Huttig Cemetery II

Huttig, Arkansas
I surveyed this cemetery March 19, 2014. I believe this is an African-American cemetery, Although, years earlier while searching for it, I was told it that there were blacks and whites buried here. None of the names match the names from an earlier survey of Huttig Cemetery done by the Union County Genealogical Society, James T. Mullins.

*Of interest:
*Noted several graves where a fire had been built on top of them?
*The Blake family's graves are all in a row. Most of the graves had water trapped in the concrete borders around each grave.
*The cemetery looks to be 2 to 3 acres in size.
*The ground which is covered with grass, and appears to be dry is deceiving. Some places are fine but others are like stepping onto a piece of foam. Be careful where you park your car.
*See also Huttig Cemetery I listing.

cemetery entrance cemetery view

* & indicates a shared (double or triple) headstone
* MM Mortuary Marker

EXOLA MAE ANDREWS 8-18-1932 to 2-1-1994
* "Beloved Mother" "SIS" "Always In Our Hearts"

Baby GIRL BILLINGS 2004 to 2004 *MM
*Sims Mortuary, Inc. 432 Liberty, El Dorado, AR

Unknown BISHOP "Mason"
*Stone is broken with a giant ant pile covering parts of it.
*Dates and names are not visible.

FRANK BLACKMON 6-15-1876 to 3-2-1971
"Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"

EDMUND WILEY BLAKE, JR. 10-14-1951 to 5-3-2012
*FN US Navy

EDMUND WILEY BLAKE, SR. 9-19-1913 to 12-9-1970
& MAMIE LEE DAVIS BLAKE 8-29-1921 to 7-12-1986

FRANCES LAVALLE BLAKE 4-3-1964 to 4-7-1964

PEGGY JEAN BLAKE 12-29-1953 to 7-20-1994
*Twin to Roy Dean Blake
ROY DEAN BLAKE 12-29-1953 to 7-3-1955
*Twin to Peggy Jean Blake

PETER L. BLAKE I 10-5-1957 to 1-28-2014 *MM
*Mitchell Memorial Funeral Service

RAMON NELSON BLAKE 8-6-1943 to 5-30-1993

SANDRA M. SMITH BLAKLEY 12-24-1955 to 1-8-2009
*Has two markers

PIERRE LaTODD BOYETTE 5-18-1985 to 6-30-2012
"In Loving Memory" (STAR) 'DALLAS' *Inscription: ? ?
Gone To Soon We Will Never Forget The Rainy Day That God Decided To Take You Away
It Had To Be The Saddest Day Of Our Lives Because We Never Said Our Last Goodbyes
Day By Day We Smile And Reminisce About The Good Times And Laughs And Laughs
We Will Miss Often Times We Wonder If You're Okay But We Just Pray That God
Show Us The Way It's Sad To Know You Are Not Here Close To Our Hearts, We Hold
You Dear We Want You To Know You Were Truly Loved We Can Feel Your Presence
As We Look Above You Earned Your Wings On A Special Day So Go Home My Angel,
Fly Away Sometimes We May Question Why But You Have Gone To A Place Of Eternal
Life Be Patient, For We Will Reunite When The Time Is Due You Are Truly An Angel
Gone Too Soon Love Always; Family And Friends

JOE E. BRADFORD 1885 - 1835 "Mason"
* "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

HATTIE B. BROWN 11-3-1893 to 3-4-1974
"In Loving Memory"

"P. A. " PETE A. BROWN, JR. 10-24-1935 to 12-29-2006
"Husband" "We Will Meet Again"

WARNER J. BROWN 1923 - 1982

JACK CANFIELD 3-31-1918 to 12-22-1998
*Md: 5/19/1942
& MARY LEE CANFIELD 12-31-1924 (One Date)

ANNIE BELL CANN 9-15-1912 to 8-9-1975
"Gone But Not Forgotten"

TISHE MAE MITCHELL CARTER 8-22-1922 to 12-15-2001

5-27-2005 "Loving Sister" "In Love And Memories"

BARBARA WATTS CROCKETT 2-7-1967 to 9-9-2002
"We'll Love You Forever"

EDDIE DEAN DAVIS 2-16-1954 to 1-11-1998 "Brother"

JACOB JAMES DAVIS 4-4-1913 to 9-12-2003 "Father"
"Gone But Not Forgotten"

JEFFERSON DAVIS 5-29-1917 to 3-17-1973

RUSHIE LEE DAVIS *Sunrise 7-17-1926 *Sunset 12-17-2002
"Mother" "Forever In Our Hearts"
*Andrews Funeral Home, 1211 East Main, El Dorado, AR

M - - - IE LEE EDWARDS 7-12-1922 to 7-31- ???
*The side where the dates are has the date missing because some
of the stone is missing. *Speculation: first name may be MATTIE.
The stone has sunk into the ground & the whole side where the first
name is located is covered by a huge Fire ant pile.

SNOWDIE ELLIS 2-16-1893 to 11-11-1960

MRS. EDITH EVERETT died 11-3-2002 *Age 98
*MM *Union Funeral Home

GUSSIE M. ROWLAND FORD 1-11-1942 to 6-27-1994
"Mother" "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

JOHNNIE GILL 8-4-1928 to 9-3-1998 *Has two markers
"Our Beloved Mother" "Rest In Peace" "I Did It My Way"

ARRIE D. GOVAN, SR. "POPPER" 8-22-1909 to 5-3-1984
*Md:5/12/1939 *Picture embedded on tombstone
& TERESA SMEDLEY GOVAN, SR. 8-2-1919 to 9-5-1994

COLENE GOVAN 1940 to 2005 *MM
*Crowell Funeral Home

LESLIE J. GOVAN "LESSIE POO" 1-29-1977 to 12-6-2002
*She has two markers.

VERNON JEROME GOVAN 8-12-1949 to 3-18-2001
*PFC US Army Vietnam

DAVID GRAYSON, SR. 9-28-1928 (One date)
& PEARLINE GRAYSON 4-21-1932 to 11-16-2003

JOHN ELLIS GRISSOM 9-26-1943 to 6-6-1994
* "Our Beloved Father" "Rest In Peace"
DORIS JEAN GRISSOM 1-30-1948 to 7-27-1986
*"Our Beloved Mother" "Rest In Peace" "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

ALBERT GULLA ?/ GULLAT 12-1-19?? to 7-24- ????
*S/of J. W. & Ma__? *Side of obelisk broken off thru the dates

DELLA M. GUNN 1-21-1941 to 2-3-2003
"Gone But Not Forgotten"

TRINITY HARPER *MM *illegible except for the name
*Sims Mortuary, Inc. El Dorado, AR

TOM HAYS *Arkansas PVT 1CI 162 DEP

DOSSIE HICKS 12-9-1897 to 2-24-1975
"Rest In Peace" (Tree/bush has grown up in front of it, making
it difficult to read)

ELI HICKS 3-16-1900 to 2-22-1962
"We Will Meet Again"

JAMAREON L. HICKS "JOE" 1-27-2001 to 4-24-2011
"Pets Oreo & Spike" "Help A Brother Out" *Photo embedded
*Large black marble placque with all of 4th grad classmates of 2011 named/listed.

JIMMY LEWIS HUNT, SR. 3-3-1924 to 11-5-1994
"In Thee O Lord, Have We Put Our Trust" *Md:10/11/1953
& LULA MAE HUNT 11-19-1929 to 3-14-2011

ELIGAH JACKSON 12-24-1903 to 11-11-1986
& LUEGINGER JACKSON 1-1-1905 to 4-29-1993

LEON J. JACKSON 5-31-1936 to 7-29-2011
"Loving Husband and Servant of God"

LILLIE PEARL JACKSON 10-16-1900 to 6-14-1956
* "In Loving Memory"

MATTHEW JACKSON 11-12-1889 to 7-1-1936
"Asleep in Jesus"

* "Beloved Mother of Jordan Jennings"
(Her last name is speculation -tombstone only has Isabella Lirral )

ELVIA JOHNSON 7-15-1869 to 11-8-1970
* "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

GEORGE JOHNSON 2-25-1896 to 2-23-1968
*Ohio PVT US Army WW I

IRA D. JOHNSON 1915 to 1995

McKINLEY JOHNSON 12-14-1903 to 5-22-1976
"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

MODIE JOHNSON 11-13-1906 to 2-6-1991
"Absent in Body, But Present In Spirit"

?OSIE JOHNSON ?-?- 1888 to 11-4-1945
"Mother" The tombstone has sunk into the ground & covering most
of the left side is a large Fire ant hill.

V. J. JOHNSON 6-20-1900 to 10-28-1985
*Reverend DDD *PVT US Army WW I

WILLIE M. JOHNSON 3-14-1903 to 6-23-1991
"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

REV. W. M. JOHNSON "Our Father Departed This Life 1934"
"At Rest"
& TENA RICKETT "Our daughter Departed This Life 1936"

LORETTA A. JONES 8-12-1884 to 11-17-1912
"Mother Is At Rest"

GRADY JORDAN, JR. 3-9-1949 to 12-15-2004
"A Loving Son, Brother, Uncle and Nephew" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
*S/of Precious Jordan ~ Brother of Donnie Jordan, Betty Williams & Dorothy Thomas

MS. PRECIOUS JORDAN (84) 9-27-1927 to 2-16-2012
*MM Andrews Funeral Home, Inc. , 1211 East Main, El Dorado, AR

HATTIE JURY 4-17-1907 to 12-10-1960
"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"

MRS. ELLEN KNIGHT KEESEE 7-20-1910 to 11-1-2005
*Age 95 *MM Andrews Funeral Home, Inc. 1211 East Main, El Dorado, AR

MILDRED S. REDDEN LACY 3-26-1942 to 4-18-2006
"I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Into The Hills From Which Cometh My Help"

WILLIAM JAMES LAMPKINS 8-27-1865 to 6-24-1957
"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

W. G. "DUB" LEE 3-3-1940 to 2-9-2009
"With Love, Your Daughters and Grand Kids"

W. H. LEE 3-23-1944 to 11-24-1995
*U. S. Navy - Korea

GUSSIE LUMSEY 10-4-1892 to 5-14-1955
* "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

Elder JACK MANNING "HONEY" Sunrise 12-29-1922 to
Sunset 11-15-2006 "We Loved You But God Loved You More"
*By your wife of 46 years ~ ARVILLA MANNING

*ILLEGIBLE > C - -EM ---? M K N
*Located beside McKinley & Donnie Neal tombstones.
*Speculation: May be a McKINLEY or NEAL

MATTIE MAE MEEKS 2-23-1925 to 2-24-1991

GEORGE MILES B: Dec 13, 190? D: ?-5-19??
*S/of W. & I. MILES *Speculation: looks like he died in March or April
*Stone is old and broken, making it impossible to see all of the dates, etc.

12-30-2012 *Age 86 *OB *Wf/of late JOHN L. MORGAN
*D/of Peter A. Brown & Hattie Williams Brown
*MM *Andrews Funeral Home, 1211 East Main, El Dorado, AR

JAMES EDWARD NEAL 2-15-1942 to 1-23-2006
*SP4 US Army ~ Vietnam

MARY RETHA NEAL 4-1-1930 to 7-23-2006
*Wife of James, "Pantop", Neal

McKINLEY NEAL 1-7-1906 & 11-4-1982
* "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"
& DONNIE NEAL 3-16-1906 to 9-14-1985

PATRICIA NEAL 1945 to 2013
*MM *Williams Funeral Home

ELMER LACEY NORMAN 5-24-1910 to 4-30-1991
"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

MARY L. NORMAN 1-9-1921 to 9-12-1987
"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

WILLIAM OLIVER 10-4-1877 to 4-23-1917
*The obelisk top part has separated from the base and is lying
on the ground.
"We'll join thee in that heavenly land, No more to take the part-my hand. "

HARRIS J. PAYNE, SR. 5-3-1915 to 3-5-1981
& CEOLA L. PAYNE 6-5-1916 to 10-19-1981

Mr. ISADORE PAYNE died 10-26-1990 *Aged 73 yrs-9 mos. -2 ?dys
*MM Union Funeral Home This metal marker looks like it has been run over by
the mower. . . . damaged -almost illegible.

MARILYN CREOLA PAYNE 8-19-1936 to 8-5-2008
"Mother" "Loved By All" *Photo embedded.

CLARICE PEARSON Sunrise 12-17-1941 to Sunset 4-19-2004 "Mother" "Love Lives On" "We Will Always Love You"

AUBERY REDDEN 3-6-1906 to 1-7-1978
"Gone But Not Forgotten"

ESSIE N. REDDEN 2-10-1914 to 1-13-1989
"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

BARBARA RICKS 10-7-1950 to 1-31-2012
*MM Paradise Funeral Homes: Bernice > Shreveport >
Benton > Arcadia > Jonesboro

CHARLES L. RICKS 8-2-1946 to 7-24-2004
"Absent In Body , But Present In Spirit"

CLYDE EDWARD RICKS 4-24-1948 to 12-31-1980

C. W. RICKS "PIP" 10-7-1924 to 8-7-1986
"Gone But Not Forgotten"

ERIC RICKS 1-14-1907 (One date) *Age 53 yrs
*MM Cromwell Funeral Home, Hamburg, AR

BETTY L. RILEY 1-29-1949 to 8-14-1984
"Mother And Wife"

MRS. LENA M. RILEY 1-9-1921 to Dec 1962
*Homemade marker.

JEROME ROWLAND, SR. 5-16-1949 to 9-27-2007
"In God's Care" "In Loving Memory" by Marilyn Rowland and Kids

*These two are buried side by side with ornate painted
concrete casket lids/tops above ground.

ANNIE M. SIMMS 1-8-1913 to 11-5-1991
"Beloved Mother"

EDWARD R. SIMMS 9-13-1851 to 2-6-1910 (Mason)
"Loss To Earth But Gain To Heaven"

INEZ SIMMS Sunrise 2-?-1913 to Sunset 2-4-2000
"In Loving Memory" Parts of her birth date on her tombstone is illegible.
*MM Sims Mortuary, Inc. El Dorado, AR *only has year dates

GRADY SIMS 3-5-19-4 to 12-15-1986
"Rest In Peace"

LUCY SIMS 1-26-1909 to 2-24-1949
"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

MARY TATUM SIMS 9-27-1877 to 5-28-1965
"She's Safe At Home"

SAM SIMS 11-2-1910 to 7-23-1942
*S/of John & Mary Sims

ALBERTA SMITH died 1-17-1916
"Faithful Member Of St. Paul Circle No. 847"

CHARLEY SMITH 1905 to 1967
*MM Bradford Mortuary

CLIFTON E. SMITH 4-21-1958 to 8-6-2003
"Husband" "In Loving Memory - At Rest With God" *Photo embedded

ETHEL LEE SMITH "MUH" 3-3-1921 to 1-14-2004
*Photo embedded

GLADYS M. SMITH 6-2-1909 to 12-14-1991

JASPER NAPOLEON SMITH 1-5-1955 to 2-23-2008
*US Air Force

4-24-2006 "I Love You And Don't Forget To Pray" *Photo embedded

JESSIE LEE SMITH 9-8-1917 to 8-18-1991
"Rest In Peace" Jessie's grave is about 25' behind Clifton E. Smith's grave

ROSE (Y?) SMITH 3-23-1880 to 10-31-1945 "Our Mother"
( ROSE or ROSEY ?) "Asleep In Jesus"
(There were the remains of a fire on top of Rose's grave)
& SUSIE HOLMES 10-23-1908 to 3-23-1937 "Our Sister"

ALBERT TOY STOCKMAN 5-3-1913 to 3-3-2003
*Md: 8/27/1949
& MARGUERITE "DIMP" STOCKMAN 4-20-1923 (One date)

JOE E. TURRENTINE 3-9-1889 to 9-18-1954
*Louisiana CPL 162 Depot Brigade WW I

FANNY WALKER 10-14-1951 to 3-5-2010
"Rest In Peace"

COMMODORE WATSON 6-15-1877 to 7-7-1960

PEARL WATSON 9-15-1881 to 8-4-1941
"A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"

ELDER THEODORE WATTS 5-27-1927 to 6-25-2005
"Asleep In Jesus"

MR. RAYMOND WAINWRIGHT 1-22-1948 to 3-7-1982
*Homemade Concrete Marker

WILBERT WAINWRIGHT 12-8-1943 to 3-2-1995
*Age 51 *MM Tennant Mortuary, Hwy. 80 W, Rayville, LA

BAMMA WAYNE 2-3-1914 to 2-12-1976
*Picture embedded on tombstone.

AMANDA LEE WILLIAMS 11-13-1932 to 3-24-1970
"In Loving Memory Of"

*MM Jones Funeral Home
*MM Jones Funeral Home

BOBBY RAY WILLIAMS 1-20-1976 to 6-26-1997
"DAD" "Loving Memory Of" *Love Mom, Marilyn, Larry, Connie

ELLA D. WILLIAMS 5-17-1917 to 11-14-1994
"Beloved Mother and Grandmother"

JAMES RICHARD WI---? 7-26-1941 to ?- ? -2009
*MM Last name and dates mostly illegible.

JONATHAN M. WILLIAMS 7-20 1982 to 11-18-1982
"In Loving Memory Of"

JOHNNY OTIS WILLIAMS died 10-11-2003
*Aged 29 yrs. *A. O. Smith, Funeral Homes, Inc.
*Stamps-Lewisville-Bradley Arkansas

La' TONYA La'SHA WILLIAMS Sunrise 3-4-1973 to
Sunset 5-24-2001 "A Loving Mother And Sister"

MARGIE WILLIAMS 8-3-1953 to 10-13-2007
"Loving Mother And Friend" "Forever With The Lord"

*Tombstone sunk into the ground making all dates unreadable.

RANDY WILLIAMS, JR. 7-29-1980 to 8-27-1983
"Loving Memory Of"

UNKNOWN covered in pink paint "Precious Memories"
*May have been a baby girl ?? Williams. . . nearby is a Williams grave.
*There are at least a dozen or more, markers, that have NO data on them and or they are broken & illegible. The barrier you see across the backside is similiar to what is used along road/highway construction. It is in the area where many of the Blake family graves stand in water. On the other side is just a big open field/lot that appears to be some sort of community ball field or some other recreation field. I did not approach the barrier to get a better view of what was on the other side. The sign, visible below between two trees, faces the street/ road that runs along the one side of it and the field adjoining it. (April 2014)

cemetery view
Govan family cemetery view