Est. ca  1932

Tombstone Photos



This cemetery is located in El Dorado, behind the church, located on the west side

of Hinson Road. This church and cemetery is in an industrial area of refineries

and chemical plants. On the above photo, off the right end you can see some of the

holding tanks of a plant next door.  Janice Holzer

*New canvass October 2012.  Last updated September 2015



* “&    denotes a double or multiple headstone

* SSDI   some info obtained from Social Security Death Index

* ARDI  death info was obtained from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

* MM  indicates info was from a mortuary/ funeral home marker

* OB   indicates info came from an obituary

* WOW indicates a Woodman of the World headstone.



JIM  RICHARD  ALLBRITTON   10-9-1890 to 4-10-1938 "At Rest"

*S/of Peter J. Allbritton (Jan 1860 LA/ 11-18-1939)  &  Sarah Dora Coker Allbritton  (2-1858 /11-4-1932)

"His Deeds Live On"   "A Devoted Mother"  Peter J. Allbritton Md: Sarah Dora 1/15/1881

*Peter J. & Sarah Dora Allbritton are buried in Ogden Cemetery,  Franklin Parish, LA



HERMAN  BAKER    12-28-1891  to  1-6-1940

*Arkansas   Pvt  1st CL 7 SN TN DIV 

*Wife, Bynie Pearl Cameron Ballard Baker (7/27/1889 to 3/30/1965)   

*Bynie md: *1st William Arthur Ballard (1872-1918) *2nd Herman Baker

*Bynie is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Union County, AR

"Blessed are the pure in Heart for they shall see God"



HAZEL  T.  BATES   8-10-1936   (One date)



D. W.  BLAIR  10-30-1867  to  4-10-1945

"I Have Kept The Faith"    *H/of Mattie Shaw Blair

*Daughter, Margaret Blair Robertson (1898-1977)

MATTIE  SHAW  BLAIR   8-22-1873  to  6-19-1955

*D/of George and Margaret Shaw   "Tender Mother And Faithful Friend"


HERBERT  BLAIR  11-15-1915  to  12-27-1939

"His Memory Is Blessed"



ALLISTER  A.  BOYD   11-30-1879  to  12-4-1953



ETTIE  VEE  LEWIS  CRAFT  BURROW  8-27-1906  to  6-18-1974

*D/of Ezekiel Lewis(1861-1959) & Laura Elizabeth Coward Lewis(1884-1971)

*Md: *1st George A. Craft in 1924   "Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"



EDWIN  M.  CAMERON   6-27-1891  to  6-25-1937

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



Rev. PETER (P.N.) CLEMENTS   1888  to  10-31-1936 *ARDI




MARGARET  ANN  HAUGHTON  CONLEY (79) 1-24-1920  to

4-23-1999 *ob        *MM



GEORGE  A.  CRAFT   12-19-1902  to  7-13-1940

*S/of  Nelson Anderson Craft(1881-1945) & Sibbie Ann Puckitt Craft(1884-1962)

*H/of  Ettie V. Lewis(1906-1974)   (See Ettie V. Lewis Craft Burrow)   

"A Most Noble Example Was His Life"


JAMES  MONROE  CRAFT   7-29-1904  to  6-20-1958

*S/of  Nelson Anderson Craft(1881-1945) & Sibbie Ann Puckitt Craft(1884-1962)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


NELSON  ANDERSON  CRAFT  1881  to  6-22-1945  *ARDI

"Dying Is But Going Home"

SIBBIE  ANN  PUCKITT  CRAFT  5-5-1884  to  4-13-1962

*D/of  George W. Puckitt (1850-1916) & Armendia Chandler Puckitt(1853-1934)

"Fear Not For I Have Redeemed Thee"



CHARLES  O.  DAUNIS   (No dates)  *MM



WILLIE  BELLE  DENSON  DUHME  6-4-1888  to  8-27-1969

*(80 yrs-2 mos-23 dys)    



EARL WAYNE  EASTRIDGE  7-14-1918  to  12-11-1934

*S/of  E. W. &  Carrie Eastridge 

"Weeping may endure for a night, But Joy cometh in the morning"  *Psalms  30:5


JOHN  FRANKLIN  EASTRIDGE   12-24-1870  to  8-2-1934

*S/of  Mary Francis Britt Eastridge(1849-1925)  "Tho lost to sight to memory dear"



6-25-1952   *Wf/of  John H. Eastridge "Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend"


ROBERT  HENRY  EASTRIDGE  11-22-1941  to  7-13-1996

*U.S. Navy  Vet   "Gone But Not Forgotten"



GLENDA  DARDEN  FITE (79) 8-3-1932  to  3-22-2013  *OB

*D/of  Winnie D. Hulsey Darden & Wallace Glen Darden  *H/of  57 yrs, Lynn J. Fite



EVERETT  CASH  FORE  1-28-1912  to  5-9-1992

*S/of  Robert Green Fore (1877-1951  &  Rosa Cash Fore(1878-1965)

*MM  (Rumph-Owers Funeral Home)    "An Inspiration To All Who Knew Them"

&  RUBY  HINSON  FORE  11-30-1920  to  2-25-2008



T. J.  FULTON  1861  to  1-20-1935  (T.J. Fulton, Pulaski Co.)  *ARDI




GEORGE  LEWIS  HARPER    4-15-1912  to  3-18-1958

*Arkansas  Pvt  CO B  4  BN  ARTC   WW II



HORTENSE  McGRAW  HAUGHTON  12-4-1888  to  4-19-1967

*Wf/of  Robert H. Haughton

ROBERT  H.  HAUGHTON   2-19-1870  to  11-9-1943

*H/of  Hortense McGraw Haughton


RUBY  HAUGHTON   2-26-1894   to  1-1-1944



MARY KATHERINE  FAITH  HICKS(32)  7-24-1977 to 11-19-2009

*D/of  Norman Faith Jr. Msgt USAF Ret.  &  Wongduan Khamkrua Faith  *OB



SALLIE  B.  MONTGOMERY  HILL 12-23-1891 to 3-3-1941*OB 

"Mother"  *Wf/of  Jett Asbury Hill (12/12/1885 to 4/26/1972)

*Jett Asbury Hill, 86, buried in Dickson Cemetery, near Harrell, Arkansas.



CAROLYN  LOUISE  HINSON  2-25-1935  to  4-24-1935

*Infant  D/of  Coy & Lottie Hinson


OBIL  LEE  HINSON   2-24-1908  to  5-9-1985

*Md:1933 (Bk 14-379)   "In God's Hands"

&  NOVIE  MAE  HINSON 10-2-1913  to 1-6-1992


THOMAS  C. HINSON   3-2-1883  to  10-13-1956

*Spouses: *1st Wife, Rosa Cook   *2nd Wife, Nevada House Burks Hinson

*2nd Wife, Nevada House Burks Hinson(7/30/1902 to 9/17/1953) *Arlington Cemetery

*Md:1st Amos Burks(1896-1981) *2nd Md: Thomas C. Hinson

*Nevada  D/of Wm. Walter House(b:ca 1871 AR)& Nannie House(b:ca 1877 AR)

&  ROSA  COOK  HINSON   1-8-1882  to  7-11-1935

*Rosa Cook , 1st wife of Thomas C. Hinson



EFFIE  MAY  HUDSON   May 1882  to  7-24-1935 *ARDI

"To Live In The Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"



DONALD "Donnie"  E.  JINKS   7-1-1942  to  9 10-29-1976

*S/of  Donald Jinks(1913-2012) & Beatrice Jinks(1917-2004)

"It's Not Sorrow That Last Forever, It Is Love"



Infant  JOHNSON  B & D  3-11-1943



EZEKIEL  LEWIS  10-5-1881  to  3-17-1959





CHARLES  W.  LOVE    7-6-1861  to  3-20-1939

"His Memory Is Blessed"    *H/of  Lucy L. Haire Love(1875-1954)


JAMES “JIM”  LOVE  12-28-1901  to  6-13-1936

"Beloved Father"   "Gone But Not Forgotten"



BEATRICE  MOORE  McDANIEL  12-16-1920  to 1-26-2013 *OB

*D/of  Nelson Moore & Rossie Sargent Moore  *Md:10/21/1939  Melvin McDaniel, Sr.



ALLINE  McGRAW   10-7-1897  to  4-1-1976



DOROTHY ARENA  McHAN  4-28-1938  to  8-28-1938

*Infant  D/of  Roy & Dorothy McHan   "Only Sleeping"


JUNE  FRANCES  McHAN  6-17-1928  to  4-11-2007

"She is singing "Come Spring" with the angels"


ROY  McHAN   6-14-1916   to  6-4-1989

*Md:4/17/1937  "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  DOROTHY  REBEL  BRASHER McHAN 10-20-1917  to

4-13-1987  "Here Lies Our Beloved Mother Who's At Rest In Heaven"


WILLIAM  TOLLIVER  McHAN   3-11-1869  to  4-22-1944

&  ARENA  LACROIX  McHAN   3-11-1884  to  4-4-1972

"Our Beloved Mother And Daddy"


WRIGHT  McHAN   6-29-1917  to  1-7-1992

"I saw heaven in a vision last night"  "Beloved Husband, Precious Daddy"



BOBBY  VAN  MEEKS 11-24-1937  to  7-12-2007

"Have Faith In God"


“VANDY” VALENTINE  MEEKS   10-27-1907  to  5-21-1979

&  SADERIA  ANN  MEEKS   4-12-1915  to  11-18-1987

* 2nd wife of Vandy Meeks   *Md:11/11/1934   "Beloved Father and Mother"


WILLIAM  COLUMBUS  MEEKS   1875  to  3-9-1934 *ARDI



GEORGE "TOMMY" MELLINGER  9-28-1939 (One date)

*Md:8/26/1960    "Present With The Lord"

&  MARY ANN  TAYLOR  MELLINGER  3-14-1942 (One date)



LETTIE  MAE  MOORE  MULLINS(98) 8-12-1915  to  10-10-2013*OB

*D/of  Nelson & Rossie Sargent Moore  *Late husband, Sterling Mullins

*Late children: Velma Hildreth, Earvin Mullins, Rossie Lee Mullins, Carrie Mae Mullins,

& Sterling Mullins, Jr.



CLARA  EASTRIDGE  MURPHY  10-29-1910  to  2-27-2005

"In Loving Memory"



FRED  W.  NIPPER   6-3-1926  to  6-11-1995

*S/of Walter Fred Nipper(1903-1984) & Ethel Izora Smith Nipper(1906-1983)

*TEC  5  U.S. Army  WW II 



DELMAR  OWENS   9-3-1923  to  10-10-1967

*S/of  Josh & Arkaney Owens   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

Mrs. JOSH  OWENS  died 12-2-1940  (One date)  *MM

*Mrs. Josh Owens, aka Arkaney died in a wagon, car accident.


LILLIE  G.  HATCH  DARDEN OWENS(94)  3-13-1919  to

1-7-2014  *D/of  Charlie R. Hatch and Mollie M. Huddleston Hatch

*Wf/of late Aubrey L. Darden



FLOY VIRGINIA  PRIMM (80)  8-25-1928  to  3-27-2009 *OB

*D/of Robert Mattox Parks & Laura Darden Parks   *Wf/of  L.T. Primm


JOHNNY WAYNE PRIMM (61)  2-9-1949  to  10-21-2010

*S/of  L.T. Primm & Floy Virginia Parks Primm  Wife, Beverly



 EDWARD  PURCELL, JR.“ED” 9-22-1869 ILL  to  11-10-1939



JIMMIE  D.  ROBERTSON    9-2-1908  to  1-1-1938

"Father"   "What we keep in memory is ours, unchanged forever."



JACK  W.  SARGENT  11-18-1939  (One date)

 * Mississippi CORP  116 SUP TN DIV

LYDIA ANN  SARGENT  (Age 45 yrs) died 11-15-1938

*MM  (Pratt Funeral Home)  *Tombstone not found in 2012


LARRY  DALE  SELMON (60) 10-9-1952  to  10-23-2012 *OB

*S/of Lewis Monroe "Red" Selmon & Faye Dell Welch Selmon


GARY  DON  SMITH  8-31-1961  to  9-1-1961

*Infant S/of Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Smith  "Sweetly Sleeping"


JO ANN STOTT  SMITH  10-6-1940  to  7-14-1997

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"     "Mother"



AUDREY “Jack” STOTT  5-9-1915  to  1-31-1995

*H/of Allie Mae Warren Stott    "For Us   It Is Just The Beginning"

& ALLIE  MAE“Pat” WARREN  STOTT (90)10-25-1918 to

12-26-2008  *D/of Robert Bullard Warren & Annie Ella Peace Warren  *OB


JACKIE  HENRY  STOTT (69)  8-17-1946  to  8-30-2015  *OB

*S/of Audrey "Jack" Stott &  Allie Mae "Pat" Warren Stott    *Vietnam Veteran


JOHN  HENRY  STOTT   1870  to  4-9-1943  *ARDI

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  MATTIE  ALICE  STOTT   1875  to  1958


WALTON  T.  STOTT   9-19-1907  to  10-21-1981

"Only Sleeping"

&  ANNIE  LEE  LOWE  STOTT  5-10-1902  to  1-11-1994

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



EVA  C.  TAYLOR   6-6-1887  to  7-6-1959


JOHN  VERNON  TAYLOR, SR.   7-31-1938  to  7-10-2014 *OB

*S/of Vernon Taylor & Mabel Jewel Lawrence Taylor

JOHN  VERNON  TAYLOR, JR.   11-5-1959  to  4-4-1991

*S/of  John Vernon Taylor, Sr.(1938-2014)


ROBERT  JOHN  TAYLOR  9-15-1879  to  10-23-1953

&  DIXIE  MARY CAMERON  TAYLOR   9-6-1885  to  10-12-1941

"A life like hers has left a record sweet for memory to dwell upon"



JAMES  B.  TOMPKINS   5-6-1876  to  10-24-1955

*S/of Willie Dee Tompkins(1876-1936) & Dona Dumas Tompkins(1898-1955)

*Md: 2nd Madonie “Dona” Dumas after Dec 1936

*Madoni Dumas was the D/of James Madison Dumas & Ella Mooty Dumas

&  WILLIE  DEE  TOMPKINS  9-24-1876  to  12-7-1936

*1st wife of James B. Tompkins


VERLIE  H.  TOMPKINS  4-4-1913  to  9-22-1945

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



EVELYN  G.  WALKER "Sister"  1911  to  3-27-1940  *ARDI

JERRY  GENE  WALKER "Baby"  1937  to  1939


JIM  BOB  WALKER   8-1-1933  to  7-9-1988

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal" "Loving Father"




CORINE  BRIDGES DARDON  WATSON(86)  3-17-1927  to  3-19-2013

*D/of  Jacob G. Bridges & Jessie Francis Coke Bridges 

*Late *1st husband  Elmer D. Dardon;  late *2nd husband, Guthrie Watson










                                Looking east at back end of church.