Est. 1851

Located North of  Union Baptist Church  & Cemetery along both sides of Armer

Road, in Union County, Arkansas.  October 2001 ~ Updated  June 2009.  

* Traveling East Highway 63, (aka Moro Bay Road) turn left onto Crain City Road.  

At "Y" in road (Union Baptist Church & Cemetery sets in the middle of the "Y") go

straight ahead, instead of bearing to the right in front of the church on Armer Road.

An older section is across Armer Road on the west side from the church.  

New survey April 11, 2012    Last updated November, 2015

Janice  Holzer    jcsh432@gmail.com


Use of the following symbols:

*  &  indicates a double headstone or multiple names on single headstone.

*  OB  indicates the info came from their Obituary

*ARDI  Arkansas Death Index  1914-1950

*SSDI   Social Security Death Index

*MM  Mortuary Marker


PART  II  of the EBENEZER  METHODIST  CEMETERY, ©  hidden by the trees &

bushes, but located across Armer Rroad from the church &  cemetery.  Many of the old graves

in this cemetery are unmarked. 

*A red heart  next to a listing,  indicates they are buried in this older section of the cemetery. ©



BETTY  PARKER  ARMER    *No dates   Unknown


EUEL  KENNETH  ARMER     12-5-1935  to  9-9-2008

*S/of  William A. Armer (1900-1981) & Beatrice Eldaine Major Armer(1907-1983) 

*A2C  US Air Force   *Cremated in Tennessee.  One of 9 children.


JAMES  ARMER   11-28-1849  to  1-26-1932  "Father"

"Earth hs no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

MARY  M.  ARMER   2-22-1868  to  8-13-1956  "Mother"

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."


JOHN  PRESTON  ARMER (88) 3-4-1924  to 11-24-2012  *OB

*S/of   William  Aylmer Armer (1900-1981) & Beatrice Eldaine Major Armer(1907-1983)

*WWII Veteran  (Mason)  *Wf/of 55 yrs, Betty Parker Armer


JOHN  LEMUEL ARMER   1-12-1874   to  3-15-1934

*S/of  William H.  Armer(1845-1910) &  Marina L. Armer(1850-1937)

*Parents of 9 children

Wf,  MARTHA  JANE  DAVIS  ARMER  9-2-1875  to  1-9-1939

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


MARK  RANDELL  'RANDY'  ARMER   3-10-1953  to  2-25-2000

(Bailey MM)  *MM  marker gives Marks birth year as 1952.      'Brothers'   

*Sons of,  John Preston Armer(1924-2012) & wife of 55 yrs, Betty Parker Armer

&  JOHN  P.  ARMER, JR. 7-26-1947  (One date)

*John & Mark Armer share a double headstone.   "Asleep To Wake With Jesus" 


ROSEMARIE  NELSON  ARMER (56) 11-16-1955  to  9-17-2012   *ob

*D/of  Rex  F. Nelson  &  Norma  June Zirkle Nelson.  *Husb of 31 yrs, Dean Armer.


Unmarked  ARMER  grave    *D/of  Henry & Mary Murphy Armer

Unmarked  ARMER  grave    *D/of  Henry & Mary Murphy Armer

Unmarked  ARMER  grave    *D/of  John L. & Martha Davis Armer


Unnamed ARMER Daughter (no dates)

*D/of  John Lemuel Armer(1874-1934) & Martha Jane Davis Armer(1875-1939)


WILLIAM  AYLMER  ARMER    6-24-1900  to  3-26-1981 

*Md:6/9/1923     "Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"

&  BEATRICE  ELDAIN  MAJOR  ARMER   8-31-1907  to  4-14-1983


WILLIAM  EDWARD  'ED' ARMER (77)10-11-1871  to  2-26-1949

*S/of  William H. Armer (1845-1910) &  Marina L. Perdue Armer (1850-1937)  

"Blessed Are The Peace Makers"  *Homemade headstone


WILLIAM  H. ARMER   5-26-1845 AL  to  12-3-1910 

"Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven"

*Md: 12/4/1870 

Wife,  MARINA  L.  PERDUE  ARMER  1-17-1850 AL  to  12-22-1937

*Md: to William H. Armer.  This union produced 4 children.

*1) John Lemuel Armer  2.) William Edward Armer  3.) Ida L. Armer  4.) Henry C. Armer




CHARLOTTE  E.  RUSSELL  BENEFIELD  2-28-1945  to  5-14-2004 

*D/of of Martha Matthews Russell (1916-2006)  & Richard Cyrus "Dick" Russell(1918-1994)  

*Husband, John L. Benefield  *ob



FRANK  BLACKMON, SR.  1844  to  1906   


*Carrie & Frank Blackmon share a tombstone with the  "JASON  DETTENHEIM  FAMILY"........

'Daddy' JASON 1819-1894 / 'Son' JACOB 1862-1885 / 'Daughter'   LENA  1856-1885 /

'Son-in-law, FRANK  BLACKMON, SR.  1844-1906 / 'Daughter' CARRIE BLACKMON 1855-1897.

(These two are buried with the Dettingheim family)



JANIECE  ROGERS  BLOUNT   b: 4-12-1937   (One date)



MARJORIE  ANN  DAVIS  BOULDIN   5-5-1936  to  10-2-1999

"Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life those who believe in me will live. 

Even thought they die."  John  11:25


ELIGAH  "PLUCK"  BURCH    1829   to  1970

RUTH  "MONKEY"   BURCH   1924  to  1979



ERNEST  E. "BUDDY"  CARMICHAEL   10-17-1928  to  7-6-1985

FLORENCE  B. CARMICHAEL   1-2-1884   to   8-16-1981 

*U. S. Army WW I



*D/of  Mary Murphy Perdue(1808-1892) & John H. Perdue



WILLIAM  JASPER  CASSIDY  April 1845 Dale Co., AL  to  1916  AR

*2nd H/of  Elizabeth Smith Ainsworth Cassidy(1827-1903)

*Buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Spotville, Columbia Co.,AR

(From family member, grandfather  of  Hettie Braswell Doss  /  Alto Long)



AMASA  CHAPMAN   7-2-1832  to  11-27-1921 



ROBERT  COLLIS  DAVIS   6-26-1899   to  6-3-1971 

*Texas  Pvt STU Army TNG Corps  WW I

ALTO  KELLY  DAVIS   1-11-1906   to   6-6-1996


MARY  COLLIS  DAVIS   1935  to  1935



(Original markersin 2001 when I did 1st survey)

JASON DETTINGHAM    1819-1894  

*Jason's Family:  (also Carrie Tab Dettingham Blackmon)

JACOB  DETTINGHAM    5-20-1862   to  7-12-1885

*S/of Jason Dettenheim (1819-1894)

LENA  DETTINGHAM    3-24-1856   to  8-6-1885



'Daddy' JASON 1819-1894

 'Son' JACOB 1862-1885

 'Daughter'   LENA  1856-1885 /

'Son-in-law, FRANK BLACKMON, SR.  1844-1906 

'Daughter' CARRIE BLACKMON 1855-1897.

*All on one marker:  (new marker with everyone listed on it)

JASON  DETTENHEIM Family  1819  to  1894

*Son, JACOB    5-20-1862  to  7-12-1885

*Daug, LENA  3-24-1856  to  8-6-1885

*Daug, CARRIE  DETTENHEIM  BLACKMON  1858  to  1897

*Son-in-law,  FRANK  BLACKMON, Sr.  1844  to  1906



GEORGE  C.  DOSS   6-16-1880  to  1-16-1918 

*WOW     "Not lost but gone before"


GEORGE  LEO  DOSS    11-30-1916  to  12-6-1983    

*Pvt. U.S. Army WW II


GREEN  DEPRECE  DOSS    1-22-1887  to  2-21-1979

&   ESTHA  BERRY  DOSS   11-3-1895  to  9-2-1983

"Gone but not forgotten"


HARVEY  DOSS     9-18-1897   to   7-8-1899

"In Heaven there is one angel more"


JOE  S.  DOSS   10-16-1908  to  12-2-1969  (Mason) 

&   SALLY  ROGERS  DOSS    3-6-1909   to   5-17-1998 

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"


LEE  DOSS   10-10-1891   to   4-5-1912

"Just in the morning of his day.  In youth and love he died"


MIKE  DOSS    8-7-1852  to  12-21-1932   "Father" 

&  MAGGIE  PERDUE  DOSS    7-31-1857  to  11-25-1914 

"Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection."



WILLIAM   H.  FERGUSON    9-3-1822  to  7-17-1854  (Mason)    ©

 "Sacred to the memory of  Wm. H. Ferguson who Departed This Life July 17th AD. 1854,

 age 31 years, 10 months, and 14 days."  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

This tombstone stands at the head of a quarried stone crypt. The top has collapsed in & some

of the side stones have moved. The top appears to have been the first part to collapse. It

appears that the large rectangular stones were fitted together without the use of mortar.

Difficult to tell what formed the top / lid.



MARION  E.  FIKE     4-13-1927  to  4-2-1994  

"Until we meet again may God hold  you in the Palm of His Hand"



Unmarked Grave  next to  Ruthie  House

Unmarked  Grave  next to William  House


*Two more Unmarked graves next to Cecile & J.A. Townsend



LENA  IDEL  GREGORY   8-31-1900  to  9-12-1900 

*D/of  William D. Gregory(1877-1911)  &  E. Irene Perdue Gregory Nelson (1882-1942) 

"We will meet again"    "Gone but not forgotten"


WILLIAM  D.  GREGORY   8-1-1877  to   2-3-1911

*WOW    "We'll  join  thee in that heavenly land.  No more to take the parting hand."

*1st H/of  E.  Irene Gregory  Perdue  Nelson (1882-1942) *Md:12/26/1897 

*See more on Irene under "Nelson" 

E.  IRENE  PERDUE  GREGORY  NELSON   3-2-1882  to  4-14-1942

*1st  husband of  Irene Perdue, was William D. Gregory(1877-1911)  (Md:12/26/1897)

(*See under Nelson)   *Md:2nd  10/31/1916 - Charles Amasa Chapman Nelson

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"  



IDA  HARRISON    11-19-1898  to  8-9-1900 

*D/of  J.B. & E. Dora Perdue Harrison  "At Rest"


JIMMIE  HARRISON  12-10-1900  to  6-25-1902 

*S/of  J.B. & E. Dora  Perdue Harrison   "Gone but not forgotten"



Little ROBERT  HARRELSON  6-2-1905  to  10-12-1905 ©   

*S/of  R.A. &  Mary  A.  Harrelson   "Gone but not forgotten"



Grandmother  HEDGE    (no dates -  no marker) ©

*May be related to Thomas A. H. Hedge family of GA.



ARCHIE  HOUSE     1901-1903 

*S/of  Elisha Taylor House(1872-1952) & Mary Schmidt House(1877-1902)


ELISHA  TAYLOR  HOUSE    10-4-1872 TN  to  10-13-1952 OK

*H/of  *1st wife, Mary Schmidt. Elisha is buried in Canfield Cemetery, Idabel, OK.

*2nd wife, Dora Barbara Cline House(1888-1979)

MARY  SCHMIDT  HOUSE    1877  to  1902

*D/of  Kasper Schmidt(1837-1904) & Narcissa Doss Schmidt(1839-1901)

*Wf/of  Elisha Taylor House


RUTHIE  HOUSE   b & d  1900

*D/of  Elisha Taylor House(1872-1952) &  Mary Schmidt House(1877-1902)


WILLIAM  HOUSE    1895   to  1902

*S/of  Elisha Taylor House(1872-1952) &  Mary Schmidt House(1877-1902)


WILLARD  HOUSE   1895  to  1896  [6-8-1895 to 8-15-1896]

*S/of  Elisha Taylor House(1872-1952)  & Mary Schmidt House(1877-1902)

*Tombstone  with  name  broken  off-dates are intact;believe it belongs to Willard.



ELLA  JARRY  (aka JERRY)   6-15-1856  to  3- 16-1888 © 

A fence encloses this grave. It is grown up with shrubs & vines-making it difficult to read the marker.

*1st Wf/of  FRANK  A.  JARRY(1857-1934) buried Union Baptist Church Cemetery

*On Ella's tombstone the spelling of the surname is "JARRY".  

On Frank's tombstone, Union Baptist Church Cemetery, it is spelled  "JERRY" 

*Some of the info & details from an earlier survey done in 1991 by the late Lillian

McGowen Craig.  




LEONARD  T.  KELLY, SR.  10-11-1900  to  10-21-1971 (Mason)

&  MAUDE  PERDUE  KELLY   10-18-1899   to   5-26-1979 

*D/of  Rev. Andrew Jefferson Perdue(1866-1943) & Martha Elizabeth Owen Perdue(1865-1931)

*Wf/of  Leonard T. Kelly, Sr.   "Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"



TOM  LARRY    2-13-1884   to   7-3-1970

&   CATHERINE  BURCH  LARRY  9-4-1918  to  2-21-1958



LOUIS  MONROE  LONG    8-14-1896 IND  to  3-1-1959 

*Arkansas  AS  USNRF   WW I      "POP" 

Wf,  ALTO  PERDUE  LONG   7-23-1902   to   9-8-1998

*D/of  Martha "Mattie" Ellen Crain Perdue (1873-1957) & Wm. Hilton Perdue(1861-1937)

*Youngest   of 10 children.    "In memory of a loving mom to everyone"


WILLIAM  MARSHALL  LONG   5-10-1890  to  12-22-1939

*Possibly, brother to Louis Monroe Long    "When Day Is Done"



J. C.  LYON    11-21-1897  to  1-10-1916 ©     

"The cross is my anchor"   *Across road in old section of cemetery


TOD  LYON  10-4-1852   to   11-22-1936   © 

&  MARTHA  ALICE  STEPHENS  LYON   8-20-1860  to  3-28-1931 ©

"We will meet again"



PETER  FRANKLIN  MATTHEWS  &  FAMILY  12-29-1853  to  4-25-1904©

Peter born in Upson County, GA

*The following dates are not on tombstones but from family Bible.

 *JULIE, WILLIE, BETTIE, RAGAN.  The small tombstones only contain the first name.

JULIA  RUES  MATTHEWS   * 7-26-1887  to  10-16-1891 ©

WILLIE  WARD  MATTHEWS    *  7-12-1876  to  8-25-1888©

BETTIE  LOU  MATTHEWS   *12-27-1877  to  12-10-1899 © 

REAGAN  OWEN  MATTHEWS   *Jun 1890  to  Jun 19, 1935©  

JOHN  CLIFTON  BRECKENRIDGE  MATTHEWS 12-28-1883  to  4-6-1965©


MINOR  WALLACE  MATTHEWS   1-18-1885  to  7-3-1941

*Located in Matthews family plot.


PEARL  PERDUE  MATTHEWS    2-24-1888  to  3-25-1973

*Located in Matthews family plot.


PRISCILLA  MATTHEWS   8-29-1923  to  12-1-1931

*D/of  Pearl & Minor  *Located in Matthews family plot.



HETTIE  BRASWELL  DOSS  McGILVRAY   2-13-1887  to  3-5-1973

"At Rest"



ELIZABETH  S.  McGOWEN   9-5-1911  to  2-10-1914  "Sister"  ©

RUBY  L.  McGOWEN   8-29-1901  to  10-20-1903  © 


JOSEPH  D.  McGOWEN   1824 Dublin Co., NC   to  10-16-1878  (Mason) ©

*Migrated to ARK abt 1844


*1st  wife of  JOSEPH  D.  McGOWEN   *Grave marked with native stone  (no dates)

(2012- stone marker is gone or no longer visible)



BELLE  SPEED  MORGAN   12-27-1877   to   8-26-1947  

"She's Safe At Home"   *WOW


RODERICK  D.  MORGAN     11-27-1910   to  10-24-1996 

"Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"  Luke XXIII.46

&  SARA  LILLIAN  PERDUE  MORGAN   12-30-1910  to 7-1-1965 

*D/of  Alex Watson Perdue(1876-1956)  &  Alice Sorrells Perdue (1875-1960)



AMASA  CHAPMAN  NELSON    7-2-1832  to  11-27-1921 

"Asleep In Jesus"


CHARLES  AMASA  CHAPMAN  NELSON    7-26-1887  to  10-22-1966

*S/of  John T. Nelson (b:ca 1867 Iowa) & Minerva E. Wilson Nelson (4/8/1866 to 7/31/1900)         

"At Home"  *2nd H/of  Irene Perdue Gregory  md:10/31/1916

E.  IRENE  PERDUE  GREGORY  NELSON    3-2-1882  to  4-14-1942

*D/of Seldon McMeans Perdue(1841-1910)  &  1843-1916) & Sarah Ellen Fickling(1843-1916)

*1st husband of  Irene Perdue, was William D. Gregory(1877-1911)  (Md:12/26/1897)

(*See under Gregory) *Md:2nd  10/31/1916 - Charles Amasa Chapman Nelson

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"  


SELDON  AMASA   NELSON     2-20-1920  to  4-4-2002

*S/of  Charles Amasa Chapman Nelson(1887-1966) & Irene Perdue Gregory (1882-1942)

"We will meet again"  *Only birth date on tombstone



BETTY  NEWSOM    No dates © 

*Across Armer Road in older section of cemetery.


CHARLIE  NEWSOM  10-22-1865  to  6-29-1895©

Wf,  REBECCA  NEWSOM   11-16-1864  to  10-25-1902 ©   


GREEN  B.  NEWSOM   *No dates on his marker  (b:7-14-1825)   ©

*H/of  Mary E. House  Newsom (1828-1875)

 *Across Armer Road, Older cemetery section

MARY  E.  HOUSE  NEWSOM    4-25-1829  to  9-5-1875  © 

*D/of  William H. House & Nancy Franklin House

*Wf/of   Green  B.  Newsom (b: 1825)  

 *Across Armer Road, Older cemetery section



FRED  ALTON  NOVACK   11-14-1954  to  5-14-2001

*S/of  Paul George Novack (1910-1980) & Sarah Lorraine Nelson Novack(1918-2006)

*Bailey Funeral Homes MM  *Only years given on tombstone.  (Rest of dates from SSDI)



"Sister"  Miss  CARRIE  OWEN   1858  to  10-6-1936  (78 yrs old)  ©

*MM   Rumph-Owers Funeral Home *Her headstone is homemade in the same style as

Christopher & Rebecca Owen's......Carrie's did have wood inserts in the shape of two doves,

one on each of the top corners. This homemade marker only has her name Carrie Owen, 1958 

- 1936.  (RIP)  Her original Rumph-Owers mortuary marker is still there & some of it is legible,

although it is quite rusty, etc.


REBECCA  ? OWEN  1851 / 1852  Chris & Becky

*Marker gone….info from older surveys.



*Christopher age at marriage 22 ~ Rebecca age at marriage 18  *Md:12/18/1851

& REBECCA "BECKY" JOHNSON  OWEN   b: ca 1833      ©

(calculated from age at marriage 18) * No dates given. Unusual homemade headstones.   

 Concrete with words/ dates hollowed out & wood  fitted & inlaid into the indentations.    

Also hearts were fitted with the wood inserts. With time the wood pieces have

deteriorated & disappeared (Owen family)



ALEXANDER  WINSTON  PERDUE   9-5-1851  to  6-8-1894 

BETTY  PERDUE   b. 1870   (d: ca 1886)

“RACHEL”  LOUISE  PERDUE (16) 1862  to  1878

*April 2012 ~ these three were not found.


ALEX  WATSON  PERDUE    10-18-1876  to  12-25-1956

Wife, ALICE  SORRELLS  PERDUE   12-20-1875   to   6-1-1960 

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


ALMA  PERDUE   8-11-1901  to  5-28-1903 

*Twin to  Hugh ~ *D/of  Joseph Walter Perdue  &  Lillie Sorrells Perdue


Baby  PERDUE  1912   *Child of  Franklin Howard  &  Alice Gregory Perdue  


Rev. ANDREW JEFFERSON PERDUE   4-13-1866  to  5-3-1943  (Mason) 

"He died as he lived – a Christian"

Wf,  MARTHA  ELIZABETH OWEN  PERDUE 7-10-1865   to  3-14-1931

"Sleep on Loved One and take Thy Rest:  For God Always Calls The Best.

Look For Us We Are Coming"


CARLTON  PERDUE    2-25-1889   to  12-16-1943


CHARLEY  MONROE  "CHARLIE"  PERDUE   10-10-1898   to   9-5-1971

*S/of  Alex Watson Perdue(1876-1956)  &  Alice Sorrells Perdue(1875-1960)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


COLON  W.  PERDUE    7-8-1905  to  10-7-1967  

* Arkansas PVT US Army   WW II Vet

&   LILLIAN  O.  BEASLEY  PERDUE    1-24-1905  to  5-24-1989


DEWEY  PERDUE    1898  to  1936


FRANKLIN  HOWARD  PERDUE    5-29-1878  to  2-11-1982


MAHALIA  ALICE  GREGORY  PERDUE  11-28-1883  to  8-20-1982


HARVEY  M. PERDUE   9-17-1896   to  1-24-1932   *S/of  Alex  &  Alice Perdue

"To Know Him Was To Love Him"

NONIE  IDELLA  HARGETT  PERDUE    7-11-1900   to  3-6-1944  

*Wf/of   H.M. Perdue    "Most Noble Example Was Her Life"


HERMAN  PERDUE   1-4-1907  to  Sept 1922 

*S/of  Franklin Howard  &  Alice  Gregory  Perdue "He was the sunshine of our home"

*Twin to Alma Perdue


HORACE  R. PERDUE    1-26-1906   to  1-10-1935


*2)  James Adrian Rowell(1900-1978)

*3) Morris Quinney Perdue(1907-1989) 

*Fanny Belle is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery along with James Adrian Rowell,

her 2nd husband.


HUGH  PERDUE   8-11-1901  to  1-23-1975   

*Twin to  Alma Perdue  ~  Pvt. U.S. Army

*S/of  Joseph Walter Perdue  &  Lillie Sorrells Perdue



JOHN  BAILEY   PERDUE   1825Alabama  to 1902 Arkansas  (John Bailey Perdue, Jr.)

*H/of  Rachel L. Baddy Perdue

&  RACHEL  L.  BADDY   PERDUE    1832 SC  to   1883 AR    

"Father-Mother"   'Winston-Louisa-Sarah E & Betty' 

*Winston had one dau. Louisa L. buried here.  *Copied verbatim from headstone.  

(State of birth & (John Bailey Perdue, Jr.) not on headstone.)


JOSEPH  WALTER  PERDUE   8-6-1864  to  12-1-1938

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

LILLIE  SORRELLS  PERDUE   3-25-1874  to  1-18-1909 

*Wf/of  J.W. Perdue


LILLIE  LOUISA  PERDUE   9-5-1881  to  9-1886 

*D/of Alexander Winston & Martha  A. Perdue in unmarked grave. 

Dates from family member.


LUTHER  PERDUE   *Died young/ no dates   

*S/of  Alex Watson Perdue(1876-1956)  &  Alice Sorrells Perdue(1875-1960)


MARY  MURPHY  PERDUE    Mar 1808  to  2-2-1892  *2nd  Wf/of  John Perdue 

(*John Perdue is buried in Alabama  Mary did not move to Arkansas until abt. 1870)

"She lived to die,  she died to die no more. 

Mother now with freedom blest welcome unto a land of rest"

This new headstone replaced an earlier one & was erected by her great grandchildren in 1969.

Her old tombstone was still there in 2012, but it is broken in half, off it's base lying flat on the

ground.  Lower half  is illegible.


RUTH  J.  PERDUE    1907 – 1912

"Suffer little children to come unto me."


SARAH  E.  PERDUE   10-28-1869 Lowndes Co., AL  to  8-8-1885 

*D/of  Dr. John BaileyPerdue(1825-1902)  &  Rachel  L  Baddy Perdue(1832-1883)   

"Sacred To The Memory Of"


(S. M.) "Doc" SELDON  McMEANS  PERDUE  6-14-1841  to  12-22-1910  

"Seldon McMeans Perdue"  *Age 69 years   "Sarah  E. Fickling Perdue"

"He looked for a city which  hath foundations, whose builder and  maker is God.

"A precious one from us has gone.  A voice we loved is stilled."   "     Heb  XI,  10


STELLA  PAULINE  PERDUE    2-21-1919   to  3-11-1924 

*D/of  Harvey M.Perdue(1896-1932)  &  Nonie Idella  Hargett Perdue(1900-1944)   

"Gone to be an Angel"


(Robert)  WHALEY  PERDUE    4-3-1916  to  2-15-1981  

*S/of  W. Hilton  &  Mattie  Ellen  Crain  Perdue  brother to Alto Perdue Long

"In Loving Memory"


WILLIAM  DEWEY "BUDDY"  PERDUE    4-5-1898  to  6-21-1936 

*S/of  W. Hilton  &  Mattie  E.  Perdue    "At Rest"


RUTH  J. PERDUE    6-25-1907  to  6-30-1912  "Sister" 

*D/of  W. Hilton  Perdue &  Mattie E. Perdue 

"Suffer little children to come unto me."


WILLIAM   HILTON  PERDUE   3-27-1861 AL  to  1-25-1937AR

*S/of William Roy Perdue (1835 AL - 1892) & Mattie Eliza  Hale Perdue(1840 AL – 1917)   

"Father"     "His memory is blessed"

"MATTIE"  MARTHA  ELLEN CRAIN  PERDUE  4-9-1873  to  5-5-1957

*D/of  William Crain (b:ca 1832 SC)  &  Rebecca Davis Crain (b:1831 AL-1899) 

*Wf/of  W. Hilton Perdue  "Mammy"   "A tender mother and  a faithful friend"


WILLIAM  J. "Bill" PERDUE  12-18-1934  to  6-4-2005   *ob  

*S/of  Lillian  O. Perdue (1905-1989)  & Colon  W. Perdue (1905-1967)

*Some confusion whether this is his  burial place  or "Old" Union Baptist Cemetery. 

located 3 or 4 miles up the road or 3-4 miles south on Armer road.   

I have listed him on both sites.  His parents are buried at Ebenezer Methodist..

As of April 2012, he did not have a marker at either cemetery.  I also checked  

Ebenezer Presbyterian, where it is asserted he is buried (Find-A-Grave) but he is not

found there & I believe this to be incorrect. I have his obituary, & I believe they meant  

either Ebenezer Methodist  or "Old" Union Baptist Cemetery, where  he also has kin buried.


WILLIAM  ROY  PERDUE  4-15-1904  to  1-17-1993 

*Death date not inscribed on tombstone.  (SSDI)

&   ORA  MULLINS  PERDUE  5-13-1902  to  4-6-1977 


WILLIAM  ROY  PERDUE    1835 AL  to  2-25-1892

*Parents of  7 children    "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

*Md:1/11/1857  Monroe Co., AL

&  MATTIE  ELIZA HALE  PERDUE    1840 AL  to  1917



RANDY  CAROLYN  FIKE  PILL   3-17-1945  to  11-5-1985 

*D/of  J.T.  &  Marion  Fike    "To Touch God's Hand"



WESLEY  "ERICK"  RICHEY (41) 9-7-1966 to  5-3-2008

*S/of Cecil Gene Richey(1925-2000)  &  Aline Joy West Richey(1926-1989)

*Md:5/10/2001    "Precious Memories"

MARY  ELDAIN  ARMER  SARTOR  RICHEY(47) 7-9-1960  to  4-10-2008 

*D/of John Preston Armer(1924-2012) & Betty Dean Parker Armer 

*1st female to graduate from AR Law Enforcement Training Academy

*Late grandparents, Ellis & Mary Parker /  Wm. & Beatrice Armer, Sr.

*Wife of Wesley "Erick" Richey.

*Both still have their Young's Funeral Directors MM  (Apr 2012)-plus granite tombstone 



RICHARD  CYRUS "Dick" RUSSELL  8-19-1918  to  4-24-1994

*S/of  Cyrus A. Russell(1891-1927) & Charlotte Slayman Russell(1893-1977)

 *U.S. Navy  WW II

MARTHA  ELIZABETH  MATTHEWS  RUSSELL  11-25-1916  to  8-7-2006 

*Wf/of Russell C. "Dick" Matthews;  *D/of  Pearl Perdue Matthews & Minor Wallace Matthews.




SCHMIDT  6-8-1895  to  8-15-1896   (in Schmidt plot) top of stone broken off)


ARCHIE  SCHMIDT   1901  to   1903

*S/of  William Schmidt (1871-1892)


CICERO  R.  SCHMIDT     1875  to  1961 "She's Safe At Home"

*S/of  Kasper Schmidt (1837-1904)  &  Narcissa Doss Schmidt(1839-1901)


GREEN  D.  SCHMIDT    1870  to  1919

*S/of  Kasper Schmidt (1837-1904)  &  Narcissa Doss Schmidt(1839-1901)


Infant  SCHMIDT    b: 1892


KASPER  SCHMIDT    1837 Switzerland  to   1904  

&  NARCISSUS  DOSS  SCHMIDT   1839  ALA  to   1901


MATHEW  SCHMIDT  1878  to  1941

*S/of  Kasper Schmidt (1837-1904)  &  Narcissa Doss Schmidt(1839-1901)


WILLIAM  SCHMIDT   1871  to  1892

*S/of  Kasper Schmidt (1837-1904)  &  Narcissa Doss Schmidt(1839-1901)



HENRY  WALTER  SELF  (H.W.)   11-7-1879   to   11-3-1922  ©

*There are two stones close to one another across the road in the old section of cemetery.

One of the stones has the initials H. W. S.  on it and the other one with the top broken

off  has the  following inscription: " Thy trials ended they rest is won"

I believe these are some of the "Self" family headstones.


*There are four unmarked graves for children of the SELF  family,

No names or dates;  marked by native stone  in 1991. ©

(Not found in 2012)   

*Speculation: dates  from ARDI: Self deaths in Union County, Arkansas

? SELF  d:9-13-1918  ©

David  Fis  SELF  d:12-30-1923©

John  Isa  SELF   d: 7-28-1929   ©




RUTH  EVELYN  DOSS  SIMPSON   6-8-1906  to  3-13-1928 

*Sister to Joe Doss  (RNA)  "Asleep in Jesus"



MARTIN  A. SMITH     2-8-1845  to  6-12-1907 

"Beneath here lies his sleeping dust, till Jesus comes

to raise the just. May he awake in sweet surprise and to the arms of Jesus rise" 

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Martha Cargyle (b:ca 1847 AL)  *2nd wife, Ida Armer Davis Smith

IDA ARMER  DAVIS  SMITH     7-21-1876  to  2-7-1931"Mother" 

*2nd wife of Martin A. Smith  *Ida’s first husband was Peter D. Davis(1865-1945)

*Spouses:  *1st Peter D. Davis(1865-1945)   *2nd  Martin A. Smith (1845-1907)


WILLIAM  MONROE  SMITH   9-12-1901  to  5-25-1904 

*Only S/of  Martin A. Smith (1845-1907)  &  Ida Armer Davis Smith (1876-1931)

"Sacred To The Memory"  "Gone But Not Forgotten"



JANIE  LEE ARMER  STEPHENS  12-6-1929  to  5-17-1979

*D/of  William Alymer Armer & Beatrice Eldain Major Armer

*Janie was one of 9 children.  Janie md: Troy Paxton; ;this union produced 3 children.

*Janie died of cancer at the age of 49.  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


CHARLIE  SWAFFORD   Feb  1881  (date from 1900 census)  Native stone marker   ©


JOHN  SWAFFORD    *No dates native stone marker  ©



EDWARD  "ED" THOMPSON   3-30-1904  to  7-11-1995 

Young's MM   (complete dates from SSDI )


OPAL  J.  DOSS  THOMPSON  (80)  2-16-1926  to  1-26-2007  *ob

*D/of  Green Deprece Doss &  Mary Estha Berry Doss  

*Wf/of late  B.E. Thompson  for 52 yrs.    ( Young's  MM )




CECILE  TOWNSEND    6-12-1902  to  1-14-1908 

(Exact dates from family records)

*D/of George Tomas Townsend & Catherine Schmidt Townsend


J.A.  TOWNSEND    8-10-1855   to  9-28-1878 



*The pictures shown here were taken between 2004-2008 & the later ones in April 2012. There have been storms that took out a large

tree on the north side of the church. It damaged the Dettenheim tombstones, among a couple of others. A metal awning over a church door on that side, was also bent up. On my last visit, in April 2012, it appears that the church is no longer in use for regular services. My guess is they merged the congregration with the United Methodist Church in Calion, which is only about 4 or 5 miles up the road. The older section of Ebenezer Church Cemetery is located across the road,(in front of the church),has not fared well either. It was well maintained in earlier years, but not so much at this time. It is hidden from view by the trees & shrubs. You must cross the ditch & look for the obscure opening into the cemetery.                               

ca 2004-06



 ca  2004-06





                                                                   ca 2006







ca 2006


             South end of church  ca 2004-06                                  






ca Spring 2008


ca Spring 2008




April 2008

Mary Murphy Perdue's new headstone located on the north side

of the church building. 


View of Mary's old broken headstone (April 2012)













West side of Armer Road; across the ditch is the entry to the older

section of Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery; [photo Apr 2012]


April 2012  Newsom Family marker


       In Loving Memory of                               Mary L. wife of Green B. Newsom

       Green B. Newsom                                                   





        Charlie  Newsome                                    Rebecca wife of Charlie Newsome




        In Loving Memory Betty Newsom      Peter F. Matthews and Family

        nasty fire ant nest                                 Another nasty fire ant nest. 






        *Not shown- small block sized markers with the following Matthew's named.

        Bettie Lou Matthews; Ragan Owen Matthews; Julie Rues Matthews middle of

        a big fire ant hill; Willie Ward Matthews; ? possibly one for B. Matthews.

        No dates or other info. In the area of Peter F Matthews & Family marker.




UGH!  More Fire Ants







1858 – 1936


These markers had wooden pieces fitted

into each indented letter of figure

when I first saw them back around 2003.

The wood had already disappeared from

some.  Now they are all gone- however

someone fitted Carrie's with plastic letters

for her name.  Christopher & Rebecca Owen's

also were fitted with the wooden pieces. 


Below- is the original old mortuary marker still by Carrie's grave.




  J. C. Lyon


Crypt of William H. Ferguson


Other views of William H. Ferguson's crypt





*Below is the tombstone of   ELLA  JERRY; it is enclosed with a fence, but no

gate or opening.  It is overgrown with vines & shrubs; difficult to photograph. ▼


Ella Jarry wife of Frank A. Jarry






Little Robert Harrelson  Jun 2, 1905  to  Oct 2, 1905

Son of R.A. & Mary A.

Obelisk in background un-identified.