ca  1836


*Cemetery located about 4½ Southwest of Strong, Arkansas.

Survey compiled from various earlier canvasses of this cemetery.

*New survey done Nov 7, 2012 & history pertaining to this cemetery.

Last updated November 2015. Janice Holzer





ELLIS  RAYMOND  BENNETT  1-12-1894  to 9-2-1945

*S/of William Ellis Bennett(1868-1957) & Annie Lavender Bennett(1872-1944)

*Spouses:  *1st -1924, Union Co. Mona Lee Morgan   *2nd-1937, Drew Co., AR Beatrice Alice Carpenter

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can't heal"


HOMER BRAUDICE BENNETT, SR. 8-10-1906 to 2-24-1969

*S/of William Ellis Bennett(1868-1957) & Annie Lavender Bennett(1872-1944) "Father"

& ESTHER  M. KNIGHT BENNETT  4-4-1915 to 1-9-1991

**D/of  Charles Knight(b:ca 1871 TN) & Annie M. Knight(b:ca 1874 AR) "Mother"  


INFANT  BENNETT  3-18-1924  *One date 

*D/of  Joseph  "Joe" Franklin Bennett(1898-1954)  &  'Lula' Eunice McCormick Bennett(1900-1981)


JAMES  K. BENNETT 1954 - 1956

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"


UNKNOWN (Probably) BENNETT  *No dates

*Buried  between Ellis Raymond Bennett & Annie Lavender Bennett.

*This grave has "table/ slab" full length cover over the grave.  No name or dates.


WILLIAM  C. BENNETT  1929 – 1955

*S/of  Ellis Raymond Bennett(1894-1945) & *1st wife, Mona Lee Morgan Bennett



*S/of Joseph B. Bennett(b:ca 1829 NC) & Martha Bennett(b:ca 1829 NC)

*Md: Annie Lavender  12/20/1891 Union Co., AR

ANNIE  LAVENDER BENNETT   4-10-1872  to  3-3-1944

*D/of  William Samuel Lavender(b:ca 1818 Ireland)  &  Mychal Hicks Lavender(1835-1889)

*Md: William  Ellis  Bennett 12/20/1891 Union Co., AR



GABRIEL  F.  BERRY, JR. 12-14-1869  to 12-5-1891

*S/of  Gabriel  F.  Berry , Sr. &  Mary E. Berry  *H/of Ida Peterson Berry(1878-1967)


WILLIE  M. BERRY  3-27-1889  to  1-8-1890

*Son of  S.A. & A. H. Berry  "Sleep On Sweet Babe"



ADA IRENE COLEMAN  6-22-1909  *One date

*Infant  D/of  John Davis Coleman(1888-1979) & Mary Percy Norris Coleman(1892-1969)


ASA  COLEMAN  1-13-1903  to  6-30-1905 

*S/of  Charles  Douglas Coleman(1856-1925) & Rhoda Craig Coleman(1870-1959)  

"Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me."


CHARLES  DOUGLAS  COLEMAN 1-9-1856 to 10-9-1925

*S/of  Richard Coleman & Elizabeth Mitchell Ray Coleman

*Spouses:  *1st Callie Nelson(1862-1895)   *2nd  Rhoda Craig (1870-1959)

"A Loving Father, A Kind Husband, and A Friend To All" 

CALLIE  NELSON  COLEMAN  11-27-1862  to 1-19-1895

"Our Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"    *1st Wife of Charles Douglas Coleman

RHODA  CRAIG  COLEMAN  9-12-1870 to 3-12-1959

*D/of Mary Peppers Vines Craig(1842 LA-1870)  &  *2nd  husband, Isaac C. Craig(1836-1926)

*Rhoda was *2nd Wife, of Charles Douglas Coleman   

*Rhoda  & her father, Isaac Craig are both  buried in the Strong Cemetery.

*Mary Ann Peppers- *1st husband, Larkin Vines  *2nd husband, Isaac C. Craig(Md:1/1/1860 Union Co., AR)

*Mary Ann Peppers   *D/of Ezeriah Oville. Pepper(1802-1889) &  Rolsa/"Rhoda" Roberts Pepper(1807-1889)

*Mary Ann Pepper burial location unknown.


PAUL  LAVELLE  COLEMAN  5-28-1910 *One date  

*Infant  S/of  John Davis Coleman(1888-1979) & Mary Percy Norris Coleman(1892-1969)


EDMON  CRAIG   1-15-1889  to  2-8-1899 

*S/of  E. J. &  L. R. NORRIS


INFANT  CRAIG   12-14-1915  to  12-29-1915  

*Child of  C. W. &  B.M.H. Craig


VELMA  CRAIG    Sept 1885  to  8-6-1896

*D/of  C. S.  &  N. J. Nelson


(W.H.)WILLIAM  HARDY CRAIG  6-19-1863  to 11-7-1912

*S/of  William  L. Craig(1836-1907)  &  Elizabeth Pepper Craig(1838-1876)

"Father"   "He Shall Rise Again On Resurrection at Judgement Day"

& LUCY  T. NELSON  CRAIG  2-22-1868  to  6-19-1910

*D/of  William Daniel Nelson (1833-1867) & Allana Hearne Nelson (1833-1903)

"Mother"   "Weep Not She Is Not Dead, but Sleeps On"



DOVIE  C.  DUKE   2-11-1887  to  3-31-1887  

*D/of  G. N.  &  G. A. Duke


*All Three Duke's on the same headstone. ▼

LITTLETON CLAY DUKE, JR. 11-24-1840  to  4-24-1884

"Father"  *H/of Nancy Jane Nelson(1846-1898)

& NANCY JANE NELSON  DUKE 1-31-1846 to 4-10-1898

"Mother"  *Wf/of  Littleton Clay Duke(1840-1884)

&  JOHN SIMPSON DUKE  5-15-1875  to 10-25-1897"Son"

*S/of  Littleton Clay Duke(1840-1884) & Nancy Jane Nelson Duke(1846-1898)


WILLIAM THOMAS DUKE  9-12-1871  to 12-4-1905

'Will Tom'  son of Littleton Gray Duke(1840-1884)  &  Nancy Jane Nelson Duke(1846-1898)

*H/of  Eliza Peterson Duke (2/9/1874  to  2/16/1926)buried in the Strong Cemetery.

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



LUKE  FERGUSON  11-26-1854  to 12-4-1836



MARY ALICE DUKE  GRAY 10-21-1869 to 11-1-1899

*D/of  Littleton Clay Duke(1840-1884) & Nancy Jane Nelson Duke(1846-1898)

*Wf/of  Francis  Frederick  Gray (1/9/1863 to 5/16/1937)"Frank" buried in Strong Cemetery



INFANT  HAMAKER  B  &  D 12-17-1911

*Infant  C. W.  &  Byrdie  M. Pridgen  Hamaker Gentry Hollis(1891-1959)


INFANT  HAMAKER  12-14-1915  to  12-29-1915

*Infant   C. W.  &  Byrdie  M. Pridgen  Hamaker Gentry Hollis(1891-1959)



QUATHON  HAMAKER   2-8-1915  to  2-9-1915

*Infant  C. W. &  Byrdie  M. Pridgen  Hamaker Gentry Hollis(1891-1959)



DORA  J. BERRY HARRIS  10-19-1863  to  9-7-1898

*D/of Gabriel Berry, Sr.(b: ca 1825) & Mary E. Berry(b:ca 1838)   *35 yr old Wf/of  J. H. Harris



HOWARD B. HOLLIS 12-5-1902 OK  to  Dec 1973 CA  

*S/of  Charles Hill Hollis(1868-1955)  &  Cynthia Ella Rumsey Hollis(1874-1934)

*SSDI death date for Howard B.  "Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God"


2-15-1891  to 8-7-1959  *Shares double headstone with Howard B. Hollis

*D/of  Matilda Lavender Pridgen(1867-1947)  &  Luke Fergerson Pridgen(1854-1936)

*Spouses:  *1st C.W. Hamaker  *2nd  ?  Gentry  *3rd  Howard B. Hollis



JOHN  LUCAS  HOLLOWAY  10-9-1921 to 10-11-1925

*Age 4    "He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



INFANT  HOWARD  12-5-1902 *One date



Mrs.  W.A.  LATHAM   7-31-1893

*Barely readable-broken stone(2012)




3-10-1835 to 12-21-1889 "In Memory Of"    "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*Spouses:  *1st md:1862, Union Co.,AR,  Benjamin M. Dougal(Dugal) (1804-4/20/1863) *Died in the

Civil War.  *2nd md: prior to 1867 in Union Co.,AR, William Samuel Lavender (b:ca 1818 Ireland)      

*M/of  3 children from first marriage: JoAnna Dugal / Jas Rufus Dugal(1855-1925) / Ester Mary Dugal Green(1857-1913)

*M/of  2 children from 2nd marriage: Matilda Lavender Pridgen(1867-1997) /  Annie Lavender Bennett(1872-1944)



SADIE COLEMAN GILMORE MASON  9-15-1915 to 2-11-1978

*D/of  Charles Douglas Coleman(1856-1925) & Rhoda Craig Coleman(1870-1959)

*Wf/of  Homer R. Gilmore(1907-1982) *Buried Good Hope Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



EDMON  F.  MORRIS   1-15-1899  to  2-8-1899 

*S/of  E.T. & L. R. Morris     



AGNES ALLANA HEARNE  NELSON  5-26-1833 to  7-23-1903

*Wf/of  William Daniel Nelson(1833-1867)



to 11-10-1883  *Wf/of  Columbus  Simpson  Nelson(1852-1926)

*D/of  William Riley Knowles(1830-1911) & Sarah Ann Hicks Knowles(1833-1899)  

"He took thee from a world of cares.  To an ever lasting blissful  shores?"    

*Had trouble reading this quote on the tombstone.


ELISHA  NELSON, JR.  1795 SC – 1865 AR

"Father"   *Civil War- Pvt.  CO  B, AL 25th Infantry Regiment


*D/of  Henry C. Brasher(1771-1857) &  Elenor Johnson Brasher(1776-1837)

"Mother"   *Wf/of  Elisha Nelson;


MARY JANE NELSON  1-31-1841 to 4-10-1896

*Md: 1857-1st  Jeremiah S. Avera(Avery?)(1822-1869)  

*Mary Jane & Jeremiah had 4 children:  "Mother"

Adeliza ca 1860;  Ellen Avery Silliman ca 1862; Sally T. Avery (1865-1941) &

John Avery ca 1871.  *Md:ca 1878 – *2nd John Nettles 

(Mary Jane Nelson's(Avera Nettles)  stone can no longer be found-2012)


SIMPSON  SYLVESTUS NELSON 6-19-1822 to 9-26-1889

*S/of  Elisha Nelson(1795-1884)  &  Jane Cynthenia Brasher Nelson(1795-1884)  "Mason"

NANCY JANE ELLIOTT  NELSON  1829  to  2-15-1901

*D/of  William Elliott(1740-1791) &  Nancy Hale Elliott(1794-1872)

*Wf/of  Simpson  S. Simpson    "A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend"


VELMA  NELSON   9-6-1895  to  8-8-1896

*D/of  Columbus Simpson Nelson(1852-1926)   &  Nanny Bolding  Nelson (1863-1938) 

"A bud on earth came to bloom in the  paradise of God.


WILLIAM DANIEL NELSON,SR. 3-16-1833 to 8-22-1867 

*S/of  Elisha  Nelson(1795-1865) &  Jane Cynthenia Brasher Nelson(1795-1884)   "At Rest"

ALLANA  HEARNE NELSON  5-26-1833  to  7-23-1903

*Wf/of   William Daniel Nelson, Sr.  "There Is Rest  ?____"  *Sunk in ground –un-readable.



HOYLE  NICHOLSON   11-7-1900  to  5-25-1902 

*S/of  Clarence Lamar Nicholson(1874-1944)  &  Lillian  G. Nelson  Nicholson (1878-1967)

"Too Precious For Earth  Has Gone To Heaven"



ADA  PETERSON  NORRIS 4-21-1877  to  3-6-1895 

*1st Wf/of  John  Nick  Norris(4/21/1877 to 3/6/1895)   *18 yrs old  

"She Died As She Lived Trusting In God"


  EDMAN  F.  NORRIS  1-15-1899  to  2-8-1899 

*S/of  Edmond T. Norris(1859-1925)  &  Luty Wilson Norris(1873-1948)


(E.T.)EDMOND  T. NORRIS  8-16-1859 to 4-9-1925

 *S/of  Patrick Henry "Tud" Norris (1821-1902) & Mary Wood Norris(d:ca 1866);  

*Patrick's *1st  *Wife  was Mary Wood  

*Patrick *Md: *2nd  Georgia "Tootie" Mary Bradley, 1/16/1868, Union Co., AR

*Edmond 's wife, LUTY WILSON (1873-1948) *buried at Strong Cemetery, Union Co.,AR

"Dearest Father thou hast left us here Thy loss we deeply feel. 

But tis God that hath bereft us he can all sorrows heal."


THOMAS  M.  NORRIS  4-7-1873  to  9-9-1880

*7 yr old  S/of  Milton T. Norris (1846-1927) &  Sara Frances Cates Norris(1845-1926) 

"In Memory Of"



ETHEL BEATRICE NUNNALLY 2-22-1885 to 2-27-1885 

*D/of  Jefferson Davis Nunnally(1861-1898)  & Mary Tomaline Berry Nunnally(1868-1908) (no stone)



7-18-1898 *S/of Edward Nunnally(1810-1862) & Mary M. Sammons Nunnally(1821-1903)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


to 7-12-1908 *Wf/of  (J. D.) Jefferson Davis Nunnally  

*Thomas Young Berry, Sr.(1816-1868) & Nancy Jane Heiner Berry(1837-1914) 

"Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow o'er there weep"



12-18-1876 *Wife of William R. Nunnally(1847-1917)

* (Tombstone is broken off below "died" & top left corner.) "In Memory of" I believe the following

epitaph & date is possibly from the lower broken part of Nancy's marker.   ?  ? 1876   ?Weep  not

for me Mother Dear, My Soul Is Gone To Rest.  Come Brother, Sister Kindred  Near, For The Lord

surely Knows The Blest."



ELIJAH FRANKLIN PHILLIPS  6-9-1852 to 3-5-1918  

*H/of  Mary  E. Phillips  "Sleep On Dear Father And Take Thy Rest.  

?God Thought It Best."     ?Can't read parts of the epitaph, so I guessed at some of it.


8-15-1900   *Wf/of  Elijah  Franklin Phillips


FANNIE  D.  PHILLIPS  4-17-1881 to 7-19-1882 

*D/of  Elijah  Franklin Phillips(1852-1918) &  Mary Elizabeth Sanford Phillips (1854-1900) 

"Our Darling Fannie Hath Gone Before Us To Greet Us On ?That Safe Blissful Shore "      


INFANT  PHILLIPS  b & d  11-7-1900 

*S/of  Elijah  Franklin Phillips &  Mary Elizabeth Sanford Phillips  


INFANT  PHILLIPS  b & d  2-21-1904 

*S/of  Elijah  Franklin Phillips &  Mary Elizabeth Sanford Phillips  


INFANT  PHILLIPS  b & d  3-17-1900

*S/of  Elijah  Franklin Phillips &  Mary Elizabeth Sanford Phillips  


INFANT  PHILLIPS  b & d  2-2-1899

*D/of  Johnie T. Phillips(1873-1935)  &  Frances Etta Smith Phillips(1875-1962)


MARTHA  E.  PHILLIPS  6-21-1901 to 7-22-1901 

*D/of  Johnie T. Phillips(1873-1935)  &  Frances Etta  Smith Phillips(1875-1962)


MARY MAUD PHILLIPS  1-22-1880 to 10-28-1884

*D/of  J. R. & C. S. Phillips    "Asleep In Jesus"



LUKE  FERGERSON  PRIDGEN 11-26-1854  to 12-6-1936

*S/of  Matthew  Pridgen(b:ca 1823 GA) & Lauransa  Pridgen (b: ca 1820 AL)

& MATILDA LAVENDER  PRIDGEN 11-14-1867 to 8-4-1947

*D/of William Lavender (b:ca1818 Ireland) & Michael (Mychal)Hicks  Dougal Lavender(1835-1889) 

*Half sister to James Rufus Dugal    "They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


MINOR  LUKE  PRIDGEN 1844 to 1955

*S/of  Matilda Lavender Pridgen(1867-1947)  &  Luke Fergerson Pridgen(1854-1936)  

*Age 11 yrs – 8 mos  *Home made concrete marker.



INFANT REED   5-12-1886  (Age 1 day)

*Infant son of  J. M.  &  M. J.  Reed  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"



ARTIE MAY SERCY 12-7-1905 to 1-10-1906

*1 mo old



DOSSIE  SMITH  2-4-1899  to 7-31-1900 

*S/of  Marion Franklin Smith(1878-1962) & Linnie Lanora Phillips Smith(1878-1960)




9-23-1862 to 1-12-1900

*D/of William H. Norsworthy(b: 1827) & Nancy Dennis Norsworthy Head(b:18838 AL)

*Md:9/20/1880 Webster Parish, LA   Sion David  Spells(1858 MS-1926)

SION  DAVID SPELLS  Jan 1858 MS  to 1926 AR

*H/of Elizabeth Norsworthy Spells(1862-1900) 

*David has no marker but is buried next to his wife, Elizabeth. At one time a rock marked the spot.



CARL  STEVENS  *12 year old Son of  J.R. Stevens


J. R. STEVENS   1850 – 1921



Mrs.  WALTHAM  died  7-31-1893


"In Memory Of"

IRA  L. WILSON   5-4-1810  to  1-10-1888 ä

*H/of  Mary Elizabeth Wilson(1829-1910)

"A Faithful Friend, A Father Dear    A Christian that lies buried here"

MARY  E.  WILSON  1-10-1829 to 5-19-1910

*Wf/of  Ira  L. Wilson  "Our darling Mother ?precious  before 

To ?  meet us on the bright shore."


M. B.  WILSON  7-7-1867 to  6-18-1888 

*S/of  Ira  L. Wilson(1810-1888) & Mary E. Wilson(1829-1910)   *Age 21

"In Memory Of"   "His Happy Soul Has Winged It's Way. 

To One Pure Bright Eternal Orb"


ORA  L.  WILSON   5-4-1810 to 1-10-1888 ä

*Member of Constitutional Convention 1874 


One of the earlier surveys I relied on was done by Urban Wilson in July 1999.

*Mr. Wilson thought that ä Ira Wilson & Ora Wilson might be twins, but I think it is more

likely the first name was taken by some to be Ora, while others thought Ira.  I believe this

is the case because they not only have the same birth date, but also the same death date.




This bulletin board has copies of the original deed for the cemetery,

an old letter between some of the relatives of this cemetery; etc.




This cemetery has about 34 marked but un-identified graves.

All appear to be marked with a small homemade concrete

rectangled slab.  One un-identified is marked with a rock.



J. D. Nunnally's marker front & center.

Nelson graves▲

Possibly part of Nancy Nunnally's broken headstone.



Almost all of the unknown graves are marked this way.

I suspect most, if not all, were children.