Est. ca 1899

This cemetery is located southwest of El Dorado at the end of Parnell Road.

Extracted the information for Harris Cemetery from Union County Cemetery book,

Volume Six.  No credit or date given as to when the last survey was done.

Submitted  April 2004. Updates from obituaries  May 2006: *ob

New survey done October 30, 2012.

jcsh432@gmail.com     Last updated December 2015.  Janice Holzer




THOMAS  ARTHUR  ALLEN, JR.  8-24-1950  to  7-24-1999 

*U.S. Army  Vietnam  *Two markers


FORREST  CLINTON  BAUMAN   6-6-1902  to 10-22-1980 

*S/of  Henry Frank Bauman(1871-1955)  &  Ida Belle Powell Bauman(1874-1956)

"Each Duty Done They Rest In Peace"

&  JEWEL THELMA  HARRIS  BAUMAN  1-24-1906  to 1-7-1997

*D/of  James Pleasant Harris(1883-1976) & Ida E. Pyle Harris(1888-1968) 


RUBY  BAUMAN    10-6-1928 

*Baby  D/of  Forrest Clinton Bauman  and  Jewel Thelma Harris Bauman


ABNER  ALLEN  CARY   3-18-1904  to  2-28-1962 

*S/of  Finley Harison Cary(1869-1954) & Frances Lee Dora Webb Cary(1869-1959)

 *Wife, BESSIE  PAULINE  KNOTT CARY (11/28/1912 to  8/30/1990)  *Buried at

Greenwood Memorial Park & Mausoleum, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX   

"His Memory Is Blessed"   


JAMES  ARZO  CARY   2-28-1889  to  3-21-1945  "Father"


JIMMY  DEAN  CARY  1-27-1958  to  12-30-2003

"Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother and Faithful Friend"

"Husband of Rose Mary Phillips. Father of Ti & Kyle. Grandfather of Trenton and Tyler.


MARY  ANN  CARY   2-28-1919  to  5-24-1919  *D/of  Arzo Cary




*Wife, of Abner Henry Harrison Cary (5/11/1840 TN  to  9/13/1888).

*Buried in the Cary Cemetery, Henderson City, TN. 

*Find-A-Grave  gives these dates 7-3-1841 TN to 3-17-1919 Union Co., AR)

"Grandmother"   "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


SARAH  ANN  CARY   born  11-19-1890  (one date)



Girl  CRUIZE  No marker, child ca five years old.  Info from family member.



ARTHUR  GREGORY   6-3-1891  to  1-26-1920

"Gone but not Forgotten"


*Wf/of  Arthur Gregory     *Listed twice: Mae Whitley Gregory Shepherd


MARION  GREGORY   *Infant son of  W.A. Gregory


POLLIE  GREGORY   12-27-1869  to  3-24-1931, Wife

"At Rest"

ROY  A.  GREGORY  11-24-1901  to  1-26-1920  


WILLIAM  A.  GREGORY   4-1-1859  to  5-31-1939

 Husband, "Absent in Body But Present In Spirit"



BENFORD  R.  HARRIS  5-9-1873   to  2-11-1921 

*S/of  William T. & Mollie Weathers Harris  ( Md: 1870  Mary T. Weathers)


CLIFT  WAYNE  HARRIS  6-28-1965  to  5-14-2006 


DAVID  GLENN  HARRIS (65)  6-20-1944  to  12-13-2009

Young’s Funeral Home *ob   *S/of Pettus Harris & Lovie Carey Harris.



Infant  HARRIS   B  &  D   1899  *D/of  Benford  R. & Mary T. Harris

Infant  HARRIS   B   &  D  1894  *D/of  Will A. & Carrie E. Hines Harris


JAMES  GLENN "BUBBA"  HARRIS  7-26-1964  to  4-13-2006  

*S/of David G. Harris & Mary Jo Nipper Harris.   *BM3  U. S. Coast Guard   *ob


JAMES  PLEASANT  HARRIS   6-26-1883  to  11-10-1976

*S/of  William T.  Harris & Seletea McGee Harris 

&  IDA  E.  PYLE  HARRIS   5-14-1888  to  2-24-1968 

*Listed on the same headstone,  James Pleasant Harris


JOHN  HARRIS  10-20-1874  to  10-9-1901 

*S/of  William Thomas Harris(1831-1900)  &  Mary  F. Weathers   

* Md:9/17/1900 "My Beloved Husband"


KENNETH  LAVELLE  HARRIS  12-30-1928 to  5-10-2010

*S/of  William Lester Harris(1908-1995) & Ola Francis Cary Harris(1908-1990)

*Md:3/1/1953   *SGT  US Army  Korea   *Kenneth d:2010 in Texas City, Texas

&  EVA  MAE  PITTMAN  HARRIS   11-27-1931  (One date)



PETTUS  MAYFIELD  HARRIS  7-17-1912  to  1-29-1986 

*S/of  James Pleasant Harris(1883-1976)  &  Ida E. Pyles Harris(1888-1968)  

*H/of  Loyie Mary Cary Harris(2/28/1915  to 6/17/1999)

*Loyie  buried at Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery. Large double with only her name & dates.

*Pettus Mayfield Harris was evidently her first husband. She must have remarried & that is who

she intends to share the double marker with, once he passes.


SELETEA  McGEE  HARRIS   5-9-1850  to  11-27-1930  

*D/of  Elisha Harris  "She was the Sunshine of Our Home"  * New marker.


WILLIAM   LESTER  HARRIS  8-19-1908  to  1-19-1995

*S/of  James Pleasant Harris(1883-1976)  &  Ida E. Pyles Harris(1888-1968)  

"A Wonderful Father And An Inspiration To All Who Loved Him"

&  OLA FRANCIS  CARY  HARRIS   9-16-1908  to  6-6-1990

*D/of  Finley H. Cary(1869-1954) &  F. Dora Cary(1879-1959)

"Here Lies A Beautiful Lady Inside And Out, A Loving Wife And Mother"


WILLIAM  THOMAS  HARRIS   6-2-1831GA to 4-28-1900 AR  

*CSA  ARK  19th  Ifantry  Co  C    *S/of  Samuel  F. & Gracie Harris

*Md: 1st  Sarah Celista Strong (1843 AL - Apr 1870 Columbia Co.,AR >Strong Cemetery

*M/of  Lillian Ora Harris(1859-1915) -William Augustus “Will” Harris(1861-1955)-

Susan”Susie”  Fannie Harris and Charles B. Harris

*Md:2nd  Mary “Mollie” F.  Weathers *M/of  Benford(1873-1921) &  John Harris(1874-1901)

*Md:3rd   Seletea McGee(1850-1930)  *M/of  James Pleasant Harris(1883-1976)

"His toils are past, his work is done, he fought the fight, the victory won"


WILLIE  T.  HARRISS   12-22-1902   to  8-14-1905

*D/of  W. A.  &  C.E. Harris



NOBLE  HOGAN   (no marker ) Information from family member



JOSEPH  KNOX  LAWRENCE  12-1-1938  to  6-19-1946 

*S/of  Warner J. Lawrence(1916-1997) & Thula Seleta Harris Lawrence(1915-1970)

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep"  


LEONARD  W.  LAWRENCE  1-8- 1889  to   3-28-1967 "Father"

*S/of  Richard Petros Lawrence(1861-1924) & Eudora Cornelia Hogg Lawrence(1868-1924)

&  INA  TODD  LAWRENCE   10-9-1896  to  8-31-1981 

*D/of   Jospeh Lunt Todd(1850-1923) Mary"Mollie" Ellen White Todd(1861-1954) 

*Wife of  Leonard  W.  Lawrence


THULA SELETA HARRIS LAWRENCE  9-13-1915 to  2-25-1970 

*D/of  James Pleasant Harris (1883-1976) &  Ida E. Pyles Harris (1888-1968) 

*Md: 9/7/1935

&  WARNER  J.  LAWRENCE   3-26-1916  to  4-11-1997

*S/of  Leonard Warner Lawrence(1889-1967)& Ina Todd Lawrence(1896-1981)



LENA  LOWERY   (No marker)  information from family member

OTIS  LOWERY   (No marker)  information from family member



LILLIAN  ELVA  McCLESKEY   7-7-1905  to  2-11-1910 

*D/of  Oscar Conrad McCleskey(1877-1942)  &  Lula Maude Mitchell McCleskey(1883-1942)  

*Another McCleskey infant son is also buried here b & d  3/19/1909. (according to family)



to  3-20-1909  *Tombstone inscription: LULA  MITCHELL  HARRISS  McCLESKEY

*Spouses: *1st  John Harris(1874-1901) *S/of  William Thomas Harris(1831-1900 & Mary Weathers

 *2nd  Oscar Conrad McCleskey(1877-1942)  Lula md: Oscar 6/2/1904 Union Co.,AR

*Oscar & his 2nd wife buried at Fredonia Methodist Church Cemetery.

*S/of  James Franklin McClesky(1833-1913) & Sarah/Sallie Ann Fowler McCleskey(1840-1925)

*D/of  Martin L. Mitchell & Margaret J. Hildebrande Mitchell. These two do not have a headstone,

but their names  were provided by a family member in 2012. 



MINNIE  LOU  PYLES  McDANIELS  7-22-1927  to  10-7-1986 

*Age 59   *Rumph-Owers FH    *MM   "Mother"     "Forever In Our Hearts"



FRED  MOSS  MILLS   5-13-1914  to  8-1-1921   

*S/of  Julius  E.  &  Mollie M. Mills


JULIUS  EDGAR  MILLS  12-12-1882  to  1-1-1955

*S/of  Patrick Henry & Bettie Ann Mills   *Md: 2/19/1905  

&  MOLLIE  P.  MOSS  MILLS   9-25-1884  to  9-25-1954

*D/of  Stephen D.  &  Martha Dees Moss



HOLLIS  B.  MOOTY     1-2-1916  to  3-20-1932  "Son"




*D/of  Leonard Warner Lawrence (1889-1967) & Ina Todd Lawrence(1896-1981)

*Marguerite md: Leslie Powell in 1941, Ouachita Co., AR  Marguerite d: in Hahnville, LA


CHARLENE  PYLES   1931  to  1935  

*D/of  Elzie & Minnie Goley Pyles  "She's Safe"


CLIFTON  PYLES   7-11-1933  to  12-26-1965

* "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal" 

"Our Beloved Son - Rest In Peace"


CLINTON  PYLES   8-13-1914  to  6-27-1971  

"He Is Not Dead But Sleepeth"


ELZIE  FRANKLIN   PYLES  3-28-1879  to  3-3-1952  

*H/of  Minnie Goley.   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*S/of  James R. Pyle(1854-1927) & Martha I. Greer Pyles(1860-1932)

MINNIE  LEE  GOLEY   PYLES  12-4-1892  to  4-15-1981

*Wf/of  Elzie Pyles    "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



*Infant  son of  Elzie & Minnie Pyles "At Rest" 


LEOLA  PYLES   6-15-1911  to  6-14-1915

*D/of  Elzie & Mandy Pyles  "Only Sleeping"


(J. R.)JAMES  R.  PYLE   3-23-1854  to  11-10-1927 

*H/of  Martha Greer Pyle, Daddy.  "Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"

MARTHA  GREER  PYLE   6-4-1860  to  12-28-1932

*D/of  James Greer(b:ca 1809 KY d:Union Co.,AR) & Nancy M. Greer(1817 MS - 1905AR)

*Wf/of  J. R.  Pyle   "She's Safe At Home"



Grandma  SENN died before 1900  (no marker)  information from family member




  "Mother"  "Accepted In Heaven"

*First husband, Arthur  G.  Harris  ? possible error 1st husband was Arthur Gregory



BOBBY  JOE  SMITH  6-23-1941  to  5-27-1999 

*S/of  Joe & Mattie Pyle Smith


MATTIE  ELIZABETH  PYLE  SMITH   3-3-1918  to  7-29-1980

* "God Bless"   "She is in the Kingdom of Heaven. So is Tillman, Jerry, and Bobby."


TILLMAN  SMITH    9-16-1937  to  9-18-1937 

*Infant  S/of  Joe &  Mattie Pyle  Smith   "At  Rest"



Grandma  STOTT,  Mother of  J.R. STOTT 

( no marker)  information from family member


J. R.  STOTT   7-14-1843  to  8-18-1913 

*J.R.'s stone is broken in three pieces, lying flat on the ground.

"His toils are over. His work is done.  He fought the fight. The Victory won."


JANE  STOTT   died  7-15-1931  *Wf/of  J.R.

 ( no marker)  information from family member



MOLLIE  E.  TODD   5-24-1861  to  7-7-1954  "Mother" 

"Into Thy Hand I Comment My Spirit"


JOHN  WARREN  1-26-1928  *Baby Grandson  W.A. Greggory

"He's Safe At Home"

SHELBY  A. WARREN   3-25-1926  *Baby Grandson  W.A. Greggory

"Only Sleeping"










*This is a home made concrete marker that simply says

"In Memory of the Dead"  all except for the last word are readable

(etched into the concrete by hand). It appears to be "Dead."