT  ADAIR  BROWN  "Uncle Bob"    1873  to 1941

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Warren Brown(1856-1890)  &  Lafayette Brown (b:ca 1847 AR)

"God Forgets No One"



AUGUSTUS  GARFIELD  BURNS    2-5-1883 AR  to  12-1-1964 TX

*S/of  Moses Kelly Burns(1841-1910)  &  Isabelle Janie Hay Burns(1848-1920)


&  ETHEL  MAY  BRAMLEY  BURNS    2-28-1891  to  5-8-1987

*S/of  John J. Bramley (1847-1921)  & Sallie Melicia Robertson Bramley(1852-1944)   



Baby  DALE  BUTCHER     1933  *S/of  Luther  &  Essie Butcher


ESSIE  DELLA  GORE  BUTCHER   7-30-1910  to  3-26-1971

"In God's Loving Care"    Two markers- one is a Bailey MM


JOHN  B.  BUTCHER    2-21-1866   to   6-22-1929

&  LAURA  ROWE  BUTCHER   10-12-1880 MO  to  12-10-1935 AR


LUTHER  H.  BUTCHER   1903  to  1964

*S/of  John B. Butcher(1866-1929)  &  Laura Rowe Butcher(1880-1935)

"Asleep  in Jesus"


OSCAR  HUDSON  BUTCHER    1-17-1907   to   8-3-1987

*S/of  John B. Butcher(1866-1929)  &  Laura Rowe Butcher(1880-1935)

&  FANNIE  ESTES  BUTCHER   5-30-1910   to   4-18-1983

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



(H.L.) HENRY  LARKIN  BYROM   3-12-1879 LA  to  9-1-1921 AR

*H/of  Viola Linder Byrom

VIOLA  LINDER  BYROM   3-2-1886   to  8-7-1971

*D/of  Louis Alexander Linder(1843-1901)  &  Clarissa Marie Slater Linder(1848-1922)

*Wf/of  Henry Larkin Byrom


OTTO  LUTHER  BYROM    died  8-19-1975   Age 65 yrs



JAMES  BARR  CASTLEBERRY  born  Dec 1870 LA  to  4-14-1943 AR

*S/of James Thomas Castleberry, M.D.(1845-1908) &  Jane Caturah (Kutura) Castleberry(1849-1920)


 JAMES  THOMAS  CASTLEBERRY,M.D.   Jan 1845 AL  to  3-20-1908 AR

(Md:ca 1868)

JANE   CATURAH (KUTURA) CASTLEBERRY  Mar 1849 AL  to  1920 El Dorado

*"JENNIE"   *Wf/of  James T. Castleberry, M.D.


PINKIE  CASTLEBERRY   Dec 1882  to  March 1955

*D/of  James T. Castleberry, M.D. (1845-1908) &  Jane Caturah (Kutura) Castleberry(1849-1920)

WILBUR  ERNEST  CASTLEBERRY    1873 LA   to  October 1944

(From family files b:2-9-1873 LA & d:10-30-1944) *Wf, Minnie May Owen(1884-1976)

*S/of  James T. Castleberry, M.D.(1845-1908)  &  Jane C. (Kutura) Castleberry (1849-1920)



EDDIE  WARREN COOK    6-1-1882   to  11-19-1884

*S/of Jacob M. & Alice Virginia Norris Cook  *Obit: Texarkana newspaper 

*Mr. & Mrs. Jacob M. Cook were visiting Mrs. Cook's sister, Maj. & Mrs. Warren

of Independent. He died at their residence.  Eddie and his parents, returned home to

Champagnolle, where he will be buried.  *2 yrs 6 mos


WILLIAM  WALLACE  COOK   10-12-1877  to   8-23-1881

*S/of  Eli T. Cook(ca 1827-ca 1920) & Elizabeth Drucilla Dumas Cook (ca 1839-1895)



 LAURIE  MORELAND  CRAIG   4-17-1910  to  9-17-1992

*D/of  Wilford Garland Craig(1886-1975) &  Cora Alice Moreland Craig(1890-1955)

"Together Forever"    *Md: 10/4/1935

&   MARY  BAKER  CRAIG   1-26-1913  to  12-30-2000  LA

*D/of  William Edgar Baker(1870-1935) & Lula Eugenia Murphy Baker(1878-1954)

(*in middle of this double headstone are a set of rings; the top ring says  10-4-1935,

the bottom ring says  "Temple"  7-20-1972)



MARY  ANN  CRAVY    1-6-1835 AL   to  12-23-1903 AR

NORA  ELLEN  CRAVY   5-17-1855 AR   to   9-7-1893 AR

*D/of  Mary Ann Cravy



EDNA  JANE  HAYNES  DEARING (74)  7-29-1941  to  9-28-2015 *OB

*D/of  Floyd Haynes(1909-1968)  &  Lottie Lambert  Haynes(1925-1967) 

*Wf/of  James Preston Dearing



EVA  DUMAS   10-14-1906   to  11-4-1906

*D/of  William Thomas Dumas(1877-1959) & Ilda Lee Armer Dumas(1877-1958)


Infant Son of  WM.  THOMAS  &  ILDA  DUMAS   B & D  1916


JOSEPH  CLIFTON  DUMAS   2-27-1901  to  10-5-1967

*S/of William Thomas Dumas(1877-1959) &  Ilda Lee Armer Dumas(1877-1958)

"Always In Our Hearts"  

&   BERTA  CANADY  DUMAS (97) 12-4-1909   to  1-16-2006

*D/of John Samuel  'Sam' Canady(1867-1954) & Margaret Annie Lee Harrison Canady(1872-1962)

 *Wife of Clifton Dumas (Md:1932)   *ob


WILLIAM   THOMAS   DUMAS    7-1-1877  to   7-15-1959

*S/of  Jeremiah Dumas(b: ca 1823 GA) & Paralee Crain Dumas(b:ca 1860 AL)

&   ILDA  LEE  ARMER  DUMAS   11-7-1877  to   4-17-1958

"Asleep In Jesus"



ARTHUR  DUNN   5-9-1888   to   4-26-1955

*S/of  Sam Davis(1856-1929) & Nettie Adams Dunn(1863-1939)

MARY  ALICE  LYON  DUNN   6-25-1888   to   2-26-1980

*D/of  Tod Lyon(1852-1936)  &  Martha Alice Stephens Lyon(1860-1931)


SAM  DAVIS  DUNN   7-12-1856  to  2-27-1929

"Holy Bible the dear old book he loved best, it taught him to have faith in

God, and Son.  He prayed every night , this book was read, he asked forgiveness

before he went to bed, asking God to guide and direct him till death and to take

home to live with his savior;  He was ready to go when God called him and he told

me be not afraid.  God will take care of me.  I know he is at rest and I will meet

him again.  So God be with you till we meet again at Jesus feet.

NETTIE  ADAMS  DUNN   4-10-1863  to  8-20-1939

"A Patient Sufferer and Devout Christian Has Entered Into Her Inheritance,

Incorruptible and Undefiled, That Fadeth Not Away And Reserved In Heaven For Her."



JOSEPH  RANDALL "RANDY" ELLIS (66)  3-17-1949  to  6-5-2015

*S/of  Leona Earlene Warren Ellis  & Joseph Wiley Ellis *OB

*U.S. Army Vietnam Vet   *Wife, Windy of Ardmore, OK



GEORGE  W.  EPPS   1-12-1887   to  9-1-1920

*S/of  William  B. Epps(1858-1925)  to  Beulah Burton Epps(1860-1944)

*Spouses:  *1st Ethel P. Epps(1893-1915)  *2nd  Zettie P. Parker  Epps Rice(1900-1973)

ETHEL  P.  EPPS   5-27-1893   to   4-12-1915


WILLIAM  B.  EPPS   11-2-1858   to   1-13-1925

*H/of Beulah Burton Epps (1860-1944) buried in Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery

*Father of Gay Lee Epps Rogers    "Asleep In Jesus"  



TOM  FAULKNER   (no marker or data – see info at end of listings)

LUCY  D.  FAULKNER   (no marker or data – see info at end of listings)



JAMES  W.  GARRETT   8-2-1923  to  6-1-1999

*Md: 2/10/1944

&   LORAINE  D. WALKER  GARRETT   8-11-1926  to  5-17-1996

*D/of  Robert  Isom Walker (1897-1959)  &  Dortha Mae Gross Walker(1908-1983)



GASTON   (Metal marker   No dates)


FRANK  COURTNEY  GASTON   6-24-1931  (One date)

*Md:12/21/1952     "Pappy"    "Grammy"

"Forever With The Lord"

&  SYLVIA  OLIVER  GASTON  1-23-1935  (One date)

*D/of  Paul C. Oliver (1907-1979) & Cora L. Oliver(1905-1983)



MATTIE  LYDA  AGLES  GILES   7-20-1898  to  12-26-1910

*D/of  James Terrell Giles  &  Corrine Ray Belknap Giles


Mr.  (J.T.)JAMES  TERRELL  GILES   7-28-1840  to  1-20-1916

*Spouses:  *1st Tabitha Ann McAfee(1843-1884) *2nd Corrine Ray Belknap(1865-1933)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

Mr. J. T. Giles & Mrs. Corin Giles share a double obelisk headstone.

&   Mrs. CORRINE  RAY  BELKNAP  GILES   12-30-1865  to   3-28-1933

*D/of  Sallie L. Ray McDade (1842 TN-1929 AR) & James M. McDade(1837-1908)

"A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend"


TABITHA  ANN  McAFEE  GILES  11-28-1843  to  6-9-1884

*D/of  Oliver Cromwell McAfee(1807-1851) & Sarah Elizabeth Feazel McAfee (1807-1883)

It is believed that Tabitha and her parents, Oliver C. McAfee & Sarah E. Feazel McAfee

are also buried in Champagnolle Cemetery.

*2nd Wf/of  (J.T.)James Terrell Giles (1840-1916)  



ROBERT  WESLEY  GORE    4-15-1865 KY  to  12-15-1927 AR

"Our Father"    "Darling We Miss Thee"   *H/of  Texanna Gardner Gore

TEXANNA  "ANNER" GARDNER  GORE   6-30-1881AL  to  3-5-1965 LA

*Wf/of  Robert Wesley Gore      "My Trust Is In God"



CARRIE  LOREANE  GRAFF   6-10-1923  to  10-8-1923



HAROLD  G. GREER (67)   4-5-1943  to  7-31-2010*OB

*S/of  Lawson Greer & Dorothy Viola Hambrick Benson    *Young's MM


JAMES  LEWIS  GREER   10-25-1985  to  6-24-2004

*S/of  William L. Greer(1955- ?) & Brenda Joyce Byrd Greer(1956-2002)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"    "Long Black Train- Josh Turner"


WILLIAM  L.  GREER   9-22-1955  (One date)


&  BRENDA  JOYCE  BYRD  GREER  10-12-1956  to  4-4-2002

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



ANN  GRIFFIN  * MM with only the birth year, 1938, showing in 2011


ARCHIE  J.  GRIFFIN  died  7-22-1928  *Age 30 yrs

*2011....Young's  MM  for ARCHIE  BUDDY  GRIFFIN with only birth year, 1928, showing


BELLE  OWENS  GRIFFIN   *MM with no dates, just name


DIXIE  GRIFFIN   7-15-1885   to   5-18-1926


JAMES  GRIFFIN   *MM with only his name & birth year of 1935


JIMMIE  GRIFFIN    *MM with only his name & birth year of 1935


Mrs.  MARY GRIFFIN   died   8-1-1885  Age 63 yrs


W. W.  GRIFFIN  died   6-12-1894  Age 46 yrs




*S/of  Elizabeth 'Emma' Stringer Griffing(1835-1926)  &  John Madison Griffing(1829-1906)

&  MARY  ALICE  "MOLLIE"  ROBERTS  GRIFFING   1871  to  1954

*D/of  William Robert  Roberts(1838-1918)  &  Laura Jane Willhite Roberts(1841-1879)


OMAR  D.  GRIFFING  1-5-1892   to   11-17-1917


WILLIAM  ROBERTS  GRIFFING   5-8-1912  to  2-8-1986

*S/of  Florent Casey Griffing(1867-1928) &  Mary Alice Roberts Griffing(1871-1954)



GEORGE  GRIFFITH  *S/of  Jack Griffith.

*George drowned in the Ouachita River (no data)


JACK  GRIFFITH  (no data)  *H/of  Zettie Epps;  *Father of George Griffith




LAURA  HALL   (Square concrete  base with no other info or dates)

Mrs.  LAURA  JONES  HALL (80)  8-25-1909  to  2-1-1990

*Wf/of  William Ira Hall (1905-1969)


LEON  KENNETH  HALL    8-24-1924   to  10-15-1985  *Bailey MM

*Also has regular tombstone   "Celebrating Life With  God"

CLAUDIE  MARIE  McKENZIE  HALL (76) 1-5-1936  to  1-29-2012 *ob

*D/of 'Jim' James Anthony McKenzie(1888-1959) & Nora Clarkston McKenzie

*Wife of Leon Kenneth Hall

"She Died As She Lived – A Christian And A Loving Mother"



CELESTE  MICHELLE  HANNEGAN   5-2-1971  to  11-2-1991

"Baby Sister"



RONALD  R.  HARRISON   11-17-1938  to  1-17-2003


&  MARTHA  HINES  HARRISON    3-18-1944  (One date)




ERMA  L.  O'NEIL  HARRELSON    8-3-1916  to  5-14-1980

*D/of  Hugh O'Neil  &  Sadie Goode.O'Neil  *Widowed.  Age 63 yrs-9 mos-10 dys

*Minister's wife.  *Widowed    Died in Indiana.


HATTIE  ELIZABETH ADAMS  HASTINGS   6-12-1879   to  3-25-1935

*D/of  Seaborn L. Adams(1846-1926) & Nora Emma Willoughby Adams(1856-1894)

*Wf/of   John L. Hastings    "She is now resting we believe in the resurrection.  When the

dead in Christ shall rise, she will rise to meet the Lord she loved who died to save her.  He

said I go to prepare a place for you and will come again to receive you and then we will be caught

up together to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the lord wherefore comfort one

another with these words.  How sweet it will be in that beautiful land, so free from all sorrow

?--- With songs on our lips and harps in our hands, to meet one another again."    



CARL  FELTON  HAYNES    5 month  *S/of  Ruth &  Felton Haynes


JIM  HAYNES (no data)   *Uncle of Alfred &  Jerrell  Parker


PRESTON  FELTON  HAYNES   4-9-1910  to  11-27-1969

*S/of  Levi Matt Haynes(1885-1987) & Lillie Roland Wilkins(1884-1971)

*2011 Has one marker with no dates, just his name. 2nd marker has dates

LONA  MAE  HAYNES   (No dates)

*Preston & Lona both appear to have home made markers.

*Their names are etched onto a metal plate that is bolted to concrete.


RUTHIE  MAE  SMITH  HAYNES   5-5-1923  to  6-3-2005

*D/of  Gracie Alene Rowles Harris (1894-1988)

*Wf/of  Preston Felton Haynes(1910-1969)

"Loving Mother"  "An Inspiration To All Who Knew Her"


SAM  LEE  HAYNES   12-26-1906  to  2-8-1991

"Beloved Uncle  Rest In Peace"


SAM  HOUSTON  HAYNES   *S/of  Will &  Lillie Haynes


SUZIE  HAYNES   *Half sister of  Alfred &  Jerrell Parker


WILLIAMS  CARTER  HAYNES   10-5-1877  to  8-14-1932  (Will)

Wf,  LILLIE  BELL  GREER  HAYNES   11-20-1888  to  1-11-1965

*Buried next to Felton Haynes.  Inscription on tomb:  "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills,

From Whence Cometh My Help.  My Help Cometh From The Lord, Which Made Heaven And  Earth."



CHARLES  ALFRED  HAYS, SR. (70)  6-28-1944  to  1-5-2015 *OB

*S/of  Jesse Guy Hays(1902-1976)  &  Retha Lee Rice Hays(1927-1993) 

*Wf/of  52 yrs, Linda Hays.   *Md:2/2/1961

&   LINDA  FAYE  INGRAM  HAYS  11-8-1943  (One date)

*Nice above the ground crypt for the two of them.


JESSE  GUY  HAYS   9-24-1902  to  6-26-1976

*S/of  Jesse King Hays (1879-1928)  &  Minnie Lee Maner Hays(1878-1958)

*TEC  5  US Army  WW II

&  RETHA  LEE   RICE   HAYS   1-21-1927  to  5-31-1993

*D/of  Charlie W. Rice(1891-1962)  &  Lillian Inez Mitchell Ricketts(1905-1988)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want"  Psalms  23:1



DANIEL  CLAYTON "PINKEY" HENSLEY(59)  4-11-1956  to  12-7-2015 *OB

*Resided in Hot Springs, AR.  *S/of  Nolan William Hensley & Burnl Rogers Hensley


NOLAN  WILLIAM  HENSLEY  1-23-1921  to   2-6-1978

*S/of  Otto Emmett Hensley(1893-1945) & Jewell Hensley(1903-1927)

*Md:1/31/1942   *TEC 4  U.S. Army  WW II  "His Mercy Endureth Forever"

&  BURNL  ROGERS  HENSLEY   12-5-1918   to   9-4-1984


JEWELL  HENSLEY  10-3-1903  to  10-10-1927 

*Wf/of  Otto Emmett Hensley(1893-1945)  *Age 24 yrs-7dys



OTIS  HINES, SR.  4-15-1917  to  12-26-1998 "Father"

*S/of  Richard Riley Hines(1881-1965)  &  Mary Lou Sisco Hines(1890-1924)

*Spouses: *Md:9/10/1965  Joyce L. Greer   *Flora Mae Stinson Hines Coke(1923-2005)

*Flora Mae Stinson Hines Coke buried in Resthaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery

&  JOYCE  L. GREER  HINES   8-23-1949 (One date) "Mother"

*Wf/of  Otis Hines, Sr.




JOE  HOFFROG  died  February  1905  *Age about 63 yrs

*Erected by his friends (headstone was toppled over ) Joe Hoffrog,

along with John & Lucas Andrews drowned in the Ouachita River.

*See story at end of listings.



CARL  H.  HURST   9-19-1927  to  1-27-1993

*US Navy  WW  II


M.  (MABLE)  DALE  HURST    2-7-1926   to   9-25-1971

"Beloved Mother   Rest In Peace"



J.  ROBERT  JOHNSTON   12-11-1862   to  12-22-1883

*S/of  Robert  N.  &  Mary A. Johnston(1833-1884)

MARY  A.  JOHNSTON    1833 SC  to  3-23-1884   *Age 51 yrs  

 *Widow of  Robert N. Johnston



CARTER  L.  KING   4-8-1918   to  5-12-2005

*TEC  5  US  Army  WW II    

&  MARY  NELL  RICE  KING   11-17-1924   to  9-22-1970


DAVID  LEE  KING   9-13-1943  to  2-3-1944

*S/of  Carter L. King(1918-2005)  &  Mary Nell Rice King(1924-1970)


SELMA  ALICE  KING   9-24-1934  to  3-22-2007



PATSY SUE  McDONALD  LAMBERT (76)  7-10-1937 to 8-3-2013 *OB

*Wf/of  the late Garland Wesley Lambert  *M/of late daughter, Johnnie Sue Barnette

*D/of  Roy M. McDonald(1902-1987) & Lillian Kirkpatrick McDonald(1908-1978)



LITTIE  LEE  LANGFORD    9-16-1878   to   6-5-1880

*D/of  J.W. & R.V. Langford



CLAUDE  ELMER  LANGLEY   9-15-1896  to  12-30-1972

*S/of  William A. Langley(1854-1937) &  Susie M. Stricklin Langley(1860-1934)

"Into Thy Hands I Command My Spirit"

&   Wf, EVELYN  DUMAS  LANGLEY  10-14-1906   to  10-21-1992

*D/of  William Thomas Dumas(1877-1959) & Ilda Lee Armer Dumas(1877-1958)


FLORENCE  WILLIS  LANGLEY(66)  2-14-1930  to  9-30-1996 *ob

*D/of  Herman Alexander Willis(1904-1951) &  Alice Zola Jones Willis(1907-1936)



LARRY  LAVELLE  LANGLEY   4-23-1951  to  1-2-1968

*S/of Florence Willis Langley (1930-1996)


WILLIAM  BRYAN  LANGLEY (81)  5-26-1926  to  10-9-2007 *ob 

*S/of Claude Elmer Langley (1896-1972) & Evelyn Dumas Langley(1906-1992)  

*Wife, Margarett Pritchett Langley   *U.S. Navy  WW II  Veteran



JOE  LEAMONS, Jr.    born   &   died  3-16-1941

*S/of  Joe Mack Leamons(1904-1986) & Thelma Alene Madera Leamons(1912-1967)


JOE  MACK  LEAMONS   9-27-1904  to  5-31-1986

*S/of  John Leamons (1867-1934)  

*Spouses: *1st Thelma Alene  Madera  Leamons  

*2nd  Mae  A. Anderson Herrington Leamons

*Mae Anderson D/of  Jim Anderson &  Myrtle Conner Anderson *Widow of John Herrington

& THELMA ALENE MADERA LEAMONS  1-15-1912  to  10-5-1967


JOHN  LEAMONS     9-26-1867   to   3-10-1934

*S/of  Joshua Leamons(1820-1911) &  Jane Bell Leamons(1823-1993)



WILLIAM  THOMAS   LEOPARD    7-26-1909   to  5-16-1990

*S/of  William Wesley Leopard(1868-1921) & Mary Sue Clawson Leopard(1891-1919)

& GILBERTINE  ADAMS  LEOPARD (85) 12-15-1912 to 12-4-1998*ob

*D/of  William Early & Annis Terrel Giles Adams

*Mother of the late Glen Nash & Dwight Nash.  "Safe in the arms of Jesus"

*Mother of Beryle Leopard &  Thomas Leopard.



RUTHIE  MAE  HAYNES  MANTOOTH   5-5-1923  to  6-3-2005*ob


ALICE  ELIZABETH  MARTIN   5-16-1926   to  5-31-1927

*D/of  Charles M. Martin(1880-1937) &  Georgia Elizabeth Brillheart Martin(1882-1968) 

(by Oct 2011, this headstone had sunk into the ground leaving only the name visible)


BILLY  MARTIN (63)  3-23-1943  to  8-30-2006

*S/of  Paul K. Martin, Sr. & Rubye Johnson Martin; 

Brother  to the late Leland Morgan Martin,

May Martin Braddock, & Judy Martin Ragan. *ob


CHARLES   M.  MARTIN    3-2-1880  to  5-24-1937

*S/of  Charles Morton Martin(1855-1907) & Jennetta Adaline Martin(1856-1902 AL)


*D/of John LINDSEY Brillhart(1851-1898) & Sarah Maxie Cross Brillhart(1860-1944)


LELAND  MORGAN  "Buddy"  MARTIN   4-14-1938  to  10-2-2003

*S/of  Paul Kermit Martin(1908-1987) & Rubye Elizabeth Johnson Martin(1911-1993) 

*SSG  US Army Vietnam


MARGARET  HELON  MARTIN    3-31-1922  to  7-5-1994

*D/of  Charles M. Martin(1880-1937) &  Georgia Elizabeth Brillheart Martin(1882-1968)

"She Loved God And Her Fellow Men"


MARY  HYLDRED  MARTIN  3-12-1906  to  6-13-1920

*D/of  Charles M. Martin(1880-1937) &  Georgia Elizabeth Brillheart Martin(1882-1968)

"Weep not father and mother for me For I am waiting in Heaven for thee"


PAUL  KERMIT  MARTIN    7-26-1908  to 11-19-1987  (Mason)

*D/of  Charles M. Martin(1880-1937) &  Georgia Elizabeth Brillheart Martin(1882-1968)


&  RUBYE  E.  JOHNSON  MARTIN   12-28-1911  to  1-11-1993

*D/of  Joseph Alexander Johnson(1867-1935) & Mary Blanche Ails Johnson(1868-1949)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


PAUL  KERMIT  MARTIN, JR. (80) 6-14-1932  to  11-1-2012  *OB

*S/of  Paul Kermit Martin, Sr(1908-1987) & Rubye Elizabeth Johnson Martin(1911-1993).

*US Army-Korea


STEPHEN  ALLEN  MARTIN (51) 10-24-1961  to  3-12-2013  *OB

*S/of  Paul K. Martin, Jr. & Addie Jane Stephens Martin


WILLIAM  CHARLES  MARTIN  "BILLY" (63)  3-23-1943  to  8-30-2006

*S/of  Paul Kermit Martin, Sr(1908-1987) & Rubye Elizabeth Johnson Martin(1911-1993).

* (1 of 10)    "He Was Beloved In Life"



JOSEPH  FRANKLIN  MASSEY, SR.  4-30-1874 SC  to  4-18-1940 AR

*S/of  Marshall H. "Crockett" Massey(1851-1921) & Mary Tucker Massey(1852-1934

*Joseph md: Edmonia Mabel Clawson  10/14/1900 Union Co., AR

"Love Is Immortality Of The Soul"

&   EDMONIA  MABEL  CLAWSON  MASSEY  4-25-1881  to  2-20-1958

*D/of  John Hines Clawson(1845-1926)  &  Maria Eucebia "Cebe" Lawrence Clawson(1844-1932)


GRACIE  MASSEY   4-12-1910  to  3-27-1912

*D/of Joseph F. Massey, Sr.(1874-1940)  &  Edmonia Mabel Clawson Massey(1881-1958)


JOSEPH  FRANKLIN  MASSEY, JR.   4-6-1912  to  5-14-1988

*D/of Joseph F. Massey, Sr.(1874-1940)  &  Edmonia Mabel Clawson Massey(1881-1958)


&  EDNA  F.  ROBINSON  MASSEY  12-30-1910  to  5-28-1987

*D/of  Thomas  H. Robinson(1865-1944) & Minnie O. Nettles Robinson(1878-1965)


MACK  M.  MASSEY     4-10-1903   to   2-6-1922

*D/of Joseph F. Massey, Sr.(1874-1940)  &  Edmonia Mabel Clawson Massey(1881-1958)


WOODROW  W.  MASSEY    11-24-1918   to   5-7-1955

*D/of Joseph F. Massey, Sr.(1874-1940)  &  Edmonia Mabel Clawson Massey(1881-1958)

"His Memory Is Blessed"



OLIVER  CROMWELL  McAFEE   1807 NC  to  10-03-1851 AR

*Unproven that this couple are buried in Champagnolle Cemetery.

*Spouses: *1st Almira McBrayer of NC    *2nd  Sarah Elizabeth Feazel

SARAH  ELIZABETH  FEAZEL  McAFEE   11-1-1807 VA  to  4-29-1883

*D/of Johannes(John) George (Gorge) Feazel(Feazle) (1765-1832) &

Nancy Margaret Pehr Feazel (1775-1840)   *2nd wife of Oliver Cromwell McAfee



CICERO  McBROOM    8-14-1917   to   4-10-1983

*S/of  Robert Pat McBroom(1892-1970) & Minnie Alice Miles McBroom(1894-1971)

*PFC  U.S. Army  WW II

 7-12-1910   to  12-13-2002



CARRIE   H.  McCAIN    5-20-1864   to   2-23-1942

*S/of  James G. McCain(1830-1903)  &  Mary J. Morgan McCain(1838-1895)

* Buried in Morgan K. McCain plot  "The Pure In Heart Shall See God"


CARA   MORGAN   McCAIN   12-7-1873   to  3-8-1891

*S/of  James G. McCain(1830-1903)  &  Mary J. Morgan McCain(1838-1895)

*D/of   J. G. & M. J. Morgan McCain


Rev.  J.G.  McCAIN   4-4-1830   to   3-1-1903

"Erected by his beloved children and Friends"

M. J.  MORGAN   McCAIN   6-29-1838   to  12-13-1895

*Wf/of  J. G. McCain


MARY  EMILY  McCAIN   10-8-1856   to  7-24-1885

*S/of  James G. McCain(1830-1903)  &  Mary J. Morgan McCain(1838-1895)



BILL  McCOY   (No data)



CAROLYN  JEANETTE  PARKER  McCORVEY (73)  3-14-1941  to  4-22-2014  *OB

*S/of Alfred B. Parker(1904-1977) & Mary Louise Willis Parker(1910-1999)

*H/of 49 yrs, John William "Bill" McCorvey of Calion.



ROY  M.  McDONALD   10-9-1902   to   3-3-1987

*S/of  John McCarroll McDonald(1857-1914) buried Lakeside Cemetery, Camden, AR


&  LILLIAN  KIRKPATRICK  McDONALD   10-2-1908  to  3-2-1978



BOB  ROBERTS  McGOUGH     1-16-1893   to   10-22-1927

*S/of  Thomas Jefferson McGough (1861-1937) & Grace S. Kelly McGough (1875-1924)

"God's ways are just"

MAYBELLE  BRAMLEY  McGOUGH   12-27-1887 to 12-13-1937

*D/of  John J. Bramley (1847 TN -1921 AR) &  Sallie Melicia Robertson(1852 TN-1944 AR)

"At Rest"


JAMES  ROBERT  McGOUGH  1-3-1928   to  2-22-2008

*Md:11/26/1952     *SGT  US Marine Corps-Korea



JOSEPH  "JOE"  GREGORY McGOUGH (54)  9-1-1956  to  5-28-2011

*S/of Janice Patricia Stringfellow McGough  (1934 - ?) & James Robert McGough (1928-2008) 

 *Wife, Ann Gilbreath McGough  *Md:6/8/1979



FAYE  CARROLL  BETHEA  McKINNEY  1-18-1937 AR   to  5-22-2002 TX

*Born in Warren, Bradley Co.,AR ~ Died in Fort Worth Texas



BILLYE  "ROBIN"  MEEK    8-23-1953  to  6-3-1997

*D/of  Wilma Yvonne Byrns  Meek(1921-1973)  &  Council Bryan Meek(1918-1983) 

*Two older brothers, Richard & Randall Meek.

*Born in El Dorado, died in Newberry, FL in a car accident.

Cremation. Ashes scattered in FL.


COUNCIL  BRYAN  MEEK   5-12-1918   to   8-30-1983 N Little Rock,AR

*U.S. Navy  WW  II

WILMA  YVONNE  BYRNS  MEEK    3-13-1921   to   10-4-1973

*D/of  Clarence Franklin Byrns (1893-1964)  &  Myrtle Beatrice Hubbard Byrns (1897-1971)



LAWRENCE  "L.D."  MITCHELL   8-28-1945  to  2-26-2008

*Md: 9/2/1966

&  JUDY  DIANE  MITCHELL  12-18-1946  (One date)




B.  FRANK  OLIVER  (no dates)


CARROL  HARDY  OLIVER   5-27-1932   to   4-9-1976

*Cpl.  U.S. Army  Korea  "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

*Double headstone- blank on other side


Corp.  JOHN  F. OLIVER  12-26-1898   to  7-17-1925 (Mason)

(Olveer ) "Sweetly Sleeping"   "Beloved One Farewell"  


LULA  OLIVER   died  Dec 1928

*Homemade concrete marker.


PAUL  C.  OLIVER    5-4-1907   to   3-3-1979

&  CORA  L.  OLIVER   3-12-1905 TX  to   7-4-1983 AR



(J.C.) JAMES  CHRISTOPHER  OWEN, Sr.   1-6-1870   to   8-27-1908 *WOW

*James Christopher Owen, Sr. *Md:1st  11/15/1899   Elizabeth 'Lizzie'  Slade (1872-1902)

*James C. Owen *Md:2nd  wife,  3/20/1907   Lula Eugenia 'Genia'  Murphy Baker(1878-1954)

"Tho Lost To Sighted Memory, Dear Thy Life Was ?Beauty with Goodness & Love"

Wf,  ELIZABETH  “LIZZIE”  SLADE  OWEN   8-6-1872   to   5-28-1902

*D/of  William Little Slade(1846-1921)  &  Florence Mary Burk Slade(1850-1899)

*Elizabeth 'Eliza / Lizzie'  Slade   *1ST wife of (J. C.)James Christopher Owen(1870-1908)


"JIM"  JAMES  CHRISTOPHER  OWEN, JR.   8-18-1908  to  10-8-1910

*S/of  James C. Owen,Sr.(1870-1908) &  Lula Eugenia 'Genia' Murphy Owen Baker(1878-1954)

(Genia)Lula Eugenia Murphy(1878-1954)*2nd wife of  James Christopher Owen, Sr.

"Budded On Earth to Bloom In Heaven"


JOHN   ARCHER  "ARCHIE"   OWEN    2-27-1854   to  8-5-1923

*H/of  Mary Lewis Todd Owen (1861-1891)buried Buckner Memorial Cemetery, Lafayette Co., AR

*D/of  Lewis Jefferson Todd(1833 AL-1864) & Martha Jane Perdue Todd(1837 AL-1866)



ALFRED  B.  PARKER   7-15-1904  to  10-19-1977


&   MARY  LOUISE  WILLIS  PARKER   7-26-1910   to  7-1-1999

*D/of  Ernest Frank Willis(1878-1961) &  Dora Isabelle Heckford Willis(1880-1964)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star In Heaven"


ARNESA  HAYNES  PARKER   *Mother of Jerrell & Alfred Parker



*S/of Alfred B. Parker(1904-1977) &  Mary Louise Willis Parker(1910-1999) of Calion

 "Our Beloved Son"


Infant PARKER   *S/of Jerrell  &  Lois Butcher Parker


JAMES  ALFRED  PARKER   12-24-1928  to  7-19-1997

*S/of Alfred B. Parker(1904-1977)& Mary Louise Willis Parker(1910-1999) of Calion 

*Md:7/7/1951   *US Navy  WW II     (Mason-Lodge No. 666)

&  IDA JANEECE  McKINNEY  PARKER   7-1-1926  (One date)

"We Will Work Till Jesus Comes"


JERRELL   PARKER   6-15-1901  to   9-11-1982

&  LOIS  BUTCHER  PARKER    3-27-1911  to   8-31-1986

*D/of  John B. Butcher(1866-1929) & Laura Rowe Butcher(1880-1935)

"We Will Meet Again" 


LINDA  LOUISE  PARKER 12-27-1956  (One date)


LINNIE  SLADE  PARKER   1-22-1879  to 12-30-1899

*D/of William Little Slade(1846-1921) & Florence Mary Burk Slade(1850-1899)

*1st Wf/of  Thomas R.  Parker (1874-1921)


LONNIE  PARKER   *Father of  Jerrell &  Alfred Parker  (no dates)


LONNIE  RAY  PARKER   *S/of Jerrell  &  Lois Butcher Parker  (no dates)


NORMAN  GLEN  PARKER   *S/of Jerrell  &  Lois Butcher Parker (no dates)




CHARLES  L.  PEPPER   9-5-1927  (One date) "Rest In Peace"

*H/of  Joan McKenzie Pepper

JOAN  McKENZIE   PEPPER   10-25-1932   to  1-9-1981

"My Dearest Aunt"    *Has two headstones.  "Rest In Peace"


CURTISS   "BOGARD"  PEPPER  10-2-1957  to  10-2-1976

*S/of  Charles L. Pepper & Joan McKenzie Pepper   "Gone But Not Forgotten"


GREGORY  LEROY  PEPPER (49)  9-19-1961  to  4-18-2011

*S/of  Charles L. Pepper & Joan McKenzie Pepper



 MORRIS  WHITMAN  "WHIT"  PERDUE   2-15-1838 AL  to 12-25-1920 AR

*S/of  John Hamilton Perdue(1784-1861) &  Mary Murphy Perdue(1808-1892)

&   MARY JANE  ARMER  PERDUE   5-25-1843 AL   to  7-21-1906 AR

*D/of  Mary Todd Armer(1818 – ca 1862)  &  Joseph Armer(1824-1882)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


WALTER  PURCELL  PERDUE   10-13-1879  to 10-24-1880

*S/of  Catherine Eudora Dumas Perdue(1854-1916) & Alexander Perdue(1848-1919)

(foot stone only)



LYNN  BERRY  PONDER   3-31-1937 LA  to  5-3-2001 AR

&   MRYTLE  F.  PONDER  1-10-1942  to  10-25-1999

"Blessed Are Husband And Wife In Heaven"



KENNETH  GORDON  POOLE   10-1-1938  to  12-9-2006

*S/of  Thomas Clarence Poole(1909-1981) & Edna Mae Hill Poole(1915-2002)

*PVT  2  CL  US Army



JUDITH  A. MARTIN  RAGAN    7-24-1940  to  8-30-1993 "Maw"

*D/of  Paul Kermit Martin, Sr. & Rubye Elizabeth Johnson Martin(1 of 10)



CHARLIE   W.  RICE    8-19-1891   to   3-9-1962

*Spouses:  *Md:  1932 Union Co., AR   * 1st Zettie P. Parker Rice(1900-1973)

*Md: *2nd  Lillian Inez Mitchell Ricketts (1905-1988)

*Lillian is buried at Liberty Methodist Cemetery, Louann, Ouachita Co., AR

&  ZETTIE  P. PARKER  EPPS   RICE   2-22-1900   to  6-15-1973

*D/of  Lonnie M. Parker (b: ca 1878 AR) &  Arnissa H. Haynes Parker(b:ca 1874 AR)

*Spouses: *1st George W.  Epps(1887-1920)  *2nd   Charlie W. Rice(1891-1962)


WARREN  G.  RICE     11-26-1920   to   8-27-1958

"Asleep in Jesus"



*Triple headstone:

"Tried To Run With Patience The Race That Was Set Before Us"  Heb. 12:1

ROBERT  MORTON  RICKER   2-20-1929  to  9-7-2009

*S/of  William Loye Ricker(1895-1977) & Faye E. Ricker(1902-1972)

*H/of Jewel Bridie Ricker

AMANDA  GAIL  RICKER    6-7-1975  (One date)

 JEWEL  BRIDIE  RICKER   9-9-1937  (One date)

*Wf/of  Robert Morton Ricker



GAY  LEE  EPPS  ROGERS   12-17-1898  to  4-12-1915

"Mother"   "Asleep in Jesus"

*D/of  Beulah Burton Epps(1860-1944) & William B. Epps(1858-1925)

*Gay Lee Epps Rogers  wife of Northern Crawford Rogers

*1st wife(Md:5/3/1914 AR) of Northern Crawford Rogers(8/17/1888 to 5/15/1964)

*Northern *Md: 2nd Bessie(?nee) Burns abt 1930 Franklin Parish, LA.

 *Louisiana Wagoner 43 Infantry WW I

*Northern was the S/of Viola Ann Lawrence Rogers (1867-1961)

*Northern is buried in Columbia Hill Cemetery, Columbia, LA.



MARY  LILLIAN  STAPLES  AMASON-RUSSELL   5-18-1921 to 12-25-2004

*D/of  Dan Lee Staples(1894-1964) & Irene Wood Staples(1893-1967)

*Md:1st Thomas Warren ' Woodie' Amason (7/8/1918  to 1/24/1986)

*Woodie is    buried Bethel Primitive Baptist Cem. 

*Md:2nd Cecil Robert Russell(1917-2013) 

*Cecil is buried in   Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery

 * But For The Grace Of God"




HATTIE  WARD  SCHMIDT   4-9-1878   to   4-27-1924

*D/of  Francis M. Ward(1843-1905) & Mary J. Shaw Ward(1851-1946)

*Wf/ of  William  Schmidt (1871-1892) buried Ebenezer Methodist Cem

*S/of  Kasper Schmidt(1837-1904) & Narcissa Doss Schmidt(1839-1901)

 *Son, Archie Schmidt (1901-1903) buried Ebenezer Methodist Cem.

 "Sweetly Sleepin"



LEONARD  SCOTT   died August 6, 1871 ?   Age  27 yrs  (*MM)

*Tombstone broken in 3 pieces. In 2012, All that is still legible is

' ?____ 6,  1871  AGED  About 27 Years '

*See note below next to  UNKNOWN  grave



BILLIE  JEAN  SHIREY   2-27-1946  to  4-23-1965

 *D/of  Horace George Shirey(1900-1975) & Rachel Gross McBroom(1910-2002)



SKIPPER   (no dates or other info on marker)



JOHN  MILTON  SLADE    2-22-1870   to   9-25-1898

*1st  H/of Arrilla "Emma"  Giles Kelly (1873-1939) *Old Union Cemetery

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


WILLIAM  LITTLE  SLADE   5-4-1846   to   9-14-1921

*S/of  Jane Elizabeth Marion Dumas Slade(1827-1914) &  Joseph Henry Slade(1825-1890)

*Spouses:  *1st Florence Mary Burk (1850-1899)  ~

*Md: *2nd  Nettie Ivy Slade(1858-1937)buried Teel Cemetery

FLORENCE  MARY BURK  SLADE   8-4-1850  to  7-20-1899

*D/of  Gideon H. Burk(1812-1858) & Adeliza Cammack Burk(1821-1872) 

*1st  Wf/of  William  Little Slade(1846-1921) 

*2011- Stone broken –not much legible; lying on ground *Death date illegible.



CALVIN  RAYFORD  SMITH, SR.   11-11-1923  to  10-12-1997

*S/of  Gracie Alene Rowles Harris(1894-1988) &  James A. Harris - Md:1932 Union Co., AR

*US Navy  WW II     *H/of  Virgie Stringer Smith


JESSIE   WYLIE   SMITH    1896  to  1928



ELIZABETH  MAE  BYROM  SPRIGGS   5-21-1911  to  4-10-1941

"An Inspiration To All Who Knew Her"



SQUIRREL  (no data on this flat marble stone)



DAN  LEE  STAPLES, JR.   1-25-1915   to  11-8-1983  *Mason

*S/of  Dan Lee Staples(1894-1964) & Irene Wood Staples(1893-1967)

&  NETTIE  LOU  CUNNINGHAM  STAPLES   9-2-1919  to  12-20-2003

*S/of  Ernest Isaac Cunningham(1885-1969) & Myrtle P. Cunningham(1890-1981)


DAN  LEE  STAPLES,  SR.   1894  to 1964

*S/of  John Lee Staples(1871-1900)  &  Alto Lillian Brown Staples(1866-1960)


& IRENE  WOOD  STAPLES, SR.  6-9-1893 LA  to Feb 1967 Calion, AR


DANNA  LOU  STAPLES (71)  7-10-1940  to  5-5-2012 *OB

*D/of  Dan Lee Staples, Jr. & Nettie Lou Cunningham Staples


JAMES  BEVERLY  STAPLES, SR.  3-15-1917  to  12-3-1988  

*S/of  Dan Lee Staples(1894-1964) &  Irene Wood Staples(1893-1967)

*Spouses: *Md: 6/22/1950 *1st Mary Jeanette Tucker Staples(1920-1948) 

*Md: *2nd  Norma Jean Staples(1924-2008)       *Mason

&  NORMA  JEAN  MORTON  STAPLES, SR. (84)  3-18-1924  to  11-26-2008

*D/of  Dewey Earnest Morton  & Myrtle Elizabeth Caldwell Morton  *Eastern Star  *OB


JOHN  DANIEL  STAPLES    4-5-1841 AL  to  3-23-1919 AR

*CSA  3rd  ARK  CO  E  Infantry  PVT  *One of only two Arkansans awarded a

"Gold Star" medal for valor by Hood's Texas Brigade.  *Has two headstones.

*Spouses: *1st Amanda C. Ward(1851-1874)  *2nd Mary Ann Hoffman(1829-1914)

AMANDA  C.  WARD  STAPLES   11-10-1851  to  9-12-1874

*Wf/of John  D. Staples  "Sacred in the memory of A. C. Staples

 "Her departing request Meet me in Heaven"


JOHN  LEE   STAPLES    3-1-1871  to  3-4-1900  "At Rest"

*S/of  John Daniel Staples(1841-1919)  &  Amanda C. Ward Staples(1851-1874)   

ALTO  LILLIAN  BROWN  STAPLES  10-8-1866  to  2-14-1960

*Wf/of  John Lee Staples  "She was the sunshine of our home"


MARY  ANN  HOFFMAN  STAPLES  10-22-1829   to  3-20-1914

*Spouses: *1st Elliott R. Hoffman (1820 SC-1873) buried Langford Cem., Union  Co., AR

*2nd John Daniel Staples(1841-1919)


MARY  JEANETTE  TUCKER   STAPLES   5-16-1920  to  8-21-1948

*1st wife of  James Beverly Staples(1917-1988)


RACHEL  ELIZABETH  STAPLES    8-9-1873  to  6-17-1880

*D/of  John Daniel Staples(1841-1919)  &  Amanda  C.  Ward  Staples(1851-1874)  

"Our Diamond"


WARREN  VICTOR   STAPLES   5-22-1896   to   8-3-1971 * MM

*S/of  John Lee Staples(1871-1900)  &  Alto Lillian Brown Staples(1866-1960) 


WILLIAM  JASON  STAPLES   8-27-1843   to  8-22-1862

*Pvt - CSA  CO  E  3rd  ARK Infantry


ZETTIE  AMANDA  STAPLES   5-11-1872   to   8-11-1875

*Child of  S.C. &  J.C. Staples



ISAAC  DUDLEY  STEPHENS   12-2-1873   to   2-4-1971

&  JOSEPHINE  ARMER  STEPHENS  3-17-1871  to 11-26-1949

*D/of  Joseph Armer(1824-1882) & Ellen Perdue Armer(1844-1920)

"JOSIE"  or  "JODIE"                                                                                      


ROSS  STEPHENS   12-10-1908   to   3-11-1912

*S/of  Isaac Dudley Stephens  & "Josie" Josephine Armer Stephens


RUTH  WHATLEY  STEPHENS    3-5-1905  to  9-12-1922

*D/of  Isaac Dudley Stephens(1873-1971) &  Josephine 'Josie'  Armer Stephens(1871-1949)

(Isaac & Josie Steppens -as spelled on Ruth's tombstone)  *Darling We Miss Thee"



CLARK  ALONZO  SUGGS    5-12-1841  to  6-6-1885

*S/of John Sellers Suggs(1817-1897) &  Martha Reynolds Suggs(1820-1883)

(broken stone)   *H/of  Mary Langford Suggs(1851-1914)

MARY LANGFORD  SUGGS  12-15-1851  to  1-28-1914 

*Buried Bentonville Cemetery, Benton Co., AR


JOHN  SELLERS  SUGGS  11-16-1817   to  3-1-1897 (Mason)

*Only birth & death years given on tombstones.

&  MARTHA  REYNOLDS  SUGGS   4-25-1820 GA  to  7-12-1883AR


JULIA  OZE  SUGGS   6-10-1880 *Infant  D/of  C.A.  &  M. L. Suggs

(only one date readable)  *2011 broken into multiple fragments-unreadable



LOUIS  COLUMBUS  "JACK"  TIPPY   4-21-1900  to  5-20-1976

(Louis  *Md: 1st  Lottie Sanders in 1922, Union Co., AR)

*Md:8/20/1938 -*2nd  Belle Bain

BELLE  BAIN  TIPPY    9-23-1916   to   12-4-1985



CHARLES  "CHARLIE"  TOMLINSON  6-27-1897   to  8-30-1900

*S/of  Henry Atkins Tomlinson &  Mary C. "Mollie" Burnett Tomlinson

*Age 3 yrs.  *Speculation: some confusion as to whether this child is buried here or not.

*I have never seen him on any of the older surveys of this cemetery, nor are there any other

Tomlinsons recorded as being buried here.    *See "Find-A-Grave" for details.

This cemetery to my knowledge has never been in Calhoun County.  Champagnolle Landing

which was located not too far from this cemetery & was the main land office ….was always

listed in Union County. When the flood happened in the 1870's washing away part of the

Champagnolle-Castleberry Cemetery, it was moved farther in land from the Ouachita

River bank. The moving of the county boundaries for that area occurred in the 1870's.

The flood that occurred, washed away part of the cemetery that was located near the bank

on the Ouachita River, taking a dozen or more graves down the river….

possibly this child's grave was one of those that washed away.



THOMAS  CRUTCHER  TOPP   Sep 1863 MS  to  2-5-1932 Calion


5-20-1938 Calion, AR



UNKNOWN   died 8-6-1874    *Age ca 27 yrs

Broken unreadable stone:  

August 6, 1874  Aged about 27 yrs

(From earlier records, it is believed that this is the grave of Leonard Scott) 




Infant  WALKER   B  &  D  11-24-1928 

*Infant  S/of  Robert Isom Walker  &  Dortha Mae Gross Walker


MICHAEL  LYNN  WALKER    9-18-1954  to  7-7-1955


ROBERT  DOYLE  (R.D.) WALKER  6-8-1930  (One date)

*Mason      "Precious Memories"   *Md:3/18/1952   

&  MARY  LOU  HUDSON  WALKER  1-25-1932  (No death date)

*D/of John Milton Hudson(1885-1950) & Lena Frisby Hudson(1891-1972)

*John Milton Hudson & Lena Frisby Md:▲ 5/12/1912 Union Co., AR


ROBERT   ISOM  WALKER  4-30-1897  to  2-21-1959

*S/of George Washington Walker(1856-1930) & Rebecca Pearlee Selph Walker(1860-1905)

*Ark  Pvt  U.S. Army  WW I     "Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"

DORTHA  "DORA"  MAE  GROSS  WALKER   4-14-1908 to  9-17-1983



FRANCIS   M.  WARD   9-19-1843  to  2-3-1905

*S/of  Solomon Ward(1804-1869) & Rachel Ward(1810-1853)

"Earth Has No Sorrows That Heaven Can Not Heal" 

&  MARY  J.  SHAW   WARD   7-7-1851  to  10-25-1946

"Peaceful Rest Is Yours, Blessed Remembrance Ours"


Infant  WARD  2-19-1909   *S/of  C.A. &  Dolly  Ward


OSCAR  GORDON  WARD    8-26-1888  to  7-23-1913

*S/of  Francis  M. Ward(1843-1905) & Mary J. Shaw Ward (1851-1946)

"Thy Will Be Done"



LOVIE  ADAMS  WESTELIUS   9-2-1911  to  4-9-1983



JOHN  WESLEY  WHITE, SR. (70)  5-18-1939  to  2-05-2010

*S/of late William Wesley White(1902-1976 LA) & Cora S. Galbraith White(1913-1993 LA)

*Wife, Sharon Smith     *Sister-Jewell & Mary White;  *ob

*Late brothers, Charles, Sam, Jims, & Tommy White   *Bailey FH MM


SHARON  SMITH  WHITE (59)  2-1-1949  to  12-26-2008  *ob

*D/of  Calvin R.  Smith  & Virginia Stringer Smith   *Wf/of  John W. White, Sr. 

*Bailey FH MM



RHONDA  JO  WILLETT   9-23-1966  to  7-3-1970

"Our Beloved Child"


ERNEST  FRANK  WILLIS   4-18-1878 Germany  to  1961 AR  (Mason)

&  DORA  ISABELLE  HECKFORD  WILLIS   5-3-1880 AR  to 1964 El Dorado

*D/of  John Heckford (1859-1915)  &  Mary Melissie Walker Heckford (1858-1942)

"Gone To A Bright Home"



MARY  DONELSON  WOOD   8-6-1863  to  10-9-1920

*Wf/of  William  Henry  Wood


There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery or they are only marked with field stones.




In 1988, the following individuals did not have a tombstone or marker.

Many are just marked with field stones.

*John B. Andrews, Robert Adair Brown, Tom Faulkner, Lucy D. Faulkner, Ann Griffin, Archie Griffin,

George Griffith, Jack Griffith, Jim Griffin, Carl Felton Haynes, Jim Haynes, Lillie Greer Haynes,

Sam Houston Haynes, Suzie Haynes, William Carter Haynes, Bill McCoy, Arnesa Haynes Parker,

Parker Infant, Lonnie Parker, Lonnie Ray Parker, Norman Glen Parker.



All three men drowned in a boat accident on the Ouachita River somewhere

between Lock & Dam 8 at Calion & Monroe.

*Source: James Alfred Parker of Calion provided the info to the families.....

"They were working with a logging crew on a boat, hauling barges of logs to Monroe; 

a sudden storm came up and sank the boat and the barges.  

All three men were drowned, February 1905. 

Recovering the bodies took a long time.

James Alfred Parker's father, Alfred, helped bury them at Champagnolle

Their graves were located between the grave of Joe Hoffrog (his old marker)

and the fence.


*This article copied from the Union County Genealogical Society's Cemetery

Book No. 1, (1991 compilation).




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