Traveling west from Strong, Arkansas on Hwy. 82(going toward El Dorado) > turn right /
north onto Sandy Bend Rd. Cemetery is now in the back corner of a pine tree field. Just
before you reach it is a lovely home on the left. There is a small sign erected, but I almost
missed it looking at the huge pine tree across the road, shown in the photo above.

This is a difficult cemetery to give directions for, so you might wish to stop in the area & ask someone.

From an earlier canvass done January 1991, by Marvene Saunders & various family provided info.

New Survey: April 2011.   Last updated: January 2015  Janice Holzer  >


*Symbols in use: WOW ........... Woodman of the World tombstone

                            &   ....... Indicates double or multiple people listed together on same head stone.

                            *Ob   ......... Info from obituary

                           *MM  .......... Mortuary Marker instead of headstone.


GARRETT  WOOD  BURNS    7-22-1876  to  6-28-1954

*S/of  Susan Morrison Burns(1849-1928) & Francis Marion Burns(1849-1923)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

*Garrett & Mae married in 1900, Union Co.,AR

&  MAE ANNA  SAUNDERS  BURNS   2-7-1882  to  5-4-1932

*D/of  Drew Marion Saunders(1855AR-1936AR) & Drucilla Carrie Knowles (1860AR-1930AR)


Infant  BURNS   B & D   4-9-1902  

*S/of Mae A. Saunders Burns & Garrett Wood Burns



EUGENE B. DUKE  1-5-1854 AL  to  7-19-1931 AR 

*S/of  Lucinda Grace Edwards Duke (b:ca 1822 AL) & Austin Peay Duke(1797-1867)

RACHEL  A.  KNOWLES  DUKE  12-6-1853  to  10-20-1912

*D/of  William Riley Knowles(1830-1911) & Sarah Ann Hicks Knowles (1833-1899)

*Wf/of  Eugene B. Duke     "In Loving Memory"  


(G. F.) GEORGE  FARMER DUKE   8-18-1856  to 11-2-1902

*S/of Lucinda Grace Edwards Duke (b:ca1822 AL) & Austin Peay Duke (1797-1867)

*George born in Jasper Co., Mississippi

*There is a fallen oblisk, which is lying face down on the engraved side. 

I believe this may be George F. Duke , because it is beside the obelisk  for 

Martha Jane Duke. [George F. Duke & Martha Jane Knowles Duke)  

MARTHA  JANE  KNOWLES  DUKE  11-29-1858  to  3-5-1942

*D/of  William Riley Knowles(1830-1911) & Sarah Ann Hicks Knowles(1833-1899)

*Wf/of  George Farmer Duke(1856-1902)  


(G.S.) GRIFFIN  S. DUKE  1-20-1878  to  1-20-1930 

*S/of  Eugene B. Duke(1854-1931) & Rachel A. Knowles(1853-1912)


IMOGENE  DUKE  7-26-1917  to  10-10-1919  



GEORGIA  DUKE  MOOTY HAMMOND   2-15-1902  to  3-7-1948  

*D/of George Farmer Duke(1856-1902) & Martha Jane Knowles Duke(1858-1942) 

*Spouses: *1st Lonnie Alonza Mooty (1888-1961) *Buried Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery

*2nd  Alder Preston Hammond(1892-1978)*buried Mt. Horeb Cemetery,Ouachita Co.,AR



(W.R.)WILLIAM  RILEY  KNOWLES  8-7-1830 AL  to  5-7-1911 AR

*Stone broken-hard to read

SARAH  ANN  HICKS KNOWLES   1-25-1833AL  to  2-23-1899AR  

*Wf/of  W.  R. Knowles



ROBERT  B.  SAUNDERS    Nov   1806  to  9-4-1880 

*Native of  VA   

&  MARTHA  L.  MICKLEBERRY  SAUNDERS   8-22-1816 GA  to 

7-4-1890 AR    *Native of GA   *Children: Rebecca Saunders Harrison (1842- ?) ~

Martha J. Saunders Ferguson(1845-1902)~ Laura Saunders Harrison(1847-1911) ~


Infant  VAUGHN   3-6-1939  to  3-8-1939 

*S/of  Robert W. Vaughn & Helen Saunders Vaughn


*The Following Three share a headstone:

FLORENCE  DUKE  VINES    11-5-1876  to  12-16-1913

*D/of  Eugene B. Duke(1854-1931) &  Rachel A. Knowles(1853-1912)

*Wf/of  Charlie Rufus Vines(12/16/1877 to 7/25/1942)*Buried Bastrop, LA

&  PAUL  BERNIE  VINES  8-19-1902  to  12-20-1903

*S/of  Florence Duke (1876-1913)  & Charlie Rufus Vines(1877-1942)        

&  WALTER  PONDER  VINES   12-18-1904  to  11-10-1905

*S/of  Florence Duke(1876-1913)  & Charlie Rufus Vines(1877-1942)    



STELLA  E.  DUKE  WEBB    1-9-1886   to  6-11-1930

*D/of  George Farmer Duke(1856-1902) & Martha Jane Knowles(1858-1942) 

*Wf/of Marcus Shular Webb 7-29-1883  to  4-25-1955