Est. 1851


Located  off  Hwy. 82 East of El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas....South onto Hillsboro Road from  Hwy. 82 East.  Hillsboro was once a large & thriving community with an academy there, mills, stores, Church etc. from 1851  to  1926.    The only thing remaining of the once thriving community is the cemetery.  As you turn onto Hillsboro Road there is a historical marker giving you a history sketch  of the community. (The historical marker is no longer there 2011)   Nov 11, 2001  Updated  June 14, 2001;  combining my 2001 canvass & an earlier canvass done in December 1992, by Lillian  & Basil Craig / Ralph O. Weldon.

 *New survey April 2011      *Update:  September  2015      Janice  Holzer    jcsh432@gmail.com



JAMES  RICHARD  ANDERSON   died  9-16-1931

*Infant  S/of E.R. & Jessie Anderson



DOROTHY  ELAINE  ANTLEY  3-1-1944  to  6-29-2009



WALLACE  R.  ARCHER   2-4-1939  (One date)

*Md:10/1/1983  "Precious Memories"

&  MARILYN  ANN  ARCHER   1-16-1938  (One date)


*Infant  BELL Son  born & died 1919

*Child of Grady Bradford Bell & Pearl Grace Bell *Buried with mother.


PEARL  GRACE  BELL  1894  -  1919 "Mother"

*D/of James Byrd Grace(1851-1905) & Sallie A. Newton Grace(1863-1936)

&  With Infant son who d:1919 *Father of  Infant, Grady Bradford Bell

*H/of  Pearl Grace Bell, *1st Wife of  Grady Bradford Bell (1896-1986)

*Grady B. Bell is buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., AR



CARL  ODIS  BLEDSOE   7-28-1907  to  1-29-1983

*S/of  Foster Allen Bledsoe(1872-1934) & Lula Francis Johnson Bledsoe(1880-1950)

&  MAYBELLE  MANN  BLEDSOE   9-11-1911  to  1-11-1980


FOSTER  ALLEN  BLEDSOE  12-9-1872 TN  to  10-8-1934 AR

*Parents of 6 boys & 2 girls  

&  LULA  FRANCIS  JOHNSON  BLEDSOE   6-6-1880  to   4-24-1950

*D/of  Martha Jane Carter Johnson


FOSTER  RHODELLE  BLEDSOE    5-30-1914  to  8-21-1954

*S/of  Foster Allen Bledsoe(1872-1934) & Lula Francis Bledsoe(1911-1980)

*Age 40 yrs   *Md:2/15/1942

&  OPAL  ESTELLE  PIPKINS  BLEDSOE   12-27-1915  to 11-30-2001

*D/of  Obediah S. Pepkins(1881-1954)  &  Maggie Carter Pipkins(1894-1982)


OLLA  MAE  BLEDSOE    5-6-1944  to  4-4-1948

*D/of  Carl Odis Bledsoe & Maybelle Mann Bledsoe  *Age 3 yrs-8 mos-21 dys  



PAUL  GARRETT  BRUMMETT    8-31-1938  to  2-10-2008

*S/of  Garrett Pettus Brummett(1909-2002) & Leona Henry Harvill Brummett (1913-2000)

*Died Shreveport, LA;  County Ranger for the Arkansas Forestry Commission

*(Mason)   *Md:5/25/1957 

&  JOANN  ODOM   BRUMMETT   3-10-1938   (One date)



(J.W.)JOHNNY  W.  BURLEY   3-23-1925  to  11-24-1991

*S/of  Jesse B. Burley(1897-1989) & Vera Estelle Goodwin Burley(1897-1980)

*Wife, EVA  LEE  BURLEY(85) 3/3/1929  to  9/9/2014 *Lone Oak Cemetery, Union Co.,AR

*Johnny's, sister Jesse Marie Burley Armer(1918-2013)



HENRY   ELIJAH  CABANISS    4-30-1853   to  10-26-1925

*S/of  Elijah Cabaniss(1794-1870)  *H/of  Anna Marie Newsom

ANNA   MARIE  NEWSOM  CABANISS   10-27-1873  to  7-15-1922

*D/of  James Wilson Newsom(1846-1915) & Sarah Frances Cason Newsom(1845-1887)



LOFTON  C.  CAMPBELL  10-11-1844  to  3-3-1901 'Mason'

*Wife: Martha Carleton Campbell (3/15/1855 to 12/6/1936)

*Martha buried Forest Park East Cemetery, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA

*D/of  William F. Carleton  & ??Martha Dean  or  Sarah Barnes



BENITA  L.  WEBB  CRAIN(57)  3-31-1953 TX  to  1-23-2011 LA

*D/of Wesley Webb, Sr. & Agnes Johnson Webb

*MM Perry's Funeral Home



ANNIE  M.  GORMAN  DEARING  7-4-1855 AL  to  7-13-1933

*D/of  Michael Gorman of Alabama. *Mother of 4 daughters.

*2nd wife of Harrison L. Dearing(1827-1911)


CLIFTON  W.  DEARING   9-29-1860  to  10-27-1929  "Husband"

*S/of  Preston B. Dearing(1831-1886) & Mary Alice Gorman Dearing(1847-1898)

&  Mrs.  BELLE  MIEARS  DEARING   3-17-1861  to  4-22-1943

*Age 82 yrs-1 mo-5 dys   "Wife" of  Clifton  W. Dearing


EDNA  EARL  DEARING   6-16-1871  to  5-30-1889

*D/of  Preston B. Dearing(1831-1886) &  Mary Alice Gorman Dearing(1847-1898)


(H. L.)HARRISON  LOUIE  DEARING   6-8-1827 VA  &  5-29-1911

*S/of  Joel  Dearing (age 79  d:1863)  &  Charity Bennett Dearing (age 76  d:1863)

 of  Lynchburg, Virginia  *3rd born of 10 children.  *CSA CO I, Third Arkansas Regiment

*1st wife, (Md:1851) Sarah W. Jones Gorman(d:1879) is buried in the Old Presbyterian

Church Cemetery, El Dorado    *C.S.A.   2nd Lieut. 19th ARK INF   (Mason)

*2nd  wife,(Md:1881) Annie M. Gorman (1855-1933) D/of Michael Gorman


JOEL  COLBERT "JOE"  DEARING    8-31-1890  to  2-17-1941

*S/of  Harrison Louie Dearing (1827-1911) & Annie M. Gorman Dearing (1855-1933) 

*Ark  Pvt   70  Engrs.

*Wife, CORA CABANISS  DEARING 3/23/1895  to  11/4/1962

*Cora buried at Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado, AR


(LOTTIE)  HATTIE  ONELA  DEARING  10-22-1905  to  10-7-1911

*D/of  Clifton W. Dearing(1860-1929) & Bell A. Miears Dearing(1861-1943) 


*The following  3 Dearing's are all on the same headstone.

*PRESTON  B.  DEARING   11-1-1831 VA  to  12-8-1886 AR

*H/of  Mary Alice Gorman Dearing

*MARY  ALICE  GORMAN  DEARING  11-22-1847  to  4-20-1898

*D/of  William E. O'Gorman(1803-1851) & Sarah Walker Jones O'Gorman(1816-1880)

*Wf/of  Preston B. Dearing

*Mrs.  BELLE  A.  MIEARS  DEARING   3-17-1861  to  4-22-1943

*Age  82 yrs-1 mo-5 dys  *Wf/of Clifton W. Dearing(1860 TX -1929 AR)

*Daughter-in-law of Preston B. & Mary Alice Gorman Dearing



A. T.  DIXON   7-10-1828   to  1-9-1859


ALEX  DIXON, Sr.    9-1-1915  to  5-30-1987



MAXIMILIANO  ARTHURO  DOMINGUEZ, JR.  4-29-1961  to  2-7-2011

*Age 49   "MAX"   *U.S. Marine  *1st H/of , Pam Hardenbrook Lites(1964-2013)

*MM Young's FH



JAMES  A.  FINLEY (J.A.)  Jul 1844 AL  to  2-6-1933

VIRGINIA  IONE  McHENRY  FINLEY  2-5-1850  to  8-10-1917

*D/of  Martin Hugh McHenry(1804-1888) & Margaret Moore McHenry(1816-1887)

(Mrs.  JAMES A.  FINLEY)   "Beloved  wife  J. A. Finley"   "Mother"  "Jennie"

*Age 67 yrs-6 mos-5 dys


Dr.  J. R.  AIKEN  FINLEY   10-13-1870  to  3-7-1903

*S/of  James. A. Finley(1844-1933) & Virginia "Jennie" Ione McHenry

Finley(1850-1917)    *Age 32 yrs-4 mos-24 dys



ALICE  FLOYD  8-16-1879  to  7-13-1883


LEONIDE  Ne De BOIS  FLOYD  4-28-1852  to  6-6-1884

* This headstone was odd:  At the top it said  "Mother's  Grave" ...... then  LEONIDE

ne'  DUBOIS......at the base in large letters,  "FLOYD"    dates- 4-28-1852  to

6-6- 1884  (LEONIDE  Ne De BOIS  FLOYD  the above dates (1852 - 1884)

"ALICE"  8-16-1879  to  7-13-1883 (this is on another side of marker for Leonide ne' Dubois)




ALLIE  M.  FORD  1914-1964


CALVIN  NATH  "NATE"  FORD   1888 AR  to  1992 AR

*H/of  Fannie Williams Ford

FANNIE  WILLIAMS  FORD   1895 AR  to  4-16-1958  AR

*Wf/of  Calvin Nath Ford


DOROTHY  BILLINGS  FORD  9-10-1935  to  7-22-1999


JOHN  FORD    *Unknown  (no dates)


RICHARD  "RICH"  FORD  3-8-1877  to  9-18-1950

*H/of  Clara B. Broadnax Ford

*Children: Allen Ford, Sr.(1920-2009): Ray Ford (1921-2010) : 

Evora Ford Hicks (1928-2000)

CLARA  B.  BROADNAX  FORD    Dec 1892  to  5-18-1966

*Wf/of  Richard "Rich"  Ford


ROBERT  FORD   3-23-1935  to  9-20-1969

*S/of  Calvin Nath "Nate" Ford(1888-1992)  &  Fannie Williams Ford(1895-1958)


WILLIE   C.  "BO"  FORD   3-20-1929  to  2-1-1974

*S/of  Calvin Nath "Nate" Ford(1888-1992)  &  Fannie Williams Ford(1895-1958)



JAMES  ROY  FRENCH "Pat"  10-16-1926  to  10-28-1998

*S/of  Orlando Garland French(1903-1938) &  Alice Augusta Rochelle Bishop(1908-1980)

*{Rock Island emblem on double marker}   *S1 U.S. Navy WW II

&  MYRTLE  PRATT  FRENCH  (82)  2-21-1928  to  12-14-2010 *OB

*D/of  Henry Watterson Pratt (1893-1952)  & Lucile McMath Pratt(1898-1974)

*Wf/of late James Roy "Pat" French  *Md:2/20/1946


MICHAEL  PRATT  "MIKEY"  FRENCH (34)  1-15-1974  to  6-9-2008

*Paternal grandfather James Roy "Pat" French; Maternal grandfather, Mike Fletcher

*S/of  James & Voniece French


SHAFTA  R.  FRENCH   8-29-1948  (One date)  This small headstone has the name

SMITH running vertically at a slight angle ~ down the left end-next to "SMITH" at a slight angle

are 3 small hearts. Starting at the top, the 1ST name inside isSHANE  the 2nd  one is SHANNON 

&  the 3rd one




MONROE  FURLOUGH   1-10-1896  to  5-15-1968



MARIA  DOMINGUEZ  GARCIA   6-8-1964  to  10-31-2002



* The following graves are surrounded by an old wrought iron fence.

CAROLINE  LETITIA  AIKEN  GOLDSMITH  3-14-1822  to 3-19-1884

*Wf/of  Henry P. Goldsmith

HENRY  P.  GOLDSMITH   3-20-1817 NY  to  8-6-1886 AR



HENRY  PORTER  GRACE    8-9-1891  to  10-23-1915

*S/of  James Byrd Grace(1851-1905) &  Sallie A. Newton Grace(1863-1936)


(J. B.)JAMES  BYRD  GRACE    4-4-1851   to  1-27-1905

sa*H/of   Sallie Newton Grace(1863-1936) *Buried Woodlawn Cemetery,

El Dorado, AR


EDITH  MATTIE  HEADRICK   12-2-1884  to  12-2-1904

* Wf/of  D. A. Hedrick




BEN   T.  HEARIN  1864  to  2-23-1882  *Age 17 yrs.-7 mos.

*S/of  John Hearin(1812-1890)  &  Eliza A. Tatum Hearin (1840-1882)

"Separation is our lot. Meeting our hope."


JOHN  ELISHA  HEARIN    3-12-1812  SC  to  d: 4-4-1890 AR  *Age 78 yrs.

*Spouses: *1st  Rhoda C. Bussey(1807-1851)  *2nd Eliza A. Tatum (1840-1882)

*1st wife, Rhoda C. Bussey buried in Bussey-Hearin Family Cemetery.

ELIZA   A.  TATUM  HEARIN   5-7-1840 - 2-24-1882   {41 yrs & 9 mos}

*D/of  Benjamin  Franklin Tatum (1815-1896)  & Saphronia Melvina Neal Tatum(1822-1901)   

*2nd Wf/of  John Hearin   *Eliza's parents buried in Tatum Cemetery, Union Co.AR

"She was a kind and affectionate wife, a kind mother and friend to all."


(J. F.) JOHN FRANKLIN  HEARIN   5-25-1862   to  4-26-1912 *WOW

*S/of  John Elisha Hearing(1836-1898) & Virginia Bussey Hearin(1839-1916)

*Wife, Jessie Dearing Hearin(1866-1947) *buried-Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado.



VIRGINIA "JENNIE"  BUSSEY  HEARIN   11-3-1839   to  1-5-1916

*D/of Benjamin Pullum Bussey(1805-1859) & Julia Elizabeth Zachery Bussey(1806-1879)

*Julia E. Zachery Bussey buried in "Old" Presbyterian Church Cemetery, El Dorado.

*Husband, Benjamin P. Bussey buried in Antioch Baptist Cemetery, Woodbury, GA

*Wf/of  John  Elisha  Hearin (1836-1898)



OPHELIA  HICKS   11-30-1866  to   4-27-1915

*Wf/of   L.  Hicks



BLANCH  HEARIN  HILL   died August 1900

*D/of  John Elisha Hearin(1812-1890)  &  Eliza A. Tatum Hearin (1840-1882)

*Wife of  Warren Jean  Hill(1874-1948) *Buried Strong Cemetery.


CLAIR  NEWTON  HILL   9-13-1892  to  6-28-1900

*D/of  Oliver G. Hill(1860-1932)  &  Emma Dora  Hill(1864-1958)

*Oliver & Emma Dora Hill buried in Liberty Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR


*Erected by granddaughter in memory of her mother



MARY  SUE  HILL  4-28-1905  to  7-3-1915

*D/of  Oliver G. Hill(1860-1932)  &  Emma Dora  Hill(1864-1958)

*Oliver & Emma Dora Hill buried in Liberty Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR



M. A.  HOLBROOK  1824 Maine to  6-18-1879   *Age 55 years




ADANORA  "DONNY"  HUDSON    9-1-1858  to  9-16-1890

*D/of  John K. Hudson(1812-1881) & Samantha Agnes Davis Hudson(1824-1861)

DOTY  HUDSON   Age 22 yrs  (no dates)

*S/of  J. Bunyan  &  Sallie E.  Hudson


Infant  HUDSON    b  &  d   11-20-1877

*S/of  William  T.  &  Matie T.  Hudson

JOHN  BUNYAN  HUDSON    4-26-1853  to  10-19-1898

*S/of  John K. Hudson(1812-1881) & Samantha Agnes Davis Hudson(1824-1861)

*H/of  Sallie Elizabeth McGough Hudson (1857-1928)

"His toils are past, his work is done.  He fought the fight the victory won."


*D/of  Elzira Harrel Doty McGough (1834-1901) *Wf/of  John Bunyan Hudson

"Tender Mother And  A Faithful Friend" 



JOHN  K.  HUDSON   5-10-1812  to  12-17-1881

*H/of  Samantha Agnes Davis Hudson (1824-1861)

SAMANTHA  AGNES  DAVIS  HUDSON   1824 GA  to  6-5-1861 AR

*Wf/of  John K. Hudson   *Age 37 yrs


JUDSON  HUDSON    9-2-1889  to  10-2-1890

*S/of  A.J. & N.A.  Hudson

LINNIE  AGNES  HUDSON   11-7-1878  to  9-17-1902 

*D/of   A. J. &  N. A. Hudson


LILLIE  AGNES HUDSON  born 1875   died  9-5-1877 *Age 1 yr-9 mos-20 dys

*D/of  William Thomas(1850-1923) &  Mary 'Matie ' Thomas Williams Hudson(1858-1899)


Mrs.  LULA  FRANCES  HUDSON   1881  to  4-24-1950 

*Age 68 yrs-10 mos-18 dys



10-13-1899   *Wf/of   William  Thomas  Hudson(1850-1923) *Buried in Strong Cemetery

*D/of  Thomas Reid Williams(1821-1864) & Mary Elizabeth Jane Connor Williams(1828- ?)    


RAYMOND  HUDSON   (b:Aug 1886)   *Age 22 yrs.  (no dates)

*S/of  John Bunyan Hudson(1853-1898)  &  Sallie  Elizabeth McGough  Hudson (1857-1928) 

*1st  H/of  Pettis Clyde Hill Hudson Davis (1886-1944)


*Two  HUDSON  infants (no dates)


WILLIE  KEITH  HUDSON  2-18-1881  to  5-3-1894

*S/of  John Bunyan Hudson(1853-1898)  &  Sallie  Elizabeth McGough  Hudson (1857-1928) 



*This plot is separated by a concrete border.

GEORGE  W.  HUNT   1869  to  1883

*S/of William Ethan Hunt(1808-1880) & Ruth Minerva Tucker Hunt(1828-1905)

(W. E.)WILLIAM  ETHAN  HUNT   1808 GA  to  1880 AR

*H/of  Amelia Adams

Mrs.  W. E. (RUTH M.)  HUNT   1828 AL  to  1905 AR

*2nd wife,  Ruth Minerva Tucker Hunt (Mrs. W.E. Hunt)

*D/of  John Tucker(1791-1831) & Ruth Howard Tucker(1795-1842)



IVERSON  HARRY  INGRAM   2-14-1834 GA  to  2-3-1914 AR

*2nd  Lieut  C.S.A.  Co  A  1  ARK  INF  (no dates) *Died in Gurdon, Clark County, AR

*H/of   Sallie  L.  Pratt  Ingram (1852-1891)


Little  JOE  INGRAM  3-2-1890  to  1-4-1891

*S/of  (I.H.)Iverson H. Ingram(1834-1914) & Sallie L. Ingram(1852-1891)

SALLIE   L.  PRATT   INGRAM    3-28-1852  to  8-26-1891

*Wf/of  J.H. Ingram  *Note: this is a double marker with mother & son together on it.

Very clearly on Joe's  it gives the initials of his father as I.H. Ingram; while on Sallie's marker it says J. H. Ingram.



MARCUS  L.  JAMESON, M.D.  3-8-1845  to  6-22-1902

*S/of  William D. Jameson(1811-1864) &  Lucy Ratliff Jameson(1808-1882)   

" A  Soldier,  Scholar,  &  Patriot "  

CORNELIA  L.  ROWLAND  JAMESON  d: 3-28-1885 *Age 40

 *Wf/of  Marcus L. Jameson


LUCY  RATLIFF  JAMESON  "Mother"  7-10-1808  to  1-1-1882 

*Wf/of  William D. Jameson(1811-1864) buried in Teel Cemetery, Union County, Arkansas


Infant  JAMESON  died  11-15-1878   Age 15 dys

*Infant  D/of  Marcus L. Jameson(1845-1902) &  Cornelia L. Rowland(d:1885)

Infant  JAMESON  8-28-1880  to  8-29-1880

*Infant D/of  Marcus L. Jameson(1845-1902) &  Cornelia L. Rowland(d:1885)


WILLIAM  IRVING  JAMESON  died  6-17-1879

*S/of  Marcus L. Jameson(1845-1902) &  Cornelia L. Rowland(d:1885)

*Age 7 mos-7 dys   



MARDA  MARIE  HARPER  JONES  3-2-1936  to  8-13-2013 *OB

*H/of 52 yrs  Delmas C. Jones  *D/of Howard & Wilma Harper of Pittsburgh, PA.


CARLTON  L. "ANDY"  KINARD   3-22-1934  to  6-11-1993

*S/of  George Pierce Kinard(1906-1980) & Effie Hazel Wilkinson Kinard(1912-2001)

&  WANDA  JUNE  MURRAY  KINARD   4-4-1937  to  4-25-1997

*Heart on backside of tombstone with "ANDY  11/22/1955  WANDA"



DAVID  JESSE  MANY   2-7-1952  (One date)


&  CARLA  MURRAY  MANY  9-28-1951  to  10-20-2000



PEARL  A.  HUDSON  MAYFIELD   9-23-1889  to  9-7-1912 

*Wf/of  H. F.  Mayfield



ELZIRA  HARREL  DOTY  McGOUGH   5-20-1834 TN  to  11-24-1901AR



Two  McHENRY children,  Leopold 1889-1893  &

a baby boy McHenry   2-17-1885

*Sons of  Armand  &  Carrie McHenry


LEOPOLD  L.  McHENRY  12-5-1889  to  9-1-1893

*S/of  Dr.  &  Mrs. M. A. McHenry




WILLIAM  RUSSELL (W.R.)  McMATH    8-30-1853  to  12-6-1906

*S/of  Joseph Washington McMath & Glovina Henderson McMath(1832-1888)



EDITH  E.  MURRAY   11-16-1921  to  2-15-1922


ELIZA  HUDSON  MURRAY  1-7-1838   to  12-21-1914

*D/of John K. Hudson(1812-1881) & Samantha Agnes Davis Hudson(1824-1861)

*Wf/of  George Solomon  Murray  

GEORGE  SOLOMON  MURRAY   4-14-1834 GA  to  10-28-1915 LA

*S/of Solomon Murray(1818-1880) & Isabel Catherine Berry(1819- ?)  *H/of Eliza Hudson

*C.S.A.  Co A 17 Regt. LA   Inf.


GEORGE  ELMER  MURRAY   4-1-1912  to  10-14-1958 'Daddy'

*S/of  Rollin Keith Murray  & Mary Oma Murray  

*Tec  4  Co  C  Medical  Bn  WW  II   *Md:11/12/1942 

&  MYRTIS  LUCILLE  BOWEN  MURRAY(77)  3-1-1916  to  5-25-1993

 'Mama'  *D/of  Lander Bowen(1883-1967) & Nancy Ina Lee Tatum Bowen(1888-1977)


GRADY  ODELL  MURRAY     11-22-1904  to  12-7-1969

*S/of Rollin Keith Murray & Mary Oma Murray 

*H/of  Willie Belle Bowen Murray(2/8/1913 to 8/27/1969)

*Willie Belle, D/of  Lander Bowen(1883-1967 & Nancy Ina Lee Tatum Bowen(1888-1977)

*Willie buried Laran Cemetery, Laran, Union Parish, Louisiana


MAX  KENDALL  MURRAY   10-26-1944  to  1-25-1994

*U.S.  Navy Vietnam 


ROBERT  EARL  MURRAY    1-29-1942   to  12-4-1974

*S/of Grady Odell Murray(1904-1969) & Willie Belle Bowen Murray (1913-1969) 


THOMAS  KEITH  MURRAY "BUDDY"  10-9-1939  to  7-28-1993

*S/of Grady Odell Murray(1904-1969) & Willie Belle Bowen Murray (1913-1969) 

 (*MM 2011)




FANNIE  MAE  DEARING  NEWSOM   1885  to  1969  

*D/of  Clifton W. Dearing(1860-1929) & Bell A. Miears Dearing(1861-1943)

*Md:5/24/1903        *MM  Bailey FH

HORACE  SMITH  NEWSOM   4-22-1881 NC  to  1961AR

*S/of  Marshall D. Newsom(1855-1934) & Martha Jane Helms(1857-1909)

*H/of  Fannie Mae Dearing Newsom   *MM  Bailey FH


Infant  NEWSOM   10-6-1912  to  11-6-1912

*S/of  Clifton W.  &  Belle A.  Newsom

Infant  NEWSOM   8-9-1926  to  8-10-1926

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. Horace Smith Newsom

Infant  NEWSOM    b  &  d   5-3-1904

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. Horace Smith Newsom


JAMES  WALKER  NEWSOM  12-22-1892  to  1-1-1953

*S/of  James Wilson Newsom(1846-1915) &  Sarah Frances Scroggins Newsom(1863-1927)

&  JULIA  ELLEN  TRULL  NEWSOM   7-10-1897  to  12-20-1922

*D/of  William Henry Trull(1869-1955) & Rhoda Alma Barnes Trull(1874-1947)


JOHN  EDMOND  NEWSOM   9-25-1904  to  8-18-1918

*S/of  James Wilson Newsom(1846-1915) &  Sarah Frances Scroggins Newsom(1863-1927)


(J.W.) JAMES  WILSON  NEWSOM  3-14-1846  to  1-2-1915 (Mason)

*S/of  William Newsom & Sarah Gulledge Newsom

SARAH  FRANCES  CASON  NEWSOM   12-16-1863  to  11-3-1927

*Wf/of  James Wilson Newsom


LILY  MAE  NEWSOM   5-13-1889  to  2-2-1902


ROMULOS   M.  "ROM"  NEWSOM   1-8-1885  to  2-16-1921

*S/of  Marshall D. Newsom(1855-1934) & Martha Jane Helms(1857-1909) 

"ROMERLOUS  M."  *1st H/of  *"Jinnie" Virginia Dearing Freeman(1890-1971)

*Jennie"  D/of  Clifton W. Dearing(1860-1929) & Bell A. Miears Dearing(1861-1943)

*1st Husband in 1908  Romulous Newsom *2nd  in 1922  William R. Freeman(b: ca 1878 AL) 

*"Jinnie" is buried in Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado, AR


CLAIR  NEWTON   9-13-1892  to  6-28-1900 

*D/of  O. C.  &  E. D.  Hill



WILLIAM  E.  O' GORMAN  9-29-1803  Tipperary Co., Ireland  to 

1-13-1851 Hillsboro, AR   *S/of  John Gorman(1770-1836) & Catherine Maher Gorman(1774-1819)

*William E.  O’Gorman first person buried in Hillsboro Cemetery.


& SARAH  WALKER  JONES  O'GORMAN  4-3-1816 TN  to  6-15-1880

Hillsboro,AR   *D/of  Sarah  Brackette  &  William  Jones  *Wf/ of William O'Gorman

*Inscription: "Erected by a Grand-Daughter in loving memory of her Mother, Ella Walker

O'Gorman Hill"



MARJORIE  OWENS   b  &  d   2-25-1910

*D/of   Shelby Lee Owens(1887-1947)  & Addie Mae Hearin Owens(1888-1949)



NAPOLEON  B.  PAILETT   3-9-1850 LA  to  11-17-1888 AR

*This grave is enclosed by an old rusty iron fence.




EVA  McMATH  PRATT  6-10-1895  to  6-1-1974


*These three on the same headstone.

DORIS  LITTLETON  PRATT   3-11-1943 (one date)

*D/of Alvin D. Littleton(1920-1990) & Nellie M. Davis Littleton(1922-1997)

*Wf/of  Duaine Maxwell Pratt, Sr.

DUAINE  MAXWELL  PRATT, JR.  11-19-1966  to  8-9-1989

*S/of Duaine M. Pratt, Sr. & Doris Littleton Pratt

DUAINE  MAXWELL  PRATT, SR.  3-28-1937(one date)

*S/of  Henry Maxwell Pratt(1919-1996) & Delma E. Turbeville(1918-1992)


HAMP  SMEAD  PRATT, SR.   8-15-1897  to  9-20-1940 (Mason)

*S/of  Joshua Tatum Pratt(1855-1926) & Minnie Dearing Pratt(1857-1943)


HENRY  MAXWELL  PRATT  'MAC'  4-27-1919  to  3-8-1996

*S/of  Henry Watterson Pratt(1893-1952) & Lucille McMath Pratt(1898-1974)

*Md:5/13/1936     *Delma age 74 at her death.


to  8-13-1992   *D/of  William Albert Turbeville(1892-1921) & Arlena Frisby



JOSHUA  TATUM   PRATT   9-5-1855 AR  to  11-22-1926 AR

MINNIE  DEARING  PRATT  11-22-1857 MO  to  3-26-1943 AR

*D/of  Preston B. Dearing(1831-1886) & Mary Alice Gorman Dearing(1847-1898)

*Wf/of  Joshua  Pratt


MAHLON  PRATT  4-25-1936  to  10-20-1936

*S/of  Henry Watterson Pratt(1893-1952) &  Lucile McMath Pratt(1865-1941)


MYRTLE  PRATT (FRENCH)(82)   2-21-1928  to  12-14-2010 *OB

*S/of  Henry Watterson Pratt(1893-1952) &  Lucile McMath Pratt(1865-1941)

*Late husband, James Roy "Pat" French  *See listing under "French"


SARAH  BETH  PRATT  6-24-1988  to  5-17-2001 'Daughter'

*D/of  Russell 'Rusty' Bruce Pratt & Barbara Pratt

&  RUSSELL "RUSTY"  BRUCE  PRATT 'Daddy' 12-17-1953 (One date)

*S/of  Delma Ernestine Turbeville Pratt(1918-1992) & Henry Maxwell Pratt (1919-1996)


SCHUYLER  TEMPLETON  PRATT, JR.    2-4-1925   to  1-5-1926

*S/of  Schuyler T. Pratt(1888-1964)  &  Eva Dean McMath Pratt(1895-1974)


SCHUYLER  T. PRATT   1-23-1888  to  8-28-1964



TINA  KINARD  ROARK(51)  4-20-1962  to  5-23-2013 *OB

*D/of  Carlton "Andy" Kinard  & Wanda Murray Kinard  (Battled cancer for 14 yrs)

*Wf/of  Gary Roark   *Mother of Jake Roark  *Perry's FH  MM




RITA  BLEDSOE  RUSSELL   1-5-1961  to  5-15-2003



to  4-27-2015  *D/of  Jesse L. Jones & Marilyn Ann Pratt Archer *OB



J. P.  SCHULENBERGER   1-23-1855  to  8-4-1899

*On their tombstones, the "C"  is left out of Shulenberger

ELIJAH  SCHULENBERGER  10-10-1821  to  3-16-1861



J.  NEWTON   SMITH    2-22-1843  to  7-20-1883

*S/of  Lawson Smith(1813-1899) & Martha A. Drisckill Smith( d:1850)

*Parents buried at Liberty Baptist Cemetery.


W. W.  SMITH   8-30-1849   to  7-14-1886

*S/of  Lawson Smith(1813-1899) & Martha A. Drisckill Smith( d:1850)

*Both buried at Liberty Baptist Cemetery.



ANNIE   L. (?PRATT) STEVENS   12-9-1870 LA to  6-26-1910 AR

*1st  Wf/of  (J R) James Richard  Stevens (1866-1958) 

"Twas Hard To Give Thee Up"


JAMES  PRATT  STEVENS  4-21-1898  to  9-22-1900

*S/of  James Richard Stevens(1866-1958) & Annie L. Stevens(1870-1910)


Little  PRATT  STEVENS  4-21-1898  to  9-22-1900

*S/of  James Richard Stevens  &  Annie L. Stevens




ALMA  R.  CABANISS  STURDIVANT  8-26-1881  to  5-9-1931

'Sister' *D/of  Henry Elijah Cabaniss(1853-1925)*Buried at Hillsboro Cemetery

*Wf/of  Douglas Garland Sturdivant (1876-1952)*Rhodes Chapel Cemetery



FRANK  TATUM   10-13-1874   to  9-14-1875

*S/of  John Thomas Tatum(1846-1930) & Jo Ella Smith Tatum(1850-1921)


Infant  TATUM   b  &  d   12-26-1895

*S/of  W. O.  &  Narcisus A. Williams Tatum



Infant  TELFORD   b  &  d   12-18-1906

*D/of  C. W.  &  G. S. Telford



T. C.  TERRELL    4-15-1834   to  2-24-1905  "Mason"

THOMAS  O.  TERRELL   1861   to  1923

GUSSIE  F.  TERRELL   1869  to  1900



GILBERT  EARL  TILLMAN   2-10-1912  to  7-18-1982

*S/of  Charles Walter Tillman(1866-1964) & Mary Dettenheim Tillman(1876-1966)

*H/of  Mae A. Murray

&  MAE  A.  MURRAY  TILLMAN   5-26-1915   to  2-6-1973

*D/of  Franklin White Murray (1875-1946) & Maud L. Coleman Murray(1887-1973)


Infant  TILLMAN  died  2-7-1948

*S/of  Gilbert Earl Tillman  &  Mae Murray Tillman


JIMMY  RAY  TILLMAN (60)  5-28-1953  to  11-14-2013  *OB

*S/of  Gilbert Earl Tillman(1912-1982) & Mae Murray Tillman(1915-1973) 

*Wf/of  34 yrs. Gloria Tillman



Little  ROBERT  TUCKER  12-28-1918   to  6-22-1920

*S/of  L. J.  &  Effie Tucker



Senator   B. W. M.  WARREN  11-7-1822 AL  to  8-7-1892 "Mason"

*5th of seven children of R.H. Warren of VA & Lydia Minter Warren of SC (Md: NC)

*Spouses of B.W.M.: 1st Miss Annie Parish of Texas(d:1849);  2nd (md:1850) Miss Mary E.

Stewart of Camden,AR(d:1861); 3rd (md:1863) Mrs. Henrie R. Schulenberger(1834 AL to1908)

HENRIE  R. TATUM  SCHULENBERGER  WARREN  1-5-1834  to  4-17-1908

*Wf/of  B.W.M. Warren  *D/of  I.P. Tatum.



BENITA  WEBB  3-31-1953  to  1-23-2011



GEORGE  H. WHITE   1-1-1862   to   6-13-1913 'WOW'

*Spouses:  *1st  Ellen Valentine Gathright(1870-1900 LA)

*2nd  Linnie  J. White

LINNIE  J.  WHITE    4-17-1882   to   5-2-1935


TRULL  WHITE  10-29-1907  to  6-7-1908

*S/of  George  &  Linnie J. White



*Note:  Between  rows is a tall oblisk  (abt, 7 ft)  that says

"The Family of  Col.  H. G. P.  WILLIAMS"

*By 2001 many of these were  unreadable.


EDWARD  WILLIAMS  9-16-1860  to  4-1-1861

*S/of  H.G. P. Williams(1827-1908) & Lovicy Tatum Williams(1832-1867) 

( 2001 stone broken, unreadable)


FRANKIE  WILLIAMS    9-18-1856  to  6-16-1857


Col.  H. G. P. WILLIAMS  *81 yrs-9 mos (no other dates given)

*S/of  Benjamin C. Williams & Martha Pounds Williams(1800-1870)

*Horatio Gates Perry Williams   (1/21/1827 Tuscaloosa, AL  to  Nov 1908 AR)

*Spouses: 1st Lovicy Tatum (1832-1867)  *2nd Mary C. Smith Williams (1847-1920)

*Mary C. Smith,  D/of Lawson Smith, (died 11-16-1920)

LOVICY  TATUM  WILLIAMS   5-18-1832   to  8-28-1867

*D/of  Joshua P. & Sarah Tatum   *Beloved wife of   (H.G.P. Williams)  


HORATIO  G. P. WILLIAMS   10-9-1862  to  8-7-1863

*S/of  H.G. P. Williams(1827-1908) &  Lovicy Tatum Williams(1832-1867)


JAMES  ADOLPHUS  WILLIAMS    2-28-1870   to  5-20-1899

*S/of  H.G.P. Williams(1827-1908) &  Mary C. Smith Williams(d: 1920)  


MARTHA  POUNDS  WILLIAMS   5-18-1800  to  2-21-1870

*Wf/of  Benjamin C. Williams


MARTHA  W.  WILLIAMS   9-6-1858  to  8-18-1861

*D/of  H.G. P. Williams(1827-1908) &  Lovicy Tatum Williams(1832-1867)


MARY   C.  SMITH  WILLIAMS  d:11-16-1920  *Age 73 yrs

*Wf/of  Col. H. G. P. Williams, Sr.


NELL  WILLIAMS   6-5-1886  to  8-23-1889

*D/of  Thomas W. Williams (1854-1935) & Mollie A. Williams(1859-1950)


SARAH  R. WILLIAMS  8-18-1856  to   8-16-1861

*D/of  H.G. P. Williams(1827-1908) &  Lovicy Tatum Williams(1832-1867)


*Several  WILLIAMS   children buried here.