Northwest of El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas:

Located off of the Lisbon to Mount Holly Road in heavy woods.

No road leading into it.

This canvass/ survey was done by Ralph O. Weldon and Dan Crawford in May 1986.

First submitted by Janice Holzer, June 2013  *Last updated version July 2015



DANIEL  A.  COULTER    5-6-1838  to  11-10-1957   

*Born in Washington County, Kentucky.   Died in Union County, AR

*S/of  D. R. Coulter  & Elizabeth Coulter (1815-1864)


ELIZABETH  E.  COULTER   10-11-1815  to  9-14-1864 

*Wf/of  D.R. Coulter.  Born in Washington County, Kentucky. Died Union Co.,AR


JAMES  R. (P.)  COULTER   2-25-1847  to  3-30-1847

*Infant  S/of  D.R. Coulter  &  Elizabeth  Coulter(1815-1864)




JOHN  M.  COULTER    6-25-1846  to  9-14-1864    

*Born & died in Union County, Arkansas



LOUIS  G.  COULTER    7-31-1849  to  3-8-1853 

*3 yr old  S/of  D.R. Coulter  &  Elizabeth Coulter(1815-1864)




JOHN  A.  TOOKE   6-15-1823   to   8-10-1858 

(Masonic Emblem on Tombstone)  born  Jones County, Georgia. 

Died in Chicot County, Arkansas.