Est. ca 1861

(Sometimes also called CATER, CULLENS, CATES,  MEEKS  or CULLINS)

Longiture 33 03 995  Latitude 092 41 514


Cemetery is located about 4 miles North of Junction City, Arkansas,

along the west side of  U.S. Hwy. 167.  Ralph & Violet Weldon canvassed

this cemetery in Oct 1985.  I did my canvass in Nov 2006 and took pictures.

Locals tend to all have their own name they use in referring to this cemetery,

which is the reason I listed the multiple names above.

*All of the photos were taken in November 2006 with a cheap camera,

so the quality is not that good.

*Posted update March  2014  Last updated November 2015

Janice Holzer 


(1)  Looking NE from Gate on south edge of cemetery.▲


(2.) ▲ Looking  toward NW corner of cemetery from gate.


*Base for probably a large obelisk marker with no inscriptions and the top part missing.

Some have suggested this may have been a marker for H.C. & Mattie Cates SEN.

Two footstones, nearby, read M.C. & H.C.C. SEN

*  MM  symbol used to denote mortuary marker

*  ARDI  highlighted part of date from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*  SSDI   highlighted part of date from Social Security Death Index



EMMA  BRAINARD   10-24-1899  to  March 1983

[Bailey Funeral Home Bronze Marker]  *MM



JOHN  B.  BRAZZEL   Oct 1866  to   9-15-1945  *ARDI

*S/of  Benjamin Joseph Brazzel & Dicey A. Brazzel

NANCY  JANE  "NANNIE" HARRELL  BRAZZEL 6-29-1872  to  2-9-1929

*Wf/of John Brazzel    *D/of Seaborn Harrell(1847-1928) & Isabella Cate Harrell




Mrs.  JOSEPHINE  HARRELL BLAINE BROOKS    1-25-1877  to  6-10-1976

*D/of  Seaborn Harrell(1847-1928) & Isabelle Cate Harrell

*Age 99 yrs-5 mos-17 dys  *MM  [Frazers Funeral Home, Warren, Ark]

*Birthdate  was provided by granddaughter.

*1st husband: D. Blain (38) Upland, Union County, Arkansas

to Miss Josie Harrell, (20) Upland, Union County, Arkansas;

Mar 9, 1897, by J. M. Hart minister   Security  J.R. Cullin  (K-390)



EDWARD  ROY  BUSWELL   9-23-1910   to  5-21-1931

*S/of  William Joseph Buswell(1880-1947) & Sarah Lucinda Cullins Buswell(1880-1962)

*Age 20 years-7 months-29 days      "He Died As He Lived A Christian"


WILLIAM  (J.) JOSEPH  BUSWELL  10-8-1880  to 1-5-1947

“Tombstone year dates only”  *1881 to 1-5-1947 *ARDI

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


*D/of  James Richard Cullins(1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cate Cullins(1853-1925)



MARJORIE  ALLEN  CAMP   10-26-1925  to  4-15-1931



*Please note that CATE - CATES (also CATER) are often mixed up-so some

may be listed both ways.



ALBERT  CATE   5-22-1880  to  8-6-1883

*S/of  John B. Cate, Jr. (10/25/1816 to 1/15/1894) &  E.L.  CATE


FRANK  M.  CATE   *No dates

GEORGE  LUTHER CATE   8-12-1880  to  2-27-1881

*S/of  John H. Cate(1854-1913) & Maria Louisa Pendleton Cate(1856-1899)


H. C.  CATE, SR.   *No dates or additional info

(Only a footstone found near the missing monument)


Infant  CATE  7-22-1873 to 7-22-1873

*S/of  Eliza & John H. Cate(1854-1913)  "Safe in the arms of Jesus"

Infant  CATE  1-4-1899 to 3-2-1899

*D/of  F. M. & L. Cate

Infant  CATE   (no dates)  *S/of  John  & Hazel Cate


JOHN  B.  CATE  10-25-1816 NC   to  1-15-1894 AR

*Tombstone gives no middle initial, just John Cate.

*Born in Orange County, NC  &  died in Union County, AR





JOHN (J.H.) H.  CATE  (Cates)1-24-1854  to  3-15-1913

*Age 59 yrs-1 mo-19 dys  *See listing under CATES  *Tombstone says “Cate”

MARIA  LOUISA PENDLETON CATE  6-2-1856  to  2-16-1899

*D/of  George Macom Pendleton(1825-1907) & Mary Ann Brown(1832-1916)

*Wf/of  John  H. Cate   *Tombstone says “Cate”

John H. Cate married three times.

*1st wife, Maria Louisa Pendleton(1856-1899) Cobb Cemetery

*2nd Anna Mattox(1870-1909) buried Smyrna Cemetery

*3rd Alpharetta "Alpha" Craig(1874-1947) Craig Cemetery


M.   CATE  *No dates  Last name was most likely CATE or CATES.  The base of

(most likely) larger obelisk is at the top, with what appears to be a footstone with M.C.

on it.  This appears to be a family plot.




D. C.  CATER   7-19-1866  to  5-28-1935

*H/of  Sallie Brazzel Cater  (? Decalb Carol?)

SARAH  'SALLIE'  BRAZZEL  CATER   11-7-1868  to  9-8-1937

*Wf/of  D.C. Cater


(DECALB)  CAROL  C.  CATER   9-23-1889 LA  to  11-2-1973 AR

*S/of  D. C. Cater(1866-1935)   &  Sarah "Sallie" Brazzel Cater(1868-1937)

*Arkansas PVT   U.S. Army  WW  I  (Bailey Mortuary Marker ~ Carrol Cater)

ELMA EFFIE  MILLER  CATER   1-3-1898 IN  to  1-20-1961 AR

*D/of  Benjamin Edsel Miller(1869-1948)  &  Georgia Effie Robbins Miller (1873-1930)

"A Life Like Hers Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


Infant  CATER   8-4-1927  to  8-6-1927

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. C.D. Cater(Decalb Carrol Cater(1889-1973) & Elma Effie Miller Cater(1898-1961)


RAYMOND  LEON  CATER  2-2-1926  to  11-13-1954

*S/of  Decalb Carrol Cater(1889-1973) &  Elma Effie Miller Cater(1898-1961)

*Arkansas  S 1  USNR  WW II





* There is a good sized, square base missing it's top, which was probably a large

obelisk type marker. Some believe this marker may have belonged to H.C.  &

Mattie Cates, because of two footstones nearby,  which read  M.C.  &  H.C.C.  SEN

M. A. C.   Head stone broken off--- foot stone only   M. C. marking grave



FRANK  M.  CATES   11-28-1878  to  10-22-1964


GORDON (aka Graydon) CLAY "PETE" CATES (27) 2-7-1900  to  May 1927

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. P.H. Cates [of Wewoka /died in city hospital at Seminole, OK]

*Siblings: Miss Lula Cates &  a brother, C.N. Cates of El Dorado.


HENRY  C.  CATES  (No dates) Jul 1868  to   d: 8-28-1940  *ARDI

*According to marriage records, Henry Cates was born in 1871.  He married his 1st wife, (ca 1897)

Mattie G.  Cates  (b: ca 1877 to  ca 1891). They had one child, Pearl Cates, (b:ca Feb 1898).

Henry, Mattie G. & Katie  R. Harrison are all buried at "Cobb Cemetery".

He married  his 2nd wife, Katie R. Harrison, Dec. 21, 1902, Union  County, Arkansas.

According to 1900 census records, Henry may have been born inJuly 1868.

Katie R. Harrison Cates was born  ca 1881.

Henry & Katie had a son, Graden Howard Cates (6/21/1906 to 3/6/1991)

*Graden was married to Inez Lee Cates(6/2/1915 to 6/19/1994).

Both are buried in Roselawn Cemetery.

KATIE  R.  HARRINGTON  CATES (No dates)1879  to  7-16-1942

*ARDI   *Katie R. Harrington Cates   *2nd wife of Henry C. Cates.


Infant  CATES   12-10-1900  *S/of  H.C. & Mattie Cates

Infant  CATES  (No dates)  *S/of  John & Hazel Cates


(J. D.) JEWELL D.  CATES  4-11-1887  to  1-28-1910

*S/of  John H. Cate(1854-1913) & Maria Louisa Pendleton Cate(1856-1899)

*Wife,  SARAH  NANA  MATTOX CATES  ROBERTSON (2/9/1889 to  1/23/1970)

*Spouses: *1st Jewell D. Cates(1887-1910)  *2nd George Lonnie Robertson (1872-1924)


JOHN  D.  CATES   3-27-1902  to  3-25-1904

*S/of  F.M.  &  Leona Cates


M.  A.  CATES  (No dates) (?Maria L. Cate/Cates?)


MATTIE  G.  CATES   (No Dates) b:ca May 1877 to ca 1891)

*1st Wf/of Henry C. Cates. *Mother of Pearl Cates born ca Feb 1898.



JAMES  ALVIS  CULLINS  6-30-1882  to  9-30-1911

*S/of  James Richard Cullins(1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cate Cullins(1853-1925)


JAMES  RICHARD  CULLINS  9-8-1857 AL  to  8-16-1941 AR

*H/of  Mary Ellen Cate

"On that bright immortal shore, we shall meet to part no more"

MARY  ELLEN  CATE  CULLINS  9-18-1853  to  3-26-1925

*Wf/of  James Richard Cullins


JOHN  TAYLOR  CULLINS  7-18-1885  to  3-5-1944

*S/of  James Richard Cullins (1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cate Cullins(1853-1925)

&  EMA  DAVIDSON  CULLINS  10-25-1891  to  2-15-1945


MARY  ELIZABETH  CULLINS   1-15-1889  to  12-17-1891

*D/of  James Richard Cullins(1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cullins(1853-1925)


WILLIAM  HENRY  CULLINS  1-18-1878  to  1-20-1878

*1st son of  James Richard Cullins(1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cate Cullins(1853-1925)




JAMES  GRANDISON  DANIELS   5-12-1887  to  9-1-1930

*S/of  Henry Franklin Daniels(1865-1926) &  Orphia Rebecca Ward(1869-1946)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

&  SUSIE  CULLINS  DANIELS    12-30-1893  to  5-26-1945

*D/of  James Richard Cullins(1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cate Cullins(1853-1925)



BILLIE  DEAN  DAVIDSON   B & D   4-10-1940    *MM


FRED  JACKSON  DAVIDSON   9-30-1882  to  11-10-1940

MARY  ANNE  DAVIDSON   1888  to  1929



LEONA NORRIS  CATES  ELLEDGE   5-23-1880  to  11-6-1936

*D/of  David  Gregory Norris(1847-1927)  &  Frances E. Fitzgerald Norris(1854-1884)

*Md: 1st  Frank M. Cates in 1898-divorced in 1927

*Md: 2nd husband  E. W. Elledge



*Funeral Home Marker- the information is unreadable.

It appears the death year was 1975.

?Felworth Funeral Home, Warren, Ark  Age 95 yrs- ?- 17 dys


* The following marker has three names.

ELIZABETH  GREENLEE   1859  to   d: 1861  *Age about 2 yrs

*D/of  William P.  Greenlee(1828-1862) & Sarah D. Blanchard Greenlee Till (1834-1909)

(Sarah D. Blanchard Till b:ca Mar 1834  d:4/12/1909 San Saba Co., TX…. (Barnett Cemetery)

*Sarah's spouses: *1st  William P. Greenlee 11/6/1852 Union C., AR   *2nd George W. Till md: bef 1870

*1900 Census states Sarah is the mother of 8 children with 4 living.

WILLIAM  P.  GREENLEE    9-16-1828   to   8-19-1862

*Age 33 yrs-11 mos-3 dys   *S/of William Greenlee

*Wife,  Sarah  D. Blanchard  Greenlee Till (Mar 1834 GA  to  4-12-1909 San Saba Co. TX)

*Md:  *1st  11/6/1852  William  P. Greenlee   *Md: *2nd  bef 1870  George W. Till

*Sarah  D. Blanchard Greenlee Till  buried in Barnett Cemetery, San Saba, TX

WILLIAM   GREENLEE     4-18-1788   to  7-22-1864

*Age 76 yrs-3 mos-3 dys   (calculated birth dates)


*Children of James Monroe Greenlee(1823-1907) & Rebecca M. Scarborough Greenlee,

all on three on the same marker.

FRANCES  P.  GREENLEE   Jul  1856  to  d: 8-20-1856  *Age 1 mo on tombstone

*D/of  James Monroe Greenlee (1823-1907)  &  Rebecca M. Scarborough Greenlee(1832-1890)


JEFFERSON  D.  GREENLEE  6-4-1861  to  10-20-1863  *Age 2 yrs-4mos-16 dys

*S/of  James Monroe Greenlee (1823-1907)  &  Rebecca M. Scarborough Greenlee(1832-1890)

THOMAS  S.  GREENLEE    5-12-1864  to  : 5-2-1977

*Age 12 yrs-  11 mos – 20 dys

*S/of  James Monroe Greenlee (1823-1907)  &  Rebecca M. Scarborough Greenlee(1832-1890)


JAMES  MONROE  GREENLEE   4-19-1823  to  4-2-1907

*S/of  William Greenlee(1788-1864)

REBECCA  M.  SCARBOROUGH  GREENLEE   9-17-1832  to  7-13-1890

*Wf/of  James Monroe Greenlee

*Sarah E. Greenlee Brazzel 9/28/1848  to  1/29/1885 LA  *Buried Spearsville, Union Parish, LA

*D/of  James Monroe Greenlee (1823-1907)  &  Rebecca M. Scarborough Greenlee(1832-1890)


JOHN  T.  GREENLEE    3-18-1821 TN  to  8-18-1854 AR

*S/of  William Greenlee (1788-1864) &  ? ? Sarah  D. Blanchard Greenlee Till(1834-1909)

*Wife,   ELIZA  BRAZZEL  GREENLEE   JONES  (9/12/1830  to  11/20/1923)

*Buried Shiloh Cemetery,  Provencal, Natchitoches Parish, LA

*Eliza Brazzel   *Md: 1st John T. Greenlee (1821-1854)   *Md: *2nd John Madison Jones (1819-1903)



SEABORN  HARRELL   5-20-1847  to  4-30-1928

*H/of  Isabella Cate  *Md:12/3/1869  Union Co., AR

*Children: Nancy Jane Harrell Brazzel(1872-1929)  Josephine Harrell Brooks(1877-1976)

Hattie Pearl Harrell Lockhart (1886-1958)



JAMES  JACKSON    born ca 1817   d: 10-5-1899

*Age 82 yrs  Tombstone has toppled over



HARRY  P.  SEARS  (No dates)

*Speculation:  H. Sears died  6/11/1920 Hempstead Co.,AR   *ARDI

*Peter Sears died 12/15/1923 Columbia Co.,AR   *ARDI

PEARL  C.  SEARS  (No dates)

*Marker not found in 2014



EFFIE  SHARP   11-21-1887  to  12-23-1897



J. H.   WILLIAMS      5-5-1898  to  5-10-1898

"Those whom God loves die soon"



*There are many missing tombstones & several broken ones.

Unknown broken marker marking grave.

Unknown  concrete post about 8" high marking a grave

Unknown part of headstone marking grave

(3) Toward  NE Corner- overview of Cobb Cemetery with

Hwy. 167 South/Pine trees parallel in background

(Cemetery is above hwy. abt 20-30 ft)▼






(4.) Toward NE corner of Cobb Cemetery with sunlight

on Autumn leaves ▼








(5.)▼  Looking NW across middle of Cemetery





(6.) ▼ Looking toward NW corner

of at back of cemetery.




(7.) Cullin family headstones 

background is the west end of cemetery.






(8.)  ▼Sallie Brazell Cater headstone



(9.) ▼ Looking at North side of cemetery






(10.) ▼Eastern edge of cemetery with Hwy. 167 South

in the background.....highway is at lower

level than the cemetery.


(11.) ▼ Eastern edge of cemetery with Hwy. 167 South

below embankment of cemetery – parallel.

Pine trees run along the east side of highway in

this photo. (aka Junction City Hwy.)