Cossart Cemetery

Est. ca 1865


This cemetery is located Southeast of Calion, Union County, Arkansas.  It is on private property in dense woods & is hard to find.

The late Lillian Stevenson McGowen gave me a copy of a survey she made of the cemetery in the late 1960's.  I tried a couple of times to locate it,

but I was unsuccessful.   *Details about parents, spouses from my personal files

Posting....November 2015         Janice Holzer



ALONZA  COSSART     9-29-1849  to  10-10-1876  *Age 27

*S/of  Henry T. Cossart(1815-1871)  &  Amanda Jane Miller Cossart (b:ca 1820 KY)


HENRY  T.  COSSART    10-18-1815  KY   to  4-4-1871 AR

*H/of  Amanda Jane Miller  *Amanda & Henry were the parents Mary Cossart(b:ca 1844-?)

Alonza Cossart(1849-1876) &  Sarah Jane Cossart  Davis Leopard(1855-1891)

*Speculation: Amanda Jane Miller Cossart, age 70, widow, is found in the household of her

grand-daughter, Mary Susan Davis James, wife, of Thomas Newton James. Even though
Amanda's tombstone was not found, family info says she is buried at Cossart Cemetery also.
(ca 1820 KY to 10/15/1908 AR)


MARY  COSSART    (no dates)

*Although there is no info on her tombstone, I believe this is Mary Maurgurette Cossart
9/18/1844  Indiana  to 10/5/1857,  D/of  Henry T. & Amanda J. Cossart



CLAUDIA AMANDA  DAVIS   9-25-1875  to  10-23-1874   (2 yrs-28 dys)

*D/of  Zacharaiah  T. Davis(1848-1885)  &  Sarah  Jane Cossart Davis (1855-1891)


HENRY  T.  DAVIS   4-8-1881  to  12-29-1884 

*S/of   Zachariah T.  Davis(1848-1885)  &  Sarah Jane Cossart Davis Leopard(1851-1891)


ZACHARIAH  TAYLOR (T.)  DAVIS  4-15-1848  to  9-13-1885

*S/of  James Davis & Mary Jane Perry  *Md: 9/19/1871  Sarah Jane Cossart



MARY  SUSAN  DAVIS  JAMES   9-17-1874   to  6-7-1908

*Md:5/12/1892    *Wf/of Thomas Newton James   (11/12/1869  to  10-19-1963)

*D/of  Zachariah Taylor Davis  &  Sarah Jane Cossart Davis



SARAH (S.) JANE COSSART  DAVIS LEOPARD  11-3-1855  to  8-20-1891

*Wf/of  Zachariah T. Davis.  *Md:1st Zachariah Taylor Davis 9/19/1871

*Md: 2nd  Charlie C. Leopard  (Sarah was the 1st of 3 wives of Charlie Leopard)

*D/of  Henry T. Cossart (1815-1871)  &  Amanda Jane Miller Cossart(ca 1820 KY-1908 AR)



N. F.  SMITH  died   8-28-1865



There are many unmarked graves.  The cemetery is neglected and grown over.

It is located on private property.  The details of this cemetery were given to me by

the late Lillian McGowen Craig from a survey she did back in the 1990's & some

of her personal info on some of the people buried here.