ca 1868

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Located  Northwest of Junction City, Union County, Arkansas.

From Junction City travel north on Hwy. 167, toward El Dorado

for approximately 5 miles turning left (west) onto the old county road #7.

(Road to the right(east) is Caledonia Road.  You will be traveling on county road

#7, which is now currently named “Southfield Rd.”   Continue traveling

north on Southfield Rd., going by Turtle Dove Lane, and once you cross the old railroad tracks, the Cummings cemetery is about 1 mile farther north, off Southfield Rd. to the west in heavy woods.  Former location of the old Cummings Plantation.

There was an adjoining cemetery for the slaves, but none of their graves were marked.  This canvass of the cemetery was done by Lucile Combs Johnson in

1995.  Cemetery is on private land. (2012)

{Section 1 ~ Township 19 ~ South Range western Union County}

Posted  September 2015 



M. B.   (no dates or other info on this marker)

MARGARET  CUMMINGS  BRUMBELOW 11-28-1837 to 11-3-1899

*D/of  John  Cummings(1779-1848) & Elizabeth H. Cummings(1799-1884)

*Asa Brumbelow (10/3/1820 NC – 2/19/1889) *Buried Old Parkers Chapel, Union Co., AR



FRANCES  CORDELIA "NELIE" LOWERY CATES  3-8-1883 to 10-27-1917

*D/of William Jesse Lowery(1858-1902) & Margaret Ann Elizabeth Rester Lowery(1856-1945)

*Wf/of  William Henry Cates


F. M.  CATES    4-20-1904 to 1946    *Age 42 yrs.


HUBERT  CATES  10-10-1917  to  3-27-1918

*S/of  William Henry Cates & Frances Cordelia "Nelie" Lowery Cates


Infant CATES  born  b & d  8-10-1887

*S/of  J.C. Cates(1856-1905)   & Francis Cates 


J. C.  CATES   3-5-1856  to  6-11-1905

*H/of  Francis Cates


MARY  E.  CATES  10-10-1884  to  8-1-1889

*D/of  J.C.  &  Francis  Cates


REBECCA  M.  CATES  (no dates)  *Age about 8 mos.

*D/of  J. C. Cates (1856-1905)  &  Francis Cates



CAROLINE  JANE  RUSHING  COMBS   6-25-1825 TN  to  2-11-1879 AR

*D/of Elizabeth H. Rushing Cummings (1799-1884) & John Cummings(1779-1848)

CHARLES  ALLEN  COMBS  11-28-1811 KY  to  1-20-1880 AR

*H/of Caroline Jane Rushing Combs


A. P. C.  (no dates or other info on this marker)


ALEXANDER  P. CUMMINGS  3-12-1833  to  3-1-1898

*S/of  Elizabeth H. Rushing Cummings (1799-1884) & John Cummings (1779-1848). 

*CSA  Co. G, 3rd AR Infantry  *Died at age 64.  {Source: Loretta Hughes Find-A-Grave}


JOHN  CUMMINGS  1779 TN  to  1848  AR

*Md: widow, Elizabeth H.  Rushing   ca 1827 Fayette Co., TN

ELIZABETH  H. CUMMINGS   1799  to  d: 10-28-1884 *Age 85


JOHN  W.  CUMMINGS  1831 TN  to  Oct 1882 AR *abt. Age 50

*S/of  John Cummings(1779-1848) & Elizabeth H. Rushing Cummings(1799-1884)

MARY  CUMMINGS   8-16-1835  to  2-28-1899

*D/of  Elizabeth H. Rushing Cummings (1799-1884) & John Cummings (1779-1848). 



ELLA CATES LOWERY   2-12-1882  to  10-22-1910 

*D/of  William Cates(b:ca 1850)  &  Sarah E. McLaughlin Cates(b:ca 1860)

*Wf/of  Richard Marion Lowery(1888-1963) ~ *Buried in Rehobeth Primitive Baptist

Cemetery, Union Co., AR.


 (W. J.) WILLIAM JESSE LOWERY  1-20-1858 NC to 10-4-1902AR

*S/of  William H. Lowery(Lowry)  (1825 NC-1862 VA)  &  Frances L. Sheppard (1832-1910)

*H/of  Margaret Ann Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rester Lowery (2/29/1856 NC to  4/24/1945 AR)

“Lizzie”  is buried in Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Union County, AR.



Infant RESTER   (no dates)

*S/of  William D. Rester  &  Rebecca  Cummings Rester 


REBECCA  B. CUMMINGS RESTER   1829 TN  died  2-28-1868 AR

*D/of  Elizabeth H. Rushing  Cummings (1799-1884) & John Cummings (1779-1848). 

*Rebecca Md:8/24/1854 Union Parish, LA, William Rester

*Rebecca's brother-in-law was the JP presiding over the ceremony.

*William & Rebecca Rester moved with Charles Allen Combs & Caroline Combs along with

other Resters to Alexandria, VA, where they resided until the Civil War

After the war began, Rebecca, her mother, siblings and children llived in

Jackson Twsp., Union County, AR…..where she died at the age of 39, in 1868.