Est.  ca  1900


Located approximately 10 miles Southwest of

El Dorado, Union Co., Arkansas, between Newell

and Three Creeks. Traveling southwest

on Hwy. 15, turn right(west) onto Mt. Willie Road.

Proceed to Charles Rogers Road & turn left/south;

go south on Charles Rogers Rd. to Curtis Grove

Cemetery which will be on the left side of road.

*Survey October 20, 2011.  Janice Holzer  *Last updated November 2015


&. . . . Use of this symbol indicates a double headstone

or multiple individuals listed on head stone.

MM. . . ..Use of this abbreviation indicates a mortuary

marker is source of grave info.

WOW. . . . .Woodman Of The World

SSDI. . . . Some birth or death details from Social

Security Death Index.

ARDI. . . ..Death month & day from Arkansas Death Index




JOHN EDWARD ADAMS  2-28-1937 to 3-7-1937

*Not found in 2011


WINNIE BLY BEST  3-12-1937 to 7-21-1937

*D/of   H.C. Best & Mamie Johnson Best



ASA ROY BOLDING  3-10-1915 to 4-9-1972

*S/of Thomas Benjamin Bolding(1889-1924)  &  Daisy Alice Roberson Bolding(1897-1972)

*H/of Beatrice Annielee Varnell(1923-1983)buried Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park,

Colleyville, TX   "Mamaw Bea"  "Rest In Peace"


THOMAS BENJAMIN“BENNIE” BOLDING 3-22-1889 to 4-17-1924

*S/of  James Milton Bolding(1851-1890)  &  Mary Lou Bolding(1854-1906)

*Grandson of Rev. Obediah  F. Bolding & Nancy Shaeffer Bolding  who brought a wagon train

from Alabama to Arkansas in the 1800's – founded the village of Bolding.

& DAISY ALICE ROBERSON BOLDING 1-25-1897 to 1-30-1972

*D/of  Robert Henry Bolding(1869-1932)  &  Julia Ann Cottrell Bolding(1872-1946)

"Rest Is Thine  Sweet Memories Ours"



BLOOMER E. COTTRELL  12-28-1891 to 7-25-1914

*S/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913)  &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


CHARLES RHEN COTTRELL 10-4-1894 to 9-8-1935

*S/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913) &  Nancy Alice Dumas(1857-1928)

"He Has Gone To Mansions of Rest"


CHARLES WESLEY COTTRELL 11-22-1891 to 11-18-1972

*S/of Jesse James Cottrell(1861-1911)  &  Minerva Luvenia Clifton Cottrell(1862-1943)

*H/of Genie Goza McGoogan (10/15/1898-10/5/1977)

*Genie buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery


DORSEY LEE COTTRELL 2-19-1897 to 4-24-1901

*S/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913)  &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)

*Tombstone has been broken & repaired (2011)


ELIJAH CASPER COTTRELL 10-27-1897 to 7-24-1924

*S/of  William  David Cottrell (1874-1929)  &  1st Wf, Catherine E. Barber Cottrell(1873-1900)

*aka  ”Kittie” Cottrell  buried in Friendship Methodist Cemetery

"Beloved One Farewell"


ELIJAH WINFORD COTTRELL 6-11-1852 to 2-13-1913

*S/of  William  David Cottrell (1823-1870)  & Mary Ann Hood Cottrell(1817-1870)

& NANCY ALICE DUMAS COTTRELL 2-11-1857 to 7-24-1928

*D/of  Benjamin Marion Dumas(1823-1905)  &  Susan C. Rhem Dumas(1837-1870)


IDA MAY COTTRELL 4-24-1887 to 7-31-1902

*S/of  Jesse James Cottrell (1861-1911)  & Minerva Luvenia Clifton  Cottrell(1862-1943)

*"Our Darling One Hath Gone Before To Angels On High ?______?"


JESSE JAMES COTTRELL  11-23-1861 to 9-17-1911

*S/of  William David Cottrell(1823-1870)  &  Mary Ann Hood Cottrell(1817-1870)


*D/of John M. Clifton(1837-1906)   &  Penelope E.“Penny” Rhem Clifton (ca 1837 MS)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


JOHNNY LEE COTTRELL 8-17-1882 to 11-22-1905

*S/of  Jesse James Cottrell (1861-1911)  & Minerva Luvenia Clifton  Cottrell(1862-1943)

"Rock of Ages"


LOUISE COTTRELL  8-28-1920 to 12-10-1932 "Daughter"

*D/of Charles Wesley Cottrell(1891-1972)  &  Genie Goza Cottrell McGoogan(1898-1977)

*Genie is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Union Co., AR  

*Genie - D/of Edwin Eugenie Goza(1869-1904) & Margaret Hubbard Goza(1869-1901)

*Genie  *Md:*1st  Charles Wesley Cottrell   *Md:2nd  Floyd Hilton McGoogan(1910-1988)


RAYMOND COTTRELL  7-7-1919 to 7-7-1919

*Infant son of Jesse Jewell  Cottrell (1898-1986) & Mattie Ella Hughes Cottrell (1901-1995)

"Asleep in Jesus"



*S/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell (1852-1913)  &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)

*Spouses:  *1st  Catherine E."Kittie" Barber  (1873-1900)  buried at

Friendship Methodist Cemetery   *D/of  Elijah W Barber & Carrie Smith Barber

*2nd wife, Martha Ida Bishop (1878-1933)


*D/of  Henry Hawcom Bishop(1855-1893)  &  Mary A. Melton Bishop(1856-1936)

*2nd Wf/of  William David Cottrell(1874-1929)



*D/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913)  &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)

*1st  Wf/of  Wiley Andrew Davis(1879-1974)  buried  Marysville Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Wiley A. Davis was the S/of Andrew Jackson Davis(b:ca 1850 GA) & Margaret Burney Davis

(b:ca 1854 GA)   "Gone but not forgotten"



ALICE OPHELIA ROBINSON DUMAS 12-25-1874 to 7-28-1928

*Wf/of  Benjamin Moses Dumas   *Md:2/28/1892 Union Co., AR

BENJAMIN MOSES DUMAS 6-1-1860 to 12-24-1931

*S/of Benjamin Marion Dumas(1860-1931)  &  Susan Catherine Rhem Dumas(1837-1870)

Benjamin M. Dumas  Md:2/28/1892  Union Co., Alice Ophelia  Robinson

"He Is Not Dead But Sleepeth"


GROVER W. DUMAS  12-7-1896 to 10-21-1918

*S/of  Benjamin Moses Dumas(1860-1931)  & Alice Ophelia  Robinson (Dumas)(1874-1928)



CHARNEL HIGHT  1834 to 1916 *Not found in 2011


*Parents of:  Sarah Ann Hight Wooley (1860-1947)  &  John C. Hight (1864-1936)



BOBBY GLEN McKINNON  8-1-1931 to 8-23-1931

"His Memory Is Blessed"


ELSIE CHRISTINE McKINNON  5-27-1919 to 7-27-1920

*D/of  Walter Pierce McKinnon(1879-1963)  &  Mary Ellen Cottrell McKinnon(1879-1933)“   

 "She Was The Sunshine of Our Home"


LEONARD NEWPORT McKINNON  Sep 1901 to Aug 1904

*S/of  Walter Pierce McKinnon(1879-1963)  &  Mary Ellen Cottrell McKinnon(1879-1933)“    

“Children Are The Keys Of Paradise"


Little OLLIE McKINNON  Nov 1985 died 9-12-1900

*S/of  William Alexander McKinnon(1870-1901)  &  Laura Susan Cottrell McKinnon(1876-1947)

*4 years-9 mos-22 dys

"Those little lips so sweet to kiss, Are closed forever now,

Those sparkling eyes that shown so bright Beneath that pearly

brow, That little heart that beat so high, Free from all care

and gloom, Are hidden now from those he loved Beneath the stone tomb"


WALTER PIERCE McKINNON  2-12-1879 to 12-13-1963

*S/of  Angus Wilson McKinnon(1840-1899)  &  Eliza Jane Keeling McKinnon(1847-1924)

*H/of  Mary Ellen Cottrell   "He Lives In Hearts He Left Behind"

MARY ELLEN COTTRELL McKINNON 8-25-1879 to 5-14-1933

*Wife of  Walter Pierce McKinnon

*D/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913) &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


WILLIAM ALEXANDER“ALEX” McKINNON 3-19-1870 to 3-9-1901

*S/of Angus Wilson McKinnon(1840-1899)& Eliza J. Keeling(1847-1924)

& LAURA SUSAN COTTRELL McKINNON 3-31-1876 to 3-9-1947

*D/of Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913)& Nancy Alice Dumas(1857-1928)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


Infant MULLEN  b & d 4-16-1927

*S/of  Ergil B. & Zeffie McKinnon Mullen 

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


JAMES NEWTON  5-18-1838 to June 1862

*S/of  John Newton(1805-1851)  &  Penelope G. Dunaway Lamar(1813-1875)

*Civil War Veteran who died of injuries sustained in battle.



MARY LOTTIE HIGHT RICHARDSON 8-24-1882 to 10-30-1972

*D/of William Alexander McKinnon  & Laura Susan Cottrell


MARVIN HUEY ROBERSON  10-18-1899 to 1-26-1988

*S/of  Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932)  & Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson (1872-1946)

*Md:11/20/1926 "  Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"

& BESSIE MAYE SANDERS ROBERSON 8-10-1905 to 5-26-1976

*D/of John F. Sanders(1872-1939)  &  Naomi Rebecca Jane Duncan(1875-1959)


ROBERT HENRY ROBERSON  7-28-1869 to 6-11-1932

*S/of  John Christopher Roberson(1838-1907) &  Caroline E. Milner(1843-1920)

& JULIA ANN COTTRELL ROBERSON(74)9-3-1872 to 12-14-1946

*D/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913) &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



ANNIE MAE SNIDER  b & d 6-27-1932

*Infant D/of Mr.& Mrs. W.W. Snider (William & Florence Snider)

*Not found in 2011



ANNIE BELLE ROBERSON WALLER 11-16-1893 to 7-17-1921

*D/of Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932) & Julia Lynn Cottrell(1872-1946) 

*1st Wf/of Elijah Monroe Waller(1888-1966) *Buried Marysville Cemetery


MARY LEE WALLER  died 6-28-1914 *Child.

*D/of Elijah Monroe Waller(1888-1966)  &  Annie Belle Roberson(1893-1921)


WHIT WALLER  5-8-1916 to 5-25-1916

*S/of Elijah Monroe Waller(1888-1966)& Annie Belle Roberson(1893-1921)

October 20, 2011

Curtis Grove Cemetery